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131.05.2016Impact Wrestling"Brother Nero, I knew you’d come"7.338
215.05.2012Impact Wrestling"These normal formats don't work anymore"8.228
318.10.2011Impact Wrestling"I was the first one you screwed by no showing one of our events"  
408.09.2011Impact Wrestling"At Victory Road I had hit rock bottom"8.338
514.10.2010Impact Wrestling"We are Immortal and we live forever"6.2113
625.08.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"You really just don't even know what a straight-edge champion is"8.7321
725.08.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"This is not goodbye forever, this is only goodbye for now"5.1434
821.08.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"I have to get rid of you so they stop living in your moment"  
914.08.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"I figured out all that I have to do is end Jeff Hardy"9.127
1031.07.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"If everybody in the world was just like CM Punk, what a boring world it would be"5.2920
1124.07.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"Learn how to say No"9.3233
1217.07.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"Maybe you should be perfect"8.5015
1312.06.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"I've never done anything in my life just to be popular"8.8024
1405.06.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"I'll be there to knock you right back down"8.7314
1513.03.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"Sometimes accidents turn into tragedies"5.7120
1614.12.2008World Wrestling Entertainment"I am who I am, Jeff Hardy, WWE Champion!"7.8311
1711.11.2008World Wrestling Entertainment"I'm tired of being sorry"8.8641
1819.09.2008World Wrestling Entertainment"Every time I get close to that brass ring, I always miss it"7.7913
1912.09.2008World Wrestling Entertainment"You're just always one second away"8.008
2005.09.2008World Wrestling Entertainment"I'll prove to you what kind of man I am"7.609
2129.08.2008World Wrestling Entertainment"MVP is gonna be laying flat on his back with his ego and his attitude"7.709
2231.12.2007World Wrestling Entertainment"You wanna talk about momentum?"5.8311
2322.10.2007World Wrestling Entertainment"Here's one vote I know you can win"8.2622