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Joey Ryan


Also known as Joseph P. Ryan, Hollywood, Joey Hollywood, Joey Blalock, El Gallinero, Gallinero I, Forsaken

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220.08.2020WhatIsLooveee1.0I respect the art of comedic wrestling but this guy is just a laughing stock. The whole idea of his gimmick is that he has a mega-strong dick. Yeah, jokes about dicks, cool! Well, in general, that's all. Bruh
317.08.2020Briefcase 1992
413.08.2020xKvmiiTrxsh0.0Absolute scumbag of the Earth. Haha, big penis. That disgusts me. The guy is such a bad comedy wrestler and a disgrace to the community. No wonder his penis played a big part for all the allegations made against him. He used to be a big popular indie guy, but now he's a shell of his former self. I hope I don't see him ever again.
506.08.2020HardcoreSquaredB20.0He had a character that if he would have changed it and run with the sleazy over the top 70s porn star routine, ala like Val Venis, I think Joey Ryan could have gotten over more huge (no pun intended) if he just would have dropped the sexual assault crap in his matches. He got internet famous and like every E list celebrity, the fame goes to their head. Joey Ryan when he wasn't doing a dick flip or a boob plex or just being an absolute creep in his matches, he could work but given how his career turned out and the recent allegations of 2020 ..... Joey is just not cut out for the wrestling business.
631.07.2020cpatchj0.0Joey Ryan's entire schtick in professional wrestling mirrors all of his real life sexual assault. It's just an extension of who he really is, and so its merit as entertainment is completely irrelevant. His actual skill is irrelevant because of what he chose to do with it. Joey Ryan deserves no points. He's a piece of garbage. Fuck Joey Ryan.
823.07.2020Casey Cline0.0Joey Ryan is the worst wrestler I have ever seen. Why anyone over the age of 14 would stan a wrestler who's entire gimmick is "haha penis" is beyond me. I would have given him a one because he wore a Bad Religion shirt once but due to the (unsurprising) accusations of being a sexual predator I would give him a negative score if I could.
1028.06.2020marselfish0.0Der Zeitpunkt mag opportunistisch aussehen, aber ich habe die 0 Punkte schon länger in meinem Wertungssheet stehen. Die PWG-Anfänge haben mir noch gefallen, da hatte er mit Super Dragon wirklich gute Duelle und war einfach ein technisch versierter Brawler ohne größere Persönlichkeit, aber mit solider In-Ring-Arbeit. Generischer Indy-Wrestler #137, aber solange er abliefert, nimmt man das dann natürlich mit. Irgendwann muss ihm dann eingefallen sein, dass er doch mehr sein möchte und dann ging es sukzessive bergab. Dieses Gimmick als Dick-Wrestler ist als Party Gag unterhaltsam, aber das hat ja auch kein Niveau und so zeigt er über die Jahre nur noch Schrott und bietet nichts, was mich irgendwie interessiert. Auch sein Cancelculture-Gimmick bei Impact rettet da nichts. Dafür ist seine In-Ring- und Promo-Arbeit auch einfach nicht gut genug. Schlichtweg nur mies und mit dem anderen Gimmick halt auch astreiner Trash. Ungenügend im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes.
1128.06.2020KozanSaidWoo0.0Killing the business is something unacceptable to me and this guy THIS GUY is a goofy untalented wres... no sorry i can't even call him a wrestler, we need to respect the word ( Wrestler ) more than ever. And as you see.. I'm talking about him in wrestling.. I don't want to talk about how person he is cuz we all know who is he !
1227.06.2020LivMorgan2020.0I was a fan of him in the beginning and I always liked how different he was in the ring and how open minded and a fighter for equality he was, but after all the stuff that came out I just see him as a disgusting human being with no place in wrestling, the boobplex (which I thought the woman accepted to take the move before the match) was a funny spot for me but now I just cringe every time I even think of it and no, I won't rate him because of his "wrestling skills", he is a disgrace not just for this world but to wrestling too, which it's sad he got so popular for so long while doing all this shitty stuff and I pray that people like him, David Starr, Ligero and Travis Banks never get the chance to be in a wrestling ring ever again
1424.06.2020Damian3.0Joey Ryan the person is trash. Inside the ring he was decent. The gimmick always felt disgusting though. "If you want to work an intergender match with Joey who is kind of a big name in the indie scene, you gotta touch his dick. He also will grab your boobs to suplex you. But it's fine, it's for work! You wouldn't let him if it wasn't for work, but you see, it's his gimmick, nothing weird! ". Except it wasn't a gimmick he was given by Impact or LU or anywhere else. It was a gimmick he created for himself.
1623.06.2020shittylittlerasslin6.0Of course I can only give 0 regarding his personal conduct but, as a wrestler, and only with that in mind, I give him this rating.
1722.06.2020Wrestling Forever Wegen aktuellen Situationen rund um Joey ziehe ich erstmal meine Bewertung zurück und habe meinen alten Kommentar gelöscht.
2003.05.2020The Intellectual Savior1.0Joey Ryan hatte in der Vergangenheit ab und an mal 1-2 solide Matches mit guten Workern, aber inzwischen ist er auf einem absoluten Tiefpunkt angekommen. Alleine kann er gar nicht mehr überzeugen. Seine Art im Ring zu agieren hat nichts mit Wrestling zu tun, es ruiniert das Business. Noch dazu outet er sich auf Twitter immer mehr, dass er das Business, in dem er leider sein Geld verdient, nicht mal ansatzweise kennt. Mit gutem Willen ein Punkt.
2226.04.2020NoLifeKing2.0A jackass who wants to get over without putting any effort. Average in the ring. I agree with everything Jim Cornette has said about him. Also, he's not funny and the audience doesn't take him seriously. I don't know how a lot of wrestling fans still cheering for that idiot.
2321.03.2020Ma Stump Puller4.0His entire gimmick is a single joke over and over again. Good for short comedy matches, but god forbid you give him anything longer than 9 minutes. The only reason why it continues to be over with the crowd is because he takes it to such a extreme. Maybe the comedy is hiding some actual talent, who knows.
2503.01.2020Cheker3.0Ahah penis xD There's some charisma there, but not anything else. Supposedly he was a decent technical wrestler pre injuries, some 15 years ago. I have not seen those matches, and it's not like that matters that much considering he's still active now, and his current work is garbage. Joey Ryan deserves credit for being one of PWG's cofounders. Nothing else.
2805.12.2019Combo Broker5.0
2917.11.2019Liam Willows10.0This amazing man is the master of Dong Style. His Dong Style wrestling revolutionized how I looked at wrestling. Before Joey Ryan I mainly enjoyed serious people , however , watching Joey Ryan made me remember why I loved wrestling as a child. The goofiness that makes you laugh is amazing. Remember the Res-Erection , anyone?
3113.10.2019Ayrat Ganiev8.0
3425.07.2019KyleEnjoysWrestling3.0I remember first seeing this guy in TNA during that weird shoot-contest thing they were doing & I was really rooting for him. There was definitely something there. Well, fast forward a decade & that mindset is totally out the window. Joey Ryan has devolved into a one-note joke wrestler. If you've seen one Joey Ryan match, you've seen them all. Lots of jokes with his penis & sexual shenanigans. If he doesn't completely alter what he does as a performer, I don't know how he can last much longer. Aren't people sick of seeing the penis-plex spot already?
3523.07.2019MJFJUNE2.0I've tried for so long to force myself to like or even tolerate Joey Ryan. Unfortunately, I just can't. There is no denying that he is charismatic as hell hence why he received at least 2 points from me. His gimmick, on the other hand, is one of my least favorite of all time and it just fuels the "look how stupid and fake professional wrestling is" argument.
3708.06.2019ezuvgu0.0A complete embarrassment to professional wrestling. I remember him from his TNA run when he was a bad wrestler with a terrible look who never really did anything of note. He re-emerged recently on the indy scene as the dick wrestler which is the absolute worst comedy act I've ever seen. This guy shouldn't be getting any attention whatsoever but because there are people out there that are stupid enough to pay him money to touch his genitals (yes, this actually happened) and a porn company that is willing to sponsor him, he's made a career out of obscene "comedy". Also known for his attempt to launch a harassment campaign against Jim Cornette on Twitter and his pretentious claim that the low-rent garbage he does is his "art" and therefore immune from criticism. The sooner he's out of wrestling, the better.
3804.06.2019BirthofGirth271.0Please God make it stop. I really enjoy comedy and wrestling. I love when they are combined. Joey Ryan is terrible at both. It's not funny, it's not wrestling and it's not funny wrestling. Real shame he is friends with talented performers because they are poorer for the connection. 1 point goes to him because I (like many others) enjoyed the Guerrilla Warfare match with Candice LeRae against the Young Bucks. Everything else is a cover up for lack of talent in my eyes. I never need to see this man perform terrible comedy ever again.
3931.05.2019Cure0.0Absolute trash that for some reason thinks that doing the same "comedy" spot that made everyone look at him like an absolute joke its somehow entertaining... Cant work, annoying as hell that pretty much embodies everything that is wrong with wrestling and I wish he someday look at what hes doing and gets ashamed for it
4027.05.2019ElPolloLoco5.0This Joey Ryan chap is very good at physical comedy, and that is good because he's unremarkable to say the least in the ring and really bad at promos. I'd probably rate him higher because he plays his character so well but 90% of the stuff I've seen of him over the last two years is completely lost on me and when you have to go on the Internet to understand a skit... it kinda says it's not your kind of thing.
4115.05.2019Garrett8.0Everyone just needs to chill. Joey's is a great wrestler who just wants the crowd to have fun. He knows how to put on a good show.
4230.04.2019Cow Man0.0An embarrassment to professional wrestling. His character is gross. Most of his matches are boring to watch. Yet, Ryan fans say his character harkens back to the Attitude Era. But I respond by saying, "How do you even get that idea? " At least in that era the wrestlers has charisma, this man probably doesn't even know the meaning of the word. How does he have 7 stars? Definitely a '0'.
4917.01.2019Cibs1.0Joey Ryan is the perfect example of how the opinion of many smarks changes radically if something happens in the WWE or not. He is a terrible wrestler whose matches tend to be horrible and his comic act verges on deplorable levels, but nobody complains about him. Undoubtedly one of the worst exponents of today in the business.
5008.01.2019zephyr3.0This man has turned having genitals into a gimmick. And somehow he's managed to keep this gimmick going for several years without even the smarky fans turning on him. Good for him, I suppose, because he isn't that great of a wrestler.
5223.12.2018liveru0.0I don't get it. I really don't get it. He's not a good wrestler. Not by a long shot. He's not charismatic either. He's not funny. His whole gimmick is just dumb, like WWE dumb. He brings everything and everyone down that he's involved in or with. I suppose I should applaud him for getting some weirdos to cheer when someone grabs his junk? Top quality cringe. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with comedy wrestling. But I'm supposed to suspend my disbelief that his penis is able to throw 300lb men across the ring? Nope. Can't do it.
5424.09.2018RatingsMachine4.0Joey Ryan is lucky to have fallen into a gimmick that has become popular, because he wasn't getting over on his ability.
5625.08.2018Thakrien4.0Positives: For his gimmick he has the fitting look and the fitting personality. Has a wrestling style that seems to not result in many injuries. Negatives: I am not fond of his technical wrestling abilities (from moves to selling). His comedy is of course very subjective to rate, I don't like it (in my opinion uncreative and cringe). Since that part is subjective, I won't go too low in the rating - average grade.
5817.06.2018King of Strong Style7.0
6129.04.2018Kas9.0Extremely fun character and very capable of putting on good matches, as his matches with Super Dragon and the 2014 series with Candice against The Young Bucks in PWG show.
6228.04.2018hutchids5.0Man his gimmick, just come on man. He's fun but more of an entertainer than a wrestler. The gimmick makes it hard for him to be taken seriously on a major promotion like RoH, WWE, or NJPW. I don't TNA would even go for it.
6320.04.2018El Burrito7.0
6914.11.2017BritIndy Reviews8.0
7222.06.2017Headlock2.0Ne, ne, ne, ne! Joey Ryan ist einfach Schei*e, um es mal auf gut deutsch zu sagen. Er ist im Ring schlecht, sehr schlecht sogar. Seine Comedy ist aber wirklich das schreckliche! 2 Punkte weil er mit Candice ertragbar ist.
7319.06.2017Blood Pump2.0Ive seen two matches from this guy so perhaps its too soon for me to lambast the guy but I'm not a fan of comedy wrestling. As a matter of fact if its this kind of unsubtle stupid bullcrap I effing hate it. Granted I'm no Jim Cornette, I can look past this garbage if the man behind it makes an effort to change himself for the better (see Kenny Omega, to which I HATE his DDT comedy stuff but have to respect him for what hes done as of late), but Ryan looks perfectly content with 'suplexing' people with his cock. Joke wrestler that belongs in promotions like Chikara and DDT. Maybe I hate fun, but I do know funny when I see it and Ryans shtick isn't funny to me.
7906.12.2016Rattlesnake3-168.0This man is simply the master of comedy wrestling ! Fun and entertaining he always succeeded in making people smiling and enjoying the moment. Recently, I really appreciate his running gag with the handcuffs on The lucha underground Aztec Warfare !
8030.11.2016Adam Face 997.0
8125.11.2016AtticusFinch6.0Joey Ryan is the kind of guy you'd love to have in your company just based on looks alone. When he had his longer hair and he'd bust out the Hawaiian shirts, he just oozed cocky and sleazy. I loved it. But whenever he spoke, it was so, so bad. As long as you keep Joey away from a mic, he's a solid hand in the ring. You could almost say his work is boring at times. When he tags with Candice LeRae, he usually steps his game up. His early work in PWG was good and as he started to develop his sleazy character, he had a lot of great moments. However, it seems like he's just kind of been content with his current character and not changing it up. But if it keeps getting him booked, I can't fault him for it.
8729.06.2016Vacant 219.0
8805.06.2016KO FanGirl9.0
9406.05.2016HeadCheese9.0Joey Ryan is one of my favorite wrestlers to live while working a extremely fun gimmick and he also makes anyone he is in the ring look great.
9617.03.2016GateKeeperSyn6.0Joey Ryan is... okay. He's not a fantastic wrestler, but he's decent. What makes up for his lack of Wow factor technically is his absolutely over-the-top personality. I wasn't a big fan when I first saw him. He was with Candice and I thought she was the star of their team. He was annoying at best. However, he's grown on me as I've seen him more. Although his character is ridiculous, somehow, it works. He's a great comedy character and that earns him a few points he would otherwise not have. I thought his new gimmick focusing on his anatomy was a bit much, but seeing it in person, and watching a bunch of tough and talented guys like Mario Bokara sell it, I almost believed it. If he works with the right people, Joey is extremely fun to watch, and that is why I am giving him as high a rating as I am.
9715.03.2016Tim Flyn6.0
9807.03.2016Micha17046.0Meiner Meinung nach ist Joey Ryan insgesamt nur besser als "Durchschnitt". Er ist charismatisch und solide im Ring, aber das wars. Als "Comedy" Wrestler ist er super aber ernst nehmen als Champ könnte ich ihn nicht.... Was momentan natürlich auch an seinem "Dick-Move" liegt. Das beste an Joey ist das Tag Team Mit Candice welches ich sogar mit 10/10 bewertet habe... Joey allein bekommt hingegen nur die Note 3.
9905.03.2016meatrockit833.0Joey Ryan just isn't a very good professional wrestler, although he's been better over the past couple of years, but still isn't crisp as a 15 year veteran should be. His gimmick is fitting, but his offense, timing, and selling leave something left to be desired.
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