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[4.0] "Eh, sure. Not sure why you need to book House of Torture to be able to overpower the sneak attack, but at least the angle added something extra to their usual garbage. I'm glad Gates of Agony are getting the experience of the tournament and the good and the bad that comes with it."
[] "very very good match. a few spots didn't look as great as they should have but it does not take away from brutality and hatred these two had for each other. a texas death match was more than appropriate and the match type was used to perfection."
[9.0] "A very good Tv main event title match that you couldve put on any PPV card from around this time. These two had brilliant chemistry not sure if this was their only singles encounter but its definitely their best. One of the last great smackdown matches before the draft and Paul Heyman leaving changed the show the next year in 04. Great match 4.25/5"
[10.0] "A prefect wrestling match that obviously hasnt aged well given who won the match. Unfortunately that has left a stain on this match to most people and its been largely forgotten by the wwe and fans alike. But to me this is a match I still go back and watch at least once a year its a special match to me. Just the whole atmosphere and performances of every man involved and with it being the Garden on the 20th mania its a special match. A fantastic match that to me is the greatest triple threat ever. Fantastic performance from HBK and HHH held his own and of course Benoit always delivered. Special special match 5/5"
[6.0] "Good show. A better show than Rampage. Almost seems like AEW is trying to position this show as its number two show over Rampage. The standby matches did what they needed to do. The three tournament matches were pretty good as well. You had a strong opener. A solid main event. and a lot of good filler."
[7.0] "Solid match. A very competitive, hard-hitting, strong-style match between these two combatants. Two top stars putting it all on the line."
[6.0] "Decent match of the indie-riffic Odd Couple sort Cage can do so well. With Andretti moving back into the trios picture he can afford losses like this one, and Cage needs to keep the Embassy somewhat in focus as a group (rather than just Swerve) while Gates Of Agony are away."
[2.0] "Kenny Omega is often praised as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, but in reality, he is a highly overrated performer. While he has had some standout matches and moments in his career, the hype surrounding him is disproportionate to his actual talent and abilities. One of the main reasons why Kenny Omega is overrated is because he lacks the charisma and mic skills that are essential for a top wrestler. While he may be a decent in-ring performer, he falls short when it comes to cutting promos and engaging with the audience. His lack of personality makes it hard for fans to connect with him on a deeper level, which is essential for a wrestler to truly be considered great. In addition, Omega's matches often rely too heavily on high spots and flashy moves, rather than storytelling and psychology. While this may make for an entertaining spectacle, it does not necessarily make for great wrestling. His matches lack the depth and emotional investment that is necessary to truly captivate an audience. Furthermore, Omega has not been able to consistently deliver at the highest level in terms of match quality. While he has had some standout bouts, he has also had his fair share of underwhelming performances. This inconsistency is not reflective of a truly great wrestler. Overall, Kenny Omega may have a dedicated fanbase and a strong following, but when it comes down to it, he is overrated as a wrestler. His lack of charisma, storytelling, and inconsistent performances make it clear that he does not deserve the level of praise and acclaim that he often receives."
[10.0] "Charlotte Flair is one of the best female wrestlers of all time due to her incredible in-ring talent, athleticism, and impactful presence. Her skills and impact on the industry will be fully appreciated once she has retired and her legacy is fully understood."
[4.0] "Bringing Butcher and Blade over to Ring of Honor for a spell makes sense while the AEW tag scene is so crammed. This was a moderately entertaining match but never turned into the proper hoss fight slobberknocker it could have, and I'm getting pretty burned on the Iron Savages shtick, or at least Jacked Jameson."
[0.0] "Joey Janela is widely regarded as the worst wrestler to ever wrestle on live tv due to his lack of technical skill and poor in-ring performance. His matches are often messy and lackluster, with frequent botches and missed spots. Janela also lacks the charisma and presence that are essential for a successful wrestler, often coming across as unconvincing and unengaging to audiences. His disregard for safety and reckless behavior in the ring has also led to numerous injuries for both himself and his opponents. Overall, Janela's overall lack of talent and professionalism make him a detriment to the wrestling industry. Need more characters Need more Need more characters Need more characters Need more characters Need more characters Need more characters Need more characters"
[4.0] "This felt like it went a lot longer than it needed to given the strong push LFI are/should be receiving after so long of a hiatus. Some of the work here was decent, but not quite enough to justify the oddly even keel of this and the lengthy running time."
[7.0] "Sami Zayn is a decent wrestler because of his unique style, and agility, He brings an entertaining and unpredictable energy to the ring, keeping the audience engaged and on their toes. His technical skills and ability to tell a story through his matches make him a standout performer in the wrestling world."
[7.0] "Much better than the other eliminator match. This has a lot more spread out and precisely paced than most matches I've seen with these guys, and that made for a bit of a trade off - some spots seemed more impactful, but others felt a lot more deliberate and planned."
[0.0] "Chuck Taylor is a professional wrestler known for his comedic persona and entertaining antics in the ring. While he has gained a following for his charisma and ability to engage with the audience, he has been widely criticized for his lackluster wrestling abilities. One of the main criticisms of Chuck Taylor as a wrestler is his lack of technical skill. Many wrestling experts and fans have pointed out that Taylor often appears clumsy and uncoordinated in the ring. His moves lack precision and fluidity, and he often seems to struggle with executing basic wrestling maneuvers. This lack of technical proficiency has led to numerous botched moves and awkward moments in his matches, which detract from the overall quality of his performances. In addition to his lack of technical skill, Chuck Taylor has also been criticized for his lack of athleticism. Wrestling is a physically demanding sport that requires strength, agility, and endurance, and Taylor often appears to lack these essential attributes. He frequently wrestles at a slow and plodding pace, and his movements lack the explosive energy and athleticism that are characteristic of top-tier wrestlers. This lack of athleticism not only affects the quality of Taylor's matches but also limits the range of his in-ring abilities, making his performances one-dimensional and predictable. Furthermore, Chuck Taylor's in-ring psychology has also been called into question. In wrestling, psychology refers to the ability to tell a compelling story and evoke emotional investment from the audience. While Taylor excels at engaging the crowd with his humor and charisma, he often fails to create compelling in-ring narratives. His matches lack coherence and often devolve into a series of disjointed spots and sequences, leaving the audience feeling disconnected and disengaged. Overall, while Chuck Taylor may have a strong fan base and a natural talent for entertaining, his shortcomings as a wrestler are impossible to ignore. His lack of technical skill, athleticism, and in-ring psychology have led to consistently lackluster performances that undermine his credibility as a wrestler. In a sport that demands physical prowess, storytelling ability, and technical proficiency, Chuck Taylor falls short on all fronts, making him a prime example of a bad wrestler."
[6.0] "Good match. Good showcase for both teams. This combination of the House of Black is proving to be a pretty good team"
[8.0] "Very underrated match on here, surprised there isn't more ratings for it. Two men who were super over at the time, had chemistry with a nice blend of brawling and high flying that made for a fun 10 minute match, wish it were longer."
[7.0] "Pretty good match here with four unique talents. Some good exchanges from all four. Eli Isom is someone I always liked in Sinclair era ROH and a shame that he hasnt found a more permanent home. I loved the ending with Bishop dumping Lee on top of Eli then pinning Eli."
[7.0] "His current character is incredibly annoying & to be honest Ive always felt that he was slightly overrated"
[4.0] "This felt like a match which was a bit on the slow and basic side, with the character work and Boys running interference taking over most of the brief time this had. These two could definitely have a better match, but with the relatively low stakes of this, they came across as perfunctory."
[6.0] "This was a solid main event in which Rick Rude does wonder to get a good match out of the Ultimate Warrior. This is them running back a feud that worked the previous year except the stakes are a little higher with the World Title now being the belt on the line. The other upping of stuff is that this is also a cage match. Rick Rude truly bumps his ass off in this match, almost to the point that it's silly, but he makes Warrior look great. Warrior walks out of his third SummerSlam in a row with a title."
[6.0] "This was a fair bit better than I'd expected bell-to-bell, and ranks among the better of Shafir's matches in AEW/ROH. There were some messy spots, but those felt like the product of the damage each competitor inflicted upon the other rather than botches."
[4.0] "Surprisingly good at some points and expectedly shitty at others. Tugboat was supposed to be at Hogan's side for this match but at the last minute was replaced by a recently turned face Big Boss Man. Earthquake was really good early in his Fed run (and shockingly young too; I don't really know what goes wrong besides the obvious bad booking that ends up happening. I wish Hogan actually put over any of his threats in matches every so often."
[10.0] "Easily the coolest wrestler alive right now, i can not sing his praises enough. they have to find a way to make this man the world champion of all elite wrestling as soon as humanly possible. you only have one chance to catch lightning in a bottle like this."
[7.0] "Best match of the show up to this point with a surprise title change. Some good striking and bombs thrown between the two. Crowd seemed unsure of how to react to the title change but a pretty good match from these two."
[0.0] "Hes terrible just a rich guy playing with action figures hell get bored soon enough and hell leave Aew or give it to someone else to run he also shouldnt be on the tv like EVER the snowman Need more characters so I just copy and pasted another comment This guy is a clown. He doesn't act like a wrestling promoter, he acts like a fan that fantasy booked when he was a kid and now has the power to do it. His lack of self awareness is staggering. His desperation to beat out WWE is comical and when people call him out on literally anything he gets so defensive and plays the "oh poor me! " card, and it's exhausting. His disrespectful attitude towards his former employees is awful. He is decent as a booker for AEW and kudos to him for listening to the fanbase, but his childish antics and terrible public relations skills plummet him to the bottom of the barrel for me.""
[7.0] "This was a really good World Tag Title match sometimes on the verge of great. I would reckon to say this is probably the last really good match Demolition is involved in as we're approaching the tail end of their run. Demolition has added Crush at this point so Bill Eadie could go part time and it didn't feel like the unit lasts a long time after. The Hart Foundation were always a great team, who certainly carried the match here; especially Bret. At this point, Bret to me is starting to feel held back by the team in my eyes. This was my favourite match of the night."
[8.0] "Great match. Great opener. Athletic Power vs Raw Power. A very hard-hitting, competitive match between these two combatants."
[6.0] "More comedy than anything else but it was fun. A ref bump and Dan picking up the win via a backpack stunner. It did what it was supposed to and the crowd seemed to enjoy it."
[4.0] "This was decent enough but never really got too much beyond what you might expect. The Infantry are beginning to work well together even if neither man especially stands out. Between the tag belts being on MJF and the trios champs being in Japan, the tag stuff in ROH doesn't feel very pressing."
[1.0] "Apparently I hated this more than most but I thought this was fucking dreadful. This should've been a Superstars main event, not a SummerSlam match. In 1990, WWF split up the Powers of Pain and tried to repackage them as singles stars and boy was it painful. Poor Tito."
[7.0] "This was a really fun match. Barry was solid as usual and did a fine job attempting to use his experience to outmanuever Makowski's submission skills. Makowski absolutely killed it here and pulled off some amazing transitions into armbars."
[4.0] "This was fine, and while it was nice to see Kerry get the win here it does feel like they're only doing the title switch here to subvert expectations and try to create a moment. Mr. Perfect was getting his groove back after some booking missteps and the ends up feeling like another misstep. Brutus Beefcake was supposed to be in this match but had his near fatal para-sailing accident so now the Texas Tornado gets a title reign."
[6.0] "I did not expect anything of this going in but this was actually good. Power and Glory was actually a pretty fun and smart pairing; I just wish they did more. The Rockers were a really good team and didn't have many bad matches together. A fun opening match for a relatively mediocre show; thankfully there's a better match later so this show doesn't peak right away."
[5.0] "This match is an absolute crying shame of a match. The action of this match, ESPECIALLY the first two falls is worth 7 or 8 points. However, this is another match on this show that insults the intelligence of the viewer. All three members of Demolition look nothing like each other. Remotely. From face paint to hair to body type, they're all different. To expect anyone to get confused if they swap is a farce. And if that wasn't bad enough, Crush botches the second fall. The ref takes his time making the count for the second fall, and Crush gets in WAY to early, and has to essentially attack the ref and quickly tell the ref to DQ him instead of the planned finish. Both of these things are significant blows on an otherwise fantastic match. In fact, I think this was the hottest the crowd was for the entire event. Hogan and Warrior's matches included. These fans LOVED Bret."
[5.0] "The good moments of this match are outstanding. The bad moments are quite bad. To me, it averages to a good but not great main event. This match had quite a bit of wasted time in it. There is a lot of running around at the start, and a good few minutes of rest holds in the center that drag it down tons. The psychology behind the match and how it was worked was excellent for their characters. Savage in particular shows why he's one of the best ever here both with his heel character work and his wrestling skill. Jesse Ventura might have his absolute best work on commentary for this match too. I think he does more talking than Gorilla. He was going to make SURE that, even though Savage was losing, he was going to put Savage over as good as he humanly possibly could. Of course, through the ups and downs, though, Hogan still has to kick out of Savage's finish, and then do the cliche Hulk up combo for a finish that sort of comes out of nowhere in my opinion. This match did almost everything it needed to to cap off a year long feud. It was a solid way to end the event. It just had too much downtime and a far over played out finishing sequence for me to get behind it any further."
[5.0] "Decent enough opener with some decent personality from Johnson, though I'm not sure if his work in terms of smoothness and sequencing has come along as much as I'd hope based on how long he's been in AEW/ROH. Kingston and the RoH title are in a weird spot right now given the Continental Classic."
[4.0] "A bit of a silly match where the main basis of the match early on was Higher by Creed. Some decent action in between with a bit of an underwhelming ending. Not bad but not particularly good either in spite of the silliness with Creed."
[6.0] "A pretty solid match here. Armstrong really shows a lot of fire as a face. She and Itoh meshed together rather well with Maki repeatedly going for Armstrongs back but Armstrong kept firing back. Itoh eventually caught her for the submission win. Solid way to return from intermission."
[4.0] "I thought this SummerSlam was pretty on par with the last one if not slightly worse than the previous years'. This was a pretty week card I thought. Warlord vs Tito Santana made me want to not see another Warlord match. My favourite performance of the night was Rick Rude in his great performance against Ultimate Warrior in the Steel Cage main event. If you want a show with some good actual wrestling this isn't the show for you; pretty un-exciting stuff here."
[4.0] "Rewriting this review because I had my matches between these two confused. This is pretty on point with their Mania 5 match but I didn't quite enjoy this one as much; probably because it saw Warrior win the title back. Rick Rude certainly tries here. Ultimate Warrior walks out of his second SummerSlam in a row the IC Champion."
[3.0] "To think. One year before this, within this very building, DiBiase was in the main event for the world title. One year later, he's in a fairly cold match against Beefcake. I don't think these guys had good chemistry with each other. DiBiase is a great worker who has phenomenal stamina, and Beefcake seemed absolutely gassed for the majority of this match. There are so many times where DiBiase seems to want to quicken things up some, but when he's up and ready, Beefcake is still trying to get his head in the game sucking wind. I might have given this match 4 points if it weren't for the double count out finish. Honestly, I think even if they had to do a screwy finish, DiBiase deserved this win. Beefcake wasn't at his most over yet, so a screwy loss to DiBiase wouldn't have hurt him any. Especially considering DiBiase really kind of needed a win at a big show to get some of his heat back after constant losses to Hogan and Savage at the events leading up to this."
[7.0] "This was a pretty good PPV. Most matches delivered and Swerve Strickland vs Hangman is a genuine match of the year candidate. The ladder match was also great with all the chaos you would expect from a ladder match. Unfortunately this event gets let down from the disappointing Toni Storm vs Hikaru Shida match, and the overbooked main event. But even with a couple disappointing matches, Full Gear is still a good PPV."
[5.0] "An overall OK tag match. The star of the show for me was Gangrel who has been doing some of the best work of his career in the last several years. He can work a crowd very well and has some very surprising additions to his offense."
[10.0] "An amazingly talented and entertaining wrestlers. A man who has at time put AJPW on his shoulders when they needed him most"
[] "Fantastic match. The ending sequence is awesome. Good decision in Kurt winning but Shawn still looked good."
[9.0] "One of those guys that was always a lot of fun to watch some crazy power and creativity. Even enjoyed him back to his indie days."
[10.0] "You can't divorce a match from its context. PWG at this point was basically two different streams mixed together, both their actual storylines and the pure dream supermatches. This peaked the highest in the modern American super-indy lucharesu style. Insane spots with a flaming hot crowd - imagine being there for this. *****"
[8.0] "Ok not for nothing, some of this was exceptionally cool, Kana and Minoru Suzuki as a team is a crazy twosome. I just have two complaints, one the headbutts in this were just sick, gives me the jeebies to think about post Benoit, and I also though Fujiwara was showing his age at times. But still a pretty good match."
[8.0] "Fun battle of two big men that can move and break out different move besides just power and wear down holds"
[8.0] "There's no denying this is a really good match, it's easy to see the talent on display here. In another world, where David Starr isn't a piece of crap too crappy even for the crap filled business of wrestling, he could have been a big star. Great showing by Gresham, we can still enjoy that at any rate."
[3.0] "I mean...I don't think this match was THAT bad. Yes, I'll agree with the majority here that you'll never really see an outstanding match out of the Bushwackers, but I've seen WAY worse matches than this. While not a lot happened, I feel like they did less comedy antics than what is usual for them. The crowd was dead beyond dead for this match. The Bushwackers couldn't get the crowd to cheer, and the Rougeaus couldn't get them to boo, either. Not very much happened in this match, and the finish was pretty weak. The Rougeaus deserved a better opponent here, because they are great wrestlers and are fantastically charismatic as heels. I definitely don't think this match is as bad as the majority opinion says, but I also can't really endorse it either."
[7.0] "A good tag match I'd say, seems a bit overrated to me as it seems like it's more or less standard puro main event style without a lot to distinguish it, but everyone involved did a fine job. Takeshita as usual showed out very well. That final chokeslam was extremely tight."
[7.0] "I love Chris Jericho's duo with Ralphus and the whole Goldberg "feud" he was doing at the time, I don't care about the times Ralphus got in the ring. He was very funny and charismatic, WCW really missed out on an opportunity to make "Jericho's Personal Security" shirts, would have sold like hot cakes."
[6.0] "This was a decent enough match but I can't say it struck me terribly strongly. Strickland did very well as always but I continue to struggle to see much in Jay White, who never seems to live up to his self made hype as a "smart" wrestler and is instead just kind of a dull one."
[6.0] "Solid match here between these two. Colon being more of the veteran and the bigger of the two did dominate a lot of the match but Rico made good comebacks. I didnt entirely know what to expect from Orlando in a North American indie setting but he did well here."
[4.0] "This wasn't a bad match, but it wasn't a good one, either. I think fans probably would have expected more from an opener. Especially since this was part of the Hercules vs. Heenan feud that had some decent traction on it at this point. You had some solid spots here and there, but all in all, this one didn't come together all that well. This certainly isn't a match you'll remember, but I also don't think it's so bad that it detracted from the card, either. Probably would have fit better somewhere in the middle as a 'cool down' match for the crowd after a bigger one more than an opener."
[7.0] "It's unfortunate that he's mostly remembered for his tenure during WCW's dying days, because he was actually a good commentator. But at the same time, in TNA, it was either him or Mike Tenay, so I don't blame them in that case. But at least he showcased passion and decent knowledge."
[8.0] "Great episode of Collision, some very good wrestling matches, and the main event of Danielson vs Kingston definitely delivered. Overall, very good show"
[6.0] "I didnt really enjoy Ospreay last epic vs Yota, and while this one was better I dont think this reached the level of being amazing or anything however. Also another issue with these matches, are these things are so long, like why is this match 50 minutes long? The story being told was could Umino hang in there with Ospreay, which I thought they did a good job of displaying at least with him pushing Ospreay to the limit, and he also got some big kick outs too. The athleticism as you would expect was good, and there was some nice big moments but ultimately these two were not able to keep the whole match interesting. ***"
[7.0] "Not a bad match at all but perhaps not one that one would expect to be quite as good as one would expect with these two teams involved. Bucks played face here despite being heel the night before. It did not feel like the teams entirely meshed but they still delivered a pretty good match."
[7.0] "These two teams had a very good match in Phoenix almost four months previously and this was another good one. The Generico/Cabana team was a pretty underrated one that could have had more of a run. They had strong chemistry with the Wolves."
[6.0] "Solid tag match that put on display how All Night Express continued to develop as a team. Delirious and Lynn did well together as well with mixing in the story with Aries and Delirious at the time even if Aries in Daizees gear was an odd sight."
[5.0] "Decent little match which had a clear story going in and paid off well. Nice to see something this logical and organic lower down on the card; once again for whatever reason Ring Of Honor's women's division continues to smoke AEW's division pound for pound."
[7.0] "A match that I thought picked up toward the end when the plunder came into play as Miracle Generation scored a couple big moves on Masha and Rina that got a big reaction for a nearfall. Largely worked as a tornado tag, perhaps that could be the logic to Miracle not really getting an advantage since they would be more accustomed to normal rules. The match felt a bit one sided until then with Masha and Rina feeling pretty dominant throughout. I would like to see more of Miracle Generation still."
[7.0] "This was a fine show, but you can tell the injuries are really affecting the wrestlers. And I don't believe it's cause the roster is shallow, this roster is still stacked. I think it's that everyone's afraid of getting hurt before the big Ryogoku show at the end of the month. So this show felt pretty safe feeling from all the matches. The only one that went hard was the UWF rules match, and apparently a lot of people didn't like that one while I thought it was the best match of the entire show. This has not been a good run of Stardom PPVs but I hope the final one this year will be banger."
[4.0] "I have to be honest, I find this to be a boring Royal Rumble match. While there's been worse ones, this one suffers from the issue of being painfully predictable that it was obvious who was gonna win. I never let predictability dictate if I dislike a match, but this is the only exception since the Royal Rumble match requires star power and good workers in order to make this match exciting, or else you're sitting through an hour of jabronis throwing each other out of the ring with no pizzazz or substance, made worst when there's only one logical winner. Sure, Big Show and Kane where in this match, but why would WWF pick them over The Rock? Overall, a mediocre rumble match that suffers from far too many mid carders who WWE would never pull the trigger on (at least at the time, for some) with very little main event guys."
[] "Oh look, the 6"2' Oompa Loompa has a profile on (checks notes) Damnit, can't get political! Anyways, Vince feud was okay (I guess...), but his run as Raw's general manager sucked, why he's in the hall of fame is beyond me."
[7.0] "Perfectly fine match but i dany agree with this rating and match status. I have similar vibes with Danielson hero match, dobra like this match structures. They trade their nie moves and go for a rest. Kawada sells those elbows like his knocked lut and Misawa didnt event follow up with a pin. Stilo great stuff with amazing ending great near falls and crazy crowd."
[9.0] "The Macho Man was a legendary wrestler and one of the most popular and captivating figures of the 80s and the 90s. He played second fiddle to Hulk Hogan, but managed to get over just like the Hulkster, due to his incredible charisma and personality. I think Randy Savage had some limitations in the ring but still had a good workrate and in his prime was a great all-around performer, very skilled, but unfortunately when he became really popular his abilities were already slowing down. He can definitely be listed as one of the best promo workers of all time, his mic skills were amazing."
[0.0] "Vince Russo became world champ. Is there anything else I need to say? Booking yourself to be world champ when you're not even a wrestler is a level of ego that is scary to think about. The sheer stupidity of this is something I hope we never see again in any major wrestling company. Fuck Vince Russo, his stupid hair, his stupid accent, and his stupid podcast! And fuck him for wearing John Lennon sunglasses!"
[8.0] "Was not expecting Hitamaru Sasaki vs. Gurukun Mask mask from 2007 STYLE-E be that good, but it was really awesome. Both guys can strike hard, Ishikura flyes and Sasaki grapples, what's not to like about it. The match even got pretty heated as it went on, that's a spirit of micro shoot-indy from 2000s."
[5.0] "The match itself is literally 5 minutes, so not enough time to go anywhere, but the reason I give this a higher rating than usual is because The Rock was the star of the match as the Special Guest Referee (and commentator). He, alone, make this match worth watching."
[10.0] "One of the most complete wrestlers I've ever seen, there's no character or match that Rollins can't work well. He is fantastic both as face and heel, and has a lot of charisma. I think Rollins used to be a very good and acrobatic wrestler, very stiff, but ended up hurting some people, so he changed his style a little bit and evolved as a really company guy and safe worker, but without losing the quality and the ability to make a great match. He is to Roman Reigns what Randy Savage was to Hulk Hogan, and he seems fine by that. Incredible wrestler, does everything well."
[9.0] "Chris Brookes and Mao are two of the best in DDT and they put on a heck of a match, brawling through the crowd, battling with plastic bins, tables, and taping each other up. A great match and possibly the best match I've seen take place in Shinjuku FACE"
[7.0] "This was fun. I have a strange soft spot for every guy here, so I'm happy this match exists. Hashimoto & Valion did a very funny handshake spot and delivered couple of solid moves. It's not a Battlarts event, so Keita & Yuta were not going nearly as stiff as they can, but some sick punches still were thrown. ***1/2"
[0.0] "From the looks of it, this show was another mediocre Vince Russo booked Attitude Era PPV, so it seems like I'm missing anything and don't plan to see if there is any value in this show. I don't care, this show should have ended after Owen Hart died, it's disgusting to have the show go on after someone died. Rightfully received WON's Most Disgusting Promotional Tactic in 1999. R.I.P. Owen Hart, we miss you everyday."
[] "I would give the show an 8.5/10. The Women's War Games match was meh in my opinion due to there not being much of a reason for the two teams to hate each other to this extent other than the fact that damage control got bigger. Some of the spots looked sloppy and out of place with the wrestlers looking a little confused. It was still serviceable nonetheless. Gunther and Miz put on a nice match with a smart match worked by Miz. I liked him working Gunther's legs to try to eliminate Gunther's powerful moveset and the finish was done well. Santos and Dragon Lee put on a decent match that did things well but should've had a little more time with more of a showing from Lee. Rhea Ripley and Zoey Stark put on a nice championship match that made me believe in Stark a little more than before. At times it felt like Zoey was a little nervous and trying to do flashy moves to get over but the crowd wasn't buying into it enough. Ripley was giving her all to make Stark look good and I believe she did a good job as the champion. Finally, the Men's War Games match was spectacular and told a great story with Judgement Day getting their comeuppance. The teasing of Randy throughout the night added more umph to the match and created a nice angle. Judgement Day did great as heels in making you believe the faces were in trouble. Seth and Finn were great picks for the Iron Men and necessary given their history. JD played his part perfectly as a rag doll for the crazy spots. Dom was used to perfection by coming in last, jumping everyone from behind since no one payed any attention to him and taking the beating from the four faces. Priest did well as leader and created a nice Dynamic with Drew. Drew and Jey's confrontation was a high point and made me feel for both men given the last year of storytelling. Sami also was a nice inclusion and worked well with the other faces. Cody coming in and using the bullrope with Seth was a great moment as well as the slight confrontation between the two, harkening back to their feud last year. The moment when the briefcase is seemingly being cashed in only for Randy to save the day is cathartic and brilliant. Randy helping clean house, giving the RKO to JD, being saved by Jey, all the faces hitting their finishers together, and Randy giving the final blow over to Cody was an excellent finish and a cap on an excellent match. I felt real catharsis from the match and enjoyed the payoff with Judgement Day and the Faces. Then, when the show seemed over, CM Punk's music hitting was an all time great moment that truly was shocking even despite the rumors. You could tell Punk was really happy to be back and accepted by that crowd. The moment with the fan saying Chicago over and over again with his voice being gone was incredible and I'm sure he'll never forget it. I find it funny that all of the dirt sheets said it was unlikely to happen, yet when it did they apparently knew all about what plans were going to be taking place. Anyways this show did exactly what wrestling is supposed to do in giving an unforgettable adrenaline rush with feuds and characters that matter and actually do meaningful things. I turned it off excited for what's next. Great show despite a few minor issues."
[8.0] "Very good match with excellent booking before a heated crowd who were dying for a Maika win but Momo makes her work for it both literally and figuratively. Nice little detail too that references the previous Momo match where DDM nullify OT outside the ring therefore being good and smart faction members, increasing Maika's chances of victory and adding to the heated atmosphere. The action is frantic, but in the best possible way, and the result sent everyone home happy. Would have been an easy 9 if it had gone on a little longer. However, alongside the other 2 matches, this mini tournament was an absolutely excellent example of just how great Stardom can be."
[5.0] "Decent basic match. Takeda did nothing notable, besides one solid gutwrench and not really selling well. Matsumoto delivered some decent offense, but his lack of experience was shown in details. Looks like this was Naomi's last wrestling match, damn."
[5.0] "This could've been way worse than it actually was. Nice bloodsport style match but it had the wrong winner in my opinion."
[7.0] "Hey, look it's GCW trying something different and STILL GETTING SHIT FOR IT. I'm enjoying lucha Death Matches WAYYYYY more than normal ones and this was no exception."
[7.0] "A little on the indieriffic side, lots of burying the referee, but it moves quick enough that none of that stays for too long, but it's enough for this match to lose a point for it. Great team spots, but nothing that crazy. Fast paced and fun."
[7.0] "In all honesty, if I could give this a 7.5 I would as it is better than a straight 7. Very nice booking throughout with Momo looking strong but also cheating enough to gain the advantage and the ire of the fans (which then played into the final match). Mina is at her best when having 'no frills' matches that don't go too long and once again delivers an exceptionally solid performance; she lost, yes, but loses nothing within kayfabe because of how she performed. Hot crowd too."
[6.0] "Didn't mind this for an over-the-top gimmick match, enjoyed the brawling around the arena and around the dig site, Kane appearing was predictable."
[7.0] "Entertaining match from Ami and Maika who work the match like it's a 5STAR match. If you ignore the fact that she did no-sell to a tedious level, this is one of Ami's best performances. It's also a good indication that her potential over the next year is pretty high; her starting the match by torpedoing into Maika and knocking her off the ring apron was great too and gave her performance, and the match, a much enjoyable urgency. Maika was typically great with her positioning herself as the babyface we need to rally behind for her to get the victory; the pop as she won is a testament to her achieving this goal."
[] "One of the best professional wrestlers in the world, maybe ever. Combines genius technical wrestling with vicious strikes and tops it off with visible passion in everything he does. You would have to struggle to have a bad match with him."
[3.0] "A pretty underwhelming event and another case of a 1-match show from Paul Heyman with little to no effort. A lot of horrible matches go down right here and makes this one another miserable expirence to watch in ECW. Rob Van Dam vs. Sabu was the best match of the night and I'm excited to see more from them. Other than that, this show was flat-out bad. [*1/2]"
[9.0] "Arguably, this is the greatest episode of AEW Collision ever broadcasted on television. It all delivered, between the obvious Continential Classic matches, to the supposed "standby matches", to the promos as well. A highly enjoyable 2 hours that flew by and was well spent."
[5.0] "JBL is an interesting person in pro wrestling. He had a up and down career from great things like his world title run and the APA to times when he was just a jobber. He was a good brawler in the ring and could play a character well. Didn't like him as a commentator. He also was apparently a horrible person backstage with his bully running rampant."
[10.0] "This was the first Wrestlemania I watched as a kid, and I loved it then and rewatching it I still loved it. Every pro wrestling match (not Sumo) was good. Angle v Michaels edges out MITB for the MOTN honors. Crowned two new star babyfaces for the company. This was an amazing Wrestlemania."
[6.0] "At the start I wasn't so much into this but this really picked up and turned into a nice little match. The angle with Chris Danger and Mason Myles was fun here and Myles ends up letting Danger down; getting attacked by Chance Rizer after the match. TSF brought Luther out to even the odds since last time Chris Danger cheated for the Reality to get the win. Chance Rizer has been great, he's had some very unique offense."
[9.0] "This fight was incredible because of its outcome. Just when we all thought Sara Leon would successfully defend her title, suddenly Millie McKenzie was able to defeat her on Spanish soil. It was a great moment for Tyris, as Millie is somewhat recognized in the international wrestling scene and her winning the title was a bit of recognition on a global level. It means a lot for the Valencian promoter this fight as well as for Sara to face such a wrestler."
[9.0] "Fantastic match and one of the most iconic triple threat matches of all time. The three of them played their parts incredibly, the dynamics were awesome. This was completely overbooked but in an enjoyable way, I think it was well thought and attended what the match presumed. The effort to take Lesnar out created nice moments and him coming back to win provided a great reaction from the crowd."
[7.0] "The first match sets the bar high, and the rest of the show struggles to maintain that level. Kelly v Charlie is worth watching as is the main event, but you're not missing much if you skip the rest. That said, a solid night of good wrestling nonetheless."
[5.0] "A sports-entertainment match, lots of character work and carried by the enthusiastic crowd. All four are good at what they do but parts of it dragged."
[5.0] "Awkwardly paced, even Adam Cole couldn't get a great match out of Wolfgang. Certainly not bad but not worth rewatching really."
[9.0] "Main event is not the only worth checking match of the card, because all of the bouts delivered. Opener is a wild ride, which leans more for action side of the promotion. Good technical display from Ono & Greco, some cool aggression in Ishikawa vs. Yone. Minoru vs. Orihara is freaking nasty, loved it. Ikeda vs. Otsuka may be the best Battlarts match ever. Yup, Sakata vs. Usuda is missing from Samurai TV broadcard, because Rings, I guess."
[9.0] "This SnowBall show is probably the best in terms of line-up and fights, with a great denouement in one of the best female fights in Tyris (being also the Main Event) and also leaving us that fight that meant a lot for Zarcos and Bushido, we saw one of the last headline defenses of Carranza and other great fights that left a very complete show then in Tyris."
[6.0] "Pretty standard flippy stuff from four flippy guys. Kept my attention through most of it but stuff like selling was practically nonexistent. Maybe not worth a rewatch but not a skipper."