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[10.0] "The Tokyo Dome this year was about Kota Ibushi. But this was the one Tetsuya Naito match over both nights at Wrestle Kingdom 15, and the first where Naito entered the Dome as champion. They did a fantastic job of teasing signature moves before countering into something new, and using those moments to support the arch of the characters. Naito went for La Combinacion Cabron, but Ibushi cut him off. Ibushi went for the top-rope Moonsault to the floor, but Naito interfered, dropping him with a German on the ramp. They teased another deadly apron spot like the one from Dominion 2019, but ended it with a breathtaking high spot Hurricanrana. Later, Ibushi tried to bring Naito back inside with the vicious top rope German, but El Ingobernable elbowed out of it. Ibushi called back to Naito's hubris when he whiffed on the Phoenix Splash, suggesting it perhaps wasn't his time. And finally, with grace, Ibushi stopped the final Destino, and teased the Lawndart as Naito knew he was had. As we expected a head cruncher, Ibushi suddenly dropped Naito, looked him in the eyes, and took it home with the V-Trigger into Kami-Goye. They used this opportunity to main event the Tokyo Dome to show how great each wrestler had become. To show that their story was no longer about bumps and bruises. It was about Naito seeing himself as better than Ibushi, with an underlying resentment towards The Golden Star's ability to capture hope for the audience. This past year, Naito became the constant of a dark era, so this match was his one shot at proving that he could be a champion like Okada and Tanahashi-a staple, a son of New Japan, even in uncertain times. That clashed with Ibushi's dreams, which have never wained, even as he has taken so many losses on the big stage. Here, Ibushi found himself in the exact same spot that Naito did last year-todo o nada. But instead of taking anyone else's approach to the top, Ibushi wrestled his match, and won with his eye towards the future. He proved to be the one best suited to man the ship day by day as they try to get out of the storm. ***** on its own, let alone as a set up for what happened when Jay White challenged Kota Ibushi on Night 2."
[1.0] "A plodding match that seemed, to me, devoid of any drama since Big Boss Man was liberally interfering on Hogan's behalf for some reason, plus all the big spots seemed like a poor rehash of the infinitely superior Andre feud a few years earlier. Hogan never seemed in any danger at all, then Hogan was satisfied to win on a lame countout. I only give 1 point because at least the crowd was hot, but personally this did nothing for me, Hogan has fully embraced his laziest formula."
[6.0] "This match was ok I suppose. Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne need to get off commentary because their boreness really drag down matches. Christian and Austin had a spotfest, not much to say from that. ***1/4"
[9.0] "Great fun here, the Throwbacks are a new team but they are super impressive already, I love Sugar Dunkerton and Dasher is getting better and better fast. FIST is always a top tier team and the dynamic of this is really well done."
[10.0] "Loved this! A mix of all time incredible talent along with some solid CHIKARA talents. Claudio doing the no hands spinning Rack on Crossbones was NUTS, seriously wild strength. There's some rather brilliant foreshadowing for the next night as well..."
[9.0] "I loved this for three reasons. 1. It told a good story, Saturn was forced to team with Lodi for storyline reasons and Lodi wanted Saturn to do all the work, and they got it across perfectly. 2. Saturn looked amazing, throwing sweet suplexes and throws and kicks and all kinds of stuff. 3. High Voltage ALSO looked great, chucking Saturn around in ridiculous ways and even getting in on some really sweet high flying. This was a short match but I had a real blast with it."
[2.0] "They gave 10 minutes this this? What were they thinking? ! ? Konnan can have his moments but he's not exactly amazing, and Jannetty was NOT looking too good here, why they put this on Nitro I haven't a clue."
[9.0] "I really had idea a very young KUSHIDA made his way to CHIKARA! And I'll say, rookie though he may have been, he already showed considerable skill. It helps of course to be in there with a guy as good as Grayson, but still. Funny, it's AEW vs. NXT!"
Brett1980 wrote about Rich Swann:
[7.0] "I think he is good but I dont think hes anything special certainly not someone to build a company around."
Brett1980 wrote about Chris Bey:
[7.0] "Improving all the time. Starting to stand out now Imoact is more relevant. A lot of his moves are innovative. Needs to pace himself between spots though."
[8.0] "One thing that caught me about this match was when Chris Charlton explained that The Great O-Khan was scouted from the amateur ranks. Tomoyuki Oka was never a pro wrestling fan. Thinking about that in juxtaposition to Hiroshi Tanahashi's passion for the industry as his source of success made for a fun viewing experience. The Empire will go on this year to dominate, but this was a good shot in the arm for O-Khan, and possibly a feud to return to in New Japan Cup (sin the golden pants). This was also confirmation of a two year downward turn for The Ace, although he got the win. Last year, he tapped to the Boston Crab, but was second from the top on night 2 with Chris Jericho. This year, he wins a match that everyone thought he would third from the top on night 1. It's not that Tana can't go anymore either, just watch his match with Naito from G1 for confirmation. But now, it seems as though the company might have given us the last big moment of his in that building two years ago. We'll see."
Brett1980 wrote about TJP:
[8.0] "Pretty decent. Always has good looking moves and has pretty exciting matches but nothing blow away though."
[5.0] "Looks like a star but somehow fails whenever the spotlight is on her. Her in ring work is not very smooth."
[6.0] "This is the 3rd singes match between these two I've seen in 2002 and its by far the weakest, the start was boring as i'm not a fan of mat wrestling, the middle is just kind of there and then the last 5 minutes is good. watch their first match from Night of appreciation or their x-division championship match on TNA weekly PPV #5 istead."
[6.0] "Average. Has decent enough ring skills but is sort of unremarkable. I dont remember her ever wowing me."
[6.0] "He can be okay but does seem like a one trick pony at times. Quite often does Disgusting stuff which is hard to watch."
[5.0] "Was only an average worker at best in his prime was the top baby face in ECW. But ECW folded in 2001 and he has spent nearly 20 years now trying to recapture that he was the top baby face in ECW."
[7.0] "Good short match, the 80s throwback "Badd Boys" gimmick is often played for laughs but here 2. 0 actually switched up their style to be very aggressive and hard hitting. Some amazing flying on the other side as well, there's a bit where Ricochet jumps off Lince's shoulders, bounces off the ropes in one move, and flips down onto his opponents, top stuff."
[7.0] "Good match, I'm glad to see Nakamura's NXT theme song back, he did a very good performance to give to Uso his best match since his push. Good spots, I'm not a fan of the finish but Nakamura carried well the match. ***1/2"
Brett1980 wrote about Rhino:
[6.0] "Felt like late ECW's version of Goldberg. Was able to carry that momentum into the WWF after ECW folded. TNA over pushed him in the second half of the 2000s."
[3.0] "Her gimmick is odd and unbelievable. She is poor in the ring. Overall she is just irritating. I do not get the high rating at all. She never gets better."
[10.0] "Fantastic match! Two of the best CHIKARA products matching up here and just having a blast of a match. They built up slowly but the counters became sublime, the lucha moves became more elaborate, and the crowd was more and more drawn in, a really lovely opener."
[3.0] "Despite the terrible design I feel the 24/7 title has been a mix of a bad and good ideas, mostly bad but hey R Truth has something to do now, Yah?"
[5.0] "this was well on its way to being a good match but unfortunately the finish spoils it greatly. Really ruined the enjoyment of the match."
[7.0] "this was a lot better than i thought it would be as the maximo's did surprisingly well, this match is worth a look if you have the free time."
[8.0] "I'm not a big fan of his wrestling style, although I understand people who are. As for his character, his gimmick, I am a great fan."
[4.0] "Not the best event although the match between Tully Blanchard and Ricky Steamboat is excellent. The event is worth watching for the absolute confusion on Gordon Solie's face at the end of the first match with neither commentator understanding who won the match."
[5.0] "The first minute was clipped in the contemporaneous broadcast. This tag will end up being a buildup to Mascaras' shot at Race's NWA title, once he wins it back from Baba. This is a non-essential but mostly fine buildup match. They're good, Race is good, and Idol makes an entertaining gaijin tag partner. We end in double countout. **3/4"
[6.0] "The match is rather simple; for example, Inoki would try to attack and Jeet Singh would pound on him, drag Inoki around the ring and throw anything that was in his grasp at Inoki. Whether it be a table, a chair or a sword. Inoki is cut open and does his best to sell the beat down. The match is under ? falls, as it was the norm back then, so the double count out threw me a little. However it makes the structure of the match easier to follow. Both lost/won the fall so it's a simple fight to the finish. Singh tones down his wild brawling for more simple stomach claws and chokes, which do look good on a bloody Inoki, to be fair, but is unable to ramp it back up as Inoki is able to make a great comeback, stomping and punching the shit out of Jeet. Then Inoki tears Jeet? s arm out of its socket with some gruesome arm pulls and that's it. Inoki made the comeback and won the match. Inoki Bombaye. ***"
[9.0] "Excellent match, these two had a great rivalry for the Intercontinental Title and this is probably the best televised match. Both guys work hard, fantastic match."
[6.0] "Decent House Show from MSG but definitely worth watching for the Main Event between Tito Santana and Greg Valentine who had a excellent match."
[8.0] "This was a brilliant match mixing technical wrestling powerful brutal strikes and submission attempts if this was given more time on a big show like a takeover they could have an epic match."
[9.0] "This is the promotion that made me respect women's wrestling as a art form. I feel like this promotion gives me a reason to care about every wrestler on the card from the opening match with the teenagers or rookies all the way to the main even with wrestlers like Guilia, Syuri, Mayu, and Utami. The COVID-19 situation had hurt this promotion somewhat because they had to change their polices on using foreigners and also had tragedies retirements and death during that time frame but this company was able to withstand those issues to become stronger."
[7.0] "The Oddities was awesome, the matches suck but the gimmick and the music keeps me wanting for more Oddity matches. Hardy's showing us what they can do in their horrible looking attire, laying down the blueprint to what they'd be doing for years to come. The main event was not bad but not interesting, not sure why 8-Ball won, they've lost so much it kind of doesn't matter at this point, all together not a bad show."
[7.0] "This was a bit long but it told a nice story of Cole damaging Shelley's leg however Kazarian's interference at the end of the match kind of ruined this match for me. ***1/4"
[9.0] "This was a high quality spot fest where these it really didn't have anything resembling heel/face storytelling in the lest bit as I was not quite sure what the All-Night Express was supposed to be at this point, the Briscoes and War Machine where uneasy partners and the Young Bucks where the superstars (probably who drew the house) and while they did a couple of heel things at the beginning it did not last throughout the match. However the match was a fun match so I going to stop complaining. ****1/4"
[5.0] "Stop Jobbing your Light heavyweight champion please, I don't care if it advances another cooler storyline just don't do that. Poor Dustin getting Cucked was just awful and so was the match to, Jaqueline vs Luna was terrible they can't wrestler at all and please don't let them talk. , The 6 man tag was match of the night as everyone was actually a good worker. Kane and Undertaker vs the future Harris Brothers was okay? I mean it wasn't bad when Taker and Kane had control, and why is Paul Ellering here he's not gonna get the bikers over."
[9.0] "That is how you do a debut. The introduction of Ben Carter on Supernova Sessions went well setting up the match and the second the match came it did not disappoint. Ben Carter speed was the most captivating part but Jordan Devlin's athleticism was complimented him well. Devlin continues to impress as the build to the Cruiserweight title unification match against Santos Escobar continues."
[5.0] "The match was disappointing considering the build up but Joseph Conners joining forces with Jinny was good. Its good to see Kay Lee Ray having a new opponent aswell."
[10.0] "I watched this match and then I was really sad. I have this list you see of my top 20 greatest matches of all time. At the top I had the 2/3 falls between flair and steamboat, and I was fine thinking it could not get any better than that. Then I watched this match and I realised that what I thought was a lie... for this is the GOAT. Undoubtable, great chemistry, flawless execution and a great story. This match is worthy of every star you can give. Sorry flair and steamboat for you have been surpassed! *******"
[5.0] "Just another NDC match. Entertaining but nothing special here. Neil is a really good worker and has a fun entrance theme (SWEEEEET CAROLINEEEEE) but he's shined in other matches more. This is just filler."
[6.0] "Decent match. I personally love Orin Veidt so if you like Death Matches and have IWTV subscription give this show a watch! Orin Veidt always impresses me and always takes a disgusting bump."
[8.0] "Very very good episode with all the Adam Pearce/Roman Reigns/Kevin Owens stuff and all brilliant matches (with Nakamura/Uso and Bryan/Cesaro first)."
[8.0] "Wow, more than a solid match! CesaMura delivered tonight. AmDrag is the best opponent to make you shine, and when the opponent is Cesaro the result is brilliant."
[6.0] "The match is more useful to Dominik (who did a decent job as host on commentary) with some hard bump (see the back suplex and the Deep Six on Rey) but just satisfactory."
[7.0] "The match was solid and well worked, not a masterpiece but a hell of an opener for a show like this and a very nice example of turn face without saying a word."
Brett1980 wrote about WALTER:
[9.0] "Excellent and intimidating presence. Has a great skill where he always looks dominant but leaves enough room to believe he is beatable. Has been lucky however in the sense that in NXT UK he has not been made to change his style that got him over on the indies. Has the most deadly looking chops in the business currently."
Brett1980 wrote about Tyler Bate:
[9.0] "Very good and exciting. Fluidly moves between Flying and brawling and is believable despite usually being much smaller than his opponent."
Brett1980 wrote about Joe Coffey:
[5.0] "I feel he is very mediocre and Forgettable. He has never done anything that stands out as good for me and I have seen him wrestle quite a lot now."
[9.0] "This remains the best weekly show from WWE, week in and out. What I enjoy is that every roster member has a story, and a position that progresses every week, even if its minor."
[7.0] "A good show. Opener was decent enough and exceeded my expectations. Main event was a great. Minor criticism going forward is Jinny does not come across as a legitimate Championship contender."
[6.0] "It seemed like there was something off here. It seemed to me that the guys where hesitating at points and also goofy off at times instead of having an actually match. **3/4"
[8.0] "Badass main event. You could argument about the selling and the grappling section at the start of the match but you'd be missing the point of the match. To me, this felt like Power Warrior aka Kensuke Sasaki, Hase's former tag partner, overcoming that role of being Hase's junior, taking the fight directly to him and eating him despite what Hase brings to the table. When Sasaki palms and slaps Hase in the face after being trapped in a sleeper, it's on and Hase's face shows that he knows it. Heated, hot main event that gives Sasaki so much momentum or his push into next year's Dome main event (or something in the near future. *wink*). ****"
[8.0] "Brilliant match. A feather in the cap for Hashimoto? s claim to being the greatest of all time. Iizuka is a wrestler that has had great matches but they were usually in tags with other great wrestlers or insane amounts of crowd heat to elevate it. And to have a quality match as good as this can only be based on Hashimoto? s greatness. And his selling. His selling is a big part in making Iizuka look like a decent threat which in turn makes the crowd get behind Iizuka. Iizuka attacks Hashimoto? s leg and it's sold like death and any strike gets sold more and more and the submissions are sold with conviction. Awesome match. ***3/4"
[9.0] "Big 30 minute chaotic match in Ryogoku. Choshu looked super strong in this, getting both falls and always staying one step ahead when he was in the ring. He directed traffic for his side as well. The Maestro of Team New Japan. I like how both falls took their time and told different stories. The first fall was about New Japan wrecking havoc with WAR playing catch up. The second fall was WAR on top, taking advantage of Iizuka and Fujinami, isolating them. Tenryu beating up Iizuka with cheap shots and had chops was killer. Iizuka has a history of taking incredible beatdowns so he knows how to make the best out of it and use it to his advantage. Hase was a boss as well. He threw some sick uranage? s to Ishikawa. Great, great match. ****1/4"
[8.0] "This was just chaos from beginning to end with them doing a great job keeping up the momentum throughout. There were a ton of wild and reckless moments and some painful looking bumps. Mark was the star performer here from managing to get busted open in the first minute to his dive off the stage at the end. Great stuff."
Brett1980 wrote about Von Erichs :
[6.0] "Lack the charisma of the original Von Erichs. I feel that they've been around long enough to have made it if they were going to."
[10.0] "An historic heel performance from JBL. Every move, every facial expression just made him seem more and more despicable and his offense more and more vicious, even playing with Rey's blood. A tremendous valient babyface performance Rey too that had the crowd at the edge of their seats. Underrated as hell, great main event"
[8.0] "As a non wrestling performer is one of the best. The best thing about MLW. Good at promos can go from being threatening and quite dark to being hilarious without you even noticing. Sometimes she is a bit overexposed on MLW but you feel cheated whenever she isn't on."
[4.0] "This wasn't a bad match, It just soulless. Nothing really lead into anything and the match just ended up being meh. **1/2"
[8.0] "Ah, the famous pairing of Chono and Keiji Muto. Great, great match. Much better than their last match in 1993 which was a disappointment. This returns to their G1 form some ways as it starts off with grappling designed to wear the other down before escalating into faster paced highspots and a rather dramatic closing stretch. Muto doing his usual ramp run in the crowd of Ryogoku was so cool. And the inish was just as cool, Chono capitalising on Muto posing in a pinning predicament right after a hurricanrana to pin Muto. Don? t let your guard down or a second. ***3/4"
Brett1980 wrote about LA Park:
[8.0] "Was one of my favourites a few years back but he just sort of limps his way through matches now. Consistent top draw in Mexico, One of the most Charismatic performers in Lucha Libre history, only has to strutt or play air guitar with a chair and crowd goes crazy."
[5.0] "I have seen him wrestle enough now to think I dont recall ever seeing him do anything Impressive. Hopefully he will start to stand out more once L. A Park retires."
Brett1980 wrote about Los Parks:
[5.0] "L. A Park on his own is a legend. This as a tag team just comes across as bring your Son to work day."
[7.0] "A solid tv bout between two of the best technical wrestlers. Wasn't their best but still a great bout."
Brett1980 wrote about El Mesias:
[7.0] "One of the best gimmicks in Lucha underground. Doesn't stand out when hes not Mil Muertes though other than you know its him. Glad to see the character back on MLW."
[5.0] "Fine match. Not necessarily as good as their Extreme Rules slugfest but Roman's selling and Lashley's power move made for a decent combo. Lashley should've won damnit. (**3/4)"
[4.0] "Despite Low rating was easy to watch. Mil Muertes debut was disappointing. Main event was just full of all kinds of shenanigans."
[5.0] "Alright match. Cool to see Lita and Trish Stratus back competing on a RAW. They had a decent enough time getting their stuff in. Other than Lita and Stratus wrestling in this match this match is very forgettable and nothing noteworthy in the slightest."
Brett1980 wrote about Low Ki:
[6.0] "Has been given chances all over the world was pushed in the early days of both ROH and TNA at the same time. Was treated like an idiot on the game Show version of NXT. Has a reputation for being careless with opponents. MMA style does come across well but he also lacks charisma."
[7.0] "Wasn't my favourite ending but still a great match. Arn Anderson's limbwork was great as always, and Savage sold it well."
[7.0] "Nicely stiff match. The finish was cool with the insane number of lariats it took to take down Vader. The crowd marking out when Chosu won was great."
[8.0] "This was a pretty great match. These had the story of what would usually end up being a long epic and did it in 13 minutes. A-Kid was great in targeting WALTER's leg as WALTER had to amplify his brutally on A-Kid to retain his title. Great stuff all around. ****1/4"
[10.0] "This is one of the biggest hidden gem in Black & O'Reilly WWE's career, their chemistry is good and this match is fire. Watch it."
[8.0] "That was a very good TV match. Mysterio of this era was such a great seller/underdog face, and it was really interesting to see Cena's transition from heel to face. Really obvious that he had that huge star power at this point."
[10.0] "Great match between two excellent wrestlers, stiff sequences and a hot crowd, it was just excellent. Great stuff."
[9.0] "An absolute banger, 3 Minute Warning were absolute beasts here, absolutely star making performance from them and Jeff Hardy just SHINED, you can't count the great spots he was involved in here in one hand. Dudley Boys reunion at the end was a nice moment too"
[5.0] "This was ok but nothing too special. There were fewer comic possibilities here since Miyu and Moka are pretty serious and straightforward personalities and harder to play off. Even so I would have liked to see the Super Heroes lean into their gimmicks a bit more."
[4.0] "Even the rub from Jericho can't get this guy anywhere. I don't think many people would say WWE "wastes" him when he's honestly not a very good wrestler, his promos aren't very much to be impressed by either. He's best used as a comedy guy who can work a ok match, which is exactly what he's being used as at the moment with the much more talented Tyler Breeze, who has actual potential that hasn't been tapped into yet as a mid card contender. The Fandango gimmick was hot for a few weeks: not because of him, mind you, because of the theme being catchy. After that got milked to death, he had nothing else despite being given consistent gimmick changes, and I think WWE eventually realised he just wasn't worth the trouble. I don't see anything about him that screams even Intercontinental title material."
[8.0] "Another great episode of SmackDown! I like the fact that Shinsuke Nakamura looks strong for the second week. The match of Cesaro & Daniel Bryan also was really good. There were also a lot of funny moments: Bayley's talk show, Big E on the sofa and the exercising of Gable, Otis & Bryan made me smile. The contract signing was a little bit predictible, but I will be glad to watch another fight of Reigns and Owens"
[9.0] "In admittedly a strange and truncated year in 2020, Alexander Hammerstone vs. T-Hawk stands out, to me, as MLW? s Match of the Year. This contest was pretty even down the the last second. The massive National Openweight champ used his power and agility against T-Hawk with his speed as stiff chops. The match started slow but provided amazing action as it progressed. I? m glad this match was able to take place in front of a crowd. The Philly fans were hyped and it added to the atmosphere. Until Hammerstone becomes the Ace of MLW, this match will be one of, if not the biggest opportunities he had. For his part, I hope to see more of T-Hawk if at all possible. With all the competition for eyeballs in professional wrestling, this match is a diamond in the rough."
[6.0] "I really liked the grounded feel of this. Everyone except for Mickey is fat and moves slowly and the lighttubes used here have a lot more resistance than usual. You can see at times they are struggling to break the tubes and it makes it feel a lot more legitimate. They should probably have gone home after Ian blew out his knee because all of the stuff afterwards ended up being awkward but this was good most of the way through."
[8.0] "Fantastic TV match, the blocked avalanche rana which Cesaro turned into a deadlift superplex off the top has got to be my absolute favourite high spot in recent memory!"
[7.0] "The better of the two matches here as Dain made history being the first ever wrestler over 205 pounds to compete on 205 live. The tandem offence of Dain and Maverick was great while Curt Stallion impressed in his limited offence."
[5.0] "Why didn't we get the reason for them fighting? it was pretty much just an average match, a bit slow for my liking, and didn't really have that much action."
[6.0] "Good solid match here. The Bollywood Boyz showed some good offence but ultimately came up short to the more decisive Legado del Fantasma. Santos Escobar at ringside gives Wilde and Mendoza a more menancing presence around them."
[7.0] "I thought this was way better than the singles match, there was some fun action and it didn't drag on too long considering that Keith and Shamus had a match right after"
[7.0] "Fue un buen partido para arrancar este show, una lucha muy solida aunque puedes esperar una mejor lucha teniendo en cuenta el talento de estas dos luchadoras, aún así fue una buena lucha y muestra de o como es una verdadera división femenina."
[6.0] "I guess Alex Zayne wanted to do a bunch of weird, crazy and dangerous looking spots, and Joey Janela is the perfect opponent for this type of a match. Chairs, ladders, doors, dives to the outside, this match had it all."
[9.0] "A victim of the facile understanding and over-reliance on aesthetics from many wrestling fans, wherein he wears black trunks and kickpads and gloves and was around in the early-mid 2000s so must be an uncooperative shooter-type that has no place in the world of professional wrestling. It's nonsense. Kazunari Murakami is an incredible performer, one that many fellow pro wrestlers can and did learn from. A great heel; just a guy that embodies evil, not just through his looks and expressions but also the violent beatdowns he gives that leave you no choice but to feel some sympathy for his opponent(s). A tremendous brawler that brings an aura widely unmatched. Good wrestler, imo."
joshjackal wrote about Tom Lawlor:
[7.0] "In the ring, Tom Lawlor is a good submissions-based worker. As a character and talker, though, he's a bit of a work in progress. As a babyface in MLW, he always just kind of bored me. He's been better since turning heel, but as a heel he can be pretty over-the-top at times. Not in an entertaining way, in a cheesy way."
[10.0] "A very intense and creative match between siblings. An excellent balance of time for the match, where there were no drawdowns at all and something superfluous. In addition, the fight pleased me with many interesting references to past events and beautifully summed up the 200 issue of Being The Elite."
DarkSoulRises wrote about Taichi:
[10.0] "Taichi is nice wrestler. his high kicks and suprekicks are really cool and excitijg. He has well performance in tag teams and singel matches."
[8.0] "It was a great Deletion match, but it was slightly below the level of the Impact, especially since they could come up with something completely extraordinary for BBE, because for sure this match was personally prescribed by Matt himself with Bray. In general, I was quite pleased with what I saw, the scenario of the cinematic match was quite at an acceptable level."
[8.0] "A very good tag team match full of very good action from start to finish, which is not surprising when you give so much time to four excellent workers like them. It was long but very competitive with good sequences and a crowd that was always receptive to what they were doing. Some good heel-work from Andrade & Garza and I have to say that their performance in this match is more convincing than the whole of their run in the tag team division of Raw last year, here they had a really good chemistry and it was their best match together. Humberto and Rey were also very good too, they were very popular with the crowd (especially Rey) and their comeback was great. The victory was for them and it came at the end of a really very qualitative match. Great to watch."
[6.0] "The very first and by no means a bad match between them. The hatred was just beginning to grow and served as a good plot development between the opposition of the two groups."
[8.0] "It's always a damn joy watching Cesaro & Daniel Bryan wrestle each other. I'm not sure did I like this bout more than their excellent also-TV-match from last April, but yeah, it's a yet another absolute banger between 'em, of course. Fun n' great armwork vs. legwork story that plays off naturally, wonderfully, logically & it's compelling all the way through with some creative spots & moments in there. Beautiful pro-wrestling between two masters."
[10.0] "This just nabs a 5 star from me. I think my main criteria for a 5 star match are that the crowd have to be into it for one thing. The action has to be good, minimal to no botches. No drawn out slow down segments, compelling action. Fluidity, which this match had so much of that it's hard to even document it all. And yeah, this is it, just fantastic work from these four guys. KENTAfuji particularly have everything: they are fantastic when on top and fantastic when in peril. They have the tools to be dickhead heels and pure babyfaces. They face Ituko Hidaka & Minoru Fujita here from Zero-One and they are equally as impressive. Fujita spends a large portion of the match as the babyface in peril and does superbly. Hidaka's submissions, strikes, moves, all very crisp. There are so many great nearfalls and unique ways that they broke up pins or countered moves. My favourite was Hidaka pushing Fujita out of the way as I think KENTA was coming in for a springboard missile dropkick. It's just incredible how fluid this match was, everything they went for, they hit. The finish also was fantastic, perfectly timed and perfectly hyped, both KENTA and Fujita look like they could win. This match also was not overbooked with false finishes and overkill which was my criticism of another highly rated match that KENTAfuji had. A perfect junior heavyweight tag match and thus 5 stars for me."
[6.0] "It becomes painful to look at Daniel Bryan's position in the company, I have never been a fan of their matches and I only liked their fight from 2013 on one of Raw. This match was quite good for a regular match from the weekly, but I didn? t really like it and I can? t call it good even though in some places they gave a couple of worthy moments. I would give *** or perhaps *** 1/4 and then at a stretch."
[8.0] "This match was very fitting of a billing 'We are All Japan' on a 'What Can We Do Now' show. It came across as something like a love letter to the fans of current AJPW."
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