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[7.0] "Another great match by Best Friends here, this time against the former champions & the current No. 1 contenders SCU. This was an energetic, fast-paced tag match that gave both teams the most out of them. As usual, even OC got involved in this. Post-match I think the Dark Order attack for the first time, it was pretty necessary. They really want to elevate their feud with SCU and it was done fairly well. (***1/2)"
[6.0] "This was a fun opener to kick off the February 5th Dynamite show with Ortiz looking good in his first nationally televised singles match. He showed off what he can do, but the right man Moxley won. Then Moxley proceeded to get over big by stabbing Santana in the left eye with the car keys. This was a revenge best served cold from a few weeks ago and Moxley took an "eye for an eye" in the most literal way possible. (***1/4)"
Wrestlefan20 wrote about Otis:
[5.0] "An ok wrestler that's very good when part of a tag team. Has some natural charisma and is fun to watch. Unfortunately, giving him MITB exposed a lot of his weaknesses and will hurt him in the long run."
[3.0] "I WANT Raw to be good. I love Ali, Wyatt, Woods/Kofi, Morrison, Asuka, Liv, Hurt Business, Lee, etc. But these shows are bordering on unwatchable. They've made Keith Lee matches as skippable as possible ever since they brought him up. They don't build to anything. Retribution vs Hurt Business is something that should have a slow-build until a PPV match. And tonight they just opened the show with the match and Hurt Business won like it wasn't even a big deal. What exactly was the point of the majority of this show? I'm being very generous by giving it a 3 but AJ Styles and his new manager was interesting and at the very least, The Hurt Business are still great. But these shows are a mess with zero build-up. Why is Keith Lee just randomly thrown into matches with other main eventers every week with no reasoning? At the very least, they didn't do another DQ finish tonight but having him lose like that may have even been worse. It makes me curious if the problem lies with Raw being 3 hours and then booking at least half the show as filler every week. While I haven't always been big on Smackdown's storylines lately, at the very least, they exist and most of the show matters. Raw has been brutal and it is not the talent's fault at all."
DCJ2003 wrote about Nick Mondo:
[10.0] "Giving him a 0 is a clear disrespect to Sick Nick Mondo. I know that he isn't a technical master or a great highflyer. He was mainly a deathmatch wrestler and what made him popular were the spots. Knowing that, watching his matches, you can see him do the basics of wrestling plus clean moonsaults or 360 splashs. Maybe some of his moves were rusty but he was above average in ring. Putting a 10 based in deathmatch wrestlers, a legend whose legacy lives even though he wrestled for 4 years."
[5.0] "Seems to be a elaborate rib where the rookie gets given a shitty gimmick to work with: maybe this is so he doesn't have any pressure on himself to get better in ring (considering no one is gonna be focusing on merely that) but in general, he's just a decent young worker with a really bad gimmick to work with, which is a shame because he definitely has that babyface/underdog/working from the bottom kind of style working for him quite well. It's not easy to have that when you can't get taken seriously. As he's very young, hopefully he improves in ring (because he can still be a bit sloppy work wise) and most importantly gets a FAR better gimmick where he can actually show how well he can do."
[7.0] "Starting off as a relatively hot property as a top junior in AJPW (through he admittedly wasn't really a fantastic wrestler, he could work pretty well above average) but was completely thrown off course when knee injuries took him off the shelf for a while and forced him to completely modify the way he wrestled. A time like this for a wrestler for changing their whole way of wrestling can cause a downturn in quality (see Austin, Chono, etc) but having also retired for six years on top of that meant that Onita had a big hill to climb, and well, he did more than just that by reinventing himself as a hardcore wrestler and making FMW one of the top companies in Japan with his drawing power and solid babyface work against brutal opponents. Never was the performer he was pre injury but he made up for that with brutality and completely chaotic matches. Yeah he's not a technical master nor was he a stiff striker, but what he did have was above all other traits needed for a wrestler: the ability to sell tickets. Definitely a hardcore icon and has influenced (even if they don't know it) dozens of companies and untold amounts of wrestlers with his antics and focus on character work over workrate."
[9.0] "This was a great match. The only problem I had was that it was so painfully obvious that Suzuki was never gonna win. They went really long and it never drag. The pacing and layout of the match was great. There was a bit of audio problem but that was a minor negative compared to the everything that happened in the match. 50+ yrs old Suzuki just brutalized and dominated one of the youngest and most accomplished professional wrestler of all time. Suzuki lost but he took all the frustrations he had out on Okada and gave the Champion one of the biggest ass kicking in his life. These two can do no wrong. ****1/2"
[4.0] "Had a promising start to his career by being in good shape and definitely having the size needed to get there in the business, but he just never clicked in ring and his promos weren't fantastic, relying on heel work to make them remarkable. Could have done more, but injuries and concussions kept him away from further development, which sucks, because the guy could have worked as a mid card guy with a IC run or two."
[8.0] "Action packed and a very fun tag match to watch. They played really well with the over the top rule and the eliminations made the match interesting and unpredictable. ***3/4"
[6.0] "Very strange match to watch. Ibushi is super skinny here and TAKA is beefed up from his 90s days, and it's bizarre seeing him outsize Ibushi like that. This is good considering the length with Ibushi already looking great for it being so early in his career."
[10.0] "Funny thing is, John Cena is the most underrated wrestler on this site, 7. 5/10 for this absolute 10/10 all around PERFECT wrestler? Wow, okay, let's see, he has some of the best matches in WWE history with the likes of Punk, Styles, Cesaro, Owens, Michaels, Danielson, and more, his promos are almost always amazing, he constantly tries to adapt and improve his in-ring game, not that he needs it, soooo mucharisma, so much time spent being the face of the company, having era defining matches and elevating stars along the way, he's honestly one of the best in-ring workers in WWE history, he manages to raise lesser talents to good matches and has magical matches with the great talents, he's the man"
[10.0] "Wow, this guy is behind is incredible, he deserves to be in every single GOAT discussion, one of the biggest stars in wrestling history that drew huge crowds, but more important to that for GOAT discussion is how everytime he stepped in the ring it was like magic, in his prime he was having MOTY left and right, having incredible matches with the other incredible AJPW talent of the 90s, his Kobashi matches are storytelling perfection and in-ring perfection as well, likewise for his Kawada matches, the best to be Ace of a company, balanced stiff strikes, suplexes, and Junior moves, and his NOAH work was honestly good, and proved how much of a warrior he was even if he should of stopped much sooner"
[10.0] "One of the best babyface in wrestling history, his character work is great and almost nobody can force you to root for him like Steamboat, but he's more than just the best babyface ever, he's one of the best in-ring workers ever, his 89 Flair matches do more than just hold up today, they're absolutely stunning"
[10.0] "He more than lives up to the name of "Best Bout Machine", this guy goes in the ring and has absolutely stunning matches and he can easily exceed even the highest expectations, he has an amazing moveset and he delivers each move with a certain fire and power that is unmatched, his V-Triggers look better than anybody's knee strikes, his finisher is arguably the best move ever, he has the best match ever, the best feud ever, the best tag team match ever, his character of the cleaner is top tier, and he's a VERY underrated mic worker, I like all his promos but his promo after beating Naito at the G1 26 is the 2nd best promo I heard behind only Punk's pipebomb, Omega's the 2nd GOAT behind Okada"
[9.0] "I absolutely loved this match. Wrestling basics executed really well. Kikuta feels like a midcarder trying his hardest to catch Okabayashi with a combination of moves to squeeze out a win. Okabayashi feels like a monstrous main eventer that devastates Kikuta with every attack and has me convinced that everything he hits Kikuta with hurts. Okabayashi countering Kikuta's high kick with a lariat was awesome, as was the running lariat he turns him inside-out with after. The momentum never drops and the match ends on a high note."
[10.0] "The greatest pro wrestler in history, this guy is just too damn good, countless 5 star matches with a variation of opponents, not many people can take a prestigious title like the IWGP, the GOAT title, and elevate it the way he did, he elevated the title more than the title elevated him, and in his 2 year reign he had the greatest matches in history, he carried himself better than anybody I've ever seen and backed it up in the ring and still does big time, it's common for Okada to have the match of the year"
[6.0] "This is a decent match between two guys who did not really show much chemistry, so there's only so much they can possibly do here. The finish is also a lame DQ so it's all kind of pointless, in my opinion."
Ma Stump Puller wrote about Taichi:
[9.0] "The guy can go very well when he wants to do so, but as a heel he usually keeps it down to a lower level. One of the few heels left in the business who the crowd actually properly loves to hate. Can work well with basically anyone in the ring, through some of his best stuff is in tag matches, I find. (update 2020) With his amazingly consistent run in the latest G1 and MASSIVE pick up in in ring quality (probably because he's focusing less on boring Suzuki-Gun antics and interference and actually getting work in) I definitely have to bump up Taichi's ranking from his original rating. He's definitely improved as a performer and has shown surprisingly strong potential as a tweener babyface and as a stiff underdog."
[8.0] "We're a long way from the all time top tier classic of Summerslam 1991, but they showed some of their old chemistry here and actually put on a reasonably excellent match, all things considered. Probably one of Bret's better WCW matches."
[4.0] "This wasn't bad but I can't say I got too excited about it. Hennig is good at bumping around but Malenko's offense doesn't play to that, and what Malenko does do tends to be kind of dry, especially with an opponent who works a different style."
[7.0] "These guys wrestled each other quite a few times after DDP brought in Hennig only for him to turn and join the nWo, and this is one of the lesser matches but still they always find somehow to make thing enjoyable."
[7.0] "A good TV match between these two, not the best match of their series but still a good one. They showed good chemistry through the year and really put a lot of importance on the US title, as well as the personal aspect of their feud."
[8.0] "Really good TV match between two super talented guys. They had a really strong series across 1997, I could really watch Hennig bump around and DDP throw hands and find ways to hit the Diamond Cutter all day."
[8.0] "Very entertaining. They had an amazing match last time in Nagoya that went into a time limit, but this one had a different dynamic with the eliminations which they played very well. The stars of the match were AZM, Saya and Natsupoi, whenever any of those three were in the ring, I was looking. ***3/4"
[8.0] "I also think this may be Mongo's best singles match, he's very fired up and Hennig does a great job targeting his leg to slow him down, which Mongo to his credit sells extremely well. Far better than you might expect."
[8.0] "An excellent match between these two Hennig is not quite as good as his WWF peak but he still brings a lot, and DDP is way hot at this time. Hennig can still bump around like a madman when he wants to."
[9.0] "The second best match of the night, this is a pretty great match right here. DDP was SO HOT at this time, and Curt Hennig clearly still had lots of gas left in the tank because his performance is strong as well."
[5.0] "This was a pretty average brawl but with a few good bumps lifting it up slightly. The down time between spots was quite noticeable here as Kenny wasn't doing much when PCO was on the floor. Finish was pretty funny and ended it on a high note."
[10.0] "One of the best and most unique performers ever, in NOAH and in AJPW, at the age most normal human wrestlers would be at their prime, Suzuki was good, but far from the talent he could be, however in NJPW, in his 40s and 50s, when most people would be practically done, far past their prime, Suzuki entered his prime and worked better than ever, and still doesn't seem to be slowing down, he's an incredible heel, in the conversation for best heel ever, his striking game is top tier, his submission work is flawless, and agression is better than anyones, he works a different style of matches than anybody else and is perfect at it"
[6.0] "Leave it to Mr Perfect to get a solid match out of a guy like Skinner, not that Keirn wasn't a good wrestler but the Skinner gimmick was just bad and somehow made him much worse in the ring. All praise to Hennig."
[7.0] "This was definitely a bit of disappointment based on how good these two are, they had much better singles matches in the past. Still, I enjoyed it pretty well and I think it's become slightly underrated."
[9.0] "it was damn near flawless they both did everything they were supposed to do but now please Gedo do not turn Jay face it would make no sense he's such a perfect natural heel"
Makai Club wrote about CWA:
[9.0] ""My Eye" . Bloody hell, this was a very gross match by the end. Lawler bloodies Funk's eye up badly and Funk's panicked squealing made the finish very uncomfortable and disturbing to watch. Funk desperately calling for the Doctor and Lance Russell (aw) was horrifying but the perfect finish to an incredible match. I never realised just how big the Mid-South Coliseum was until the lights go on and you see a sea of seats. And they made great use of the space, brawling in the crowd seats, using the empty chairs to their advantage. I loved the contrasted tempo of emotions from the two. Funk starts off the match with Lance Russel blowing his lid, itching to face Lawler who came out calm and focused. And the match was the same. The brawling was erratic and aggressive but Lawler was able to calm the storm and use that to win the match. Funk's trash talking was awesome (yet another good use of the empty arena setting). ****1/2"
saraiva98 wrote about AEW Dark #55:
[5.0] "Another meh dark. These one was unspectacular and with some boring matches. Silver vs QT Marshall was not bad and was nice to see Anthony Bowens there too. Pillman and Garrison getting a win was nice."
[9.0] "A real jewel! Everybody was at the top (except the random of the Dark Order), they gave themselves to offer us this beauty. Beautiful storytelling with the story between The Elite and FTR, Omega and Cabana, Page and Lee, The Dark Order playing the loss of teammates in the opposing team terribly well. Moreover it was nonstop action! ****1/4"
[4.0] "The Wrestling here isn't terrible, but the match itself just feels flat and it's not on the level you'd expect a match from these two to be"
[7.0] "This tag was really good, SHO sold super well the domination of Ospreay and O-Khan. This last one has a good potential I think, his arsenal is really cool, the execution is not yet great but it is on the right track. The moment when SHO does the hot tag to Okada would surely have been more memorable with an unrestricted crowd. The Okada / Ospreay confrontation finally comes, nice sequences, that was cool. Then after, probably my favorite "moment" of the match, SHO comes back to fight HARD Ospreay, really good that he manages to shine in selling and offense in one match. Finally, Will Ospreay settling in well as a complete bastard, those sneaky attacks on SHO's leg coming from him and his wife. Will Ospreay, his acting hasn't really changed from the one he had the last few weeks, but now he looks more like a big asshole than just a very arrogant guy. ***1/2"
[8.0] "Very good match, flashy action. Perfect to open a show because it prepares the spectator in a good way due to the very dynamic side of the action. Both wrestlers were very determined, they had a very strong desire to win, a really cool kind of fighting spirit. ****"
[5.0] "This one takes a while to get going, but by the time they hit the home stretch it really picks up and features some good near falls. I personally think the WON rating is a little too high and I'd go more **1/2 for it, but it's mostly fine and the big swerve ending is done really well"
[9.0] "Jerry Lawler coming out to 'Gonna Fly Now' with loud trumpets was an incredible entrance. If he went all out for his entrance like this regularly, you can see why Lawler was indeed the King Of Memphis for the next decade. The match gets quite a rep for being the first ever 5* rated match. Not by Dave Meltzer, but Norm Dooly (and Jim Cornette). But as well, this is quite a famous match although not as famous as their Empty Arena match. I loved this match the last time I saw it and re-watching it was just as rewarding. This was a classic memphis bloody brawl, at its finest. Incredible heat. Both roles were executed at a very high quality and we just got enough for a rematch. The match started off heated with Funk initially running from Lawler and getting bounced into the corner and ropes. But Funk catches Lawler with some offence before unleashing some immaculate punches. Lawler then replied with punches of his own and busted Funk open by slamming him into the table. Funk's bumping and selling for so great. Lawler was just as excellent at the selling. Lawler also got the aid of the blood soaking his white attire - it was visually gross, yet it added to the match greatly. Lawler brought tremendous babyface fire with his fired-up comebacks and his decimation of Funk's knee with the steel chair. The crowd was unglued when Lawler brought the straps down and they were able to keep that heat for the remainder of the match until the match called for a count-out win for Lawler. ****1/2"
[9.0] "The first meeting between these two teams did not disappoint. Just fantastic all the way around. It is not the 10/10, 5 stars matchup like I assume their future matches will be, but an awesome start to this legendary feud."
[5.0] "Look, was this a good in-ring contest? Of course not. It was a Yano G1 match, and one against a Bullet Club member no less. It was always going to wacky and feature shenanigans. The comedy was good, and Yano is always hilarious, and frankly it was nice to see something a bit different out of KENTA than a methodical strike-fest. It's not the best comedy match I've ever seen, but it's a decent enough time, and it's just what you should expect from the True Ace of New Japan."
[5.0] "This match was okay for some parts and the rest of it was just boring. The psychology of Hunter working on Goldberg's ankle was a nice touch. However, it all becomes meaningless when Goldberg does his two major moves that require his ankle a great deal. **1/4"
[5.0] "This was a solid tag team match. One of the better matches that the Bashams had when they were in the company. It started a bit slow but the last five minutes were really strong, making up for the slow pace at the start. **1/2"
[6.0] "This was solid Triple Threat match. They had a decent match with Show being booked strong as the unbeatable giant that just kept coming back no matter what the other two guys threw at him. The interference was too much by the end. I liked the double suplex through the table spot. It worked well in terms of turning the match up another level and making it more interesting. After Show got back into it, he was a major force. Solid match (***)"
[7.0] "This was pretty good although the crowd reactions were weak. These guys were above average in the ring, so no surprise that they could put together a fun match like that after they were given over 15 minutes. Good stuff ***1/4"
[2.0] "This was a boring match that drew no reactions from the crowd. I don't even remember if there was much of a storyline going into it. Fans just didn't seem to care about the match that much. I didn't care either. (*)"
[7.0] "Decent show, the highlight was by far the main event between Jay White and Tomohiro Ishii. Shingo Takagi and Minoru Suzuki also had a good match, and Okada/Ospreay was a big talking point."
[4.0] "It was basic stuff. The promo by Angle mid-match was pretty funny because you didn't see guys doing that very often. You may think that an Olympic gold medalist would be a face, but it was smarter to book him as a heel. I thought Angle did really well here. (**)"
[5.0] "This was an adequate match. There were some dead parts in the match, but fans were happy with the result. The Dudleys were new to the company, so I thought maybe they would have gone over. I guess WWE wanted to put over the face team instead. **1/4"
[7.0] "Oh Territory politics are at play. Bill Dundee is left alone for his title defence due to his Tommy Rich's commitments in Georgia against Wayne Farris and Yamamoto, led by Jimmy Hart. Dundee is a level above both of these two but even he can't overcome the 2 on 1 advantage. Although he puts in a hell of an effort. He batters Farris and Yamamoto to his credit but the disadvantage is just too much. Dundee is excellent in this match. Both when on offence and selling. He came off like a badass but vulnerable when he needed to be. Like a rat trapped in a corner. ***1/2"
[7.0] "Certainly a unique match, but I was not quite as compelled as many of the other commenters. I would have preferred just a little bit more of a regular match here."
[9.0] "Incredible contest, I didn't knew who was winning before the end, the suspense was enormous. Impact Wrestling gives here to us a hell of a contest. Best intergender match I've ever seen. Callihan is an awesome heel. ****1/2"
[6.0] "Good showing here, most especially from Yota Tsuji who has proven to be quite a future star on this tour."
[10.0] "What a great booking ! Lesnar's domination impressed me at the beginning, then McIntyre eliminating him was not even the biggest moment of this Rumble because of ... THE RETURN OF EDGE. OMG I POPPED SO MUCH DURING THIS MOMENT. When I heard his music, I just cried, overwhelmed by the emotions. I oove the fact that Drew won the match, he is really showed strong to face Lesnar. One of the best matches of the year. *****"
[8.0] "Very strong match that had a very tough spot to fill after Ibushi/Ishii and Ospreay/Shingo. I think this match is about equal to the previous A block main events. This was more of a Jay White match rather than an Okada match, which is what benefited Okada. The story was White targeting the back of Okada while Okada also had to deal with Gedo on the outside. Good stuff. ****"
Damian wrote about MLW Fusion #58:
[5.0] "Slight improvement over previous week. In this episode nothing really stood out neither in a good nor in a bad way. I guess it was nice to see Minoru Tanaka though."
[4.0] "Another Evil shitfest. He had a great match with Sanada last year and now he has to do the BC shenanigans that utterly destroy the flow of his matches."
[6.0] "Another decent showing from Yuya Uemura and Gabriel Kidd. These two brought it this whole tour and this final match is no exception."
[9.0] "Enormous technical match from 4 enormous wrestlers. ZSJ and Tanahashi have a so great chemistry, they are awesome when they wrestle each other. Good finish, precision of moves from ZSJ, Ibushi, Tanahashi and Taichi was here. Great storytelling, I love the fact that ZSJ and Taichi are the new champs ! Enormous match, one of my favorites 2 on 2 of the year ! ****1/2"
[4.0] "This was a post-heel turn Evil match, so naturally it sucked ass and was easily worth skipping. Nobody wants another Naito vs. Evil match."
[8.0] "That was a good brawl with a MMA style, I love the Bloodsport, this main event was a great technical contest with a good ending. Dickinson has the Spotlight to face Moxley and he did a great job. That match resume what the Bloodsport is all about. ***3/4"
[1.0] "This match sucked. Waylon was a great character, the kind of complex character I wish the WWE would do more of today. Unfortunately, Spivey was broken down at this point as a wrestler and wasn't given an opportunity to get the character over before he was released. (1/2*)"
[7.0] "Pretty decent way to further Okada's beef with Will Ospreay and show off some of O-Khan's moves. He seems alright so far."
[10.0] "Their match last year from the BOSJ 26 finals was my second favorite match of 2019 and it's also one of my favorite matches of all time. I had high expectations for the rematch and they absolutely delivered. Of course it's not as good as their last match, but it's still amazing and has a similar structure. They started out with a crazy sequence of fast paced counters with neither man being able to hit anything. It set the pace for the match and you knew both guys were going to go overkill in the best way possible. I also loved the little story of Ospreay being able to match Shingo's striking this time. Such as their exchange in chops. The creativity and technique of the action in this match is nothing short of tremendous. Ospreay hitting a Marufuji-style corner to corner dropkick was awesome. Shingo had his usual explosive offense and hit some insane lariats on Ospreay. Ospreay had some jaw-dropping counters to Shingo's moves and the timing of his kicks was superb. Top 5 matches of the year so far. *****"
[6.0] "Solid tag match and fun spots from the babyface team, the main highlights including Jeff Cobb yeeting members of BC into one another."
[9.0] "Very good match, I personaly loved it. Fast working, some basic technique skills and other nice spots, this match have everything you could want in a match. They both are very talented girls and made it clear with this amazing performance."
[7.0] "Fun opening match, it was very nice to see a big 8 man tag again after a month of only singles matches and I love seeing THE BOI Douki get a win."
[8.0] "Drake always excels as the underdog and this was no exception. Great work by Kushida targeting the arm and a really good cap off to the Drake redemption storyline. (***3/4)"
[7.0] "Simply great. One of the best less than 10 minutes matches I have ever seen. Everyone remembers Angelico's extreme dive after watching this."
[9.0] "That was a great match, another one from "The best of the best" Kento Miyahara. I loved the fact that Zeus needed the Jackhammer to win it, his win was a big surprise for me, expecting another Suwama/Miyahara for the Triple Crown Championship. Great storytelling. ****1/4"
[2.0] "She is horrible! She is horribly slow and uninteresting. the definition of her is boring and sloppy. we remember that sh*t of Nightmare Collective"
[8.0] "Solid match here. Great performance of both wrestlers, great main event to end the best show of the Champion Carnival. ****1/4"
[8.0] "Matches like this are a good example of Meltzer's impartiality when it comes to rate wrestlers he dislike. This is a very good match, we can see Hogan wrestling with a style he didn't use so frecuently, and they both performed an actual entertaining match. I think this could be one of Hogan's best matches, only considering the in-ring performance as a thing."
[6.0] "Surprisingly long TV match with an engaged crowd, some good nearfalls, cool spots and Randy Orton was bleeding for some reason."
[9.0] "Really good match, best match of the disappointing Carnival for me. Miyahara is a God to make his opponent shine like a diamond, he is just a God of wrestling. I love litterally every of his matches, he has an enormous charisma, he connects with the crowd when he wants and he has an exceptional moveset. He carried every match he was in, and we can say he carry AJPW today. Ashino's performance was great compared to his all Carnival. ****1/2"
[10.0] "The second best match of the night. Ibushi and Ishii make for one of my favorite pairings in New Japan. Every match they've had together is incredible. This wasn't as good as their all time classic from the G1 Climax 28 but it was insane in it's own right. Non-stop action for 15 minutes with both guys hitting each other with stiff forearms, lariats, knees, headbutts, slaps, kicks, etc. All the no-selling exchanges were awesome and those stiff head kicks out of nowhere from Ibushi popped me every time. I also love the Kamigoye set-up for the headbutt. It's such a phenomenal looking counter. Ishii is once again looking like the MVP for his block. *****"
[4.0] "This is a difficult match to rate to me... While it started very well and there were high expectations from this, it finally became slow and repetitive, more like just a simple spotfest not necesarily great, and by the end everything dies when Matanza Cueto joins the match. Taking all the good moments of the match, I think a 4 out of 10 is a good rating for this."
[4.0] "I don't understand her "hype" she's not catastrophic in the ring and she has time to improve (if she wants to) but it's very average and she is extremely green. no fluidity. some like her just for the looks...."
[7.0] "Even with the age of the wrestlers, that match was really good. I loved the chops of Marufuji on Hidaka, Hidaka's chest was red, purple, I was impressed. Tanaka botched 3 or 4 times, he has no precision but for Yone's anniversary, I was happy to see a match of this level ! ***1/2"
Damian wrote about MLW Fusion #57:
[4.0] "An unfortunate hiccup. This was one of the worst MLW Fusion shows in recent memory. Nothing stood out except Fatu squashing Hughes, but that lasted less than a minute."
[6.0] "Really great match ! Okada is a good young wrestler and he obviously has future in NOAH ! Inamura did a great performance, like in the N1. I think even if he doesn't win, a singles match is a great opportunity to show his talent too ! 15 minutes of good pure wrestling. ***"
[2.0] "OOH That was boring. It is the last match of the block and it's one of the worst in the all tournament. It is supposed to be memorable and compared to Shiozaki/Kiyomiya in the N1, that overbooked match was terrible. Both wrestlers are two horrible choices to win the B Block, and Evil's new character in the BC needs Dick Togo in litterally EVERY MATCH. That was overbooked and moreover, Sanada can't do a match without many moves bad executed. *1/4"
[10.0] "This match was the conclusion of a storyline of friendship and betrayal beetween these two luchadores in the best way as posible. Maybe some people could find this a very average match, but it is actually one of the most legendary matches in lucha libre history. This match was such a thing by those times, that still to our days this is remembered in Mexico as one of the best mask vs mask matches of all time. While I would say this as a four stars match **** I rate it with 10 because of how meaningful this is for mexican wrestling history."
[10.0] "Now THIS, this is a classic. One of Manami Toyota's final performances while still in the argument for world's best worker, "competing" on the same level as what one might consider the heir apparant to that crown. Highly recommended, and I cannot believe that I have never seen this match discussed anywhere. *****"
[10.0] "This match is just fucking insane and incredible hard-hitting match. So many hard strikes were performed and their chemistry worked wonderfuly. This felt like it was the perfect match beetween youth and experience, both sides very talented. They totally beat the hell out of each other, and the finish was pretty emotional. One of my personal favourite women matches of all time."
[8.0] "Excellent technical match here, ZSJ and Tanahashi are the two bests technical wrestlers in New Japan. That was the match I was hyped the most in the all tournament, so it was too short for me. I wanted more and more perfect moves. All the match was perfect, and the best match of Tana's G1. ****1/4"
[7.0] "it was a good match, although I don't know exactly what didn't do it for me but I didn't go crazy about this one. I liked Ospreay's more heelish antics though. maybe it just lacked the aura of their previous encounters"
[9.0] "When you think about this match on paper, it's a can't-miss classic, and while it certainly did not miss, I'm not sure if I'd quite call it a classic. This was, undoubtedly, a phenomenal wrestling match, and I would recommend it. That said, lower your expectations just a little, less you walk away disappointed that this was not the greatest joshi match ever. ****"
[6.0] "I really laugh with the character of Yosuke Santa Maria, he is funny and the reaction of his opponents is funny too ! Ho Ho Lun is not really used in Dragon Gate and that 6-Man Tag permite to him to show his skills ! Good opener. ***"
[7.0] "Good singles match here, I love the fact that Dragon Gate use these two in a 1 on 1. Jimmy is really underrated, and in 11 minutes, both wrestlers showed their chemistry, I just love all the matches of the show, like every Dragon Gate show. Big fan of Kagetora btw. ***1/4"
[6.0] "Kendrick and Scott are two great wrestlers, so I expected more from these two. I love the fact that Kendrick is used to make shine talents like Scott Who needs momentum after his loss at Takeover 31. Good moves, good match but not memorable. ***1/4"
[7.0] "Really good match, but Dragunov pinning WALTER would be a good thing IF Dragunov was built for it before. That match was intense, with good physical abilities showed here by Dragunov and Dunne, for his first match since march. Great match, but I prefered Dragunov VS Dar. ***3/4"
SmokeyV3 wrote about Chris Benoit:
[10.0] "It's imposible to ignore what he did in the end, however now I'm just rating Benoit as a pro-wrestler, . Benoit is definitely one of the best wrestlers of all time. Master of submissions and with a very diverse moveset thanks to all his experience wrestling around the world. Even if he never was a so many titles guy, you can always find some matches performed on a huge level in whichever promotion he stayed along his whole carreer. Say about his path throught NJPW and WAR in Japan, UWA in Mexico or WWF/WWE in America, wherever you saw Benoit performing, you found some very high quality wrestling matches to enjoy watching. All his wrestling abilities, his great charisma and the relatively succesful carreer he had, makes Chris Benoit one of the best wrestlers of all time without a doubt."
[8.0] "Really cool match. It started slow but it got very good in the end thanks to Saya's fire and Konami's skill. Saya and Utami had some nice team work and I'm liking the team of Bea and Konami, they could do some interesting things together in the future."
[4.0] "A match where "everything made sense" (even though they tried to do some very stupid, ridiculous and cartoony spots in this match, while trying to milk between spots/falls as much as they can), but it was a total miss with me. For a sixty-minute match and PPV Main Event it wasn't a hit."
[8.0] "Really good match. I loved the interactions between Momo and Giulia and AZM and Maika. It got brutal at times and the last few minutes were wild, it felt like anyone could've won it in the end."
[7.0] "Surprised by how good Dawn was in this match. She has improved a lot since I last saw her and I was surprised for good. Piper at this point is one of the best in the UK women's division. The match was nice, it wasn't a masterpiece or very good, but had its moments and both worked hard."
[10.0] "Everything has already been said about this match. It's simply just perfect and a must-watch for every wrestling fan."
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