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[6.0] "Pure squash with KTB and Shane Mercer putting a beating on 44OH's goons, Bobby Beverly and Eric Ryan. Very satisfying considering how 44OH hijacked the event from Joey Janela, this didn't need to be anything more."
[6.0] "Decent undercard six-man opener at Dominion, it wasn't anything special but gave the crowd something to cheer on. I really seem to dig Kidd's recent performances day-by-day, he looked brave going up against Nagata though he had to eat the pin like all the Young Lions should in a specific tag team match. Loved how the crowd were clapping on the amount of strikes that occurred during the chop exchanges between Honma and Kojima, it brought enough energy into the atmosphere. The other New Japan dads, including Taguchi, pretty much did their thing out there. (***)"
[7.0] "Very good. Veery very good. This one maybe has some mistakes here and there (and one big problem in the false finshes.. too much) but it has the X factor for the GCW wrestling style. Great feeling, spots and intensity. A feeling of starpower too (that's the X factor, two minor names for the big leagues that are gods around here)."
[6.0] "Solid opener between two very young wrestlers, plenty of room for both of them to grow. Charlie's Fire Thunder Driver on Billie Starkz to win it was sickening, could be something that'll be revisited a couple of times before they get signed."
[6.0] "I have a lot of expectations on this match and they are well satisfied. Maybe not in a total sufficient way nonetheless. The exchanges are good and some main spots too but it lacks a bit of great fight feel."
[6.0] "This one could be a lot better. It's a good extreme match but it doesn't really explode, never. Anyway a nice dose of extreme hardcore wrestling (that will be even better later). I think that MASADA is not totally cleared physically."
[7.0] "This was an energetic opener with good action and interesting content, I really liked what Rush and Connors do together here. They have two completely different styles but they still connected well and delivered a quality match-up with some good counters and sequences. Seeing Rush win with his Cutter was something that surprised me but didn't bother me, the win was for him here no matter what and I hope he goes far in this tournament. Good opening match."
[6.0] "After the winning of Acid Cup 3 by Jordan Oliver, he puts on a good match against Lio Rush. Not something to being crazy but a solid and very satisfactory match. Good pace and spots, hoping for better march for Oliver from now."
[7.0] "This match is a good sequel of the good stuff of yesterday with Aramis and Arez. Good to see also Black Taurus. The match is spotfest oriented of course and it's very nice, good multimen match just in the beginning."
[7.0] "Where to start. The match has a pretty messy structure at first. It has violent and colorful spots. Gage eats the most minus the jump from the RSP building. The Americans always add interventions at the end to make it more "epic" and the only thing it does for me is to remove credibility from the match. Finally RSP loses the title. Mox in theory the first challenger, I like him. *** 1/2"
[6.0] "I was expecting a good match between these two and i got it, but i was not particularly thrilled with it. As i said a good match, but nothing more"
[6.0] "from at show named "murder" i aspect more blood and deathmatch. maybe at the end but the first hour even in hardcroe situatuons wera soft. some entertainging match but the concept of the title must be more dangerous and violent"
[8.0] "Very good show with two big problems that keep it from the elite level of GCW shows. The sound quality was off; the crowd sounded dead you could hear the impact of the lighttubes or boards in the deathmatches. Far, far worse is the treatment of the main event angle. They spent years building this up, Gage returns from injury and finally defeats RSP, and they immediately undercut to suck up to AEW and Jon "Nick Gage Lite" Moxley. I'm sure it will benefit them and make them some good money, but it let the air out of the room for me and absolutely is not something I'm interested in. Anyway, with that out of the way, all the big time matches delivered. Janela vs Dickson was a blast, Gage bumped like an absolute madman, and Cogar had a star making showcase by getting that good of a match out of 2021 MASADA."
[9.0] "Clearly one of the best matches of the evening. It was intense, violent, technical. And now I'm wondering: who will be able to beat WALTER to become NXT UK champion? It seems impossible!"
[6.0] "This was a decent match with Teoman continuing to showcase his aggression well. Josh Morrell looked decent and hopefully he can get a win soon."
[6.0] "The result has never been in doubt i think, but the match was overall well fought in my humble opinion."
[7.0] "Very good ladder matxh, very well paced and with a couple of good spots. Happy that escobar won, i think it's the right choice"
[5.0] "This Battle Royale surprised me enough at times. Ali interacting with Retribution, that I expected, but him taking out the two most massive members of the group, I didn't expect that. Kalisto hoping to be friends with Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado again, I expected that, but I didn't expect a Jey Uso win. I thought Shinsuke Nakamura would win."
[7.0] "This was a dynamic tag team match that I really liked, I know the talent of these four great workers but I didn't expect something so good and energetic. It was short but they never dropped the pace, the action was fluid and everything was interesting from start to finish, I love that kind of tag team action. Lucha House Party are criminally underrated it's crazy, I like each of their matches and they always put on great performances, they deserve much better but in any case they pick up a little win here and this is cool for them. Garza & Tozawa did well too, good heel-work from them. Cool match."
[1.0] "This wasn't good. Henry offers absolutely nothing, as his work here could be best described as totally generic big man "monster" style. Taker sells well & tries to create as much drama as he could do with it, but it just doesn't work & the action is almost completely lifeless."
[6.0] "This was a solid match even if it was too short, but despite the short duration they still managed to entertain me with some good technical wrestling. It was nothing incredible, nothing transcendent but it was fun for what it was. Mansoor & Gulak have a good chemistry but unfortunately their matches in Main Event are always too short and never exceed 5 minutes, while if we would give them for example 10 minutes in 205 Live they could deliver us something fantastic. I still enjoyed this short bout and it's a good win for Mansoor, even if the roll-up finishes are getting too much for him."
[7.0] "Everybody knows about the angle leading up to it, which was excellent, and the actual match has a pretty legendary reputation within the lore, and for a good reason. This really was one of the rare times when the women were given a chance like this, and Mickie & Trish definitely delivered when they got it here. Nice, good ol' fashioned wrasslin' psychology with Mickie targeting Trish's leg w/ a nice focus, which Trish also sold nicely. There's also a couple of pretty nice singular moments of offense by both competitors, with one of the prime examples being Trish's very nice back elbow in the early going. It's a damn good match."
[8.0] "This was a very good battle royal here, much better than I expected. It was not too long, not too short, and it definitely belonged here rather than in Mania. The fact that this match is on SmackDown probably makes me less severe but I never expect anything from a battle royal anyway, and this one surprised me a little bit. It's sad to see so many great talents gathered in a meaningless match like this but it made this match enjoyable, there were a lot of sequences that I loved and some of them were able to shine a little bit, I'm thinking of Murphy and Kalisto who we never see anymore and who got a little bit of TV-time here. Some good storytelling too in this match with the three members of Lucha House Party, and also between Ali, T-BAR and MACE. I enjoyed this a lot, and the result must play a role too because I'm a huge fan of Jey Uso, this is a well deserved win for his fantastic work in the last months."
[9.0] "This is absolutely a great match with a lot of exciting kick, strike and suplex, Devlin showed his talent and breakout in the next year."
[] "They worked well together, I am to see the High Speed Title is in good hands after AZM's reign, after seeing this her Title win, and the White Belt match, I have become very confident in her abilities."
[7.0] "A match I enjoyed more than I though I would end up doing, a good match on an above average show 3. 75*"
[9.0] "Much like he did to Randy Orton & Triple H before, Mick Foley makes Edge a man here. It's a fantastic hardcore fight, making perfect use of the stipulation with some of the most amazingly brutal moments including Edge's hip toss counter to Foley onto the steps, Foley banging Edge's face into that steel platter, the TACKS, Foley's awesome rampage-run w/ that barbed wire bat, and of course then there's that finish. The Spear through the flaming table? Iconic."
Arc wrote about AEW Dynamite #80:
[5.0] "A decent Dynamite for this week. The storyline development overall was good, Jericho's promo on the Pinnacle was fantastic. This episode was let down by two things. One was the lack of big matches on the card. None of the matches were worthy of anything over 3 stars, and only the last 3 were even worth watching. The second issue was ending the show with a main event that introduces the same wishy-washy back and forth with the Bucks and Omega. As a fan of everyone in the main event, watching this story still playing out is getting really tiring, and it's interfering with some great potential matches. My two ideal outcomes are the Bucks turning face, losing the titles to Death Triangle, and then feuding with Omega. Or the Bucks turn heel, lose/keep the titles, and feud with Moxley, Kingston and another tag team that would add some variety to these matches. That could be any combination of Death Triangle, the Sydals, I'd even take a wildcard pick like the Dark Order at this point."
[7.0] "After two understandard Bloodsport, this one came back with a vengeance! Every match were good and the main event was great."
[8.0] "Finally a top notch match by Mox in this type of things. After a delusional bout with Chris Dickinson and a good one with Davey Boy, thanks to the mat awerness of Barnett and the blood ofc, we have a helluva fight here!"
[6.0] "Very good mat psychology to push the suplexes and the other projections. A good win for Dickinson that win not so much in this events."
[8.0] "Well, not a masterpiece but what a proof by Chavo Guerrero! Never saw a match like this for him, great psychology."
[6.0] "Royce Isaacs is another one that in this type of matches deliver the goods even in victory or defeat. Another good match."
[6.0] "Very solid match, Simon Grimm is always a guarantee in this type of fight. Good to start get hype for the show."
[5.0] "A warm up show for the best to come. Just some good things in spots and matches, nothing more to watch this."
[4.0] "Another between the worst match of the weekend. Jimmy Lloyd without a proper opponent is one of the worst wrestler, my god."
[6.0] "The match is pretty satisfactory but the great thing comes with the finish and the final spot, go to check it out."
[6.0] "Another satisfactory match without any peaks. I'm not a fan of Jordan Oliver but he will able to capture the Acid Cup the next day."
[6.0] "An okay match that is pretty disappointing considering the talent and star power that was in the ring. I'm really not enjoying the Bucks flipflopping every other week, and despite their talent in-ring I can't stand watching their promos. Would also love to see The Good Brothers gone from AEW as they turn every main event into a six-man tag and actively serve to bring down the matches they're in, in my opinion."
[6.0] "Satisfactory match of course. I'm always fine with Tre Lamar performances and this one with Cogar is very good."
[5.0] "Decent match between two decent wrestlers. I don't really see Bunny being too big in AEW, but she'll serve perfectly as a midcard heel in my opinion. Tay put on a good performance too, very happy to see her continue proving and have a main title run towards the end of this year."
[3.0] "One of the least good, let's say worst, match of the weekend. Bad finish and nothing remarkable between the spots."
[5.0] "Well, spotty oriented match without a proper narration. Okay, maybe satisfactory but away of every interest indeed."
[6.0] "She's very young and is already pretty good. She's going to be something in the future, that seems almost certain."
[5.0] "Main event for Day 1 for Acid Cup 3. A bit delusional, AJ Gray doesn't delivered his high standard match but it's not an ugly one of course. He will be eliminated the day after and will make a good match against JTG then."
[6.0] "Better match for Jimmy Lloyd here after a bad main event in the previous show. The Thee Way rules helped the contest and the victory by Cole Radrick is okay for the tournament. This was the only non one on one match for the tourney."
[5.0] "Gargano is frustrating to watch at times. This match exemplified all of my nitpicks with Gargano and his Takeover matches in particular. Everyone seems to be forced into inevitably working a Gargano style match and this was no exception despite Bronson Reed being much heavier. That is not to say this match is bad but there are always a few spots in any given Gargano match that I just roll my eyes at. Between taking a ridiculous amount of punishment or in this match having Reed take a poisonrana, Johnny Takeover matches wind up feeling a bit repetitive for me. For the second Takeover in a row the wrong guy went over. The character work being inconsistent also loses me. One week Johnny will be a whining coward and the next he flips a switch and acts like a fighting champion. It is time to shake up the NA title scene."
[7.0] "Surprie here! I admit that I don't know these wrestlers but this was one of the best match here. Good action and pace, very good!"
[6.0] "A surprisingly good showing between these two. JD impressed me in this fight, he looked very competent. Still waiting on a Darby match that impresses me, but he's again capable of putting on decent matches. Would've liked this match to be a bit faster paced though."
[5.0] "I must say that I am not a fan of JBL using Eddie's death to get heat in this match. Other than that, this is a pretty solid midcard number, but maybe not as good as I had hoped for. Featured quite a bit of heel-shiz by Bradshaw that I didn't really care about. The match shined the most when it was Benoit grinding him down & he had to look deep for potential answers. It's an ok match overall, but as I implied, on paper this had potential to be something much more memorable."
[4.0] "A pretty 'meh' tag match between these two. Both teams on their own are okay, but together they didn't really deliver more than a competent match with a couple of small botches."
[6.0] "I don'know at 100% if it was scripted or not (I don't really think so anyway) but this was a unfortunate match. Up to the stop (with JJ Garrett puking) I found it very good and it was a pity that it was stopped at only 5 minutes."
[5.0] "Well, not a great match. In this type of tournament you can easily fade out in the card and names. Jordan Oliver advances and will be the winner of the tournament itself in the end. Dunno if it's the better choice but that's all."
[7.0] "One of the best match of the tourney. Nice spots and wrestling outside of the ring thanks to Laredo Kid."
[6.0] "Nice opener for the show and for the entire weekend too. Solid match, in this type of bout Tankman delivers better than in any other type of match. His journey in the tourney will end after but nice start."
[6.0] "More of the same of the previous day. Good final match and the other by Lee Moriarty too. Upset victory by Jordan Oliver, I hope for better performances by him in the future."
[6.0] "Solid show but not good as Spring Break for example. The best bout is Chris Dickinson/Brian Cage, a bit delusional the main event."
[7.0] "One of the best show so far in this Wrestlemania weekend. Great main event and great post match, very nice Janela/Dickinson too."
[8.0] "Looking back, I'm seriously impressed with how this match was laid out. Attempts at locking up and "feeling each other out" quickly dissolved into a brawl through the crowd area, before returning to ringside where it's mostly one major spot after another, all of which never came across as contrived or unnatural thanks to their clever use of positioning and preparation. The tension between both guys had been built up over the last couple months and made for some very cathartic moments here even before reaching the 10 minute mark. Styles for most of the match brought the fight to Roman with a fire rarely seen from anyone on that 2016 main roster, while also taking some fantastic bumps onto announce tables. Despite not really selling much, Roman also plays his part well and nails some impressive power moves in what is quite likely his best singles match at this point in his career. However, he's facing an AJ Styles working like he has the biggest chip on his shoulder; it's hard to compare with a one-of-a-kind talent motivated like that. The interference with Usos & Good Brothers did feel ill-timed at first, but they do add a level of unpredictability to the result while maintaining the ebb and flow already set. It's roughly 20 minutes of action that gives a lot of shine to Reigns' best qualities. ****1/4"
[10.0] "Loved this. A much hyped match, this had a big fight feel. Great setting for this outdoors. GREAT moment where Barnett gets busted open, falls out of the ring (which feels extra special because it's such a rarity at Bloodsport) and Mox just launches himself at him. From this point on it's frantic and chaotic with Barnett busting Mox open hardway with repeated elbows. The DDT and Death Valley Driver both looked sick. Great finish with Barnett just stomping a bloody Moxley into the mat. What a visual, what a bout."
[4.0] "The idea of Ric Flair in a MITB match is WILD. He even takes a nasty Superplex off the ladder from Matt Hardy! What a man. That was THE spot of the entire match too. Overall, this is one of the more forgettable MITB bouts, or at least one of the most forgettable WM MITB matches. A couple of cool spots like that Flair one yes, but all in all, there just isn't much to it. It's still easy to watch though, as it's a multi-man ladder match & they kept it really short for a match of its type."
[5.0] "Kross? best performance to date. Was not as good as I had hoped it would be, baring in mind what Balor has gone through in previous bouts and still retained, the finish felt illigitamate to me. Balor carried this match and kept the pace up for Kross. It just didn? t do it for me. A good match, but not the best on the card. ***3/4"
[10.0] "Perfect go-home show, with three of the best promos of the year. God am I excited for Bryan v Roman v Edge!"
[9.0] "Simply an excellent match that's unfortunately overlooked. Very reminiscent of the Rainmaker shock in 2012, where the new guy has all the answers to the star's signature moves and takes control early on. Jay White only loses momentum when he overshoots his control, giving Omega the opportunity to hit significant offensive breakthroughs throughout the match. For how often the V-Trigger is spammed in his matches, here they possess a devastating power that rips the advantage away from Switchblade. Jay's prone selling and methods of avoiding his opponent's set-ups not only display Kenny's clear dominance towards the end, but also plays into what would eventually be Omega's downfall; his overconfidence. He is more than happy to land devastating move one after the other, yet White still refuses to lose, giving us one of the most creative yet simple kickouts in recent memory. The exhaustion of both wrestlers play a key role to the finishing stretch, sucking the instant excitement out of White's comeback stretch and keeping Omega protected as one of New Japan's top talent. White smoothly counters a One-Winged Angel into a crushing 2nd Blade Runner for the victory. A significant improvement from White's previous match against Tanahashi that keeps Omega strong moving forward and establishes White's cunning, winning the IWGP US Title by the skin of his teeth. So so good, yet unfortunately still overlooked. ****1/2"
[9.0] "A fantastic PPV top to bottom with little flaws and all matches performing according to their significance and placing on the card. I have a few complaints however which prevent this from being a 10. Those being that the Konami/Syuri match was too short and I? m sure if it was longer it would have been a mat grappling and submission wrestling classic but it did not even go over 500 seconds. The tag team match was solid , not bad in any retrospect but just not impressive enough. The all star rumble was a success in its own right from the view that we got to see familiar faces from the Joshi world , past and present and some stars got their shine namely Mina , Unagi , Starlight kid and Iida mixed with shenanigans and goofiness that I enjoyed. It was still a decent time filler for the PPV and the in ring quality was not upto the standard . it was still good to see , despite the few dragging issues. Everything after that was just spectacular and high quality . I liked the Momo/Nanae match and the Konami/Syuri match as well despite it being too short but it delivered . Then , the last three matches were simply phenomenal and amazing. No words to describe the emotion and spirit in those encounters. It felt like everybody was pouring their heart out and having fun and in a good way not that it was them being sloppy and goofy but in the way that it felt that everybody had the motivation to perform and they did . Saya became a star this night and so did Tam and in addition to that both put on the best matches of their career . The post match especially in the last 3 matches was awesome , a outburst of emotions. It felt as if I were in the Budokan watching it live , there was just this connection with those wrestlers in the ring. This might feel a bit over the top but I see glimpses of All Japan women? s wrestling in the 90? s in Stardom , that? s how good it is . A PPV like this is definitely a work of Ogawa? s because I just can not expect this from a idiot like Bushiroad . To Ogawa , the stardom roster is like daughters to him and he has been treating them very well. What a way to commemorate 10 years of Stardom . I wish we get another 10 years and even more after that . Other than that , Saya prove show underrated she is and Utami proved that she is a main event star and her winning the red belt is justified. Tam/Giulia and Mayu/Yoshiko in my opinion are early MOTYC. This was phenomenal . If they focused on the smaller parts , this would have been a perfect 10. I would also like to applaud how the matches were short but enough to portray the story and present the psychology with all content being given to the consumer . Take notes Gedo and Vince . You do not need to force a 30 to 50 minute match to display all that content. I wont mention NOAH because their length is actually justified as the plethora of content is there to present . 9 it is nonetheless , I wish I could give it a 10 but I have to sadly."
[2.0] "Solid, yet very forgettable. I think it served its purpose as the opener, but it's far from the best _match_ for that spot. They kept it short n' simple. Basic WWE TV tag team wrestling, you could say."
[7.0] "To be honest I wasn't expecting anything from this match as both aren't that great in ring but they managed to put on a entertaining match with some good spots."
[8.0] "This was the best match on the show and one of the better matches of the WM week. FinJuice was great as always with Violence Is Forever hanging easily with them. 8/10"
[6.0] "It was good but wayyyy too disjointed and overly long. It really seemed like they were simply moving from spot to spot with no real flow to the action. Biggest disappointment this year since the Exploding Barbed-Wire Deathmatch."
[9.0] "Kinda special and legendary match in its own way, only those two guys could make it as memorable as it was."
[2.0] "I thought this was very disappointing. The strikes didn't look good, maybe other than the final stomps by Barnett if I am feeling generous, the submission work was weak & uninteresting, and then as a result of those factors, the double-juice felt comedic if anything."
[9.0] "An outside-of-the-box attempt at reaching a farther mainstream audience, and it really paid off. A highly entertaining match from start to finish. It's a wild brawl with no crowd, but the two charismatic personalities absolutely carry it. Vince on commentary is the cherry on top."
[4.0] "This was an adequate Smackdown. The Bryan, Edge, and Roman promo's were good. I liked Sami Zayn's segment with Logan Paul, it got a laugh out of me. Seth's commercial was hilarious. None of the matches were good."
[10.0] "Maybe the best pre-match video package of all-time, two of the biggest stars in the company, amazing atmosphere. When I think about a "WrestleMania Main Event", this is the match that would more than likely pop to my mind first. All the ingredients that I named help make this really a perfect package, and what happens inside that ring is also just superb. I love the energy right from the get go as Austin starts the fight by not letting Rock finish his entrance, and that energy stays there throughout the entire thing. It's simply amazing brawling with Austin delivering a phenomenal character performance. He really comes off as a man possessed from the start, and knowing the turn he takes at the end of the bout? It makes it all the more great, because it was the perfect lead-up for what was about to come. Hell, I even like the finisher stealing bits in this! In most cases, I think it comes off as so tryhard & corny, but it just all worked in THIS particular match between THESE particular people. This truly is a match that will never die. One of the finest to ever take place at WrestleMania, that's for sure."
[8.0] "Superb go-home show The promos from Edge, Bryan, Big E and Zayn were awesome. Those from Banks and Belair were meh, that's a bit sad in the regard of the importance of their match on the card The 2 announced matches were very fun to watch. A few stories told during the battle royal and the winner is the right choice Top 3 of the Night 3. Ziggler & Roode 2. Jey Uso 1. Roman Reigns"
[6.0] "This match is supposed to show technicality. But all I see is just spots and brawls. This match doesn't show who is the better technician. But anyways nice try for trying it though, the match is above average. I like the spot when Kushida flips himself along with Dunne and followed-up with a cross armbreaker, pretty cool. By that, I give them ***1/2."
[6.0] "This match is just a pure spotfest at its best. No psychology, no storytelling. Just for enjoyment. But props for them for making this a fun match though. ***3/4"
[7.0] "Incredible women's match. Probably the best NXT match since I started rating in 2019. Raquel's power and dominance is incredibly showing, finally reaching its potential. Io however, knows the art of the match, really puts Raquel as a good performer. But the negative point here is when Io is leaping from the top of the skull prop, which messed up her knee, probably buckled, it wasn't smart for Io and it wasn't necessary for the match but probably just for OMG moment. Overall, the match is great. This and Bayley vs Sasha in HIAC 2020 was the best women's match for me. ****"
[8.0] "This was, in my opinion, the first great Rumble ever. You can feel that they are starting to get their groove together for this type of match now, as evidence from the better booking and structuring. Hot action from start to finish, with the right guys getting the right amount of shine. I feel like Warrior winning would've been a better idea but it's just a minor nitpick really. [****1/4]"
[6.0] "Well, I have mixed feelings with this match. For me it lasted too long and it seemed long. In addition, the ending is overbooted with keys by Tatsu and many nearfalls. Honestly, I liked it much more against Sato. *** 1/2"
[9.0] "The brutality of this match is incredible. WALTER chopping the announce table, breaks it in half, is so scary to watch. Ciampa working on WALTER's right hand for preventing him to use it worked out pretty well. I like the several clotheslines to WALTER, proving that you cannot put a tree down using bare hands. At the end, WALTER chopping Ciampa puts a satisfaction of the match. Well done between those two men, MOTN for me. ****3/4"
[6.0] "A good first showing for the Royal Rumble. This doesn't have the same Rumble feel as the other one would have some years later, probably due to the format, structure and the fact there was only 20 men. I have no problem with Duggan winning as he was perfectly over with the crowd and a decent babyface with some star power. [***]"
[8.0] "It's far from a technical or even Attitude Era classic, but the match quality isn't why this match is important. A storm of WCW digging their own grave, all the main figures of the "Era" in and around the ring, and Foley getting his moment are why this match remains a memorable piece of wrestling history."
[8.0] "A long, hard-fought, gritty match with both guys giving it their all by delivering great performances and trying to make names for themselves. The type of match that used to be commonplace in ROH, but has become a rarity in the modern age."
[] "8. 75/10 is my rating for this match. It was a great match, hard-hitting and very brutal match and both wrestlers gave an epic performance."
[5.0] "Well, I didn't like it very much. I feel like nothing important happens in the match. I liked the previous one a thousand times more because of the Triple Crown. *** 1/4"
[6.0] "a good match once all the Oedo Tai interference had gotten out of the way at the start of the match, this is far too common and surely at some point a ref is going to call for a DQ, but once that was done they went and had a decent match, pretty short at only around 8 minutes but everyone looked good, good match but a bit too short to be any better (**3/4)"
[6.0] "This match seemed to be built around the presence of all four guys, and just the general unexpected surrealness of seeing these two teams go at it. Once you get over the initial intrigue of who the combatants are, this match didn't have a lot to offer for me. We start off with a bland feeling-out process, followed by some awkward brawling in the crowd. Other reviewers called this brawling portion "wild" and "heated", but I'm just not seeing it myself. The teams didn't have much chemistry, I wasn't detecting any story or structure, and I wasn't feeling any intensity in the encounter, it all seemed by-the-numbers to me. From there, all four men head back into the ring for the closing portion of the match where things finally pick up a little. Low Ki in particular has a few impressive spots and displays a surprising amount of strength by picking up Thatcher. A solid finish for a match that floundered until that point."
[7.0] ""YOU'RE IN HERE WITH THE BEST, YOU SON OF A BITCH! " Awesome trash talk from Cage there in the opening stage of this match, got me hyped. Both men took a lot of punishment here. Cage's 'arrogant veteran' work here carried a good chunk of this bout, but Kaz impressed as well with his good selling and hope spots. Cage getting busted open off that springboard cross body made for a great visual for the remainder of the match, and his beatdown of Kaz was solid (in particular that Frog Splash onto the ladder which the crowd ate up) and enjoyable. Things escalate nicely, and Kaz getting too ambitious for his own good and eating shit on that leg drop was brutal. Things do sort of deflate a bit after Kaz dropkicks the ladder to stop Christian from grabbing the contract and the paper falls to the ground, would've made more sense for them to scramble over the contract as that's the key to victory, isn't it? Ah well. Commentary covered it well enough. Styles and Tomko coming out towards the end to Cage's chagrin segued nicely into the finish with Kaz very nicely springboarding the ladder back into a vertical position to grab the board, the W and a legit awesome underdog victory. Nice package all around."
[9.0] "Fantastic TLC match. Jeff has got to be the MVP of these matches for sure. Great storytelling all around, combine with the awesome hardcore spots really make this a high recommendation. I think the return of 'Taker kind of ruined the whole match, but not by a wide margin. [****1/2]"
[7.0] "Two-hour show, easy to watch, good introduction to the AWG Roster if you never watched their show before. So many wrestlers in first four matches have less than 3 years of experience, but nobody had a bad showing. Matches were long enough so everyone could leave an impression. Everyone wanted to put on a good show, so bonus point for that."
[10.0] "There's not much to say that haven't been said before already. Easily up there as the greatest match of all time. Absolutely perfect with a wonderful story, as they just keep building it up to a great climax. And holy sh*t, those pops for the kickouts were just TREMENDOUS. [*****]"
[8.0] "Even if you ignored the tragic, real life event, that led up to this title shot by Stevens, it was objectively a really good match. Him and Aldis showed some really good chemistry together. Aaron Stevens still isn't a very smooth in-ring worker and, to this day, some of his moves look unpolished - to his credit, he can pull a decent suplex and a really nice looking leg sweep -, but it's a breath of fresh air seeing him wrestling convincingly, with emotion and intensity. Aldis didn't deviate from what he usually does in the ring: he fought Stevens back with his old-school based offense and, even though he's clearly a much better wrestler than Stevens, he never seemed overconfident or made Stevens look like anything less than a true threat. Now, the result may be have been obvious from the get-go, but pretty much nobody was invested in the story for a possible title change, anyway: people wanted to see an emotional, well-crafted match and Aldis and Stevens gave them just that. Wrapping it up, this match has been the greatest in Stevens' career, a highlight on Aldis' title defense and surely the best match presented in the Billy Corgan era NWA."
[6.0] "PWG was my favorite promotion as a teenager, but it's one I grew out of and can't see myself ever returning to on a full-time basis. The company has hosted many talented wrestlers who have worked incredibly hard for the promotion, but Super Dragon is honestly just a terrible booker. He doesn't really come up with storylines other than 'go out and have good match', and he doesn't know how to best utilize talent. He brought in WALTER and had him lose in his very first match. He brought in Drew Galloway and had him lose in his very first match. It's kind of hard to buy into these guys as being big unstoppable monsters when they lose in their first match, don't you think? You can argue that wins and losses don't matter, but if wins don't matter, then what's the point? Wrestling is about more than workrate, it's also about wrestlers having personas and doing what you can to get those personas over, of which PWG fails. As for the matches, PWG has really shaped the modern indie style of excess: overloading finisher kickouts and false finishes in every match until they become meaningless. At PWG, it often feels like the inmates are running the asylum, with guys going out to have GIF-able matches rather than build towards a cohesive whole. The positive is that you do get many unrestrained dream matches between some of the best talents out there. The negative is that it gets old after a while as you quickly start to realize that nothing means anything."
[7.0] "The low ratings for this match are silly. It was very good action, as you? d expect from this, followed by a very well told angle that plays into future storylines. The finish made complete sense as it is well known that Omega and the Bucks are great friends, and the idea is the power hungry manager was trying to drive a wedge between them, only for it to be a swerve to screw Moxley. It was very well done and should lead to some good stuff. Not sure why people think every match has to end super clean to be effective. It doesn? t and this was the perfect example of it."
[9.0] "Man I wish they had more time, only 16 minutes but they had a hell of a war, loved them trading blows, WALTER being a beast and Ciampa not backing down, chopping him down and working the hand, also I actually really loved the ending"
[8.0] "He's got the look, the technique, the mindset and beautifully blends old school holds with modern indy sequences. The present and future of French pro-wrestling right here."
[7.0] "A very unique look, great intensity and a tendency to go beyond people's expectations. What else do you need ?"
[8.0] "A lot people laughed at first because they were "too small" and "didn't look the part" but man Garrini and Ku bring such phenomenal energy whenever they hit the ring."
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