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[7.0] "Very nice little jem. It could not be pleased, twenty minutes of mat wrestling not a typical style for nowadays wrestling but I enjoyed a lot! Very good match that makes prestigious a tournament like this."
[7.0] "Very funny and fast paced match. Perfect way to start the show and the tournament for this day. In a season of Best Of The Super Junior and Super J Cup this bout fit very well in the feelings; victory by ACH very nice to see next encounters like this."
[8.0] "Since the ending to the 2019 DON, everything has lead to this one match... or so I thought. Kenny said in an interview before this match that he'd like to have a great bout, but not exhaust all their ideas on it, instead saving that for a future match-up and I should've understood what he was trying to say; this will not be the epic culmination of their rivalry that I had hoped for, rather a continuation, and that's the thing I'm most disappointed about... all that hype and wait, only to wait more. As far as in-ring work goes, as I said, this definitely felt as if they were holding back for a rubber match down the line - quite possibly Revolution - but it's still pretty good for what it is. They start off with some nice mat-wrestling and it quickly descends into an arena brawl - easily the worst part of the match. Much like in the 60 minute time limit draw against Okada, Omega does some brutal leg work on the champion and decides to drop it after a few minutes - don't know what story they were trying to tell here. After that, the match gets real good real fast; there's a whole bunch of crowd-popping sequences - that expertly meshed both men's styles - and some nice character moments like Mox inviting Kenny to slap him while sitting on chairs, or when Omega hit Okada's signature dropkick. The ending was great for what it meant, plus Kenny brutalizing Mox with V-triggers ruled, but the interference angle was very poorly executed. Overall, there's a lot to like in this match, but there's also some stuff that leaves you scratching your head. ****"
[6.0] "I liked their feud, I liked their match. They can do better, though. But still well done. They told a good story. I hope they don't end there! Joe has a solid win, but I want Rood to not stop there! 3. 25 stars"
[10.0] "I don't even know where to start. These are 2 absolute legends in the business. EVERYTHING about this match was so fucking amazing. No doubt one of the best matches I've seen. The fact that they never gave Punk a WrestleMania main event just doesn't make sense to me. These 2 gave it all they had, and they definitely delivered. I have too many good things to say about this match. If i could rate this higher than a 10 I would. GOAT WWE match, in my opinion."
[7.0] "another match that was a dream for me. I've been waiting for this fight for a long time. And I wasn't disappointed. Although to be honest, I expected more. 3. 5 stars"
[7.0] "I love their matches. These teams have a special chemistry. I watched this match for the first time. And the ending is clean like their match at Turning Point 2010. And I love it! 3. 5 stars"
[8.0] "Really enjoyed the match. Thought it was a little rough at the beginning but the match came together nicely by the end. Maybe could have done with 5 minutes off. ****1/4"
[9.0] "Wow, just intense, far more than you expect from AJPW tag matches. Thanks in no small part to the excellent heel work of No Fear, which is an exciting, unusual dynamic for AJPW, and the way the ferocity builds and builds within Akiyama and Kobashi and then explodes is very satisfying. Omori is a very underrated talent, and Takayama is just awesome. ****1/2; easily one of the best non-4 Pillars tag matches."
[3.0] "Pretty underwhelming for a main event at a major show. Obviously the insane crowd reactions make a major difference, because otherwise this is a bland and sloppy match."
[6.0] "Strong match with a lot of nice power spots from Hobbs and some fiery underdog babyface work from Cody and Darby. Loved the intensity too, really felt like these guys wanted to fight each other. ***1/4"
[7.0] "I guess I'm an outlier, but I thought this was quite a good match. Good action in the ring and some nice high spots, alongside some strong storytelling but in and out of the ring. The in ring action was around a 6 for me but the Inner Circle storytelling bumped it up to a 7. ***1/2-"
[4.0] "An ok match, where the things happening outside the ring told a good story of the turmoil in the Inner Circle."
[8.0] "The match definitely started a bit slow before picking up around the halfway mark. I felt the chair spot was unnecessary and made Moxley look dumb. There was nice back in forth action with each competitor dominating equal parts of the match. An overall good match."
[4.0] "It was ok. Darby sold a lot more offence than he should've. Considering he's champ, that felt unnecessary. Cody then making the comeback without selling much made Darby look weak in comparison."
[7.0] "Another good, fun showing from this tournament. Really picks up in the third round and the final one is intense and filled with palpable desperation. Dar isn't quite my favorite wrestler around but he did well enough here and A-Kid continues to show off just how good he is already."
[6.0] "This was a very simple and enjoyable battle royal, with some good action and the right continuation of each storyline. The only thing I didn't get is why Matt Hardy should eliminate Isiah Kassidy at the beginning."
[6.0] "Solid match but a little dry at times with most of the best stuff being saved for the end when they were really laying their stuff in."
[4.0] "I thought this was ok, but a little bit sloppy in places. Don't think the managers added much, but then this whole match was basically centered around Lauper just being there."
[8.0] "I didn't quite like the ending since I was expecting a more epic title win by Omega, but it can be justified if it will lead to a good storyline and gimmick for Omega. The match really delivered in the last 20 minutes before the Paradigm Shift on the heater, although it really slowed down during the commercial breaks making difficult to feel these as PPV matches level. The psychology seemed good since Kenny decided to cheat only after Moxley wasn't able to win it in the ring and decided to take the advantage outside the ring using the heater. It would have been great if Kenny attempted the Phoenix Splash reminding the finish of their last match though. Overall it has been a great match not counting the hype created and considering it being on Dynamite, but way far from Pac vs Omega in my opinion. ****1/4"
[4.0] "This is a defense of Hansen and Gordy's AJPW World Tag Team titles. It only aired as a JIP of the last five minutes, on what otherwise appears to have been an untelevised event, and I'm only really reviewing it because the title changes hands. However, what we get is perfectly solid. This is never going to be my favorite matchup, but I would have liked to see more of this match. Jumbo gets worked over until he's able to get a jumping knee and make a hot tag to Yatsu. Yatsu gets the Prison Lock on Gordy but Hansen breaks it up with a chair. Nice finish, where Hansen and Gordy do the double three-point tackle, but Hansen drops to his stomach to dodge it. Hansen loses his balance and tumbles over the ropes, and Yatsu wraps around Gordy to hit a bridging German to win back the titles they'd lost two days earlier. Nothing bad here at all, we just should've gotten more. **1/4"
[7.0] "I'm a fan of both guys and it was nice to see them wrestle in a style that wasn't the usual flips and acrobatics they excel in. A-Kid in particular rally shined with the more strike and grappling based offense here. The match structure and rules also added a lot to this. Definitely interested in seeing more of this kind of match type/set-up."
[6.0] "Pretty fun brawl around the crowd and in the ring. The crowd was hot for both of these teams. And the eleven minutes flew by, which is always a good thing. Tama wins with a beautiful Gun Stun on Corvin for the win. ***1/4."
[1.0] "This was pretty painful to watch, in all honesty. This is the first match I've seen of either these two, and I understand they were both in steep decline at this point, but I'm resting this match as I saw it, which was terrible."
[9.0] "Moxley/Omega delivered for me. The beginning 10 or so minutes were pretty slow, but they definitely took it up a notch in the second half. I enjoyed the nonstop V-Triggers by Kenny. I liked them slapping the shit out of each other with the chairs. I usually am not a fan of dirty victories, but this one made a lot of sense. Don Callis really established himself as a heel. It was a very good match."
[6.0] "I thought it was a solid match. I think Hobbs is definitely a future star. Darby took some brutal bumps."
[5.0] "A pretty slow match but what do you expect when you watch Jericho. Too many rest holds here and not much good action. The stuff going on outside was the best part of the match."
[5.0] "This was a good, old-school match. Rotundo and Windham brought a lot of energy, though I can't say I really like their rather bland characters. The heel tag team got so much heat, and the two played off each other well."
[7.0] "Actually a very solid Battle Royal, probably the best in AEW's history from a storytelling standpoint. The in ring action was't anything incredible aside from the Sammy/Jungle Boy exchange but it was the best Miro has looked since joining AEW, furthered the possibility of Hangman joining the DO, and it helped build the tensions between the Inner Circle and specifically MJF/Wardlow and MJF/Guevara."
[5.0] "This was stiff and technically very sound, and I appreciated the effort put in by both, but at the same time it didn't do anything for me and left me cold."
[7.0] "This was a pretty entertaining singles match. I've never really seen much of these 2 before so I didn't have many expectations and I definitely wasn't disappointed by the end of it. I'd like to see more of them"
[7.0] "This was a pretty fun opener. Fun action, well paced and everyone came out of the match not looking bad. I'm a bit uneducated in Ice Ribbon but I feel like Susu Suzuki is someone that could do very well for herself in the future particularly"
[8.0] "Along with Homicide/Trent Acid, this really helped progress the intensity and significance of the Fight Without Honor concept at the time. Just a brutal match that were mostly executed perfectly with great uses of the ladders, chair and table. Crowd really helped put this over the top. Brutal but awesome match. ****"
[8.0] "It was a little bit on the short side but this was entertaining all the way through with no down time to speak of. Great effort by both and the hot crowd helps lift it that bit further. Shida was seriously great in Shimmer and you can see how good she can be if she's in there with the right opponent."
[4.0] "I mean, this was ok, but really nothing to write home about. Junkyard Dog seemed to be really popular with the crowd, which helped somewhat, and there's nothing really "bad" here, but it's not "good" either."
[3.0] "Not good, and it went on for way too long. Plus, it was more about the managers than the actual wrestlers."
[8.0] "No idea why folks are rating this so low. This was the best Battle Royale AEW has done. Entertaining, SUPER clear and specific beats between different angles/eliminations. Lot of really great moments, like Hangman + Dark Order starting a fight with Matt Hardy and Private Party, huge hosses slapping the big meaty meat out of each other, the crazy fight on the apron with Jungle Boy and Sammy, the entire ending... it's good stuff!"
[9.0] "Roman Reigns is MONEY! The beating he gave to Jey was great. Jey's resilience was on display but, much like at the Clash, he got an ass whooping... Jimmy coming in and seemingly brining the family together only to get duped by Reigns was the icing and gave Jey a reason to say I Quit"
[6.0] "This was a mixed bag with some of the comedy and ring work being really good but a lot of the stuff with Honda just not working. The real gold was in the post match promo with Maki Ito saying she wants to eat Miyu's chin and start a chin collection!"
[6.0] "A fun tag match! Think it would be a better opener rather than HBK vs Tatanka. It's fairly fast paced and would be a solid set up for a show."
[8.0] "Very good, high paced match. Eagles is consistently smart in his use of High Flying offense and it's great to see. Ishimori is definitely an underrated champ."
[4.0] "Somewhat messy Battle Royale with fun if unmemorable spots. Enjoyed Orange Cassidy sandbagging in the corner more than anything happening in the match. Lacking in the storytelling department, no attempt to make any of it make sense in context simply a reel of disconnected moments to push other stories."
[5.0] "Could have been real good if they gave it the time it needed, luckily Leyla looks so good and Britt is improving enough that you could see the potential in a future match for them. Still I was disappointed as this felt like a proving match that didn't get the space to prove anything."
[5.0] "Decent match. Darby got to bump a lot while Hobbs threw him around, and that's where he shines. Sting's music, lighting, video, snow machine, and overall entrance were great. I'm not sure I'm all that interested in seeing what he can bring to the table but top marks for the entrance. I hope they stick with that frosty element to his persona."
[8.0] "It was an entertaining match from which I expected more. Still, a good match and result that puts SHO in the conversation for winner. ***3/4"
[3.0] "A real nothing match. The Baker situation is a weird one. She has the limelight as if she's a good wrestler, but she isn't a good wrestler. So what do AEW do to hide that weakness? They put her in competitive matches with inexperienced jobbers. Another post-match brawl which likely sets the stage for another tag match."
[8.0] "There's some moments here that don't feel as heated as they should, but that's something that kinda just comes with KENTA post-WWE. This was a really good match. Not as dramatic as some of the Tokyo Dome NEVER epics of previous years, but it still has plenty of stuff to like. A clear heel vs. babyface dynamic with KENTA delivering a solid performance working mostly on top & Goto brought the fiery passion in his comebacks."
[8.0] "You know, I thought the match would be bad. There was wooden Dustin Rhodes, old Raven, boring raino, and Abiss. Everything is clear. And in the end, a cool match. Exceeded my expectations. 3. 75 stars"
[3.0] "During AEW frequent ad breaks, the wrestlers take it easy, use rest holds, motion to the crowd and do pretty much nothing interesting. This entire match was like an AEW ad break segment. Jericho has been incredibly lazy since losing the belt and becoming almost a 100% comedy character. I hope he's not assuming that he can just get it back whenever he wants, because that'll only get harder as he gets older."
[5.0] "I think these matches always kind of suck but they're not overly offensive. This one, I think, would have been quite a bit better if it had ended with the Jungle Boy elimination. The Orange Cassidy bit gave me ending fatigue and I'm honestly getting quite sick of seeing him in big matches."
[5.0] "I'm convinced at this point that AEW can suck the life out of just about anything and make it lame. I don't know how they do it, but good matches on Dynamite really are a rarity. It doesn't help that there are five-minute ad breaks every five minutes, but there's something else going on too. This started with about 10 minutes of outside brawling in a match with a 10-second count, and it wasn't the most interesting of brawling. Things picked up later but even the best parts felt like rehashes of Omega's New Japan matches. Moxley hitting his finisher and then getting chairs to sit down and punch didn't make sense either. And then there was the part with the heater and Don Callis. This really didn't live up to the hype at all. The implications are kind of interesting with the Impact crossover, but I only watch 2 hours of American wrestling a week and Dynamite doesn't exactly have me thirsting for more right now."
[8.0] "Probably the best match of the tournament up to this point. Shingo and Goto brawling was as fantastic as one might expect, and Yoshi-Hashi's underdog babyface run continues to be compelling and rootable. Just four pros being pros."
[8.0] "The beginning was slow, since they were pacing themselves, it was obviously damn cold and the rest of the show was disappointing, so they faught an uphill battle for a while. The last 10 minutes or so were really good and drama was top-notch. The chair spot was great. Overall Mox gave everything and he deserves tremendous respect for what he did to carry the title and the promotion throughout the COVID-19 era. Hope he stays (or at least returns after a short hiatus) and gets another run, he really grew on me the past few months. Kenny was okay and really picked it up in the end, where the last four V-Triggers looked really awesome. The screwjob finish was and should be the talk of the town, but a part of me is disappointed that they did it."
[6.0] "The first two portions of the match were solid. Mox brutality on the outside followed by Omega technical expertise in the ring. A lot of people here calling it slow or boring, but it told the story of Mox and Omega's conflicting styles and I appreciated that. If it had ended with one of those two styles coming out on top we could have had a great match, instead we ended with a couple of dumb swerves that basically ruined this for me."
[4.0] "They are doing too many things at the same time in battle royals and this time was no different. Also, either nobody tells the commentators what storyline to focus on or nobody gives a crap, because all three were lost at several points during this match (and the whole show, really), missing story developments or talking over them. The tease of Wardlow throwing out MJF (not the miscommunication, but earlier when he stood behind him and Guevara) was nice. Miro had some nice focus on him. Matt Hardy is a mess at this point, seemingly switching characters faster than Big Show in the 2000s -- all years of them. In the end it was good enough to set up next week's match between OC and MJF and get some guys on TV, but overall it was a mess. They need to find a way to do battle royals were less than 10 people are in the ring at all times."
[3.0] "Not good. Jericho is a mystery to me, he can still do a dropkick, a Lionsault and take a bump from the turnbuckle, but he cannot roll with any move. Kazarian looked out of place, being suddenly thrust into a role he has not really portrayed on TV so far. The outside shenanigans and the ending were hokey, leaving a bad taste in the mouth."
[8.0] "This is the best Battle Royal AEW have done till now. A lot of storylines involved. Miro looked great. Sammy and Jungle Boy had a great sequence on the ropes. Wardlow looked great. Fans were really behind Orange Cassidy."
[9.0] "Lance Archer & Jon Moxley started 2020 off with a BANG. They took perfect care of the gimmick here by wildly fighting with lots of absolutely awesome outside objects included. Badass spots involving chairs & tables? Check. Overall great looking offense & a nice feel of a fight? Check. Fun, not-so-usual additions like the plastic bag & the spikey helmet? Check. Just a lovely match all around."
[9.0] "This is what Japanese pro-wrestling should always be like. Congrats to BJW's Strong Division (and NOAH) for presenting a more traditional product and not some overly americanized crap."
[5.0] "Underwhelming. The first third of the match was slow brawling in the stands that was just a slog. The second third of the match was Omega working over Moxley's knees. This was pretty good but then the injury magically healed and had no impact the rest of the way making it a illogical and a complete waste of time. That last third finally started to heat things up but the "sit on chairs and punch each other" part was very forced and took the realism out of the match. Then the injury angle and overbooked finish slowed things to a crawl. The finish was intriguing but only well after the final bell rang so I don't think that should be factored into the match rating. What actually happened in the ring wasn't great."
[7.0] "Doesn't hold up as a totally great match, but it's some good junior tag action. Nice tag team match structure with the SHO FIP segment being the highlight, as Ishimori & especially El Phantasmo were doing some very compelling scumbag work there."
[8.0] "Britt Baker, before her match, says she was really excited to come back and fuck up Thunder Rosa who doesn't belong to AEW. Britt says she'll send Leyla back to Russia tonight. Tony calls her a bitch. He'll pay for that, inevitably. After Britt gets the submission on Leyla with the Lockjaw, Thunder Rosa comes out and beats the everloving shit out of Britts face. """REBA""" gets some shots in on Thunder Rosa, then Leyla kills Reba for a second time (Britt pulled her in the way of a dive earlier). It legit takes more refs, trainers, and coaches to keep Britt and Rosa apart than it did Pac and Eddie a couple weeks ago. Absolute palpable hatred between Britt and Rosa."
[8.0] "The Battle Royale did a lot of work. Miro looked great. Is it a trope of "monster established in Battle Royale by eliminating a lot of under and midcarders? " Yes. Does it prevent me from enjoying Miro looking like a monster after his debut was a bit of "failure to launch"? Nah. Hangman falls further into the grips of the Dark Order, MJF has shown full discord among the Inner Circle, Wardlow is officially the smartest wrestler in the world, and Matt "Those Teeth" Hardy is making me want to see him get beaten up (but for the love good Matt no bumps above the ground unless it's in the ring)."
[5.0] "I though did was gonna be a pretty good match but they ended up working a really basic tag match which was fine i guess but had just way too much time isolating the weaker member of the other team for some uninspired offense. I was probably overestimating Hobbs and starks who are both still pretty green in the ring."
[7.0] "Another very good match with Robbie working on the leg of BUSHI. I wanted Eagles to win this one but BUSHI was able to get the pinfall victory after the wonderful mid air dropkick and the top rope codebreaker. The wrestling action was very good here . I loved the content presented here. ***1/2"
[5.0] "Britt is not a very good wrestler at this point but i do really enjoy Layla? s work even if this didn? t really hold up to her match with deeb. AEW seems to care so much about in ring action except when it comes to the women besides Hikaru and Nyla most of the featured women who aren? t nwa are pretty bad wrestlers with Britt, swole, abandon, Anna jay, and brandy. At least Britt can cut a good promo but it? s hard to justify letting the women have more wrestling time when they don? t hire much in ring talent for the women? s division."
[4.0] "Kind of a nothing match and I? m honestly pretty tired of Jericho matches on tv he doesn? t seem to care all that much about these matches anymore and this match had a bunch of kind of nonsense Gaga around it so idk."
[6.0] "It was actually a really good battle Royale but the concept of setting up a future 1 v 1 match is honestly pretty disappointing because no one wants a match without a winnner. Still did a good job advancing stories and it had some good action."
[8.0] "It was a good match but going into it i had huge expectations for the match so I was kind of disappointed. The finish was completely out of nowhere and though I? d rather see a clean finish this seems like it could be setting up something huge."
[9.0] "I felt very strongly about this one when it first aired, and while now I don't think of it as highly as I did back then, it's still a great match. A totally unique addition to both guys catalogues, too. It played out accordingly to Sami's heel character with him trying to get out of the match as easy as he could, but of course after all the (awesome btw) stalling, Bryan did get his hands on him & then it was total punishment time. Bryan is incredibly compelling dishing out the said punishment with his always terrific looking strikes, and with this being in front of no crowd & there's no fake crowd noise, the sounds of those strikes stood out. This whole match was all about the sound every strike & move made + Sami's vocal selling and the little bits of dialogue between him & Bryan. I thought those moments where they exchange words were done exceptionally well, as usually stuff like that comes off as total cringe in wrestling. Here that wasn't a problem, as it all brilliantly added to the bout & the story they were telling. Sami's all around vocal performance is absolutely phenomenal, with his screams of agony & begs of mercy reminding me a bit of Terry Funk, even. This is a totally great match for the sub-10 minute duration of it. The finish isn't very good though, as it does feel too sudden, which as a result sucks some juices out of it, but yeah, I still love this."
[7.0] "That was really good with some very good story telling and brilliant work by Taiji on targeting the arm of Yuya and Yuya sold it to add flavor to the match . The outcome was very obvious but I still liked it. We did not get to see the intensity of Yuya that we mostly see as Taiji dominated most of the course of this matchup. Yuya tapped to the crossface in the end after pressure was applied to the already targeted arm. ***1/2"
[7.0] "The match is quite overrated, it was very good but far from a MOTYC. The storytelling was great and the action was very solid, the match was super well booked! First part was brawl. part two was Omega targeting Moxley's knee. Third part with a lot of intensity, I have mixed feelings for the finish but it's very intriguing. *** "
[1.0] "And just like that, Britt Baker continues to be one of the worst performers in the world right now, which is funny because the more time goes by, the more she confirms that she doesn't deserve the status she has in AEW. I like Hirsch but she seemed extremely weak here. Terrible and sloppy action, bad stuff all around."
[5.0] "It was very solid, the domination of Team Taz was very solid but the hot tag was very short, absolutely nothing special in this match. STING IS AEW! ** "
[3.0] "Absolutely horrible, Britt Baker continues to be a purge, her heat was Absolutely horrible. I don't understand why she pushes so hard, she can't do a slingblade .... * "
[4.0] "Quite boring match, absolutely empty, they do the strict minimum. The most interesting moment is when MJF wants to throw in the towel but Guevara stops him. ** "
[7.0] "A pretty good title match but I can already see this getting overhyped to hell and back. There wasn't a lot of tension in the finishing stretch and then it just deflated with the laziest heel turn method possible."
[5.0] "Solid basic tag match that really wasn't worth watching but at least they had a cool post-match moment with Sting."
[6.0] "Very good proof inside the ropes, a mandatory awful ending to finish the bout to preserve the status of both teams. Satisfactory, not much more."
[3.0] "A nothing match mostly used to set up the post-match events. Really nothing special and just another bad addition to the show."
[8.0] "A banger! Great lucha scrambling between the two, exciting sequences and even some drama towards the end. Eddie's interference didn't even annoy me at all, since he was just preventing Rey from a surefire win."
[6.0] "In the ring the action was quite good but even if this is the biggest victory by Atlas, as they said, it's a kind of push out of nowehere that I strongly dislike and that I don't think it will works at all."
[4.0] "The bare minimum for an acceptable match and nothing more. Neither man showed any real urgency and there nothing to really care about."
[] "9. 5/10 THis match was epic , yes i know it didht have so great spots like their full gear match but this one had way more passion especially the last 10 minutes of the match . possibly match of the year ."
[7.0] "There was a big time language barrier here, as Di Matteo failed to duck a spin kick from Hoshiki that ended up beaning her right in the side of the head, so there was unintended brutality on top of what was meant to be, and was, a fun competitive midcard match."
[6.0] "Almost random stuff with this match came out after a pre-show heat between Legado and Priest with his partnership with Ruff useless since their relationship of the latest weeks. In the ring the action was quite satisfactory but nothing to create hype in the beginning of the show."
[5.0] "Mmm, not a bad match but in a way empty. I don't like this management of Allin reign, always behind Cody. We will see if Sting will do something about it."
[9.0] "This being a 15-minute WWE PPV match is pretty mindblowing. And it was exactly everything I would expect from a match between these two outstanding individuals -- to put it simply, it just LOOKED like how a Bryan vs. Gulak match should look like + the storytelling was superb throughout; the whole story leading up to this was Gulak informing Bryan that he knows the weaknesses in his game, and they played up to that story here pretty much perfectly. Even when you look at it without paying attention to the smaller details, it's mostly Gulak just dominating Bryan in every department & that's exactly how it should've gone. They do an amazing job with Gulak countering any & every move or hold Bryan went for, and one of my favorite things about the match was the whole head-scissors deal; at first, Bryan escapes Gulak's head-scissors w/ a little headstand, right? Well then when Gulak puts on the head-scissors for the 2nd time a bit later on & Bryan tries to do the same, Gulak does the little short-piledriver to stop that from happening! So good. This match is easily one of the top highlights of 2020."
[6.0] "A useful match to tell the inside problems of InnerCircle and it's a fine showcase of the old great workers in their mid-paced high level psychology."
[7.0] "Very easy watching battle royal, nothing incredible, no RoyalRumble92 references or what, but in its semplicity, one of the nicest br ever saw by me. All the feuds were continued and nice spots were done."
[8.0] "This was a surprisingly great tag match. I always seem to underestimate ol Tacos but he always delivers, and of course Ishii. It was a stiff match that made the 21 minutes fly by and I can? t ask for much more than that. The cagematch rating is very fucking low, so i'll give it an 8 to bump it up. ****1/4."
[7.0] "Pretty good match that made R3K look strong. GOD were very dominant for the beginning and the middle of the match though, which was a little meh for me, but led to good hot tags. A lot of YOH in this which is surprising to see, and he kicked out of the Magic Killer. But in the end, Tama gets the win with a Gun Stun. ***2/3."
[9.0] "This is the best dick-measuring contest of the year. It's Ibushi & Dangerous T trading kicks literally for the entire duration of it with amazing facial expressions & body language. It's an amazing overall package -- it's so unique, yet so simple. The kind of a spectacle that would fit the Tokyo Dome, even. The best match of the 2020 G1 Climax."
[7.0] "This was the first time I saw Valkyrie live, and I knew from then she had a lot of potential for success in wrestling, from the basics to the way she reacts between the moves, and how athletic she is. She bumped around a lot for Viper, but didn't exactly give her an easy night either."
[4.0] "Pretty forgetable match. It wasn't awful but nothing interesting in it too. First woman match of AEW should have been better."
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