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118.10.2021Grissom5.0Wie bewertet man einen Vince McMahon? Von Genie bis Wahnsinn ist alles dabei. Er hat die WWE zu einer weltweiten Marke gemacht. Das muss man ihm lassen. Leider hat er auch aus einer halbwegs seriösen Liga seines Vaters, der WWWF, eine Zirkusfreakshow gemacht, wo das eigentliche Wrestling zweit oder gar drittranging ist. Zum Teil trägt Vince und seine Vision vom Sports Entertainment dazu bei, dass Wrestling einen miserablen Ruf in der westlichen Welt mit sich trägt .Von den ganzen und unzähligen Skandalen ganz zu schweigen bis hin zum eliminieren der klassischen Territorien. Zu den positiven Aspekten zählt vorallem sein Charakter Work vor der Kamera. Da macht ihm niemand etwas vor, als rücksichtloser Boss mit dem Höhepunkt in der Fehde gegen Steve Austin oder auch Bret Hart. Die vielen negativen Dinge überwiegen aber die positiven im Gesamtbild.
409.10.2021SrHunter3.0The man is either blind or pretend that didn't see all the backlash that his stupid actions take after all these years, he really didn't care at all about pro-wrestling, yeah he did much for the industry, that's undeniable, but i can't take any more of his stupid bookings.
526.09.2021Pete GallowsI am not going to give him any rating, but I consider him a total idiot, that has been extremely lucky. He was literally given wwf by his father - well, he ? bought? it for a ridiculous amount and Vince Sr allowed him to pay for it over a period of a time - from wwf? s earnings, which means, he literally didn? t pay a dollar of his own money. Now I disliked wwf even as a little kid in the early 90s, because it looked ridiculous to me even back then. I appreciated Bret Hart, because thanks to him, I believed some of it could still be real. If it was up to Vince, Chilly McFreeze would be wearing a diaper and he would wrestle Cowboy Bret Hart in a loser has to eat cow manure match, while silicone chested blonde bimbos would dance around in their bikini, because that? s good s h 1 t pal! I honestly believe, he is so successful despite his efforts, not thanks to them. Enough talented people have emerged, that people were into, your Stone Cold (instead Chilly McFreeze), Kurt Angle, Undertaker, Bret, Hennig, the Rock, Jericho etc. He killed territories and made wrestling what it is today a total crap, that you cannot take seriously. Yes, I was (pre russo and post Ole booking) WCW fan and there were so many things wrong with it, but Dean Malenko had competitive matches with Eddie, instead of being destroyed by the likes of scotty2hotty or crash holly in 4 minutes, because there was no tv time for a proper match, because there had to be a transvestite backstage segment instead. He tends to kill talent right from the gate, by giving them some stupid ass name and/or a gimmick of some fetish, his tv show looks like any other reality tv, housewives of whatever, with stupid conversations, lame plots and scripted everything, where nobody can take this half seriously at any point. As a performer, Vince is regarded as no 1 heel during certain periods of time, which I understand, but his performances are of amateur hour level. As a commentator, he also sucks due to his lack of knowledge he yells what a manoeuvre all the time, I swear I ve heard him call an inverted atomic drop a reverse piledriver? I am not kidding. There were some good periods I rewatch every now and then, Austin vs Bret, some early and mid 80s stuff, a skip through Hogan pulling faces and gesticulating, weddings, people puking and crapping themselves, lawler yelling puppies and other jerry springer level of ? entertainment? . I would rather watch Disorderly Conduct vs High Voltage from Saturday night in 99, than almost anything that was Vince s idea.
725.09.2021No One9.0
1101.09.2021munrapido38.0Vincent Kennedy McMahon, a true professional wrestling genius. He made this industry but his ruthless approach on other companies kinda ruins his reputation.
1230.08.2021Firebird224.0Not good in the ring, but his character work was pretty memorable, and he was not afraid to take some huge bumps. He was probably better than he had any right to being, honestly. Not an embarrassment, which is higher praise than it probably sounds like.
1520.08.2021Belka 01710.0
1614.08.2021booyakabooyaka6193.0To be honest I was too generous with the rating I gave Vince earlier after seeing how highly rated he is here. Hell no. The greatest moments of the company he runs has happened in spite of him (e. g. Daniel Bryan) or when he loosens his control of the product (the Attitude Era). And when something gets over without him putting his hands on it, he either buries or changes it (see the many NXT callups ruined over the years). Vince is really fucking lucky WCW and TNA killed themselves on the inside.
1805.08.2021TigerDiver9710.0You can say what you want about him, but Vincent Kennedy McMahon will forever go down as one of the single greatest figures in professional wrestling. I do not like him, but even I can't deny his ability as a whole. The fact that he survived the steroid scandal, Monday Night War, and everything is super impressive. His ability to play the heel authority figure on television is second to none. Hell, he can even take bumps to get his program over or if necessary, take off the suit to wrestle a match himself. What kind of promoter does that?
2019.06.2021Daigotsu5.0I mean, what can you say, really. He might be the single most influential man in the history of professional wrestling. But "influence" could be good or bad, and with Vince it's definitely both. I got into wrestling with the WWE, but watching other promotions makes me realize how limiting Vince's vision of wrestling was.
2120.05.2021bigballercaleb9.01 point deducted for his recent booking but Vince McMahon back in the day was a genius and a great character as the evil Mr. McMahon as well which really helped the Attitude Era. If it weren't for this decision it is likely WCW would still be around and the WWE would no longer exist. Or worse both don't exist.
2218.05.2021Rodycaz II10.0Most influential and successful man in pro wrestling history. Took his father's company to levels no one could have imagined. As a performer, he's arguably the greatest heel of all time and one of the best promos ever as well.
2512.05.2021medouse10.0One of the greatest businessman in professional wrestling. Not only he was great in business, but also he was phenomenal inside the ring. Not the most skilled, agile or technically advanced, but his looks and gimmick made him a perfect heel character. His feud with Steve Austin was one of the best ever. I also loved the storyline with Triple H. In fact, there are many, many more great segements and storylines with this man. Nobody's perfect and he made some bad decissions in business, but overall he is one of the biggest personas in pro wrestling and one of my favourite characters of all time.
2601.05.2021Crow6.0Everything we've seen to make WWE what it is today tells us Vince McMahon isn't out of touch and is a genius. Otherwise, WWE wouldn't be partnering with streaming services and would still be with DirecTV. He knows what he's doing and that's why WWE is still #1 today. He has weird idiosyncrasies, but I think people on here blow it way out of proportion. He understands a casual audience more than a hardcore audience, but he can tap into both when he needs to. I think he's a genius and the greatest wrestling promoter there is. If he wasn't, he wouldn't be the only one left standing today. If I get a choice of one wrestling guy I can bring in for my business, I'm choosing Vince everytime. He makes the business larger than life, otherwise it would just look like a carny bingo hall show
2728.04.2021BritishSteel4.0Also Vince McMahon überhaupt als "Wrestler" zu bezeichnen, ist schon komplett lächerlich. Respekt vor seinem täglichen Workout-Pensum, aber um Sportler oder gar Wrestler sein zu wollen, muss man schon bei weitem mehr drauf haben als Gewichte zu pumpen. In-Ring konnte er auch nie etwas. Nicht mal das bisschen Möchtegern-Brawling, das er ausprobiert hat, war auch nur ansatzweise überzeugend. Selbst dazu fehlte ihm jedes Bewegungstalent. Naja, die ganze Mr McMahon Geschichte und die Erschleichung des WWE Titels war schon eine geniale Storyline, die ihn zum meistgehassten Heel seiner eigenen Veranstaltung gemacht hatte. Was man ihm als langjährigen Boss der größten und erfolgreichsten Wrestling Promotion der Welt zugute heißen muss, ist auch die Tatsache, dass er das Unternehmen seines Vaters erst zu dieser Größe gebracht hat. Vor McMahon jr. war Pro-Wrestling eher Nische, nicht das heutige, allseits bekannte Massenphänomen. Nur jemand, der unermüdlich dafür arbeitet und dieses Geschäft mit Leidenschaft lebt und atmet, bringt es so weit. Er bereicherte das Pro-Wrestling jahrzehntelang um Innovationen und veränderte es nachhaltig. Wo wir auch schon wieder bei der Kehrseite der Medaille wären: Wieviele begabte Leute er wohl auf dem Gewissen hat, deren Gesundheit durch ihn indirekt zerstört wurde? Wieviele, die es nicht verdient haben, sind ohne Ende gepusht worden? Wievielen, die es wert gewesen wären, hat er den ganz großen Sprung verweigert? Fragen über Fragen...
3431.01.2021yungbono5.05/10 is the perfect rating for Vince. He's following his every amazing decision with an awful decision. He literally can come up with fantastic storyline, and then turn it to a completly garbage storyline.
3718.01.2021Chiqui Lecca8.0
3819.12.2020Black Liger8.0
4018.12.2020Ma Stump Puller10.0Ignoring some of his recent work and some of his wackier takes, Vince is by far the best Western promoter when it comes to success and relevance: no one else can touch him in that regard, and the contributions he's given to the business as a whole, whatever you think about them, are some of the largest and biggest around. Vince took a genre of sport that existed purely as a very niche and not particularly accessible sort of thing and turned it into a mainstream international success in which everyone took notice. Every bit of competition he had from the territories to WCW were basically ran over. Ofc as a character Vince is also brilliant: generated nuclear heat as Mr McMahon and his feud with Steve Austin basically set the foundations for the big boom in popularity in the late to early 2000's. He's very hammy, but also gloriously entertaining as a cartoony bad guy with his promos and his weirdly half decent matches. Vince has a mind for the business that I think gets underrated at times: he might be behind the times a bit these days but he knows talent when he sees it. A top promoter and by far one of the most interesting heels around.
4119.11.2020Whoreallyknows1.0Control freak who thinks that every worker on WWE is his slave. Twitch conflict is good example of his communism. Hopefully more workers come to their senses like Zelina Vega did. Vince has lost his sense entirely on last years with program. Good example is Ambrose get needle in the ass segment and "Old day" segment. Or name Shorty G. "we gonna call you Shorty G because you are short. Haha very funny... And btw he is still racist, but that is just what you can expect from a man who is friends with Trump.
4529.09.2020Mr Nice Guy10.0
4621.09.2020CosmicWaterWave5.0Rated him a 10 but so far he hasn't done well building the company back up. I'm no AEW mark but I'm deeply concerned about WWE's ratings. Vince was responsible for many good things that had happened with WWE over the years, but he's also responsible for WWE's decline in ratings.
5330.06.2020Fountain of Misinformation7.0Kennt ihr die Unternehmen, wo noch der Senior-Chef herumrennt, der mal den Laden im Griff hatte, das Geschäft von der Pike auf gelernt hat, alles über die Branche wusste, jeden in dieser kannte aber dann altersbedingt irgendwann den Anschluss verpasst hat, sich das aber nicht eingestehen will oder kann? Der Junior-Chef und die nächste Generation haben den Laden vor Jahren schon übernommen, etwas widerwillig hat er das Geschäft übergeben, läuft aber immer noch jeden Tag im Betrieb herum, redet den Leuten seit Jahren überall herein, zährt immer noch von seinem damaligen Wissen über die Branche, versteht nicht warum dieses und jenes heute so d. h. anders als damals gemacht wird, hat auch teilweise mit seiner Kritik recht aber ist bei anderen Themen eben einfach zu weit draußen um mitzureden und generell hat er den Punkt verpasst, wo man zur Seite tritt und den jungen Leuten das Feld überlasst, auch wenn man fest davon überzeugt ist, dass die nicht wissen, wie das Geschäft wirklich läuft, worauf es ankommt und man ein "alter Hase im Schaugeschäft", wie es Helge Schneider sagen würde, ist. Aus Geltungssucht, weil die Leute beim Anblick der Schulterklappen und Orden immer noch salutieren oder man sich einbildet, dass es nicht ohne einen geht. Oder macht das wirklich noch Spaß? Mr. McMahon, bei allem ihm gebührenden Respekt, ich habe das Gefühl sie sind schon vor Jahren an diesem Punkt angekommen, wo man abtreten sollte. Ich finde Rocker über 50 schon uncool, die Rolling Stones massiv peinlich, schüttele den Kopf über Leute über 40 mit Bandshirts und ein alter Mann Mitte 70 im Wrestlinggeschäft, der noch "so tut als ob", gehört definitiv auch dazu. Ich zitiere einen Pfandsammler aus dem Ruhrgebiet mit dem, was er mir einmal sagte: Mach Dich nicht lächerlich!
5517.06.2020Khalid Ace5.0He's mainly responsible of how big WWE is worldwide & he's mainly responsible of how terrible the shows he's on control of right now.
6016.04.2020Wrestling Forever Die aktuelle Situation in der WWE hat gezeigt was der Mensch Vincent Kennedy McMahon Jr. sein kann. Ich ziehe meine Bewertung zurück und belasse es nun bei einem Kommentar.
6205.04.2020TheRealJimShady10.0Vince is a fascinating allegory for the American Dream and the human condition. It is amazing - and impossible on paper! - to think that a man who (actively or inactively) destroyed hundreds of professional wrestlers' careers, who almost bankrupted his company in 1995 due to awful gimmicks and a lack of stars who could draw, and who has never once booked a consistently good televised wrestling program in his career... is the only legitimate candidate for the title of "greatest wrestling promoter of all time". I mean, where is his competition? Jim Crockett Jr? He drove the NWA into irrelevance. Eric Bischoff? Not a chance. Paul Heyman? Lol. Let me be clear - the only reason Vince's gambit worked was because he had a shitload of money, which he generated from his top star Hulk Hogan. That scenario can never be duplicated in wrestling history. With his cutthroat capitalism and refusal to ever admit defeat, Vince has done more to expand professional wrestling worldwide than any one person. Sure, many wrestling fans hate Vince's product! They hate it so much that they start their own promotions for disgruntled fans to watch instead. Vince's soaring brilliance and depths of depravity alike have generated the most business for professional wrestling in history. And for that, I have no choice but to give him the highest possible rating.
6604.03.2020uxarj9.0him and Stone cold just saved wff back in the days, i stoped watching wrestling many years ago , but i give all the credit for that good years like attitude era!
6714.02.2020rainmakerpunk0.0He doesn't care about wrestling, just about money, and his character was annoying and added nothing and watching him step in a ring was torture, he's an idiot that made himself the world champion twice and always pushes the wrong guy, he's THE reason WWE was never any good, and anytime WWE actually does something good it's a shock knowing he's in control
6830.01.2020KENTAfanI really appreciated Vince's work in the past, even back in 2011 with his role in the Cena/Punk feud. But he's definitely become out of touch. Sucks as a booker, he has neglected and misused so many talented individuals. As a booker, he's a 2. As an actual character, Vince was an easy 10 in his prime, specifically in the attitude era. Overall, 6/10
6915.01.2020ForeverHeel0.0Vince McMahon hat es tatsächlich geschafft Wrestling zu einer Lachnummer zu machen. Er hasst Wrestling und uns Fans auch, aber er wird weiterhin Money machen. Sein Hochmut ist enorm und er geht mit Scheuklappen durch die Wrestlingwelt. Dieser Mann hat mehr Leichen im Keller als Geld, es ist abartig was der sich alles erlauben darf. 0 Punkte.
7128.12.2019Brutish Dandy9.0
7310.10.2019Okaro1434.0As a character and as awrestler Vince is about 7 but as a Booker he sucks. The only reason I give him a 5 is because of the greats he has created. And why da fck is this guy insisting on Reigns as the face.
7719.08.2019Kritla5.0Er hat das Wrestling groß gemacht und eine unglaubliche erfolgreiche Show aufgebaut. Leider fährt er seit einigen Jahren das was er aufgebaut hat sukzessive selber wieder gegen die Wand. Leider scheint er zu Stolz um das Ruder möglichen neuen Revolutionären in die Hand zu geben (Stichwort NXT).
7915.08.2019JEK 19914.0I liked how Vince has made wrestling successful in a pop culture aspect. He created amazing story lines for fans to enjoy. For 35 years he has done this. Thanks to him I became a wrestling fan. The rating is low because he is a terrible wrestlers one of the worst. He took all of the territories in North America in less than 5 years. The thing I dislike about him is he's/has ruined/ruining wrestlers careers and has blacklisted a few. I have lost respect for him in that way.
8025.07.2019KyleEnjoysWrestling5.0Probably the most difficult person to rate in all of wrestling. As much good as he has brought to the industry, I think he's brought just as much bad.
8111.07.2019Excellence of Execution7.0Vince McMahon ist der bekannteste Wrestling Promoter aller Zeiten. Ein Titel, den ihm kaum jemand nehmen wird. Als er damals die anderen Territorien im Konkurrenzkampf ausstach und Wrestling landesweit unter seinem Banner vereinte, entschied er eigentlich nur einen Wettbewerb für sich, den es (eingedenk des erstmals landesweiten Kabelfernsehens) so oder so gegeben hätte. Bei den zwei Wrestling Booms, die es seither in Nordamerika gegeben hat, war Vince McMahon immer eine zentrale Figur. Überdies ist er der einzige Promoter, der Wrestling dauerhaft weltweit vermarkten konnte. Und der mit großem Abstand einzige, der dabei kommerziell derart erfolgreich war. Es wäre nur schön, wenn er sich dazu auch mal wieder bekennen könnte. Aber Wrestling ist in der WWE ja ein böses Wort. Mittlerweile scheint sich Vince McMahon mit seinem Kontrollwahn mehr im Weg zu stehen denn je. Das Ganze getragen und möglich durch eine Armee von Schreibern, die bei der WWE alles durch taktet. Was dem Produkt imo erkennbar schadet, da kaum etwas den Eindruck von Authentizität erzeugt. Charaktere verwandeln sich in Rollen. Dass Vince McMahon das bis heute nicht kapiert hat, ist meiner Meinung nach sein größter Fehler.
8218.06.2019Cow Man8.0
8309.06.2019Danil Czar8.0
8405.05.2019Matt Macks9.0To be blunt: of all the McMahons, Vince is my favourite. Despite all the many, many, many stupid or ignorant decisions he has made or even supposedly has made behind the scenes, as the most influential pro wrestling figure in at least the last three decades he has also been responsible for many of the things that made me a fan or kept me onboard. But that is not actually the reason why I like his character more than his children. The reason is that since day one as an on-screen authority figure, Vince has always been amazing at selling his character in a way that empowered and helped the wrestlers he feuded with. Everyone knows about Steve Austin and the magic that was the Austin-McMahon feud that I have so many fond memories of, partially because Vince was amazing at reacting to Austin and selling the idea that his de-facto employee was able to foil his evil plans so successfully. He never recreated that magic despite many attempts to varying degrees of success in the future, but he never stopped being a great in-the-moment character that was able to sell himself and make his opponents look good, whether in the ring or on the microphone. For me it was perfect that his final match was the beatdown loss to a retired Bret Hart at WM26, because it was the Montreal screwjob that started the "Mr. McMahon" character and everything we know -- and actually care -- about Vince McMahon as an on-screen character.
9019.10.2018Summerslam Fan 0110.0Bin fast schon fassunglos wie einige hier bewerten. Der Mann muss 10 Punkte bekommen, ohne ihn gäbe es kein Wrestling. Ohne ihn würde es keinen Hulk Hogan, Undertaker oder Stone Cold geben, sicherlich ist sein Booking die letzten Jahre für einige unverständlich am ende des Tages traf er immer gute Entscheidungen, Z. B das Ende Streak, ein unvergesslicher Moment. Dazu noch der beste Heel in der WWE Geschichte.
9808.07.2018DaWizWithAD10.0The smartest business man in the history of this business who built a seemingly unstoppable empire. He's also a pretty good on screen act and is willing to take an insane beating when he decides to wrestle. The only thing he was never really good at was commentary but there have been much, much worse commentators throughout the years.
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