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[6.0] "It was a weird one. Second half was really fun and I enjoyed it a lot, hence the rating. Lesnar dominating made sence and I was ready for it. But ffs why did he had to eliminate half of the Rumble and in that group of guys were people like John Morrison (really shows their plans for him after returning), the IC champ (whether you like Nakamura or not, you dont treat your champion like that), returning MVP (I wouldn't mind him getting eliminated after 5 minutes, but he lasted 20 seconds and didn't show any of his moves) and the most pushed NXT star at the moment (not saying Keith should eliminate Lesnar, he could've just last a lot longer). Also - why everyone seeing that 3 men were no challenge to Brock still get to the ring to fight him one-on-one? But yeah, from the #16 buzzer till the end, very fun match. I'd say a 1 for the first half and a 9 for the second half."
[6.0] "Good match, a notch below their match last year but understandable because they were in a much tougher spot (Not the opener and between both rumble) and both weren't nearly as hot as they were last year. They worked hard and had a good result with the crowd at the end of the match. Busted some new spots, cool match enjoyable moment. (***1/4)"
[7.0] "The Scramble Match was a great opener with tons of action and true suspense down the stretch. Homicide/Excellent was very basic and lacked spice, but it is a very solid victory for Greg Excellent. Dub/Vermin was much slower and tamer than it could have been, but it felt pleasant and was a nice first Cage Of Death appearance for The Dub Boys. Dezmond/Strickland was an awesome match, with exciting high-flying action in strategic places, making both guys look amazing and elevating Dezmond Xavier and the leagues of experiment athletic competitors of CZW. DHS/EYFBO was an entertaining brawl, as again a veteran team carries EYFBO and hides their flaws, making for a good breezy match and an acceptable title change, which only made the surprise challenge and victory of Scarlet & Graves even sweeter and gives a fresh direction to the championship belts in 2017. Callihan/Rush was an incredible match, starting from the theatrical presentation that made them seem larger than life, to the frenetic action, full of crisp and impactful offense that seemed ungodly, they made everything feel special and this has to be the match of the year, just an incredible display of wrestling excellence that boosts Lio Rush into the main event ranks. Gresham/Gacy was horribly lacking in starpower, with great heel champion being forced to put over this inept bag of dirt called Joe Gacy, a terribly stupid booking decision. Rickey/Havoc was a standard deathmatch, but the selling and show of resilience by RSP elevated him and the match into a significant moment. The main event had random team and was horribly long, feeling like a sham of a Cage Of Death that just filled a space. There were cool moments, like Joey Janela surprisingly looking his best, but overall it was a bloated, artificial and the drama fell flat. The two main events were horribly mangled and destructive, but the rest of the show is quite cool, with many good performances and quite a few young breakout wrestlers."
[5.0] "Axel/Mack was an excellent opener, with two wrestlers that know each other very well and used their chemistry to produce fast, exciting and fluid exchanges that got the crowd hot from the get go. Crist/Hope was purely filler, a weak undercard offering with little memorable about it. Tracy/Dickinson was technically solid and well-balanced, but lacked a spark to be intriguing. Iestyn/T-Bone was useless midcard filler, as T-Bone as had a miserable weekend of mediocrity and did nothing to deserve a title shot, so being crushed by Iestyn Rees was only a formality. The PCW Tag Team Title match was quite athletic and offered a nice pace that the show needed, yet it lacked some cohesion to be really meaningful and ends up a bit forgettable. Jurn/Mastiff started with very entertaining ring entrances that got the crowd involved, and then had a great sprint, but you can't help but feel that such a short match with needless cheating kinda craps all over the Openweight Tournament and makes it feel meaningless. Keith/Janela started slowly, but progressed into a very nice encounter that built to a satisfying finish, giving a taste of american indy to the UK crowd. Hooligans/Kings was too basic and formulaic to be interesting on this night. Fox/Bubblegum was a decent if unspectacular conclusion to the weekend, as despite his popularity, Bubblegum simply wasn't in AR Fox's league, who destroyed Bubblegum with a barrage of great aerial attacks to get the victory and win the Cruiserweight Tournament. The show as a lot of filler, but deliver in a few key places to be fun, but lacks a better end to the tournaments to be truly memorable."
[5.0] "Axel/Danny was nothing special and seemed stop by a legit Knock-Out. Jurn/T-Bone was just as bland as T-Bone's match the previous day, but at least it was shorter, had less filler and had a conclusive finish to dispose of the boring wrestler. Tracy/Bubblegum had a solid technical basis, but again Bubblegum feels of and uninspired. The 8-Men Tag isn't memorable in any way, but does provide a different type of lighter entertainment on the show, which makes it a more efficient non-tournament match then the previous night. The Invisible Man joke is beyond stupid and stale, though. Fox/Mack was a fantastic match-up, with a nice constant flow that never ceased chaining together crisp and impressive athletic moves that create a dynamic battle like none other this weekend. The only bad things is that, despite it being reasonable in length, I could have took even a couple minutes more to enjoy it even more. Keith/Iestyn was a surprisingly fun big men contest, as the reviled PCW Champion was overcome repeatedly by the unstoppable american, resorting to cowardly retreat to concede defeat and give visibility to the special attraction guest. Dickinson/Mastiff distinguished itself from the usual Chris Dickinson Jerkoff Contest, as for once Chris Dickinson was overcome by the power of his opponent, pulling a very decent underdog performance before succumbing to the merciless mastodon submission. Weak card with clumsy setup for the Finals, but Fox/Mack and Dickinson/Mastiff delivered and make it a worthwhile watch."
[5.0] "Mack/Wentz was kept much slower and ground-based than you might have expected. When somebody dared go to the ropes, they got caught and paid the price. Tracy/Kirby is a fun technical clash with just a zest of intense personality to spruce it up. Axel/Bubblegum felt weird to me, as Bubblegum is very popular, but feels horribly dated and unremarkable, yet controls the match with very little space for Axel Dieter. Jurn/Crist looked like a mismatch, but they kept it fast and hard-hitting, closing the gap and actually entertaining me. Dickinson/Janela was just so damn long and boring, with incessant dumb overacting and bravado that just killed any credibility or fun in it. Keith/Mastiff looked like a cool hoss battle, but frankly felt slow and sluggish, with only the final part having some noteworthy feats of strength. Starr/T-Bone was horrendously boring, with neverending stalling followed by anemic action that went nowhere and had absolutely no highlight. The 6-Men Tag had more flow, pace and actually did something, but also felt terribly bland with nobody standing out at all. Fox/Dezmond was a tremendous main event, a display of relentless athletic wrestling, a very cool climax of excitement to end the first round of the tournaments on a very high note that left the crowd buzzing for more the next day. Strongest show on paper, but enough disappointment in execution, and no true classics, make it nice but not quite a success."
[4.0] "The opener was nothing much, just a showcase for The New Nation. The Street Fight looks like an unpleasant extended squash, just wasting stipulation on a random unbuilt match. Pop/Only was very short, but an effective showcase of Sean Only's complex heel character, cocky, cunning and dangerous all in one package. Dickinson/Crist was a joyful match, as the heel Dave Crist methodically mangled up his opponent, using his allies, cheating, the environment and his impressive arsenal to completely annihilate him, another very effective heel job. Drake/Janela was putrid wrestling, reeking of Janela's worst tendencies, randomly incorporating weapons and callously dismissing the rules without warning, overbooking everything to death until a merciful ending, with the right winner hitting a cool move, at the very least. Proven/Scarlets was very fun and dynamic, going by very fast and showcasing the champions well. Starr/Slater was your typical David Starr match, making it pretentious and soporific, a big waste of time that only serves to feed Starr's considerable ego. Rampage/Fox was what you expect from an AR Fox main event, a disorganized sprint that actually feels pleasant to watch, and Rampage Brown looked dominating in his comeback victory, ending the show well enough. Some matches were fun, many matches were absolutely horrible, as it seems like TCW is susceptible to being swayed by forceful jerks and let them control matches in ways that hurt the overall show, with the good parts making it certainly decent, but the selfish exploitative matches drag it down, an anchor that TCW needs to shed away fast."
[4.0] "Alexander/Deppen was a neat, clean, pleasant opener that gave me all I wanted from it. Homicide/Yuma never gelled, feeling pretty off and unpleasant. Donst/Lucky was extremely fun and cool, a perfect send off for the underappreciated talent that was Lucky. That being said, the breakup of The Nation Of Intoxication is a messy angle that does not feel natural. Dub/EYFBO was very decent and sets up a match for Cage Of Death. Pickard/Jimmy was very nice and make these rookies fit seamlessly on the midcard of the main roster, as well as making Blackwater look dangerous. Gacy/Callihan was crisp and intense, pleasantly going along, but the counterintuitive finish feels baffling and keeps buriyng talented wrestlers for the profit of the awful Joe Gacy that is superpushed like he is Trent Acid. Sabian/Archadia severely lacked context and felt random, just a needless filler match. Gresham/Gacy was just a cheap bait-and-switch, setting up a very unappealing main event for Cage Of Death 18. Dragons/Weapons was a random hardcore match that felt mediocre and meandered until a weak ending, simply not a good main event. There are more than a few good matches, but the booking is quite bad and tries to rush matches into Cage Of Death without much reason, making for a decent show drown by way too much melodrama and clumsy storytelling."
[3.0] "The show really did not live up to the previous night, as after the opener there was a huge dip in quality and a long dull lull that went until the intermission, after which it got a little better, with Bubblegum/Fox being the highlight, but it remains a rather weak show overall."
[6.0] "Very nice looking show, with the two rosters meshing up very well. Dezmond/Wentz and Fox/Ligero were the standouts for me, and honestly the night of the weekend will have a lot to live up to."
[5.0] "The crowd was definitely into the feud these two had, but the match itself feels disjointed and messy, lacking a clear structure to adequately elevate the drama. It doesn't hinder Bayley's general likeability, receiving constant cheers and support from the audience, even eliciting a "This is Awesome" chant from the crowd after a rather standard Frankensteiner. There's some nice moments of struggle between the two early on but it quickly devolves into Charlotte keeping the challenged grounded with knee drops and strikes. A lot of the moves here do look awkward or just generally botched, but the simple Heel/Face dynamic isn't compromised and neither is the crowd's engagement here. Bayley garners a lot of sympathy in this position and her fighting an uphill battle could've really been executed well if there was enough direction in hindsight for how the match would play out. **3/4"
[7.0] "The NWA's second PPV was fun and delivered. The first three first round matches all did their job and setting the upcoming tournament matches. Starks vs Cross was the best of the bunch given the competitors involved, and the Question Mark losing was a shocker. Tag titles match was really fun for the time given. The true wild card team wins by pinning a now former champ. Good action here from all 6 men. Kay and Rosa had the best match up to this point. Despite some rough parts, this was a fantastic hard hitting match. From the stiff strikes, to the tombstone piledriver to the finish, the two women did great here, and it was time for a new champ as Kay seemed to have run her course as champ. Looking forward to where this new reign takes us. The two semi-finals were solid, with Murdoch pulling off a shock upset and Starks having a solid bout with Tim Storm. Stevens vs Steiner was the low point of the show. Whatever was built with Stevens and the Question Mark was completely destroyed and buried. Aldis and Flip had a good match and a solid showcase for the title, but I'll admit the match felt like the title was never on the line. Didn't have the urgency it needed to feel like a title match. Felt like a regular 1-1 match, which would have been good without the title being on the line. Gotta say, Starks being dropped over the drop rope and face first into the floor made me cringe. I felt that one. Very fun main event that played to the size and experience difference. Once the finals were set, it was clear who the winner would be. Both men should be applauded for their performances during the show. An overall good show from the NWA. Too many matches but that was expected."
[7.0] "Fun match from a rather average tournament. A non-tournament match that outshone the whole event, to be honest. Tremont was slow and that was expected, but Warner was great and helped carry this match into some delicious violence. Only match worth watching from the 2019 TOD."
[5.0] "Took over 6 months to decide to watch this. It was just before this event that I sorta gave up on CZW until the end of 2019. While my opinion hasn't changed, I figured I'd give this one a shot since I was looking forward to it back then. O'Hare and SHLAK was solid and both men went brutal from the get-go with the light tubes. Given the fact that they are/were tag partners, I may have expected a little more intensity. Claxton vs. Lyon was uh... a glorified squash at best. Not sure what happened with the finish. Next match was bloody and enjoyable when compared to the previous two. Panes of glass and such make me happy. Outside interference was unnecessary but didn't affect the match result. Murdoch's back was massacred. Casanova skewering Joe was a cool nod to Masada, who now we know will face Casanova at the 21st Anniversary show. The match was a bit slow, but had more psychology than the previous matches, which was welcomed and told a good story. Murder by Kicks vs. The Rep was alright. It did nothing to peak my interest and was just there. Not bad, but nothing to write about. Lloyd vs. Claxton was solid with some good weapon usage. This was completely overshadowed by the weak finish however. Casanova coming out as Cactus Jack with the barbed wire cross gave this next one a plus one point. Good match when compared to the previous one. I liked the use of the barbed wire here. Finals are set, as expected with the CZW regulars. The next match was what was missing in this tournament. A true brutal and barbaric match that actually played out and went a solid amount of time. Time was a factor here as it gave both guys a chance to go all out. Tremont, while slower now, remains a death match legend and Warner is fantastic in this environment. Main event could have been more, but the finish (a nod to old CZW) was cool where everything else lacked. Honestly, this was OK overall. Could've been more."
[5.0] "What a mess. Outside of Edge's return, I don't have much nice to say about this match. Brock eliminating everyone in the first half was ridiculous and stupid. I hear people saying it's realistic, but it's not. Why would you keep going at Brock one at a time after the first few? Run to the ring, immediately roll out, wait for the next participant, and rush him then. Braun looks like the biggest moron by going after Lee while Lesnar was still there. The rest of the match was alright, but I wouldn't say anything more than that."
[7.0] "This show was pretty good. The first half was great with two good matches and two excellent matches but the second half was severely lacking and dragged down the show. The opening match was a good match on the verge of being great. Both men worked well together and were entertaining. I thought Lucky kid was really good and was more interesting as he worked with more vigor. A good thing about the match was that the crowd was into it unlike a lot of the later matches on the show. Brody King vs Caveman Ugg was one of my favorites matches on the show. I'd say it's the second best. I thought this was an excellent big man match. Not only did the two have great power but also great athleticism and agility pulling out moves like hurricanranas, an effortless suicide dive by King and even a Phoenix Splash by Ugg that was particularly surprising and great. This is a match I would definitely watch again. Dragon Lee vs Rey Horus was pretty good. They were fine enough with good Lucha Libre but left a lot to be desired. I expected more from this match based on the two involved. Zayne and Janela vs Christian and Deppen was easily the best match on the show. It was excellent action throughout. Zayne and Christian were particularly amazing and carried the match. This was the first time I saw either of them and this was quite a first impression. Both were standouts in the match with fantastic offense and high risk moves. The match was brought down by Janela and Deppen but not too much. The show went down hill from Allin/Taurus on. Allin vs Taurus was alright until the end. Darby Allin is Drab and wasn't entertaining. Black Taurus was great and is a force to be reckoned with. Gresham vs Spencer was sloppy and boring and was the worst match. Sekimoto vs Cobb was slow and not much happened however, Cobb was fairly great. The Main event was pretty good but wasn't the strongest match. Both teams were good especially Mexablood."
[10.0] "First half of the Rumble was booked to absolute perfection. If you don't see that, you don't understand pro wrestling. Brock looked like the biggest beast in history and it led to the biggest pop in Drew McIntyre's career. The build is on to Brock/Drew at WrestleMania. Still can't believe Drew won. You know, I bet the total rating would be 2-3 points lower if Roman had won. lol"
[8.0] "This might sound weird, but for a long while I used to love this woman. She stole my heart in her breakout match with Sasha Banks at TakeOver: Unstoppable and quickly became my favourite women's wrestler for three straight years. I didn't jump on the bandwagon once she turned heel, as she was one of the most natural babyfaces the woman's division has ever had. Her heel turn was great and while she lacked a level of intensity and violence in any brawl she was the a part of, her promo ability and connection with the fanbase was undeniable. But Becky Lynch is also just another example of WWE getting their grubby hands on something organic and running it into the ground. A middling yet crucial win at Wrestlemania was followed with a 3-month long angle against a green Lacey Evans that also pairs her with the ***1/2 best in the world Seth Freakin Rollins. Then a forgettable feud with Sasha Banks, before suddenly getting pushed into the tag division. She's a great talent and her work from 2015-2018 when she was given an opportunity proves this. If only WWE were more competent in utilizing their stars."
[10.0] "****1/2 rating. The first half was a 'Brock look as dominant as possibleathon', then something happened and the 2nd half was an all time great RR. Once Brock was gone it was near perfect. Storytelling, action, eliminations and the finish was perfect. PLUS the surprise return of THE legend was incredible. What a memorable match."
[] "Apart from a few moments, Brock Lesnar's 20-minute long dominance from the start is a chore to get through, letting everyone know that this time, it's Vince's rumble. The 2nd part also lost a lot of steam once Lesnar left ringside. Edge returning was cool and there's a few matches that appear to be setting up for Mania. Shocked at who won, even though I was hopeful he would do it. Half a dozen of the names that were already declared for the match were pulled lmao."
[6.0] "She is a really good wrestler but she has something else to give and lately she has not shown she can do it."
[1.0] "She has more than she deserves, I think in recent years she has been overvalued too much for what she can offer in the ring, from unclean movements to matches that only give someone else's sorrow, not counting her exaggerated achievements and her most recent achievement as it is to win a royal rumble."
[10.0] "Man, these Nitro matches just cannot get the respect they deserve! This was a fantastic TV bout between two guys who always have amazing chemistry, but I really think this is one of their best matches together. The powerbomb from Benoit was just hellacious, and that corkscrew Frog splash from Eddie putting over how urgently he knew he needed to hit Benoit when he was down? Just beautiful!"
[7.0] "This match was good but had a fair few problems. I thought that the two teams spent too much time messing around and posing at each other and doing nothing. The crowd was also pretty terrible in this match and didn't show any reaction for a lot of the good parts and that made those good parts less good. Both teams worked well together and had fun spots but it just didn't keep me hooked. I thought Flamita was the best in the match as he was the most interesting and entertaining in my opinion. Overall it's a positive."
[6.0] "I thought this match was among the weakest on the show. There was a lot of nothing for a good amount of the match and even when they started doing stuff they weren't doing anything super great. I thought Sekimoto was pretty bad in this match and seemed to not be putting any effort and only had a few good strikes and big moves later on. If he did anything more it wasn't very memorable as I don't remember it. Jeff Cobb was pretty great and was much more entertaining. His striking was really great and his athleticism was good as usual. It was cool that Cobb won. He carried the match to me and it made me excited to see him more in the tournament."
[5.0] "This match was alright for the most part but I think the ending ruined the match for me. Black Taurus was really good and I thought he was a very dominant big man that was also very agile. He kept me into the match. Darby Allin on the other hand is boring as shit and bland as hell. His look is awful and his move set is mediocre. Whenever he would get some moves in it would take me out of the match. The match would've been fine to me if Black Taurus won but I had to see a stupid finish where Black Taurus let Darby Allin win with a quick pin after he was messing around. Overall it was okay and wasn't the worst match on the show."
[7.0] "Both rumble were really good, other than that everything was ok. Nothing blow away but nothing bad either. Good time and one of the best PPV for WWE in a long time."
[8.0] "Not a perfect rumble and lost a bit of steam during the 2nd part of it but a very good one. Brock doing some can crushing was very entertaining, Edge during the 2nd part was great too except the camera shot for his 1st spear. Some cool moments, them comitting fully to Drew McIntyre was great. Without nitpicking I had a good time. (****)"
[7.0] "Stupefied/Stinky was a great little opener was fluid and cool action, but a finish too casual for my taste. Rush/Gacy was surprisingly decent and clean, with two unskilled rookies producing something simple and worthwhile, but again they are abusing the roll-up finishes. Uno/Logan also overachieved, with the unknown rookie being crisp and fluid, letting Player Uno guide him into a compelling competitive match that kept the high workrate level going and evaded mistakes. Ali/EMO was a tad slower than other matches, but kept a focus on clean matwork, while Rahim Ali added a little personality to the proceedings, but Rennals injecting himself into the match felt completely random and inappropriate, derailing the format for no good reason, and he didn't even win, making it even more useless and disruptive with no upsides to it. Stupefied/Uno was a great semifinals, even it they somehow stayed in their first gear, their chemistry made for a fun and fluid contest that felt like it crowned the better man going forward, an exciting feeling indeed. Ali/Gacy took an interesting aggressive approach, a brawl that had not been seen before tonight and made for an unpredictable entertaining match that showed a more dangerous aura for the second finalist. Stupefied/Ali was a fine Finals that was well-wrestled and looked crisp, but the finish looked especially clunky and felt very cheap. This was a fun tournament with a very pleasant and surprising consistency, as the guests brought their A-Game and looked good enough to hang, while the local roster where predictably solid and built up and exciting tournament with a great steam behind the finalist, and while the final result was less than ideal, it did launch a nice push for the winner who looked dominant for the rest of the year, making this a resounding success with only a few glaring missteps along the way."
[] "Embodies everything wrong with NXT in the last couple years. An abundance of athleticism on display in a fast-paced tag match between two fan-favourite teams that follows the beats of the NXT-style epic made conventional, with none of these moments holding any greater importance that to be featured as a 5-second GIF on Twitter. There is no drama to be engrossed in and no stakes at play. Big moves that continue to lose their lustre from predictable false finishes. DIY patting themselves on the back disgusts me. Showmanship in the most shallow sense. No one was on their A game and several big spots looked sloppy. 20+ minutes of an entertaining back-and-forth contest with nothing else to say. Congratulations, you impressed Meltzer."
[4.0] "I cannot give more than FOUR points for this show! // The opening match was just very boring. // Women's Royal Rumble was a train wreck, not sure where to start but to me it was the wrong winner, a very weird approach on booking girls like Bianca Belair, who pretty much dominated to be eliminated like an unexperienced rookie minutes later, same with Kairi Sane, one of the companies champions, who for the third time in a row looked like a total idiot in basically eliminating herself. Also I'm not very keen on their surprises (Molly and Kelly, Beth was cool! ) and especially Santina Marella. Simply put: I didn't like that Rumble match at all. // Bayley vs. Lacey was an average match that could have happened on any other non-PPV card, too. // Becky vs. Asuka as well as Fiend vs. Bryan were good matches, but with an anticlimactic/weak ending. Both winners are fine but not that way, especially with the Fiend, as that ending completely devalues all the effort Daniel Bryan put into this as the Fiend was at a full 100% in the end. Should have portrayed Bryan at a level close to beating the Fiend and they actually did during the match but completely flushed that down the toilet with the Fiend being unharmed in the end. Matches were good though... // The mens rumble is difficult to rate. Basically I have three main issues with it or two as the first two consider Lesnar. For one I think they did the whole Lesnar dominating shtick for too long, something like that should not make up the whole first half of the rumble entrants. It got stale at around #7 or #8 anyway. Second of all they should not have booked their IC champion as cannon fodder for Lesnar. And third imho it should not have been the same man eliminating Lesnar and winning. With Drew winning the whole Lesnar-angle and elimination was just a waste of time and talent. I would have given Drew the elimination and the challenger for Bray the Rumble win...."
[10.0] "Edge returned, and that makes this fucking match a masterpiece. But no, really it was top-3 Rumbles ever. Really entertaining and unique first half, with a final 10 full of top guy. It was unpredictable too, as I was not expecting a) Edge b) MVP c) Drew winning. Amazing match. Kudos WWE. ****3/4."
[9.0] "Absolutely brilliant Rumble, Brock looking dominant like a WWE champion should, Keith Lee going toe-to-toe with Brock and immediately makes him credible for the future, to Drew coming in and eliminating Brock only for him to constantly stare him down gave me goosebumps, Edge returning and making me cry like a little girl to Drew finally winning and get a championship match he so rightly deserves, fantastic rumble match."
[10.0] "The best 30 men in recent years Royal Rumble! The first half of Brock's crazy clean-up was not bad for me. It was quite innovative, but after Brock went down, the competition began to be more interesting! But when I heard "You think you know me", my whole body trembled! My youth is back! EDGE looks good! The result of the competition is also very satisfactory! Very good competition! 4. 5 stars!"
[7.0] "The best top to bottom Royal Rumble event in many years. The men's rumble match was great, although your enjoyment of the first half of it will come down to how much you like Brock Lesnar, whereas the women's rumble match was also good and the best of the three so far. As for the rest of the card, the strap match was the best Fiend match so far and the opener was a vast improvement on their match last month, On the other hand Bayley vs Lacey had no real redeeming qualities and can be skipped entirely."
[8.0] "This was a very fun event, especially the Rumbles Matches, the women's match was much better than the last years, (****), while the main event was very well built, and had a certain winner (** **), while the rest of the show varied between solid / good."
[1.0] "A waste of a show. The entire men's Rumble was a joke and there was minutes and minutes of dead air as Lesnar just stood in the ring between entrants. The women's Royal Rumble had good aspects in the first half but got hampered down once Charlotte entered. And every singles match was extremely forgettable. Cannot think of a time when WWE has been this bad before. And we all know Lesnar vs Mcintyre is just going to go 3 minutes at Wrestlemania."
[10.0] "Absolutely fabulous episode! We start with the flat out great (and obviously underrated) top notch TV bout between Regal and Psychosis. Arn vs. Sullivan was a really good short, chaotic, story driven match, and as an Arn fan it was great to see him blasting the whole Dungeon of Doom with DDTs and keeping them at bay. Two more great short matches between the Big Bossman and Chavo, and legends from different eras in Bobby Eaton vs. Rey Mysterio. Sting attacking his nWo counterpart was a nicely done segment, and then the company wide crazy brawl at the end! Loved it, loved everything about it!"
[8.0] "A fun tag match, also fun seeing Liger & Kikuchi Interacting with each other for the first time. ****1/4"
[9.0] "This was a great matchup & highlighted Naomichi Marufuji as the star of the future in Puroresu. ****1/2"
[9.0] "This was a very weird match yet a very enjoyable one. I'm not sure how to describe the match from the wild beginning to the crazy end. This kinda threw me off to how crazy these two actually are toward the last five minutes of the match. This was harmless good fun. ****1/4"
[8.0] "Great showing from all five participants. Very disappointed to see Sheamus on the pre-show and not a surprise entrant into the rumble as this was his return to the ring. Recommend to watch these matches"
[7.0] "Just an average Junior tag team match. This match lead up to Tatsuhito Takaiwa going up against Yoshinobu Kanemaru. ****"
[8.0] "A great match between Akiyama & Misawa as Akiyama takes his place as the top of NOAH by becoming the GHC Heavyweight champion. ****1/4"
[8.0] "A really great match that showcases the styles of the era between these two. Tenryu is great as always as him & Muto produce a great dream match. ****1/4"
[7.0] "A nice matchup as this was a rookie matchup for Marufuji to rise up in the Junior Heavyweight ladder. ****"
[9.0] "A great matchup to determine the first ever Global Honoured Crown Champion as Misawa takes the win in a valiant fight against Takayama. ****1/4"
[7.0] "Very cool moment to see Misawa & Hashimoto face off for the first time as they were the prominant stars of their respective companies. ****"
[8.0] "This was a cool matchup as Kobashi got his revenge on Akiyama from the events of 8/6/00. This I feel wasn't better than that match but was still pretty nice ****1/4"
[9.0] "This was a really enjoyable matchup as this wasn't the best match between these two but was still very good none of the less. The end of the match was honestly one of the more funny things I've seen on a while as Akiyama beats the shit out of Takeshi Rikio. This ending also certified Akiyama as the biggest heel in the world of Puroresu. ****1/4"
[7.0] "The NOAH main event that help start up a new wrestling company in the puroresu landscape & helped showcase what will be the new frontier in Puroresu."
[9.0] "A great big man match that teased the future match both men would have in Pro Wrestling NOAH. ****1/2"
[10.0] "A terrific match with a terrific ending as I felt this was the most Important win of Jun Akiyama's Career as he defeated the Emerald Spartan. ****3/4"
kaysguy wrote about Luchasaurus:
[9.0] "A very agile big man with a varied move set. The gimmick is silly, but that's the point. He can move, he can work, and with the right booking, he can be one of the top guys in a promotion."
kaysguy wrote about Adam Page:
[8.0] "Page has the look, the skills, and is developing as a character. His mike skills, all that has been lacking, are improving as AEW goes on. In a year or two, if all goes well, he could be one of the biggest stars in the business."
[9.0] "A really physical matchup that was my second favorite Kawada & Kobashi match as they easily craft an awesome match. ****1/2"
[7.0] "The best match on a story driven card. It was both of their best matches I've seen to date, but there were more than a few muffs and Kay still can't throw a strike that looks half decent. ***1/2"
[9.0] "The best matchup that Vader had in his time at All Japan as he & Misawa put on an awesome athletic match. ****1/2"
[10.0] "A really epic tag team match as these four bad asses come to collide in an epic brutal battle as this teased future matches between Kobashi & Takayama. *****"
[8.0] "A really great tag team match that continued BURNING'S reign as the All Japan tag team champions. ****1/2"
[10.0] "The second best match of Misawa V Kobashi in All Japan. This match felt very reminiscent to Tsuruta V Tenryu from 6/5/89 as Misawa & Kobashi are now the top guys ten years later. *****"
[8.0] "Vader & Misawa produce a great match in the dome as Misawa showcases more of his brutal side as he freaks out toward the end with his endless barrage of Elbow Strikes. ****1/4"
[6.0] "This match really didn't do much for my excitement or entertainment at all. This match was just really slow & was just really boring till I say the last 8 to 10 minutes. ****"
[9.0] "A great tag team match that had an active loud crowd that was riveted by the match they were seeing. ****3/4"
[8.0] "Another classic between Misawa & Kawada as Kawada takes his second win against Misawa although did it with a broken arm. ****1/2"
[4.0] "Kenny wrestled this match extra flamboyantly, which is to say, super phony and over the top. I don't remember him wrestling quite this way in Nee Japan. Seems to have the theatrics turned WAY up these days. Tons of moves that made no sense or looked like they hurt the person doing them more than their opponent. Thumbs down on this nonsense."
[8.0] "A great match as Vader is showcased the new head gajin in town as he has a cool matchup woth Kobashi. ****1/4"
[8.0] "Great technical matchup Ogawa & Kakihara were able to produce as Ogawa shows how technically brilliant he truly is. ****1/4"
[10.0] "This was the best match Kobashi & Misawa had in All Japan. This was a thrilling intense masterpiece that had the crowd active from beginning to end. The ending of Misawa's Elbow strike leading to a slow race to the pin may not be for everyone, I also thought that the first time I've seen this match, but overall an awesome match that ended Kobashi's triple crown reign. *****"
[8.0] "This was a surprising find of a match as All Japan talent make a rare appearance in America as this was a fun tag team match. ****"
[10.0] "This match was a masterclass of in ring storytelling as Kobashi & Akiyama did everything in their power to have one of the best matches of 1998. Kobashi's selling of his knee was the main story point & highlight of the match as his performance was amazing & showcased why I believe Kobashi is the greatest babyface in wrestling history. This definitely put Akiyama into the limelight as he progressed to become one of the top guys of the puroresu landscape. ****3/4"
[8.0] "A cool match as Kobashi walks upon his second reign as the triple crown champion which becomes to be one of his most important title reigns. ****"
[8.0] "A great match as this was the first time Kawada defeats Misawa to become the triple crown champion. ****1/4"
[9.0] "These two deliver a great fast paced match as the crowd greatly amplifies the atmosphere around them. ****1/2"
[8.0] "This match was honestly just okay. This wasn't really the year that Akiyama & Misawa were a great tag team as Akiyama's run of being an awesome rookie wore off as he started off heading to the main event scene. ****1/4"
[7.0] "This was a really slow matchup that didn't get me invested till the last ten minutes of the match. I wish this match would have been more in the end. ****1/4"
[10.0] "This was just a awesome tag team match as four of these badasses put together a awesome match that was surrounded by an awesome loud crowd. *****"
[9.0] "This was a really intense match as both men once again put together another classic in their saga. ****1/2"
[9.0] "This was a really good matchup that showed that good ol John Laurinaitis was once a pretty good wrestler. ****1/2"
[7.0] "This was the first encounter of the many great encounters that these two would have for the future. ****"
[8.0] "A nice tag team match as Williams & Albright grew to some of my favorite gajins in Japan at the time. ****"
[9.0] "A really cool crossover matchup as All Japan's Kenta Kobashi takes on New Japan's Hiroshi Hase. ****1/4"
[9.0] "A great physical matchup as Misawa & Kawada deliver another classic to their rivalry as fhis was one of their most physcial matches. ****1/2"
[8.0] "A nice matchup as Kobashi & Ace turn put to be a really good tag team. Really good tag match from All Japan. ****"
[9.0] "This was a really nice match as these two are able to compile a fantastic match within twenty minutes. ****1/2"
[7.0] "This match honestly felt very underwhelming considering the great matches within this legendary saga. Still a nice match though. ****"
[9.0] "This was a really good matchup to add to the legacy of the Misawa & Kobashi saga. This was one of there best matches. ****1/2"
[10.0] "What we have right here is one of the greatest tag team matches of all time. Misawa. Kawada, & Taue were awesome as always as Akiyama comes into his own as he holds his own as he steps up to the top guys of All Japan. *****"
[8.0] "A nice follow up from the 7/29/93 match as Kobashi still has a tough time trying to take down Hansen as this turns into a David V Golitah situation. ****1/4"
[9.0] "Really loved everything about this. Roddy as the douchebag true heel w/ his stablemates & all, going against the red-hot babyface Keith Lee was a wonderful setting already on paper, and they wrestled one helluva match, to say the least. Keith is great with all of his Keith Lee-shizzat, them power moves & that freaky athleticism, and the main-meat of the match, which was Roddy's work on the ankle, was fantastic. Roddy was his usual intense self w/ that laser focus as he went to town on that bodypart, and it was truly a joy to watch. Keith's selling was great throughout too. Just a superb match & a great title change."
[8.0] "A super fun show with everything reaching the level it was supposed to, barring the main event which was still a quality match. The comedy hit, the serious tag team wrestling was a hit. They set the foundations of the coming months with the AT/AW title gauntlets. The main event was good with Tanaka showing he still can go and HARASHIMA matching him. Nautilus stepped up as a tag team and Ino and Hashimoto was super fun."
[5.0] "The main event and the merits of its result are certain to be debated for some time to come. Viewed objectively, both Tessa and Sami played their roles well as always, and the build was solid, but I found that the match devolved into "finisher-fu" a few too many times for my taste, and ultimately thought their match at Slammiversary was far superior. Elsewhere, the show was not without its issues; not all the fault of Impact, though how they were dealt with in booking wasn't always great - Willie Mack looked good in the handicap Tag Title match, but with Swann injured, they really couldn't find a replacement partner for him? With Cage also injured, having him do the "pre-match" beatdown angle with RVD really just kind of made him look like a chump in what apparently is his last appearance with the company, and Daga then somewhat unceremoniously losing didn't do much for him either. The length of Taya's title reign, while giving her an impressive accomplishment, is starting to show its age as her list of opponents is in reruns. There was some good stuff, to be sure; Edwards vs. Elgin and the X-Division Title matches were decent. But, overall, this was rather uneven and paled in quality to even the preceding Bash at the Brewery show, let alone the last several Impact PPV's."
[7.0] "Pretty solid event, with a very fun main event to its credit. The North vs. Rascalz, Austin vs. Wentz and Elgin vs. Ryan bouts were also good, Bahh vs. Kong was a surprisingly solid big-man match, and Jordynne vs. Taya was a good match to set up Jordynne's title shot at the PPV by reiterating that Taya can be beaten. The brewery setting is also a cool aesthetic. A good effort overall and much better than the first brewery show."
[7.0] "I enjoyed this match a lot but its one of the more flawed HARASHIMA matches I've seen and I think some of the blame lies with Tanaka? s match structure. The opening exchanges were super generic and the lead off with the chairs into HARASHIMA? s leg seemed tacked on given it had not much barring on the match or HARASHIMA. There were too many strike exchanges as well, too many for the match? s own good. It gave the match a real stop/start feel. And HARASHIMA had one really egregiously bad no sell of the Sliding D as well. HOWEVER, I said that I still liked it. Tanaka brought it big time, doing all he could to stay on top of HARASHIMA, not going down to the Somato or the 450 Splash. Loved Tanaka pulling out all of his old tricks like his flash Sliding Ds, his big bombs. The table spot was extremely well done as well, with HARASHIMA fighting and struggling his way out of that predicament and then putting Tanaka through it himself. HARASHIMA did well to incorporate his style into Tanaka? s as well. ***1/2"
[8.0] "The season finale was perhaps most notable for its angles and storytelling, including the Crucible attacking Whisper to delay and then cost him his title shot, the backstory to the Campeonatos de Parejas match with Solo and Huckabee's past as a team playing into things, and the setup of Crucible vs. Quackenbush's resistance to end the show. There was some good wrestling along the way too, though, with some nice technical grappling from Quack vs. Santell, the aforementioned memorable Campeonatos match, and Still Life vs. Defarge and Hallowicked vs. MSM especially standing out. Good lead in tot he next season."
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