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Ratings System Rules

The CAGEMATCH team is regularly scanning the ratings system for violations to the following rules. Any rule violation may lead to light warnings, strong warnings including deletion of all ratings and comments as well as permanent bans from the site.

Responsible Behavior
Every user is responsible for their own ratings and comments. We expect you to use all values in the points system from 0 to 10 (see paragraph 'Points' below) and to use comments to explain why you are rating in a certain manner. Only rate wrestlers, promotions, events and any other database item, if you have a strong base for your opinion. For example, you should only rate events which you have personally seen at least 70% of and not base your rating on a text report or a blog post. Same goes for wrestlers and all other items. Simple rule of thumb: Only rate what you have personally seen or experienced.

There are eleven values to choose from when giving your rating: from 0 (piss poor) to 10 (awesome). Use all of them. We have very easy ways to identify users who only give out very low and/or very high points to either manipulate the ratings or because they do not care enough about the system to make a proper effort to understand and use it. Ideally, over a longer period of time, you should have at least twice as many 4-, 5- or 6-point ratings as 0- or 10-point ratings. Life is not black and white and your personal opinion is not either. The ratings system can only work, if the vast majority of users uses the points responsibly.

The goal of any comment you make should be to explain and add color to your rating. Stay on topic, the comment should be about the database item and not about other items or even other users. Do not try to promote yourself with your comment (by adding signatures, shouting, etc.), this only makes you look like an idiot. Consider this: If someone reads your comment, they should not feel like they wasted their time. This includes for example, that you write full sentences and use proper grammar. And specifically for events, this means that you do not just leave star ratings for matches to "justify" your event rating. Nobody cares about your personal star ratings! Think about what type of comments you would like to read. If you cannot come up with an interesting or thoughtful comment that explains your rating, don't leave a comment! Also, please only leave comments in English or German. Yes, other languages do exist, but currently we do not have the resources to support them.

We have several means of detecting manipulation attempts. Sometimes it may take a while, but usually we find them or are informed by other users. So please don't try to manipulate the top ratings to push your favorite wrestlers, promotions or any other items just because you think that X should totally be rated higher than Y. This is not how a community-based, democratic ratings system works. If you do not respect other users, we will punish you.

Spelling and Grammar
We may be on the internet, but we are not in a chat room. Your comments ideally are permanent and should add to the quality of the site, not only through content, but also readability. Use punctuation and proper grammar. Begin words with a capitalized letter if it is appropriate. Consider this: any standard you expect from us and the website, we expect from you.

It is pretty simple: Do not act like an idiot! Do not scream (write in ALL CAPS), do not insult or verbally attack wrestlers or other users, do not act like a spoiled child! If you do not know what this means or continuously show that you do not care about this very simple rule, we will remove you from our community. We care about being a friendly, inclusive wrestling community, but we have no problem at all with banning those who only care about themselves.
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