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315.09.2021VanguardWhoSome of wrestling's highest highs and lowest lows have happened in this company. Ranking WWE among wrestling promotions is borderline impossible, because they treat and approach professional wrestling like no other company in the world. They have a roster to die for, one of the most absurdly stacked rosters in history, but are inconsistent at best in utilising them. Sometimes a match that would be merely good, or even just okay outside of WWE is elevated to MOTY-candidate status by their high production values and near-unmatched ability to generate an atmosphere. Other times, wrestlers who would be putting on MOTY candidates anywhere else in the world get pigeonholed into wrestling a paint-by-numbers WWE match template with their respective movesets plugged in, or fail to make it to TV entirely because they're expected to build a fanbase and make people care by cutting lukewarm, artificial scripted promos. Sometimes they create matches and moments that make them feel like the untouchable zenith of American pro wrestling, but far more often, they create matches and moments that leave the audience scratching their heads, or worse, frustrated and exasperated. I can't realistically give WWE a rating, because I could rate WWE literally anything from a 0 to a 10 and feel perfectly justified, so I'll let the fact that I haven't yet regretted cancelling my Network subscription recently act as substitute. A questionable company that more often than not output questionable content, but totally capable of creating magic when it suits them.
513.09.2021Charismatic Enigma2.0Ich war gerade überrascht, dass ich schon vor sieben Jahren nur vier Punkte gegeben habe. Denn das macht deutlich, wie lange WWE mich schon nicht mehr abholt. Jetzt durch AEW weiß ich endlich warum. Ja ohne WWE wäre das Wrestling nicht, was es heute ist. Aber darauf kann man sich nicht ewig ausruhen. Leider hat WWE dem Wrestling wie ich es mag, immer mehr den Rücken gekehrt, um sein ganz eigenes Produkt zu machen. Sports Entertainment. Dazu Charaktere, die sich zu sehr ähneln, weil die Oberen Schablonen verwenden, wie sie die Charaktere sehen. Keine Individualität mehr. Ich bin raus bei dieser Liga.
612.09.2021D-Bry10.02021 Edit: Sure people can shit over the product they want because of the misuse of the very broad talent involved in the industry. Having over 200 employed wrestlers, and 4 major brands and 2 minor ones, it's no surprise whatsoever to think that the booking of the product has become so redundantly obvious and predictable (and unpredictable but not in a good way). People can call me a loyalist for defending most of the booking decisions that has happened or the release of crazy amount of talent, but there's no denying the word "wrestling" itself has been synonymous to WWE, tell yourself that would other promotions, much notably AEW, WCW, TNA etc. would have been successful if it wasn't the popularity of a much polished promotion in those times? I do get frustrated by the product too (much of like a love-hate relationship) but when it does get it's shit together, it's inarguably one of the most iconic moments I have witnessed in my life, and I have watched a lot of wrestling to back that up, be it in Kofi winning the title, Bryan winning the title, Zayn winning the title, Gargano winning the title or even Drew. Moments like these is why I resonate with wrestling so much, moments like these is why I try to watch what other promotions have been doing for better or worse, sure an argument can be made if certain moments were done considerably better, but if they do, I'll always thank this company to have made me a fan in the first place. Plus the lack of toxicity in the community is why I'd always prefer over another (referring to the comments below). Fuck Vince though. As far as the year is concerned, I don't think they've missed in the PPV department, and that's what I always look forward to anyway mostly, and there has been at least one good-great weekly match per show, which is always a major plus. So why bother?
711.09.2021elvikingo29The ultimate "carny" promotion. Part of the legacy was a factory filled with vapid dolled-up women that can't wrestle and steroid freaks with no personality, just yelling. Any talented wrestlers they happened to promote is a credit to those individuals only. They have survived on the "dumbness" in humans, appealing to the lowest common denominator of entertainment. Smoke and mirrors is the name of the game (sometimes literally). Every subsequent year for the past 15 or so, you always hear fans say "it wasn't like it used to". Actually, it hasn't gone progressively worse over time, it just takes some people longer to be fed up with it. Because the company has been around forever, it's impossible for any interesting mainstream wrestling to exist in the country. Watching is like maintaining an abusive relationship.
1208.09.2021MrIslamy1.0I have a lot to say about WWE but I'm going to keep things simple, they built my love for pro wrestling but were the reason why I quit watching for a while. It's a combination of an overreliance on old stars that kills the hype over growing stars, repetitive and questionable booking, the release of many of the best wrestlers of the modern era, and lackluster matches. Every company has their bad moments but sadly as of recent WWE feels like it's only the bad moments.
1307.09.2021KENTAfan2.0The reason WWE is near intolerable nowadays is largely due to their tendency to rely on older stars for star power, alt he while neglecting the majority of their younger talent and failing to build up the possible stars of the future. It sucks to see so many talented guys get buried time and time again, and it doesn't look like the cycle is going to cease anytime soon. That being said, the WWE has existed for ages now and has undoubtedly produced some of the greatest moments in wrestling history and deserves acknowledgement for that, which makes the company somewhat difficult to rate as a whole. The Attitude Era and Ruthless Aggression Era are 10/10 for sure, and the brief resurgence the company saw back in 2016-17 is probably around 8/10 for me. That being said, the WWE has also endured some absolutely awful times as well, with the current year (2021) being one of the worst in a long time. The product has become unbelievably stale and has hardly anything going for it, talented guys are getting buried right and left, and the decisions made by management are becoming increasingly more moronic. It's sad to see a once great company get run into the mud, but I have to call it like it is. WWE today sucks.
1604.09.2021Jorhorge5.0The World Wrestling Entertainment is historical but since 2018 it has been lost, the same old faces, bad bookings, more storylines and not pushing or helping young talent or people who are crushed by fans, I think only Main Event and SmackDown are worth it. worth it, because the other brands it offers are bad or meh.
1704.09.2021No One5.0First off, the user known as "EleceRock", is dead on the money about WWE never being the best wrestling promotion in the world, it's just the most popular among casual fans, because that is their target audience. WWE has a lot of rich history and produced so many memories throughout so many decades, from the Buddy Rogers era to the Ruthless Aggression era. But since the start of the PG era, the WWE has been a downward spiral of nonsense that no one can figure out. The saving grace to WWE was NXT, spearheaded by Triple H, and this brand really came into it's own in 2013 and up until 2021, NXT was on fire, and had the world talking.. and now the word is that Vince McMahon has decided to step in and completely change everything that Triple H has built. That is a FAIL. NXT will now look similar to the TRASH known as RAW & SmackDown, if that is the case. This could also mean that NXT UK may just now be in fact the WWE's best brand, but it is only a 1 hour weekly show on the WWE Network. LOL. WWE's new hiring process is also an eye opener, which means that the future of the company might just be TRASH as well, because WWE's built from scratch wrestlers are usually TRASH for the most part. Rarely do you get a Brock Lesnar, John Cena, The Rock, Kurt Angle, Trish Stratus, Charlotte Flair, Bianca Belair, etc. That is VERY rare. A bunch of "wrestlers" who can't work a match, can't do promos, have no "IT" Factor, cannot get over with a crowd, only hired because of looks or family connections, etc.. Wow, this is pretty lame, and even downright pathetic.
2001.09.2021munrapido36.0I'll only give WWE a 6 only because they made professional wrestling popular but WWE's product today is getting real stale (imo).
2330.08.2021booyakabooyaka6195.0EleceRock stated it very nicely earlier: popularity is not the same as quality. I don't care about popularity if the product is bad. From excessive rematches to bad burials/booking to petty backstage politicking, WWE has gotten pretty bad and complacent in their show quality. After not watching for about 6 to 7 years, I wanted to get into it again, but I just can't anymore after the past few months. I'll give the Fed some points for their history and some of the good moments they've created (and I'll try to tune in for the good decisions they make in the future if this company doesn't completely fall off) but the bad outweighs the good.
2725.08.2021HugLikeABoss5.0I've travelled to the US 5 times exclusively to see WWE shows and I've attended 57 of their events in total which is no easy feat for a non-American. My favourite moments that I saw live were Sasha winning the NXT title, Becky winning her first SmackDown title, the first Women's Rumble and the Elimination Chamber for the Women's Tag Team Championship. Very good times, and I cherish them, but my hatred of Vince consumes me. 95% of this company's problems are the fault of one man and one man alone. The product would be so much better if he just went away. Here's how my viewing habits of WWE have changed over the years: April 21 2005: I first began watching occasionally when I could. November 1 2006-WrestleMania 33: I was a super-fan and prided myself on watching everything. RAW, SD, ECW, NXT, Superstars, Main Event. I watched every match, every segment, every single week. Post-Mania 33: Due to the overabundance of programming that they produced, I cut Main Event, 205Live and anything involving Brock Lesnar. Post-Mania 34: I was absolutely disgusted with several aspects of WrestleMania 34, most of all was that a 10-year-old boy could become a tag team champion while the women still weren't able to because of the simple fact he was born male. I wasn't thrilled about another pointless men's belt on NXT (North American), so I chopped NXT altogether and decided to only watch my favourites of either gender on the main roster and cut the talent of mild or below interest. May 2019: VKM announced the Wild Card rule, and I much prefer the structure and balance that brands bring so I cut all men's division stuff to make it less stressful. Post-Mania 36: I began to watch NXT again as well as the NXT stuff I missed in the past 2 years. Post-MITB 2021: Sick of VKM's constant burial of NXT and all of his other asinine booking decisions, I vowed to quit watching new stuff until he passes away. August 2021: Guilty that my all-time favourite Sasha Banks returned and I was missing out, I had to try and be positive, because if I was giving up WWE because I hate VKM then I would have quit a long time ago. So I just caught up on the stuff I missed and realise I probably shouldn't have. To advertise that SummerSlam match to the very last second when he knew for a week it wasn't going to happen is a very low act. The fact he ruined Becky's return and destroyed all credibility he put into Bianca in one fell swoop is mind-numbingly stupid. The only reason Sasha sat-out the last four months was to save the WrestleMania rematch for SummerSlam and then it didn't even happen. The rematch can't truly happen now, he ruined the whole thing. It's scary that this wasn't Vince being malicious, he just honestly thought that was a smart booking decision. Combined with the world's refusal to simply live with COVID, and thinking about all the stupid things humanity has done in the past (wars, racial/gender segregation) I'm massively depressed.
2825.08.2021XXDoubleHHXX8.0WWE has a lot of horrible ideas and I mean a lot, but they're still one biggest companies with some of the best talent around, I said some.
3024.08.2021adam johnson8.0
3122.08.2021ilya5.0WWE is in nowadays is a dump with bad ideas. His booking is incomprehensible. NXT actually has not very good years. It's very sad
3417.08.20210082.0I give them a two because of what the company has done in the past. If it was strictly about the rating they deserve now then it would be 0. As it is I think that the only reason wwe is the most financially successful promotion in the world is because of the great moments that they have had in the past which has allowed them to rest on their laurels. If they didn't have that and it was a new promotion starting up, but it kept booking itself in the same way the company would not last long.
3516.08.2021lukerocker97.0A really hard company to rate they have had some of the best wrestling and segments in history as well as some of the most dire sports entertainment tv. They have done some pretty bad stuff bussines wise (the saudi shows for example) but I think the amount of classic moments they had and the amount of talent signed keeps them good
3614.08.2021eltetechori8.0WWE was always considered a promoter with dubious popularity, that is, many know it, few see it today, it is content for children and adolescents, adults get bored when they see such idiotic rivalries, it is a shame that for more than two decades, this promoter has only gone down, even if they have all the millions of dollars they want, fans never forget.
3810.08.2021Kerplin7.0The reason I can't rate this higher is because the last decade has left a lot to be desired. And the longer I watch, the more I realize it is complacency. However I do believe that when it's crunch time they tend to deliver head and shoulders above the rest. They have probably served more consistent entertainment than any other promotion in history. The company has revolutionized so many things, that you see other promotions using themselves. From the Royal Rumble, to the PPV models for pro wrestling. While I believe even without WWE, these things would still exist in some capacity, I have to ask if it would be as big as it is today without the machine that is WWE behind the concepts. The landscape of wrestling has been changed forever because of contributions, and controversies from the company.
4003.08.2021Ma Stump Puller8.0Never the best, but the WWF has proven that wrestling as a genre can survive and even thrive beyond a national level (examples before then are..... well nothing, really. ) and has continued to make tremendous advancements towards that goal. There's some notable gaps in quality here and there and the product isn't quite as refined as it once was, but I still think it's doing very well for itself despite setbacks. Business wise it stomps everyone else, but we shouldn't be basing quality just off that. Workrate wise it's FAR from the best but they've still put on bangers when the chips are down.
4401.08.2021TommyEndMalakaiFan4.0They butcher completely good wrestlers and release them all the time. Mediocre matches and boring and sometimes cringe-worthy storylines.
4530.07.2021EleceRock4.0Let's start with this: Popularity is not the same as quality, and WWE, even at his best, was NEVER the best promotion in the world. During 80's we had AJW, UWF and NWA doing a better job as a wrestling company, during 90's promotions like AJPW, AJW and WCW were the best, during 2000's RoH, NOAH and TNA were the best, and well, from 2010's onwards wwe was not even on the discussion for best promotion in the world anymore, as promotions like Stardom, NJPW, etc. were doing a better job. That being said, I give WWE credit for bringing wrestling popularity and for being a very entertaining promotion that from time to time brings a couple of great matches and historylines, but that's all. Any other than that, their tag division almost always sucked, until the so called "womans revolution" the women's division was a joke of panties and tits, and even their singles division never was on the level of being the best of the best they alwasys like to sell.
4627.07.2021alibjk773.0Weak storylines - Dismissal of talented wrestlers - Weak bookings in recent years - Weak and repetitive competitions and feuds - Sacrificing wrestling for money . All of these reasons have led me to become disillusioned with this company
4720.07.2021JamminJon8.0I grew up a big fan of WWE as a kid/teen, but over the past few years, the main roster doesn't have a big effect on me like it used to. Monday Night Raw used to be a show that you would look forward to watching. Now, I probably watch about 30 minutes to an hour of Raw, sometimes not even at all. SmackDown is a great show and I do love that along with NXT. WWE still puts on some great matches here and there, so I got some faith in them that they will improve in the future.
5007.07.2021awalsh6418.0Though WWE's weekly programming can suck, it definitely is outweighed by the marvelous spectacles it has put together. Holistically, WWE has done so many amazing things. From Wrestlemania to Royal Rumble, to the Money in the Bank match, this promotion has struck gold many times. Though their mid-card, tag team, and women's divisions have floundered over the years, there have always been talented competitors that can put on diamond-in-the-rough matches. Plus NXT, NXTUK, and the MYC and Cruiserweight Classics show that WWE is capable of doing good.
5107.07.2021bulO4KA0.0I give them a 0 rating and I think I am being more than fair. This company used to be on top of the world, delivering big shows week after week, but it's been a couple of years now that it's nothing but a joke for the sport. The wrestlers who work for that company do not deserve the treatment they are given and it is sad to see that talent is simply wasted.
5306.07.2021saraiva983.0Actually, they have great talent but the worst booking in all of the wrestling world. Their Weekly shows are almost always useless rematches without anything new happening. NXT is a shade of what it was some years ago. It is a shame that such a great roster has this horrible booking decisions.
5405.07.2021FerFerFer1238.0I just watch the 3 basic Raw, SmackDown & NxT the last 2 are supreme content, Raw is getting more watchable each week and tackeing on acount this and all of WWE history would be hypocrit to rate them under 8; but for turning in it into a 9 Raw should be realy good as it ones was.
5526.06.2021wwetitlefan20.0WWE might be the biggest wrestling company in the world, but that doesn't mean they're the best. Ever since the fall of WCW and ECW, WWE hadn't had competition to compare to, but since the rise of AEW, NJPW, MLW, etc. WWE has been dethroned as the best wrestling company. Aside from NXT, and maybe Smackdown, WWE television has been borderline unwatchable. Once they get their hands on a great wrestler, they have no idea what to do with them and let them sit in catering before releasing them. They break up tag teams for no reason and then give the former partners directionless storylines. At this point it's just a chore to watch.
5624.06.2021Jacob Jones10.0My criteria for reviewing a company is simple. Focus on the company's history and what it has done for the industry... and I think you can see why I have given this promotion the highest rating possible. Not much really needs to be said. WWE changed the way wrestling works and has it been popular, it has made a lot of money. Sure, there have been peaks and valleys, many questionable decisions. But if you manage to not only take your company national but catapult the entire industry into the mainstream? You deserve the highest score.
5724.06.2021wwefan lol9.0
5823.06.2021Yuki Mashiro Enjoyer6.0
6117.06.2021Shivansh Arora10.0The oldest and to be very honest, the best promotion in the wrestling business of all time. Made a lot of memories with this promotion.
6208.06.2021RafaClau4.0O material apresentado atualmente é altamente decadente, combates sem graça, feuds repetitivas, talentos desperdiçados, o único show "assistível" é o Nxt.
6304.06.2021Lyno1231233.0(3. 8/10) The only 3 Points i give is because Kevin Owens, Adam Cole, Johnny Gargano, And . 8 points for Roman who still work over there. Other than that this company have THE WORST booking than any WCW Russo era. I have NEVER fallen asleep watching wrestling even when TNA dixie carter is still ongoing. Does russo TNA era have weird booking? well yeah and very much so. But they never put me to sleep ever in their short career span on spike TV. WWE nowadays (Besides Roman Reigns storyline) Have been a rinse and repeat again and again. And for a company that focus more on "story line" rather than the wrestling itself. Their promos SUCKS. every promo i see (besides heyman , Owens, and roman) sounds like an NPC from Oblivion come to life and choose a career path as a WWE "Superstar". Now this review is my final nail in my coffin for WWE since owens have been getting a "mini angle" with LOGAN PAUL at WM 37. And that was the time that i know that this company is beyond help for any redemption of being good.
6402.06.2021Kung5.0WWE is easily the worst promotion in utilizing their talent. They have the greatest roster any wrestling company has ever had, and yet their shows are easily the worst they've ever been. It's gotten so laughably bad, that I don't watch anything they put out anymore, except for the occasional NXT and some of the major pay-per-views.
6531.05.2021Wrestling4Lifee4.0Recently WWE hasn't been dong too well. its nothing like the product it was many many years ago which sucks because at those times, WWE was really good. they currently have many questionable booking decisions, and recently have been repeating storylines and matches that we have already seen a handful of times. for example, they booked Morrison vs Priest 3 weeks in a row. and it s a similar situation Ausua, Charlotte, Natalia, Tamina, Nia Jax, Shayna Bazler, etc... i think if they switch things up a bit and review a lot of things, WWE could become enjoyable again. im sure the crowds finally coming back will help boost the product but until then, WWE just isn't my cup of tea.
6729.05.2021Puro112I am choosing not to rate World Wrestling Entertainment. WWE is one of the most morally bankrupt business currently operating in America. They treat their wrestlers like disposable pawns, they fire wrestlers during a global pandemic, they have had a history of sexism, racism and homophobia, and they tie their wrestlers down with stringent contacts that don't allow them to work anywhere else, but are still labelled as independent contractors. The WWE product is hot garbage. Very few of the characters make sense, the booking doesn't make sense, and the storylines don't make sense. Yet, without WWE, wrestling would not be what it is today. Vince McMahon changed the foundation of wrestling could be, he got rid of the territory system and turned wrestling into one of the most popular sports during the 80s and 90s. They are responsible for so many great memories and moments.
6827.05.2021boraseyhan5.0The current state of WWE is one of the worst they've been over the years. Their flagship show Monday Night Raw is currently unwatchable and is a shithole. It buries talent and even their champions don't look strong. SmackDown is going much better but it still doesn't fulfill it's full potential by any means. These 5 points are coming from the success of NXT and NXT UK, which are easily the best brands of the company.
7117.05.2021Provokeddd7.0ah, good ol' WWE maggle. Yeah, its not at its best right now, RAW is mid at best but it does have the potential, the 3 hours, filler matches and segments and of course, nonsensical booking drag that show down. NXT is boring right with some decent matches that no one really cares about and there 2 top champions are controversial as hell, also some of the things Triple H does just doesn't make sense. Smackdown carries the whole company, good wrestling, good stories, good segments, what's not to love. the PPVs have been pretty good from an in ring standpoint even though the build and stories for the shows wont always be the best. So, Yeah, WWE is about alright right now, some good, some bad
7311.05.2021bigballercaleb8.0While Raw struggles as a television show; all other shows (Smackdown, NXT, NXT UK, etc. ) are satisfactory and I enjoy watching them. They have the most talented roster in the world and the most successful history. Even though they do have the most talent as mentioned prior they often struggle to book them properly relying often on old timers instead of young talent which leads to frustration from the talent and the fans at home. Overall this company has positives and negatives just like everything else; but you can not deny that when people hear the word pro wrestling they think WWE.
7410.05.2021kevin 199510.0
7705.05.2021The A-Lister8.08 for the history. Had great moments, had embarassing moments, but will be on top forever. Currently, average product. SmackDown carries this company right now, since Raw is boring and I don't really care about NXT.
8028.04.2021Wrestle Fan11227.0Raw is a 5. SD and NXT is an 8 since both are actually pretty good shows. NXT UK is a 7 which is still pretty good. All in All, WWE is a 7/10
8223.04.2021math18236.09/10 for NXT and NXT UK, 3/10 for Raw and Smackdown. WWE has the biggest roster any company has ever had, yet I feel like only NXT and NXT UK use most of their talents well. These two, with Dynamite, are the 3 shows that made me watch weeklies again after stopping for a lot of time. Smackdown isn't really bad, but only Reigns' storylines are really entertaining, the rest is there without anything noteworthy. However, I think WWE should be ashamed of giving a product as bad as Raw. The few good ideas are immediately wasted, it was the show where the worst storyline I have ever seen happened (Fiend/Bliss vs Orton) and, most importantly, the booking of the women's division is at a level never reached since the Divas era. The list of wrestlers who were awesome in NXT and were totally wasted in the "main-roster" is nearly shocking. Just for fun : Shinsuke Nakamura, Ricochet, Matt Riddle, Aleister Black, Andrade, Ember Moon, Shayna Baszler, Asuka (yes, I consider her wasted as she was a back-up plan for her whole run), Chad Gable, Jason Jordan, Bobby Roode, Neville, Bayley before her heel turn, Murphy, Aiden English, Simon Gotch, Kalisto, Sami Zayn, Eric Young, War Machine (not the Viking Warriors Raiders Experience or idk what), Finn Balor, and the most incomprehensible given how she could have been over in this PG product, Kairi Sane...
8718.04.2021JBWrestling6.0WWE has the greatest roster ever assembled in the history of this sport, yet struggles due to poor booking, repetitive weekly shows. uncompelling storylines, subpar TV match quality, and the wrong people being pushed while more deserving others sit on the sidelines. Obviously, there are exceptions to all of these but booking has been a major problem, as reflected in their decline in popularity. If anyone else besides Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn had such a talented roster at their disposal WWE would be must watch. However, over reliance on the same stars and repetitive television has caused WWE to decline consistently over the last decade.
8817.04.2021AnonReview1.0Well i think is obvious to everybody that they aren't as good as they used to. Most of the time the product is just plain bad and boring. lots of talented people doing nothing for years and then getting fired or leaving by themself, the same people appearing over and over again, and the female division is basically death. NXT has also suffered a downgrade, it had it's golden years between 2017-2019, but right now is not that good
8916.04.2021NeithZilong4.0What has happened to this company over the past 10 years? Ever since WWE went PG, it all started to sucked. From horrible and lazy bookings, bad matches, even grooming the wrong superstar, same champion over and over again, also lot of championship titles which are poorly-designed and unimportant and how could you forget part-timers hogging the spotlight. The only saving grace WWE has is NXT and it is not even as good as before. Let Vince retire, rehab the company, probably there would be a chance to be good again. Lots of superstars have been in a waiting line like Samoa Joe, Ricochet, Cesaro, Sami Zayn. But pushes talent like Roman Reigns, King Corbin, Charlotte Flair, The Miz? Not the WWE we loved before. Lot of people lost interest on this product. As long as Vince is there, expect this would be downright awful.
9611.04.2021joseesquer86.0They're the biggest company in the world and have the most talented roster on the planet, yet they constantly do stuff to make their own product worse. When they allow there talent to be talented they achieve different levels of special. It's a shame we don't see that often. Video Packages & the Overall Production entertainment they're still the best in the world. Their weekly episodic TV is mostly bland.
9704.04.2021MichaelHart836.0The top earning promotion in the world by far with a roster full of most of the best talent from around the world. Unfortunately they hit a creative wall years ago and for the most part the show's have become very stale causing fans to leave in droves over the last decade. The situation is that the company is bringing in more money than ever despite the lame shows every week. Because the company is financially successful I doubt we'll see much change to better the product.
9803.04.2021ilovewrestling19956.0WWE used to be the best promotion 10 and 20 years before but right now All elite wrestling and New japan are way better . RAW and Smackdown are awful . i dont understand why raw and smackdown matches only last 3 till 6 minutes ? Thats why ratings are so low in 5 years from now i doubt if Raw is going to average more than 1 million viewers . i am tired of squash matches , the storylines are so boring . if it was about now i would rate WWE 3/10 but i rate it 7/10 because of the past WWE . Even the pay per views are so mediocre , they look like house shows .
9929.03.2021Avery6.0If you told me 6 years ago that id rate WWE so low in the future then id call you crazy. They have a great roster but creative is ran by 10 monkeys who have the mental capacity of the tux penguin. Smackdown and Raw is absolute garbage, and all of the other side brands. The only show I enjoy watching is Main Event, that show is 2 hours and 30 minutes shorter then Raw and has a better product
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