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#GimmickWorker RolesRatingVotes
1Aaron SoloSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler5.4085
2AbadonSingles Wrestler5.16134
3Action AndrettiSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler6.3781
4Adam ColeSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler8.30777
5Adam CopelandSingles Wrestler9.301658
6Adam PageSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler8.86704
7Alex AbrahantesManager, Play-by-Play Commentator6.3937
8Alex MarvezInterviewer, Color Commentator  
9Alex ReynoldsSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler6.60128
10Alexander BirdBackstage Helper  
11Amanda HuberBackstage Helper  
12Andrew ThomasBackstage Helper5.8019
13AngelicoSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler7.58217
14Angelo ParkerSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler6.06107
15Anna JaySingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler5.75177
16Anthony BowensSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler6.87120
17Anthony OgogoSingles Wrestler4.3769
18AR FoxSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler7.55158
19Ari DaivariSingles Wrestler5.74135
20Arn AndersonRoad Agent8.48352
21Athena Singles Wrestler8.44362
22Aubrey EdwardsReferee6.1590
23Austin GunnSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler5.10104
24Bandido Singles Wrestler, Promoter8.81195
25Big BillSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler5.53307
26Billie StarkzSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler7.3363
27Billy GunnSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler, Road Agent, Manager5.52477
28Bishop KaunSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler6.4729
29Black TaurusSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler8.5164
30Blade Singles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler6.59112
31Boulder Singles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler5.3828
32Brandon Tag Team Wrestler6.4718
33Brandon CutlerSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler5.21116
34Brandon MartinezReferee  
35BrentTag Team Wrestler6.4019
36Brian CageSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler7.60339
37Brody KingSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler7.85170
38Bronson Tag Team Wrestler6.0027
39Bryan DanielsonSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler, Backstage Helper9.582027
40Bryan KeithSingles Wrestler7.9239
41Bryce RemsburgReferee8.5899
42Buddy MatthewsSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler8.00351
43Butcher Singles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler6.83103
44Caprice ColemanColor Commentator6.2259
45Cash WheelerSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler7.83282
46Chris HeroSingles Wrestler, Booker, Backstage Helper9.12691
47Chris JerichoSingles Wrestler, Color Commentator9.462061
48Christian CageSingles Wrestler8.741234
49Christopher DanielsSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler, Backstage Helper8.66697
50Chuck TaylorSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler7.79361
51Claudio CastagnoliSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler9.141386
52Cole KarterSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler5.0425
53Colt CabanaSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler7.96388
54Colten GunnSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler4.8489
55Dalton CastleSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler8.08176
56DanhausenSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler6.35130
57Daniel GarciaSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler7.47261
58Dante MartinSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler7.11168
59Darby AllinSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler8.20508
60Darius MartinSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler7.0374
61Dasha GonzalezSingles Wrestler, Ring Announcer, Color Commentator5.5033
62Dax HarwoodSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler8.42331
63Dean MalenkoRoad Agent8.58425
64Deonna PurrazzoSingles Wrestler7.34150
65Diamante Singles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler6.7942
66Don CallisManager, Color Commentator7.80159
67Dr. Britt Baker DMDSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler5.74430
68DralisticoSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler7.3849
69Dustin RhodesSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler, Promoter, Trainer7.00824
70DutchSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler7.6837
71Eddie KingstonSingles Wrestler8.31607
72Emi SakuraSingles Wrestler, Promoter9.15154
73Ethan PageSingles Wrestler7.08222
74Evil UnoSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler, Promoter, Trainer6.40203
75ExcaliburPromoter, Play-by-Play Commentator, Backstage Helper7.87193
76Griff GarrisonSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler5.2667
77Harley CameronSingles Wrestler, Valet  
78Hikaru ShidaSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler, Trainer8.96471
79HookSingles Wrestler7.22194
80Hugo SavinovichPlay-by-Play Commentator7.7839
81Ian RiccaboniRing Announcer, Play-by-Play Commentator7.8744
82Isiah KassidySingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler6.2769
83Jack PerrySingles Wrestler7.35354
84Jake HagerSingles Wrestler, Manager6.61692
85Jake ManningSingles Wrestler, Promoter, Backstage Helper6.3026
86Jake RobertsManager, Backstage Helper7.88334
87Jamie HayterSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler8.41273
88Jay LethalSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler7.27528
89Jay WhiteSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler8.63541
90Jeff HardySingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler7.741386
91Jeff JarrettSingles Wrestler7.17554
92Jeff JonesBackstage Helper  
93Jerry LynnRoad Agent7.73263
94Jim RossPlay-by-Play Commentator9.28606
95Jimmy JacobsSingles Wrestler, Backstage Helper8.24189
96John SilverSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler7.77175
97Johnny TVSingles Wrestler8.32962
98Jon MoxleySingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler8.611287
99Jose The AssistantManager  
100Josh WoodsSingles Wrestler6.3855
101Juice RobinsonSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler7.12399
102Julia HartSingles Wrestler, Manager6.29138
103Justin RobertsRing Announcer8.18156
104Karen JarrettValet6.3680
105Katie HebnerBackstage Helper  
106Katsuyori ShibataSingles Wrestler, Trainer9.47534
107Keith LeeSingles Wrestler8.50376
108Kenny OmegaSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler9.521424
109Kevin Kelly Play-by-Play Commentator7.5175
110Kevin MatthewsSingles Wrestler, Promoter, Backstage Helper4.4820
111Kiera HoganSingles Wrestler6.2780
112Killswitch Singles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler7.10239
113Kip SabianSingles Wrestler6.43139
114KomanderSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler6.8894
115Konosuke TakeshitaSingles Wrestler9.17308
116Kota IbushiSingles Wrestler9.37685
117Kris StatlanderSingles Wrestler7.62260
118Kyle FletcherSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler7.81108
119Kyle O'ReillySingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler8.77491
120Lady FrostSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler7.4824
121Lance ArcherSingles Wrestler6.11481
122Lee JohnsonSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler5.7165
123Leila GreySingles Wrestler5.8816
124Lexy NairInterviewer  
125Leyla HirschSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler7.06108
126LutherSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler, Backstage Helper4.5188
127Madison RayneSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler, Trainer6.40160
128Malakai BlackSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler8.42673
130Mariah MaySingles Wrestler7.5559
131Marina ShafirSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler3.6982
132Mark BriscoeSingles Wrestler8.11262
133Mark DavisSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler8.1781
134Mark HenryBackstage Helper5.19887
135Mark Sterling Singles Wrestler, Manager6.5337
136Marq QuenSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler7.0653
137Matt HardySingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler7.41999
138Matt MenardSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler, Color Commentator6.37102
139Matt SydalSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler7.92669
140Matt TavenSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler6.62152
141Matthew JacksonSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler8.57354
142Max CasterSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler7.14137
143Megan BayneSingles Wrestler7.9431
144Mercedes MartinezSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler7.45157
145Mercedes MoneSingles Wrestler8.69798
146Michael NakazawaSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler5.1296
147Mike BennettSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler6.37200
148Mike PoseyReferee5.3621
149Mike SantanaSingles Wrestler7.67108
150MiroSingles Wrestler7.41620
151MJFSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler8.81667
152Nicholas JacksonSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler8.61360
153Nick ComorotoSingles Wrestler5.4750
154Nick WayneSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler7.0595
155Nigel McGuinnessColor Commentator9.18419
156Nyla RoseSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler6.51240
157Orange CassidySingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler, Trainer, Backstage Helper7.80512
158Ortiz Singles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler7.05107
159PACSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler8.80852
160Paige VanZant   
161Parker BoudreauxSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler3.0253
162Pat BuckSingles Wrestler, Road Agent5.6711
163Paul TurnerReferee  
164Paul WightSingles Wrestler, Color Commentator7.161027
165Penelope FordSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler, Valet6.46146
166Penta El Zero MiedoSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler9.16538
167Peter AvalonSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler6.2064
168Powerhouse HobbsSingles Wrestler6.87185
169Preston VanceSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler5.3187
170Prince NanaPromoter, Manager7.7167
171QT MarshallSingles Wrestler, Backstage Helper4.85174
172Queen AminataSingles Wrestler7.9733
173Rebel Singles Wrestler, Manager, Backstage Helper4.0387
174Red VelvetSingles Wrestler5.24126
175Renee PaquetteInterviewer8.84187
176Rey Fenix Singles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler9.26510
177Ric Flair 9.111168
178Rick KnoxReferee7.7268
179Ricky StarksSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler7.83257
180RihoSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler7.46273
181RJ CitySingles Wrestler, Interviewer9.0022
182Roderick StrongSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler8.20607
183Rosario GrilloSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler  
184Ruby SohoSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler6.99309
185Rush Singles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler8.17173
186Sammy GuevaraSingles Wrestler7.02410
187Samoa JoeSingles Wrestler9.121083
188Sarah StockTrainer8.5599
189SarayaSingles Wrestler7.06564
190Satnam SinghSingles Wrestler4.3641
191Scorpio SkySingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler6.55233
192Scott GarlandSingles Wrestler, Backstage Helper5.47257
193Serena DeebSingles Wrestler, Trainer7.45257
194SerpenticoSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler5.9670
195Shane HagadornBackstage Helper3.1256
196Shawn DeanSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler, Backstage Helper5.1838
197Shayna WayneValet  
198Skye BlueSingles Wrestler6.06137
199Sonjay DuttManager, Backstage Helper6.28252
200Stephon SmithReferee  
201StingTag Team Wrestler, Manager9.151013
202Stokely HathawaySingles Wrestler, Manager8.4160
203Stu GraysonSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler7.30128
204Swerve StricklandSingles Wrestler8.64366
205Tay MeloSingles Wrestler, Valet6.12233
206Taya ValkyrieSingles Wrestler6.72143
207TazColor Commentator8.26396
208Thunder RosaSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler, Promoter7.48257
209Toa LionaSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler6.5224
210Toni StormSingles Wrestler8.07383
211Tony KhanBooker, Promoter, On-Air Official5.94116
212Tony NeseSingles Wrestler7.30219
213Tony SchiavonePlay-by-Play Commentator, Backstage Helper7.21154
214Trent BerettaSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler7.26334
215Vincent Singles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler6.6356
216WardlowSingles Wrestler6.92237
217Wheeler YutaSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler, Trainer7.28257
218Will OspreaySingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler, Promoter9.23968
219Willow NightingaleSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler7.01158
220Yuka SakazakiSingles Wrestler8.85150
221Zak KnightSingles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler6.8216