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[8.0] "A fun battle of units. The final four was really good in terms of wrestling and building expectations to see who was gonna lose. The elimination of Mayu was well done, and the fact that Saki won the match for Oedo Tai just seems right. Gokigen did amazing post match by showing her sadness, it was really fun and sad at the same time, haha. Good match and a shoutout to Saya Iida. ***3/4"
[6.0] "I thought this was good but I wasn't totally invested. There was something missing here for me and I can't say what it is, because the match technically worked really well and Saya was awesome in this role. She showed she can carry a match and Unagi wasn't left behind either. But apparently I wanted a little bit more from them in terms of psycology, I guess. Still good. ***"
[8.0] "I really liked this match. Mina looked really good in defeat, and she had a great opponent to show her talent. Momo carried the match with a great pace and great finish, but Mina brought the intensity and fire the match needed to be good. ***1/2"
[8.0] "A hell of a match. This would have to be Kenny's fighting and defending average. Too good to be in a Dynamite. ****"
[9.0] "Holy Fuck this was great! Awesome wrestling, awesome selling, awesome strikes, awesome sequences, what's not to like. Yeah, this had the typical big match structure, but it absolutely made the most of it. Some great grappling took place until the infamous spot where Nigel honestly could have died, props to him to continue the way he did, truly the mark of an artist that cares about his craft. Austin Aries was great, but it was McGuinness that really made this legendary, his selling was so good that I honestly couldn't tell if it was real or not. The tension just kept climing up until a satisfactory climax. (* * * * 1/2)"
[10.0] "Incredible, very exciting and creative. It included almost everything you expect for a tag team match: hard hitting, technics, high spots and suspense. One of the greatest tag team match that I have ever seen, all these four man looked impressive."
[9.0] "Don't give it a 10 rating just because it was an squash match, but what an incredible match it was regardless! Junta looked pretty good against a bigger veteran and what a brutal series of kicks and slaps."
[9.0] "Taue is clearly out of his prime here but he is so awesome that the fact that he is broken down makes this match much more compelling, the fans really want Dynamic T to win and they get exactly what they want after a Ore Ga Taue. Awesome big man match in front of a HOT Budokan crowd. Highly Recommended"
[5.0] "The problem with this match is that it took way too long for a simple Young Bucks heel turn angle that everyone saw coming. It's intriguing to see the Elite/Bullet Club together in AEW, and I'm glad fans finally got a definitive heel turn as the Bucks have been all over the place in recent weeks, but the finsh made the storytelling during the match look ridiculous. Why was the Bucks hesitant to hit the BTE trigger on Omega, yet just before that hit him with a piledriver? The match was way too long for what it was and could have easily been 10 minutes shorter."
[2.0] "Not Good. This reminded me of the TNA matches involving past their prime wrestlers like Nash or Foley. Jericho can still put decent performances here and there, but Luther on the other hand has bombed in every match i've seen from him and this was not the exeption. Nothing against the guy but he shouldn't be main eventing Dynamite. ( * )"
[8.0] "Incredible. Joe and AJ truly showing why they were the best in TNA! This was hard hitting, well structured action, Joe looked like an absolute monster while AJ portrayed a great underdog. AJ stated things off with a fiery attack only for Joe to ground and methodically demolish him. Styles sold the damage perfectly, showing the wear and tear while also allowing him to have believable hope spots during the last third of the match. (* * * * 1/4)"
[5.0] "Literally only giving this a 5 for Billie Kays entrance trying to copy Carmella, other than this the whole match was a borefest"
[7.0] "Happy to see Mox back after not being in AEW for a while following his quarantine, and his intense personality remains unchanged even after a long stretch of days he's missed, which included an originally planned Fyter Fest Night 2 main event with Brian Cage that was delayed for another week, with AEW handling the situation well. I'm surprised Moxley did his homework during his time off, and in an advanced way. He scouted Cage's recent performances lately, which in return helped Moxley find Cage's main weakness, and since the Paradigm Shift finisher would not work on Cage due to his large frame, Moxley went for his alternate gameplan: target Cage's surgically repaired left bicep. For the whole main event, Moxley's plan on focusing most of his offense on Cage's surgically repaired left bicep transitioned into a story, which sees the champ go for armbar variations while Cage sells the damage. His selling may not have been the best here, which would've affected the match in a negative light but at the same time it may have not been enough for me to hate it or anything like that. At this point, everything clicked as you'd expect coming from these two relentless performers until the finish, where Moxley desperately tried to make Cage tap with every arm-based hold he could only for Taz to throw in the towel after not really having a choice, preventing Cage from getting his arm ripped in half. Much like the FTR/Lucha Brothers match, the expectations were really high on this one and instead, we get a solid bout that at times looked like a legitimate fight, but was hampered by a disappointing outcome. I get this smart decision in AEW's part to have a dependable manager like Taz throw in the towel to protect Brian Cage, but there are still questions left to be answered. Much like Hager, Archer, and Brodie Lee before him, Cage has become the newest name to get an impactful push only for it to end soon after being on the losing end of a major title match. (***1/2)"
[7.0] "A good Japanese women's wrestling match, very dynamic as we like them. Seriously, Tsukasa is an electric battery, she has energy to spare, and it showed. On the other hand, I couldn't figure out who was face and who was heel. But apart from this little detail, the match was a good opener."
[9.0] "What an incredible match ! The technical wrestling couldn't have been better showcased by Daniel Bryan and Cesaro. Mike Quackenbush and Jigsaw are a great team, and some of the spots are impressive (like Cesaro's Giant Swing carried on Jigsaw while holding him with one leg). On the other hand, there's one little thing that bothered me a little bit: why is the ring so low?"
[7.0] "Every time I see the trio of Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks compete with sync and with synergy, there's literally no other trio in AEW that could come close to matching their fluidity on offense. Sure, you can either praise this match for how outrageously fun it was from top to bottom or criticize it for its over the top, choreographed spots, but the match still provided high levels of entertainment you could imagine in a promotion not named WWE, New Japan, or even DDT. Besides that, there was no story, except during the aftermath of this match. The interactions between several competitors were nice, but the one interaction that I really didn't like was how Omega actually bumped for Marko, a guy whose a foot short who had just defeated Omega's buddy Nakazawa on Dark a day prior. Stunt's offense may look ineffectual, but he's got guts to endure so much punishment considering his short stature. I never imagined seeing Jungle Boy & Kenny Omega square off in an AEW ring, but here we are. In my opinion, I think Luchasaurus stood out the most here, he's done particularly well over the past month. The Young Bucks do their usual spotty offense as usual combined with their arrogant personalities, and on top of that, there is the Super Canadian Destroyer. It's just as impressive as the one Fenix pulled off only a week ago at Fyter Fest Night 2, but not cool enough. In the end, it was Kenny Omega who picks up the win for his team after hitting a One-Winged Angel on Stunt. It's interesting to note that Omega competed with a frustrated look on his face for the entire match, after what happened earlier when FTR spilled beer on his head and taking out his anger on poor Marko Stunt in the aftermath spells future heel turn for him. (***3/4)"
[7.0] "The match was very good, and sometimes quite funny. Just at the beginning of the match, how Toshie Uematsu reacts when Sara Del Rey stomps on her shirt, or wipes her armpits with it, was pretty funny. And the quality of the fight was very good too, even though I thought the match was going to be a bit more balanced, because Sara Del Rey dominated, let's say 60% of the match."
[7.0] "After hearing what FTR speculated that their upcoming match with the Lucha Brothers would become a clear cut best match of Fight For The Fallen 2020, I had high expectations leading up to this one. Add up Lucha Brothers' fast-paced lucha libre style with FTR's smash mouth old-school brawling and you'd be getting a good match at any preferred time. Sadly, the match did not live up to what everyone was speculating. I did not intend to translate it into saying that this was not a good match, because both teams worked their butts off, but it was slightly disappointing. Dax Harwood has proved to me yet again that he's the kind of tag team wrestler with potential to be an outstanding singles wrestler, and it helped me grow more on FTR every time I watch their matches. He has a clever personality, he's succinct, and can show off a bit of his evil side at times, like when he ripped Fenix's mask off to create more intrigue into the finish that saw FTR get a sneaky victory. Wheeler played his role as the face in peril as well, he sold some of the moves that the Lucha Bros executed on him as if he was legitimately getting beat down. Usually, when you see a Lucha Bros match, you often expect little psychology and more chaotic spots. Against FTR however, it was unusual to see Lucha Bros follow the rules knowing their notorious reputation of not following every tag rule in a non-Mexican or PWG promotion. Like I said, it was a solid match that did not really exceed my expectations. (***1/2)"
[8.0] "60 minutes is a lengthy time. It's hard to fill it when you're telegraphically going that long. But they do a good job at filling it with exciting wrestling without only minimal costing and use of crutches. There is a little of the headlock padding but Okada is hitting Tope Con Hilos soon enough into the match like he was wrestling in the Junior Heavyweight title match. Kenny opts for a different approach this time around, attacking Okada's leg for large periods until Okada finds a way to counter that and then hurts Kenny enough for Bullet Club to come out. This is where the match loses me as Cody comes out with a white towel teasing ending it or Kenny Omega - ugh - and there is a lot of repetitive coasting. The match ends on a huge high with a great scramble for each other's finishers. ***3/4"
[6.0] "There was good technical work here with some comedy in it. This was pretty enjoyable - not a super highlight, but fun."
[6.0] "In the passing days, Cody seems to get even more motivated with his TNT Title Open Challenge, and the fact that he chose Sonny Kiss for this night had to be special for Sonny himself. Kiss' new entrance definitely suits him better than his old theme, and I got to say, this was easily Sonny's best singles match, if not the best match of his AEW career by far. He mixed up his passion with his aggressive display of offense that included a Cross Rhodes, which felt unexpected and I even thought so as well. I liked this effort from Sonny, he's improved a lot in just one year and I have to give him lots of credit for delivering his best performance. Nevertheless, I knew that the outcome was going to be predictable with yet another successful TNT title defense for Cody, though there were times when his challenger drove him to his limits so badly that Cody had to uncharacteristically show his heel tendencies in climactic desperation, including a spot where he took off a top turnbuckle pad. I wasn't expecting a good match or anything, but it was still solid. Storywise, I think AEW is supposedly building up their first steps towards forming their own version of the Four Horsemen and it's an interesting sight. (***1/4)"
[8.0] "I loved the work on this match. Rush and Romero worked really well together, and I'm a fan of Romero in particular. The layout of this match was really smart and resulted in an entertaining build to the finish."
[7.0] "This was a surprisingly strong match. Toni looked genuinely pissed off when she came out and started laying into Lufisto. I'm always a sucker for the challenger "hopping the rail" and that was very well done here."
[9.0] "Wrestling's about crowd reaction and keeping fans engaged as much as it about work rate. Have to say I haven't cared about a WWE match in ages, but I was all in watching this one. The emotion was palpable, the work was solid and had some legitimate "whoa" moments, all leading up to that cracking hair whip and the finish. History was watching, and Sasha and Bianca delivered."
[6.0] "This was a fun little opener. Good comedy and nice to see Maki Itoh was doing her thing at this time."
[5.0] "Not bad but the ending was so tedious, the amount of interference finishes around at this time was exhausting and this was no different. Doom were pretty charisma-less but the Steiners were decent fun."
[6.0] "The promo package was almost as long as the match itself. Both guys work super well with each other, but it really isn't enough time to warrant anything more than a 6."
[7.0] "This match will always be remembered as the moment WWE finally realized Cesaro's talent, even if the ring-work is far from forgettable. Lightning-paced action from start to finish, this was a very work-rate heavy match that once again showed just how stupid it was for the company to not push Cesaro earlier. Rollins did fine - even if he could've toned down on the epic movez - but it was clear that this was the Swiss Superman's night."
[6.0] "All that potential wasted over yet another re-iteration of the HHH/HBK rivalry, with a bloated epic b/w two wrestlers who deserved better. Some great individual moments in this for sure, you can't go wrong when one of the competitors is named Kyle O'Reilly but it just goes on and on and on until they've lost the plot as well as the interest of the crowd because this is how a story of betrayal should always culminate in the eyes of NXT creative. It can't be a tight 20-minute war that's got a real sense of urgency and hatred b/w two friends turned rivals. Nope. Just because Gargano/Ciampa worked doesn't mean you have to do this every single time."
[10.0] "Well put together traditional survivor series match, stakes that actually mattered and a lot of drama to really push this match to a higher tier"
[5.0] "This didn't need to be so long with the finish they had. It would have been better if they just had a bunch of spot like that rather for the sake of time."
[4.0] "This was just too long and a retread of the stuff Hardy had done in TNA. When they got in the garage it got surprisingly violent. So that was different at least."
[10.0] "A love letter to tag team wrestling. Lots of fun in this. I wouldn't rate it higher than the Revolution tag but it's still great."
[8.0] "This lives in the shadow of their Double or Nothing match earlier in the year but it's got some great stuff in it. Nyla was clearly gassed from the heat and I can't blame her but the match still delivered."
[6.0] "Honestly, I thought this was just okay. It was an extended beatdown segment and Darby won a roll up. Good work but nothing remarkable."
[7.0] "Well, this was pretty cathartic. Sheamus has been very consistent, and he continued his hot streak of fantastic singles showing with a really good match against Riddle. Hope he has a long, dominant run as U. S champ."
[7.0] "Sami Zayn's been untouchable these past couple of months; every word that comes out of this man's mouth has been pure comedy gold, and it has compensated really well for a lack of great matches so far but here, he shows everyone just how a great of an all-rounder he is with a 9-minute banger alongside career rival Kevin Owens. Lots of fun spots but nothing felt out of touch or done just for the sake of moves unlike the Rollins/Cesaro match, where Seth did too much of everything. The call-back to the Battleground '16 match was great but there was no need for JBL to remind us about it."
[4.0] "This was rough in some spots but not that bad. Honestly, having them follow the tag match was sabotage but even then the crowd tried to give them some love. Statlander was sick with the flu during this."
[3.0] "I'm really liking Cobb's work this year. He's finally clicked in New Japan and looks like a star. Unfortunately for Cobb it doesn't matter if you're Okada, Tana, Naito or the best wrestler ever because you won't get a good performance out of Bullet Club EVIL. I have zero interest in watching an EVIL match in 2021. He's got the boring KENTA shtick mixed with Jay White interference spots yet both of those guys can still have good matches. EVIL has proven to be a bad wrestler in these main events. Go away heat, dull-as-nails top work with constant ref bumps and Togo shenanigans that I've become numb to seeing. He's still doing that goddamn chair spot too. **1/4"
[0.0] "This went fourteen f'n minutes. A Jake Hager match. 14 minutes. And it ends with the babyface assaulting the heel's wife."
[4.0] "Pretty dull. When the crowd are mercilessly booing your babyfaces and cheering your heels you know you've got it wrong."
[4.0] "This match was not bad but Spears' character is just impossible to care about at any point and dragging this out for over ten minutes was a mistake. Janela bumped his ass off as always, which was nice but maybe not worth it."
[7.0] "Another underrated match from this card. I honestly think this was Jericho's best match involving the AEW title. Hangman was very cold going into this but he really brought it here and watching it back today you wouldn't know people were skeptical of Hangman since he got some pretty good reactions."
[5.0] "It was a decent match to finish the undercard. The Bodyguard was surprisingly good and even the best of the match. ** ¾"
[1.0] "Mercifully short but leave it to The Fiend to make the most out of the time he's given; he's really a Daniel Bryan in that regard, although a complete opposite in every other aspect - and that includes being good at wrestling. The Luke Harper tribute was the only good thing about this."
[9.0] "Really great stuff from two women who would become staples of the division. When these two have a rematch it's going to be even more special given their statuses now."
[1.0] "I'm usually high on Yano matches but recently I've soured on his stuff. The first 5 minutes dragged on with O-Khan intimidating Yano. It wasn't really funny and once they started wrestling it wasn't very interesting. This one was really just there. *"
[9.0] "This is the most strange match I have seen. I can't recommend this match, it's very special but this match represents Dramatic Dream Team. The story is particularly fantastic, Dino was not serious at first but he gets more and more serious, yes he used not serious moves but for one reason, bring back the DDT spirit. It looks like comedy wrestling, but it's not comedy wrestling at all. Danshoku Dino is a genius, his psychology is so unique. This match is unique. ****¾"
[8.0] "This was underrated at the time but also now that they had that incredible iron man match, it's kind of a footnote, but it's really great stuff from two of the best."
[7.0] "his match lacked a lot of what their awesome G1 28 match had. There wasn't a flaming hot crowd and it didn't have much of a story either. They also didn't increase the pace until late in the match. I did like the usual Ishii awesomeness of just bullying SANADA with hard strikes and power moves. SANADA did a very good job here and looked quite smooth throughout the match. Some intensity in the closing stretch and i really liked the finish. I do wish Ishii won, because I'd rather see him get pushed instead of SANADA. ***3/4"
[7.0] "I'm glad that two really talented women got to main event Wrestlemania, and seeing the pure elation on their faces before the match began just made me really f*cking happy. What a damn moment and the match itself was pretty good too even if I don't really get the "Top 10 Mania ME" hype that it's been getting because in no way is the ringwork on the level of a Rock/Austin or Shawn/Taker."
[10.0] "Great match that was overshadowed by an all-time great main event. Ishii was a beast this whole tournament but SANADA showed tremendous fire here against Ishii. He gave one of his best performances. There was no playing into the crowd or paradise lock bullshit from SANADA. He was aggressive and on the same level as Ishii. Fantastic pacing and smooth sequences throughout the whole match. The final minutes really elevated the whole thing. Tremendous finishing stretch with the crowd going crazy. Ishii hitting a Shining Wizard was spot of the match. ****3/4"
[7.0] "This had no right to be as good as it eventually turned out to be. Bad Bunny gave one of the all-time great celebrity performances, and everyone else played their roles really well too. A lot of fun."
[1.0] "It's not like the wrestling was God awful or anything, but boy this is one of the most boring matches I've ever seen. Just the most basic wrestling possible."
[7.0] "The first match with a somewhat proper crowd was always going to be special. Add to that the fact that Drew/Lashley have been on the top of their games meant this had the potential to be an all-timer opener but sadly, it just couldn't reach that level for me. Still, for the most part, this match was exactly what it should've been; two giant men beating the hell out of each other but for an opener, it went on for way too long. Plus, the distraction finish wasn't well-executed and made Drew look dumb in the process."
[4.0] "Who knew Shane & Strowman had it in them, eh? Now yes, this isn't a great match by any means - the first half is unbelievably dull - but the second half, with Strowman breaking the cell wall and Shane taking an absolutely insane bump was pretty entertaining."
[6.0] "As questionable as the structuring was here, with the faces working a heel-in-peril segment for the majority of the thing, I still enjoyed the heck out of this match. It was clear that they were trying to hide Omos's in-experience but once he got the tag, I couldn't help but be sports entertained."
[5.0] "Fairly good match, but on the other hand I found it rather soft. There wasn't much dynamism in this match, especially if it's a match between 2 former best friends, it should be quite violent."
[9.0] "Just here to say it wasn't a botch just a genius move on her part. I knew Asuka and Sasha would bring and it's more impressive it was done straight after the woman's royal rumble where sasha stayed in the longest. An art form from two workhorses neg -1 for the dead crowd, however that's on them imo"
[7.0] "Such a shame this one couldn't have had a cleaner finish as they were on for a really good match here. Dr Death brought so much fire which was awesome and Eaton played a great babyface, taking some nasty bumps, none more so than the hip toss on the concrete which made me grimace! Lots of crowd heat for the most part too. ***1/2"
[8.0] "Gran combate. Buen trabajo de Ashino sobre la pierna de Miyahara. Gran final, con muchas situaciones en las que parecía que Kento se libraba del leg lock. He quedado gratamente sorprendido con Shotaro Ashino. Espero un Ashino vs Zeus fervientemente."
[4.0] "This doesn't sit right with me watching it in 2021. I get the appeal I guess, it's fast-paced and looks pretty impressive, but the countless armdrags just makes it look like a fully choreographed dance. It gets repetitive surprisingly fast."
[5.0] "Pretty milk toast as far as matches can go. Both TAFKA Goldust and Vader worked a passable match, with a solid finishing move with Luna riding Vaders back for the Vader Bomb."
[5.0] "Technically fine but pretty boring match here. I always liked Rotunda but he didn't have a tonne to work with here and the Varsity Club gimmick was basically dead. Zenk looked good but didn't have a tonne of charisma to me. Again, the work was fine but totally forgettable. **1/2"
[8.0] "A very good tag team match. The amount of talent inside the ring was insane. It was fast paced, action paced match and was an actual spotfest but it worked. Although it was a very good match bell to bell, the pacing wasn't all great. It was never outright boring but it did drag a couple of times. The ending was unique and very interesting. It was a very good match that could have been great or even amazing had the pacing been better. Fenix and Pac worked incredibly well together and I thought they were just as good and at times, even better than the Bucks. ****1/4"
[7.0] "In the first half of the match they trade chops, headbutts and suplexes, and when that ends in a stalemate they begin throwing bombs until Kojima picks up the win after a series of lariats to a big pop. Really fun and compact match that is a must watch if you are a fan of these guys."
[8.0] "I didn't know what to expect from a 58-year-old Muto and, while it was clearly not a classic and it was surely the worst defence of Go Shiozaki's reign, it was not bad at all. The story-telling was great and Go Shiozaki ended his reign with once again a nearly perfect performance. I'm just a little bit disappointed of the ending, I would have prefered a more impactful move to end such an amazing title reign. Now I just hope Kaito Kiyomiya gets it back. ***3/4"
[7.0] "This match was really cool but I am not a fan of the no needed epic finishing stretch. Ishimori and Eagles had so great exchanges, it was a true pleasure to see them. But like always NJPW does too much towards the end and it's really disturbing. ***1/2"
[4.0] "It was ok. Nothing too memorable or awful. The beginning give me more hope than this but It was still fine."
[10.0] "Orton's promo before the match was one of his best ever, this was the height of Benjamin's mid card push and Orton was doing great stuff as the IC champion. Great match at a Great time"
[8.0] "This match was an excellent cruiserweight weekly match, Scott and Garza have an incredible chemistry and the in ring is just perfect. For the time they had, this was a very good opener, one of my favorite WWE weekly matches in 2020. ****"
[7.0] "Very good match here, I love the style of BattlArts, this match is so stiff, it contains like always so good strikes. The kicks are incredible here, the team of Junji Tanaka and Kengo Mashimo is very strong, like the finish of this match. ***1/2"
[8.0] "I loved this match, this is a great two out of three falls, with 3 ending that are logical following themselves. The 1st and the 2nd ending are the same but for both wrestlers, with the man pinned kicking out after the 3, to keep a confrontation without someone lower than his opponent. And the final draw is really logical. The in ring is awesome too, Tsuruta and Kim Duk have so much chemistry. ****"
[10.0] "Probably one of the best if not THE best ROH match I have ever seen, the crowds was pumped, the wrestlers was pumped even the referee was pumped. Respect to both men. I really think this match showed Joe could work with anyone."
[5.0] "An ok high spot match but nothing that is going to stick in your memory. The spotfest style is getting ever more elaborate as time goes on and even stuff from a few years ago just isn't that interesting anymore."
[9.0] "I concur with other commenters that this is why people don't take Dave Meltzer seriously sometimes. Yes this was a fantastic match, arguably AEW's MOTY so far. But there was a time when a 5* rating was reserved for perfect matches. This was really, really good. But it was lacking that something to make it a perfect match. Likely what it lacked was a reason for emotional investment in the feud; there was none. Perhaps Dave's personal relationship with the Bucks means he is by default emotionally invested in all of their matches but the rest of us need emotional beats to be hit. There was a lot to love here. The spots were impressive and many, but did not feel unnecessary or without impact. Heel work comes effortlessly to the Young Bucks and Fenix and PAC showcased why they are arguably the best luchador and pound-for-pound the best all-rounder in the game respectively. But this was not Ospreay vs. ZSJ, or Ospreay vs. Shingo. There have been legitimate 5* matches recently enough to compare this to and know it came up just a smidge short of flawlessness."
[7.0] "My main grievance is that Rey is really fighting from behind the entire match, which isn't too bad in itself but it feels like it happens a lot. High flying and high hitting action, not a lot of people who can take a punishment and sell it like Rey Mysterio. Really can't repeat how the cruiserweight division was the best part of WCW for me."
[2.0] "This was so loooong, with average wrestling and little to no heat. Bulldog was back for a couple of months and get no reaction from the crowd allready. A part from a nice DDT from Gangrel after misscomunication and Val Venis splash, there's nothing to sse here."
[8.0] "Such a cool match dynamic here. With Cole essentially a non-factor in this match you had a 1v2v2 where the 1 was also the only heel. Kyle O? Reilly was the perfect man for the job with his selling. He is very good at getting beaten up. AOP were great here and it was a nice send-off for them to have one final tag title match wrecking people. The team of Strong and Dunne was pretty representative of the theme of the match as a whole, which was just throwing things at the wall and everything managed to work. They worked great as a one-time team. Of course most people remember the finish of this match which is an all-time great NXT angle, the building nearly exploded when Strong turned on Dunne. I love Kyle and Adam? s reactions a lot, and not that one meme picture of them with the faces, but if you go back and watch the post-match you can see Adam cheering on Kyle for winning while Kyle wakes up on-top of Dunne and is really confused as to how he got there. Then they both realize what actually went down and they start losing it with the rest of us."
[10.0] "Top 5 Kobashi match, Top 3 Joe match, complete ALL TIMER. Little to no errors, a HOT crowd and two guys working at the peak of their powers. Brutal stuff where both guys look like absolute world eaters. Despite doing the job, Joe is made because of this match. Despite Kobashi taking a lot of early offense, he comebacks and is an absolute beast from then on. If you're getting into puro or NOAH or anything relating to Kenta Kobashi, this is a good place to start. A truly epic encounter"
[8.0] "This match was awesome, everything that I expect between these two. Hayabusa did some tremendous counters on Tanaka's fantastic strikes, this guy is so impactful, his Powerbomb on Hayabusa's neck was incredible. ****"
[7.0] "This is a good match despite the result of Jack Swagger winning. Jack Swagger, despite being devout of charisma, was seen as the next big guy because of his background. It's a shame someone like Shelton Benjamin never won a MITB. I think the person who looked the best in this match was Ziggler. He really showed out in this match, as did Shelton as always. Evan Bourne's SSP from the top of the ladder was a sight to behold. Fun spotfest overall."
[7.0] "This was a match with nice intensity. It gave The DKC an opportunity to shine some, and Lawlor worked well throughout."
[4.0] "For a first pro wrestling match Angle did an awesome job. Stasiak didn't do his job of making him look great for one second, working only when he get a chance to take the spotlight. Mid way promo was surprising and pretty good way to showcase this new character."
[5.0] "Totally whatever match bookended by one of the greatest heel turns in the history of professional wrestling."
[10.0] "My favorite match of all time. Partly because I had just started watching NJPW around this time and this was so unlike anything I had ever seen before. It had such a big-time feel to it straight from the outset with Ibushi heading to the ring facing the entire Bullet Club as a lone man. Immediately gave the match the feeling of "I want this guy to win so bad but I have no idea how he'll pull it off. " These two have such great chemistry in the ring and are one of my favorite match-up's in the entire promotion. Jay is such a satisfying wrestler to see get his ass kicked and Ibushi is so satisfying to watch kick ass. Defining match for both of these guys."
[6.0] "This was my first time seeing Rok-C and I was impressed by her performance. She was keeping up fine with Deonna during the technical bit at the start. Once the match opened up it started to fizzle out a bit but it was enjoyable on the whole."
[5.0] "Decent match, a lot better with a better story than a lot of previous WWF PPV midcard. It was a typical "can they coexiste ? ", but worked fine. Some great moment and a happy ending for the fans. Bubba & D'Lo are great in the match"
[3.0] "I will never understand the way Miz was able to win over so many fans during this period of time, his work wasn't good and he was absolutely ridiculous in the babyface role."
[2.0] "I love Bobby Lashley as champion but this is an incredibly frustratingly booked match to me. Miz should have gotten less offense and have been beaten just as if not more decisively as when he lost it. And he should have been more afraid of facing Lashley after he destroyed him, not less. Lashley should have demolished him."
[5.0] "Clever and enjoyable to a certain extent, and I enjoy cinematic matches, but it feels like these things without a purpose. The Fiend/Funhouse Bray Wyatt character gets booked in a way where they lose direction just trying to come up with whatever different things they can do."
[4.0] "This is the second of two Graham singles matches in circulation leading into his shot at Rusher Kimura's IWA Heavyweight title. I found it pretty much a case of "second verse, same as the first" with regards to the previous match against Animal Hamaguchi. Very similar layout, with Graham repeating the "stroll around outisde while chucking chairs into the ring" bit a few minutes in. Kusatsu is a clumsier performer than Animal, but due to his size he's allowed to get some more offense in and I think that compensates for it. I would rate this the same as the aforementioned match. Unremarkable overall but it was adequate. But if standard native vs gaijin 70s puro isn't your thing then there's nothing for you. **1/4"
[9.0] "This is a fantastic main event. These two are absolutely incredible, what they do to each other is simply incredible. Their kicks, their strikes, everything was incredibly impactful, until Hamada's Powerbombs or her finisher. A banger here, my favorite match in Sendai. ****1/2"
uzi wrote about Sting vs. Triple H:
[5.0] "I understand finding this match "fun", but it's hard to get past how irritating the whole premise is."
[4.0] "Graham is an iconic wrestler of his time, sure, but he plugs into this match like your standard IWE gaijin doing their thing, so I can't recommend this too highly. It's *adequate*, sure, but as I've said about many matches in my matchguide submissions it's unremarkable. I like Hamaguchi but the layout of this match didn't give him much time to shine. **1/4"
[] "As a wrestling match, it wasn't great, but it was an awesome comedy match. I hate Lumis and Hartwell as wrestlers but their storyline and their spots in the match were hilarious."
[4.0] "At least 1 or 2 points were added for the very creative spot where he ripped the cage, which I kind of like as sort of the idea of having Braun do something clever to combat the stupid shit. But a garbage match beyond that."
[10.0] "This was again an awesome match between these two, maybe my favorite of their series. They adopted the usual formula that they adopt when they face each other and it was once again a very fun match between Ricochet and Ospreay. I'm not going to repeat myself every time I comment on their matches, but I like to watch spotty matches like this when they're done right and that's always the case with these two. They understand each other like no one else, they always produce great content together and I will never get tired of their matches. All of their matches are similar but that's not a criticism because they're always very good, and here I thought it was even better than their two matches in NJPW. Very good stuff."
[10.0] "This is definitely the best Jay White match I've seen. It was a nice touch getting the Bullet Club out of the way right away, closely followed by Gedo, making you think this would be just 1-on-1. White does his usual heel tactics and works on Ibushi's injured ankle right away, which tells most of the early story. However, eventually White's tactics turn to Ibushi's head and neck as he hits a number of sleeper suplexes. And just when you thought you wouldn't see Gedo again, there's a ref bump and here comes that little creep. They focus a chair on Ibushi's injured leg, but eventually Ibushi kicks Gedo's head off only for White to hit another sleeper suplex right as Red Shoes is coming to. However, that couldn't put away Ibushi, nor could a Bladerunner. Business has really picked up by this point, and Ibushi adds to the drama by hitting his rarely successful German suplex from the ropes. White is reeling and does everything he can to avoid being put away as they trade near finishers before Ibushi hits a couple of Kamigoyes and still White kicked out! However, one more Komigoye and Ibushi gets the 3-count to win his first G1. A fitting final match to a sensational tournament. It was the perfect setup with the top heel taking on the Golden Boy and seeming heir apparent to Okada whom he will now face on NJPW's biggest stage. *****"
[8.0] "You could nitpick the match a bit for maybe the flow of it and a bit of clunkiness, and I'd like it to have gone on a bit longer, but there were some really great creative spots and I think Bianca was such a perfect babyface here that it bumps it up to an 8+ for me."
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