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[0.0] "This is without the doubt the worst AEW match I have ever seen. I feel bad for Penelope Ford being in this match"
[3.0] "Another bad match with Brandi and Allie on it, some good improvement by Brandi but she is not a wrestler, very weak match, hoping better in the future tag team matches"
[3.0] "There were a couple of good cannonball bumps, but otherwise this was complete nonsense and not worth the time. Also I'm not sure what was going on with the comedic aspect of Smiley's work but I get the impression it wouldn't be funny even if I understood what they were getting after."
[9.0] "Buen combate de striking, dos luchadores especialistas en destrozar con patadas a sus rivales, los cuales no defraudaron para nada en el combate, muy buena estructura y gran psicologia."
[8.0] "Were one of the better things about late TNA, even if the booking had them shown not exactly in the best light. The team was mainly set up due to Daniels's increasing age making him less able to work a singles career, and Kazarian having really nothing to do. The team really showed off both of their natural charisma (especially considering both had been accused of lacking it beforehand in their respective careers) and they worked pretty damn well with each other in the ring as well. The only negatives I can really see were that, again, Daniels was far from the sensational ring performer he was in the past, and they couldn't quite work at the speed that other tag teams could, which led to some awkward exchanges. Regardless, they were a great team when the gears were moving."
[9.0] "It was a great entertainment match. From the reaction to HG, which was on par with the audience's reactions to the conditional The Rock, to the powerful finale with Hard Gay's victory over Yinling, after which she died. Kawada and Otani were good, and Ogawa and Anjo were also good at their jobs. Each looked harmonious and they did not lower the bar raised by this wonderful story. The post-match segment is beyond praise. Amazing job (****1/4)."
[6.0] "Like the match with Shinsuke Nakamura, this one was pretty decent and was your standard G1 Climax match: It had a good pace, a good crowd and good spots, especially that finish, where Shelton simply counters the Slingshot Move with the Paydirt. ***1/4"
[8.0] "Interactions between Kyona and Hayashishita were great as always. Kamitani looked awesome, in what was probably the biggest match of her career. Some cool double team moves from the winning team."
[7.0] "I would have liked it to run a bit longer but this was a good, intense match that left me hungry for more. They yelled some stuff in Chinese that got a laugh from the crowd but I didn't understand anything beyond "Ni Hao". Good for what was presumably an exhibition match with low stakes."
[7.0] "Nice match. Really nice and correct debut of Tenryu in Hustle, I am glad that he was immediately entrusted with tag team titles. The fight was at its height throughout, but there was an acute lack of interaction between Tenryu and Tanaka, and a strong lack of understanding as to why Yasuda was working out most of the match. Given how it took bumps about a chair and table, the desire to see it less is understandable. The final part was very fast and I don't think Tanaka couldn't step in and break the pinfall. I hope they will still have matches where they will do better. But it's still a good match (***3/4)."
[7.0] "I'd definitely pin down Juice as a guy with massive potential. His WWE work was very lackluster, but he seems to have gotten a massive second wind in Japan, as well as tons of newfound charisma that has made him rather over there. I would say that he is quite hindered by the consistent need to always have him as "underdog trying to win the big one" as that type of story gets quite old after a while. He definitely needs some big wins and a transition away from that constant cycle of being built up and then losing when it matters and being disregarded for other wrestlers. Regardless, he's still got ages to improve his in ring work (which isn't bad, but can be hit or miss sometimes) and get taken more seriously as a contender. The guy has the tools to make it for sure."
[6.0] "Damn it, Fujiwara is a monster! Hitting a turnbuckle, bleeding out, and still keeping a straight face is cool. Choshu was great at making his lariats, and Sakata was also great at selling them. But, frankly, I thought the match ended too soon and I am shocked by this result. The promotion made a crazy bet on Coleman, and I don't think the game is worth the candle (***1/4)."
[10.0] "This match starts slower than their previous encounters, even the 60-minute draw, and seemed to have more lull periods, but it was still off the charts and lived up to the hype. Personally, I thought it was lesser than their 2017 trilogy, and the ridiculous 7-star rating is probably the worst thing that could've happened to this match since it is impossible to live up to that expectation. Anyone who ever watches this match again, knowing it got 7 stars, will be disappointed. It was great though. The 2 out of 3 falls format makes the early near falls more convincing and the later near falls more dramatic. The exhaustion of the 3rd fall is great storytelling from both, but not particularly exciting for someone watching this match expecting the greatest match of all time. But that's its greatness. The storytelling. The allusions to their previous matches is the stuff of wrestling genius. A definite classic that will forever be marred by Meltzer's rating. *****"
[9.0] "Best match on the show. The women gave themselves up completely to the story and brought it to its long-awaited climax. Jaguar Yokota as an undisclosed participant is great, given that she is a long-time rival of devil Masami. Their interaction was at its height and, for all the comedy, completed the picture. Arisin and Blanca against Erica and Margaret again showed their chic chemistry, it was interesting to watch and any big move could be the last. The finish line was powerful, and the post-match segment made it clear that it wasn't over yet. I look forward to continuing and even more of their amazing fights (****1/2)."
[7.0] "This was the third match between these two in the year and it was the best of the three. There were awesome bumps, counters and it was a hard-hitting match. Io has been keeping herself interesting and taking a new approach to singles matches lately, and HZK's growth was on full display. ***1/2"
[8.0] "Oh hell, I love their story so much. Ever since that match in the dojo, I've been looking forward to their solo fight, and for this the most perfect time was chosen. And it's wonderful that they didn't forget about that story, even if it was comedic and could not affect anything. Akito and Tetsuya perfectly fit the references to their "platonic" relationship and interactions into a really good technical match with an amazing ending. Akito wanted to make Endo hate him, and I think he did it. Giving the victory to the All Out member was the perfect decision, and now I want him to win the tournament and fight Endo at the Ultimate Party, taking their relationship to new heights."
[6.0] "A good opening match. Jimmy Yang stole it with his light air moves and set the tone for the entire match. Ibushi did a good job with his program. Ishimori did well, but he was visibly agitated and sometimes seemed lost. Hayashi is just cool (***)."
[6.0] "Not their best match together but a good little tag team match anyway to open this special episode of RAW. Basic construction of a WWE tag team match with a domination by the heels to build a hot-tag but when it's FTR who do it it's always cool to follow. Once the hot-tag made on Jimmy, it was a great sprint until the end. The face-off between Rikishi and D-Von was a good moment who received a good pop and then the final sequence with the Usos was great. Cool stuff. (***¼)"
[6.0] "This match had a solid start and a very good ending. But everything else was completely unimpressed. It's funny, but Takeshta played the victim much better than Yoshimura, who initially appeared to be an underdog. But Konosuke is also great as a dominator he was at the end. Due to the fact that the final was really good, the overall impression of the match is pleasant."
[7.0] "Hirata is a really good wrestler when he needs it and when he is given the opportunity to prove himself. T-Hawk is always good in the ring, but in this match I want to note his respect for Kazuki. He wanted a fair fight. Hirata was a great underdog, and every comeback made me believe in Kazuki and wish him victory. But in all seriousness, Mr. Tokyo Go didn't lose his humor either, which is the most important."
[6.0] "Harashima is a magician, and he can show a good match with any opponent, putting him in the best light. He and Paulie had a good match in the past. This fight was slightly worse than the previous one, but still not bad. Paulie is a good funny big guy, but this 4-year-old alien can also perform well."
Madcat wrote about NJPW STRONG #1:
[8.0] "Surprisingly very good show, every match delivered, i'm very surprised with Tanga Loa and David Finlay, sadly Tama vs Brody should have been more than what we got but still very decent regardless. Hopefully Kenta takes it home, oozes with charisma and his match was, maybe, the best of the night."
[5.0] "Far from the level of their excellent match at Extreme Rules but a nice short match. Good sequences between two excellent strikers and fluid sequences although nothing exceptional. I would have liked it to last longer but I'm not frustrated because they had time to show their great chemistry two days earlier at the PPV. (***)"
[7.0] "Hometown hero win and really good moment because of Hawkins losing streak. Match was okey nothing special."
[5.0] "Ricky Fuji & Tatsuya Hanami & Daiki Wakamatsu -vs- GENTARO & Chikara & Naoki Kamata [* 1/2] The 2AW vs FREEDOMS aspect got the most out of this filler character battle, consisting of rookies and over-the-hill veterans. Takashi Sasaki & Tomoya Hirata -vs- Takumi Tsukamoto & Rina Yamashita -vs- SHLAK & Orin Veidt - (Scramble Bunkhouse Death Match) [**] Attempt at a mad brawl, including a barbed wire mannequin. The end result was just okay. Could definitely made it madder if that's the direction they wanted to take it. Yuya Susumu (c) -vs- Naoki Tanizaki - (UWA Junior Heavyweight Title) [* 3/4] Had some fine moments, but there wasn't any rel desire to make this anything special. Matt Tremont & Danny Havoc & Jimmy Lloyd & Alex Colon -vs- Isami Kodaka & Kenji Fukimoto & Kamui & Minoru Fujita - (Weapons Elimination Death Match) [** 1/4] The GCW guys staying over in Japan after the Game Changer's Japan tour to work FREEDOMS' big show. Rushed eliminations, but otherwise entertaining within the trashy feel this had. Violento Jack & Mammoth Sasaki (c) -vs- Chris Dickinson & Matthew Justice - (King of FREEDOM Tag Title) [**] A little awkward as the GCW guys faced the Japanese/Mexican tag champs, but they got a few moments out of it. Loved it when Mammoth almost mistimed his run and landed one hell of a lariat despite of it. Toru Sugiura (c) -vs- Yuko Miyamoto - (King of FREEDOM Title; Tower of Terror Fluorescent Lighttubes Tower Death Match) [***] Easily the best match on the show. Not that they went out of their way to change the lighttube formula or anything like that. But the two lighttube towers were spectacular and they did manage to create a hot finishing stretch. Not that the finishing blow was the most devastating, but the blows leading up to it was."
DakotaK7 wrote about WWE 2K19:
[10.0] "Dang, I know that WWE 2K19 is far from the best wrestling game in history but I love him so much. It's by far the game that I played the most with my friends last year, the online mode was fun and for the creations it was really great. The showcase on Bryan was amazing too. For me it's the best WWE game under the 2K license, I loved playing it and I still play it due to the fact that WWE 2K20 is uninteresting."
[] "A weird episode from a production point of view. Bayley & Sasha's segment with Stephanie was filmed in front of no-one, evidenced by the camera angles and lack of entrance. My instinct tells me it was a re-tape but for what reason can only be speculated. It was odd that Steph didn't really punish them at all. As of now, Bayley will only face one opponent at SummerSlam and they aren't being forced to defend their tag belts on the same night just yet either. The Fiend segment also felt quite amateurish in that we return from commercial and Alexa Bliss is suddenly in the ring. Couldn't Bray cue in her appearance with his mystic powers or something? I assume Bliss could align with The Fiend but it would be odd if Strowman stays babyface after saying he doesn't care about Bliss as that doesn't make him sound like a guy the fans would want to support. I do hope we get a hair v. hair match for the former Fire & Desire teammates. Hopefully at SummerSlam but PPV isn't the be-all, end-all anymore and hair v. hair could be a ratings draw that they'd love to have on TV. It feels like their promos are going around in circles though. How many times has Deville explained herself on Miz TV/The Dirt Sheet? Skipped the Retribution stuff but my gut tells me it could possibly be some disgruntled EVOLVE talent maybe? Or perhaps talent that were "kayfabe released" in April as Drake Maverick was."
[8.0] "I heard good reviews for this match, but it exceeded my expectations. The smooth flow of the action from one spot into another made for an exciting match; there was impressive coordination shown by both teams. And the nighttime setting and closeness of the crowd to the ring gave the match a warm and intimate feeling. ****"
[5.0] "Oh shit, here we go again! Loving Dave Prazak on commentary, let's see how long the nostalgia lasts. 3-way goes all high impact and it's just spots with no sense of cohesion, no warmup no feeling out no nothing. I can't connect with any of this even if the moves are smooth enough, ref fucks up the finish and Ace Perry has a good look *3/4 JC gets a pop for a comeback. WHAT? This is plodding and the ladder breaks from under them without suffering any damage, the absolute finish almost saves it from complete suckage *1/4 Josh visibly hates taking bumps, and takes away from the immersion. It's painfully average and goes on slow and long *3/4 Somehow these two managed to pull me in. No big moves ad nauseum, building up to big spots, letting some charisma and personality through, this was good **½ And because opposites attract one another, this one just goes all out taking no prisoners. Actual build to a finish and this... was... great? ! SHLAK wrestled a great match? Big bumps, big crowd energy and fuck me I'm actually giving SHLAK 3 stars *** There is a great lack of chemistry here. They manage to save it towards the end from being too bad *½ Orin gets nicked badly during the 1st move of the match and takes the wind from the sail. Shame, this did have SOME potential. What? * Amazingly hilarious start to this. They're deliberate with everything, and they actually really tribute the Texas Deathmatch stipulations well. But then it ends abruptly **½ a beautiful Gorilla press into a Canadian Destroyer here. Slowpaced again but it fits the match and atmosphere, and we get a proper sendoff for the night **½ definitely not bad for a deathmatch show in 2020, or anywhen actually. Expectations are high-ish for Night 2!"
[6.0] "No great competition this week but good angles ! Top 3 of the Night 3. Sonya Deville 2. "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt 1. RETRIBUTION"
[7.0] "Paul Robinson vs. PAC was a very unique main event to say the least at RevPro Live In Southampton 7 between 2 heels for the most part, 2 bastards if you will. This was Paul Robinson's return match to RevPro after 5 years away from the promotion and he came out wearing his Swords Of Essex wrestling gear. This was also when PAC was firing on all cylinders as the Dragon Gate Open The Dream Gate Champion. PAC's jawjacking with some hecklers in the audience early on kind of hindered the match, but the match would pick up from there especially after Robinson's top rope Spanish Fly. This wasn't a bad match by any means but I do have to say in my opinion it was kind of disappointing especially for a main event considering this is PAC and Paul Robinson we're talking about cause I thought they were gonna go balls to the wall and give the fans in Southampton, England a scrap to remember."
[9.0] "Stop this ffs. Bad match. haha. Just testing the waters, nah it was actually a good match, kenny is decent hey"
[9.0] "he rematch at Backlash this yeand bounds better than this match at Mania and is only memorable for the end with Eddie and Chris hugging in the ring."
[8.0] "he rematch at Backlash this year was leaps and bounds better than this match at Mania and is only memorable for the end with Eddie and Chris hugging in the ring."
[9.0] "he rematch at Backlash this year was leaps and bounds better than this match at Mania and is only memorable for the end with Eddie and Chris hugging in the ring."
[10.0] "he rematch at Backlash this year was leaps and bounds better than this match at Mania and is only memorable for the end with Eddie and Chris hugging in the ring."
[9.0] "The rainmaker that didn't connect due to Omega collapsing and Cody trying to throw the towel and Okada hitting the rainmaker but couldn't get the pin due to the time imit. lt added a lot of drama to the ending of the match and also to the rivalry of Okada and Omega."
[8.0] "A match of the year contender. Fantastic story being told throughout, strung together by great spots - but not so many spots that it felt like a PWG spotfest. If I had to nitpick, it could've been about 5 minutes shorter, could've easily taken from the first half."
[] "Surely has to go down as one of the greatest fights of all time. Watch Steve Austins commenteary on this match to get an idea"
[] "Shawn and Taker once again put on an instant classic, which, although couldn't reach the heights set by their match last year, was still an incredible effort by both men. Terrific storytelling"
[] "A physical clash. Really opened my eyes to Kota Ibushi to what he can truly do in the ring. The King of Strong Style is always top notch!"
[10.0] "The tag team match between these 4 competitors was fantastic! this is honestly one of the best tag team matches ive evern"
[] "Fantastic match. absolutely agree with everyone here! Cant honestly wait to watch this agin both great"
[3.0] "Regal is completely off the pace here and it's not surprising he checked into a rehab a few months later when you see his performance. It's pretty aimless stuff until Kane does the run in to put it out of its misery. On the plus side, you get to hear the real man's maaaaan music and get to see Regal perform a rare promo in this gimmick. Regal also looks hilarious as he's wearing a hardhat and denim shorts but still has his old Regal purple kneepads and boots on."
[7.0] "The hits in this match were just so... mean spirited. I love it when ZSJ allows himself to strike more."
[8.0] "Excellent IC title match to open the show. The knee spot on the apron that led to the convincing figure-four spot really kicked this match to another level. From there, Rollins' knee was the story of the match as it kept giving out, but he kept coming back with the Miz unable to put him away even with 2 skull-crushing-finales. For my money, the best non-NXT WWE PPV match of 2018 thus far. ****1/4"
[4.0] "Quite a lackluster match with neither appearing to be putting in too much effort. The pre match promo wasn't Steiner's best, and the whole thing is really just instantly forgettable. You're not missing anything by skipping this."
[10.0] "The first match which would begin quite the intense rivalry between these two. This match was worked like a sprint with both hitting hard and fast to put each other down. Shibata dominated the early going with his kicks and it made the crowd cheer for Ishii as Shibata had still not warmed up to the fans quite yet. Ishii trying to comeback with his own kicks was an awesome character moment of cheekiness, he even tried Shibata's own finisher against him. I loved that both tried to kick out at one at every point possible to not give the other the satisfaction of even a 2 count. Liked how the finish cam out of nowhere which suited the chaotic nature of the match, not really a fan of Shibata basically kicking out after the 3 count. *****"
[6.0] "Fun match. All the usual Tag match shenanigans happen with an appearance from Test aswell. Not long enough and not unique enough for a higher rating"
[7.0] "Hard to properly rate this. It was great from the start and has some crazy cool spots (the glass pane spot! ) but also clearly cut out well before it was supposed to. Can't fault anyone there as it was clearly the right decision. I hope Takeda recovers and can make the 8/31 match, but I also hope maybe he takes it a little easy after that. Two big injuries in a year is scary and while he's my favorite wrestler, I def would rather him be healthy and go and half gear every now and then rather than have him retire from a serious injury. Worth watching despite all this and the rematch, when it happens, should be a fantastic bout."
[8.0] "One day Sakuda will defeat Jun Kasai and it will rule. Until then they're still having some great matches. Sakuda isn't quite on the level of a guy like Kasai yet but its been very fun to see him develop and change from their first bout to now."
[9.0] "This is the epitome of what the never 6 man belt should be. Amazing sprints between amazing wrestlers. A match that felt like it mattered."
[7.0] "Big return to singles competition for Masaoka. Starts out pretty slow and agonizing as Jack has the lead but becomes a bit faster paced and more even leading up to the somewhat shocking finish. Great start to the first half of the show."
[8.0] "Very strong stuff! Most memorable moment for me was the blood trail when Kasai was on the floor rolled under a table."
[3.0] "What a bad show, nothing really good, so many lame segments and some dumb shi about the retribution."
[6.0] "Decent match between two strong workers. Eddie as the heel verse Edge as face. Apparently Eddie claims Edge has never hit the spear on him, which is disputed. Had it been longer it would have gotten a higher rating. Having the tease of Edge never hitting a spear on Eddie was never really teased."
[5.0] "Slow and sluggish. Ric Flair seemed out of step here. Flair as face against Jericho, meant to be a grudge match but never felt like it."
[10.0] "This was very entertaining. Yes, ACH did parody Stone Cold Steve Austin for a few minutes during the match however Kenny Omega was able to work with that and even took on somewhat of a Rock role included with hitting ACH with the Rock Bottom. Also at times it seemed like a Street Fighter match as well but this match allowed ACH's personality to shine here. *****"
[6.0] "This was pretty good fun, with the Kojima/Ishii section being the standout of the match. The double team moves were neat, and it moved along at a good pace making it a very easy and entertaining watch."
yeelord2 wrote about Yoji Anjo:
[10.0] "Anjo's one of the best to ever do "Shoot Style". He's very charismatic and he's shown that off alot in the ring. Mr. 200% will always live on as one of the unsung greats of puro"
[2.0] "Absolutely horrendous episode. Awful and nonsensical finishes everywhere, bad matches other than the opener, a cringetastic Dirt Sheet segment, The Fiend being there and being weird... where did Alexa come from? Oh well, Braun doesn't care anyway. Why is his face so close to the screen? He looks goofy and him lowering his voice isn't fooling anyone. Oh, and Retribution? A theoretically cool debut which is bogged down by it dragging out forever. Did it need them getting in the ring, going out, getting back in over and over? Cool, why did the NXT guys stand around like idiots watching their friends get beat up? That's not very WWE like. Why raid the show after everyone but the crowd and camera operators leave? They've got some explaining to do next week because right now I have no faith in the brand. Bayley and Sasha segment was... meh. I like a Battle Royal though, so maybe that will be fun."
[7.0] "The match was great and had great spots with a great timing and selling, but what bothers me is the finish, where Trent simply assumes the Referee role just because he put the t-shirt on. Well, despite this bullshit ending, the match was great. ****1/4"
[1.0] "Where's the Hardcore? ECW was built on extreme and you give us only one hardcore match? You couldn't do something with the Hardy's and MNM or Tommy Dreamer vs Daivarari wtf"
[7.0] "Good Show all around, Fredricks has really proven he can play with the top stars of NJPW like Kenta. Jeff Cobb is always great I have been a fan since Lucha Underground was still going, David Finlay vs Chase Owens was best match of the night those two no eachother so we'll, the main event was the weakest match of all but not that bad, this should have been switched with the one before it."
[6.0] "frist match was nice enough , , steiner being the face of the last days of wcw is the best thing ever , , the ending wasnt good tbh"
[8.0] "Mais uma ótima luta de Generico vs Steen. essa luta não é muito comentada mas acho que as pessoas deveriam vê-la. O Moonsault de Kevin saiu perfeito. Gostei do final até e serviu para a próxima luta que foi uma das melhores que já fizeram. (***3/4)"
[8.0] "This match has a nice story, as Danny Havoc battles his hero, Jun Kasai, and they delivered big time. They used a lot of panes of glass and both got bloody from the first minutes. Kasai no-selling a suplex into a pane of glass was a thing of beauty."
dlam wrote about Maki Ito:
[9.0] "great look, great presence and also hilarious. entrance is fantastic. can't keep your eyes off of her. ringwork not manami toyota/okada/ibushi/misawa level of course , but psuedo-singing skills make up for it and beyond"
[8.0] "This match was great. Vader dominated until Choshu was able to use his own momentum against him. He? d get Vader moving quickly and then use that force to hit suplexes and other throws. He even sent Vader over the guardrail in a cool spot. But then Vader changed course, hit the high dropkick, and nailed a leap into a sunset flip for the win. I loved this match."
[7.0] "The crowd was into this match and these two teams had pretty good chemistry. It started off a bit sloppy but it was a decent match between a great team and two wrestlers from CZW who was able to keep up with reDRagon. ***1/2"
[6.0] "This is your standard G1 Climax match, it has a fast pace, the crowd is on fire every single moment of the match and it sets up a future feud for a championship. Still, that was pretty nice to watch and both men did a good job here. ***1/4"
[7.0] "What I have always loved about Arisa Hoshiki are the little things, the little sketches in the ring or the way she delivered her post-match promos, and her amazing sense of humor: she was always so funny in a good way. I honestly cannot rank her any higher because her career was so short but in that brief time she was an absolute blast to watch and listen to."
[8.0] "Katsumata takes a beating in his deathmatch initiation, but he also shows a great aptitude for the style. The lego filled light tube bundle is genius. I'm beyond stoked to see him in Tag League and if he keeps up with the company I think he'll be a very cool addition. It certainly doesn't hurt that his intro to deathmatches involves five men who have held the Deathmatch title (including the current holder); there's lots of fun stuff including comedy spots form Abby and some very cool Takahashi/Miyamoto spots."
[8.0] "This was a good spotfest that was worked pretty well for the crowd even though I believe that Ricochet could have done a much better job selling to bring this match to that next level. ****"
[6.0] "Decent little comedy tag (Sekimoto really is the master at so many aspects of wrestling isn't he? ) I would have liked a little more Hama in this one, especially since him and Sekimoto have great chemistry with one another, but on the flip side I'm glad Sekifuda shone in this one because I think that dude is very underrated."
[9.0] "A wonderful match that gave me a lot of wonderful emotions. For the first time I genuinely rooted for Yoshi-Hashi. I really want him to finally win his first title tomorrow"
[9.0] "Amazing match. YOSHI-HASHI & Wato looked like they had an ongoing heated rivalry that is ending with a battle of a century. Just pure emotions from these two. A perfect job of keeping the intrigue alive. I'm really rooting for YOSHI to win the whole thing, because now he looks better than ever. I finally can see that HASHI do care about his career."
[7.0] "Very intense and freakishly strong. He's the kind of guy who brings instant credibility to the shows he's on."
[10.0] "If you forget Bob Sapp's reign, you can tell this is the most prestigious title in the history of Pro-Wrestling."
[10.0] "The gold standard of professional wrestling titles, never once has there been a champion who didn't deserve this belt."
[8.0] "I don't think there is one thing I don't like about him. He's one of those legit shooters that made the perfect transition to Pro-Wrestling."
[7.0] "Hard to understand the bad ratings. He has a unique body, good promo skills and he's been working hard to look more credible."
[7.0] "It might not have been for everybody but it brought an incredible freshness to the concept of the secondary title."
[8.0] "They really did a good job preserving the legitimacy of the belt while allowing young guys to have a shot at it."
[8.0] "If there is one belt that the current NWA should re-activate it is this one ! So many great champions and memorable bouts have attached to this belt."
[7.0] "Came into the scene ten years too early, which is a shame because I always thought he was a natural babyface."
[3.0] "He went from a chicken-shit heel to a full-blown comedy wrestler (both personas being based on his appallingly skinny physique) and it bombed both times."
[4.0] "It is an ok match till the shit final with an overbooking without sense and credibility. The most shit thing is the Bayley-referee part. The match has a lack of selling and some botches in some points. **3/4"
hosomakis wrote about Alicia Fox:
[9.0] "Her rating is honestly a joke, and I think it? s mainly to due with the fact that the ? Divas Era? women have a stigma surrounding them (which is ridiculous, but I digress). Amazingly athletic, charismatic, and always fun to watch. I? d love to see her get one last push before she goes."
[6.0] "Clear example of a wrestler who exploited his full potential. From an average Canadian indy guy to Ultimo Dragon's official nemesis, you gotta respect that."
[5.0] "Kinda sad that he insisted on becoming this fake tough guy because he is pretty talented to be honest."
[4.0] "Lots of injury-causing spots and reprehensible behavior can be expected from him. I've haven't seen or heard that many positive things about Eagle."
[8.0] "Nice clubbering sprint, and a clean shaven Tama Tonga proved a match for the massive Brody King. This was a match that very much made the most of its time, and a good choice for the main event of the first episode of NJPW STRONG."
[10.0] "The best NEVER Openweight 6-Man Tag Team match so far. Great work by Master Wato and Yoshi-Hashi. Dynamic action with perfect executed moves."
[7.0] "Extremely cool experimental extreme was given by the commands. The spots looked very traumatic, but they were justified. For a small amount of time, they produced spectacular action."
[6.0] "Decent, had some urgency to it, but it didn't really hold my attention all the way through. Nice win for Finlay, Owens was very good in his role here. This is a match that suffered for not having a crowd that would have given it a needed lift."
[9.0] "Everything I want in a wrestling promotion, they still have teething problems which I go into at the end. Positives, in ring work is really strong, promo's and vignettes are top notch, the tag team division is the best in the world. They got a great mid card, and are creating young stars for the future perfectly. Main event is always strong. Chris Jericho is having one of his best runs of his career in AEW. They don't rush through feuds and build slowly in some cases. Their PPV's have all been strong to date, think having only 4 a year is a smart idea. Dynamite for me has been the best wrestling show for a couple of months now, and the quality of matches that show produces is scary. I love seen Schiavone back on commentary, he's clearly loving this second lease on life in wrestling. Excalibur is great. Also given the talent creative freedom is a smart move. Negatives, Women's division isn't the strongest. But that's going to take time to build really as WWE and Impact have a good chunk of the best women. talent signed down to big contract. I think that might be a long term build before it reaches the quality of the other divisions. Jim Ross can be hit and miss, his grumpy man act does sabotage some Dynamite's at times. But overall I love AEW, thank god they are around and making this wrestling fan happy."
[7.0] "A stable that puts three usual midcarders as the spotlight: Lashley with the muscle (and the technique that Shelton also brings) and MVP with the talking ability and the charisma he brings to the table. Only thing that they could come too that they didn't already have is to bring up and coming talent (as like Crews, Alexander, Ricochet or Isaiah Scott) and to help him/them grow as performers to the point they can also perform outside the ring and with a microphone, as well as connecting with a crowd."
[6.0] "Very unexpectedly, but Otis really looked decent against the background of the champion and pretty ruffled his nerves, showing that there would be no easy walk for Chiampa. My score for the match ***1/2."
[10.0] "One of the best matches that ever happened for the NEVER Openweight 6-Man Tag Team Championship! Great action from start to finish, good teamwork from both teams, the intrigue lasted until the last moment. YOSHI-HASHI and Master Wato were the MVP of the match"
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