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What can one do when he or she wants to outwrestle Kurt Angle or look the Undertaker in the eye? Well, sane people will buy a wrestling game and punch the virtual representations of their favourite superstars in the face. But what kind of games are there? And are they any good? Look below and find out!
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1Fire Pro Wrestling Returns15.09.2005CAGEMATCHPS29.6446
2WWF No Mercy17.11.2000World Wrestling EntertainmentN649.4971
3Virtual Pro Wrestling 2: Odo Keisho28.01.2000CAGEMATCHN649.4320
4Total Extreme Wrestling 201602.05.2016CAGEMATCHPC9.4327
5Total Extreme Wrestling 201317.12.2012CAGEMATCHPC9.4218
6WWE SmackDown! Here Comes The Pain27.10.2003World Wrestling EntertainmentPS29.40127
7Extreme Warfare Revenge15.06.2002CAGEMATCHPC9.2428
8WWF Raw11.1994World Wrestling Entertainment32X, Gear, Genesis, SNES8.9840
9WWF SmackDown! 2: Know Your Role21.11.2000World Wrestling EntertainmentPS8.9859
10King Of Colosseum II09.09.2004CAGEMATCHPS28.678
11WCW/nWo Revenge26.10.1998World Championship WrestlingN648.6435
12WWE Day Of Reckoning 229.08.2005World Wrestling EntertainmentGC8.5339
13WWE 2K1429.10.2013World Wrestling EntertainmentXbox360, PS38.5142
14WWF WrestleMania 200031.10.1999World Wrestling EntertainmentN648.3326
15WWE SmackDown! Shut Your Mouth13.11.2002World Wrestling EntertainmentPS28.2954
16Fire Pro Wrestling World18.12.2017CAGEMATCHPC, PS48.2618
17WWF SmackDown!29.02.2000World Wrestling EntertainmentPS8.2433
18WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 200615.11.2005World Wrestling EntertainmentPS2, PSP8.2184
19WCW vs. nWo: World Tour28.11.1997World Championship WrestlingN648.1428
20WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 201129.10.2010World Wrestling EntertainmentWii, Xbox360, PS2, PS3, PSP8.1265
21Total Extreme Wrestling 201025.01.2010CAGEMATCHPC8.118
22WWF Royal Rumble08.06.1993World Wrestling EntertainmentSNES8.1020
23Total Extreme Wrestling 200506.10.2005CAGEMATCHPC8.0615
24WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 200907.11.2008World Wrestling EntertainmentWii, DS, Xbox360, PS2, PS3, PSP8.0388
25WWE '1330.11.2012World Wrestling EntertainmentWii, Xbox360, PS38.0044
26WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 201023.10.2009World Wrestling EntertainmentWii, DS, Xbox360, PS2, PS3, PSP7.9767
27WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 200714.11.2006World Wrestling EntertainmentXbox, Xbox360, PS2, PSP7.7591
28Saturday Night Slam Masters13.07.1993CAGEMATCHSNES, Genesis7.678
29WWE 2K1627.10.2015World Wrestling EntertainmentXbox360, XboxOne, PS3, PS4, PC7.6754
30Virtual Pro Wrestling 6418.12.1997CAGEMATCHN647.505
31WWE 2K1909.10.2018World Wrestling EntertainmentXboxOne, XboxOneX, PS4, PC7.3128
32WWF Superstars04.1991World Wrestling EntertainmentGB7.1618
33WWE Day Of Reckoning30.08.2004World Wrestling EntertainmentGC7.1631
34WWE WrestleMania XIX08.09.2003World Wrestling EntertainmentGC7.0012
35WWF Rage In The Cage21.12.1993World Wrestling EntertainmentSCD7.007
36WCW Mayhem31.08.1999World Championship WrestlingN64, GB, PS6.9029
37WWE '1222.11.2011World Wrestling EntertainmentWii, Xbox360, PS36.7947
38WWE 2K1817.10.2017World Wrestling EntertainmentSwitch, XboxOne, PS4, PC6.7826
39WWE 2K1711.10.2016World Wrestling EntertainmentXbox360, XboxOne, PS3, PS4, PC6.6029
40WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW02.11.2004World Wrestling EntertainmentPS26.5144
41Wrestle Kingdom 2: Pro-Wrestling World War10.05.2007CAGEMATCHPS26.505
42WWE All Stars29.03.2011World Wrestling EntertainmentXbox360, 3DS, Wii, PS2, PS3, PSP6.4830
43WCW vs. The World28.02.1997World Championship WrestlingPS6.4415
44WWF Royal Rumble01.08.2000World Wrestling EntertainmentArcade, DC6.335
45WWF Superstars 208.1992World Wrestling EntertainmentGB6.2817
46WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 200813.11.2007World Wrestling EntertainmentWii, DS, Xbox360, PS2, PS3, PSP6.28132
47WWE Legends Of WrestleMania20.03.2009World Wrestling EntertainmentiOS, Xbox360, PS36.0932
48ECW Anarchy Rulz16.08.2000Extreme Championship WrestlingPS, DC6.0012
49WWF Attitude31.07.1999World Wrestling EntertainmentN64, GBC, DC, PS5.9431
50WWE Raw 216.09.2003World Wrestling EntertainmentXbox5.7019
51Legends Of Wrestling II26.11.2002CAGEMATCHGC, Xbox, PS25.6516
52WWF SmackDown! Just Bring It19.11.2001World Wrestling EntertainmentPS25.6432
53WWE WrestleMania X809.06.2002World Wrestling EntertainmentGC5.5314
54WWE Road To WrestleMania X823.10.2002World Wrestling EntertainmentGBA5.507
55WWF Super WrestleMania1992World Wrestling EntertainmentGenesis5.505
56WWF WrestleMania: Steel Cage Challenge1992World Wrestling EntertainmentNES5.505
57WWF WrestleMania: The Arcade Game1995World Wrestling EntertainmentArcade, NES, PC, 32X, Genesis, Saturn, PS, SNES5.3917
58WWF War Zone14.07.1998World Wrestling EntertainmentN64, GB, PS5.3320
59WCW Nitro1998World Championship WrestlingPS5.1711
60Showdown: Legends Of Wrestling22.06.2004CAGEMATCHXbox, PS25.1723
61AAA Héroes del Ring12.10.2010Lucha Libre AAA World WideWii, DS, Xbox360, PS3, PSP5.146
62WWF WrestleMania Challenge11.1990World Wrestling EntertainmentNES4.909
63TNA iMPACT!09.09.2008Impact WrestlingWii, Xbox360, PS2, PS34.8172
64WWF Super WrestleMania12.02.1992World Wrestling EntertainmentSNES4.3613
65WCW Nitro1999World Championship WrestlingN64, PC4.309
66WCW Wrestling10.1990World Championship WrestlingNES4.257
67WCW/nWo Thunder31.12.1998World Championship WrestlingPS4.2113
68WWE 2K1520.11.2014World Wrestling EntertainmentXbox360, XboxOne, PS3, PS4, PC4.0646
69WWF In Your House31.10.1996World Wrestling EntertainmentPC, Saturn, PS3.9211
70WWF Raw12.1994World Wrestling EntertainmentGB3.866
71ECW Hardcore Revolution29.02.2000Extreme Championship WrestlingN64, GB, PS, DC3.8424
72WCW Super Brawl Wrestling1994World Championship WrestlingNES, SNES3.637
73WWE WrestleMania 2120.04.2005World Wrestling EntertainmentXbox3.6318
74Backyard Wrestling 2: There Goes The Neighborhood16.11.2004CAGEMATCHXbox, PS23.5811
75WWF European Rampage Tour1992World Wrestling EntertainmentAmiga, Atari, C64, PC3.335
76WWF Raw11.02.2002World Wrestling EntertainmentXbox, PC3.2535
77WWE Survivor Series12.10.2004World Wrestling EntertainmentGBA3.175
78Backyard Wrestling: Don't Try This At Home07.10.2003CAGEMATCHXbox, PS23.005
79Legends Of Wrestling03.12.2001CAGEMATCHGC, Xbox, PS22.8816
80WCW The Main Event1994World Championship WrestlingGB2.387
81WWF Betrayal07.08.2001World Wrestling EntertainmentGBC2.009
82WCW Backstage Assault01.12.2000World Championship WrestlingN64, PS1.9625
83WWF King Of The Ring09.1993World Wrestling EntertainmentNES, GB1.9020
84WWE Crush Hour17.03.2003World Wrestling EntertainmentGC, PS21.4329
85WWE 2K2022.10.2019World Wrestling EntertainmentXboxOne, XboxOneX, PS4, PC1.3128
86Fire Pro Wrestling Z05.06.2003CAGEMATCHPS2  
87Super Star Pro Wrestling09.12.1989CAGEMATCHNES, PC  
88Wrestle Kingdom22.12.2005CAGEMATCHXbox360, PS2  
89King Of Colosseum Red19.12.2002CAGEMATCHPS2  
90King Of Colosseum Green06.03.2003CAGEMATCHPS2  
91Fire Pro Wrestling Combination Tag22.06.1989CAGEMATCHPC  
92Fire Pro Wrestling 2nd Bout30.08.1991CAGEMATCHPC  
93Fire Pro Wrestling21.03.2001CAGEMATCHGB, GBA  
94Toukon Retsuden29.09.1995CAGEMATCHPS  
95Toukon Retsuden 220.12.1996CAGEMATCHPS  
96Toukon Retsuden 326.03.1998CAGEMATCHPS  
97All Star Pro-Wrestling08.06.2000CAGEMATCHPS, PS2  
98All Star Pro-Wrestling II22.11.2001CAGEMATCHPS2  
99All Star Pro-Wrestling III07.08.2003CAGEMATCHPS2  
100Total Extreme Warfare31.03.2004CAGEMATCHPC  
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