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524.09.2021muchomurder10.0I don't think this company is perfect. I was planning on giving them an 8 or a 9. However, I went to my first AEW live show at Arthur Ashe for Grand Slam event, and I just can't overlook two main things: 1) That crowd had 20 thousand people and the AEW roster is full of people that either A) would have never had a chance to wrestle in front of a 20k crowd if AEW never existed or B) if they were in lucky enough to be in WWE, many of them would not have had the chance to showcase their talents with the same kind of spotlight AEW affords them. And to me that's just really cool. Number 2) EVERYONE WAS SO HAPPY. Wrestling is supposed to be fun right? Everyone, from the fans to the wrestlers themselves to the staff and the security; EVERYONE just seemed to genuinely happy to be there and be apart of this. So yeah, there are criticisms that can be made about AEW (some more valid than others), but in the age of wrestling we are currently in, nobody has as much going for them as AEW has right now and it's really something special. We (the internet wrestling community) love to over think things but does it really need to be that hard? AEW is fun and has something for everyone. It's that simple.
1022.09.2021Wrestleflo9.0Hottest wrestling promotion in the world right now. When they fire on all cylinders, they're just unmatched in quality. Not 100% perfect and they have some definite issues, but AEW is an amazing promotion.
1122.09.2021Dkex9.0Alles in Allem eine richtig gute Liga. Es laufen immer mindestens 2 wirklich interessante Storylines, die mich dazu bringen, Woche für Woche einzuschalten. Selbst wenn mal Wrestler im Mittelpunkt stehen, die jetzt nicht unbedingt meine Favoriten sind, machen sie in der Regel was ordentliches draus (ich werde zum Bsp. nie Fan von Darby Allin, trotzdem ist das Programm um ihn bisher ziemlich gut). Bei der Tag Team Division ist hin und wieder ein kleines bisschen Luft nach oben, trotzdem wird sie im Gegensatz zu einer anderen großen Liga viel viel besser präsentiert. Der große Schwachpunkt ist die Womens Division, und das ist der Grund, warum ich "nur" 8 Punkte vergeben kann im Moment. Okay, es wird langsam besser, bei Story- und Matchqualität, aber gut ist das noch lange nicht. Schade... dabei bin ich ein sehr großer Fan von Womens Wrestling im Allgemeinen, aber vielleicht wird das noch. Die weekly Shows sind im Schnitt wirklich gut, bis jetzt gab es für mich nur eine Show, die richtig mies war, ein paar waren "nur" ganz okay, die meisten gut bis sehr gut. Und bis auf eine Ausnahme, waren alle Pay-per-Views gut bis fantastisch. Viele bemängeln ja sehr gerne die Comedylastigkeit und das "nerdige"... ja... hin und wieder schießt AEW übers ziel hinaus damit, meistens fühle ich mich aber sehr gut unterhalten. Fazit: Natürlich ist nicht alles Gold was glänzt, AEW ist nicht die eierlegende Wollmilchsau des Wrestling, kann sie auch gar nicht sein, wie denn auch, Geschmäcker sind zu verschieden (auch wenn das gefühlt einige erwartet hatten und jetzt enttäuscht sind). Wenn man die Womens Division noch hinbekommt, bin ich persönlich rundum glücklich mit dem Produkt, das mir hier angeboten wird. Kleinigkeiten gibt es ja immer EDIT: Das Roster ist noch stärker geworden, mit Black, Punk, Cole, Danielson, Garcia usw. Das hebt die allgemeine Qualität des Produkts nochmal nach oben. Die Women's Division ist zwar immer noch die Schwachstelle, aber auch da hat man sich doch deutlich verbessert, sowie im Championchip Geschehen, als auch darunter. Und man kann zuversichtlich sein, dass die Division in den nächsten Monaten noch besser wird. In der Summe sind das für mich nun 9 Punkte
1221.09.2021BigVan JimmyWangYang10.0
1320.09.2021BreshnydaGreat action and smart booking from start to finish. This is the PPV that really put AEW over in my opinion.
1519.09.2021elvikingo298.0Is it mid-south? NJPW? PWG? It's sort of like a "meta" company, influenced by it all. AEW is said to give their talent some creative freedoms, leading to a variety-type show, which can be hit or miss (like snl). They offer a smorgasbord but still rely on TV ratings, so they are competing for that same shared audience. Therefore, it eerily resembles any other big american wrestling shows you may have seen: from production to structured shows with usual wrestling segment tropes (including psychologically bankrupt matches) that must adhere to the norms and limitations of television. You can't book in a vacuum, so 'real life shit' always gets in the way for american companies' booking, which explains some odd decisions, but it's mostly good. Standard women's wrestling for america, which is to quite frankly say, not good. The standard is quite low because those fans are easily worked, but the women are truly not great representations of an 'elite' league - it's slow-going getting anything interesting started with them. I can sometimes dig the tone of the show as "smarter than usual". However, it is still the same try-hard fickle fans that support this entertainment medium, so, many casuals or potential new fans will be turned off. The roster is faction based and have avoided doing repeat matches within such a short amount of time. They have star wrestlers that have gained their experience elsewhere, mixed in with some legends, and younger, but still quite talented, indie wrestlers. However, as a result, the roster has too many stars and not enough time with which to build matches around. They will feature some more frequently, but if your favorites are not serving AEW's goals at that time, you won't be seeing them much in anything substantive. The 3 hours on internet are mostly random short matches. With 3 tv hours, only a few ppvs and no house shows, you can only do so much with so little time. Plus, it is unlikely for the inexperienced wrestlers to develop elite in-ring skills solely in that environment. In the end, not much you haven't seen before. It's just wrestling for the modern masses.
1718.09.2021Kenny OMEGURSimply the greatest modern wrestling company to exist. I was skeptical at first but they've really won me over with the best in ring product in North America. We haven't seen compelling wrestling like this since the height of WCW.
1818.09.2021D-Bry9.02021 Edit: At the start of the year, I was a bit skeptic about that this year will eventually be the downfall of AEW after it's first glorious year, but boy was I wrong, not only did it do that and pick itself for the amazing run it is currently having, but it quickly made way for competition, a competition that other promotions solely needed to improve their product as well. Most people have had AEW as an alternative to WWE since it's inception 2 years ago, and quickly moved it's way to the top that near ends their flagship program in the ratings, and somewhat in the quality as well. I do believe WWE has had better matches this year considerably while told better stories in their matches and the ones leading up to it, so what makes AEW better? The booking and how to handle a wrestler individually, how to make them fucking stars. WWE does that by abrupt cash-ins that feels rushed in, AEW is a slow burn that makes it work, Britt Baker being an example, can't wrestle for shit, but the way she's booked as a charismatic heel, is why she's at the top, it's amazing how they accomplished that, and for smart writers and helps it being a more mature programming work, they're expanding themselves in the realm of modern mainstream wrestling. So why not a perfect 10? A) The booking's not always perfect, and sometimes have piss poor booking decisions. B) The toxicity they reek of, in this site, on Twitter, on any other social media site, biased criticism even by the "holy gospel" of Journalists in Meltzer (How is Ilja Dragunov vs Walter a 5.25/the triple threat at Mania 37 a 4.5/Gargano vs Kushida a 4.75, when an indie spotfest that has always had the same feel to it 5+ stars), Dirt Sheet and Alvarez. Why can't they enjoy both when both of them are doing great currently and let others enjoy what they want to, that question is always beyond me. Hope that does change soon though. C) Can't seem not to make this about themselves, always have to drag WWE in any promo chance they get with the inferiority complex they have, Punk did it in his debut, Britt Baker did it recently, you get the point, I don't have much space to conclude. Well, I should rate lower for the criticisms I've had, but nah, the product is great as it is, that is if they manage to fuck up Full Gear which they won't, 2/3 PPVs have been a banger. 9/10.
2116.09.2021AmericanNumbers10.0I was out on wrestling. Or I thought I was out. Turns out? I was out on sports entertainment. Wrestling? Honest to god wrestling (with lucha and poresu)? I love that. Thank you AEW for bringing it back to US national tv.
2214.09.2021Lupus Immortalis10.0Seit dem Hell In A Cell-Debakel im Oktober 2019 habe ich WWE mehr oder weniger abgeschworen. Mein Problem war nur - ich war immer ein "mainstream guy" in Sachen Wrestling. Ich schaue hier und da eine NJPW-Show, meistens Wrestle Kingdom, und halte mich auf dem Laufenden. Aber eine wirklich gute Mainstream-Alternative fehlte mir, bis AEW kam. Die Liga macht zum aktuellen Stand (Februar 2020) so unfassbar viel richtig und ich fühle mich hier als ehemaliger WCW-Fan sehr, sehr gut aufgehoben. Wrestler, die ich nur rudimentär oder gar nicht kannte (Adam Page, Darby Allin, Sammy Guevara) zähle ich inzwischen zu meinen Favoriten, die Tag Team Division ist für mich das, was in der WCW einst die Cruiserweights waren, ich liebe, wie sich ein Veteran wie Chris Jericho in diesem Umfeld noch einmal neu erfindet. AEW hat meine Liebe zum Wrestling komplett neu entfacht. Thank you, The Elite. UPDATE September 2021: Um Excalibur zu zitieren: "The home of professional wrestling is ALL ELITE WRESTLING." Ist alles super, was die Liga macht? Nein, natürlich nicht. Fühle ich mich dort trotzdem bestens unterhalten und vergebe deswegen die Höchstnote? Abso-fucking-lutely.
2414.09.2021MrIslamy10.0AEW has rebuilt my love for wrestling and they have an all-time great roster. Every weekly show feels special and they build up hype by announcing most of the matches a week in advance, and their PPVs are always a blast to watch.
2513.09.2021Charismatic Enigma8.0Für mich keine Alternative zu WWE, sondern um Klassen besser. AEW beweist dass es keine Alkohol-, Inzest- oder Gruselstories braucht. Sie erzählen auf klassische Art und Weise warum zwei Parteien aufeinandertreffen: durch Aktionen im und am Ring. Nennt mich altmodisch. Aber DAS IST PRO WRESTLING. Und das beste. Es ist noch Luft nach oben. Deshalb auch "nur" 8 Punkte. Update September 21: es ist sehr lange her, dass mich Wrestling so gefesselt hat und ich mich nach einer Show schon auf die nächste gefreut habe. All out war mega und das lag nicht nur an den Neuzugängen. Das Feeling ist einfach so viel besser als der Einheitsbrei aus Stamford. Schwungvoll unterhaltsam und einfach anders als WWE. Ich vermeide bewusst Vergleiche. Denn die Produkte sind derart unterschiedlich.
2613.09.2021JamesLikesToWrestle7.0Honestly, when it comes to storylines, WWE is irrefutably better, but when it comes to matches, AEW is irrefutably better. Most of AEW's matches, especially on Rampage and Dynamite, are fast paced and exciting/fun to watch. While it mainly is highflying aerial dives (which I, myself, am a massive fan of) there is still something for everyone. I do wish they'd improve their storylines however and make it more tense and serious. While at first, I would've disagreed with the thought that AEW was a serious contender with WWE, but now that stars such as Malakai Black, Miro, Sting, Christian Cage, Bryan Danielson, Pac, Adam Cole, and last but most definitely NOT least, CM Punk have arrived, I do actually believe that they are a serious contender... All they have to do is develop their storylines into something tense and BIG.
2811.09.2021Lord AdGnalDiv10.0Storytelling, starpower, booking, match quality... no matter what factor you look at, AEW is the best promotion around right now.
4107.09.2021ChrisJericho10.0Mit AEW All Out 2021 hat die AEW gezeigt wo sie steht und wo sie hin will - mal ganz davon abgesehen, dass der Aktienwert der AEW höher ist als von der WWE - und mit Starpower im Punk, Omega, Page, Jericho, MJF, Jungle Boy, Cole, Danielson usw. hat die Promotion bekannte Stars und junge aufstrebende Talente gleichermaßen. Sowas wie bei der WCW vor 20 Jahren wird also auf absehbare Zeit nicht passieren.
4806.09.2021Gordon The Whale10.0
4906.09.2021Moxicity20910.0AEW is the shit baby, and i gotta hand it to the man himself, Tony Khan. My man is literally playing TEW in real life right now, and book the best show every week. God bless this company.
5206.09.2021I The W1tchfind3r3.0Very much the vanity project it was doomed to be from day 1. Unfortunately has fallen into the same pitfalls that other so-called "alternatives" to WWE have tried and failed to do, but the main difference is that unlike the likes of WCW and TNA, there's a way less impressive roster and virtually no women's roster to speak of. AEW is very much a TNA-lite, but without the young stars like an AJ Styles or a Christopher Daniels. One thing they do just as good (If not better) as TNA are the a) Overly edgy image that caters to teens trying to disappoint their parents in their taste in television and b) Picking up WWE rejects and/or over-the-hill veterans and pushing them over young talent with the main event scene polluted by the ego-tripping of Cody, Jericho and the Elite. There's no hope for a wrestling company that works harder on their jabs at WWE than their own women's division. Avoid like the plague, and go check the alternatives to the alternative like GCW or AAW.
5503.09.2021No One9.0Outstanding matches on a regular basis. Wins & losses matter as it pertains to the ranking system. The ranking system is taken seriously. The championship belts are protected & rarely change hands. The feuds can be intense. Not afraid to be "edgy" with promos & bloody matches. Nothing feels watered down. The right wrestlers are protected. The future stars of the company are mapped out. Tag Team wrestling is extremely important & taken seriously. The Tag Team division in many ways may be the best division of the company. Great at signing useful additions to the promotion. Great at having wrestlers feud with each other, then separated, & brought full circle back to each other. Great at throwing tournaments into the fold (I love tournaments). Every show (Dynamite, Dark, Dark: Elevation, & Rampage) is important just for the sake of mapping out the division rankings. There is no authority figure coming out every week on TV, running their mouth and wasting the audiences' time. Wrestlers are NOT booked to lose Homecoming matches which is an actual smart move. There is always a clear cut winner & a loser to every match (We don't see Countouts & DQ finishes). The Women's division needs work, but is slowly growing. Putting Paul Wight (Big Show) in a match on PPV is not a good move, and they lose a point for booking something like that, as it is obviously just a cheap excuse to rake in casual WWE fans.
5801.09.2021munrapido38.0In my opinion, 8 points for AEW is good for me. AEW's matches are actually real fun to watch but AEW was so overhyped that it pretty much divided the whole fanbase.
6524.08.2021Benny Omega8310.0For a lapsed WCW fan AEW is what I've been waiting 20 years for. Could never stomach WWE'S style too much, AEW is I feel going to slowly become the most popular wrestling company in America even the whole world eventually.
7021.08.2021Shibata97I don't want to rate AEW here. I just want to say how much I'm confused about a company that promoted herselve as progressive but when come the moment to designate the chosen one that will benefit from the opportunity of facing CM Punk, they give it to their only one employee who is accused of having abused and raped an independent wrestler.. In the same situation last year, Jimmy Havoc have been suspended then fired after "Speaking out" movement accusations but here nothing ? Just to say.
7120.08.2021CenasPT8.0It's a great promotion and a fantastic alternative to the increasingly tired and repetitive WWE but it's not a perfect one. The lack of care or focus for the women's division where there is no effort put into storylines and people are built up to challenge for the women's title, have the match, lose and just disappear from TV for 3 months is just not ok, it's really bad actually.
7914.08.2021eltetechori9.0AEW is reformed wrestling, a pure spectacle that undoubtedly has a lot of quality and is quite entertaining.
8211.08.2021Henne10.0Die Promotion, die mich zum Wrestling zurück gebracht hat. Dynamite ist in den allermeisten Fällen sehenswert, die PPVs immer. Dark und Elevation gucke ich nicht, aber wer guckt auch B-Shows oder bezieht sie in irgendeine Wertung mit ein.
8410.08.2021Lukasny10.0Aktuell das beste, was Wrestling in den USA zu bieten hat. Die Shows unterhalten mich jede Woche und man weiß einfach nicht was passiert. Diesen Moment, dass man unbedingt nächste Woche einschalten muss, um zu sehen wie es weitergeht, den kreiert AEW sehr oft. Was sie ebenfalls kreieren sind junge aufstrebende Stars: MJF, Jungle Boy, Darby Allin, Sammy Guevara, ... . Von den 2 Stunden Show ist meist der Großteil wirklich unterhaltsam und ansehbar. Kleine Ausnahme vielleicht die noch unerfahrene Women's Division. Dort hat AEW aber auch schon einen guten Schritt gemacht und mit Britt Baker den Star gefunden, den sie gebraucht haben. Was mir ebenfalls sehr gefällt ist das kantige und "brutale", was man ab und zu mal zu Gesicht bekommt. Death Matches gehören bei AEW dazu. Das ist aber natürlich Geschmackssache. Es gefällt mir zumindest besser, als der Einheitsbrei der WWE.
8705.08.2021hirsty975.0I like how they are providing an alternative to WWE and showcasing talents WWE foolishly discarded of like Rusev, Andrade and Aleister Black, as well as developing newer talent. I do not like the ubiquitous expose of the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega, this is what prompted me to stop watching. I prefer the YouTube shows to Dynamite as they tend to showcase under-the-radar wrestlers.
9329.07.2021Upgrayedd7.0Nice product, but very flawed unfortunately. The amount of tag teams here is insufferable, and AEW's been turning into "The Elite" circus, since Omega and the Young Bucks are seemingly going to hold their titles forever. The product is definitely great, better than a lot of the WWE's recent storylines for example, but if they don't want to experience a severe downfall like IMPACT did they definitely need to get their stuff in order.
9426.07.2021Crippler Crossface9.0
10015.07.2021WCG8479.0The wrestlers and the commentary team are off the charts however the promotion is mostly known for signing ex Wwe stars and that not what the focus should be yes Im talking to you Tony Khan otherwise that matches are very good
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