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[7.0] "I don't think this quite reaches the level that the previous ratings would indicate, though my view of the match is definitely positive. Akiyama and Takayama aren't really trying to take center stage here, but Sugiura and Rikio are good. They actually do a lot to set up Sugi here, though of course they won't really go all the way with him for years. It just needed to grab me a little more to get into the **** range. As is, ***3/4."
[0.0] "Pretty standard WWE ladder match with the same spots we've all been seeing every ladder match for at least 15 years now. At times I was wondering why they even bothered to make it a triple threat due to how heavily they relied on the formula of one guy staying out of sight while the other two did stuff. The slow climbing and reaching is also beyond comical at this point, and most spots seemed to be in slow motion. Morrison at one point waited so painfully long to be stopped from climbing with Kofi apparently missing his timing, and when Kofi finally arrived, it appears from Morrison's sudden change of position on the ladder that a cut had been made. Then you have Uso falling out of the ring (off camera despite WWE having full control of the editing) probably onto a crash mat. I understand the circumstances but moments like this are not true to the art of pro wrestling, so on top of this being a boring contest, it also cheated and doesn't deserve to be credited as a well-performed match. The cut to include and remove a crash mat disqualifies this from being a professional wrestling match for me and places it into "cinematic matches" territory. It's about a '4' without the editing but it fails at being a professional wrestling match."
[9.0] "Honestly, the low rating of the inmates and the WON rating didn't necessarily make me want to watch this match. Out of curiosity and especially for my love for PAC, I watched it. And... it's an absolute BRILLIANT Ladder Match, really. Such innovative spots with a lot of risk taking, it's clearly the match that defined Neville as the top star of NXT at that time, a real career-making performance. For me it's not a classic, of course, but given my expectations I was surprised to an unimaginable degree. Even more because I don't like Bo Dallas at all, in the end I concluded that this is by far the best match of his career and his heelwork in this match is truly remarkable. The crowd was really invested every time Neville did something and it was really nice to see. The Red Arrow's spot on the ladder is a great way to end the match. I'm not a fan of Ladder Match filled with useless spots with no logic and no psychology, and this one didn't meet those criteria. Everything that was done by the two men made sense and it was done in a perfect way, I don't know what could have been asked of them better. It was a great moment for Neville, moreover. Excellent stuff. ****1/2"
Javicxxx wrote about Nia Jax:
[0.0] "Incredibly unsafe worker that has been getting worse in-ring with the years. She has risked already the health of Kairi Sane, Zelina Vega, Charlotte and R-Truth, and has sidelined both Becky and Bayley with an injury ahead of probably the most important matches of their respective careers until that point. Furthermore, she embraces the fact that she's the unsafest worker of WWE on Twitter, and it only adds more gasoline to the already enormous fire that is the constant backlash from wrestling fans. A gigantic zero, and because I can't rate her a negative number."
[6.0] "This match was far from great but I think it was probably the second best women's match in AEW so far, behind Nyla Rose vs Riho (Dynamite #19). Both of these women seem very green and unconvincing to me but the gimmick helped make up for that to some degree. At the very least the final kendo stick strike looked great. I'm glad that Hana Kimura was honoured but I feel like putting that just before the match put a little bit of a downer on things which occupied my attention and affected my enjoyment of the match, and I didn't buy JR trying to sell the match result as something to honour Hana. She's been on my mind since I heard the news. Sometimes it's nice to forget for a few minutes. I don't doubt the sincerity of Excalibur's message but the placement of the memorial and the post match comments made me feel like Hana's death was being used to prop up an angle, even though I'm not sure if Shida and Kimura had any real relation."
[7.0] "I loved most of this match until the end. Cody was backed up against the wall from the very outset. Every time he tried to string together some offense, one big move from Archer would put him right back to square one. Archer's biggest nemesis was himself, failing to capitalize numerous times and spending more time talking to the camera or getting involved with the wrestlers at ring side, but that fit his gimmick. There was even a nice moment where Cody hit a DDT, and then Archer hit a spinebuster as insults to each of the opponent's seconds at ringside. However, from there, Jake Roberts and Arn Anderson got too involved, and then Mike Tyson got involved, which took away from what was otherwise good storytelling. ***3/4"
[10.0] "Damn, I've seen this match so many times, but I always feel the same emotions every time I watch it. The incredible fight they gave us is just awesome. The real big highlight of this match is Cesaro's Uppercuts, which is really devastating, it feels like he's going to rip Sami Zayn's head off every time he puts so much power into it. The end of this match is what makes me say that this match is one of the best I've seen in the last decade, Sami comes out at 1, Cesaro gets annoyed and gives him an Elbow in mid-air which is sold perfectly. Then he goes on with a Neutralizer and it makes for a fantastic moment. The crowd was really hot, both men were over, the action in the ring was crazy; everything about this match was perfect. That's what I call an NXT Classic. *****"
[8.0] "I thoroughly enjoyed the Pre-Show and was actually convinced to buy Double or Nothing when I was unsure. The match was fun and fast pace although a few botches seemed to occur. Arn Anderson cut a great promo, Taz & Excalibur have great chemistry as a commentary team. Overall the pre-show definitely did its job by convincing people to buy in and set the pace for a great fun night."
[10.0] "It's literally the perfect show, if I wanted to show someone who had never watched GCW or Wrestling in general this show they would instantly become a fan of wrestling and GCW."
[8.0] "Night one was a disappointment for me, Night 2 was like the apology that comes with the gift basket with nice German and Belgium chocolates. I loved every match except for the clusterfuck battle royal that was probably added on to the card just so Nick Gage can have a win tonight, other than that congrats to Chris Dickinson."
steviecw wrote about ECW:
[8.0] "The Fancam is worth watching. It's no one's best work but it's pretty fun to see this opposite a regular ECW television show in that with a few exceptions it's essentially a super card and it's way less overbooked than their regular aired programming. Storm and Lynn is always great. Mike Awesome vs Simon Diamond is probably exactly what you wanted and it's nice to see Awesome in an ECW ring working a safer style (it arguably means more if he doesn't need the table power bombs to beat a mid-carder). Raven, Dreamer, Spike Dudley, Tajiri and other favourites all have enjoyable outings. Highlight for me was getting to see Masato Tanaka's lone successful defense of the ECW World Heavyweight Championship, Tanaka and fellow former FMW champion Kintaro Kanemura have a really fun match. I'm glad Tanaka is still going strong in DDT because I'd like to see more people recognise that he had more than one good opponent."
[9.0] "This was an unbelievable match that I couldn't believe they were putting on just days away from a PPV. This instantly rose to the short list of greatest matches I've ever seen live. My only problem with the match is that PAC meaninglessly cost himself a fall with a chair shot, which ultimately proved to be the difference in the outcome. I could understand the tactic if it gained him anything, but it never did. That was the only thing keeping this from 5 stars. ****3/4"
steviecw wrote about Jack Victory:
[6.0] "I briefly got to see him as a very capable WCW enhancement guy but my main memories of Jack Victory are in ECW, particularly as Steve Corino's best friend and backup. I can't remember him doing a single thing in ECW but throwing big punches but he was great in his role. Very funny, expressive and giving. When I was a kid, he seemed like a bit of wasted spot but today he feels like a great presence."
[7.0] "As someone not overly familiar with Orange Cassidy, I was a little disappointed to see PAC thrown into this match after his classic with Omega earlier in the week. However, this match proved to be one of the highlights of the show. The storytelling was great with PAC not taking Cassidy seriously, but Cassidy bringing it harder and harder until PAC finally realized he was in a tough fight. I was worried that Cassidy's gimmick wouldn't allow for him to have a good match, but he proved me wrong. ***1/2"
[7.0] "This is the match that should've opened the card. It brought the high-octane offense that got the crowd invested in the show. The 630 through the table was insane and made both young talents look like stars in the making. Really the only problem with the match was that it didn't last long enough. ***1/2-***3/4"
[7.0] "I thought this match under-delivered. It was sloppy in some places, and was great in others. In all, I'd say that it failed to live up to the hype, although I feel that the torch passing to Moxley was the right move. ***1/4-***1/2"
[7.0] "This was a good match, but I felt it didn't live up to the hype that they had built it up to be. There was a lot of outside stuff that took away from the two guys in the ring, but I did like the half-assed way that MJF got the win to put him over as the undeserving scumbag heel that lucked his way to victory. ***1/2"
[10.0] "Actually, for the first 10 minutes of the match, I was thinking this wasn't all that great. Yeah, I loved the tension between Matt Jackson and Adam Page, but there were uncomfortably long stretches where they completely ignored tag team rules (i. e. Kenny Omega hanging out in the ring for double team moves despite not being the legal man). Then the next 20 minutes are absolutely glorious. I couldn't believe the spots they were hitting. The most picture perfect reverse rana off the top rope, a one-winged angel that didn't end the match, a near fall off Page & Omega's double team finisher, a trio of northern light suplexes on the ramp, and more. Perhaps most importantly is that it put over Page big time. Fittingly he got the pinfall on his own and left as a bigger star than he was entering it, while the Jacksons and Omega shined as bright as ever. Rating this is tough because it is both flawed and yet is still perhaps the best tag match I've ever seen that took place in North America. ****3/4-*****+"
[7.0] "They pulled out some huge spots for this match, and the work in the match for the most part was great, but I wasn't totally buying that some slaps to the arm would incapacitate Jungle Boy's left arm to the degree that he was selling it. Otherwise there was some excellent stuff here. I would rather see them save a reverse rana on the apron for a match of bigger magnitude but still it's a helluva spot. ***1/2-***3/4"
[7.0] "Entertaining debut indie show from Steve Corino's WORLD-1 promotion. Presentation wise this is a fairly average production with little in the way of production and presentation value but the card is relatively stacked with names of the time (some of whom were coming off ECW/WWF runs and others were in the midst of ROH/TNA runs, while the likes of CM Punk, Spanky and Matt Striker would be on the rise from here). The highpoint of the show is probably the booking style, a realistic merging of old school and early 2000s indie, none of the matches go especially long and the near falls and big spots are reserved for the bigger names so your lower card matches comparatively go by pretty breezily and the false finishes mean more in your upper card bouts. Main event was probably the best match, despite some plot holes in in whether or not DQs counted. Low point of the event was a disgraceful audience, throwing out an enormous amount of slurs. I'd like to think they'd be kicked out today but that's probably wishful thinking."
[6.0] "The show was correct. Let's do it chronologically. The opener was good. Really appreciated it. Good paced action, LHP looked great. 3. 25. Lashley beat R-Truth for some reason. His build-up to go face Drew McIntyre seems quite light. Would have liked more consistence. Not rated. Bayley vs Tamina was good for Bayley's standards. The best match she did since turning heel. 2. Strowman vs Wyatt was an absolute non-sense. Nothing is right in what mental wankers will call Storytelling. Action was correct tho. 2. McIntyre vs Rollins is the MOTN. The legwork made sense for once in wrestling. The action was great. Both are incredible. 4. The cinematic part of the MITB was absolutely awesome from start to finish but when they went to the roof and tried something, it was shit. The action was bad, real bad, typically what we tried to avoid when we saw this match was something different. Good winners decision. Can't rate that."
ghbre wrote about Hana Kimura:
[8.0] "I wasn't a fan of her in-ring work, but I really loved her character and her charisma was just through the roof. Obviously Stardom were looking to make her one of their top stars. She was a great, wonderful and beautiful person who was loved by her friends and her family. And it's fucking disgusting that sometimes people can push others so hard that they would decide to end it all. Maybe one day we will learn this lessons and be friendly to each other. She had her whole life ahead of her. RIP Hana."
[10.0] "The best I have saw in the ring. Literally, the best. I can't even describe why Okada is so great. His character work, his ring ability, his psychology, everything. The guy can make you look like a million dollars. Okada had the best IWGP Heavyweight reign of all-time, surpassing Tanahashi on 2011-2012. Okada is the BIG MATCH MACHINE, not Kenny Omega, fuck him, he is exposed on AEW now, or anyone on the E in the moment (excluding AJ or Bryan). The guy is the GOAT, and it's amazing how young he is to have a lot of success early on."
[9.0] "This was badass as hell. Felt & looked like a true pro-wrestling fight between two guys who don't like each other very much. Brodie was just so great brutalizing Moxley with his superb looking offense, and Mox himself also brought the goods with his vicious offensive arsenal. The finishing stretch has to be one of my favorite scenes of 2020 with Brodie kicking out of those Paradigm Shifts, and Mox going into a killer mode because of it, totally destroying MISTER Brodie by relentlessly targeting that cut on his head & slapping in that tight choke for the W."
[7.0] "This is not their best match together, but for what it was, it was still a nice match. A battle of dives and strikes with Ospreay looking exhausted through it all."
switch1 wrote about Jon Moxley:
[6.0] "His style works well on USA. He isn't very good on ring, he can do a good match with the right opponent on the right stipulation (Omega for example). But on Japan, he is so behind those guys. His style sucks when collided with the traditional Japanese Puroresu. His match with Juice was great, because it was overbooked (bumps, weapons and etc. ). His matches on G1 were solid (his match with Ishii was great because it was overbooked and had Ishii, who is one of the best of the world). But I can't remember any good matches beyond that. His match with Suzuki was good, because of the opponent and it was overbooked. Moxley can't do a proper match with storytelling and doing the climax properly, like is done on Japan. He is just popular because of WWE."
[9.0] "Very good show. Good moment past to watch the top 3 Great PPV in 2020 with WrestleKingdom and AEW Revolution Casino Ladder match : ***3/4 Brian Cage and Taz OH MY FUCKING GOD I LOVE THIS GOOD SHIT MJF vs Jungle boy: **** 1/4 Greatest match of night. Very good surprise, MJF is just best heel in the business TNT Championship: ***1/2 Penelope Ford vs Kris Statlander: **3/4 Shawn Spears vs Dustin Rhodes: Not Rated AEW Women's championship: *** AEW World championship: ***3/4 Stadium Stampede : Not Rated (but 9/10)"
[1.0] "Like every Cody match, needs to be overbooked and have a special entrance. Also, I hate the idea that Cody books this tournament to just win it on the final. It would make sense to have Cody lose some way on the tournament and have other person to beat Archer for the belt. PAC would be a great answer. But anyway, I love Archer, but I hate to see Cody wrestle. He is very awful. The match itself was solid, not good but not bad, the worst on the PPV by far. I hope this match didn't kill all of Archer's momentum. Cody loves to book the storyline around himself, he is the biggest self-mark in pro-wrestling today. No one gets closer."
[10.0] "Hangman arriving & chasing Sammy with a horse, the whole LAX vs. Matt bit, the bar brawl between Hager & Hangman + Omega, Jericho killing that mascot w/ the Judas Effect, Jericho's epic fight vs. Aubrey, Matt's Northern Suplex rampage on Sammy, Rick Knox eating a Superkick like it's the good ol' days in Reseda, Matt & Kenny chasing Sammy w/ that golf cart AGAIN, that amazing finish w/ that big One Winged Angel. This was an absolute spectacle & a blast. When it comes to these "special presentation" (I struggle to call this a cinematic match tbh) matches that have happened recently, this was on a level above. This has been a truly tragic & sad week for pro-wrestling, but this was an amazing, smile-inducing way to end it. And for that I salute The Elite, Matt Hardy, The Inner Circle & AEW as a whole."
DCJ2003 wrote about New Jack:
[8.0] "People seem to misunderstand what this ratings are for. New Jack may be a psychopath but as a wrestler he was the full package. He delivered awesome promos in Cornette's promotion and had a great gimmick. In ECW he did mortal stunts and had charisma. He was a very complete extreme wrestler. Yes, he stabbed people and beat up Gypsy Joe, but thats no reason to put him 0 or 1."
[4.0] "For me this match is the worst of the night Mike Tyson was pointless , the booking is terrible , Cody didn't need to win and Archer heel dominance is destroyed He seemed like a child not knowing what to do without Roberts"
[0.0] "I'm so glad this group is dead. What a colossal and embarrassing failure, big enough that if kept around could have potentially killed all interest in AEW."
[10.0] "The match had everything you can want in a match. Excellent tag wrestling with Los Gringos Locos working over the tecnico team, maximising their heat before Santo and Octagon worked together to overcome the double team work, at one point sending Eddie and Barr into each other which lead into a pair of expertly executed synchronized topes on the outside. The story was excellent with the tecnico team having to work their way back in falls with Gringos Locos going ahead almost always, both in the second fall and last with Octagon and Santo each getting their shining spots in those falls. Art Barr taking out Octagon with the piledriver (a banned move in Mexico) while the ref wasn't looking was amazing. The crowd went nuts at it. And it made it so much more sweeter when Blue Panther came in and did a piledriver to him, allowing Santo to eliminate Barr from the match. It was an excellent call back to the Panther/Barr apuestas match where Barr lost his mask via dq after a piledriver, as well as it being a revenge spot for Octagon, who was being carried out on a stretcher. Santo and Eddie were the main focus of all the hot stretches of the match so naturally there was a lot of tension in the final stretch. Santo is battered and bruised and takes some nasty suplexes, including a dragon suplex on the hard canvas before Santo catches Eddie off guard and pins him with a roll up to a tremendous ovation. Viva la Mexico. ****3/4"
[0.0] "I am not a fan of these cinematic-style wrestling matches at all. There's something about them that feels so artificial. The editing is choppy and poorly-done, the comedy is forced and unfunny, the music is generic. It's like a movie, but a very, very bad one. Also, perhaps it's ridiculous to complain about kayfabe and logic in a match like this, but why did Asuka kick Baron Corbin off the ladder and prevent him from getting the men's briefcase? Did she not know there were two briefcases, and that him winning the men's match would have no effect on her ability to get the women's briefcase? Speaking of Corbin, I guess it's acceptable for him to straight-up murder two men by throwing them off the roof? Yes, we all know this is a show and both Mysterio & Black were fine, but within the logic of this match, they were thrown off the roof of a very tall building, splatted on the ground, and were killed. It's odd to me that Hulk Hogan throwing The Giant off the roof of a building in 1995 was met with scorn and derision at the time, but the same goofy spot in 2020 is fine now for some reason. Much like Hogan vs. The Giant in their Monster Truck brawl, this match is fun to watch in a 'I can't believe how stupid this is' sort of way, but other than that, I can't see any real value in it."
[10.0] "The best no crowd match ever , fun moments and extreme moments was absolutely amazing , must-see and enjoyable match"
[7.0] "This is another good multi-man tag in the Burning/Sternness feud. The spotlight is centered squarely on the young KENTA, which is fine, because he's well on his way towards what he will become. He shows a lot of fire, and survives a lot until Saito puts him down. Everyone else does well in their roles, for the most part; I've developed a fondness for Shiga (though I say that not having seen any of his stuff post-neck injury), and I thought he did well in the GHC tag title match the previous month, but I'm not going to tell you that he isn't the weak link here. ***1/2"
MatZeClown wrote about Akira Jo:
[7.0] "I'm really impressed by Akira Jo at this point of his career. A lot of bookings in the future for him."
[8.0] "Roman is good. He can cut a solid promo, he can perform well with most of the roster (Match with Rowan wasnt bad for example). Yeah, his overpush ruined Roman for good amount of people, but lets face the truth - Roman is solid good wrestler with many good matches in the last couple of years"
[8.0] "When the pandemic preventing having any fans in attendance, I wondered if it was still possible to have a good match without a crowd. This was the match that showed me that it was still worth watching wrestling despite the fact that the most important element was missing: the fans. They put on a match that showed the show could still go on without fans and still be fulfilling. ****1/4"
[6.0] "Ignore wrestling logic and the match is brilliant and it should have been a brilliant match. But what let if down? Archer dominated for 95% of the match, but never went for a single pin. Cody gets a win with a double-Cross Rhodes, something Shawn Spears kicked out of a month or so ago. The pitiful sight of the geriatrics Jake Roberts and Arn Anderson distracting from two worldclass performers to crown an inaugural champion. A rapist being treated like Jesus because a cameo in The Hangover forgives horrific crimes. Cody needs to rein his neck in and stop trying to show off. Take out all of the crap above and the leftover match is brilliant, but all that great wrestling is overshadowed by the ego of someone desperate to prove himself."
[10.0] "As a big fan of AJ Styles for years, I felt a sense of pride seeing him put on such a show with The Undertaker, one of the greatest this business has ever seen. I can understand that some people don't buy into it but personally I loved everything that happened from start to finish. So fun, entertaining and enjoyable to follow."
[7.0] "An entertaining ladder match, but it seems almost sacrilege to have a tag team match with out any teams. Regardless, they brought it in terms of bumps and spots, but it did hurt not to have any crowd oohing and ahhing. ***3/4"
[10.0] "The best match of Bray Wyatt's career and it's not even close, I've already put a 10 on their Royal Rumble 2020's match but if I could, I'd put a 1000 on this one. 6 years later my opinion hasn't changed, I literally loved it when I saw it live and I still think so."
[0.0] "I absolutely hated this. It was long and boring. None of the spots had any real impact because you knew they were manufactured and fake. There were none of the risks or live elements you find in a wrestling match. Edited matches like this are the opposite of what wrestling is supposed to be: a live physical encounter that blurs the lines between what's real and what's not. This was just fake which is the dirtiest word you can say about wrestling. Add to that that it just wasn't very entertaining. I've had better matches in my backyard with my friends when I was a kid. DUD"
[9.0] "The weakest match of their series but still really good. I could have put a 10 because I really loved everything about this match which gave The Fiend even more credibility, but the red light is preventing me from doing so. So so so good."
[10.0] "One of my favorite matches in 2020. The atmosphere was really great, the action was nice to see, plus there was no more of that stupid red light that used to ruin every game of The Fiend. Daniel Bryan is a selling monster and he proved it again in this true war, Bray Wyatt came out of it like a real killer. The stipulation added some great psychology. Everything about that match was perfect."
[3.0] "It's an interesting idea, but it's not a wrestling match. It was more of a wrestling short film more than anything else. I understand they have to get creative during the pandemic, and it was certainly creative, but it did little else that interested me. This shouldn't be judged as a wrestling match. No rating."
[7.0] "Good match! Really liked Shida's performance; she was fiery throughout with her work, and I in particular really dug all of those different knee attacks she utilized. The whole deal w/ the kendo stick being in the center of the match was solid stuff too & created for some fun moments."
[8.0] "Great TV Match, not a fan of the finish but it's obvious for the Triple Threat Match next week. Great in-ring action, glad to see this match in the matchguide."
[7.0] "I thought this was an excellent match that used the fact that there were no fans to their advantage. The constant trash talk and vocal selling, I thought added to it, although I would've liked to have seen Rhea get a longer title reign. I thought it was easily the best match of the 2nd night of WrestleMania. ***1/2"
[8.0] "This was everything I wish their previous PPV match would've been. The rule bending went a little far at times but it brought instant credibility to the new TNT title tournament. It felt like a PPV match and had a finish that I don't think I'd ever seen before. ****"
[7.0] "Actually really liked a lot of the action, but the lack of rules was super distracting and all I could focus on. Ending was badass though"
[8.0] "I absolutely loved this match. Really, these two have been the most consistent in the AEW women's division for some time now, and they absolutely brought it. Shida's winning ways continued as her momentum continues to build, while Baker looked like a badass in the loss having toughed her way through a bloody broken nose. ****"
[10.0] "What made this so much better than the WWE attempts? Easy, every single wrestler actually wrestled, it may not have been in a ring, but all their moves were there and performed properly with proper selling. There were funny bits, there were hardcore bits, there were innovative and creative spots that we have never seen before and never will again. But above all else, everything was done to the very highest of wrestling standards. The editing and production was spot on and somehow everything that happened flowed and made sense. Nobody was left out and everyone had a chance to shine. This kind of creative thinking is what lockdown wrestling has longed for and while there have been plenty of attempts so far, none get close to this. Only the most biased of WWE fanboys will be dishing out the zeros for this and one in particular needs moderating for idiocy."
[7.0] "A really fun street fight that when all over that expansive venue and had some sick spots that you usually only find on PPVs. The only thing holding it back was that it was a little ridiculous at times, but it didn't take away from the fun of the match. ***1/2"
[8.0] "This was everything you would hope from these two. A mat-based technical clinic that told the story of two peers who respect each other while also doing whatever it takes to win. ****"
[7.0] "Really good match that lived up to the champion vs. champion billing. Really it could've/should've been the main event. It's always harder to judge these no-crowd matches, but they added to it by talking smack throughout. The finish was a little disappointing but it fit Bayley's current character so I can't fault it. ***3/4"
[7.0] "AEW continues to have a problem elevating the title matches from average/good to brilliant. As long as Moxley is champion that will prove difficult as he is so limited and putting Brodie Lee in was never going to reach those heights. However, there was plenty of good action and the match did feel tense, although not as intense as it should have. Far too much out of ring action for my liking, especially when the proper wrestling in the ring was excellent. Perhaps the overuse of outside brawling was to cover up the perceived in ring deficiencies of both men and it did that to an extent. The couple of superspots were very well done and came from nowhere and helped in the build up to an unusual and clever unexpected finish. I'm glad Moxley won so convincingly, as the Exalted Brodie Lee doesn't work for me. I don't understand how passing out to a wrestler who rarely uses submission hold makes Lee look strong and certainly not "exalted", but hey-ho what do I know."
[7.0] "Nice match between these two greats. With a live crowd it might've been better than their Wrestlemania match, but it was at least on the same level without the overhype, which surrounded their Mania encounter. ***3/4"
[10.0] "One of my favorite matches of the year for sure. An all out crazy war with just about everything you could want in a match like this. I had a wonderful time and I hope everyone else did too. :)"
[10.0] "It's a shame that we could have been seeing these kinds of singles matches from Brodie for years now, but he definitely came in with something to prove and prove it he did. Moxley had a great showing as well, reminds you just how well he can do when not paired with the likes of Jake Hager. Violent and bloody in the best way, I thought this was fantastic."
[10.0] "Fantastic match, MJF and JB showed that they are very much the future of this company (showed it again, more like, since it's been obvious all along, particularly with MJF). Loved the psychology around the injured arm and really liked that it was a relatively clean win. MJF is spectacular at all the little things I want to see in a heel wrestler."
[9.0] "Great match from two of the best in AEW's women's division. I particularly enjoyed the creative brawling around the whole area. Surprised but not upset at the outcome, Shida has been looking awesome."
[8.0] "It would have been better without Mike Tyson's pointless involvement, and if a little time was shaved off, but overall I thought this was a pretty excellent match. Anyone thinking Archer is ruined by this loss has a very strange point of view, as he looked very good, and the incredibly over Cody picking up the only singles title he's eligible for makes a world of sense. Shame the title design wasn't quite finished but so it goes, can't help if not all industries are operating during COVID."
[10.0] "The best women's match I can remember watching. Shida is a class above any other woman wrestling in the US today and Nyla continues to produce when it really matters. This match had the perfect blend, some vicious out of ring action, appropriate use of weapons and spectacular use of the surroundings. But above all else it was an amazing display of wrestling from Hikaru Shida. She is the complete package, strong, quick, brilliant strikes and technically flawless. The finish was the perfect way to end a perfect match and hopefully Shida keeps the belt for the division she has held together in 2020."
[8.0] "Fun and excellent tag match, and good commentary. Nothing else you can say about a 30 minute pre-show, now is there?"
[9.0] "Great show, my only complaints are that Shawn Spears is quite a dud and Mike Tyson yawning his way through his role was no good, but these are small things on a spectacularly fun PPV."
[1.0] "One dud of a Russo-riffic event, and I call it that because he appears onscreen countless times and wrestles in the main event. He's got a bigger push than Jarrett, I swear. The only match even approaching good on the card is Kash vs. Siaki, mostly thanks to Kash. Avoid this one like the plague."
[8.0] "I loved this show! Overall a better show from top to bottom than Revolution, and has me really excited to keep watching Dynamite weekly. The first half was decent, but the final 3 matches are amazing. Ratings: Casino Ladder Match: (***1/2): this was a decent ladder match with some fun and brutal spots. Really liked the Orange Cassidy comedy spots, Brian Cage had a great debut, and Darby continues to amaze and terrify me in the ring. MJF v Jungle Boy: (****) the best match that came out of nowhere. These two are the future for a reason. Only thing that held it back for me was the lack of a proper build and no real stakes involved. Best pure wrestling match on the card. Cody v Archer: (***): Not my favorite Cody match, but it just felt standard to me. Nothing special, and I guess I was expecting more out of both of them. The overbooking of the match didn't work for me like MJFvCody did. Statlander v Ford: (**1/2). Decent match, and due to Baker's injury they did okay for a last minute put together match. But felt like a standard match on Dynamite, not really PPV worthy. Dustin v Spears: (*1/2): the promo work was great, and the squash was great for rebounding Dustin's momentum, but could have done without Spear's bare a** getting spanked on TV. Rose v Shida: (****1/2). HOLY SHIDA what a match! I loved the brutal spots, the character work by Nyla, and the great finish by Shida for the win. Moxley v Lee: (****). Really good title match, and Mox's best match of 2020 by far. This match also made Lee a much better character than any of the promos or buildup, I also liked the unique finish. Stadium Stampede Match: (****** MOTN). I don't even have words for how great this was. Even my roommates who don't watch wrestling came into the room and couldn't stop watching. It was so fun and was worth the price of the PPV on it's own."
[10.0] "AEW fans have been waiting a long time for MJF to be let loose and boy was it worth the wait. This was a near perfect match between two contrasting styles and a classic babyface vs bitch-heel contest. Max showed all his technical skills, mixed up nicely with well timed heel antics. Jungle Boy fought courageously, with speed and flair. Convincing grappling, exciting high flying and dirty tricks complimented to and fro action and it was all just so unpredictable. This was a glorious match between two incredibly bright stars. All questions over MJF's place at the top end of the card have been answered."
[10.0] "With so many matches on the recommended list there's no need to do in depth reviews here, but this really worked. From start to finish the action was fun, high paced, exciting, unpredictable and above all else it was wrestling! Ladder match was one that when planned would have seemed a guaranteed 5*, but a lot of the spots were hit or miss and a few misses, especially the finishing sequence deflated it a bit. And it does appear that signing on a for AEW matters a lot more than the much promoted "wins matter" when it comes to getting a title shot, Brodie and now Cage. AEW really has nailed down creating a genuine big match atmosphere and that vibe permeated throughout this show. Nothing felt out of place, even the two "filler matches", which I suppose must be easier to achieve without the fickleness of a real crowd. The creative decisions made this the PPV of the year so far, by some distance. Anyone moaning about it, is either a Millennial dumbass or just a div."
[5.0] "Overbooked and disappointing. Cody is a great face. I like his style. But not every match has to be overly scripted. Jake Roberts got kicked for nothing and the face manager, Arn Anderson, acted as a heel. Confusing. Tyson asking for the belt and this being shown in camera, killed it definitely. What an ugly belt."
[6.0] "Athletic and very open match. Shida is a better champion in my opinion because she will be able to put better matches with the rest of AEW women? s division."
[10.0] "If there's one positive about 2020, it's that COVID gave birth to "on-location" matches and I'm so happy for it. It is tied with the Firefly Funhouse match, in terms of entertainment, but this was the best "match" out of all of them. I was so thoroughly entertained and loved every minute of it. Words can't describe this match, it's just that fun!"
[8.0] "This was probably the best Moxley match of 2020 for sure, and made me more excited for Brodie Lee as a character than any of the build up to it. Great action, some really brutal spots, and a unique finish on the night made for a great title fight."
[9.0] "This was my favorite "standard" Wrestling match of the night. Great action, really cool spots. Loved Nyla continue to be a one-liner machine. Really brutal offense by both wrestlers, and a great finish by Shida for the win. The build UpTo, and the stakes involved elevated this match for me, like all good title matches should."
[9.0] "This was a fun PPV with the main event being the match of the night. The ladder opener was surprisingly a letdown."
[8.0] "This was a brutal no dq match with both women really utilizing the stipulation throughout the match. Great kendo stick shots by Shida."
[8.0] "This was just an incredible all out brawl. Great spot on the stage followed with a great final flurry of offense."
[10.0] "This was one of the most fun matches I have ever seen in my life. Extremely innovative with it taking place in a stadium. Just brilliantly over the top."
[8.0] "This was a good showcase of the future of professional wrestling. Classic face v heel dynamic and great limb targeting by MJF."
[1.0] "Jeff Hardy n'est même pas capable d efaire trois prises sans en raté 4 . C'mon il est temps de passer à autres choses Un gars qui est fini il n'est plus en 2000 et on pense encore en son talent mais quel talent"
[8.0] "Je déteste drew, mais malgré cela, je l'ai aimé dans ce match. Les deux ses sont donnés et sans être un match des étoiles , sa été assez bien fait, un peu plus long , mais bon pas si grave que cela bravo"
[9.0] "Casino Ladder Match - 4* (Dragged on a little bit, and I was disappointed to see Brian Cage come in and win a number one contendership right away, but entertaining), MJF vs Jungle Boy - 3* (Great sequences), Cody vs Lance Archer - 3. 5* (Was a fun match), Statlander vs Ford - 2. 5*, Rhodes vs Spears - ... It was fun in its own way, Shida vs Rose - 3. 5* (The false finishes were fun and it was awesome to see Shida grab the belt), Moxley vs Lee - 4* (Awesome spots, and they managed to build Lee up still looking strong while keeping the belt on Moxley, was really fun to watch), Stadium Stampede Match - 4. 75* (SO much fun. Everything about this match was fun and entertaining to watch)"
[] "Vraiment ridicule. comment on peut faire autant de masthc aussi pathétique vraiment dommage que la wwe soit rendu si mauvais sa serait intéressant parfois de voir un vrai combat e ten plus otis qui gagne n'importe quoi"
[2.0] "Brodie lee je ne suis pas capable Il nE'st pas bon dans un ring il est fade et endormant. Je susi un peu décu qu'il soit encore à la lutte"
[9.0] ""The single greatest comedy wrestling match i've ever seen. Rating it as a wrestling match can't do it justice as this was so much more than that. This was something different, something I never thought I would ever enjoy this much. This was like one huge segment packed with a level of goofiness and silliness straight out of a sitcom series and in some ways, this whole thing felt like an actual sitcom episode with this extended cinematic style. The football stadium served as such a wonderful playground for these mad men to go full bonkers, and it delivered quite the extravagant ride full of brilliant comedy segments and spots. From the Matt Hardy/Ortiz and Santana skit, it only kept escalating into one of wrestling's greatest extravaganza. It sure was over-the-top and all kinds of silly, but hell it was fun. This felt like some much needed wrestling fun during this quarantine pandemic and I had a blast experiencing it. They took a risk and they nailed it. [ Rating: > 9. 0/10 ] **** 1/2""
[4.0] "This match was far from great but I think it was probably the second best women's match in AEW so far, behind Nyla Rose vs Riho (Dynamite #19). Both of these women seem very green and unconvincing to me but the gimmick helped make up for that to some degree. At the very least the final kendo stick strike looked great. I'm glad that Hana Kimura was honoured but I feel like putting that just before the match put a little bit of a downer on things which occupied my attention and affected my enjoyment of the match, and I didn't buy JR trying to sell the match result as something to honour Hana. She's been on my mind since I heard the news. Sometimes it's nice to forget for a few minutes. ""
[7.0] ""Thought this was fine on first watch, but I've rewatched and was not a huge fan. I love Cody as a wrestling personality, but I hate the Cody babyface comeback formula that seems to be a regular thing in his matches. The end was massively overbooked with the manager interference spots and the stuff with Tyson. Also the Archer reliance on Jake causing him the match made no sense and made him look terrible. Just meh. ""
[8.0] "Un bon match entre les deux, mais ce qu j'ai un peu moins aimé a été la fin du match, malheureusement sa enlève un peu le fun, mais bon"
[5.0] "Pas très bonne dans un ring. Elle est endormante et en plus elle est seulement populaire a cause de son body"
[6.0] "In no way bad I enjoyed the match but both are capable of better. It is each's best math of the last couple months"
Jacob wrote about Hana Kimura:
[10.0] "She had everything man. She had the presence of a star and she was fantastic in the ring. She was going to be someone, with her presence and skill someone who was going to branch out of wrestling, while being remembered for her awesome in ring work. It is so sad, how her life was taken away from her at 22. I wish she could be here to witness the amount of support and love she has received over the past 30 hours. RIP and Thank You Hana Kimura."
[10.0] "Freshly Squeezed is my personal best gimmick in pro wrestling today. Cassidy's charisma, crowd work and humour make him a true fan favorite. He also has a run in Chikara as Fire Ant, showing him a good athlete/"
[0.0] "It's funny because the same people who liked that match are the same people who criticize the comedy wrestling match that WWE does. There were some funny moments but for me it's a big zero, already because it makes no sense to make such a ridiculous match like it based on comedy wrestling with so many excellent talents. I can't understand why this match has such a high rating, it's ridiculous. WWE is definitely handling the comedy wrestling a lot better, change my mind."
[3.0] "Another average PPV from All Elite Wrestling. Ladder Match was so bad and ridiculous. MJF vs Jungleboy was good. Statlander vs Ford was bad. Dustin vs Spears was so bad, Shawn is awful. Shida vs Nyla was MOTN. Moxley vs Lee was good. Main event was funny but 9+ ? REALLY ? I don't liked this show but 3 points for MJF vs Jungleboy, Shida vs Nyla and Moxley vs Lee"
[3.0] "Oh my god, it was just as terrible as I expected. There was no chemistry between these two. I really can't understand what the fans find in Lance Archer, it was so boring. 3 points because the moment still good for Cody."
[7.0] "Okay, that was pretty good! Orton and Christian did a good job here, kudos to both of them. The pace was good, the story was fucking great and the spots were very good, also, that Killswitch outtanowhere was magnific along with that near three count. The final moments of this match are great and add brutality to the match, making it better. ****"
[4.0] "Thought this was fine on first watch, but I've rewatched and was not a huge fan. I love Cody as a wrestling personality, but I hate the Cody babyface comeback formula that seems to be a regular thing in his matches. The end was massively overbooked with the manager interference spots and the stuff with Tyson. Also the Archer reliance on Jake causing him the match made no sense and made him look terrible. Just meh."
[10.0] "The best way I can think of to describe this match is "fun. " There was never a dull moment as after a spot the focus would shift to a different fight which had its own unique interaction between the participants. The mix between comedy and high flying action was great. Definitely my favorite match of 2020 thus far, and one of my favorites from AEW."
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