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316.05.2020Tyler Durden10.0
415.05.2020haroldanthony3 9.0This is a rating based on 1948 to today not just in the present day. They are so imbreded in the history of wrestling it would be not right not to be given i high score just based on the New Generation, and the Attitude Era alone as well as being what North American wrestling was based on since 1999. I'm not a fan of todays product as a whole or some of their business practices but to say they are not among one of the best organizations of all time would be a lie.
508.05.2020Cow Man8.0
904.05.2020EthanWrestling6.0I am no longer a big fan of the WWE product. Booking is really average, the storyline is sometimes absurd. The in ring is correct. I like WWE because it's my childhood but WWE really disappoints me. NXT is still good, it's the only show I regularly watch at WWE.
1102.05.2020Killerk710.0My all time favourite wrestling company, from the early WWWF/WWF days too the Attitude Ruthless Agression it's always been entertaining. Some of the PG era was not the best, but this New era is looking like the old ruthless agression era great wrestlers segments matches.
1202.05.2020El Burrito8.0
1328.04.2020HaydenFnHewings9.0If there? s one thing we can all agree on, its that WWE is nowhere near as good as it used to be, compared to the Attitude Era and the Ruthless Aggression Era. However, saying that, I still enjoy it today. WWE has shown that through the series of shitty bookings, reliance on part-timers over current talent, and the scummy things that go on backstage, they can still manage to put on a good product. The future seems really bright with current stars like AJ Styles, Seth Rollins, Drew McIntyre, Aleister Black, Daniel Bryan, Sasha Banks, Braun Strowman, Bray Wyatt among others, and the matches they can put on from time to time are still great. Additionally, they have also been improving the quality of their PPVs. Sure, they arent as memorable as the 2000 ones and WrestleMania X-Seven, but in terms of building the future and putting on good matches, I think theyve done a good job (well, most of the time). All in all, WWE is a timeless masterpiece in my opinion and had it not existed for more than 60 years, wrestling wouldnt nearly be as popular as it is today, so we are thankful for Vince McMahon and the entire company.
1425.04.2020WrestlingisgreatIt's a shame how downhill creative has gone I wish them the best but there just isn't much good outside of nxt nxt UK 205 live raw and smackdown have some good stuff but stupid things drag them down h
1524.04.2020NoTimeToCry4.0Over the past year, the storytelling within WWE has become positively bonkers. Stuff just happens, plot points are ignored, characters are inconsistent and just generally poorly written. The abundance of stagey backstage segments makes RAW and Smackdown hard to sit through, and the overproduced segments. promos, and matches make it near impossible for the viewer to suspend disbelief, or for the wrestlers, sorry, "superstars, " to shine. The frequency of pay-per-views causes many of these shows to feel like pointless filler, and it leads to such anomalies as Baron Corbin challenging for the Universal Title at three consecutive pay per views, and despite losing each time the match stipulations become more weighted in his favor with every passing rematch. In addition to this, it is near impossible for an underexposed wrestler to get over. WWE's booking has conditioned its audience to expect 50-50 booked feuds, silly stories such as the multiple cuckolding angles that have played out on RAW over the past year, and inevitable burials at the hands of part-timers. Obviously there are bright spots as well. I'll not speak any ill of the WWE roster, some of the most talented wrestlers of the present day work for WWE. The NXT TV show and Takeover shows are also far above and beyond most other wrestling, especially within the WWE.
1623.04.2020idk10.0WWE is, in my opinion, the best promotion of all time. Maybe she? s been going through some tough times in the last few years, but I don? t forget she? s done so many amazing things (Legendary matches, great shows, memorable storylines... ). And even lately, she? s been able to do some really good stuff like the Boneyard match and the Firefly Fun House match. WWE is also where we find NXT, the ones that produce most of the best matches / PPV each year. (I also wanted to say something, I find the relentless bashing on the WWE unbearable, especially as it is the same people who will complain that there are people who criticize what they like. )
2107.04.202046Bear1.0Life long WWE fan, they are so terrible they truly convinced me that I no longer loved pro wrestling (about 10 years ago)... Thankfully I found NJPW, AEW, ROH etc and reignited my love for Wrestling. But, the booking and writing is so awful that it's unwatchable, insulting and frankly it is no longer really even wrestling, they barely have matches, they don't write a good story the promos are terrible, they have ruined the wrestling industry in the united states and are truly an embarrassment. With the Resorces they have they should easily put out the best product but are frequently out shined by tiny promotions who are barely making due (MLW as an Example). It's hard to believe something I loved so much is so very very bad now. I would love for them to Right the ship, but they won't.
2207.04.2020DCJ20031.0What a shame. This company used to be great as the WWWF and was one of the wrestling pioners. The Attitude era was great in terms of gimmicks and charisma but was limited in ring quality. The ruthless agression was better in that way. Finally, the start of the PG era was nice but currently, the company has lots of inconsistency and crappy booking. Hope they improve to become what they used to be.
2605.04.2020HydroBlade-NJPW9.0No matter how terrible most of the current product is, you can't deny what WWE has done for the business. Without the Attitude Era, professional wrestling would be nowhere near as popular as it is globally. Yes, it is not the most popular sport, but there would not be this level of demand for it without larger companies like the WWE. Moving on, I firmly believe competition at the end of the day breeds creativity. WWE was literally fighting to survive against WWF in the Monday Night Wars which created one of the best eras of wrestling in the attitude era. Since then, WWE has gone PG and has taken the stance quantity over quality. The result is a watered down, boring product, that is a shell of its former self. Raw has improved under Heyman's leadership, but it still has its issues.
3122.03.2020Bigdaddybad0.0Seeing WWE in its current state is depressing considering the brilliance it had. Currently it is a garbage wrestli3 company with horrific business practices, a criminally misued roster, cringeworthy commentating, garbage camera work, stirylines that make little to no sense and an over reliance on old talent and a goal of having a monopoly on the entire business. They killed the european wrestling scene and they will attempt to do that all over the world. People who say the hatred tiwrds WWE is just a fad or "the cool thing to do" is ignorant. People hate WWE because the product is sad.
3209.03.2020Lennart6663.0Eine Company die das beste Roster und die aufwendigste Produktion hat. Dennoch baut man keine Talente auf, gibt Altstars, die eine Gefahr für die Gesundheit der Wrestler sind, Titel und drückt einen extrem nervig die vermeintlichen Errungenschaften f+r das Frauenwrestling aufs Auge. Es gibt kaum noch gute Storys und alle 3 Tag Team Titel im Main Roster sind komplett Bedeutungslos. Das Gleiche gillt für den IC Titel. In der Frauen Division legt man den Fokus auf 6-7 Akteure und der Rest wird einfach weggesquasht.
3403.03.2020PuroresuLover6.0When you meet the pro wrestling world, you think that WWE is amazing and you like every single thing that happens. But once you get to know some other companies and start understanding wrestling in general, WWE looks like a bad promotion and doesn't push the right people. That is correct, BUT, despite their bad decisions and booking, they still have some good things going on, like the Randy Orton/Edge storyline, also, they have some good matches like Daniel Bryan vs Kofi Kingston/AJ Styles, Brock Lesnar vs Finn Balor and etc. Nowadays it's just "cool" to criticize them and say that ROH, AEW or some other company is better because of a copy-pasted booking. WWE it's not for me anymore, but I still like it a little bit and appreciate some things, like a mature person. Saying that they are a satisfactory company it's not a lie.
3501.03.2020StardomJMD2.0I give this 2 points for 2 reasons. #1: Like almost all wrestling fans, it was the promotion that got me into wrestling, they will always have a place in my heart for that. #2: NXT. But beyond that, WWE isn? t a promotion that suits me anymore. I can go on and say that WWE isn? t suit for most wrestling fans right now. Their booking is becoming worse & worse, they make really questionable decisions & they rely on their ego to satify themselves and they try to dictate the fans what to like, not like, cheer & boo, and that? s the last thing that I want in wrestling, a dicatorship & censorship to the fans.
3601.03.2020The Crypt Keeper6.0Sometimes they can be great, sometimes they can be absolute garbage. They have a tendency to do whatever makes them the most money in the present moment while sacrificing their future, and generally don't care about what their audience wants.
3824.02.2020Dm 6610.0
4013.02.2020Leon Ramis7.0
4202.02.202063iwl5.0they've always been the biggest company from a commercial point of view but i don't really care about that. what they do is not pro wrestling and it never was. it shows when you think of some of their all time top guys (Hogan, The Rock... ) and how fucking boring they were in the ring. of course they had big matches and big moments, having had a lot of great wrestlers through the years, but most of their content is just trash. weekly shows in the last couple years especially are painful to watch. i would rate it lower but nxt has been producing possibly the best wrestling in North America since the golden age of ROH and i gotta respect that
4302.02.2020LucaGG188.0Even if some storylines leave something to be desired (like Lana and Bobby Lashley's wedding, the storyline between Otis and Mandy Rose is a thousand times better), the WWE still manages to surprise me, and sometimes proposes excellent things (like The Fiend or Edge's return to the Royal Rumble). And I think that if they listened more to their fans and Mr. McMahon gave a chance to some jobbers to at least get up in the middle of the map (like EC3 for example), they could do great things.
5009.01.2020ForeverHeel0.0Ich sage jetzt schon das ich NXT nicht in die Bewertung mit rein nehme. Wenn es ums Wrestling geht dann sagt jeder WWE, das auch nicht ohne Grund. Sie brachten uns Fans große Momente und viele Schocks. Die Attitude- und Ruthless Aggression Era machten die WWE zur absoluten Nummer Eins des Sports Entertainment, aber ich schweife von meiner Wertung ab. Die Storylines sind (wenn vorhanden) unter aller Kanone und sind meistens verwirrend. Großartige Worker werden linksliegen gelassen. Newcomer sind rare geworden und Charaktere gibt es nicht mehr. Ich kann verstehen das die Zielgruppe minderjährige ansprechen soll, aber es wird immer peinlicher jüngstes Beispiel Lashley, Lana & Rusev Storyline. Man versucht mit Altstars oder Hall of Famern die älteren Wrestling Fans zuködern, damit man nostalgisch wird. Die PPV's sind alle gleich und wirken einschläfernd innovativ sieht anders aus. Kein Punkt.
5106.01.2020Bobbythreesixteen7.0Aufgrund dessen was ich mit der WWE erlebt habe und wie sie meine Liebe zum Wrestling entfacht haben kann ich keine schlechte Bewertung geben. Aktuell jedoch würde ich sagen das die WWE aufgrund von zu viel Hochklassigen Wrestlern und schlechtem Booking nicht wirklich konstant gut abliefert. Hin und wieder ist ein guter PPV dabei doch die großartige Zeit ist um. Die WWE kann sich nicht mehr auf die Nostalgie verlassen denn dafür gibt es zu viele Alternativen. Mit NXT zeigen sie ja auch das man noch gute Shows produzieren kann. Ich hoffe das man bald wieder ein besseres Produkt abliefert.
5331.12.2019Happycat72.0World Wrestling Entertainment is the only promotion that can make me not care about AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura. I don't know what has happened, look at WWE in the late 90's and 00's, hell, even some of the 10's. But recently the main product has been near completely unwatchable. The storylines are absolute garbage, the actual wrestling is okay at best on most week. Almost every episode of Raw & SD are almost carbon copies of the previous weeks, apart from a few different boring segments. NXT is the shining star in this shitty company. If you're looking for a promotion with interesting storylines check out Lucha Underground or Major League Wrestling. If you want great matches check out New Japan, Ring Of Honor, Dragon Gate, CMLL, NOAH, Progress, etc.
5518.12.2019Excellence of Execution6.0Nach Jahren der Abstinenz verfolge ich die WWE wieder, allerdings nur in Gestalt ihrer PPV Veranstaltungen. Die Wochenshows ignoriere ich behaglich. Eine volle Ausgabe von RAW habe ich glaube ich seit rund acht Jahren oder so nicht mehr geschaut - könnte auch nicht behaupten, dass ich das vermisse. Derart wohl dosiert kann ich mir die WWE wieder ganz gut geben. Vor allem hat sich das in-Ring Produkt, wahrscheinlich unter dem Einfluss der anhaltenden NXT Frischzellenkur, doch erheblich verbessert.
5605.12.2019rykejamal10.0Let's get the cat out of the bag... WWE today is nowhere near what it was before. Yet, it remains the biggest wrestling company in the world and despite popular belief, no other company can compete with it or knock it down. Its a given, it is no longer just a wrestling company, but an entertainment company as well. Today, WWE thrives with its NXT brand, whereas the main shows leave a lot to be desired. The history however, is undeniable. From the monumental 80s to the 90s (pre and post attitude era), the Ruthless Aggression era which was amazing, to today, one cannot deny the importance of this company. The Network exceeded expectations and is an important asset to the company. WWE will be around for another 50 or so years because of its cultural impact, and that alone is enough to warrant this rating.
5923.11.2019TylerWhite6.0Die WWE zu bewerten ist sehr schwierig, vor allem da sie eine so lange Historie haben und eine so große Bandbreite besitzen. Es gab in der WWE-Geschichte immer schon starke und schwache Phasen. In den 80ern sind sie zur Top Promotion in den USA geworden, wobei ich das Roster der damaligen NWA Shows bzw. der dann entstehenden WCW weit interessanter finde. Die erste Hälfte der 90er war sehr schwach. Die Attitude Era war danach jedoch eine der stärksten Phasen der Promotion und bot sehr utnerhaltsame Momente, allerdings weniger krasse In Ring Action. Allerdings war diese Ausrichtung weniger eine Innovation der WWE als eine Antwort auf andere Ligen. Die 2000er waren bis zur hälfte ziemlich stark und wohl wrestlerisch die beste Phase der WWE Geschichte. Das Lag vor allem daran, dass man das Roster aus WWE, WCW und ECW hatte. Am Ende war aber auch der Einsatz dieser, wie immer in der WWE Geschichte, enttäuschend. Allerdings baut das Produkt seit 2007 in etwa wieder stetig ab und es ist kein Ende in sicht. Es gibt so viel, was mich an der WWE stört, das würde den Rahmen sprengen. Natürlich gab es seitdem auch NXT, aber die Main Shows ziehen das ganze wieder so runter, dass NXT die Bewertung kaum besser macht. Außerdem ist ein Call-up ins Main Roster leider mittlerweile auch etwas wovor man Angst hat, anstatt dass man sich darauf freut. Generell muss man aber sagen, dass die WWE niemals das beste Wrestling gezeigt hat. Natürlich haben sie hin und wieder mal hervorragende Wrestler hervorgebracht, doch die meisten wirklich großen Wrestler waren eingekauft und durften dann lange nicht ihr ganzes Potential zeigen. Und seit jahren haben sie mittlerweile keinen mehr als soliden Wrestler mehr selbst trainiert. Das war aber nie die stärke der WWE, die lag viel mehr darin die großen Momente zu kreieren, die großen Clashes zwischen den Über-Stars. Für diese Momente bin ich der WWE dankbar, aber alles andere ist weit entfernt für mich als gutes Wrestling durchzugehen.
6021.11.2019Roach4.0When I was growing up I adored WWE, it was the only wrestling I knew and it was quite enthralling. I think WWE does a great job at enthralling children but now that I am no longer a child I cannot see a single era of WWE that I truly enjoy. WWE has admittedly had some amazing matches and storylines but those are gems buried in a pile of dirt. To dig to those gems you have to go through piles of garbage that WWE have given with their product, even during places like the attitude era. There were some great characters and storylines during that era but the bulk of it is so abhorrently offensive and rotten. It seems though to get rid of the offensiveness you also have to get rid of interesting characters and storylines, which is where we are today.
6118.11.2019Briefcase 19928.0
6218.11.2019ZalupaSmarka5.0? ? ? ? ? ? ? ... ? ? , ? ? (? ? ? ) ? ? ? -? ? -? ? ? ? ? ? ? , ? ? -? ? 5 ? , ? ? ? , ? , ? ? ? :D
6316.11.2019AstanaNor9.0Auch wenn die WWE im Jahr 2018 & 2019 mehrmals ins Fettnäpfchen getreten hat, bleibt die WWE generell einer der besten Wrestling Ligen aller Zeiten. NXT steigt momentan von den drei Brands (RAW, SmackDown & NXT) aufs Siegerträpchen. NXT bringt mehr OMG Momente und auch viele gute Matches auf die Beine. RAW und SmackDown bringen auch gutes Entertainment aber NXT momentan halt mehr. Ich persönlich gucke alle drei und bin auch zufrieden damit. 2012-2014 sind persönlich meine Lieblingsjahre der WWE. Viele gute Matches, mega Superstars, krasse Momente u. s. w. Die WWE hatte, und hat immernoch, viele gute Wrestler unter Vertrag genommen (Damals: Eddie Guerrero, Undertaker, Hulk Hogan... Heute: Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Braun Strowman... ) die viele gute und teilweise krasse und extreme Matches gebracht haben. Wenn es die WWE nicht gäbe, würde Wrestling wirklich sehr unbekannt sein. Ich bin gespannt wie es mit der WWE in Zukunft weitergeht. Hoffentlich machen sie gute Schritte.
6512.11.2019OxeyNimrod2.0The only solitary reason it's not lower is because of NXT. If NXT wasn't under the WWE banner... You better believe I would be rating this underwhelming P. O. S. company a 0. The amount of times the choose to destroy someone's career over small things is unacceptable and inexcusable. How anyone bothers giving this company over a million chances is absurd. WWE managed to do what I didn't think it could have done... Make me stop watching.
6612.11.2019Wrestlefan207.0In terms of roster, history and potential to be even bigger than they already are, WWE is amazing. Everything else is from meh to change the channel or turn off the TV.
6712.11.2019staarpress3.0With the roster they have, they should be performing a LOT better in terms of fan enthusiasm, quality of the product and just everything, really. The storylines are either generic in nature or astoundingly bad. ( Lana/Lashley/Rusev anyone? ) They treat Wrestlers like garbage, they do shows for a despotic regime. Their weekly shows ( excepting NXT, because it? s good, and 205Live, because it? s not long enough to outstay it? s welcome, are horribly paced and really struggle to justify the running time they place on it. WWE can be good, they? ve been good before, they? ve been entertaining but now? Apart from NXT theres really nothing there. I used to watch every PPV. Now? I watch the big four and read write ups on result sites.
6902.11.2019Okaro1436.0The only reason it gets a 6 is because of NXT which has been the best television weekly show as well as delivering the best ppv shows. Overall WWE under Vince leadership and Stephanie has no idea what they have to do.
7020.10.2019PulmonaryToilet3.0Fair, bland, repetitive "sports entertainment" that focuses more on the brand than individual stars. Unfortunately is in the process of squandering the largest and most talented roster it has ever had (perhaps ever assembled). Doesn't need to change due to their problematic Saudi Arabia ties. Dependent on nostalgia for feel-good moments. Its ok for long-time viewers I guess, but inherently uncool. CEO of the company is outwardly disdainful of pro wrestling.
7115.10.2019Dragon fighter 19974.0Sure it is the biggest, most popular wrestling promotion in the world. And yes I was introduced into wrestling thanks to WWE. Moreover, without WWE, the wrestling industry wouldn't have been as it is today. But it is one story. Another story here is that this promotion is beyond stale right now. Nothing really matter right now. The booking is lazy, lame for most of the time. The wrestling is so-so at best except for few cases. So many times that this company has no idea what they are doing. Sure, it is good to see the financial situation still goes well as the core purpose is to make money. But that doesn't mean I need to be excited for WWE all the time. At the end of the day, WWE is still at best okay to check some stuff, some of my favorites in NXT and on MR as well. So a 4 now seems to be fair, although I still feel like I am generous.
7411.10.2019WrestlingStats110.0World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is a global wrestling promotion based in the United States and enjoys significant influence in both prominent and developing wrestling markets worldwide. Despite criticisms and metrics indicating that they are not as highly viewed/attended as their "Attitude Era" prime, they are synonymous with professional wrestling and are by all accounts the largest wrestling promotion in the world. Their professional wrestling style is best described as traditional sports entertainment (though their NXT and NXT-UK brands are both best described as modern professional wrestling. ) They have a highly promoted women's division that operates separately from the men's division. Their top titles are the WWE Championship and the WWE Universal Championship. Their flagship event is WrestleMania, while their "Big Four" also include Survivor Series, SummerSlam, and Royal Rumble (with Money In The Bank being an equally notable event. )
7509.10.2019Hongosan0.0They have never really put on a product that is to my taste lacking realism as a rule, not as an exception. Most of the stuff that gets high praise has not aged well and is widely anachronistic and not at all timeless like the best stuff is. finally there deals with the Saudi regime is morally abhorrent to me .
7609.10.2019TSwifty0.0My rating is based solely on their product from the PG era. It's been a hassle to watch this company. Terrible matches, abysmal PPV's, nonsensical storylines, lazy characters, missed opportunities, wasted talent, the wrong people getting pushed, audiences are disappearing, and sometimes the writers sink to downright embarrassing and disgusting lows. I'm tired of seeing WWE mock the dead and humiliate their wrestlers. And the fact that their wrestlers even agree to doing such humiliating acts is beyond me.
7708.10.2019Madcat2.0This rating is without NXT, which is basically the only thing worth watching right now. Poor booking, wrestlers being wasted, non sense storylines, stupid booking, broken characters, terrible booking, led by someone who is completely mental and loves messing with people because he doesn't fear backlash, awful booking. Anyone that considers the core of WWE as a good entertainment based system of wrestling is absolutely deluded to bits.
7905.10.2019OrangeAidCrush4.0When you look at the whole of wrestling over the last ten to fifteen years, WWE has been pretty irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. They're certainly the biggest wrestling company in the world and the most popular but they've been playing catch up to New Japan for the last half a decade at this point. The two biggest stars in the WWE in the last fifteen years were Daniel Bryan and CM Punk, two guys who had already been world champions and rose to prominence in ROH years before the ever stepped foot in a WWE ring. In fact, most of their current stars were stars long before they ever showed up at a WWE event. NXT has had some great events in the past but those cards were stacked with people that had already established themselves elsewhere. They're basically incapable of making new stars in 2019 and they haven't made a legitimate wrestling star themselves since John Cena first took off. They tried to make Roman Reigns into a megastar but that failed spectacularly and it seems like they've abandoned that idea completely now.
8119.09.2019Leionhart4.0As the top promotion in the world, WWE should be around the 9-10's. Sadly, that isn't the case. Inconsistency and mind-numbing creative decisions have hampered the potential that WWE could have. They have some highlights like NXT, but it is starting to lose its purpose with all the talent that are floundering once called up. Hopefully they can turn it around as newer competition kick them back into shape.
8603.09.2019Henrique Alves9.0
8728.08.2019Kingtaeyeon3.0In the past they've done great things however recently boy have they sucked. It has been years since I've seen a WWE match that made me say "wow that was awesome" now it's just background noise tbh. The PPVs seem to get worse and worse as the years progress and the booking has become sooo lazy its laughable. Hopefully they turn it around but for now they stink really bad.
8819.08.2019TheV27.0Based on everything the WWE did it's without a doubt the most relevant wrestling promotion in history. Their origins put pro-wrestling on the map. It takes long for them, but when they adapt from other wrestling promotions' improvements, they create a great wrestling platform. Whether it's the Attitude Era, Smackdown 2016 or NXT as a show that overshadows its purpose of developing the future. As of the recent years WWE struggles the hardest to satisfy the audience and there are many reasons, but one major reason started with the beginning of Vince McMahon's monopolization. Ever since WWE started to buy out wrestling competition, they don't see wrestling fans as their target audience, but they look for the general audience. They see themselves as the single wrestling representation and try to compete with other TV media, because a few officials don't understand the potential of wrestling. Vince McMahon is surely a good money-maker, but a person who doesn't understand its target audience and doesn't even follow its industry is not a good businessman.
9015.08.2019mmakid1230.0They need to focus on a different audience. Ever since the PG era, it has been almost unwatchable. Every time they have something or someone with potential, they misuse it or don't use it at all. I stopped watching weekly shows and for the PPV's i toon into, they are always disappointing. I really hope they can do something about their product cause its not doing anything positive for the industry.
9314.07.2019Zo-Zu4.0Were it not buoyed by a rich history with some genuinely pretty good matches, and a genuinely quite good development program, it would be hard to find nice things to say about the current WWE product, legitimately amongst the worst products in wrestling today. If you find that your stomach doesn't turn at the insulting and ridiculous rebranding of wrestling as "sports entertainment" and wrestlers as "superstars", you may just be able to digest anything. And maybe that includes pitiful, weak and undercooked matches, bizarre and schizophrenic booking decisions and open contempt for the larger audience. WWE in 2019 is a shambles which, for all its scope, budget and oversaturated air time, can't overcome its own egomania. A cancerous presence in the industry and not remotely deserving of its attention.
9412.07.2019PunchInTheNuts4.0I don't like to go too low on the ratings but it's hard to find something positive to say. There is just so many things wrong. They have too many people on their roster, a lot of talented wrestlers but you can sign all the talents in the world, if you don't know how to use it you'll only get a bad or forgetable match. The wrestlers may have some faults as well but I still think it's mostly due to the booking and the formula of the product wich is completly outdated. The titles are meaningless... in fact everything is meaningless, they tell that to their audience with the way they book their matches, there is no consistency or anything. They focus on "creating moments" but without any long-term vision it's useless and a lot of stuff age really badly. At least at some point the company had some type of identity. Right now it's just confusing, I don't really try to watch it anymore but I still know what's going on and everytime I see some segment, some promo or some sequence in a match I don't understand what they're trying to do, what's their identity anymore, they seem to want to please everybody so much that they just look like nothing. It just makes no sense. There was a time where this company was better but personally I find the Attitude Era insanely overrated, but I'll admit that American wrestling is not the thing I enjoy the most. The fact that the biggest rivalry in the history of the company is between a wrestler and the chairman is very telling. Right now there is a deep incomprehension between Vince/the writers and the audience who is hard to read. At least they have NXT wich can give us some good or great matches but the brand have its flaws as well, this NXT project will still only be a developmental brand with the goal of being a "super indy" and signing anybody with some kind of buzz to try to monopolize the wrestling scene even more... and certainly because WWE can't even create stars anymore.
9511.07.2019Alvaranstan0.0The worst wrestling promotion on the planet. Literally unwatchable. As the years pass by, it gets worse. Talent is unhappy, writers are frustrated, attendance is decreasing, overall revenue has hit an all-time low, the product is incredibly boring. They push the wrong guys and the good ones want to flee. I've been watching for 11 years and I am really worried about this situation.
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