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507.06.2024The fokin Fausto9.0 
607.06.2024RealGrapsThomsen10.0Easily the biggest and most important wrestling promotion of all time. WWE has a strong history. When theyre at a high point, theyre high. But when theyre low, theyre in a corner and need to get themselves out. WWE has had some of the greatest storylines of all time, such as The Bloodline and Jericho and HBK in 2009. As well as the Attitude Era and the Ruthless Aggression era.
1003.06.2024Open The Vault7.0I like to rate what the current product is and not what it had done in the past. Overall, even though WWE is on FIRE RIGHT NOW and they are putting on some compelling stories...and compelling matches. I do have my issues with the current day product that needs to be discussed. NXT and SmackDown really needs improving when it comes to what they bring to the table. NXT is a very mixed product that seems a bit cold while SmackDown seems to be very consistent but meh. RAW is the best show they have and its a really good watch. Their PPVs seem to be on point but overall WWE is at a really good place. 7.5/10
1201.06.2024ThisIsMyBrutality00 Started watching in 2005 and truly believe the current era of the WWE is the most fun I've had watching, obviously the attitude era is probably the most revered but I only got to rewatch it, never got to live it live. Really looking forward to the future product, NXT making waves with a potential forbidden door with other companies is super exciting. Here's to a great summer including my first PLE in person!
1631.05.2024BayLaZ10.0I don't understand what the low point givers set up in their minds. This company has been keeping the industry afloat for many years and deserves 10 points even just for this reason. The biggest professional wrestling company ever and future. After the damage Vince did to the company, everything will be much better thanks to Triple H.
1829.05.2024Adam GOATland10.0Rating too low for this company that has so much to do with wrestling and deserves much more respect on this website I think
2025.05.2024DanzaKuduro8.0I have no idea what I should even begin with. There were periods when they could've been called the best promotion in the world, as well as the worst one. Their impact on American pop culture can't be denied. They created world-renowned superstars like John Cena, Hulk Hogan or SCSA, who are known even by non-wrestling fans. Most people in the entire world know what WWE is and will call pro wrestling of any kind "WWE" before calling it "pro wrestling". On the other side, there is a streak of very controversial (to say the least) behind-the-scenes decisions, from the steroid scandal to the Saudi deal.
2512.05.2024An Wrestling Guy124.0Overrated. If this was attitude era, I'd give a 2. If golden era, I would give a 1. This era is better. But still not great from what'd you expect from a major promotion. This company sucks and was never great. Of course. Cody is champ. Good. Sami is champion. Good. But not enough!
2612.05.2024StardomIcon8.0In the late 90s, wrestling was more than an interest for me - it was a lifestyle. My favorite wrestling was mid-card WCW and Paul Heyman's ECW. There was such a diversity of styles in those promotions: from Japanese strong style to acrobatic lucha libre to technical wrestling that had a solid connection to amateur wrestling. So when Vince McMahon acquired his competitors in the early 2000s, my love of professional wrestling died. It wasn't just my favorite promotions closing their doors, it was the short matches that often ended in disqualifications, cartoonish tropes, trashy Jerry Springer-esque angles, and underutilized talent that caused me to tap out during the Ruthless Aggression era. It was like a prairie being bulldozed over to build a Walmart. Nearly two decades later following Vince's unceremonious exit from WWE, I found myself enjoying wrestling again, mostly due to the changes made by Paul "Triple H" Levesque. I used to think the Attitude Era was the height of WWE. Every time I checked out an episode of Raw or Smackdown between the years of 2005-2022, I found the product to be completely underwhelming, lamenting what the company used to be in the late 90s. However, many of the Attitude Era's angles have aged poorly. Women were treated horrendously while many angles downright crossed lines of what is considered socially acceptable. Modern WWE may not reach the heights the Attitude Era did in terms of generating emotion (e.g. the pop for Stone Cold when he helped Mick Foley beat The Rock for the world championship), but it is much less polarizing and much more consistent. Promos are much more about advancing a storyline rather than bouncing from catch phrase to catch phrase. Matches are longer and often end with a definitive finish rather than a DQ. The wrestlers themselves seem to be more stable as they aren't worked 300 days a year like wrestlers were in the 90s. The athletes are better and more capable of putting on PLE level matches at anytime. Seriously, go look at some of the late 90s WWE PPV cards and imagine paying to watch some of those matches. With all that being said and all the changes WWE has gone through over the decades, some things remain unchanged. Although they have officially ended the PG era to the pleasure of many, they still rely on outdated tropes that they've been using since the 80s. The company is defined by morality play to a cartoonish level. Heels still have to rely on ridiculous antics to win matches. Referees are made of glass and are comically stupid (maybe not as stupid as fans that chant "What", but still pretty dumb). Wrestlers still stand facing the camera while turning their heads to talk to one another backstage. Characters will go from psychotic level heels to morally angelic faces overnight. The wrestling has improved compared to the Attitude and Ruthless Agression eras, but it's still completely underwhelming compared to other promotions around the world. I understand WWE wrestlers in the past worked an insane amount of dates per year, so having fifteen minute bangers every night wasn't sustainable; however, wrestlers seem to be working much lighter schedules these days under the new regime. Regardless, any connection to amateur wrestling has been completely abolished, as very few wrestlers use submission holds. Almost no one in the company can throw a solid punch or strike, or at least they are advised not to. This is due to the sports entertainment style of wrestling they have nurtured in NXT 2.0, rather than allowing indy or foreign wrestlers to cook in their own style. It is frustrating when WWE fans trash a wrestler from NJPW or Stardom, not realizing how skilled those wrestlers truly are because they are forced to wrestle in the highly controlled, scripted, WWE sports entertainment style. I remember feeling this way in the early 2000s and still have these feelings occur with the modern product. Despite that, I still rate WWE favorably. In terms of star creation, no one excels like WWE does, and they without question have benefited from the newly formed competition over the past five years. WWE is and always has been about moments. The company doesn't have the best "pure wrestling" matches, but they undoubtedly have the best long-term storytelling, which creates the biggest moments on the biggest stages in wrestling. Wrestling rings are stages where performers attempt to draw out emotions from the audience, and WWE provides the biggest stage of all.
2812.05.2024Pigeon Scratch10.0Jesus, this promotion has had some really awful fucking years, and even some of those good to great years had some of the most baffling of bookings, and some of the worst matches of all time. Do not let this high rating deceive you on this. This promotion molded its New York style into its own form of professional wrestling that became a staple of pop culture for several decades, as well as setting the new standard for professional wrestling in the many years to come, for better and for worse. Let's start with the negatives. For the longest periods of time in between the early 1980s to the early 2020s, we've had some controversial to outright heinous management, especially in the 2000s until Vince McMahon's final departure. The poor use of it's own talent, especially the talent of women, people of color, and queer wrestlers, union busting, cover-ups of many a scandal such as drug use, sexual assault to literal murder, among many other things that could take thousands upon thousands of characters that could easily fill up a comment on Cagematch tenfold. Booking wise has always been hit or miss in WWE's history. The longest running issue up until recently was their strategy of having only one top person in the entire promotion, the literal biggest face of the company. This, combined with the previously mentioned issue of undervaluing talent that are outside the "preferred" look (big, muscly white men), and the huge emphasis on whatever the fuck sports entertainment means caused massive issues. Many wrestlers that deserved better pushes or even the top spot being completely forgotten about, being buried by the top guy in the company, or being repackaged into something that bombs before they even re-debut. Any of these outcomes could lead to a wrestler reaching of a point of being completely unrecoverable, unless a miracle happens or they leave the company. And let's not forget the many times where that singular top guy would either eventually or immediately lose the support of the audience. Great examples being Hulk Hogan, John Cena, and Roman Reigns (pre Tribal Chief). Of course, let's not forget the many storylines that either have not aged well in the slightest, or were never good to begin with for a variety of reasons, especially those involving bigotry. That and how women were almost never considered on par with the guys until only recently in company history. The reason why this promotion gets such a high rating, despite the many negatives that go against it, is a couple things. As mentioned in the beginning, if it wasn't for WWE, I'd believe the majority of us wouldn't even be wrestling fans to start. And let's be honest, when WWE is having a good year, its really damn good, and it elevates the entire business as a whole. This promotion quite literally has one of the best rosters of any promotion, and when the booking is right, it is quite literally the best in terms of captivating an audience in its quality. And we are finally seeing change in management, something that has been necessary. Triple H being head of creative has been one of the best things to have happened to WWE, and frankly what WWE has been putting out since WrestleMania 39 has completely overshadowed a lot of the negativity of the many decades previously. That and the complete removal of Vince McMahon and distancing themselves. So yeah, this 10/10 isn't a perfect one, but this company is so difficult to rate as is.
3404.05.2024edo mauto9.0WWE made a great decision on making Triple H the Chief Content Officer of the main roster. He relieved the federation after the last bad years of Vince. It's pure "renaissance era" and i definitely like it.
3702.05.2024mr-peanut-butter So much weekly content and so many PPVs across the main brand and NXT that its impossible not to find something you like in amongst it all. Personally, I like the NXT PPVs, there's always the odd gem here to enjoy. Sometimes modern WWE can be a bit saccharine with all the backstage soap opera stuff, which I tend to skip. By no means is it a must watch for me like it was 25 years ago, but the £9.99 a month is worth it when you look all the good wrestling you get across the PPV/PLEs plus the raft of archived content to trawl through which is pretty amazing. I hope when they move to Netflix all that material is still available.
3901.05.2024CSTLW8.0When talking about its history, yes, it could very much be called the greatest American wrestling promotion ever, but ever since the attitude era wrapped up, WWE has lost its It factor, with a few exceptions (Cena, Orton, Hardy, Reigns among others). I hate to bring up the other promotion in my review for WWE, but ever since AEW came into the mix, WWE has been looked at under a microscope, and it shows just how bad management has become. Vince in charge, johnny ace at talent relations, bruce pritchard at creative, none of it is good. Plus, with everything that comes out about vince just makes me dislike it more. For its history, it gets a 9/10, for its current product, it gets a 0. This is just a kids show now. Hopefully with vince gone and triple h in charge things can change, but i doubt much will change in the near future. EDIT 4/30/24: Triple H has really gone out of his way to revamp the entire product, and I will admit i was wrong. I love what they are doing, and now im finally starting to be able to sit through an hour of raw :)
4030.04.2024thebigmilkman3.0This is one I'm going to revisit a few times as I'm going to be watching everything on the WWE network in order from the very beginning, trying to ignore all modern biases I have. So this first review is gonna be based on my average raiting on every show I watch. And I'm gonna be listing my thoughts per significant time periods 1973: Current rating 3. 1 show. This was so boring but I knew going into it that nothing was gonna wow me so I couldn't be too upset. 1975: Current rating 3. 3 shows. I'm starting to grow an appreciation for Bruno & my favorite absolutely has to be Edouard Carpentier, Carpentier was years ahead of his time and I appreciate the hell out of him. Next year is 1976 with 7 shows so I will be back to edit this comment when I'm done with those shows. (if this isn't allowed please don't delete my comment just change it to a comment, I plan on doing this to many other companies as well)
4329.04.2024Rassle Fan5.0For the last 10 years minimum, the WWE has been the Walmart of pro wrestling. For casual or non fans it has become a brand like Kleenex or Chap Stick. They refer to all of wrestling as WWE. The current state of the product is better than it has been in 6 years but a lot of the same problems hang over the company. The commentary is better but it was such a low bar to clear that it's still behind any other company, regardless of size. If you're a female wrestler and your name is Charlotte, Becky, Rhea, Bayley, or Bianca, good luck getting any tv time or meaningful title reign. The company owes all of its success to the backs of the wrestlers that carried it and the ones who worked their asses off. Hogan, Austin, Rock, Steamboat, Savage, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Roman Reigns, and far too many to name but those are the ones off the top of my head. The quality of their work and success was in spite of how poorly booked the product could be.
4727.04.2024Reccaswinth WWE's strength has always been in its ability to experiment and adapt in its approach to Professional Wrestling - it is why this promotion is so long-lived and so popular. However, sometimes these novel or unorthodox ideas fail in the worst ways imaginable. Beginning in 2008, the WWE decided to abandon their greatest strength and play it safe - not just with content that might not be deemed family-friendly, but with the product as a whole. As a result, quality suffered severely to the point where at times I felt my intelligence as a viewer was being insulted. That being said, recent developments including a fantastic Wrestlemania 40 and a shake-up in executive management leads me to believe that the WWE is returning to its roots as an innovator and a true leader of the Industry.
4825.04.2024devwil I still have a lot of bad feelings about WWE's role in the history of wrestling, but I think it's pretty plainly apparent that the product is the most watchable that it's been in an extremely long time. Many wrestling fans know and loved what Triple H did with NXT, and I think a lot of us trust him to make WWE live up to its potential. I'm excited but also cautiously optimistic, and I need to spend a lot more time following the company before I actually feel comfortable rating it.
5322.04.2024Filip Silva9.0 
5519.04.2024Its Clobbering Time10.0 
5618.04.2024Darshan Joshi10.0 
6211.04.2024Scott Bailey10.0 
6409.04.2024Dayondaymore Best of the history. History maker company . Speechless . Truly cinema in prowrestling. I enjoy wwe my whole life and had best time what can i say about wwe . A company with the best storyline and best idols . I hope this company become more legendary with triple H.
6509.04.2024Wrestle Fan11229.0 
6708.04.2024DennyCrane9.0Durch und durch ein sehr guter Event. War mit Abstand der beste Tag seit es die zweitägigen Wrestlemanias gibt!
6908.04.2024Little Stinger6.0 
7208.04.2024daichi10.0TRIPLE FUCKING H ERA BABY. Bloodline storyline made me come back to wrestling 10 years later. Everything that this company has been since summer I have loved. Of course there are ups and downs but with events like wrestlemania 40, I am happy to say that wrestling is back.
7506.04.2024arisenby6.0[6.3] For better or worse, undeniably the most important promotion of all time and linked to the development of modern wrestling in such a way that it is hard to imagine what the wrestling world looks like without its influence. That said, modern WWE is for the most part just mediocrity with occasional hints of something great underneath. Great history, great roster, but the actual wrestling feels like an afterthought, especially after the rise of the Bloodline. Throw in some genuinely abhorrent top brass, bad working practices, and horrible mistreatment of workers, and the conclusion reached is that the top promotion in the world is semi-decent product produced by a terrible company.
7604.04.2024ECWCWWEAEW6.0I tolerated WWE for a long time before they finally broke me as it were. Having started in 2004 I knew disappointment quickly with how short Eddie and Benoits reigns were, then watching the rise and rise and rise and never fall of John Cena over people like Jericho, Edge, Angle, Shawn Micheals and so on... i really didnt start getting upset with most of their choices till Roman Reigns. At first I was fine when they tried a title run a few times but failed, but they... KEPT DOING IT. He now has main-evented more Wrestlemanias than ANYONE else. Does that sound right to you? Even with the Tribal Chief stuff I got bored after he double-pinned Edge and Bryan, while that seemed cool I slowly realized he was going to be champion for far too long and for far less reasons. Flashforward and now He has also beaten every possible storyline opponent who could have taken it from him. Cody Rhodes, Sami Sayn, Jey Uso. It doesn't matter now, his reign is just... there. There are dozens of other reasons, their mistreatment of wrestlers during Covid, never pushing the right new stars and then forcing the bland problematic ones down fans throats, they keep doing it, they've been doing it for 40 years now. It's exhausting. I can watch the old good stuff with the network but it might be a LONG time before I care about watching it week to week or whatever they have planned for the future because right now it is the most turbulent and unsure course WWE has ever been on.
7902.04.2024GhassaneJabri2.0The one fed that people outside of Europe and the Americas keep hearing of. Now that I've spent 8 sporadic years keeping an eye on WWE, I'm very confident in saying that it has become one of my least favorite feds of all time despite it becoming much more competent during Triple H's era. Here are my issues with this fed: 1) Their roster is incredible, but they don't know how to use all of them to their fullest potential, and they also decide who we should care about (that 2019 "You are the authority" promo keeps getting funnier each year) based on morals and tales that are so out of touch. Also, it is outright embarrassing that they keep releasing talent while they keep breaking making a fuck ton of money. 2) Why do they hate tag team wrestling so much? The level of quality of WWE's tag team scene goes as following, one step forward, 5 steps back. Look no further than the booking at any given year for the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship. None of the tag teams who won these belts feel like they excel in ring psychology, same goes for the movesets, they don't feel inspiring. There's no need to give a spotlight to tag team wrestling if they're not going to treat it with the importance it deserves. 3) The Saudi Arabia partnership. Need I say more? 4) The biggest focus is the E in WWE, case in point, Akira Tozawa vs Ricochet sounds like a dream match for anyone who saw them in Dragongate or PWG, but nobody would give a donkey's shit about them wrestling in WWE, because it is a perpetual glorified TV show that emphasizes on characters and storylines much more than workrate and performances. However, the one saving grace from that specific complaint has been Gunther, and I hope he keeps thriving as the upcoming unstoppable final boss. 5) PPV non-finishes, it is non only insulting to the viewer's intelligence but also to his/her money. Why would you do that? 6) Final point, it is absolutely unnecessary for WWE to ever book no-DQ matches. These matches are far too pedestrian, and their level of creativity along with the PG-type restrictions make it impossible for the matches to showcase any shock value nor entertainment. Thankfully, I've discovered other wrestling companies who seem to do fine with this type of match. That's it, I'm tired of writing about them. There's no reason for anyone who cares about professional wrestling to invest into this company in any way, because they themselves have made it obvious that they're too focused on an E more than a W.
8229.03.2024god is a myth6.0 
8527.03.2024BearFaceKillah5.0Loved it as a kid and a teenager in the attitude era. some amazing wrestlers over the years (we all have our own list). Very bullish business practices though, treat people like crap for years because they could, outright lied multiple times over the years. All of a sudden they have had to get their act together due to competition popping up and they are loved again, the scandals lasted a week before people just got excited by the rock. Well played WWE, well played. They change history, they ignore the truth, its mad how much people forget.
8924.03.2024Lord AdGnalDiv4.0A mostly mediocre product with occasional moments of greatness, produced by a terrible company. Between its monopolization of the industry in the 80s, its proliferation of absolutely horrendous business practices, its history of sexual, emotional, and physical abuse backstage, and its dealings with Saudi Arabia, WWE is a poison to the professional wrestling industry and even worse from a moral standpoint.
9121.03.2024The Undertalker8.0Seit Mitte 2022, also um den Zeitpunkt rum, als Vince McMahon im Creative Team nicht mehr das Sagen hatte (mittlerweile hat er wohl überhaupt keinen Einfluss mehr) und von Triple H als Kreativchef abgelöst wurde, hat sich WWE enorm gesteigert: Die Storylines gefallen mir jetzt ausgesprochen gut - sie sind sehr durchdacht und stimmig auf die Protagonisten zugeschnitten, und es ist einfach interessant, sie zu verfolgen. Sie haben größtenteils nichts Kitschiges oder Übertriebenes an sich und werden nicht kurzfristig wieder abgebrochen, sondern angenehm langfristig fortgeführt. Die Matchzeit in den Weeklies ist länger geworden und man bekommt regelmäßig gute Matches zu sehen. Leider hab ich den Eindruck, die Auseinandersetzungen sind bisher in diesem Jahr wieder etwas kürzer und auch nicht immer ganz so gut wie in den beiden Jahren zuvor. Es kann aber sein, dass das "saisonbedingt" ist, da WrestleMania XL vor der Tür steht, man viel Zeit für die Storylines aufwenden will, um die Matches für den nahenden Mega-Event so gut wie möglich aufzubauen und man außerdem die Worker jetzt in dieser wichtigen Zeit schonen will. Vielleicht nimmt der Anteil an Matches in den Shows nach WM wieder zu? ! Das Roster ist derzeit ausgesprochen stark, mit vielen Workern, die richtig gute In-Ring-Skills besitzen und es gibt charismatische Faces, die beim Publikum over sind sowie interessante, "unleidliche" Heels, und das bei beiden Geschlechtern. Die Titel spielen wieder eine deutlich größere Rolle. Es gibt wesentlich weniger Titelwechsel als zuvor, aber wenn ein Gürtel tatsächlich mal den Besitzer wechselt, ist das auch was Besonderes und ein großer Push für den neuen Champion. Man weiß, derjenige ist jemand Wichtiges, mit dem WWE viel vorhat. So sollte das meiner Meinung nach sein! / Trotz, dass ich sehr zufrieden mit WWE bin, hab ich auch etwas zu kritisieren: WWE hat eine zu langsame Pace, finde ich. Die Shows werden oft durch diverse Werbeeinblendungen und sonstige Segmente, die nicht immer direkt was mit Wrestling zu tun haben, in ihrem Tempo gedrosselt. Viele Promos dauern einfach zu lange; die könnte man häufig etwas zügiger abhandeln und dann hätte man natürlich mehr Zeit für die Matches. Bei den PPVs stört mich das auch ganzschön: Ständig kommen wieder irgendwelche Einblendungen und es vergeht einfach zu viel Zeit zwischen den Matches. Das nimmt den Shows etwas den Drive. Auch wenn die meisten WWE-PPVs ziemlich ordentlich sind, hab ich oft den Eindruck, dass da noch mehr drin gewesen wäre. Sie sind häufig etwas zu kurz und noch ein Match mehr auf der Card wäre wirklich angebracht. Die Matchqualität ist bei den PPVs zwar recht hoch, aber trotzdem hab ich das Gefühl, da wäre mit dem Roster noch eine Steigerung möglich. Ich würde mir wünschen, dass man diesbezüglich öfters mal aus allen Rohren schießen würde und die Worker ihr volles Potenzial einsetzen ließe; dann gäbe es bestimmt so einige 4-3/4- oder sogar 5-Sterne-Wertungen pro Jahr. / Was WWE meiner Ansicht nach schon immer besonders ausgezeichnet hat, ist die Fähigkeit, charismatische, interessante Worker wirkungsvoll in Szene zu setzen bzw. overzubringen und sie zu sehr populären Stars zu machen. WWE findet für die entsprechende Person einfach das passende Gimmick, mit dem diese ihre Stärken und ihren individuellen Charakter bestens entfalten kann. Ich bin der Meinung, das ist die größte Stärke von WWE! Nach der guten Entwicklung in den letzten knappen zwei Jahren gehe ich von 5 auf 8 Punkte hoch.
9220.03.2024The Aditza6.0 
9319.03.2024Jeezus9.0[2023-2024: 4.50/5.00] This is an overall rating of WWE for the years 2023 to 2024 Present Day, it's probably the hottest it has ever been since the glorious Attitude Era days and the numbers, facts, and stats speak for themselves and those are reflected on the booking of the programming weekly and monthly PPVs, where rarely anything has been missed or fumbled. Where every wrestler and character matters, where no one is treated as a joke anymore. WWE has changed a lot from the awful days between 2017 - 2019 [0.50/5.00] overpushing of unwanted stars and elevating them to stardom, and as a result we get matches that are currently changing the landscape of wrestling itself. A new era of wrestling has emerged where wrestling has resurged in mainstream eyes, where it's resurged to pop culture phenomenon, and that is mostly how well WWE has been doing for structuring their cards, wrestlers and even their business models. Sure, everyone has their flaws with WWE, whether by wrestling or the controversies behind it, least I'm having fun with it and that's all that matters to me, and that's all what I asked for, it's still not perfect.
9518.03.2024IDriveAFordFusion7.0Someone here said it best, WWE is like the McDonald's of the wrestling world, the most mainstream and marketable wrestling company, obviously 'World' is in the title and they are world-renown as they go all over the world year round sometimes. I can't rate WWE highly due to some controversies in the past, like the mistreatment of women until the mid 2010s, some nefarious scandals that continue to hurt the reputation of the company, the constant pushing of certain wrestlers that shouldn't be pushed (ex. Goldberg), the wasting of wrestlers who are over and/or really good (ex. LA Knight). I could go on and on but I don't want to cherry pick the bad without mentioning the good, like creating successful wrestlers and characters like Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker, Bret Hart, and several others that have helped define a company and different eras of the WWE. WWE has got almost everything you could possibly want, if you want casual storylines and matches, RAW, Smackdown, and the PLEs are for you! if you want to see the young, bright up and coming wrestlers, NXT is for you! Chances are, you are going to enjoy WWE if you are wanting to get into wrestling for the first time, my introduction to wrestling was from WWE, and I still enjoy the product from time to time, but I do look back and see some negatives with the company, especially with the product sometimes can be hard to watch, WWE had a rough end to the 2010s, with 2017-2019 being the worst years of WWE, however, the company has since rebounded and although I have my criticisms of Triple H as a booker, I think he (along with Shawn Michaels) is doing a really good job.
9715.03.2024felixshanewestern10.0Product is hit or miss but just for how massive they have become and how they have transcended wrestling I feel giving them anything but a 10 is doing them a disservice.
9914.03.2024Przemk0 All time good and crap at the same time. We all know it and have our opinions about it... but where wrestling would be without it.
10014.03.2024FuzzGod5.0Roman wins LOL, the story of this company for the past 8 years. They have one of the best rosters in the world but are stationary in who gets the ball. A lot of the wrestlers on their roster have grinded years to get to that point just for them to be in a purgatory of multi-month feuds or being used in a squash match for the flavors of the month. It makes it feel like 80% of their roster can't win a match.