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[10.0] "This show had everything you could want out of a wrestling event with decent storytelling, incredible in ring work, and moments that will never be forgotten. TNA seems to really be clicking now since the rough start to the year"
[7.0] "A good match with a fresh opponent for Jordynne Grace. This went as expected, while delivering as an exciting inter promotional match"
[6.0] "When Danshoku Dino finally pinned Bonjin Pulp on a bed of tissues, I imagined Jim Ross on commentary saying something dramatic like "mercifully, this one is over". I don't quite get the significance of the tissues, or why random members of the crowd were giving them to Bonjin Pulp (I'll have to look into this) but whatever it was it was ridiculous and funny."
[8.0] "A great tag match telling a nice story with some added drama towards the finishing stretch. Great crowd reactions here."
[9.0] "This was an excellent way to kick off the show with the unlikely duo of Maclin and Santana shining as partners"
[8.0] "A great tag match that built very well towards the finish. Josh looked great in his return and ABC continues to kill it"
[10.0] "One of the best X-Division Title matches in recent memory and an absolute standout for both men. Truly excellent match that exceeded everyones expectations"
[] "The worst over pushing of Roman Reigns since the 2015 Royal Rumble. So long, so boring, and no one wanted this."
[6.0] "It's really surprising to me that Giulia and Utami had a very hard time trying to take Bozilla down and MIRAI actually did it her with much less effort. The whole match is centered around Bozilla. She is indisputably the greatest attraction in Marigold at the moment and they're milking it with these kind of matches. Nagisa felt more like she was a sidekick for the match, providing assist to Bozilla in some parts of the match, but basically the whole thing was either the giant dominating with ease or being put down by MIRAI with CHIAKI capitalizing on the situation and having also her time of dominance over the German rookie, who, at the end of the day, it's still the most powerful wrestler of the company and she was able to get the W. Fun match, the problem being the same, Bozilla works in her role, but she is green AF (***)"
[5.0] "Very effective heel work from Archer and Boy Smith, taking time to work over both Cabana and Hero in order to build into the fiery finishing stretch. Big bombs and nearfalls. Cabana looked great on the selljob for Boy Smith. [3]"
[] "When youve already done 32 manias at this point, you should know better by now on how not to make WrestleMania bad. There great matches here but its horrible selection of winners, insanely long and boring runtime and painfully bad main event makes this one of the worst manias ever. Hate this mania so much"
[6.0] "Out of her 3 first matches, this one is the best of Zayda Steel. Miku Aono was able to get something good out of her. Good heel work through the match and a notable improve in the in-ring performance (***)"
[5.0] "Mediocre level match. I don't think neither one was that horrible in the ring, but the match quite looked like a sparring session. Mai Sakurai looks bland and her appeal is basically her physique, while Myla is really green (** 1/2)"
[6.0] "Nothing special but not bad by any means. The Black Hole Slam by Abyss looked great by I wasn't a huge fan of the shenanigans by both of the managers in this match. Side note I had no idea that Robbie E ended up as Robert Stone in NXT. Solid 2.5 stars."
Wieczus wrote about Edge vs. Kane:
[4.0] "Edge is back and nobody cares, as the fans cared more about shouting at Hebner for screwing Bret than the actual match. It wasn't anything to write home about, but at least Edge tried to use his cast to tell some story, instead of just going for the moves like he used to before the injury, but the bout was just cold and there wasn't much these two could do about it."
[4.0] "Pretty standard submission-heavy contest. Nothing too new out of Kana. It was my first look at Shimono, i thought she was fine. Kana's one and only match in a Pro Wrestling NOAH ring. Same case for Shimono. I wonder how this came about. [2.75]"
[7.0] "Perfectly decent match here, both women worked well and it played into the Bayley vs. Piper rivalry heading into Clash at the Castle. No issues."
[8.0] "This week's Smackdown was there to give the final push to Clash and the Castle and by and large, it did its job. We had some okay matches but the centerpiece was the Cody & AJ promo, which was inspired work by both men. I would by no means call this a must-watch episode of Smackdown -- the Bloodline stuff seems to be in a holding pattern and the matches were fine but nothing to write home about -- but it was entertaining on the whole and the Cody/AJ promo is well worth seeking out at the very least."
[3.0] "What are we even doing here? All four guys are working a match that's not that exciting, plus it was suffering from following Orton vs Foley match, but at least their work was fine, but then Eugene shows up and turns everything into a joke. It was barely a match, just a bad comedy RAW angle."
[7.0] "Out of all spots they did RKO on the bat was the ending? So yeah, the finish was weak, but the match itself was done really well. It is a hardcore match that's structured fantastically and it gave Orton more edge. It felt like a fight, wasn't just spots for the sake of the spots and Randy's personality and especially phenomenal body language were on full display here. His selling was incredible, he made every single bump feel like the worst thing in the world and his personality didn't make you feel bad about him getting beaten - overall a star making performance from him."
[8.0] "This was an excellent match between Grace and Paxley, I knew it would be Tatum Paxley who would answer this open challenge because personally it seemed obvious to me as it was very teased on NXT. And after Grace's defeat at Battleground, HBK owed TNA a victory and he made the right choice in sending Paxley because she's an excellent performer as well as being one of the most used every week on NXT. She's progressing enormously and held her own against Jordynne in this super-competitive match, and I loved every second of it. This NXTNA partnership is a blessing."
[8.0] "Another very good match in this show, two in a row. A little less than the X-Division title match between Ali and Seven, but still super good, and I'd expect nothing less from a long tag match with such a cast. From the moment Austin & Bey are in a match anyway, you know for sure you're going to see some great tag team action, and even more so when opposite them are the excellent Josh Alexander & Eric Young. Everything was really cool, well executed with good ideas for sequences and moves, I really liked it all."
[8.0] "There was absolutely no reason for this match to be so good, I'm shocked at how great this was, I obviously know both of them and am aware of their level in the ring, but I didn't think they'd connect so well together. I must say that Trent Seven in singles leaves me a little indifferent, but here all the boxes were ticked, with a good story in the ring, the pre-match angle, the crowd that was into it and Ali's excellent character work. A blast to watch, once again Mustafa stole the show on a TNA PPV."
[6.0] "Good main event with a few standout spots from Shoko. Miu deadlifting Shoko to break up a pin was pretty cool too. Misao was barely in this match and Moka, while she did get some stuff in, was, mostly there to be a punching bag. Shoko gets a hometown win and sends the fans home happy. [3.25*]"
[6.0] "I love me some PAC action, he's one of my favorite wrestlers and I'm never disappointed when he gets in the ring because it's always quality with him, no matter who he faces and no matter the context. Obviously, a twelve-minute match on Rampage between him and Jay Lethal was going to be interesting at the very least. Honestly, it wasn't crazy and could have been much better, but it was still pretty solid for a match of this kind. A few too many interventions, but good content in the ring and a good clean win for PAC before starting the Owen Hart tournament."
[2.0] "That was awful, especially on Lita's part who looked horrendous. It looked choreographed, none of the women even knew how to run the ropes and there was so much sloppiness. The bridge kickout was botched and if it wasn't for Doan's sharp mind it would have ended right there, plus Lita couldn't even roll away from Victoria's Moonsault."
[8.0] "**** / I found this match to be extremely impressive from both athletes being in their prime but I did not see it as iconic as it's hyped up to be. Great nonetheless but the names that are compared to this clear it in my opinion."
[8.0] "A fantastic match that too me is the beginning of the "Underdog from the Underground" character for Sami Zayn. Cesaro is truly amazing and Regal puts him over on commentary very well. These two could face each other on every show at this time period and it would always be good, and I feel they are two of the best in WWE here, and even though it's Sami's third televised match he is over huge with the crowd. My personal favorite spot of the match is the European Uppercut Sami takes as he is coming off of the top rope. No less than 3.5 stars."
[6.0] "Really not bad, at first I thought it was going to be a decent short match but not much to sink our teeth into, but the last few minutes were very engaging, very energetic and I really enjoyed them. It's not the match of the century, but I'll never say no to a Shota Umino singles showing, wherever it is, and even less so when it reproduces the CEO dance absolutely everywhere it goes. The finish was beast and Rocky is perfect to make shine the others, he showed it again here. A fun little Rampage bout between them."
[5.0] "It had some fun spots involving Trish, but it wasn't anything special. Jericho and Christian once more didn't focus about any grudge between them and were just doing moves to each other like at WrestleMania, but at least their work looked decent and they didn't do anything stupid."
[7.0] "A very solid match that can rival their match at Wrestlemania XXV. The Hardy's can still pull off a great storyline and match at this stage and the fans ate it up. My personal favorite spot of the match was the Powerebomb through the Keyboard set up ringside and the intensity was really there for this one. I'm happy to see Jeff get the win here, as for me this was him getting Matt back for the Extreme Rules match at 'Mania. No less than 3 stars."
[] "2nd best match on the show for me great action great crowd good good near falls nice stuff overall from both teams"
[1.0] "Can't care less of FULL to be completely honest, and don't care what people of the city said. The only one that I considered worth to watch was Hellspawn and is not even active since march, 2024. The worst period was the mexican style seasons, top cringe that sadly they keep at some points."
[] "this is my first comment, so, i cant rate this event yet, but, trust me, when i do rate this event, youll all see that it is, truly, the worst wrestling event ever put on by a wrestling promotion, ever."
[5.0] "A nice solid match with the DAMNATION T.A chemistry shining through. While the result was never in doubt, Daisuke Sasaki and KANON continued their efforts to annoy Ilusion by removing his mask."
[1.0] "Why? ! Why would anybody want to see that? It's not even Tajiri giving Coachman a beating, which would be at least comprehensible, but Coach is having a competitive match with a full time wrestler and dominates for the most part. The crowd was silent, you could hear "boring" chants and Tajiri was getting absolutely buried, having to sold this poor ass looking offense."
[9.0] "This was one of the best high-energy tag bouts this year, even more energic than your usual Aniki match. Manami may not be the most precise sometimes, but her energy and emotion shined with both Momono and Oka. Awesome work from both teams. ****1/2"
[5.0] "I wanted to like it more, but it got sloppy at times and had some weird stuff in it. Flair grabbed a chair for no reason and it wasn't used at all, his brass knuckles were barely visible so if you didn't pay much attention you had no idea that he even had them and the finish came out of the blue. I liked that they focused on the dynamic between two guys though and Shelton looked impressive with his athleticism."
[6.0] "So far the only other Ospreay match I've seen is the one of him with Takeshita which i thought was pretty good and had some neat spots like the spanish fly thing and some other stuff but watching this match with this Fletcher guy whom is okay but has a shit haircut, and Ospreay is doing like the same sequences against this guy whose lower on the totem pole. Idk it just kinda didn't feel special, and while Ospreay is tremendous in what he can do, the kicks and the no-selling got old really quick. Not a bad match but hoping they become more diverse in the future instead of these exhibition type matches."
[6.0] "Thankfully this had more life to it than the previous three matches. Colt and Steel had some fun double team moves, and all four men did a pretty good job making the match feel convincingly heated. It'd be hard to give it a higher rating considering it's pretty short and ends with a DQ, but it's entertaining while it lasts. Nice brawl in the post-match, too - we even got to see Ace Steel deck Gabe Sapolsky!"
EternalEi wrote about Liv Morgan:
[] "Liv Morgan is absolutely carrying Raw women's division on her own at the moment and she is doing so well with so much viewership. She's an absolute draw."
JJLaw wrote about Shawn Michaels:
[] "Shawn was a great performer. His agility and endurance were incredible and areal maneuvering was exciting to watch."
[8.0] "This was the best match of the night and this Solo and Kevin feud is getting really good, Im just glad that they are making solo more strong because this man has literally beaten john cena."
[4.0] "The #1 Contenders Trophy can be used to challenge for either the Pure Title or the World Title in this case - and neither man really feels like they've done anything to deserve a shot at either belt, even with Stryker's Field of Honor win in 2003, particularly with both coming off losses in the Pure Title tournament. For the third match in a row, the crowd is pretty dead (despite a fairly random dueling chant at one point), and it continues to have a negative impact on the wrestling. The action is all pretty bland, and there was nothing here that ever commanded my attention. Nothing felt like it had any consequence to it - why did Stryker attack Walters' back to soften him up for a submission that targets the legs...? In terms of pure technical execution of the moves this was undoubtedly better than Xavier vs. Brown, but I was so much more bored during this and the storytelling was so illogical that I don't think I can convince myself to give it a higher rating."
[] "One Man Gang / Akeem is truly one of the good guys of wrestling. By all accounts hes a great guy and had success and worked on top everywhere he was as a heel. Mid South, WCCW vs Von Erichs. In WWF One Man Gang and Hulk Hogan headlined all over and The Twin Towers vs The Mega Powers is one of the most viewed matches ever. His matches arent ***** classics, but If you like 80s southern wrestling or the Hogan Era of the WWF hes a memorable part of the story."
[9.0] "In my opinion this was Match of the night. These two guys went At it and gave us everything they had and more. ALI finally won by himself even thought he had to use some tricks that Seven use to to get even with him. Steven looked awesome in this one he looked as an equal to Mustafa kicking out of some brutal spots so did the Champion. Even when almost everyone know Mustafa ALI was going to retan they gave us the feeling that Trent had a chance during the match and that's Something that as a fan I really appreciate."
[5.0] "Even thought Kazarian is a legend and I'm super high On Joe Hendry as a character this was not one of my favorites On this card. They gave their best On the time they where given but it was what it was. Kazarian winning the match did not do it For me he is a made Man On TNA Forever and can take losing efforts to up and coming wrestlers like Hendry so he can contin˙e gaining the Love and traction he can by beating a TNA Legend and they could have set up the Kazarian Steele Match ensways but they went the other Way. Not a big fan of the booking."
[5.0] "First TNA ppv I've watched live in years and man was this a reminder why I don't. They just didn't seem to care about what normally sells me on a PPV which it banger matches. Honestly the gimmicky main event was enough to make me wanna refund this shit(I didn't buy it). I should mention I also didn't know the full card coming in. Matt Hardy vs Moose... this match had the work rate I'd expect from an NWA main event. Tatum Paxley did good but this could have been on the weekly TV. All that talent and she once again wrestled someone in their developmental. Joe Hendry lost. Mustafa Ali continues to do his best proving the Fed right about him. The Nemeth bros lost. Honestly for the PPV after the partnership this felt uninspired, lazy, and honestly made me wonder if the really expect to gain new fans by putting on this awful show. Oh and Brother Nero"
[7.0] "Solid TV match between two guys who mesh very very well together. Looking forward to seeing these boys wrestle more in the future. Heyman's spot was very well done and Orton's DDT and RKO after the match were very, very nicely executed as well."
[8.0] "A very good Tag Team titles Match wich I could had a titles change but well it did not happen cause of DIRTY DANGO? Well that was a wtf moment. I really enjoy watching the Nemeth Brothers as a tag team and hope to see them continiue teaming and hopefully winning the Championships down the line from Myers and Edwards but God that finish hurt everything me. When I saw Dango I told my Friends from the get go he was going to screw the Nemeth's. Why cause is TNA lol. Even thought it happened the match was very good."
[5.0] "I considered going slightly higher with my here, but this was fairly underwhelming. You could definitely see the potential in this pairing, but they really failed to engage the crowd here. The fans were clearly disinterested, and while the action was mostly solid enough, the lack of intensity hurt. I liked Nigel's creativity, but he was a little sloppy at times, and while Lynn was much smoother he was a bit robotic. They never really built any momentum over the course of the eleven minutes they had to work with, and more-or-less stayed in the same gear the entire way through, which made it hard to stay interested even if some of the wrestling looked nice. I don't think anybody walked away from this one expecting this pairing would be a future ROH Title match."
[5.0] "A perfectly acceptable heel though not one who should have ever had the IC title, much less hold the record for more than 30 years. His theme music was pretty good at least."
[8.0] "TNA Against All Odds 2024 Review **** High Energy crowd with heavy sailor-like swearing! (FxxK He Say ? ! ? Chant of the night.) ***** Mike Santana and Steve Maclin V. The Rascalz -8.5/10/ PCO v. Rich Swann w/ AJ Francis -6.75/10 (Underwhelming action)/ TNA World Tag Team Championship Ryan Nemeth and Nic Nemeth v. Eddie Edwards and Brian Myers -8/10 ( Disappointing finish but still some decent action.) /Frankie Kazarian V. Joe Hendry - 7/10 (Match ended short and abruptly.)/ X Division Championship Mustafa Ali V. Trent Seven -8.5/10 ( Mustafa Ali just isn't TNA material despite the talent he has. )/ Josh Alexander and Eric Young V. ABC -8.5/10 ( Slow paced and low action , but the match picked up later.)/ TNA Knockouts Championship Jordynne Grace v. Tatum Paxley -7/10 ( Weird match too watch . There were a lot of moves by Jordynne Grace , but the match chemistry was a question mark. Jordynne Grace's reign is a steroid driven question mark. Is she a tranny in a woman's jump suit? )/ "Broken Rules" Match for The TNA World Championship Moose V. Broken Matt Hardy - 8.5/10 ( Yet another disappointing Main event finish by Moose. Moose is not the champion that Tna needs. i'm Afraid Moose , Mustafa Ali , Aj Francis ; and Jordynne Grace are holding Tna titles. Eventually Tna will lose their biggest star MIke Bailey (Ricky Steamboat -like appearance) , just as how they've lost The Motor City Machine Guns. The finish of the match was weak , the camera man refused to go into the crowd (weak security) , and this could've been a 9/10 hardcore match . Tna brings out a lot of weapons but don't always use them. This match they used a good portion of those weapons. The twist of fate finish would've been more epic than how it did end. Alisha Edwards ruined the match , and Moose is the still champion heading into Slammiversary (hate his short trunks underwear LGBTQ.) Tna Wrestling relies on cameos instead of quality match finishes. ****Match of the Night Steve MAclin & Mike Santana Vs. The Rascalz**** *********Second Match of the Night Eric Young & Josh Alexander Vs. ABC******* Note(Dirty Dango is a fool.)"
[10.0] "One of the best to ever do it. He always delivers in between the ropes and he has more than proven himself as one of the best talkers ever by cutting classic promos across multiple decades in multiple companies. He was an integral part in getting AEW up and running and has used his position as a legend on the roster to put over younger wrestlers like Darby, MJF, and Orange Cassidy. His ladder match against Shawn is easily in my top three wrestling matches of all time. The last year or so in AEW has been pretty spotty but Jericho still has it in him to pull out a decent match/segment every now and then."
[4.0] "Marti can be entertaining on the mic and her work with Allysin as a part of The Hex as been largely good but as a singles wrestler Marti is pretty dreadful."
[5.0] "This was a bit sloppy, but honestly, I thought it was fine. The action was all decent, and I enjoy Xavier's fairly unique moveset. The main issue was that the crowd clearly couldn't care less about either man, and the atmosphere suffered as a result. I also think that Slyk Wagner Brown is simply not very good. ROH gave him a few opportunities in their early years, and while you can see some potential there, a lot of what he does is just a bit ugly and at times uncoordinated. A bit flat for sure, but I've seen far worse."
[6.0] "Solid tag team match, the action is simple but Antonio Honda's comedy spots make it an entertaining bout, Dick Togo looked way better than in NJPW"
[7.0] "This was a really solid, fast-paced match. I really like this story between Maclin and Santana and am excited to see where it leads."
[7.0] "Crazy that they decided to give Teddy Hart another opportunity after his behaviour after the Scramble Cage match at Main Event Spectacles. His big highlight here is a comical moment where he does... I guess you'd call it a SSP Back Senton, except he completely undershoots it and just sort of awkwardly crashes to the match while Gabe on commentary remarks "what the hell was that? ". I actually thought Sonjay was the best part of the match, as he broke out quite a few crazy moves here - I'd almost forgotten what he was capable of early in his career. It's obviously a spotfest, but I thought it was laid out fairly well, with lots of creativity and high risk action that kept things exciting throughout."
[9.0] "Misawa splits open his face on the barricade and its not even the gnarliest bump in the match. The double underhook suplex to the floor was insane. Just two dudes taking an absolutely beating on their necks for 30 minutes straight"
[6.0] "Words cannot describe how much I loathe Roman Reigns and his godawful super push. Cody Rhodes is the ONLY reason why I tolerated Sami Zayn losing in February. Of course, they blew it tonight. I don't even care about the match quality. That's forever going to be overshadowed by this GODAWFUL decision to have Cody Rhodes lose here. Not only that, but Sami Zayn and Drew McIntyre both got sacrificed for having to put over this boring joke of a main eventer. Anyway, whatever, nobody will ever beat Reigns for the world titles at this point. I'm done being optimistic with WWE's main event scene (with the exception of Rhea Ripley being world champion). It's over. McIntyre got buried. Zayn got buried. Unfortunately, Cody is now buried. Don't ever tell me that Roman "elevates" anyone ever again. He has WWE by the balls over the last 3 years. He has the LEVERAGE to put over somebody to become world champ instead, but instead he's secretly hiding the fact that he's an extremely selfish person who would rather bury the WHOLE roster instead of giving SOMEONE ELSE a chance to shine in the main event. 8+ years later, and he's still an embarrassing anti-draw. What a terrible ending for tonight. EDIT: I made this review on April 3rd, 2023. I still think my outrage was valid at the time. It's been a year later, and Roman Reigns FINALLY put someone else over properly in Cody Rhodes at Wrestlemania 40. It was a beautiful ending to that ppv too. I WILL raise this rating to a 6 instead of a 5 here. Overall, I still think their 1st match is a 7 out of 10 (which goes to show you how much I genuinely HATED the finish + the winner last year with me giving it a 5 originally). I still think Reigns's world title run lasted WAY too long, and that making Cody wait a FULL year later was not really worth it personally. If Reigns just split his entire world title run into 3 smaller/shorter reigns, and he won back that world title at Survivor Series 2022 in a different timeline; I would have been fine with Cody losing in his 1st attempt (while spending the rest of 2023 being more active & primarily working tag matches in ppvs to avoid defending the belt) since Reigns would not have a super stale/bad reign in this context. The finish to last year's Wrestlemania STILL gives me a bad taste to the mouth here, so I will raise my rating up to a 6."
[] "After Tony Khan took out Impact Wrestling many wrestlers went to Aew. Into 2024, Tna Wrestling is feeling the repercussions for throwing away their company . I thought Nic Nemeth V Frankie Kazarian (8/10)was a strong wrestling main event. Nic Nemeth has a lot of wrestling talent. Jake something , Campaign Singh , Mustafa Ali , Aj Francis ; and Jordynne Grace better fit ROH/AEW/MLW"
[9.0] "8.5 Excellent showcase that makes you want a 20-30 ppv rematch. It's wild watching Ospreay take his act to America, so many new fans getting exposed to his talent for the first time, you can hear it in the pops he gets when he hits moves like landing on his feet after getting hit with a top rope hurracanrana. Ended with a faceoff with Swerve in the ring to hype their title match. Not feeling genuine heat for that match, but this bout with Fenix did its best to give Ospreay yet another big win on his way to the top."
[9.0] "The first half with the brawling outside of the ring wasn't doing a whole lot for me, but the second half, with the absolutely nonstop tack spots and really excellent moments of storytelling, completely won me over. Gorgeous violence with a very triumphant ending."
[4.0] "The worst Match of the night by far PCO did his best but Swann in this gimmick sucks Just like Francis sucks. I hated Francis in WWE and hate him in TNA everything he does everything he touches he ruins that's my opinion. I really don't know what he is doing with a title but whatever. Like I said PCO tried that's why I'm giving it a Four. The Steph and PCO storyline I'm not a big fan either but let's see where it goes. Maybe they bring in Mance Warner that would be intereresting who knows? He has been killing it and a match between him and PCO would be great."
[9.0] "Eddie Kingstons ability to get you into any match is a testament to his passion and love for the game. He has lived so many lives over the past nearly 3 decades in wrestling, and it still amazes me that I saw his run on national TV with AEW and his entire G1 Climax last year. He still has so much to offer the business, and will be a mind that will help the young guys for generations to come. Im hoping when he comes back, he will get one more run in AEW and New Japan, maybe working in the Moxley role in the latter against Gabe Kidd, Yuya Uemura, Yota Tsuji, Ren Narita, and Shota Umino. Get well soon, Eddie."
[10.0] "Ospreay is outstanding, his athleticism is through the roof, he is the best wrestler on the planet and he knows it, Shota knows it as well. Shota is completely outclassed, Ospreay Beats Shota in every statistical measurement but Shota is young, hungry, he has yet to reach his full potential. The best weapon Shota has against Ospreay is the element of surprise and Umino does just that after Ospreay broke his nose, spit in his face and pissed him off. Shota brings out his dark side as he completely shruggs off Ospreay's stiff chops and beats the Champion ragged, Shota takes the best Ospreay has to offer and dishes it out on his opponent. Despite the momentum shift to Shota's side, Ospreay begins to insert his dominace soon after dropping the challenger on top of two tables ( not stacked). Ospreay once again, completely overpowers the shooter but Jon Moxley, Umino's mentor and friend comes out to give him a much needed push and just when things seemed to be over, Shota fights back with all he has got, I loved that little motivation that Jon gives Umino, its a nice touch. This match wasn't just a Championship match, it was the breakout match of an up and coming star who has been criticised for his work, Shota took all his criticisms and made it into a munition, Ospreay helped Shota shined throughout the match and Umino didn't failed to live up to the lofty expectations that has been set on him on this night. Amazing match. *****"
[2.0] "This match really sucked. It was very long, boring and heatless with a dead crowd and the lack of chemistry between the two on display."
[8.0] "This was awesome. The match was very fast paced with high intensity and some brilliant drama. Savage lost the match, Sherri berated him and he was reunited with Elizabeth. Perfect post match angle; should have main evented."
[8.0] "7.9 Zeuxis made this one competitive and kinda reinforced something I've been noticing since Mone ventured beyond WWE: she's really got some ground to cover before she can hang with the very best, I think she'll do it if she stays with AEW for some years. Good match. The finish stinks cuz Mone's finisher looks so killer when she nails it, she just so rarely does hit it clean."
[5.0] "This pay per view was very mediocre. The Pillars four, Anarchy in the Arena and Battle Royal were good, but everything in between was mediocre at best. Some of the matches could have been great but werent for one reason or another."
[7.0] "This was a very good opener To The ple with Steve and Mike showing why they are stars For the company and the Rascals why they are one of the Top teams For them to. They had everything On this one and it was very entertaining. For me The Rascals should turn face soon I think they ha e do e everything as a heel Team On TNA already. Even thought they are still fun At everything they do. Santana and Maclin are going to go their own Way and are going to do Great things hopefully they give Santana a chance At the World Championship."
[10.0] "My boys! YES BOIS! Lovely men, amazing personality, entertaining, incredible in the ring, mint in everything. Happy they survive death from the Family, we're blessed to have Pretty Deadly continuing being pretty and deadly. So YES BOUS!"
[8.0] "Loved the team of Brookes and Kasai and loved the sheer amount of absurd bits that are crammed into this match. A really good time with some brutal spots that made me perk up (some of the stuff off the ladder and Kasai's splash onto both MAO and Shunma through the table)."
[9.0] "One of my favorite 3 way deathmatches of all time. Each guy did all of their spots perfectly and the result was very well received."
[7.0] "Very fun opener to start off the show. Was a good way to ease into the night before the very violent deathmatches to come."
[9.0] "One of the best DPW shows to date, Abe vs Strong, Ku vs Tankman, and Priest vs Blackwood were the standouts from this show, but every match was entertaining and served its purpose."
[8.0] "Really good match between these too. Was an extremely violent 200 light tube match. It's cool to see Drake still being able to put on deathmatches of this quality still."
[9.0] "Absolutely fantastic match. Hechicero was obviously great in this but Blue fuckin Panther was also wonderful in this too. Absolutely amazing to see him be this great in 2024 at nearly 64 years old. Fantastic technical stuff in the first 2 falls and then we get to the third fall which is where we get those big moves from both gives. Panther at one point hits a beautiful tope. Wonderful wonderful match."
[8.0] "8.3 Really cooking trios match that only gained speed as it went on. Impressive pacing and heat building toward the finish. And the finish was my only critique, as it felt a little deflated and beating a strong face like Briscoe clean always kinda makes me feel that way, unless the heel is a monster. But that's a small gripe, the crowd was super into it, and the match was exciting. Also, the continued story with Kris and Willow capped off the segment. I was surprised how heated the moment felt. Worth watching through the end."
[6.0] "Solid match, its the first one with Kawada as the heel under the Holy Demon Army. I found that the match for the most part maintained a great pace and the holds led to some really great punishes from both men. The level of intensity you see here would be the type of heat that would be seen in their later matches. The match did kind of get cold at times near the end, I found Kawada's selling of Misawa's tiger driver kind of weird as he did sell it pretty well for a bit but then was sort of forced to completely no sell it to get back at Misawa. Feel like that shouldn't have been hit in that moment as it took me out of the match."
[7.0] "Pretty decent go home show for Clash all things considered. The opening match was okay but kind of felt flat with its finish. The AJ/Cody promo with the crowd was also awesome. The Bloodline saga with Paul helping Solo for the safety of his own skin and the nuclear level pop for Randy Orton at the end was awesome. Matches though was pretty incosistent. Also side note but Scotland crowd might have France beat in awesome international crowds."
[7.0] "If anyone was gonna get a good match out of Solo, it had to be KO. That being said, this is something that could and should be a pay-per-view level match but only time will tell with this feud. That being said, this was a solid main event all things considered especially with Randy getting a nuclear level pop at the end."
[7.0] "Enjoyable show from DEEAMWAVE here for their anniversary. Opening match ended up being my match of the show with Bayne/Yamashita, Arez match, and the main event close behind."
[6.0] "Solid match between these two that was competitive. The ending wasnt the most satisfying but it did at least set up their next match effectively."
[9.0] "The best match of June so far. Luke Jacobs all said, the great sensation of the UK/Europe scene, but Zozaya is amazing, he appeared out of nowhere at a show in Barcelona and became a superstar, those last 5 minutes of this match are incredible, it was driving me crazy , like the commentators and the crowd in the arena, we were all fascinated by what these two did, absolutely brilliant. Normally in my ratings this would be an 8, but I give it a 9 because of the happiness that a match so well constructed in its final part generated in me. ****1/4"
[10.0] "This being my first match seeing Yuma Aoyagi, I was completely unprepared for his style of wrestling. I thought he'd have a comedy gimmick of some kind gbased off his helmet/bike in his entrance, but he was just as hard hitting as Takeshita, and Aoyagi has incredible charisma to boot, jawjacking with Takeshita fans in the audience and taking on a heel-of-sorts role just for them (an impressive bit of crowd work, considering Takeshita is currently in a Don Callis faction) I would argue that Aoyagi's crowd work escalated this from good to magical, and had everyone in that audience completely invested. And, well, me, too. It seems clear to me that there was something of a alignment switch in this match thereafter, with Takeshita selling the brunt of Aoyagi's offense and feeding off the crowd. It's probably the best thing that could've happened in the match to create any sort of doubt about Takeshita actually winning this. Aoyagi absolutely brutalizes Takeshita for the majority of this, and even ties Takeshita up like a pretzel in a hammerlock/guillotine combination at one point. A mad dash of stiff shots closes this out and made this thrilling match and absolutely main event worthy spectacle."
Green Deli wrote about Vader:
[10.0] "The best big man in wrestling history! His look is insane, his style is as stiff as concrete, and he sells just enough to not make his matches complete washouts, while also not sacrificing his presence and intimidation. I havent seen nearly enough of his work in Japan, but being a part of one of the greatest matches of all time at Starrcade 93 with Ric Flair certainly helps his case in my eyes."
[7.0] "A very good match that plays to both Ricochet and Hayes strengths, which just so happen to be very similar things. The finish was a bit by the numbers, but there was some great action up to that point."
[6.0] "As a pure wrestling or even Hardcore match, this wasn't the best match of the year but this wasn't meant to be a MOTYC, this was meant to be pure fun and this was. Everyone in this match were funny and this was another proof of how complete these four are, they can do serious wrestling as well as comedy wrestling. If you want pure fun, this match is for you - ***1/4"
[5.0] "A kind of middling Smackdown as the more important matches are on the next days show. The main event was solid and Cody & AJs promo was good but most of the rest of the show felt pretty middling."
[9.0] "This match being as good as it was was seriously shocking at the time. These two had a very long and very boring feud, with two bad matches at the previous two PPVs. And then Great American Bash rolls around and they have this crazy match. Was probably JBL's best match in his final stint in WWE, imo. Him getting the win was a shock too, I liked that."
[10.0] "My favorite match of both John Cena & Umaga's careers and probably my favorite match of 2007 as well. Cena made Umaga look like an absolute monster and respected his offense. Sometimes, in this period, Cena's selling could be iffy but he was money on this night. The creativity with the broken ring was fun too. But this match is among my favorites of all time for sure."
[6.0] "Pretty good match between both of these former stablemates. Paced well and didnt go too long but still packed a good amount of action into it. Crowd didnt feel the most into it but both worked hard. 6-6.5"
[10.0] "Kobashi says he didn't know he won the match until Akiyama had him on his shoulders, just to tell how the impact of Taue's moves can easily put a man in space. Normally, we never get to see the sort of cheap shots American wrestling has in Japan, but Taue went full heel on Kobashi and used many dirty tactics to weaken him, as well as tried to tear down his knee as everyone would try to do years later. Kobashi on the other hand is the full underdog, as he comes back at Taue every time he goes down, having the entire Budokan and even the referee behind him for support. The ending is nothing short of emotional, as Kobashi finally manages to keep Taue down for long, when a Tiger Suplex and a Leg Drop do the job to flat him down, and as the Lariat couldn't finish the job earlier, he went up and down with a top rope Guillotine Leg Drop right on his neck. After the ref's hand counted three, all hell broke lose as the entire arena jumped joyfully, emotionally happy that the youngest pillar had finally reached the top of the mountain, like seeing your younger brother getting married or winning gold in the olympics; a moment happiness and electricity. And that also set the record that Taue is no pushover, and shown why he won the title to begin with. Weak no more, that night set Kobashi's road to immortality that would follow through years and years until his honorable and beautiful retirement match and ceremony."
[6.0] "Solid match but maybe one I expected a little more considering how talented both are. Still a solid match though."
[6.0] "real solid main event honestly. Would have MUCH rathered this been on the PPV. I mean how are we supposed to believe solo as the new head of the table if they dont ever put him on the PPVs. I think this is a great match and honestly a lot of matches have been being left off ppv cards bc this 5 match format which i love i do but when theres a match that deserves to be on the PPV like this then screw it make it 6 matches i dont think any of us fans would find at all."
[7.0] "An enjoyable brawl with a good energy and pacing to it. Hard striking from both as well as some bombs once they got into the ring after brawling around ringside. Both had each other scouted well at points. The distraction with Ethan HD was a little underwhelming but at least Takeshita won with his running knee. Good performances from both. 6.5-7"
[5.0] "i honestly could care less about what actually happens in the ring here im just SO HAPPY apollo is in the ring on a main WWE show. Also lowkey kept him looking descently strong by having him loose to interference and a quick roll up."
[3.0] "With a lot of bitterness, I am giving him a 3, because the same way people rate him zero, they rate Benoit, who I was a huge fan of, 10s or 8s for ring work, but let me get clear that I'm not a fan of JosÚ as a wrestler, and definitely not as a man. His matches with Huracan Castillo, with the Estradas, Brody, Ron and Chicky Starr were great and fun, and like it or not, the man drew huge crowds into those open aired arenas just so people could see blood and action...OOF, Ok, now I will finally free myself of giving him pleasantries, and remind myself that this monster killed a man inside a shower just for "business" in front of Tony Atlas, who tried to get help for his bud, and later on, thanks to the justice system (aka Carlos Colon's money), he got away with it. This man deserves everything he got afterwards, and I don't usually wish this sort of stuff. Also, I am still waiting for the day he decides to stab that corrupt bastard "amigo" of his, Carlos Colon, to see if he gets away with it. Chicky Starr was right about him being trash at everything."