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[8.0] "Really good match. Incredibly scary bump that Master Wato took from the botched Spanish Fly as they did not rotate enough for him to land on his back, so he ended up landing on top of his head. Good thing he's all right. It scared me similar to the table bump that Julia Hart took on AEW Rampage where she hit the back of her head on the concrete part of the floor. I jumped out of my seat with my hands over my mouth. Really strong Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Title match none the less. Rating for this match: ***3/4"
[6.0] "The Judgement Day truly are amazing, all strong characters here that stand out. I actually love this Rey feud and am so excited to see where it goes. This match was some good fun, it helped out the Rey and Judgement Day feud as well as the Matt and Seth feud which made for an entertaining story and good wrestling. Rey works so well with everyone it's so rare to find in a superstar but it's been something he always excelled at. The biggest problem with this match is there was a lot of things that have happened before. For example, Rey took another pin due to distraction, Riddle's match was tarnished by Seth, and yet another three amigos was landed for cheap heat. With all this the match was still good and Rey almost hitting Dominik with the chair was nail biting, I hope they have a match soon."
[5.0] "Correct match. The match wasn't really extreme apart from the chair and the trash can spot. I didn't expect more from these 2 wrestlers."
[9.0] "Beat the absolute hell out of each other. Starts with a really fun moment that's gets you laughing but ends with you on the edge of your seat enthralled by the beautiful sequences being put on display. I think Anthony Henry and Kevin Ku are some of the more underrated technical workers around and I think JD Drake is underrated in every aspect. Not too familiar with Dominic Garrini but he looked good in this. I think what will stick with me the most is the insane sound of JD's chops. Especially the power behind them being generated with almost no wind up. Crazy. Hard hitting and fun match. Recommend watching this one"
[7.0] "This did exactly what it needed to do, and that's get The Brawling Brutes over. The Street Profits were quick and super fun to watch as always. The Brawling Brutes proved themselves right before their tag team championship match which is what they needed. Butch is just so much fun lately, his fast paced way of fighting makes for some of the best spots in a match and he could clearly be a solo star just as good as he could be a tag team star. Angelo doing a full cartwheel during this match was absolutely nuts, he really is amazing. Montez has some of my favorite selling, his screaming and flailing is surprisingly believable and he really would be a great singles star. This match would be higher but I feel like it ended too soon, definitely a pairing I would like to see again one day."
[7.0] "My previous rating for Britt Baker (which I wrote in March) was a 4. After watching back a lot of her matches recently, I was hard pressed to find one (besides the Toni Storm tournament match) that I didn't like in at least some way. Britt Baker on her worst day is slow, uncoordinated, and sloppy. However on a normal day, she is perfectly capable of putting on a decent match. Her transitions into most of her moves are smooth and seamless. She has some hard hitting offense like the stomp, neck breaker, and her finisher is very unique. On the mic is where Baker excels though. Charismatic, good delivery, and keeps the crowd engaged. Britt gets a bit too much hate for my liking, I'd like to see YOU be a dentist and a pro wrestler at the same time. Get back to me when you can't handle the pressure."
[8.0] "Austin Theory really is going to be the next big star. It is so rare to see Austin Theory in a match where he doesn't look at the top of his game. Him and Kevin Owens have developed so much in-ring chemistry and I think this is the peak of that. They blend so perfectly and have such a good heel and face dynamic that really worked here. Kevin Owens got the win here which is great because he has been putting in all the work for his matches lately. Austin has also been doing very well and I truly believe his accolades are on their way because he really deserves them. He has been a safe worker, he has good matches consistently, and he hasn't been throwing a fit about taking all these clean losses."
[7.0] "Solid enough episode of STRONG. Had a good tag team match and a fine main event. The set up for QT Vs Shota was fine, CD's heel turn was great and I look forward to him vs Yuya. TJP promo to hype next week was okay. Ren Narita continues to be a baby Shibata and I love to see it. Main event didn't have much stakes but Taiji got a decisive victory which is good to see. Solid episode."
[6.0] "A pretty jampacked 9 minute match, but I'd say it was moves over substance and it didn't have time to breathe. They both moved spot to spot without much downtime. That moonsault to the outside looked really rough for Angels, but he seemed fine enough to finish the match and leave on his own. Decent stuff, solid match."
[5.0] "This was a pretty solid and short match. Not a hot opener but quick enough to get things going. Fine stuff."
[10.0] "Fantastic fight between two of AEW's best young talents, it was super heated and had some tremendous moments, Hobbs yanking the light fixtures off the tunnel wall, damn! And the right winner, setting things right from the PPV. Top notch."
[8.0] "Great example of how two singles stars should be a team. No can they coexist crap, no tension (well, i guess technically there is), just two guys who put their differences aside because they know they could be great as a tag team. Swerve is one of my favorites in AEW, and Keith Lee is an amazing performer. Excited to see where they go after they lost the tag titles"
[8.0] "This was actually shockingly good. Bobby Lashley and Seth Rollins have fought before and those matches were also amazing. Seth once again has impressed me so much, he truly is one of the best of this generation and this is yet another example of why he is so beloved. Bobby Lashley on the other hand was stupendous, he sold the arm injury so well and has been one of the strongest champs I have ever seen. Matt Riddle distracting Seth worked here and made me excited for their match at Extreme Rules. The United States belt is some of the most exciting stuff to see on Raw and I look forward to Bobby's next opponent."
[8.0] "Worth the wait. They had me in the final minute thinking it would go to a draw and I'm glad it didn't. Hope to see them go at it again."
[9.0] "A great, fast paced match with many very impressive exchanges. This is definitely worth taking the time to check out."
[8.0] "Maybe not a masterpiece but supremely entertaining. Mayu obviously thrives in big brain situations like this. Very fun."
[3.0] "This felt pretty convoluted for a multi-woman match and not very inspired either. The ending made it seem like a waste."
[7.0] "Fun match and cool to see Rina Yamashita here mixing it up in Stardom, she's a fun partner for Giulia and opponent for Momo, especially in a hardcore setting"
[8.0] "I like a battle royal and felt this was a pretty good one, I didn't find it too busy or chaotic at all, that's kind of the point of these matches after all so I prefer if it's not all overly polished and clean. Very good final two and excellent finishing spot."
[4.0] "Kind of an anticlimactic reveal and main event. Not terrible, just not very interesting, but fine enough for this kind of show."
[3.0] "This was very hard to watch at times. I wish I could say it was just Dominik who was bad here but even Edge was performing at a much lower level than he usual does. The story is obviously what was important here but the wrestling took way too much of a backseat. The three amigos here was particularly painful, it looked very bad. I have a lot of hope for Dominik because I think he has impressed me before but if he stays at this level of quality he isn't going anywhere. I will give this match a bit of slack because the story was actually entertaining and I look forward to see where it goes."
[10.0] "A tremendous hate filled fight fueled further by Sammy's pre-match comments, which I loved. Kingston showed amazing fire, even more than usual, I could watch him all day, and I adore Sammy and Tay's act. I don't really rate post match stuff anyway but really, I don't see any problem here, AEW has rarely used it but it's a long standing thing in wrestling to reverse the decision in such cases, so I can't quite wrap my head around that. Hope to see a big gimmick match between these two but really I loved this."
[5.0] "I really wish we would've gotten good Sonya vs Bianca matches the first time they feuded but it never happened so when Sonya came out as Bianca's opponent I was very excited to see them in the ring again. But I was left a bit disappointed. Sonya and Bianca are very talented wrestlers and I can't shake the feeling that this could have been better. It seemed to drag on a bit and wasn't very exciting to watch. When the match was good I was very hyped so it had that going for it and it's always nice to see Bianca defend her title."
[7.0] "Very good match. Uemura & CD have a ton of chemistry as a team, and TMDK are fantastic. They all worked very hard and put on a match the crowd seemed to love. The spot where Uemura & CD kept power slamming Shane was awesome. Good stuff."
[10.0] "I just love this team. They brought out the best in The British Bulldogs. The Anvil would get ROUGH in Demolition matches. The Hitman had some of the quickest saves in ALL of tag wrestling. They pushed The Powers of Pain & The Nasty Boys to some of their best matches. They had outstanding showings at the first two Survivor Series. Because of the team dynamics (Power n brute force guy/Speed n technique guy), they had some really fantastic chemistry with practically every team they encountered. I could watch "The Hart Foundation vs ______________" and I would be thrilled. More? Really great team moves where The Hitman would often find new ways to propel The Anvil! Their hot pink look became iconic. Delivered the good as heels or faces regardless of the foe or evening. Tremendous!"
[5.0] "Didn't overstay its welcome, but that is about the only positive for the match. QT's crowd work is fundamentally solid, but his ring work is just not good. This was pretty boring and the crowd's hate of QT carried it."
[8.0] "Really great idea, the chemistry exploded from the screen. But gosh it was SO short lived! The only thing that happened was the feud with Flair & Anderson. Otherwise it never went anywhere. What we have is nothing but a tease of the true potential. 7.5 rounded up."
[3.0] "If you told me this match was 30 minutes I'd believe it, it seemed to go on forever... also felt like they spent half of it sitting around waiting for the other guy to hit them. Not a fan of this style, I was disappointed for sure."
[7.0] "A ton of fun. This was during the time where Tenryu was just running through all of the AJPW rookies and beating the crap out of them generally. Kono is different, however: he's a big dude so Tenryu immediately has issues as he can't just bully Kono with ease, being forced to eat multiple chops and getting out-wrestled. Of course Tenryu still lands some gross stiff stuff, but he's noticeably rattled and immediately goes to his signature stuff to try to establish some order. Even a really early second rope back elbow doesn't seal the deal, which gets a slight grin from the guy afterwards. Kono responds with a big dropkick and a boot to the face; this ends up causing a gash on Tenryu's face unintentionally, which starts unnoticeable but gets worse as time goes on. Kono also goes for a Big Swing, which was fairly shitty but given he only had three months of matches at this point I'm not going to be too harsh. Awesome spot as Kono teases a dive, Tenryu dodges and then just hurls a random table on his back lol. Tenryu takes over with some nasty chops and elbows for near falls alongside a especially hard lariat. Despite hitting a even worse one afterwards, Kono just won't stay down and the audience get more and more frantic with every move done. Even with Tenryu's brainbuster and him randomly bleeding he still can't get the definitive win. That said, Kono has so much baggage that he can't do anything else but wait for the next big bomb and Tenryu ends things with a second brainbuster. Not amazing but a really good showcase in how minimalistic workrate in a match can lead to really engaging narratives. Kono doesn't get a ton of stuff in; his list of moves performed go to about a dozen in total. What matters is how damn stubborn he is, and how he eventually earns the respect of Tenryu despite his grumpy nature. For Tenryu, it's a great showcase in how he can control a match almost completely by himself just by how he emotes and conveys what's going on to the audience. How he gets cocky after every big bomb like "this is the one" but keeps getting fumbled especially just gets the crowd. More matches should be brave enough to have squashes like these: it's fine now and then for someone to keeping powering through stuff but never get the second wind. But yeah, another solid Tenryu showing, no shocker."
[7.0] "From the mid 80's on through the 90's Pat Tanaka was THERE. It didn't matter what wrestling you watched where, there he was. I fondly recall him being just another body or one of the stand outs over many years. Enhancement talent who excelled in the role more than most. Took some crazy bumps - including some ridiculous spinning inside out moments. A true highlight during dying days AWA. Stellar tag matches with The Rockers/Midnight Rockers with both Sato & Paul Diamond/Kato. Chemistry with almost everyone who's ever laced their boots. Great looking chops and kicks. Was able to work at extremely accelerated paces for the time, a pioneer in that regard. What else? He'll even put on a hood for ya. Very watchable!"
[9.0] "This is just two excellent wrestlers throwing bombs at each other until one of them couldn't stand up. Sometimes that's all you need. Higuchi is on a great great run right now and I can't wait for his title run to continue."
[8.0] "If you think wrestling should be about things that are fun, then this is an excellent example of professional wrestling. Hook looked like a million bucks and Action Bronson was a natural fit, and super over. 2.0 are ideal opponents who can make anything look good and definitely did here."
[9.0] "I absolutely loved this match. Great-O-Khan & Nagata had great submission work that built into striking & power moves. Nagata was a total badass who was beating the hell out of GOK and I really thought he'd get the victory here. The crowd was as behind Nagata as a no-cheer crowd can get. GOK had to cheat in order to get the win and I think that was a good call. It's really nice to see main event Nagata in 2022 and I think GOK was a wonderful opponent for him as his style of Strong Style is pretty similar to Nagata's. Cannot say enough good stuff about this match, I think my only complaint is I felt it could have gone another five minutes at their pace."
[4.0] "KIMALA! Man I love Kimala lol. Even though at this point he was not in the best of shape and clearly had slowed from his 90's days, it's nice to see him in this typically unfamiliar new Pro-Wres Love era of AJPW. This is more or less a comedy match as Hirai and Araya resort to stamping on Kimala's feet and pinching his stomach and there's not a ton of high impact stuff here at all: the placing in the card essentially makes it a cooldown bout as this is also between the Tag Team Title Tournament final matches; basically a way for the wrestlers involved in said matches to get a breather. Your taste in Kimala nonsense essentially dictates a lot about the quality given he is pretty polarising, and that was when he was in his prime and could actually wrestle half-decent. Speaking of polarising: Kashin also has that same effect but he's mostly bumping and selling here so it isn't as bad. Hirai and Araya gang up on him with decent strikes and slams. Kashin also gets in his typical spots but they aren't done with much snap to them and feel lethargic. Kimala lands a "hot tag" but it's pretty slow all things considered, involving some terrible chops. That said, he does land his big flying clothesline bit just fine so fair play? He also eats a double suplex which was pretty impressive. Finish has Kimala land a splash and a leg drop (which was fairly funny given Kashin had a cross armbreaker on at the same time and was begging the guy not to do it) before dumping Araya with a second one for the pin. Perfectly fine comedy bout if a bit slow in places. Hirai and Araya are a fine enough pair of hands in these conditions, managing to work around Kimala's limitations just fine while playing along with his typical guff. It's definitely not GOOD by any means, but if you fancy some more Kimala in your life it'll suffice."
[8.0] "This was a great fast-paced match between two stablemates. Mayu and Hazuki have terrific chemistry together, and it doesn't hurt that both are more than adept in high-speed matches. ****"
[7.0] "Mina worked the leg really well and Ami sold the hell out of it (I thought her selling was really impressive actually) scoring the former a big win. Mina seemed to tribute both Muta and Randy Orton? !"
[7.0] "I have only caught his early career so pardon me for that. He was so cute, damn. His pre mohawk-long haired look? Yummmyy LOL! He is on my short list of all time cutest most mo-*ahem* ok let's move on shall we? 3 Count was such a guilty pleasure, a highlight during that abysmal era of WCW. It was obvious Moore had a way to go, but he was also equally obviously busting his ass. By the time he was on the Smackdown! roster in 2002 that he started to really put his stuff together. Very watchable and still looking ultra fine with the long haired look. Then he changed his look and opted for a mohawk and makeup. He wasn't as eye candy anymore, but his wrestling still mostly was! As I rewatch, I remind myself to follow where his career went. I loved the potential. Notable chemistry with anyone of Japanese origin. 6.75 rounded up."
[10.0] "Will Ospreay strikes again. He shows here why he is one of the greatest in-ring performers of all time. He took a guy that has no "IT" Factor, who seems like a "C Player", and should not be in the Main Events, and elevated him to at least a "B Level". He also elevated Orange Cassidy with the title defense against him, and Orange Cassidy has been doing good to great matches ever since. This was the greatest David Finlay match of all time, which may never be topped by any other match that he has, and it is a MOTYC in my book. Rating for this match: ****3/4"
[5.0] "Unsurprisingly this ALSO starts with a pre-match brawl only it's a bit better because Kashin is good at these chaotic bits, hurling chairs around and the like. Loved Robbie cussing out the cameraman for being in the way lol. He works some cravat-heel hooks on Okumura's leg as well as snapping on a butterfly lock. Kashin and co beat up Hirai for a bit: Kashin's stuff is pretty dry and by the numbers. There's a bit too much no selling of strikes and uncooperative shit as there's a lot of "I'm not selling that" antics alongside sandbagging, namely when Brookside tries for a suplex and instead gets a really dangerous elevated DDT instead because he can't lift the guy. Hell, even Hirai and co can't sell for their own stuff as Okumura gets hit with a Hirai lariat when trying to hit Kashin and springs right back up like nothing. Kashin tries cheating via the hair pull when he's stuck in a chinlock but gets beaten up regardless. Kashin does step up his game a bit here as the two have some back and forth exchanges, ending in a very solid powerslam counter by Hirai. Okumura also gets some good work done before Kashin throws the ref into him and goes for a neckbreaker, but then doesn't get the pin counted because the ref is annoyed at him which was a funny bit. Brookside lands some flash pins but gets nowhere and is bombed with a stiff Hirai lariat and Okumura falcon arrow. Kashin tries cheating to help out the guy but fails, with Hirai getting the win after landing a Rock Bottom into a cradle pin. Not much to say: this was a pretty by the numbers filler bout with some good moments here and there but mostly very ehh. I liked the bombs from Hirai and co but Brookside doesn't really excel in random stuff like this and Kashin is....well he's what you'd expect from a no stakes match lol. Not terrible but I wouldn't say it was a must-watch either despite some enjoyable sections."
[6.0] "A few good matches at the start and finish with some pretty poor stuff in the middle. Some will claim the war games match was a classic but it wasn't at all to me. Could have been great if the Vader vs Hansen match was better and the Doom run didn't get cut short."
[] "a good match from both especially karl, tanahashi i didn't feel him here strongly, i see their iwgp heavyweight match was better more times than this but still watchable match and i didn't get frustrated of gallows interferes it was realistic, **** is a good rating"
[7.0] "***** from Meltzer is absolute nonsense to me and I just don't see how it's got such high ratings from so many here either, but each to their own! There were definitely fun moments in this from Pillman & Sting and the Steiners, but otherwise there was also a lot of just standard brawling. Fun and chaotic but hardly a classic to me. ***1/2"
[8.0] "Another great title defense from Lindaman. It's always catches you off guard when he does ridiculous feats of strength even though he does it in every match due to him being so small. Takanori Ito is also a beast and a future champ, everytime I've watched GLEAT he always stands out. Wish this would've happened in a bigger venue. ****"
[5.0] "I thought this was a match with a tremendous start but my interest somewhat petered out after that. Referee weirdly indifferent to interference even by puro standards, and what is with Stardom and the stiff headbutts lately? Not a big fan of that."
[7.0] "Good tag team match. As we all already know Motor City Machine Guns is one of the best tag teams, and they show it again in this good fight against Jay White and Chris Bey, in about 13 minutes they manage to give something dynamic, ingenious at various times and although not revolutionary, it's fine."
[] "With even weaker than their previous match this year, it's a redflag for NOAH, plz less pointless imitation and more practical focus.Further, the constant switching of titles highlights the instability of the league."
[6.0] "This was fine overall but never came together in a particularly interesting manner. The finish was fine but the sequence building to it never provided any excitement."
[4.0] "The first two squashes were enjoyable, it's always cool to see The Steiners and Yokozuna kill some poor jobbers! The final angle was good too, it did its job well of building up Hulk Hogan's eventual return the following week. Jimmy Hart was the MVP of the angle in my opinion, he did a heck of a selljob when Brutus was getting taken out on a stretcher. However, the actual main event match between Beefcake and DiBiase wasn't good and the less said about that pointless battle royal, the better. 15 minutes just to set up a 30-second Giant Gonzalez run-in in the end? You've gotta be shitting me. How about actually shooting an angle between Bret and Yoko as we get closer to Mania? No? Anyway, it wasn't horrible but the build-up towards Mania is far from being the greatest. At least Rob Bartlett was muted for most of this show, which is always a good thing!"
joethom wrote about AZM vs. Thekla:
[7.0] "Good showing by Thekla. AZM nails several beautiful, fast sequences and is a delight in these High Speed matches."
[8.0] "This was a really good main event though the extended interference sequences felt unnecessary. They didn't really add much to the overall match and I felt the one on one sequences between Sera and Syuri were great."
[2.0] "I'm not a fan of battle royals to begin with, much less one with nothing on the line that lasts 15 minutes and is nothing but a set-up for Giant Gonzalez to come down and throw a couple of guys out in 30 seconds in the end. Really? This was pointless and didn't make anyone look good. Razor Ramon "won" but this was all about putting Giant Gonzalez over heading into WrestleMania. A giant (no pun intended) waste of 15 minutes of television time. [1/2*]"
[8.0] "This was a lot of fun and they smartly used the different combinations in ring to give the match a quick, eager pace. Every interaction felt like it could lead to a pinfall. Great match."
[5.0] "ROWDY get their first taste of the Honma/Miyamoto pairing that they'll get to know better in the Tag League Finals. Turmeric Storm start things off with a pre-match ambush via double dropkicks and brawling. We get a few minutes of generic Korakuen outside brawling in crowds and whatever. I think we get a suplex on the outside by Honma given they motion for it and the crowd pops hard soon afterwards, but the camera pans away so it's impossible to tell. Miya and Sato exchange chops and punches, with the latter being kept down with leg work despite some submission teases. Yokoi runs interference so that Sato can recover and snap into a surprise rolling kneebar for a rope break. We get some okish exchanges between the four as Storm use snappy strikes and holds to halt ROWDY's attempts at getting back into the match, including Honma outstriking Yokoi with kicks. We get some pretty crappy strikes between him and Miyamoto as well as they limply chop the other. He gets beaten down a bit until Honma's running lariat is countered into a big hip toss, leading to a hot tag by Sato. He runs in with closed fists and a cross armbreaker but is dropkicked in the face for his troubles. Him and his partner do a pretty cool backdrop/top rope dropkick combination, followed up with a solid pair of Uranage shots for a near fall. Honma tries fighting back with some decent bits where he's going for surprise pins and strikes, but him and Yokoi end up botching a spot (which I think was supposed to be a German suplex? ) instead stumbling over. The finish has them repeat the spot, only Honma successfully lands the running elbow this time. Yokoi dodges a second attempt, lands a good knee to the head before Sato lands a closed fist from the apron. This stuns Honma enough to get pinned off Yokoi's follow-up German suplex for the upset. Not particularly great: there's a lot of bits here that felt aimless, and ROWDY still feel pretty green given their inexperience. Miyamoto is fine albeit generic in offence and lacking selling-wise, Honma carries the bulk of the actual ring work here. Given this was mostly paced around iffy strikes and whatnot, it wasn't particularly built to its strengths. Add the meaningless pre-match brawl and limb work and this just came across pretty much as filler."
[7.0] "MIRAI doesn't do much on offense and it hurts the middle portion where she is in control. Kamitani is compelling enough to make the match good overall and is able to add excitement to the match with her offense and charisma. I came away impressed with her and disappointed in MIRAI."
[6.0] "Shenanigans and an absolutely pathetic looking way for the legendary Hiroshi Tanahashi to taste defeat. After the match, Switchblade finally got a taste of what betrayal feels like. So his character finally received some kind of comeuppance."
[3.0] "The moments that Doom were able to manhandle the Freebirds it was OK but otherwise it was pretty trash and that finish was so dumb. *3/4"
[5.0] "A very mediocre show top to bottom with not a single truly good match, instead just a bunch of fine and alright ones. Bailey vs Evans was very underwhelming. Okay chemistry, but a lot of dead air between exchanges, and lots of overly choreographed spots. Some trades and spots were cool, but most were pretty uninspired. Usual Bailey signature-move spam, too. Just way too tame of an opener. **3/4. Callihan and Maclin did some low-effort brawling before we got Sabin & Kushida vs Deaner & Young, which was alright. Kushida had his fluid grappling, Sabin had generally good energy, and Young and Deaner had decently aggressive beatdown work. Kushida and Sabin hit some nice tag spots, but Young and Deaner's weren't as interesting. Some nice exchanges but nothing more. **3/4. Horus vs Bandido was your standard mindless lucha spotfest. Noticeable awkwardness at the start, but many athletically impressive and fast-paced exchanges/spots after that. Definitely still overly choreographed and overkill, but it succeeded in being mindless action. ***. Callihan vs Maclin then properly started, and it was incredibly mediocre. 50% was fine but very generic hardcore spots, and the other 50% was Callihan making embarrassingly melodramatic "LOOK HOW CRAZY I AM" faces. Maclin showed good offence at points but was heavily handcuffed by the stipulation + Callihan **1/2. The Bullet Club vs Honor No More 10-man tag was the same old junk they always do. This feud has long since run out of steam. Aside from a few impressive spots from Austin and Bey, this was made up of very mediocre spots lacking any real creativity, flash, grace, or intensity, and there were many extremely boring brawling and weapon spots. **1/4. Grace vs Mia was another very mediocre match. Their chemistry wasn't awful but was still pretty limited, since they often looked quite uncoordinated. Grace, despite being a 'powerhouse', rarely had any truly explosive attacks, whereas Mia always looked far too slow and 'careful' to have any remotely convincing attacks of her own (aside from her shoot kicks, which still lacked proper technique despite being stiff). Their 50/50 mirror exchanges were always very generic and hokey. Their few big spots were mildly entertaining yet still pretty uninspired. **1/2. Alexander vs Shelley had a few cool ideas but mostly ended up being a generic, try-hard 'epic' that fell very short of its goal. The first 2/3rds were filled with lots of pretty unengaging technical work despite still being good technique-wise. Shelley's arm-targeting and Alexander's corresponding arm-selling was pretty good, but that was it. Their bigger exchanges were faster-paced and more creative, yet still lacking in intensity. Alexander's very outright no-selling of Shelley's big moves (even his finisher) was awful -- completely unjustified. Their rapid trades in the final 1/3rd were decent apart from that, though still nothing special. Match was ultimately only alright at best. ***"
[9.0] "Now this was a great show. I mean what a great, great show with memorable, fantastic matches. Stardom should always load up their Korakuen Hall shows, and make them live always."
[8.0] "What a great match. A great, great, violent match that surprised me with the result. The kick out after the Violent Screwdriver made me audibly gasp and jump from my bed. ****"
[9.0] "A match people have been waiting for, especially with Hazuki joining Mayu's STARS and becoming the Number Two of the group. She has cache and people were curious what would happen. Well... HZK would instantly try and roll Mayu up, then proceed to get violent and beat the piss outta one another. ****1/4"
[8.0] "Giulia and Momo started this by whacking one another with the turnbuckle pads. Nutsos. This was a match where Momo had nothing to lose, and made it her mission to be as violent as possible and make sure Giulia loses. ****"
[8.0] "What a great match. I initially thought her final Driver she did was a move she tried doing all tournament until landing it here but I was wrong, she did it in like the second match of the tournament. Mina looked incredible here, and as long as she doesnt rely on the Figure 4 the whole time, she can keep being amazing. ***3/4"
[8.0] "Yeah, I loved this. It was indeed the battle of claps, and MIRAI is forming into a formidable, incredible worker. Kid herself continues to evolve, and her adding that technical side rules. MIRAI holding a Super Lariat where she jumps and puts her whole back into it makes her even better. ****"
[9.0] "This was a heck of a donnybrook and had me almost convinced Finlay was going to win even though I knew the result ahead of time. Really hoping to see more of him now. Intense match throughout, really good stuff."
[7.0] "Saki Kashima wrestling wise hasnt had a great tournament, but booking wise she has had an incredible tournament. Look at who she has beaten in this Red Block, and this match in particular was fun. That swing from Risa, with Saki's bean sprout size really took off. ***1/2"
[9.0] "I was really excited for this match, as I loved their tournament match from a year ago and their title match in July. Even then, I was still blown away. Headbutt aside, I loved this match. These two simply never miss against each other, put on a crazy display yet again and this time, it went down to the wire. With the 15-minute time limit, every minute was crucial. The finish made Tam looked strong in defeat, and the aftermath showed that there are still more chapters left to be added in their underrated rivalry."
[9.0] "People have waited years to see these two go at it again, gave up on that dream for over a year and now, almost a year after HZK finally returned, it finally happened. This time it was with them as teammates, it was everything I wanted it to be. They started at a high level and never stopped. Mayu took a beating in the first half, but rallied fast and the two just kept trying to kill each other until the end. They did more in this 10 minute match than a lot of people do in a 25 or 30 minute match. What a blast from start to finish. ****1/4"
[6.0] "They didn't help or work well together I thought. Never expected much from these two against one another and I wasn't surprised. **3/4"
[9.0] "One of the best pairings in WWE history deliver a hell of a main event still leaving a lot of the story to be told in epic fashion later on."
[7.0] "Any time Poi and Iida are wrestling, it is a hilarious affair. Saya chops her and Natsupoi cries. This isn't as good as their prior match earlier this year but it still ruled. ***1/4"
[6.0] "Two of the most gifted women in the ring at this time in WWE delivering on a short but satisfying match, Victoria is really underrated, fantastic heel work"
[8.0] "You know a match is serious when both parties head straight for the turnbuckle pads and have a sword fight with them. We got tons of interference shortly after because all of Momo? s matches have to have them now, but it was over within a minute or two. Thankfully we got some great wrestling after that, and even though Momo cheated again, at least Giulia got booked like a superwoman and it took a ton of finishers to finish her. Gotta make Giulia Reigns look strong and all."
[8.0] "I am super tempted to give this a 10 because of how happy it made me. The match was really good, the crowd got really into it and it felt like a mini-title match down the stretch. Mina's been consistent with her gameplans, many of which have often failed her in this tournament by the end. It finally paid off here, as got her the biggest win of her career. The crowd was audible when she pulled off the win and I can't wait for her white belt title match, even if she loses it whenever it happens. If she wins it'll be one of the best feel-good stories Stardom has told in recent years, maybe one of its happiest ever."
[7.0] "You put this as a match and it is bound to be good. Hanan continues to show she is very good, and once she graduates high school she will take it to another level, and Suzu just rules. ***1/2"
[3.0] "This didn't do much sadly, bad spot for them and the thing didn't flow properly at all, was just kinda there"
[8.0] "This match singlehandedly made me a big Johnny Gargano fan and before this I hardly knew who he was. Him and Chad Gable absolutely wrestled the roof off of the building. I can't even choose who was the better person here because it was so back and forth, I loved all the spots and it was so classical. Another thing I really liked about it is that even though it wasn't too amazing it sets the standard for what a match on Raw should be. I hope Johnny and Chad both get a push very soon."
[7.0] "A quality match that had the potential to be better. Mirai's been improving on character work lately, while SLK is well-rounded, and the size vs. speed matchup made this intriguing on paper. It's a good match worth watching, even if it could've been great or close to it."
[7.0] "Fantastic job from Flair, his offense looked convincing as he was teaching Kenny a lesson, but it's his selling that makes Kenny look like so much more of a big deal. Worth watching for Old Man Flair going all in on atttempting to put a young kid over."
[7.0] "So far in this tournament, Saki Kashima has beaten the reigning 300-day red belt champ, the previous 400-day red belt champ, the former 300-day white belt champ, a former Goddess and Future champion and now the leader of Prominence. She got dominated for 80% of this match but all that matters is that she got the W. Thank you Rossy for giving us long-suffering Saki fans a lot more joy this year than usual."
[6.0] "This was okay. It went six and a half minutes and I barely remember anything from it, other than thinking it was okay. The result was predictable and the match was fine."
[7.0] "These two always have good encounters and this was no different. Nine minutes of really good wrestling where Iida got closer to beating Poi, but fell just short. Maybe one day she'll beat her, but this wasn't that day. I wish her record was better but, seeing how this is just her first Grand Prix, I'm hopeful that next year will go much better for her."
[7.0] "Another good match for Hanan in this tournament, as she keeps showing she's getting closer and closer to greatness. She's still got a decent amount of work to do, but she's been consistently good/very good in every match this tournament. She took the loss here, but she had spirited showing once again."
[9.0] "When the schedule for the Grand Prix was first announced, this was one of the shows that really stood out. Giulia vs. Momo and Tam vs. Syuri are matchups that have an intense recent history and always deliver, while Mayu vs. Hazuki was a match that, until the latter returned last year, was a match that many thought they would never see again. AZM/Koguma could co-headline any smaller Grand Prix show, same with Mirai/SLK, while Mina/Saya, Iida/Poi and Saki/Risa were all intriguing on paper too. So when it was announced as a show that would be on Samurai TV, I was excited to check it out live. HZK/Mayu and Syuri/Tam were phenomenal and title match quality. Giulia/Momo was too for the most part, but the interference and cheating has worn out its welcome, and the fact that it took so much to put Super Giulia down is kind of annoying. Mina/Saya was fantastic down the stretch, with a great second half and a result that made the crowd audibly react. I loved the ending of that match. AZM and Koguma have faced off a lot over the past year, with some fun encounters in stipulation multi-man and tag matches, as well as high speed title matches. There was quite a bit of comedy in this one, but the action was also good. Saki/Risa was a one-sided match with a fun beginning and a result I loved, while SLK/Mirai was a really good match that also had a result I was a fan of. Iida/Poi was very good too, and while Momo Kohgo vs. SAKI was the most forgettable match on the card, it was fine and short. The opening match was predictable but a good way to start. This was a strong card that not only lived up to expectations, but even surpassed them at times. I thought two matches were worthy of at least a 9, two others that were an 8, and everything but Kohgo vs. SAKI was a 7 at worst. The fact that we got some upsets along the way spiced it up even more, and the start time was really fan friendly. Those intangibles are enough to elevate it to a 9 for me, as the Grand Prix hits the final stretch and several outcomes are still on the table. I hope the winner winds up being a surprise and not predictable when all is said and done. If it is predictable, it'd be a disappointing way to cap a mostly awesome tournament."
[5.0] "I will start this by saying that Iyo has been amazing lately. She is treating this call up so seriously and it shows. I actually preferred Dakota here then I did in her match at Clash At The Castle. Raquel was also amazing as usual. The biggest problem here was Aliyah but even she wasn't awful. So the problem with this match wasn't any of the wrestlers in the match but I think it was just too quick and not enough cool spots were given. The right people won which is a joy but definitely not one for the books."
[9.0] "Underrated on here in my opinion! Excellent match with OC having an answer for everything PAC had due to their extensive history, and using his taunting to get into PAC's skin, leading him to break and ultimately cheat to win. Very well told story and really entertaining"
[8.0] "A definite improvement on the first Showcase event and not just because of the Grand Prix matches. Hanan/Saya was good and SLK/Suzu was fantastic, but the showcase matches themselves had some key improvements from the first edition. The Falls Count Anywhere match wasn't as good from an in-ring perspective, but it was so perfectly hilarious and entertaining that I loved it even more than the first. Stardom does comedy really well when it tries, and this had several laugh out loud moments that I really enjoyed. The hardcore match was also better than the one from the first show, as Ruaka fit her role much better than Mai did the first time around, while Giulia and Momo put on a fantastic blitz to set the tone. Rina's always perfect in these matches and she nailed it again, making this a clear improvement on the one from volume 1. I didn't enjoy the cosmic summer match nearly as much as I hoped to, and the main event was largely forgettable because Yuna and Nanae as the mystery partners were a letdown for me and made me largely tune out the match, so why does this show get an 8 instead of a 7? I already mentioned the Falls Count Anywhere match being perfect and the hardcore match being better than show 1, and how great SLK/Suzu was. What gives it that final bump is the weird but really fun bodybuilding contest or whatever it was. Everyone was having so much fun with it, including Giulia, Mayu and Syuri, and Saya and Thekla were naturals. Waka had fun too, but Hazuki corpsing so much made it even better. Add in the DJ doing a better job and you've got a clearly better show than part one, sans two disappointing matches. Volume 3 is in 2 months. I'm both excited and hopeful that the great things can stay intact, and the meh/bad stuff can be scrapped or improved upon."
Spanky wrote about CM Punk:
[10.0] "My comment cant do CM Punk justice. Anything u could want in a wrestler is there and in spades. He is untouchable on promos, he is right up there with Mick Foley or The Rock. He is a very polarizing individual and a lot of people hate the guy but there is no denying his talent. It's insane how over he is with the fans in modern wrestling. His return to wrestling was phenomenal and the best moment in AEWs young history. One of the best returns OF wrestling. The reaction he got then may never be replicated in wrestling ever again. I recommend listening to his ROH shoots because they give great insight into his wrestling mind before he went to the WWE. The fact that he was able to have great matches with Brock Lesnar or Undertaker and Rock while completely demoralized really shows how much passion he puts into the industry. Not to mention the fact that he worked for months with a staff infection. In my opinion, he should retire. And spend the rest of his years with his wife and dog Larry. In case you couldn't tell CM Punk is my favorite wrestler and the fans and bookers of the future will definitely remember him. And id say for the better."
[7.0] "This match was by no means bad. I do feel like it wasn't as good as it could have been due to interference and not living up to expectations but you could tell they were really working to make this match entertaining and it did have some stellar moments. Good showing for Finn and Riddle."
crs285 wrote about Bull James:
[6.0] "Always found Bull James to be a good big man. Can work both heel and face well. Has pretty good mic skills and can connect with a crowd."
[6.0] "A fun sprint where Hanan continued her momentum and got a nice win over a teammate. Both her and Saya have had a rough go in terms of standings but good matches, and this was entertaining too. Hanan deserved to end her tournament on a winning streak after putting so much consistent work in and having so many entertaining efforts throughout it, and Saya will hopefully end her own tournament run with a win over Mirai. If this got another minute or two, it would've been a 7. For as short as it was, it's an easy to digest 6/10 match that's worth watching."
[7.0] "Steel cage matches are always fun on Raw and this was no exception. The angles that were in this match were very fun and are exactly what has made Bobby's title run so entertaining to watch, having good matches like this are what puts the United States Championship on top. To me, Dexter Lumis came at the perfect time, it made Miz look like he was about to win and Dexter took that which is going to make this feud that much better. At several points in this match I thought either man could win which was very fun. Bobby has been great with this belt and I am excited to see what he does next."
[9.0] "Yeah this was awesome as advertised. The back and forth, the battle of the elbows, the double slaps, all of it. They started okay and heated up very quickly. The final minutes were electric, one count and all, and a draw seemed possible for a short moment. The aftermath was heated and these two clearly aren't finished with each other. One of the best matches of the tournament, and a great way to head into the final show of the Grand Prix. Completely disagree that it's the only match that mattered on this show, because real ones know that Fall's Count Anywhere match was a bonafide classic. ****1/4"
[8.0] "A personal dream match of mine. This was fantastic and delivered on the exact kind of strong style action I wanted."
[4.0] "I don't know, I felt so numb to this match when Nanae and Yuna turned out to be the mystery reapers. Nanae's already done her whole passion bs twice the last few months, Yuna hasn't been a regular in Stardom since 2015 and now they're doing this? And they're in the tag league, potentially part of an old unit from Stardom's distant past, which most fans don't care about at all anymore? I can't remember much of anything about this bloated match, except not enjoying it and wondering when it would be over. This ruined the vibe of most of the show for me."
[8.0] "I thought this was better than the hardcore match from the first showcase show, at least at the start. Giulia and Momo started out heated and set the tone. Rina did her thing, Ruaka was okay and there were some creative spots down the stretch. Was it amazing? No, but this sort of match rarely is. The guitar spot was gnarly and it started getting long in the tooth a bit as it went on, but I liked it for the most part."
[4.0] "I wanted to like this a lot more than I did. The fact that Tam and Poi were in it gave me hope that it would be more fun and less of a mess than the first, and a lot more funny too. Instead it felt longer, more confusing, less stuff happened and it had the same ending. It felt like a bad imitation of the first one. Beginning and Daichi getting beat up aside, this was disappointing."
[10.0] "One hundred percent pure unadulterated extreme nonstop hilarity from throughout the first half, with some good wrestling mixed into the second half. You know something is epic when even Utami is corpsing throughout. I had such a blast watching this that forget logic, this gets a 10/10 sheerly from an entertainment perspective."
[9.0] "I thought this was phenomenal, the best match on the show and probably my 3rd favorite match of the tournament. Their title match a few months ago was great but this was even better. They went full throttle from the start, with a bit off grappling before Tam said nah, V triggered Syuri on the ropes, dived from the top and then gave her a German back in the ring. The kicks from Syuri are always amazing, we got a German on the floor , the submission work was great and the finish was too. I love Tam Nakano. ****1/4 close to ****1/2"
[6.0] "Surprised to see this get such critical acclaim. It was pretty good but that's about it for me, neither man particularly captivated me with their work. Luger showed some fire but Spivey was just pretty dull to me. Good match but nothing special. ***1/4"
[2.0] "Horrible show. one of the worst WrestleManias of all time. Far too many screwy finishes for a big Pay Per View like this. The only matches I enjoyed were HBK and Tatanka (which ended in a countout) Steiner Bros vs Headshrinkers and Lex vs Perfect. Razor and Backlund could have been good but it had no time to be. Bam Bam and Kamala could have been good but the match was cut so we could get Double Doinks. Yipee!"
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