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[8.0] "This was a good match, it was slow but pretty entertaining. This was a historic match since this was the final exam for Misawa to become the greatest pro wrestler in Japan."
[10.0] "this is the best 60 minutes match from the US ever internal match build was great and this is one of the best if not the best pseudo king's road style us indie match at this time and this slightly better than the Punk vs Joe 60 minute draws"
[7.0] "This was a historic but not spectacular match as what we'll see mid-match is the reveal of puroresu's next ace, Mitsuharu Misawa"
[8.0] "This was a banger between the two. Nakajima dominated Shingo in the earlier minutes of the match with his kicks on Shingo's arm and chest which frustrated Shingo so went after his leg. He gained a brief control by hitting a nasty DVD on the apron. Shingo did some good work on Nakajima's leg who sold it pretty well but inconsistent selling by Nakajima is what prevents me from rating this higher. The back and forth between the two was exciting and hard hitting and the thing I liked about this match is that it didn't dragged in action much. 8.30/10"
[0.0] "I like longer matches but this was pointless over-indulgent Typical or what became typical HHH style faux epic. A full 3rd of the match i just laying about I understand selling but this style of selling makes one look weak. The overall match Quilty was also very patchy this could have close 15 if not even 25 minutes off and it would have been better."
[9.0] "This match was stiff as fuck and I loved it. Submission counters, good in-ring psychology and attempt to one up each other. Really good match with Sakuraba definitely not needing to wrestle this hard, but he does it. 9/10"
[7.0] "I liked this match, even if it might've been too long. Both guys were hard-hitting, it especially suprised me with Rosser, but I liked when he was hitting Narita with multiple lariats over and over. Also, Narita did some smooth work with the submissions. However, the finish with the roll-up was pretty awkward."
[] "2.5 out of 5 stars Nice work by both women and it was worth enough of being in the kick-off show. After seeing the momentum and the support Morgan has, WWE must pull the trigger with her at the earliest."
[6.0] "Nice technical bout here, YUTA obviously had a good performance and it was cool to see how well White was able to go with that style. The ending stretch was good too, for me it was quite obvious that White will win, but YUTA still fought nicely."
[6.0] "Solid opener, nothing too spectecular. Uemura shined well here, as he had some good sequences with Knight for example. Speaking of Kinght, this guy has a beautiful dropkick."
[7.0] "This was a really fun sprint with both guys showing that they could win at any moment and in the end it was Kotaro Suzuki who did it. I really liked this a lot for what it was. 7/10"
[8.0] "The steel cage restart to the WWE Title match was really good, handling the chaos involving The New Day and the reunited Hurt Business well, and it gave Big E the big fair win he needed to get his title run on the right track."
[5.0] "Kendo Kashin losing by being oversmarted by Inaba was a fun thing, but otherwise I am completely had enough of the Kendo Kashin shenanigans. 5/10"
[] "I really enjoyed this. Glad that THB is back because they split them up way too early. That superkick from Woods was awesome too. 3.75/5"
[5.0] "Weak main event, all the match after the first match were pretty weak except the darby and Sting vs FTR, this match is symptom of a crowd that were very sleepy and the match was a normal one and not main event worthy."
[7.0] "This was a fine match. Two big guys hitting each other and bumping into each other. I liked this, but this could have been a more impactful short match. Soya has looked good lately. 7/10"
[6.0] "I like wrestling for this kind of match , when the face is booed by the crowd and the heel cheered. it was good for the ambiance and some spots, the ending was clear before the match and nothing was too spectacular but it was good."
[4.0] "Brian Pillman Jr will be a very good wrestler and maybe a star in the future, the guy only has 3 years in the business and is already on a nice TV show's card. But this day is far from today, the match was only good for the very end with the spot with Julia Hart. The rest was very basic and MJF overshadowed Pillman Jr in this match."
[] "I did not get the love for this match. The pre-match stuff was actually better that anything in the match. They traded bunch of high spots that I actually forgot writing this, even though I watched it 5 minutes ago. I like both of these guys (especially Darby Allin), but this was not good in my opinion. *1/2"
[8.0] "This was a good match. This was my first time watching Brookes and he was impressive. He did some decent work on Sakaguchi's arm but Sakaguchi didn't sell it all when he used it for strikes. Sakaguchi did great kicks and Brookes replied them well with his chops. The back and forth action was good and the finish was good as well. Made Sakaguchi look strong. 7.50/10"
zoomclo wrote about Aaron Sharp:
[] "Habe nicht viel von ihm gehalten, als ich ihn in meiner Heimatstadt sah, sehr schlecht. jede Menge Moves verpatzt und war leicht außer Atem"
[8.0] "Very good episode of Raw with all the stuff at the right place: great space for matches and workrate for a time."
[8.0] "Another great match between two opponents that always deliver when they collide. Very good weekly match."
[9.0] "The human udon noodle does it again. Very good match, his selling of Ibushi's kicks was fantastic, this is a very good, slicl wrestling match that doesn't over stay it's welcome. I love ZSJ, he is on a roll and kind of carrying this tournament."
[8.0] "Very very good match with even more extreme stuff than the day before on the ppv. Very very good match."
[7.0] "Of course the whole thing comes full circle in the main event but the quality of the match is shown here already."
D-Bry wrote about Reggie :
[0.0] "2021 Edit: A literal circus gymnast, the embodiment of why I don't particularly like wrestling filled with spotfests, while somewhat entertaining can get tiresome really fast, not the ideal year for him, even before his "successful" 24/7 title run."
[6.0] "This was a fine opener. Kitamiya took a lot from Saito and then just pulled the win out of thin air. Saito moved best as he has moved in the tournament and in these short matches he is fine. 6/10"
[8.0] "Another great match by Syuri, she's just on fire in this tournament. Both had a good performance, it was hard-hitting and I really liked the ending stretch. At first it seemed like that Tam was about to win, but the control shifted to Syuri and she was able to pick up another strong win."
[6.0] "In itself, this match was good, it was more of a high speed bout, as it has some nice moments, like the Sunset bomb shortly before the finish. However, I thought that said finish was anti-climatic, even if keeps both girls in the tournament. Just didn't like it that much."
[6.0] "I liked how Iroha knocked Unagi out with a very brutal kick, would've been funny if that was the finish. Iroha logically dominated afterwards and Sayaka could show a nice comeback. However, it got quite uninteresting and rough to get through. It felt much longer than just 10 minutes."
[7.0] "Another one of these 10-miuntes or less AZM matches, as she delivers once again a good one. Cool action constantly and Saya added to it. Lovely."
[7.0] "This match was a good sprint, I liked how they charged at each other and traded shots, just as the match began. Then, Mina worked briefly on Momo's leg, she got a nice comeback, if I could it that, and Momo showed some really stiff kicks, she also looked as cool as always. It was really good from that point and even Mina had a nice performance."
[9.0] "I had so much fun with this match, and to be honest, not a whole lot happened. Some marvelous rumble-esk sequences were entailing the gimmicks, and the Japanese style of death matches as a whole was so polished and smooth."
[] "Biggest positive is that this match did not bore me even though it went for 30 minutes. Hangman Page's return and puting Nick through the table was the higlight of the match imo. ***"
[6.0] "A short but still very entertaining match here, the action was good from the beginning, just like the quick pace."
[5.0] "The thing is: We are getting good professional wrestling matches, the problem is that they're all repetitive. Big E and Lashley going 10 minutes to a DQ just to set up the steel cage match is a classic WWE trope and it's always stupid. Riddle and AJ have faced each other so many times and it's always good but come on there's only so many times I can be invested in the same damn match. Same goes for Sheamus and Priest. Priest has beaten him ATLEAST 5 times in the past 2 months! CLEAN everytime! Why did they need this match? Everything else on the show apart from these 3 matches was filler and wasn't very good especially the match involving 2 of the most unlikeable people in the wrestling business, Kross and Ryker. In conclusion, good wrestling for the most part but very repetitive."
[7.0] "Decent match. Junior Cheating Heel vs Big Babyface is always a good template for puro. Although I can understand the concerns with Kaito taking a chair shot to the head after recovering from a concussion. And to the people who are upset by Nosawa winning, he won by count out. lol."
[5.0] "Reasonably energetic match for obvious reasons. Rude' heel antic matches up well with Duggan' fired up babyface routine. Enjoyable little short match. [**1/2]"
[] "Great show as far as the wrestling is concerned, with star performances from Sheamus, Montez Ford, and Roman Reigns. Special mention must go to the US Title three-way, which felt almost AEW-esque in its pacing and flow. Unfortunately, as is all too often the case of late, this great wrestling is let down by extremely poor booking. You simply cannot have a supernatural babyface hulk up by flopping around like a salmon, just to then lose by falling 5 feet from the clearly gimmicked top rope. It is completely antithetical to pushing a big new Hispanic star to then have him only retain his title via a roll-up on an injured competitor. Having the potential for a huge, bombastic Women's Title match between Becky Lynch and Bianca Belair is great. It just doesn't draw any fans in when the match ends in the typical 50/50 schmozz with an anti-vaxxer showing up to interfere. Yet again, WWE provide a disappointing show, not because of the talent on roster, but despite it."
[5.0] "The show is full of interviews with just three matches. Okay Rampage Grand Slam fallout, nothing more."
[6.0] "Aside from inner D.O. storyline considerations, the match is even satisfactory with Silver being really over."
[7.0] "Another solid day of N-1. This time three of the four matches were solid and nearly on same level with only the semi-main being the weakest. This day did leave you wanting to see more. Very solid day, but hard to say if this was the best day. 7/10"
MrIslamy wrote about WWE 2K20:
[6.0] "It's really not that bad, of course, it was very glitchy on release but most of the bugs have been fixed, the game barely crashes, the roster is very good because it was before WWE started releasing everyone, and the character creation is the best its ever been. Gameplay just feels the same as every other year and the different control type isn't terrible but still annoying to people just starting out."
[8.0] "I liked this match, but it also made me want to see more. It really felt that they could have done more so that the match would have been a tad better. Still this was a good match. 8/10"
[9.0] "Brutal ass, fun match that really should've been used on the show the previous night, but alas, we got it here. It continued to prove that Sheamus is secretly the best wrestler in the company ever since he came back and that Damien Priest continues to look like the future."
[6.0] "Good main event pitting members of ROH's top four factions against each other, and thankfully there wasn't a second match of cheating leading to a win, with Brody King getting a definitive victory for VLNCE ULTD. This appeared to set up a singles match between Brody and Shane Taylor which should be big and meaty."
[6.0] "A solid episode of SNME that did what it had to do. Set up some new feuds and programs ahead of the year. Unspectacularly impressive."
[] "My favourite match since returning from a viewing hiatus earlier this year. Grinned like an idiot most of the way through."
[5.0] "Standard Pure Rules match pitting the loudmouth Brian Johnson against his mentor PJ Black, and still Johnson found the need to cheat to get the win - a match more about character development than about the wrestling as such."
[5.0] "Pretty average, both guys seemed to just be there and doing the usual and not really caring but it wasn't bad by any means. Dr Deaths gorilla press looked pretty cool"
[6.0] "Satisfactory show with just two matches, solid ones, and nothing really more regarding storylines and stuff."
[6.0] "Good Four Corner Survival match with a good intensity, as well as storytelling, in-ring psychology and fast pacing action. Brody King victory is fair since his momentum all around ROH and PWG too. Good match."
[6.0] "Well, the match is solid and good. Satisfactory at least, we had Pure Rules and a fair and good use of it, we had an upsetting, surprising, victory by Brian Johnson and a good performance by PJ Black too."
[4.0] "Instead of the Dark Order being torn down the middle, it now appears they're all together with the exception of Evil Uno. This was a serviceable long squash with John Silver in particular standing out with his hot tag rally."
[5.0] "Actually a pretty decent 80s Hogan match, as Haku was a great foil for him and got in some good heat control before the expected Hulk Up finish. [**1/2]"
[5.0] "Never really developed into anything special due to the short length, but it was the usual solid stuff from these guys as expected. [**1/2]"
[6.0] "A good enough match to end the entertaining Rude/Roberts program. Amazing heat as usual and they played to the crowd well with some good exchanges. Though I do have to say, the post match was rather stupid to say the least. [**3/4]"
[5.0] "Kendo Kashin can Kendo Go Away And Stay Away. I have no use for him in 2021 and especially not in N-1. 5 Points because Mochi is just that good. 5/10"
[8.0] "This match could be described as a struggle. Both men were struggling to put each other away and it showed. I liked those aspects of this match, but at parts it did drag a bit with Saku being the one requiring some help. But the fact that he went 30 minutes and Tanaka helped him to go this far is a testament of Tanakas skill as a wrestler and Sakus willingness to improve and go all out. I liked this match a lot. 8/10"
[] "Danielson dominated the majority of the match with his impeccable mat-work and submissions, in stark contrast to their prior meeting where McGuinness had the advantage with the pure rules in place. As with Dragon's other ROH title defenses, the pacing was superb, as the intensity steadily increased throughout the match. McGuinness nailed Danielson with some absolutely lethal lariats, but ultimately Danielson outsmarted McGuinness by rolling under the ring and scoring a sneaky pinfall to retain the belt. Only real critique was that Danielson's leg work was forgotten, but overall felt it was a great display of storytelling in this second meeting between these two storied rivals.. ****1/4"
[5.0] "there was some ok stuff on this, but a lot is throwaway, in what looked a decent card on paper never really delivered, the best match being the bucks/cole vs christian/jurassic, everything else under-delivered, Punk didn't look that great, but in fairness he's been away for a long time and Hobbs isn't very good so I'll give that a pass, Inner Circle vs Men Of The Year does nothing for me, am I interested in seeing a 50+ jericho facing some legit MMA fighters, absolutely not, the 8 man tag was ok but there was just so much going on, would of been better having a normal tag match, Penelope vs Anna was god awful, Anna has charisma but isn't very good and it really showed here, and the main event which should of been great was average at best, a disappointing show all in all, the only match I'd reccommend watching is the 6 man tag"
[4.0] "anothe mediocre match with these competitiors, which is strange as I'm generally a fan of all four, but all this feud has made me do is not want to watch Moxley vs Suzuki, disappointing"
[1.0] "I know she's only just back from injury, but Anna looked bad here, like real bad, the worst I've ever seen her, Penelope isn't exactly great herself but even she looked better than Anna did in this, hopefully it's just some ring rust and she'll improve once she gets back into the swing of things, the match wasn't helped by the fact that most of the match took place during the commercial break, this was a bad idea to put on tv on such an important show, I don't really know what they were thinking"
[8.0] "This is exactly the match they should have done at Extreme Rules. The Fans got their money's worth as Sheamus and Priest tore the house down. Very Physical and hard hitting match. Lots of brutal spots. Both men took crazy bumps. Good match. Recommended. Also, a special mention to for SHEAMUS who has been consistently delivering even when the show is shit. ****."
[10.0] "This was the first time we saw a whole barbed wire board used in WWE television and ngl.. that barbed wire board looks like it came from a maximum security prison. All of that, this match was fucking great."
[6.0] "Decent. It was nothing more than a preview for the Real Main Event. Worth mentioning the HURT BUSINESS REUNION which was a little weird but I am down for it. ***"
[7.0] "Good quality wrestling but VERY REPITITITVE AND STALE STORYLINES as well as matches. THREE good matches. MOTN- AJ VS RIDDLE. The opening had good wrestling quality but it was nothing more than a set up to the main event and to reunite The Hurt Business ( who never should have been disbanded) The US Title match was good, Sheamus and Priest destroyed each other. Filler segments and another REMATCH between Styles and Riddle but it was really good and my MOTN. The Women's Title match was nothing more than a shitty gimmick, I did however like Charlotte laying out Eva MarieEven the crowd pop for that. The main event was exactly what it should be, The interferences also worked well. Overall it was a good show but that's only because the Wrestlers worked really hard. RAW CREATIVE really needs to STEP UP THEIR GAME when they have such hard working and talented wrestlers. SHEAMUS and STYLES were the TOP PERFORMERS OF THE NIGHT"
[9.0] "That was not anything that bad ; I think other than the finish , everything was cool and enterteining ; anyway it was a really good extreme rulles match"
[0.0] "Pointless match that is 20 years too late. Boring, slow, gibberish, etc are some of the words I would use to describe it. DUD"
magic wrote about Kenny Omega:
[10.0] "Anyone saying that Omega isn't a top tier talent by now is simply in denial. Time after time he has proven his wrestling prowess and has put on great matches with anyone he's paired up with. His offense is brutal, he can be a bit goofy but the charisma is there and the goofiness in reality doesn't take away anything from the amazing matches he has. he is good to amazing in pretty much every field in the sport, looks like a million bucks, and is the biggest indie draw since Danielson and Styles. Say what you will about his character as I can see why it isn't some people's cup of tea, but anyone who thinks this guy isn't atleast a good worker either hasn't seen any of his matches, or is just trying to be different."
[8.0] "Yehi and Alexander are excellent technical wrestlers, and they showed it when grappling, working on limbs, and putting in submission holds. Somewhere within these 60 minutes were the pieces for a fantastic match. Unfortunately, those pieces were strewn apart, interspersed between stretches where nothing meaningful would happen. This was especially true between the 20 and 40 minute mark, where Yehi and Alexander only did enough to fill 10 minutes. As a result, the crowd was apathetic for much of the match. But the most egregious mistake took place with five minutes left. When the five minute warning was announced, Alexander did not speed up, put on a submission, go for a big move, or throw knockout punches. Instead, he started slowly working over Yehi's neck. It dampened the crowd when they should have been going crazy. Still, their great technical ability and occasional fire ups enabled them to salvage a very good match from what could have been an awesome one. ****"
[9.0] "One of the best Korakuen hall shows of the year it was cool seeing the, sell out and they put on a show to remember the main event is what most people will focus on one of the best matches of the year I? m glad DDT do not do 30m main events often makes them feel special when they do , the damnation break up match was a great six man tag showing the years they spent together , the rest of the show was a mix of good wrestling and some genuinely funny comedy great show overall"
[8.0] "Ups: The 4 matches which are eligible to be rated on were good to great, mostly great. Downs: Everything else that took about almost an hour of the show. [7.5/10]."
[9.0] "These are the remarks for the Cagematch only: Ups: The story going into it was great, the story they told was good too, with Bobby being calm and composed, still lost, but frustrated with how he lost the title, finally he can move on from this feud snd the post match angle does bring a lot of curiosity. Downs:; Predictable which doesn't make me that invested at all. [8.5/10]."
[8.0] "Crazy to think how much changes in a month or less, from being unwatchable to becoming something better and improving every week with weekly matches that would give PPV matches a run for their money. Far from the best truly, considering half of it is still a mild filler, but everything else was mildly entertaining. Currently having the best run it is in right now of the year, and seeing no signs of slowing down, this is all I need at the moment. Just wished Extreme Rules was a tad better, booking wise."
[9.0] "I'll always pop for a Burning Hammer, these two don't settle for anything less than to give a mat classic every single time they get into the ring with each other."
[8.0] "This felt like an apology from WWE to make the match yesterday a little less extreme, this comes out as a consolation, but does it slap? Kinda? Predicament match but was a fun bout, hope this leads to something bigger for Sheamus from onwards."
[1.0] "This was terrible. Slow pacing with dull action. Match seemed to drag on forever. Clever finish though. 1/4*"
[5.0] "Solid match. Both men worked hard but it felt a little short. Also I wasn't a fan of the Dq finish. Cole already beat Bryan cleanly at SmackDown not less than 3 days ago and he needs UE to interfere on his behalf. I like Seth but he could have taken the loss. It would have been valuable for NXT as a whole if Cole had managed to pin two of the top superstars from both Raw and SmackDown. **3/4"
[8.0] "Both entries work as a singular match on this site, while I do think the main event was better, which would lean towards a 9, the opener being a 7, this averages about an 8/10. And for good reason, these two told a great story throughout, while the rivalry between THB and New Day would make great matches."
[8.0] "Cagematch is counting both the opener and the main event as one entry (and ate my original comment by logging me out when I submitted) so I'll rate both in a brief comment. The opener was BIG MEATY MEN SLAPPING MEAT personified and had good energy before the fuck finish that made E look kinda bad, and on its own would've been like *** because of it cutting these guys off too early. The cage match started well with E refusing to back down after the pre-match attack and had some great physicality as well as a perfect tease of the Super Big Ending reversed into a nasty assisted Dragon Sleeper that paid off for the finish of the real Super Big Ending. New Day neutralizing the Hurt Business run-in was great since Kofi & Woods were on fire during it, and E refusing to let Bobby walk out on him was cool too. They did their damndest to put E over here in spite of all the rushed shit he's gone through since being given the title, and I think they succeeded. On the whole, I'm honestly leaning towards **** on this, since the Cage match undoes the issues with the opener, and the opener had some great simple hossfight stuff that makes up for the cage match starting with the face already beat down. So yeah, ****"
[6.0] "The overall thoughts on this one are going to be all over the place, just like the show. It was FAR from perfect as there were some really bad matches and questionable decisions (I'm still trying to get my head around Lynch beating Belair like that) but there were some very good matches and a few legitimate surprises. I liked more than I didn't, but it's a show that is going to get a lot of dislike and I completely understand why. What mattered here for me is that this show felt important. There were major matches and moments, with Lynch and Lesnar's returns feeling huge. Throw in some title changes (not all good ones) and there is no denying that stuff happened here. The problem is that Monday is coming and any good will this show had is likely going away as they load up the rematches at Extreme Rules. What matters is that the show felt big and they had a lot of people in the house, so I'll call it a just slightly good show which is going to have several people annoyed. I thought it was a pretty good SummerSlam overall, but not necessarily great from top to bottom. Some of the bad matches were kept short while the longer ones were the better matches. The Edge/Rollins match was the best of the night while Reigns/Cena delivered a quality main event match. The returns of Becky Lynch and Brock Lesnar might not sit well with some fans. I say that about Lynch because her return hurt Bianca Belair a lot with how Lynch beat her. I don't think that was the best way to bring back Lynch, but the fans did love seeing her. I just hope Belair can bounce back. As for Lesnar, he's got a love/hate relationship with some fans for sure. I'm a Brock fan that will always like the guy, but I understand people being sick of him since he's another part-timer in the spotlight. I'm going for a 6/10."
[8.0] "A little Hammer-type Driver followed by a beautiful Styles Clash is a simple yet very satisfying finish executed to near perfection by two consummate professionals. Riddle's electric in-ring charisma combined with his MMA-influenced moveset provides a very good base for AJ's indy-vet style. Literally nothing wrong with this match."
[8.0] "They definitely had a proper match here, huh. For all the shit booking and fuck finishes on this show, this was the only normal wrestling match that ended properly (since there was a plunder brawl for the US Title). AJ just decimates Riddle's leg for a portion of this, and they made the Calf Crusher look amazing. I don't think this did anything exceptional but it was a damn good match given there's nothing to go off of other than AJ wanting the tag titles back. The finish was pretty crazy though, with Riddle going for the RKO as a tribute to Randy only to get it caught into a BURNING HAMMER which AJ transitions into the Clash to end it. First Burning Hammer in WWE since Kendrick/Ibushi in the CWC, and it was on Raw as part of a tag title feud, used as a transitional move. I really have no idea why AJ did it, but it looked REALLY good so sure. ***1/2, maybe ***3/4 if I rewatched (I was tired by this point of Raw)."
[8.0] "One of three notable matches on this abnormally watchable RAW, and Sheamus has been ripping it up for the past two years. His match against Priest is no exception. Incredibly hard-hitting brawl with some dangerous spots that did not look nice to take."
[7.0] "If you need proof that TV has priority over PPVs, see this match being on Raw instead of Extreme Rules. They brawled and broke tables and all sorts of shit, and it was very good because Sheamus is great at physical matches. They mostly just went from spot to spot of either throwing each other into things or hitting good strikes, but hey that was a good time. I thought this was better than the PPV match for sure, mostly because Priest & Hardy have zero chemistry while Priest & Sheamus have a lot. White Noise off the apron through a table within minutes of the match starting was wild. ***1/2"
[7.0] "Yes, the match itself, by his in ring action, was very cool, we have Syuri and Momo Watanabe so it can't be bad. However, this match is clearly overrated since it's not a true final of Stardom's biggest tournament of the year to me. Indeed, it was a match that could happen anywhere else in the tournament, it has nothing special. They exchanged strikes and we had big spots for 18 minutes. It was a bit like a New Japan main event where you remove every overly long transition. And it's even extreme, because this match presents absolutely no transition. It accomplish basically nothing, Momo is not even elevated in it. It was just another match in Syuri's road to Utami's Red Belt, nothing more, and the in ring can be as great as you want, it will not change that. The B-Driver spot outside of the ring changed my mind a little bit but then, the match fell again. We couldn't even see a big determination in Momo's acting, even if she was facing someone that she didn't arrive to beat in 2 confrontations this year. We couldn't even see that Momo was less tired than Syuri here, even if Momo had a 5 minutes dark match and Syuri faced Takumi Iroha during 20 minutes, very late in the show. This was like this match was on another show. Again, this is not a bad match, but this has absolutely nothing special and it's my biggest disappointment this year in Stardom, for obvious reasons. ***1/2"
0mega140 wrote about John Cena:
[] "John Cena is a 16x WC who carried the company on his shoulder for around a decade. He was the face of the company for longer duration than Hulk Hogan and Stone Cold combined. And he deserves that as he has all the qualities that make a wrestler great - He has great physique, he can deliver great matches, good mic skills, he knows how to cut promos, he has charisma and fans like him. There is a reason he has never turn heeled during his entire career. He can wrestle with any guy : Be it The Great Khali , The Rock, Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, Brock Lesnar, Rey Mysterio. Not everyone has the quality to wrestler with any weight category and then put up worth watching. He is not dominant in the ring like Brock Lesnar. He gives time and space to his opponent which makes any match more entertaining than being just one sided. The Best part of him being one of the best is he gets fully involved in any type of match with any type of audience. No matter He gets Boo or Cheer John Cena always puts up classic match."
[7.0] "This is for me the best match of the show. Tam Nakano played very well her role of underdog and Utami was a great powerhouse here. Tam had to do everything to beat her, she even arrived to do her Screwdriver, what didn't happen since her match against Giulia in march. Very nice spots and good storytelling. ***3/4"
[7.0] "It was a really cool match, but I'm clearly not as high as most of the people here. Syuri and Takumi Iroha exchanged some great strikes, obviously, but they obviously have a lack of story so this match basically tells us nothing. This has nothing special, the in ring was great but nothing more. The time limit draw bothered me, especially when Syuri fought a lot in the last minutes when even a time limit draw was giving her a place in the finals. ***1/4"
[6.0] "It was a correct match to me, but I clearly expect more from a match between Konami and Maika. We obviously had some good action, a good rythm and Konami made some interesting counters but at the end, it was a pretty flat finish following a total domination of Maika. ***1/4"
[6.0] "A fine match to continue the show, these two have not the best chemistry or whatever but for their place in the card, they did a good job. Unagi logically won this match since Saya obviously wasn't going to the finals. ***1/4"
[7.0] "This one is the second best match of the whole show to me. A really good storytelling, and Mayu Iwatani logically defeated Starlight Kid when she could go to the finals with a win. The in ring action was very fluide and we had some great counters that showed well that these two know each other very well. Very good finishing stretch too. ***1/2"
[6.0] "It was a good match, I liked the clash of styles between a powerhouse and a high speed wrestler. It was well done to me, even if obviously, nothing incredible here. Koguma had some good returns during the match. ***1/4"
[7.0] "Decent show with some good wrestling sprinkled in between a lot of short matches. The women only getting one match that didn't even get two minutes on a 3 hour show is almost criminal. Priest/Sheamus was match of the night. Decent show."
[5.0] "This was not a bad match, but the comedy here was random, and the finish of the match was very bad. To start the main show, doing a count out is clearly not a good idea to make me invested. Natsupoi and Mina both did a correct performance, but overall this was an average match. **3/4"
[8.0] "The best match of the show, and another excellent bout from Zack Sabre Jr. ZSJ is gonna clearly be the MVP of this year's G1 Climax, he already has the 3 bests matches of it. Technically, this match was absolutely brillant, and a very confident ZSJ is always incredible. Ibushi had to beat ZSJ to start a winning streak in this G1 Climax but ZSJ is untouchable in this tournament. The counter he arrived to place to win was insane. ****"
[8.0] "Really good back-and-forth. Not a ton else to say, it was just a great, no-bullshit wrestling match with a squeaky clean ending. Good stuff. [****]"
[7.0] "The Highs: The show that started and ended it was pretty intriguing, while the rematches, despite being annoying at this point, still manages to dover deliver at certain points that does make it unique looking. Match of the night is without question the main event, and it was destined to be, made Big E a huge fucking star in the process, while the post-match angle kind of makes it interesting, oh and The Hurt Business reunited. The Lows: Everything else was shitty RAW inspired writing of the last weeks before E won the title, while seeing Ricochet in the 24/7 title chase was disheartening. 7/10 for this week, the good is still pretty darn good."
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