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114.06.2024Esmail 1310.0 
311.06.2024TimeTwister7.0I feel like AEW lost what made them special in the early days, with the week to week excitement being all but gone at this point. Regardless, they frequently put on good to great pay per views and they have a solid contender for top five roster of all time as of writing.
605.06.2024xcrucifixbombx7.0Consistently enjoyable, with a particular strength in putting together PPVs. They have some of the very best wrestlers in the world right now on their payroll and seem mostly interested in putting those wrestlers together for feuds and matches that may never have happened in a pre-2019 pro-wrestling world. The difference in philosophy around booking and collaboration with other companies is refreshing and I'm glad for the difference in product when placed next to similar competitors. The company is not without it's flaws: overly large roster and repetitive story beats hurt the score for me. In addition, bloated PPV and tv show schedule make it hard for the average viewer to watch everything. It's clear the company knows this, so most important story beats happen on their flagship show Dynamite, ultimately rendering the Friday and Saturday night shows inessential viewing. Women's roster booking has been terrible for most of the companies lifespan, only showing (in my opinion, significant) improvement within the last 6-8 months. The women's wrestlers historically have been limited to one to two 10-15 minute matches per week, an impossible period of time to create any kind of investment in their storylines. And because the audience isn't given enough to be invested in, they don't care, and because the audience doesn't care, the women aren't given more time, and so on. This has been changing drastically in recent months though, and I've been witnessing increased amounts of investment in the women's roster from both the audience and the company. So that's good! Overall a great alternative if WWE has stopped doing it for you (or if you just want something else to watch in addition). It still manages to have me tune in every week and watch the PPVS (which are almost always great to stellar). I believe that AEW is at the very least putting on the best wrestling matches on american TV right now, despite gripes I have about booking/structure.
804.06.2024edo mauto9.0 
1727.05.2024Open The Vault7.0The current day AEW product is getting better as time goes on. I like to look at things where they are currently and honestly in terms of wrestling and putting on the best wrestling matches it's #1 no doubt but the lack of thrilling storylines and the dull Rampage shows and the not popular Collision. It's no wonder why fans are turning away. They have potential to really make every show matter but It feels like Rampage and Collision are their C shows while Dynamite is an A show. Theirs no B because nobody cares to watch which is depressing but their PPVs deliver in a massive way and they know how to have big wrestling moments when needed. They are in a good area right now and with the return of MJF, I think they could come back. 7/10
1926.05.2024leskedd9.0This industry is capable of the best and sometimes the worst, but when it produces the best, it's truly incredible. Dream matches, confrontations we've always wanted to see, risks taken, I love this federation and I love to hate it when it bookes badly.
2025.05.2024DanzaKuduro7.0AEW is what this business has needed for a very long time. It finally forced WWE to stop being garbage and created many more opportunities for great talent to be able to make a living doing what they love. They started out strong, however it wasn't long before things started to fall apart. The first red flag was that they started doing exactly what TNA had done back in the day, betting more on ex-WWE guys instead of their own talent. Another thing is that they expanded too quickly. There are too many shows and too many titles. This results from a roster being too big as well. I have no idea how they are standing financially, but I hope that moneywise they don't have any problems. It would be a giant loss for the entire industry, as strong AEW means fun WWE, and vice versa. Whether the fans like it or not, both federations need each other in order to bring the best out of one another. 
2219.05.2024Pigeon Scratch10.0Yeah let's be honest, obviously AEW has some problems. They have never been best with how they handle their excess of riches in their roster, and most of the story writing and some of the booking is a severe weak point. Though, even then, I think those issues are exaggerated online. When it comes to matchmaking and match quality, however? Holy shit that's where AEW really fucking shines. If you're someone whose just focused on watching some really good match ups between some of the best workers of all time, this promotion is fantastic for that. Even during this weaker period of 2023 and 2024, I think AEW is still going very strong.
2317.05.2024bscale5.0The product are getting stale. The story telling is not on point. The new angle is not really interesting. Only good thing is quality of wrestling quite alright, but comparing with old AEW there is a drop of fresh match up. I am bored of old wrestler from WWE such as Copeland. Disappearance of many AEW stars is disappointing too. Kenny Omega, Hangman Page, MJF, these guys are the real star of AEW.
2513.05.2024Its Clobbering Time10.0 
2611.05.2024CarWashDumpsterBoy8.0June 2023: AEW has been on a roll since its beginning in 2019. The company has grown into a major powerhouse in the industry and finally after 20 years has given McMahon and WWE some competition which is always good for the business as a whole. AEW has signed major names such as Bryan Danielson, CM Punk and Jon Moxley, while also bringing in great indy talent such as Orange Cassidy, Daniel Garcia and Sammy Guevara. They have continued to have great compelling television for nearly 200 episodes of Dynamite, 100 of Rampage and now their new Saturday Night show Collision. Plus not to mention all the PPVs they have produced and the Battle of the Belts specials they have done. Solid job by Khan EDIT in April 2024: AEW is starting to really lose my interest. With all of the drama surrounding it, the fact TonyKhan cannot act like a boss when the situation is needed makes AEW look like a second rate promotion. I really had some high hope for AEW but Khan has run himself too thin between Dynamite, Rampage, Collision, PPVs, Honor club TV, RPG PPVs, his duties at the NFL and in his father's soccer team. the ROG uy out introduced another set of belts that, along with the added programming saturated AEW and the lack of storylines that keep people wantin more. Instead we get matches that are what Toh Khan wants as dream matches. Some I am cool with but they aren't giving much to make people care about certain guys. Other than thebhardcore marks that love good wrestlers. Unfortunately i feel Tony Khan is a detriment to the organization. Here they arw about to show the AlL IN London Footage with Punk/Jack Perry. C'mon guys let's focus on AEW not past backstage bull or Rohs belts on AEW. I will still watch AEW because I love pro wrestling but the company can be run better and would be making monev instead of spending more. UPDATE 5/10/24: AEW is getting some what interesting again and is bringing me back into watching it regularly. The Elite/Tony Khan storyline has actually been pretty good and now I take back what I said about airing the footage since it did have its purpose now. And they are seeming to consolidate some of the titles like the AEW Trios/ROH World Six Man so I am happy when it comes to that.
2708.05.2024Belongsinamuseum99910.0The promotion that rejuvenated US pro-wrestling. A perfect blend of Japanese style "sports-based" presentation and US cable 'story' centric wrestling. It has one of the greatest rosters of all time, a virtual Justice League of professional wrestlers, the best workers in the industry today alongside excellent vets coaching behind the scenes. And at the helm the ultimate 'smart-mark', a man who grew up in wrestling forums and on sites like this. A man who isn't just in it for the money but the love of the sport and the artform that pro-wrestling is. It has been a very special five years and this promotion just keeps getting better and better.
2905.05.2024tefeu9.0Cette Compagnie est pour moi la meilleure du moment. Alors que je m'ennuyais de regarder les autres promotions, elle a sût me redonner envie de suivre le catch. Elle dispose de nombreux talents et ne peut selon moi que progresser.
3004.05.2024MarkMcMarkington29.0Very good matches with questionable booking. Tony Khan really is the weak link here. The actual talent is great.
3102.05.2024mr-peanut-butter A great array of talent meaning that PPVs are always guaranteed to have at least one brilliant match, and usually more. Weekly TV can be very hit and miss and sometimes, they don't always build the talent and matches up like they could. If you only watch the PPVs, though, I think you're getting a very good four hours of wrestling once every six weeks or so for not a massive amount of money. They're good at keeping you up-to-date with the storylines on YT too. If they bring the Continental Classic back in the winter I will be inclined to watch weekly again.
3330.04.2024The Aditza9.0 
3728.04.2024farzan sidd44410.0 
4225.04.2024CoRdel10.0Wrestling quality of indies combined with production quality of WWE. AEW is the alternative, giving fans what they want and offering chances to many great performers. The most insane thing may be that each and every ppv is extremely good.
4325.04.2024TommySDK10.0I had been a fan of professional wrestling from 2013-2017, after feeling myself drifting from it I went on a hiatus due to the lack of compelling wrestling and storylines I had been watching. Ill never forget the day I stumbled upon clips from Full Gear 2019 on Youtube, because this reignited the passion I once had for the sport of professional wrestling. Ever since then I have relied on All Elite Wrestling to put on the best damn matches I have ever witnessed week after week, month after month, and now year after year, and dammit they not only deliver, but over deliver. I cannot give this company all of the praise, but I will definitely give them a good portion of it for having professional wrestling across the board become a competitive atmosphere again. Without AEW being created I quite honestly believe I never would have gotten back into the world of professional wrestling, and since I know I will never have the opportunity to shake Mr. Tony Khans hand for not only bringing me back to watching the sport I love, but having my passion grow 100 times bigger than it previously had been, Ill have to settle for posting this haha.
4923.04.2024CatchCaro2210.0Une autre alternative au monopole de la WWE, la AEW amène un vent de fraicheur sur le monde du catch et propose une autre façon de vivre sa passion de fan de catch. La AEW a fait évoluer beaucoup de choses dans le positif ces dernières années et leur progression prouve leur sérieux.
5022.04.2024Filip Silva7.0 
5322.04.2024YellowJournalism6.0AEW is a promotion that mostly has boring booking with meaningless matches. The biggest benefit going for it is that it has a number of very talented wrestlers, like Will Ospreay, Kenny Omega, Bryan Danielson, and Jay White. Despite some good workers, the quality of matches punches below their weight.
5421.04.2024Destructive Force10.0 
5520.04.2024ADLegend219.0All Elite Wrestling renewed my passion to get in the ring. AEW is the premiere organization in America for Professional wrestling because it values all parts of the art form. Athleticism, storytelling, charisma, and creativity are all important parts. The Booker is open to changing his mind and being wrong about things. The talent are empowered to have a say in their own presentation and creative. Legends are well respected for their careers. The one glaring weakness is the presentation of women's wrestling. It's not very stop watch friendly and it's inconsistent but it is still improving with additions to the division of stars like Mercedes Mone and the growth of young women like Anna Jay, Julia Hart, and Willow Nightingale in the eyes of the fans. So long as the Spirit of AEW continues to flourish, so will professional wrestling.
5619.04.2024GM56 Champion8.0 
5917.04.2024ImperialUno6.0I previously said that AEW was a very good promotion but i started to realize what's wrong with this company lately, they are good when it comes to wrestling and i aknowledge that they always produce good matches that everyone will talk about but i noticed that AEW isn't great when it comes to storytelling, the storylines are often basic and not really interesting, they produced some great storylines with Jon Moxley, Swerve Strickland, Kenny Omega, Adam Page...but it's mainly because some of them have creative control and know how to tell an interesting story, look at the Page vs Swerve feud for exemple, this is one of the best rivalry since a while and it shows that AEW has potential storytelling wise but this isn't well exploited because instead they do things that have a chance to create a buzz like huge surprises and matches but nothing more, they just want to create a buzz everywhere they go and sometimes it leads to ridiculous things like showing the footages of the backstage altercation between Jack Perry and CM Punk on TV which is completely foolish but we shouldn't be surprised because Tony Khan is an idiot who seems to not understand well what the business is all about, he looks just a fan with a lot of money booking a wrestling company and hides his lack of talent as a booker to do things that can create a buzz, not only within AEW but also the companies that AEW are in partnership with and speaking of partnership, i'am not against the fact that AEW works with other companies but the partnerships help just themselves, yeah they give expositions to NJPW for exemple but it doesn't necessarily mean that people will watch NJPW or Stardom because they saw some working from there wrestle in a AEW ring so this argument isn't particurly relevant, AEW took the talents of DDT, NJPW and TJPW, the compagnies that AEW work with and moreover, we have more chances to have a AEW wrestler winning a championship in one of those companies than a wrestler of one those companies winning a championship in AEW, look at Jon Moxley beating someone who never got the chance to have the run he deserves, Tetsuya Naito for the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship and for what ? Creating buzz and more hype for Forbidden Door. Also what the fuck is this women's division ? There's a lot of talented women in the roster such as Willow Nightingale, Toni Storm, Mariah May, Riho, Shida and so on but the division is uninteresting because the booking is lame and they do nothing to bring interest to the division, and there's no excuse given the ROH Women's division is very good and that AEW and ROH have more or less the same roster, so there's no excuse here. AEW hasnt only flaws, they have had a lot of great stuff since the company has been created, it had the idea to be an alternative for wrestling fans and they suceeded in it, they propose us a more workrate based company and the big matches are often good but for me AEW is just that, sometimes they propose great storylines but it is rare now unfortunately.
6015.04.2024Mister Cute Face7.0Previously 9/10 - update on 04.15.2024 7/10 - TK needs to quit it with this WCW lite management. Airing the Punk footage is absolutely classless. It comes off as desperate and accomplished nothing. Turn this around, I'm begging you!
6612.04.2024Punkman218.0AEW has given us some stellar moments and matches over the past 5 years. While I am not a big fan of the way they tell their stories, and do prefer the traditional, WWE-style storytelling, they make up for it with the in-ring action. With the incredible roster that they have, you simply can't go wrong. From Omega and Ospreay, to Danielson and Swerve, they are overflowing with talent, both present and future. Loving the current Swerve-Joe rivalry and can't wait to see where it goes at Dynasty. The only real gripes I have is the women's division (though there have been strides made to improve things on that end), and the over-reliance on 6-man tag matches. I am not a fan of those and believe they diminish the stars in the ring and dilute the stories being told. I do think Tony needs help in terms of booking, or simply putting down the pen and hiring someone else. All in all, AEW is a much needed presence in the world of professional wrestling, so long may their success continue.
7011.04.2024ISimon19129.0Man, I personally love the AEW product and I believe that if it weren't for them I would have given up on Pro-Wrestling entirely. In 2021 I started following the company and my passion returned for this business. When it comes to in-ring action, no company currently delivers like AEW, every big show has at least one classic. But unfortunately, Tony Khan started to get lost with all the things he wants to do. Unfortunately, wrestling itself is not a draw, the public wants to see captivating stories and from a commercial point of view the company needs to focus on that. The product is currently a bit worn out with too many belts, the integration with ROH that didn't work, and a super inflated roster. We recently had new hires that brought a nice fresh air to the environment, but our friend TK needs help developing everyone. Normally the PPVs are great (All Out 2021 is one of the best wrestling shows in history), I really hope the company grows more and becomes a giant in the industry, but the product needs to change and not be so focused on the niche (I kind of like it, but the casual public doesn't). Another point to improve is to book the women's division better ("Timeless" Toni Storm has been the light at the end of the tunnel in this division), focus more on themselves and not on the competition and improve or end Rampage once and for all
7111.04.2024Chev00810.0The hypothetical AEW wrestling show lineup presented boasts an array of top-tier matches featuring some of the most talented and renowned wrestlers in the industry. From high-stakes singles bouts to captivating tag team showcases and intense championship matches, this lineup offers something for every wrestling fan. With the potential for 5-star and over 5-star performances throughout the card, it exemplifies the best of what AEW has to offer in terms of athleticism, storytelling, and entertainment. This lineup could easily be hailed as one of the best wrestling shows of the current era, delivering a memorable and exhilarating experience for fans worldwide.
7509.04.2024Wrestle Fan11227.0 
7608.04.2024driftydead2.0I started watching from the very beginning and was really excited about the future of pro-wrestling, but many years later, this promotion has completely fallen flat. Khan can't book anything decently story wise or something long term for the ultimate "pay off" Bryan Danielson used to be one of their draws, but has turned into a guy that just has matches with anybody without any meaning. Jay White is a former IWGP Heavyweight champion and has recently been buried by a 60-year-old man in one of the most awful matches I've seen in the entire year. Mercedes Mone is booked for her weak points, doing commentary and long dull promos instead of booking her for what she's good at, wrestling in matches. Tony Khan needs to stop leaning into the "dirt-sheets" and the drama and focus on the product itself. The ratings and the half-full arenas speak for themselves. If they don't do anything drastically to change the overall presentation, booking and storytelling, then the company will not last long term or gain any new viewers.
7808.04.2024Little Stinger9.0 
8006.04.2024arisenby8.0[8.4] 2023 was a really weak year, but so far 2024 really seems like a year of refocusing for AEW. Despite only being around for a little over 5 years (as of time of writing), they've seriously established themselves as the best major promotion in North America. With belts that feel shockingly prestigious given their age, a roster that has a claim to being the most stacked in history (if not a little bloated, ) fantastic week-to-week wrestling, and an amazing track record regarding PPVs, there's a lot to like. There are some issues, as mentioned, the roster can feel very bloated, some stories (The Devil, The Outcasts, and currently the Undisputed Kingdom are ones that come to mind) can end up being very stop-and-start, usually due to injury, and the handling of the women's division is consistently so-so, but the positives far outweigh the bad, and when AEW hits its stride, it is downright magical.
8202.04.2024Hitori Gotoh9.0 
8331.03.2024GhassaneJabri7.0After 5 years of existence as a mainstream American company, we can all say without a shroud of a doubt that AEW rejuvenated that exciting feeling you get around wrestling. And it has been amazing to see this company making its baby steps to become what it is today. But as of the day I'm writing this review and for the past 2 years no less, it has (justifiably) come under scrutiny when it comes to booking and behind-the-scenes drama. But before that, I'd have to give it the amount of credit it deserves. I'm not too deep in wrestling, but I love how I've been using AEW as a gateway to start getting into other wrestling companies outside of North America (NJPW, NOAH, CMLL, DDT...), it gives AEW this unpredictable nature that makes the announcement of a Yuji Nagata v. Bryan Danielson more exciting than any PPV build. Speaking of PPV, even with the amount of duds (World's End 2023, half of All Out 2022, All Out 2020) AEW has on its PPV counter, their pacing flows a lot better than their contemporaries, and you're always guaranteed to have two quality matches at the very least. Thirdly, I love the edgy nature, the TV-14 rating for their TV programs allows the talent to explore more mature themes (for example: Christian Cage's "Go f*ck yourself" promo) or sillier jokes (Kenny Omega's Bangkok joke or Big Bill putting Moxley's blood as lipstick) which makes the builds infinitely more interesting and colorful than the restrictive nature of any PG wrestling program. AEW easily has the best tag team division in the world, with The Young Bucks, Lucha Bros and FTR trying each year to dethrone each other for the spot of being the best tag team. With the exception of 2022 and 2023, the sports-based presentation has been wonderful, even if the choice of making rankings don't make all that much sense when there are tournaments and battle royals for a number one contendership, it's easily made up with the quality of the TV matches, which is something that I can say more for the men's division rather than the women's division. And here's where my words will turn sour, the AEW women's division sucks. Not just in terms of booking, but also in terms of in-ring quality. The level of importance given to this division rivals the worst popularity contest you could imagine. As of today, it's a bloody travesty that the division's champion (Toni Storm) has 1000 times more care given to her fantastic character work rather than her in-ring work. I hope AEW can take some pages from the STARDOM notebook. Another complaint with this company can be boiled down to their production, and I don't know how, but these issues become incredibly apparent during the Anarchy in the Arena/Stadium Stampede matches. All these matches have too many instances where the camera cuts sooner or later than a given spot. And my final complaint goes to Tony Khan's booking after he acquired Ring of Honor. Plain simple, he needs to delegate ROH to someone else and continue the sports-based booking of AEW. If nothing, the Continental Classic has been among their best storytelling devices and it should be used as a blueprint for most of the booking. That it, I love AEW, and I hope it keeps succeeding at being the better alternative in mainstream North American wrestling.
8630.03.2024RecklessOne6.0Highly overrated promotion. There were certainly great matches there, but in general, Tony Khan works very strangely with his roster, signing unnecessary or wrestlers who have not been in the ring for a long time like Saraya. Inability to work with a female roster, very strange creative ideas, mostly boring feuds and the assumption of disgusting behavior in some personalities. TNT title is generally a hot potato, passing from hand to hand. Some indie companies are far superior to AEW in some aspects.
8729.03.2024god is a myth8.0 
9319.03.2024FuzzGod9.0I just wanna watch some matches, and AEW is the best promotion for that, they revived my interest in wrestling and have gotten me to fall in love with it as an art form. They take risks and try and show you just how extensive the wrestling world is with featuring hundreds of wrestlers and have bettered the wrestling landscape to elevate itself past the American dark ages of the 2010's. CM Punk's run in the company has certified me as a lifelong watcher and the company rewards dedicated viewers with consistently great matches on TV, can't miss PPVs, and a directional hype train that goes year round. Always something to look forward to and they rarely disappoint. The lack of count outs & DQ finishes make the ones that happen more memorable, they always swap around who's on each card so each show feels different from the last, and they have the most stacked roster of great wrestlers in the world.
9418.03.2024IDriveAFordFusion7.0AEW is without a doubt, one of the most important promotions in the history of the Wrestling Business, A lot has been achieved by this promotion in the last 5 years. From successful PPVs, to the rise of superstars like Jon Moxley and MJF, to must-watch matches, to making Arthur Ashe Stadium wrestling events a year-round tradition (and Wembley soon to be perhaps) and speaking of Wembley, selling tens of thousands of tickets to Wembley in 2023 and so far again in 2024. AEW has also had some great hires like Jon Moxley, MJF, Eddie Kingston, Samoa Joe, Toni Storm, Christian Cage and hopefully a few more soon, not to forget that Sting had one of the greatest retirement matches ever and it will go down in the history books in emotion and triumph. With those positives, there do come some negatives, like the misuse of certain talents that are too good to be wasted, to the really bad hirings of Vickie Guerrero, Saraya, and Parker Bordeaux; the promoting of and pushing of Saraya despite her being a decade off her prime and being one of the MOST hated and obnoxious wrestlers today (I will NEVER forgive TK for the disaster of putting the belt on her at Wembley.), hiring Ric Flair (even though he is a legend so I respect him for that) despite him not really contributing much to the product and being controversial, to the CM Punk debacle and the mishandling of it until the last minute (last minute = termination of contract), to some utterly bad storylines like The Devil, Outcasts vs Originals, and several others that I won't mention. AEW has set a new precedent in Pro Wrestling and has helped define the new era of wrestling, hence the 7 rating. I can't rate them close to a 10 because of some of the negatives plus some other factors like normal US ticket sales and not so much of a casual following, I do hope that casuals give AEW a chance though, as they do have some fairly marketable names and some massive star power.