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312.01.2022Minorsmile0910.0A jack of all trades, can have five star matches with everyone. Has unique, hard-hitting offense and plays the underdog so well. Never gave any really amazing promos but he didn't really need to. His in-ring work and storytelling is more than enough to make him an all-time great IMO.
606.01.2022Die hard fan10.0The heart and soul of yellow brand, the best in the history debate must include John gargano, he can have a 5 stars classic with mostly anyone. I hope when he makes his comeback either in WWE or AEW we can have all the dream matches we want.
901.01.2022Khalid Ace
1029.12.2021Man at Sea9.0
1123.12.2021Wrestle Fan11229.0Johnny Gargano is my third favourite wrestler from NXT. I was kind of sad when he left but I know he will put on banger matches left and right. Johnny, in my opinion, is perfect in wrestling skill. His striking especially his super-kicks are dangerous and loud. He has one of the best technical work amongst many wrestlers thanks to his agility and athleticism. Johnny is the best in aerial skills. I mean one of the, at least. The man can go all-out on the air, throw down or just in a technical fashion. His finishers and signatures are incredible and breathtaking. Instant (4/4) in wrestling skill. Johnny is not really great in promos but he is good. I mean he can easily get the crowd to cheer him on and has that babyface vibe. Though in a promo battle, he'd lose more times than he would win. But he is considered to be good at it, nonetheless. He gets a (2.25/3) in promo skill. Character work' He is the best babyface in NXT. He is a super face. Everyone loves him on NXT. He also managed to portray his heel character. I mean he was hilarious. He earns a (2/2) with minimal difficulty. Just listen to those fans when he left. Rebel Heart playing makes the fans go crazy. Johnny gets a (1/1) in fan connection. He gets a 9.25 so 9 and it shows he is an incredible wrestler.
1217.12.2021NoSell10.0He's absolutely fantastic. People wanna complain about the million kickouts and shocked face like that takes away from his actual wrestling ability. He's the best NXT wrestler ever, gave everyone their best match at every Takeover and I hope he signs with AEW now, I want to see him wrestle at highest level not in WWE being a jobber because Vince thinks anyone under 6'0 can't be a main eventer.
1608.12.2021HavocKingSlayer9219.0Mr. NXT himself, one of the reasons to care for WWE these days, this man can always crank out amazing matches like they're nothing.
1906.12.2021Lalo Campos10.0The Ace of NXT, the best wrestler in the golden era of the brand, the heart and soul of the black and yellow show
2206.12.2021The Phenomenal Demon10.0Johnny Gargano is a great wrestler, one of the best in the world, he is talented and has good matches and 5-star matches and has won many championships. Hopefully he will do well if he leaves WWE.
2501.12.2021Froggy10.0Johnny Gargano is incredible. I'm almost certain this man cannot have a bad match. He has a great mix of unique, high flying offense and can grapple with the best of them too. He's a fantastic underdog babyface but also proved he has the comedic chops to play a comedy heel. Has had multiple classic matches and stories throughout his NXT tenure, and while his style of wrestling has definitely taken a toll on him (he's practically a part timer at this point), I will never ever forget his absolute classics with Tommaso Ciampa or his highly dramatic (if massively overbooked) match with Adam Cole in New York. One of the best in the world today I'd say.
2816.11.2021Riverman10.0Only coming to wrestling about a year ago means watching a lot of old stuff to catch up on everything you missed out on before you saw the light. And it's never quite the same unless you've lived through it. I love watching and admiring the work but I can never really feel the emotion that I get with stuff I'm experiencing live. Except with Johnny Gargano. There's just some intangible quality to him and his work that means he transcends that. An absolute master of wrestling storytelling that I could watch all day long and never get bored. Just incredible.
3105.11.2021Mister Cute Face8.0
3222.10.2021Okaro14310.0One of the greatest performers not only in NXT but also for WWE. Gargano is beloved as the biggest underdog but he can also be hated as a sly and conniving heel. His track records speaks for itself and he holds the most *****+ matches for WWE.
3514.10.2021kfztkfzt202110.0The very best wrestler in nxt right now, and maybe the most talented nxt wrestler ever.Gargano has truly build his name thanks to his phenomenal wrestling skills, there is no area where he lacks, from technical to selling, this man is amazing.Truly charismatic, great on the mic, fantastic feuds, has great chemistry with EVERYONE, there is a reason why this man has the most 5 star rated matches in wwe history.Johnny will forever be one of the best wrestlers in wwe and in the world, past, present or future.
3613.10.2021Wrestling Fan10.0
3809.10.2021Dy1789Decent cruiserweight but extremely overrated. Glorified Nunzio. Okay on the mic nothing special. I'm not a fan of his indie style but he could be a good cruiserweight. Has a lot of fandom cause he's the same size as them. Feud with Ciampa was good but they ran it into the dirt. NXT is his ceiling.
3909.10.2021SrHunter10.0Face? Amazing. Heel? Amazing. Ring work? Amazing. Charisma? TONS. Johnny wrestling is really of the the best ever when it comes to Pro-Wrestling, simple.
4101.10.2021John Soul10.0
4419.09.2021No One10.0
5427.08.2021Captain Memo8.0
5725.08.2021brickhitterSam10.0One of the best baby faces of the past few years in that he? s a perfect underdog. He? s also hilarious, and has been doing really well as a comedy heel for the past few months. It also helps that he? s a great wrestler.
6016.08.2021Oregano Jackson7.0
6110.08.2021Belka 0178.0
6210.08.2021Lukasny9.0Ich sehe ihn sehr gerne. Ob als Babyface oder jetzt als Heel. Er kommt immer gut und reißt im Ring immer gut ab + seine Themes sind einfach perfekt, ob der alte Face-Theme oder der neue Heel-Theme. Zudem hat er Charisma und ist im Ring einfach übertrieben gut.
6504.08.2021TommyEndMalakaiFan9.0Recent storylines haven't been great but wow, this guy cannot put on bad matches. He is one of my favorite guys in the ring.
7528.06.2021Fayzal6.0Solid worker but I feel the IWC really overrates him and says he is the perfect wrestler and one of the best in the world today which is something i disagree with. I have nothing against smaller guys but with Gargano i cannot see him as the face of a company kind of guy with his mic work being pretty bad and his character beside "Johnny Wrestling" has nothing to it and i wouldn't call it a character. While he has been an amazing babyface and the face of NXT from 2017 -2019, I say it is because of how great of a heel Tommaso Ciampa was and how great of a story Gargano trying to overcome his losses against Andrade "Cien" Almas was. Him as a babyface against Adam Cole really didn't work for me aside from the UE getting involved and making things tense in the match that he eventually won, I think Cole beating him in the rematch was the right call as Adam Cole is a much more Complete Wrestler who fits the face of a company/brand role much better than Johnny. I appreciate them trying to turn him heel in an effort to develop a better character but I think those vignettes with him and Candace are really Cringe and over the top at times and I think them as a heel couple can be done in a much better way.
7624.06.2021Hail The Fallen Angel9.0
7723.06.2021The Joseph10.0
8014.06.2021zags700010.0Calling him the heart and soul of NXT is the correct take in my view. He plays every role to perfection. His babyface run was incredible as he has a connection with the fans few do. He's feud with Ciampa is one of my personal faves as are his matches with Cole. His run as a heel has been surprisingly great as well. The Way right now might be the most entertaining thing in NXT. Always delivering in high profile matches.
8312.06.2021hirsty979.0In 2018-19 Gargano was the best baby face in the WWE. He is behind my favourite matches in NXT involving Andrade and Ciampa, I can't give him a 10 because I've not been hot on any of his recent stuff.
8801.06.2021mluger7510.0Johnny Gargano might be the greatest male NXT wrestler of all time. He is undoubtedly gifted as a wrestler, was great as a face and might be even better as a heel. He's still in NXT because he probably doesn't want to jump off a cliff by going to RAW or Smackdown and he's also apparently very good at training younger wrestlers like Austin Theory.
9219.05.2021SomoSWrestlinG 4349.0
9318.05.2021Wrestlefan206.0Gargano is a great wrestler, but lacks things like facial expressions, a look, personality and promo skills.
9925.04.2021Traum Einhorn7.0Ich mochte ihn nicht annähernd so sehr wie alle anderen, als er ein Babyface war, aber er war auf jeden Fall gut. Jetzt bin ich mit diesem Fersenlauf wieder auf der anderen Seite. Ich denke, es ist ein Schritt nach unten für ihn und zu verrückt, so unterhaltsam es auch sein mag, es scheint, als hätte er mehr Eignung für die WWE-Sketche gefunden, aber etwas verloren, das mich dazu brachte, ihn als möglichen Hauptveranstalter zu sehen.
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