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[6.0] "This was a fun easy watch which was fairly light hearted while not neglecting to actually have a bit of action and believability too."
[6.0] "Some of the moments, especially with Oku's woman, were hilarious, it helped me a lot to get involved in this match. But the previous one was just a comedy gold in this aspect. I liked some moves, sequences and short parts, but almost all of them were in the first half where Will sold his leg, they did more interesting things, but again they ended up doing big epic moves, and the second part was a failure, the only moment I enjoyed was Hidden Blade on Oku's wife, but that's it. Watching the first part I thought about 8, but after the second one... Just no."
[8.0] "Amazing starter. Kelly and Starkz clearly have a great chemistry as shown in this match full of great wrestling with an agile pacing. ****"
[4.0] "Super duper basic rookie match (although both had been wrestling for a while by this point). I liked Kimura spamming swinging neckbreakers lol. Shibutani got pinned after a bodyslam, but at least she made kicking out look like a real struggle."
[10.0] "That insane "I am the best and I also don't care" attitude. Likely better than any female wrestler even now. Maybe Io could match her."
[5.0] "This was a potentially good match dragged down by some bad pacing and storytelling. A match involving these three really didn't need to be all that complicated, just smooth looking sequences and agile offense to pop the crowd, in and out in 10 minutes. Instead Tommy End & Kagetora double team Nick for half the match, getting really boring heat that even Nicks great selling cant save. When they have the all to predictable falling out, the match struggles to get back to the pace it should have had from the start. Real disappointment all things considered, although thankfully not the end of Nicks weekend."
[9.0] "I was in the building so I'm for sure biased but this has big match atmosphere all over and never let up. Bailey went through his greatest hits but it all worked spectacularly with Ali. I can't wait to see these two go at it again. An easy indie MOTYC."
[7.0] "Jordynne was fantastic here and I usually really like Sandra Moone. The finish was a little flat with what seemed to me like a botched attempt at a Made in Japan but overall a fun match. I hope to see more of Jordynne in Prestige before she inevitably jumps to the WWE."
[6.0] "This match suffered from post intermission fatigue. Crowd seemed pretty dead through a lot of it, finally coming back around near the end and especially when the interference kicked in. It was a good enough match that took a bit too long to kick into 2nd gear. Post match angle was very good and I look forward to the six man tag."
[7.0] "It was fun to see Tiger Mask live. Seems the crowd agreed as he was very over. Blackwood and Shelley always rule. Suavecitos have never excited me. Their "heels from LA" schtick doesn't work nearly as well when they're actually in LA. Match was your basic fun six man with hot tags by the face team keeping the flow nice and fun."
[6.0] "This was a decent match. Claudio Castagnoli was great, as always, but Rugido seems pretty bland. He didn't really do anything to make me want to see him again."
[7.0] "Absolutely loved this. Johnny Kidd has wrestled the same match for so many years at this point and it honestly never gets old. Claudio is the perfect foil, doing stuff I've never seen him do before or since, matching Kidd all the way and looking every bit as technically proficient as Kidd himself. The counters never fail to impress me, as they mix sporting excellence with comedy and everything else in between."
[7.0] "Awesome entrance from Taurus. I'm loving this "a wild Taurus appears" gimmick he seems to have now. The match was the greatest hits you expect from these two with Taurus doing his signature power spots and Horus leaping all over the place. Good stuff!"
[7.0] "A very good match.Under the radar match I haven't seen it was some good stuff.A great finish too to get Charlotte the win dirtiest player in the game."
[10.0] "(10.5) I loved everything about this match and when I saw people complaining and calling Saori's perfomance poor, I got shocked. First, the start of the fight was great and Saori's domination over MIRAI was handled so well, it was slow and emotional, you couldn't help but cheer for MIRAI. By the 2/3 this match was already great, but holy the last 10 minutes were insane, I don't think I have ever changed opinion on who is gonna win that many times in 10 minutes. Great finisher, I am glad that Saori won and this was definitely one the best wrestling matches of 2023."
[8.0] "This was a very well booked rumble, definitely in the top 2 women's rumbles ever. While it was predictable Bailey was the correct choice and the final sequence of the last trio was perfect. Nia was made to look unbeatable which made a star out of jade in one move. The return of liv felt slightly underwhelming due to it being an obvious number 30 however it is great to have her and naomi back."
[9.0] "I was skeptical when I saw Tomoaki Honma (who I do enjoy watching but wasn't sure if he fit the Battlarts style) and Indy Scummer Minoru Fujita in a shoot style match. I was proven immensely wrong. Honma & Fujita fit in to this match to a tee even at points outperforming Usuda & Ishikawa. Fujita is more of a young boy at this point, but you can tell he loves Lucha and uses some of those techniques in his arsenal whilst being scrappy as hell. And Honma went absolutely crazy here, flying, head kicking, headbutting, submission work, all the good stuff. Usuda is almost at his prime, but you can tell he's still figuring himself out, Ishikawa is Ishikawa, he's the kami of this entire company and throws excellent headbutts and punches. I love the tenacity and sense of the urgency near the end, the final part where Usuda has Honma's arm and Fujita does his best to keep Ishikawa from breaking the submission up is magnificent. ****1/2"
[7.0] "Interesting casting of Magnus here as the opponent of Missouri's own Matt Sydal, leading to Tony Khan and the booking team doing the rare thing of beating someone in their home area. This was retroactively made into a qualifying match for the Revolution scramble match, ensuring some CMLL representation on the PPV... and spoiling that one participant won't win the qualifying match on Collision. Good stuff here, mainly by Sydal."
[5.0] "Erik was the only weak link in this fatal four way, a bit of a directionless match but certainly not bad. Chad Gables' German Suplex to Ricochet was text book!"
[6.0] "Nice to see Riho back on TV, I thought she'd be gone again for six months after losing to Toni Storm at Worlds End. Trish Adora did well as her opponent, hopefully she'll get some more opportunities soon as well."
[6.0] "This was certainly a good exhibition match, which will be forgotten in a few weeks, but it perfectly works for now. It's hilarious that Magnus is the first CMLL star getting an AEW PPV apperance instead of another talents like Hechicero or Misitco. Regardless of that, he has in-ring potential and surely he will have his moments to shine at Revolution."
[7.0] "One of the most overrated match i've seen, this was good but not amazing despite having a good background to tell an amazing story inside the ring but they went all over the place sometimes, Penta sacrificed himself for his brother which was a great spot but latter on he let his brother taking a piledriver on the apron which was stupid. The brutality was logical given the storyline and some spots were brutal especially the superkick with the shoe with thumbtacks embedded in it. Not fan of the ending where Fenix did a dive on everyone and Penta no sold it while the Bucks where out, a bit dumb but the Lucha Brothers winning was a great moment. This was a good match but with a lot of flaws - ***1/2"
[8.0] "A really fun tag team match with an interesting dynamic of the beefy big boy face team vs the scrappy smaller heel team. This was my first time seeing Sinner & Saint and they work incredibly well together. Wrecking Crew as always were a joy to watch."
[4.0] "Outside of the work of Cabana fighting againt the two baddies, it was pretty boring and lacking of any form of compétitive exchange"
[6.0] "This was fine. Both of these guys can have fun matches when they want to but this didn't elevate past fine. An okay start that was quickly overshadowed by the rest of the show."
[7.0] "WOW. Where did this match come from lol these 2 guys got gave a lil amount of time and put in an absolute banger. Everything in the match is timed and perfected excellent i would have loved to be able to watch this match for another 5 minutes atleast. The near falls are also very good and believable. This is awesome. 3 1/2 stars"
[9.0] "Wow. I was super excited about this match going in and it sill managed to exceed my expectations. A perfect blend of styles, Roddy playing the heel in perfect contrast to Darby's underdog selling of his injured back. Some absolutely viscous bumps that had me off the edge of my seat, and I came out of it genuinely thinking that AEW should be considering putting the belt on Roddy."
[5.0] "This was the worst match of their overrated trilogy, this one was more annoying and forced than their prior matches. A pretty decent first fall with both reversing each other's moves with some evolution to their last matches which is a pretty good detail but it started to be less and less interesting from the leg work from Gargano, the work itself wasn't bad but Cole's selling was really not cool, sometimes he was selling but sometimes he didn't sell his leg even if he hit a backstabber, howewer it wasn't the worst thing of the first fall, the worst thing was the disqualification with Gargano looking like an idiot, Gargano's hatred toward Cole could have been better done and on the second fall, he showed it a bit but it was mainly a walk and brawl with some nice spots but nothing really interesting. The third fall was the worst part of the match, the forced and annoying epic was at another level with both kicked out of absolutely everything until a point it became unbearable, the selling was lacking and the spots were ridiculous especially the one where Cole was jumping off the ladder to hit a Panama Sunrise, what the point ? It didn't make the move more devastating. Not really fan of the ending of the match where both fell off the cage through the tables and Cole pinned Gargano for the win. Despite not being bad objectively, i hate this match - **1/2"
[] "Really enjoyed this smackdown, that opening segment was just incredible and amazing, and the plan will definetlry be tag match at mania. the rest of the show also had good angles. Dakota turning on Bayley and red Mysterio returning to kickstart the stagnated LWO feud. all around good stuff"
[3.0] "This just feels really flat, maddening considering the individuals involved. The crowd don't ever really feel into the match, there are chants here and there but no real energy to speak of. They try and have the match that most would expect, hard hitting non stop action etc, but it just feels weirdly flat. Stone especially feels like a man trying to force an epic battle out of a match that just hasn't earned the gravitas it needs to work."
[4.0] "With this being an outdoor show a lot of the fans brought umbrellas just in case, and they were also very useful for protecting them from Eigen in this match. That's the only interesting thing about this match, other than it wasn't very good. 2 stars"
[6.0] "A decent match and good to see Cody win clean considering the Usos made an appearance. Above average so 6 out of 10"
[6.0] "A good main event. Wing Gore continues to have good match and I'm happy to see Nagano back since few shows. Nothing memorable but good in ring action."
[6.0] "It was an ok match.Expected a bit of a better match still it was alight.Tiffany had a solid showing in this match."
[6.0] "It was a funny farewell match for DISASTER BOX but the in ring action was just decent. Still a good moment for whom enjoyed Disaster Box."
[6.0] "There aren't many stakes in this match and I am not aware of any history between Aoyagi & Kikuchi but these guys really went after each other in this one. Just a lot of hard strikes and mean grappling. As it turns out all Kikuchi needs to end his losing ways is to start trying to hurt the other guys for real. 3.25 stars"
[5.0] "The first half of this show was pretty good from and in-ring standpoint. AMW's title defense against Swinger and Diamond was pretty good. Having this new team will add a lot to the tag team division and this win solidifies more AMW as the top team. They are really over. Next was the Six man elimination match, which was a cool spotfest. It was Delirious, Matt Sydal and Altar Boy Luke's debut. Kazarian wins and Sabin comes to the ring to tell him that he has won a X Division title match at that moment. Sabin easilly beats him. I really liked that as it continues their feud with Sabin drawing heat and Kazarian being an underdog. In the middle between those matches we saw Joe E Legend impersonating Russo and Russo impersonating Jeff Jarrett. It was funny at first, but it went for too long. This lead to another Jarrett beatdown. Legend looks good, but I want to see him on an actual match, not in these brawls. Then there's a great Mike Tenay interview with Father James Mitchell, in which he explained why he is feuding with Raven and telling that he has awakened his wrath. Dinero calls out Douglas and they face each other on an average match. Douglas wins and after the match Mitchell throws a fireball into Alexis Laree. Harris defeats Shark Boy on a horrible match. Kid Kash defeats Jerry Lynn because of Justin Credible's interference. And on the main event AJ defeats D-Lo Brown on a dissapointing match. I was hoping for more, as their previous encounter was great. All in all, it was a thumbs in the middle show. The first hald was prett good, but then it all went down."
[8.0] "A very good fight between Bailey and Ali here, a dream match on paper that delivered. I think it is more of an 8, 5 than an 8 but 9 would be too much. This is exactly what I wanted to see when Ali became free agent. Mike Bailey just displays how good he is and Ali really puts him over. A typical good indy match !"
[7.0] "I watched it because I was recently impressed by Ricky Romero's CMLL run. Solid submission focused match with an ending that feels too sudden. Like it could have upped another gear. Referee Rick Knox botched a count."
[7.0] "This was like their last match, it started really well with both reversing each other showing that they know each other well and both played their role well, Johnny Gargano was the defending champion who remained perceived as the underdog and Cole did some great heelwork but once again, the last minutes were unbearable, even more unbearable than their last match which is a shame given the first part was awesome, the overbooking killed everything with Gargano kicked out of everything and Undisputed Era interfering too much, it's a shame this match could have been way better if they didn't do a forced and not well worked epic - ***1/2"
[4.0] "A match that feels more like a missed opportunity that anything else. For two guys as proficient through striking as they are, a short hard hitting battle sounds promising, but what we get is a very watered down version of that. Feels like the explosiveness of Sawa is ready to shine through, but Tracey wrestles a more deliberate pace, leading to a kind of nothing affair. Cool submission for the finish, but a big what if overall."
[8.0] "2 great teams, 4 great wrestlers, a hot crowd and title on the line. This is pro wrestling. A good match really ramps up in the last 5 minutes. Everyone in this match has their own style and it's great to see all of those personalities interact with eachother."
[6.0] "An above average filler telly match showing Zigler with a few decent moves and good selling and Gunther doing his thing, I don't think I will ever get tired of watching his chops and power bombs!"
[7.0] "Awesome Kong did a great job presenting herself as a believable threat and making Aja's comebacks feel big, but a match like this is all about big reactions and it's such a shame that the crowd was relatively lukewarm (table break spot aside)."
[5.0] "The match starts with Vince Russo locked in a cage. Their other match was fat better and impressive, this was just average. It started fast, with Brown hitting everything he could, I liked his spear into the guard rail. The problem I had with it was that there was too much interference, first by Trinity and then by Sonny Siaki. There's no need of so much interference in every match. I mean, this could have been great as their other encounter, but it was just average and I was left dissapointed with it. AJ wins with the frog splash and then they free Russo and put Brown on the cage, just to beat him."
[2.0] "Garbage. I get the stipulation was meant to favour Ishimori but O-Khan just looked an even bigger geek than ever the way he was sweating profusely not doing a whole lot. Next to no wrestling, unfunny 'comedy', and a ridiculous ending with O-Khan somehow winning because he fell on the belt? This company is really falling apart. *"
[6.0] "I tend to find I quite enjoy when Hyper Misao plays it straight like she does here. This was pretty standard but decent enough."
[5.0] "These two have not really progressed as much as you would hope. This felt like a pretty standard rookies match with an extra flourish or two."
[0.0] "Jay White should be in the Main Event Scene but hes stuck with an group thats out of date they peaked in 2022 now hes holding the ROH Trio Belts that has no value and is stuck with The Acclaimed just sucks seeing someone like him in this type of situation"
[6.0] "Really good stuff here, as they got a lot out of 8 minutes. Ares isn't one of my favorite wrestlers but he plays a good foil to possibly the greatest underneath babyface of all time in Matt Jackson. I've long held the opinion that Nick is the star of the team, but Matt is a fantastic wrestler in his own right and he is one of the stars of the weekend. Was glad to see Matt wearing the tassels, funny that Russo & Cornette both wanted the Bucks to take away one of the things that helped them stand out, both way closer to the other that they would ever care to admit. They open up with comedy, a facet of the Bucks game which is severely underrated, and it goes down a treat. Ares running the ropes and excessive amount of times before eating a backdrop was a great bit. Matt gets most of the offence in the final third, and it's as seamless as ever, before making Ares look great at the finish."
[6.0] "Solid match in what was TAKAs first match in the USA in fifteen years. Unique match to make happen and a solid showing for both talents."
[5.0] "This two could have had a great match, as other times, but this was too short. Lynn lookes great with some of his usual moves, such as the tilt a whirl backbreaker, the TKO or a tornado DDT. Kash doesn't do much, as Abyss was there to save him. I liked how Lynn avoided him on the floor. Lynn even hit a top rope hurricanrana on Abyss. When he was about to win with Kass on the cradle piledriver position, Justin Credible appeared and hit Lynn with a Kendo stick, which allowed Kash to take the win. This match could have been better."
[8.0] "A very dramatic and action-packed match that was held back by an overload of shenanigans and numerous ref bumps towards the end. MJF refused to use his Dynamite Diamond Ring and Cole refused to use the AEW World Title. I expected Cole to cheat, turn heel and win the title but instead nobody turned heel and MJF retained. This match was a masterclass in story telling and creating dramatic moments. It wasn't a contender for Match of the Year. However, it might've been part of one of AEW's best stories ever."
[7.0] "Fun match that doesn't overstay its welcome. I wouldn't actually call this a slow paced match. The story of the match plays out at brisk pace, and Hogan is very lively. Yes, Taker is slow and plodding, which was his gimmick at the time, but he also had bursts of lightning quick athleticism, such as his running leaping clothesline. Hogan does no-sell the Tombstone but this is due to the power of Hulkamania (its the gimmick folks) and the crowd loves it. Taker has already started to gain a fanbase though, so it's clear why he was turned within a few months. Flair's interference for the finish is an iconic moment too, and it's well executed. The cameras actually do a good job making the Tombstone to the chair look more impactful. Yes the replays aired on future shows really exposed this move since you see it again and again, but it's not obvious on first viewing. Worth it for the historic value, but if you can accept the gimmicks at play, you'll have a good time too."
[6.0] "Despite being a No Holds Barred match, there wasn't much weapon usage outside of King's chain which he accidentally hit Black with. They already had lots of weapon usage earlier on so they probably kept it low on purpose but it's not necessarily the best booking strategy. I had expected House of Black to retain and retire Billy Gunn. However, hindsight shows me that this was the only logical outcome."
[8.0] "A fantastic match with lots of back and forth and some exciting near falls. It felt weaker coming off Ospreay's incredible match at Forbidden Door against Kenny Omega but I still enjoyed it. I didn't expect Jericho to be great here but I was pleasantly surprised. I like that Ospreay had to hit two Storm Breakers because it kept Jericho looking strong. They also had wonderful chemistry for a first time encounter. I'm glad Ospreay won, despite being in NJPW at the time, because he's younger and he was the countryman. Jericho could afford the loss."
[6.0] "Sting and Allin are an undefeated team and you just knew that would continue here so it was very predictable. Sting has had a fantastic career across multiple companies. However, his age caught up with him long before this match. His career should've ended in TNA. Strickland was here solely to take the lose and it felt like a house show match rather than a PPV match. Cage barely did anything and the brief surprise appearance by Luchasaurus wasn't even that great."
[5.0] "A somewhat classic opening match between a establish player and another that is trying to find her spot on the card. Nothing very exciting, but nothing very bad eiter. Mirai dominated a lot of the fight and Ranna got the chance to show some resilliance, but not that much offenses."
[5.0] "More 'Road To' level stuff as we get previews for all the upcoming singles matches and yet no interactions really left you wanting more, and particularly so for the title match which is disappointing but par for the course in this feud. **1/2"
[6.0] "Not the most interesting card but there was definitely some very solid action and some fun stuff too."
[7.0] "Back at the day this match happened, i genuinely thought this was a legit all timer but nowadays, i think this is a very overrated match who has gone to overkill in the wrong way, both are awesome wrestlers and they are capable to do better than this but the super epic formula booked by Triple H was a bit annoying, that being said this was a good match that started well with Gargano being a great underdog and Cole being a great prick. Cole taping out on the Garga-no escape as soon as it was locked could be disturbing but Cole wanted to preserve himself for the following of the match and given he has won a fall after surprising Gargano with a Last Shot, this wasn't bothering. The most part of the match was really really good so what has gond wrong ? The last minutes were unbearable with the overbooking and Bobby Fish trying to hit Johnny Gargano in front of the referee which made no fucking sense given it could have cost Cole's victory, it was stupid and the nearfalls were way too much, Gargano kicked out of ReDragon's finishing move and the Last Shot before winning the match right after, Cole looked a bit weak - ***1/2"
[5.0] "A cool novelty in getting to see Otani perform for his first US dates since 2002. The match was fine especially for Otanis offense."
[6.0] "A decent match with a predictable outcome where Saraya got the title win in her home country. The finish was good since Baker was busy working on Shida, allowing Saraya to use the spray paint on Storm to win. It was a feel good moment. The subsequent reign, well let's just not talk about that..."
[7.0] "A true brawl with near enough everyone bleeding massively. I have to be honest, there's only so many times I can see an AEW match which is just a bloodbath brawl. That doesn't make this a bad match but it's nothing special either. I was shocked to see the BCC lose this match after losing the Blood and Guts match the month prior. It wasn't great booking for them. It wasn't like Cassidy and Friends needed this win either. Weird booking. Guess that's what happens when you're the boss' favourite. At least the hardcore fans will be happy!"
[8.0] "I don't understand such relentlessness from 0 on this episode of SmackDown. we were treated to 2 very good segments between Damage Ctrl and Bayley and Cody and Roman. most of the fights went well. With the Rock returning, we will certainly see one of the biggest major events in WrestleMania history in terms of storyline. and what's more it will be much more attractive and selling than a second match between Cody and Reigns. Many believe that Cody should finish his story and win the championship title but a few weeks ago before the Royal Rumble many were complaining about seeing another fight between Cody and Reigns. WWE made the right choice to bring back the rock to challenge Reigns at WrestleMania because the impact would certainly not have been the same on a premium live event other than WrestleMania."
[5.0] "This is a team up fatal four way tag match that comes across like a child's fan fiction, kinda pointless. Don't get me wrong there are some good spots here and Montez Fords' finisher is impressive but I came away from watching this feeling a bit empty"
[6.0] "I actually love the fact that Rampage is becoming a part of my Saturday routine. It's never enough to make me stay up here in the UK, but I know I'm going to get an hour of decent action. Fun little show here, nothing mindblowing or anything to catch me by surprise, but it was decent enough."
[6.0] "Who would have thought that Magnus from CMLL would be getting on an AEW pay-per-view? A decent bout, not as good as the opener for me as the crowd could care less about Magnus, but hopefully he gets a good showing at Revolution."
[7.0] "A solid 3 and half star match here. Rugido plays the underdog well, and we all know Claudio is an incredible base for the smaller guys. It won't be remembered beyond a few weeks from now, but in a vacuum, a fun little match."
[6.0] "Always fun seeing Riho in action, and Trish looks like an absolute beast. Nothing really to it as it didn't go too long, but decent for what they had to work with."
[6.0] "This was a good title defense from Rina here ! After the match Rina challenge her sister wich can be a good match."
[7.0] "A very good short match. Samoa Joe was only a young rookie but already very good and aggressive. Masato Tanaka was a beast as always. ***3/4."
[7.0] "Awesome and outstanding work from Gotch, again incredible and funny russian heel. Goulet part wasn't the best tho."
[5.0] "Just a standard Japanese rookie match. Rea Marumori does her standard stuff like a bunch of okay looking dropkicks."
[7.0] "This was a really fun match. It's always such an honor to see Harry Smith wrestle. God, he looks so good. I'm not sure there is a better looking independent wrestler around, still. WWE could debut him in a segment with Roman Reigns and Harry would look like an absolute, legitimate equal side by side with the other most attractive man in wrestling. Same goes with AEW - you could debut him with Kenny and Harry would look just as good as the second most attractive man in wrestling. This match was so much fun. Kento and Harry make an amazing team. Kento has so much charisma it's just incredible. And Hideki Suzuki and Suwama's drama was really fun. Suzuki is so good. And Suwama is one of the most under rated people in the entire world. His psychology and especially mastery of the King's Road style is almost completely unparallelled. His near falls are the best in wrestling. Even in a match like this, the near falls become incredible. So much fun and exciting to watch."
[7.0] "Good match. Chisako got beaten up a lot in this match mainly by VENY but also by Kross. RUP definitely over with the fans and they enjoyed when they got offense."
[7.0] "Sacrifice is coming fast so the PPV build-up is quick. I'm glad about that, because between HTK and No Surrender it was a bit soft. There are plenty of options for the X-Division, including an Ali/Hendry feud set against the backdrop of an election campaign."
[9.0] "Honestly this match really surprised me. Nakajima is almost my favorite wrestler in wrestling today. So naturally I'm going to love his title defenses. But man, Charlie Dempsey really impressed me. He's done a great job synthesizing so many different influences and adding some really exciting flair to it all. Like the way he does Bryan Danielson's Cattle Mutilation - that was freaking cool. I loved he and Nakajima's dynamic and pace here. They did a great job together. Really quite an excellent match."
[7.0] "I think this match was very surprising to me I did not think that this match was going to be good but it exceeded my expectation I thought this was one of nia jax best match and she did great work she has improved so much I also liked that this main evented and I think it was the right decision. ***1/2"
[9.0] "I thought this was a great elimination chamber match you had six great wrestlers and they all did great this chamber did a lot to set up so wrestlemania matches and I think drew winning was the right choice and logan paul was really good in this match all wrestlers had great chemistry and this match was so close to an instant classic for me. ****3/4"
[10.0] "I loved this match. It's such a surreal and truthfully overwhelming feeling, thinking about watching New Japan for almost 10 years. It seems like both longer and shorter. When I first started watching New Japan, Bryan Danielson was seemingly no where to be found throughout the pro wrestling world, albeit I did heard he was winning some awards as a prominent vegan athlete. They must have seen his Ring of Honor stuff and given him the award several years later, naturally impressed by his work there. But anyway - it's just so overwhelming, seeing so much happening all at once. Bryan Danielson was always one of the greatest pro wrestlers in history. Always. But now, he's reached an entirely different level. He's in a plane where only Misawa, Kobashi, Toyota and Terry Funk and Mick Foley and others have existed, from time to time. And then we have Okada, who honestly isn't even that much younger than Bryan, all things considered, but has been the unquestioned greatest pro wrestler in the world for the last near decade. Even when he loses, Okada never truly seems in trouble. And I guess that's the brilliance of this match. During Okada's rise to greatness, Bryan Danielson was seemingly no where to be found in the pro wrestling world. And now he presents a new question for Okada to answer. And this match is just perfect. Okada has never looked so desperate, so in pain, so unsure. It's a new look for him. And even though Okada won, this sets up an entirely new and incredible and honestly important career ark for Okada. What's next? Even in victory, Okada looks so vulnerable. Which is the perfect metaphor for this point in his career and honestly the perfect metaphor for New Japan as a whole. It's almost unfathomable, thinking about New Japan without Okada, let alone Will to boot. But from their deathbed, Tanahashi brought them not back to life, but back to the stars in living form. We've seen New Japan thrive after losing AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, Kenny Omega, Jay White and Kota Ibushi. It's just surreal to think that now they will have to do the same without Kazuchika Okada. What a way to leave the Tokyo Dome. Absolutely perfect."
[8.0] "I though this was a very good tag team match I just am getting tired of the judgement day using outside interference it is getting kinda old but this is a very good match. ****"
[7.0] "This was a big building match in a small room - overall it was pretty good and also got over with a socially distanced crowd well enough, one last big near-fall before the finish got the biggest reaction. ***1/4"
[9.0] "I thought this was a great women's elimination chamber match and I personally think it is the best women's chamber match ever so far I thought tiffany straton was the highlight of the match but I thought all women shine although the winner was predictable it was still a very fun match to watch and all women had their time to shine. ****1/2"
[] "7.0. Pitch-perfect timing on a filthy good RKO. Orton played his hits and they always go over well. Maybe take a break from the superplexes, though. Now that Theory isn't being forced into a push that he isn't ready for, I like his schtick. He's crazy athletic and is good at the goofball heel stuff. Great sell of the stunner, too. KO is always welcome on commentary."
[7.0] "I thought this was a very fun match and it add to the lwo and legardo story line and I also loved to see rey mysterio return a very good match. ***1/4"
[4.0] "The first half of this is very much not aimed at people like me, once they did get going the action was perfectly fine."
[7.0] "I thought this was a very good friday night smackdown I love the opening segment I thought it was great but it was a tag long the matches on the show was fine and this show was a very good show for story lines going into wrestlemania."
[] "7.0. Good fun and well executed return of a beloved star. Great visual of Carlito hammering the trash can further and further on Escobar's head. Crowd was hot for this."
[] "6.0. Hit all the right story beats, but no definitive conclusion. Was fine for what it was, though. Kai turning on Bayley was predictable but still hit a nerve because of the good work by these folks for weeks now."
[] "5.0. Kind of an underwhelming return for Naomi since she came back, aside from the Rumble. She appeared a step off in this bout. The crowd continues to get behind Tiffany Stratton, who looked good here."
[7.0] "I thought this match was really good. I'm still learning CMLL so there's naturally a lot I don't know. But I always love seeing Lady Frost wrestle. And Tessa does seem to be working really hard in this match. But most importantly, it's been an absolute joy and honor to finally get to see people like Stephanie Vaquer and Dark Silueta and others wrestle. Even though this match is somewhat short, matches like these are perfect for learning more about wrestlers and their styles and dynamics and the overall style of a company."
[9.0] "I love this. It is good to see the traditional strong style match has not been forgotten. Watching this match, I remembered the Ishii/Shibata matches (of course, this match was not that level of Ishii/Shibata). It consists of hard chops, brutal kicks, headbutts, slaps. This was exactly what it should be - a total war. I feel like these two will carry on the legacy of Ishii/Shibata with their wrestling styles. The ending was awesome when they were exhausted after a brutal exchange."
[1.0] "This week's show was the worst WWE show (RAW, Smackdown, or NXT) I've seen in the past year since I started watching WWE again. It was a horrible one. First, The Bloodline/The Rock promo was WAY TOO LONG, and it wasn't that good either! It affected the rest of the show, not in a good way. WWE has to understand that The Bloodline story isn't the only one on Friday Nights! Naomi, Tiffany Stratton, Bayley & Damage CTRL, and Bron Breakker were the most hurt. I can't imagine that that's what Trinity Fatu had in mind when she decided to return to WWE as Naomi... The match was short and didn't highlight her and Tiffany's in-ring quality. The Damage CTRL segment was also too short, which affected the influence of the story behind it. Also, the choice to have Dakota's betrayal so soon after aligning herself with Bayley is questionable at best. As for Bron Breakker, it was an absolute joke! 9 seconds? Are you kidding me? He's just "signed" with Smackdown, and you give him less than 90 seconds in his first two matches? The Street Fight between Carlito & Santos Escobar was ok, again with the outside interference. This story has gone long enough. Now that Rey Mysterio is back, I hope they end this story when Wrestlemania XL comes. The main event was fun, but not only because of the in-ring performance. Having KO as the guest commentator was hilarious. In the past few months, he upped his comic traits. As for the backstage segments, I hope New Catch Republic gets another tag team title chance. They tore the house down last week in Australia. One last thing: is that what LA Knight has come to? Walking around the back with a steel chair looking for AJ Styles? The guy was flaming hot not so long ago. What happened?"
[6.0] "Caught via handcam footage from the event. This is pretty much what a usual Tiger Mask house-show looks like; it's more or less a balance of him doing his usual big spots and lots of slow grappling of the time. That however doesn't mean this wasn't good; the opposite really. Kido is a tremendously gifted technical worker and seeing "young" (well as young as you can imagine him, really) Kurisu is a treat with how mean he is without breaking any rules, yanking at hair and masks for leverage for holds or throwing in a sneaky shot here and there in lockups. His violent streak isn't as crazy as it'll be in the 90's but he's got a lot to give regardless. Lot of the match felt very freestyle outside of the usual Tiger showcases so there is a mix of organic exchanges that flow half-decently and some occasional messy bits due to the lack of structure lol. Not like Sayama was going to help much here in that regard, though he does work well with pros like Hoshino that can consolidate his amazing atheticism into coherent sequences like what we get here. The televised footage for Hoshino mostly had him as a ally/tag partner of Mask, so it was cool to see him get to work the opposite role here. For a guy who was going on 40 he looked pretty sharp and quick, could probably outpace a lot of guys half his age these days. Kurisu's mostly here to be the gruff asshole who gets beat up by the pair namely going through some Mask spot sequences that looked really cool for what its worth. Guy got some energy out of Kido as well; rather shocking given the guy is typically really non-descript when going through matches like these. The second half felt a bit messy in places as the four at times kinda stumbled over their spots and didn't really have the best timing, flubbing moves in places or delaying bits to the point where it felt more awkward than it should. That's somewhat reflected by the finish; a random 450 springboard by Sayama; something that came out of the blue. Not unexpected, mind, given he always seemed to have random endings to his matches that at times could feel abrupt. Granted it was still really awesome from a athletic standpoint (like you could do that today and it would still be mindblowing) just felt that there could've been a better setup to it all things considered. Nothing worth really going out of your way to watch in the end even if these are four fairly gifted guys trucking along."
[7.0] "Mostly a pretty solid event, notably marked by a well-executed betrayal arc for Carmelo Hayes, with a throughline from the result of the opening match and culminating with Melo's turn against Trick in the main event. In terms of match quality, the main event was the best of the lot, while the Womens' Title three-way, Femi vs Lee, Dijak vs Gacy and Corbin/Breakker vs Melo/Trick were all pretty solid, and the six-man tag was the show's only real dud. A good showing overall especially in terms of the main event storytelling."
[4.0] "This was adequate in action but boring and predictable in booking. How can I believe that Sanada will regain the title after losing it one month ago? Naito isn't losing and Sanada is just a boring cool-looking guy who pretends to be athletic. The match wasn't too bad but it just consists of spots after spots with no clear storytelling at all. And the ending looked like a botch. After watching this, I feel like a waste of time."
[5.0] "One of the most underwhelming and disappointing shows I have ever seen since some shows in December. This just felt like a drag to get through and by the end of the show my mind felt really numb. The show started off with a LONG ass opening segment that lasted 40 minutes, it was great and cinema but still too damn long. Stratton vs. Naomi was okay, Kabuki Warriors vs. Kai & Bayley ended with Dakota Kai turning on Bayley. Bron vs. Xyon was a WASTE of time. Carlito vs. Santos was mediocre but ended with Mysterio coming back! The Main Event was the best match of the night but still missed something. The show missed something here. [**3/4]"
[9.0] "Gable actually got the win! This was a great match in my opinion. Ivar is a really athletic big man and Gable has all the tools to be successful. Everything in the match just seemed to work for me with nothing looking poor or botched."