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#GimmickWorker RolesRatingVotes
1Aaron SolowSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler6.675
2Abadon Singles Wrestler4.8636
3Adam PageSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler8.19275
4Alan AngelsSingles Wrestler5.9518
5Alex AbrahantesPlay-by-Play Commentator  
6Alex ReynoldsSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler7.2638
7Alexander BirdSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler, Referee, Backstage Helper  
8AngelicoSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler7.84139
9Anna JaySingles Wrestler6.5940
10Anthony BowensSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler  
11Arn AndersonManager8.44290
12Aubrey EdwardsReferee6.5530
13Austin GunnSingles Wrestler3.8714
14Awesome Kong Singles Wrestler, Backstage Helper8.31272
15Bear BoulderSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler  
16Bear BronsonSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler  
17Big SwoleSingles Wrestler4.6156
18BillySingles Wrestler, Road Agent5.36348
19BJ WhitmerBackstage Helper6.32140
20Blade Singles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler7.0837
21Brandi RhodesSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler, Ring Announcer, Valet4.9098
22Brandon CutlerSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler5.3627
23Brian CageSingles Wrestler8.11214
24Bryce RemsburgRing Announcer, Referee9.1071
25Bunny Singles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler, Valet6.9181
26Butcher Singles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler7.1630
27Cash WheelerTag Team Wrestler7.68128
28Cezar BononiSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler5.3922
29Chris JerichoSingles Wrestler9.531805
30Christian CageSingles Wrestler8.68913
31Christopher DanielsSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler, Backstage Helper8.75582
32Chuck TaylorSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler8.26264
33Cody RhodesSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler7.36894
34Colt CabanaSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler, Color Commentator8.24324
35Colten GunnTag Team Wrestler  
36Dante MartinSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler  
37Darby AllinSingles Wrestler8.22186
38Darius MartinSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler  
39Dasha GonzalezRing Announcer, Color Commentator5.4417
40Dax HarwoodTag Team Wrestler8.11143
41Dean MalenkoRoad Agent8.69355
42Dr. Britt Baker DMDSingles Wrestler5.97129
43Dustin RhodesSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler6.83620
44Earl HebnerReferee7.20100
45Eddie KingstonSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler, Manager7.97223
46Ethan PageSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler, Promoter, Interviewer7.6880
47Evil UnoSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler6.5891
48ExcaliburPromoter, Play-by-Play Commentator, Backstage Helper7.3088
49Frankie KazarianSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler7.56296
50Hikaru ShidaSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler, Trainer8.62163
51Hugo SavinovichPlay-by-Play Commentator7.8131
52Isiah KassidySingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler6.3112
53Jack EvansSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler7.53252
54Jade CargillSingles Wrestler6.436
55Jake HagerSingles Wrestler7.06550
56Jake RobertsManager7.84260
57Jeff JonesManager, Referee  
58Jerry LynnRoad Agent7.72221
59Jim RossPlay-by-Play Commentator9.29490
60Joey JanelaSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler6.69145
61John SilverSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler8.4971
62Jon MoxleySingles Wrestler8.47873
63Jungle Boy Singles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler7.7697
64Justin RobertsRing Announcer7.96117
65Kenny OmegaSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler9.47896
66Kip SabianSingles Wrestler7.1558
67Kris StatlanderSingles Wrestler7.2360
68Lance ArcherSingles Wrestler5.56323
69Lee JohnsonSingles Wrestler  
70Leva BatesSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler, Valet5.1672
71Leyla HirschSingles Wrestler7.3134
72LuchasaurusSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler7.3284
73LutherSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler, Manager4.8329
74Marko StuntSingles Wrestler4.9471
75Marq QuenSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler7.4014
76Matt HardySingles Wrestler, Manager7.56830
77Matt JacksonTag Team Wrestler8.60196
78Matt SydalSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler8.15542
79Max CasterTag Team Wrestler7.9415
80Mel Singles Wrestler4.4718
81MiroSingles Wrestler7.33405
82MJFSingles Wrestler8.40187
83MT NakazawaSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler5.1843
84Nick ComorotoSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler  
85Nick JacksonTag Team Wrestler8.62193
86Nyla RoseSingles Wrestler6.3090
87Orange CassidySingles Wrestler7.38155
88Ortiz Singles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler7.3643
89PACSingles Wrestler8.71599
90Paul TurnerReferee  
91Paul WightSingles Wrestler, Color Commentator7.25886
92Penelope FordSingles Wrestler6.5167
93Penta El Zero MiedoSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler9.20312
94Peter AvalonSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler6.8730
95Powerhouse HobbsSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler7.2714
96QT MarshallSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler, Backstage Helper5.7438
97Rebel Singles Wrestler, Backstage Helper4.6938
98Red VelvettSingles Wrestler5.5617
99Rey Fenix Singles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler9.21270
100Rick KnoxReferee9.3643
101Ricky StarksSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler7.6855
102RihoSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler7.47119
103Sammy GuevaraSingles Wrestler7.82135
104Santana Singles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler7.8341
105Scorpio SkySingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler7.17103
106Serena DeebSingles Wrestler, Trainer6.79100
107SerpenticoSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler  
108Shane HagadornSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler, Manager, Backstage Helper3.0850
109ShannaSingles Wrestler8.3672
110Shawn DeanSingles Wrestler  
111Shawn SpearsSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler6.54233
112Sonny KissSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler5.4458
114Stu GraysonSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler7.4366
115Tay ContiSingles Wrestler5.6762
116TazManager, Color Commentator8.20295
117TenSingles Wrestler4.6912
118Tony KhanPromoter6.887
119Tony SchiavonePlay-by-Play Commentator6.7479
120TrentSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler7.56210
121Tully BlanchardManager8.0990
122Vickie GuerreroManager5.25463
123WardlowSingles Wrestler7.2744
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