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[10.0] "I don't completely understand the 5* but still outstanding. Shibata's elbow strickes were bitter than ever and they didn't waste time all. As obvious, there was a complete lack of leg selling but we all know that are few the wrestlers that give a damn about selling a leg or an arm. Awesome match but NOT the 2014 MOTY without the shadow of a doubt. ****3/4"
[8.0] "i think everything they wanted out of this was achieved. its brutal, its consistently engaging and the story is obviously immaculate. but man the finish is so so so lame. its so lame. i understand what they were going for and its not even that far off, but its just dumb and lame and dumb. pyrrhic move my ass. i think the bones of the finish work, but they really dropped the ball. the knee didnt even look good and johnny looked like a big dumb goofy goofball. even worse in retrospect because wed never get the fourth payoff match at New York. really great for 99% of its runtime, but a match is really only as good as its finish and this finish sucked."
[7.0] "This was a pretty solid main event, but my favorite part of all of this was how McIntyre acted afterwards when Uso was getting attacked by The Judgment Day. I really hope a heel turn is on the horizon for McIntyre and I would really like to see him feud with Cody Rhodes."
[8.0] "This is a fantastic hidden gem. The second the bell rang Gail charged at Kong and they kept up a really fast pace throughout the short runtime. Kong looked amazing as she threw Gail around and I loved the spot where she crashed through the stage trying to squash Gail. The triple powerbomb finish was also really cool."
[5.0] "I would have much rather seen Tegan Nox return to accept Becky's challenge, but I also understand wanting to give Natalya a reward for pulling double duty at Superstar Spectacle. However, what we got here was kinda average and nothing all that exciting, unfortunately."
[6.0] "I am once again waiting for these two to have an opportunity to just let loose and have a barn burner, because I absolutely know that they can. I'm also not a big fan of the disqualification finish, especially considering that it's how their match from two weeks ago ended. All they have to do is give Nakamura a clean win while also giving Ricochet a good showing. I don't think it's that hard."
[5.0] "I didn't like this one. First, I'm not really invested on Chavo and Sexy Star's feud and then throwing Fenix and Penta there has no sense for me. Fenix did some cool high flying action and the heels get some cool heat, but there wasn't anything special and there were some stupid spots, just like the superkick into a sunset flip power bomb."
[10.0] "This was the match that made people finally realize that the righteous were actually good, this is what ROH is for, showcasing talent that arent getting booked in AEW, I feel like this good performance from both teams are the reason they are getting time on AEW tv"
[8.0] "A match where the result benefits both wrestlers. Saraya gains more legitimacy for her reign in that she is still able to wrestle a good match and should be the champion. Toni Storm gains more content for her character as it can lead her to further depths of despair as believing the times has passed by her as a star. The match itself was good with the shoes from Toni and the actual wrestling between them both was nice."
[6.0] "A somewhat underwhelming finish aside and factoring the ages of both men, this was a fine match on the undercard. Good matwork from both and I was surprised to see them actually hit a dive at one point. The crowd was into it and appreciated the effort from both."
[10.0] "Awesome shoot match, the ending was a bit weird and it's strange that it actually slowed down in the last three minutes but the rest is high level stuff. The mat wrestling is everything you can axpect by these two and also the stricking too. Raccomanded if you can get into it. ****3/4"
[8.0] "Tough one to rate. The ending was fumbled, and concussions should be taken more seriously during the match even when the stakes are high. That said, the match itself was performed very well and it wasn't until the end that there was something obviously wrong."
[8.0] "8 points for Joe being the murderous monster super villain he is. That's it. Something doesnt sit right with me having MJF win the same way he beat Punk in Chicago, and they did their best to keep joe looking strong even after the loss but... god making MJF an endearing babyface while changing absolutely nothing about his character I cant tell is lazy on MFJ's part or something I should blame AEW live crowd fans for feeding into it and kind of foricng the company to make this change when they probably werent planning on it. I dont get why so many fans want to cheer MJF like he's a good guy while he acts like an asshole. the whole "he's our scumbag" gimmick is pretty damn lame and boring, not to mention just levels of "awful people are more fun to cheerfor" that i hate in movies and tv too."
[8.0] "i really like this one. Shayna is just a complete superstar and Kairi is like the perfect scientifically crafted underdog babyface. this is perpetuated so much further with Shaynas diametrically opposing gimmick and brash brutality, some of her holds at the start of this look so gross and pop the crowd in the best way. both women tell a story and work their asses off to get that story over. it does go through a couple slow parts and its a few spots away from perfection but whats there is super wizard. finish is pretty great too. i really want this Shayna back, shes phenomenal."
AG32 wrote about MJF vs. Samoa Joe:
[2.0] "DVD on the apron, uranage through the table, piledriver on an exposes concrete floor, low blow, Muscle Buster kickout at 2. Alright. Yeah this was fuckin awful, MJF wins by cheating and then Joe shakes his hand afterwards? Was this just made to make Joe look as bad as possible? If so then success - *"
[8.0] "There's literally dozens and dozens of wwe matches that are considered classics where a ref didnt stop a match from injuries like concussions. People talk about how great Kurt vs Shane Mcmahon in 2001 was and neither of them should have wrestled that match. No ref stopped Owen vs Austin at SummerSlam and let Austin dangle there. People out for blood on AEW always make up excuses. Rick knox isnt a good ref, this is true, maybe he should get in trouble to some degree but pretending like this was a life-threatening situation, or they know WHEN the injury took place is the ultimate disrespect to the wrestlers. People acting like Rey was intentionally trying to kill Mox or something. that's what's really disgusting about this and you're all shameful marks trying to put yourselves over in an awful situation that has NOTHING to do with you. I hope Mox is ok and can take care of himself soon, get some time off. Yall stop spittin in the man's face pretending you actually care about him after MONTHS AND MONTHS of making fun of him for doing blade jobs every week. fuck yall"
[10.0] "Incredible experience of seeing a Yakuza boss and a boxer punching each others in the face. Kamoi goes with his gloves and Nihei just go with his bare hands. MMM also came at the start and got his ass beaten by Nihei with kicks in the head anc chair shots. ****1/2"
[7.0] "This didn't really work for me. It was a big brawl (which is fine) but kind of felt lacking for a tournament final. Prominence even put their titles on the line to try and make this epic, but it never reached that level. Its still good and MIRAI v Suzuki was awesome again and thats where the finish came as Suzuki hit rolling German suplexes to win. I expected more after an AWESOME show. ***1/4"
[8.0] "Where AZM/Starlight Kid was about counter wrestling and impact in short doses, this was an all-out war. Giulia sets the tone by attacking before the bell and its one of those matches where they seem to spend more time outside of the ring than in it. We got a couple of terrific table spots and even the double count-out finish worked as these two cared more about inflicting pain on their rival than the match. ****"
[9.0] "Jesus christ - what a match this is. I like how this doesnt try to be anything but what it needs to be: two athletic women showing off their impactful moves and counter-attacking skills. Every hit, every bump and every submission MEANT something here which helped give this it could end at any moment feeling. There was even some limb work too after AZM missed a foot stomp on the outside (that would have KILLED the Kid) so Starlight Kid goes to work on the leg. That leads to a number of terrific close calls with a Stretch Muffler that had you buying a title change. After a few mat-wrestling style back and forths, a SUPERB finish sees AZM come off the top with slam into an armbar and Starlight Kid is given no choice but to tap after 17 minutes. An instant classic. ****1/2"
[9.0] "Superb title match full of drama and incredible twists. They did a really great job of portraying both ladies as equal warriors at the top of their games and it made for this titan v titan feel which you want from big title matches. Hazuki had an answer for everything at the start but Saya weathered the storm like top champions do. From there, it become about who could hit hardest in a lot of ways. This match has two of the best near falls you are likely to see this year. The first saw Hazuki hit her Brainbuster finish at what felt like a natural winning moment for the challenger but at the last second, Saya dragged her shoulder off the mat. The second near fall is drastically different. Saya has full control and hits a 450 splash and Hazuki limply shuffles out of the pin before three - barely surviving. Saya, like a good champion should, is like a shark to blood and puts the challenger away with two Star Crushers. Terrific title match tussling. ****1/4"
[7.0] "Decent match to further establish Hashimoto as a hoss threat. Shes being presented as this impossible mountain to climb and its working for her. Himeka threw everything at her here and never stopped fighting until Hashimoto had to put her down with an Ankle Lock in 9 minutes. A blast of a sprint too. ***1/4"
[7.0] "Other semi final. This match was a ***1/2 in January and was a similar story here. This was much more of a wild brawl/frenetic style than the other semi-final too which suits NSAs work. Yuu stood out as a brickwall monster while you cant help but be impressed by Suzu Suzuki as always. She picked up the win for her team with a roll-up on Yuna which is a fitting way for this all-out action/non-stop chaos style of match to end. Prominence v Gods Eye is the final later tonight. ***1/2"
[7.0] "Semi-finals of the tournament and a really great showing to put over the importance of it. The Angels were superb again and Tams moments with Syuri were super cool, but this came down to Natsupoi. She took a hell of a beating and when it went crazy, she looked like shed survive but Syuri managed to pounce and made her tap to the Stretch Muffler. Good match. ***1/2"
[7.0] "Another impressive Mariah May performance with sprinkles of Waka storytelling involved. Mariah/Thekla had some GREAT interactions and I liked the way they built on the story of Wakas losing streak and upcoming huge match teaming with Tam Nakano. Waka did everything to fight off DDM but eventually had to be beaten by Mais leg drop. ***1/4"
[6.0] "Pre show match here and a solid showing. This felt like two matches in one - Lady C and Ram had a good size vs speed match while Maika/Utami just threw bombs at each other. Utami looked like a real star here and won with the stalling German suplex on Maika. ***"
[0.0] "The bar is so low for not just Saraya but the entire AEW women's division. This was a bunch of "big" spots (that are only considered big because people believe Saraya is on the verge of turning into dust if hit by a slight gust of wind) strung together by a bunch of Divas-era bullshit to mask the fact they can't do an actual match. It will be interesting to see what kind of matches Saraya has going forward considering she got no reaction but had the benefit of Toni Storm's sudden popularity to get the crowd invested."
[2.0] "This sucked. Sammy Guevara is probably never going to be a major player and if he is I don't think Jericho is going to get him to that next level anyway. These two have spent their entire AEW careers together and there was absolutely no chemistry between them."
[6.0] "These two barely broke contact throughout the match which I found really impressive as there was still a plethora of moves being showcased. O'Connor at one point is twisting Inoue's leg to the point that I thought he was going to twist it off. It looked very painful. The ending sprint was great stuff, as well. O'Connor being 51 at the time and pulling off bridge after bridge to standing positions was downright shocking."
[9.0] "Incredible match, Chuck and Trent fights in home. Another spectacular Parking lot fight, a very underrated stipulation. I love everything of this match, a lot of good spots, a mini war with cars, a match to prepare the Stadium Stampede. BCC looked like TV Villains, Moxley and Claudio works excellent and like i said in the first phrase Best Friends fights at home, crazy performance by these 4. ****/50"
[7.0] "A brief one-note Deathmatch with that single-noted moment being such a fucking jawdropper that i cant help but give this one a slight bump up in the rating. That VCR getting thrown right at Necro Butcher's head is iconic in its simplicity. You couldn't fake that shit. [3.75]"
[5.0] "I can't rate this match even a 6 even though I'm lazy and didn't want to write a comment. But my attempts to find something good in this match were unsuccessful. Suzu's spider suplex was cool, but that's it. Another boring match for Ami who was a dominator against Tam, and against Suzu she just survived and tried to nosell at the end."
[0.0] "I will never support, approve, condone, encourage, or give a high rating to a match that ought to have been stopped due to head injury. We are talking about an outside dive which probably concussed Mox, and then two unprotected tombstones. Rick Knox once again did not stop a match due to injury and botched the count to three. This is outlaw mudshow level stuff. Mox has a wife and kid. Please stop this stuff. Mox could not even take Fenix's highspots on paper anyway, just a bad matchup. Tony ignored the injury on the show and it was business as usual."
[3.0] "This is really bad, I mean, the rules are really strange, the action was everything except good and exciting and two of the wrestlers involved are really bad. I don't know why they put CD on there. Anyway, Jarrett eliminates BG James and Don Harris and pins Daniels for the win. When he is celebrating it with the rest of the lockerroom, Raven apears out of nowhere, DDT's him and steals the title, so it seems he is joining Russo. Well, nice surpraise with Raven, another good wrestler to add to SEX. The problem with that stable is that Russo is the main focus."
[9.0] "Seeing Inoki & Robinson's faces in their respective countries' flags set this up as the biggest fight feel on this retrospective of mine yet. We start technical until Robinson realizes Inoki's getting the upper hand and so decides to slap the champ. Feels like Angle vs. Benoit at Wrestlemania 17 was a callback to this. Wonderful suplexes and action throughout the LONG first fall. The 2nd fall includes a very long "rest hold" that is maybe the best psychologically I've ever seen with Robinson trying everything in his playbook to get out of Inoki's leg lace headlock. By the end of fall 2, the crowd is going wild and when we finally get a finish we realize there's only 1 minute for a third fall so it's just a quick barrage of haymakers before we finish the matchup. Really good stuff. Definitely the best match I've watched so far for this."
[8.0] "Best Friends and a Parking Lot Fight. A match made in wrestling heaven. Chuck Taylor and Trent Beretta looked like the megastars that so many have said they can be, going toe-to-toe and even outshining two of the top stars in the entire industry. In fact, if not for the interference of Wheeler Yuta, this could have gone a completely different direction. I hope we get to see this story come full circle, but even as a standalone match, this was a TV MOTY contender. Absolute brutality with tremendous innovation and a story that carried throughout. Claudio Castagnoli looked terrifying and Jon Moxley is just on a special level in every sense. 4.25 stars, 8.5 out of 10."
[3.0] "Theres not a single interesting spot in the whole match with the exception of maybe the finish. Early 90s Taker wasn't able to produce classic matches by himself and Hogan was only good sometimes, which wasn't the case here. Loads of rest holds and nothing fun to watch. The post match promos by Roddy Piper, Mr Perfect and Ric Flair were way more entertaining"
[3.0] "A disappointing start to what looked a decent show on paper. There was a lot of comedy and stalling early on which made it hard to stay engaged and then the work, as you'd expect with Coyle, was pretty plodding. To then finish on a distraction, particularly when Dreissker should surely have gone over clean as wXw champ, was particularly frustrating."
[5.0] "It's good to see that in a current Joshi Puroresu landscape it's possible for two young wrestlers to have 16-minute long singles matches, but this particular match wasn't that good - Umesaki is a generic in-ring wrestler that isn't very convincing as a wall to overcome and YuuRI's fire is mostly about shouting and making faces, her selling is good though."
[6.0] "Neither of these two are super duper workers but they both worked hard in this spot and I thought they had a pretty decent match. I liked that it was only a one-fall match, as that added more drama to the nearfalls. The finish, with Esfinge going back to the pinning combination that had come so close earlier on, was neat."
[5.0] "Most of the work here was pretty good and it was nice to these two ladies get a decent amount of time but it took quite a while to get going and there were enough wonky moments to prevent me from hitting the gentleman's three mark. Not far off, but only **3/4 for me."
[4.0] "Decent match here with a botched finished unfortunately. Probably on the ref and not on the wrestlers too. Moxley got his bell noticeably rocked early in the match I think on that dive in the first minute or two on the match And they struggled to get going as mox was lacking behind on some of the spots again not his fault he was probably concussed. The match going better as it went on before that botched finish unfortunately. Pretty surprising result with fenix going over not sure if that was the plan going in or if that was a audible due to Moxley injury 3/5"
[2.0] "2 points for Tito Santana and Kerry Von Erich trying to make this watchable when they were tagged in, everything else was an old school chessy slog to get through. The heel team had no chance at any point being formed by two jobber gimmicks, Hercules at a point where he wasn't treated as a threat and a way past his prime Iron Sheik. Awful"
[8.0] "There are moments to take a step forward, critical situations where leaders need to accomplish its best, one of the greatest stars of the Division had already left, going to the competition no less (the best of lucks Jade, we will miss you) probably the one with the hugest potential to be one of the images of the promotion. Furthermore, we were coming from a wave of criticism about the booking of women at AEW. So, let's be clear, they were pretty low and with a clear problem and in three matches they have solved it pretty well. Cargill had her adiós in a classy way and with excellent wrestling (clear message after the tumultuous and recent exit of one of the main starts after his backstage brawl of the week) and immediately another bout with great action, best work by DMD in months (If Statlander was once bad in-ring was at the last century). And now this one. We have to get in situation, TBS is considered a secondary title but since Statlander won it their matches have been excellent, on the other side the recent history of the belt has not been a success since Thunder Rosa had to left it because of her injury and we started to take strange decisions (interim belt? ). Furthermore, the new champ had showed limitations on her in-ring movements and had to change from babyface to heel just to gain some momentum. Her victory at Wembley was considered a concession to the local crowd. To sum-up, there were many doubts about her leading the Division as a champ. Well, not every doubt has yet disappeared, but Saraya has offered her best at the right moment, something leaders do, the match worked well since the entrances, so different, and focused in a storytelling of a lunatic versus a heel with a heart broken, or at least doubtful, on how to treat to her former friend. From the first slaps by Saraya to the iconic kiss by Storm (Norma Desmond made wrestling gimmick, incredible) everything built the momentum for the end with the crowd stand up as I haven't seen for a while. Action was good, Saraya best match since she joined AEW and Toni as usual. By the way, is Saraya receiving more attacks against her neck? I guess she's recovering her confidence. Well, excellent bout for an excellent week at the women Division, best in months, and we still have Rampage and Collision. At Friday's show there are two in-ring sections with women presence, I pass out. I have great expectations on the young ones match, Skye Blue vs Julia Hart, they have a great responsibility."
[8.0] "Samoa Joe is still the absolute don. I really liked this. MJF played his hits but it was Joe coming out still looking like an absolute killer from start to finish. My main issue is Joe shaking his hand afterwards when MJF had just cheated to beat him. The actual match was some brilliant TV wrestling."
[8.0] "One of my favorite matches of 2023. Insane action, including several spots that would have stolen the show on their own, let alone been a part of a bigger and broader story. Extreme examples of character development and story furthering, as well, with no better example than Trent Berreta capitalizing on his rare opportunity to showcase the fact that he belongs in the ring with two of the top stars in the company. The pacing lagged slightly during the commercial break, but they picked it back up and cleared the 8/10 rating with the way the match proceeded and ultimately ended. 4 stars, 8 out of 10. I absolutely loved this bout."
[0.0] "This match was an embarrassment for AEW, plain and simple. It was obvious that Mox had his bell rung very early in the match after hitting his head on the ringside mat. He was moving in slow motion after that, and quite honestly it's amazing that he was even able to keep wrestling. This was mistake #1 -- the dude has an obvious concussion, why not stop the match or improvise a quick finish? Have the last 30 years of CTE studies taught us anything? Eventually they hit one of the most disgusting finishes I've ever seen. Mox took the sitdown tombstone piledriver right on his head and then either couldn't or refused to kick out. Meanwhile referee Rick Knox stops counting at 2 even though Mox didn't even attempt to kick out. WTF? Then Fenix proceeds to do the exact same move again. The whole thing was incredibly fucked up. Mox could have been legitimately hurt or even paralyzed from this shit and all three men involved should be ashamed of themselves. I'm glad Mox was able to walk out on his own afterward but the whole thing left a sour taste in my mouth and kind of ruined the rest of the show for me. I love AEW but this was bush league shit."
[5.0] "Saraya could not be colder despite a home town pop when she got the title and they finally have a womens star heated up so of course they did not do the switch. Saraya should be an on screen character and no where near actually wrestling. This was mediocre."
[7.0] "Mox obviously got knocked loopy near the start but I thought he held it together well until the end and I thought he was just selling well at the start. Fenix is still great and the best luchador working in America. The ref needs sacked for not just counting the three, it is up to the wrestler to kick out and if they dont then hit the three."
[4.0] "Fuck me, what a chore. There are few wrestlers I have less interest in than Sammy Guervara. He is never going to be a star and the experiment should have ended years ago but alas he is one of TK's party buddies. He has not improved in the slightest in all the years he has had a decent spot. The finish was good but I was long desperate for it end."
[4.0] "I didn't like this as MJF's worst instincts were on display here. The match threatened to get good but then the Brochachos nonsense reared its ugly head. MJF working like a heel while getting a face reaction is not entertaining. MJF goes full Hogan in the post match, making Joe shake his hand. Why would Joe shake his hand? Joe beat MJF up for most of the match and MJF needed to cheat to beat him. AEW is determined to make their world title worthless."
[7.0] "Fair play to them, I was so into needing Eddie to win that I could not actually enjoy this match for what it was. Kingston will be far more interesting as ROH champion and I tend to find Claudio a bit robotic and uninteresting in everything he does. Lovely touch to win with a powerbomb like Kawada asked him to do."
[5.0] "It was a high speed match that should be creative, but here they did almost nothing interesting, maybe because the match was too short, and they didn't demonstrate the potential of a 5 woman matchup. Fine, but that's it, nothing special in general. Koguma's victory was surprising, I thought she would be a pin-eater."
[7.0] "Apart from the finish being slighly dissapointing this was a damn good opener. Good exchanges between Dibiase and Bret, Piper being as fiery as always, Flair doing his great selling and heel work, Bulldog bringing thepower and even Virgil and Warlord looked alright"
[6.0] "bit of a slog, which is a shame because a lot of the spots and moves are actually pretty cool, its just the inbetween thats the issue. for a match that a lot of people call a clash of characters neither man really play up their characters in any big way, which is hella dumb because ive seen them both go so much further. just disappointing. its not bad, just slow in front of a dead crowd with weak overall performances. finish is pretty great tho."
[8.0] "Very good, mostly even, match from these two but that's to no great surprise as Kid in particular doesn't really miss. There were a couple of spots where Nanae completely forgot to sell which kind of sucks and is one of he reasons why I've rated it an 8. Overall though this was a highly enjoyable match that hopefully will lead to better things for Kid. Some points though: This was expressly NOT advertised by Kid as a 'Passion Injection' match so some of the reviewers choosing to describe it as such is confusing; this was an 'older vet/hungry younger worker' match, which has a completely different vibe, and it's clear that this was the vibe they were going for here. Also, much like Jayfunk has written, I think some people misunderstand the point of a match such as this and just want the younger (and, of course, more physically attractive) wrestler to win, burn the programme out as soon as possible and hope that all of us smarter fans just don't notice how small Starlight is compared to Nanae so her repeatedly trying to do power spots instead of speed spots shows her poor psychology (to paraphrase a famous quote, 'kill Nanae's legs and her head will die')."
[8.0] "A well worked match that would've been perfect for a Raw ME but that lacked something truly memorable for a PPV ME. The two wrestlers worked well through the story they wanted to tell about Seth's back. Nakamura's presentation was amazing and the best he had in years. All in all, a very good match but only third best on the night. 8/10."
[10.0] "All the people that were in this match used very well the stipulation and turn this match into a great mayhem with some memorable spots : Rhea's spear through the barricade, the hockey fight and Owen's swanton from the crowd. The crowd was really hot for this and it really makes it the MOTN and a MOTY contender for me. 10/10"
[9.0] "A perfect opener for this show. Becky and Trish used the cage very well to make this look like a blood feud ending. Some spots were also memorable, especially the superplex from the top of the cage. The crowd went really hot for this match. Zoey's involvement in the end didn't overstayed his welcome and the post-match angle makes that everyone comes out of this feud with a new direction. It was probably Stratus's best match in her career and the best WWE cage match in recent history. 9/10."
[8.0] "Of all Russo's nonsense, at least he gave us Triple X. A new and exciting tag team formed by three great wrestlers. This match was excellent, AMW are a great babyface team, they are really over with the crowd and good on the ring. On the other hand, Triple X are great wrestlers and nice heels that know how to get heat. They have good chemestry and all the action was flawless and logical. Nice babyface vs heel dynamic, basic stuff, but well done. Maybe Daniels interferes a lot, but that's what he was supossed to do and for me only add more heat to the match."
[8.0] "A very good main event for this show. A fast paced match, with several nearfalls from both sides, that clearly makes Stratton looks like Becky's equal in her loss and a simple story where both women had to try several times to pass their finishes. The leg drop on the commentator's tables was a nice addition, but sadly the table didn't break. Interested to see where both women will go from here. 8/10."
[] "I would rate the match 7 (***3/4), but I think it's unfair to the men in the match to rate it when one of them got injuried, and couldn't finish it in his own terms. And I was enjoying the match before the finish. Now, we can only hope that Mox will be back soon and healthy."
[5.0] "Eh. Obviously these two have had better (bitter? ) matches in the past and the restrictions that came from this little tournament thing they've got going on impaired what these two are capable of making together. I wish i was more interested in both Butch and Bate but i am simply not. [3]"
[6.0] "They both could do better, but anyway it was not a bad match, and Kojima even used a cool way to carry out Kojima Wonderland when he reversed Yuki's wheelbarrow. The finishing part was enjoyable, the best part of the match that wasn't really impressive."
[8.0] "That match went way better that I was expecting. To me, the 2nd best match that Jericho had this year, only behind the one with Ospreay. The spots were good, and I enjoyed most of them. I didn't like the end at first, Sammy needed the win more, but the heel turn and the alliance with Don Callis was amazing. Sammy weak spot is his mic skills, and having him with Callis may fix this for good. ****."
[7.0] "This was a decent TV match. Cena took his usual beat down but after that he got in most of the offense and whooped The Miz ass but The Miz would cheat and/or weasel in some offense and got in some good offense as well. John Cena won the match but not the title."
[9.0] "That was storytelling at his finest. Claudio using a Misawa inspired gear, Eddie finishing the match with a move Kawada recommended, and a quick handshaking at the end. The match itself was really good, with nices spots and nearfalls. One of the best AEW matches of the year. ****1/2."
[3.0] "Well, this wasn't good. As anyone could imagine, Jerry Lynn is the best here, the rest is boring action. Mike Sanders isn't bad in the ring and has charisma, but David Flair is really really bad. Horrible finish, with David Flair hitting Lynn with that sack."
[7.0] "It's certainly hard to rate this match given what we now know, but being in the crowd for this one, I thought the match was very entertaining and competitive until the finish (which left many of us confused). The reversals/counters that Mox used to deflect Fenix's aerial/speed offense were often effective/creative. Given that the concussion was likely suffered early in the match (on Rey's dive), it's incredible how well-paced and compelling the match was."
[5.0] "There were a couple of not bad interactions and fun moments, but in general a boring match where even comedy things almos didn't work, even Honda's Gon story. The result was pretty predictable, but I thought that Harashima would pin Honda. Nevermind. I expected more from this matchup."
[9.0] "The match was a lot of fun. Some people here think that everything has to be a 5-star match to be rated well. Saraya played a great role as a heel (as always) Toni continues to improve with this new character ( best character in the women's division) and every blow that Saraya took to the neck was almost a heart attack that I felt. How crazy!"
[8.0] "This was a very fun Main Event, and a worthy showcase for the time they committed on TV to this feud. Samoa Joe's offense looked absolutely brutal (while remaining safe). I especially liked Joe's work outside the ring and on the apron. He gave the spots time to breathe, but still looking insistent on getting the pinfall with quick roll-ins. The finish was creative, and extremely well handled by all involved (especially Paul Turner, MJF, and Adam Cole during the post-match "hidden rope" trick). I also really enjoyed MJF's Ospreay-esque counter into a Liger Bomb."
[6.0] "Nice match. Larry Zbyszko looks great for his age. The match is fine and Larry makes some great selling for AJ's moves, such as in the superkick where he fall throught the ropes and still can put some good offense. AJ wins with a pin with his legs on the ropes. Then he demands a title shot against Jarrett."
[5.0] "Just your big standard battle royal. Best part was Nigel McGuinesss comment Ive never been in a battle royal, Im better than that. Way to put over the match Nige! It was obvious Hangman Adam Page was winning as soon as he was revealed as an entrant. He was the only real main eventer. Decent little finishing sequence although Hangman look a little unsure with some of the spots but I guess thats more Brian Cages fault than Pages."
[4.0] "It was a decent match. Jorge Estrada looks fine with some springboards, but in one of them he lands in a strange way, so he might hurt himself. Hudson was fine, decent wrestler. There wasn't anything special, I imagine is just for having an australian win the day that Australia has their first live PPV."
[6.0] "Toni Storm did a great job with character-based performances to give this match life in between the key in-ring spots. She even made Saraya's finisher look decent (which few in AEW have managed to do so far). Given Saraya's limitations in the ring, the producers did a nice job with the layout of this match. There was real crowd support for Toni Storm that could have longevity beyond title chases, so that's a positive."
[7.0] "This wasnt that bad. There were some cool spots and the near falls were pretty good and perfectly timed. This was telling a pretty good story of two former friends now bitter enemies going at it. If I were booking this Toni would have won but Saraya retaining wasnt the wrong choice."
[9.0] "This was good. This started slow with lock ups and kind of sped up as the match went along and it sped up around that 10-minute mark with them throwing chops and uppercuts at each other. Eddie Kingston actually beat Claudio and won the ROH World Title."
[6.0] "This match featured some good moments (and I thought the finish should get points for creativity, even if they didn't quite pull it off the way they wanted to), but it was also a little uneven for the first 5 or 6 minutes. It's tough to keep the crowd engaged after such an incredible opener, so I won't ding them for the slow start. Jericho did a nice job to slow Sammy down from running through his spots, and that allowed some of Sammy's bigger aerial spots to feel like big deals. The post-match angle (and the in-ring promo on Rampage with Don Callis) helps the finish make sense from a booking perspective, and it should help Sammy keep some of the heat from this feud. I'm glad Le Sex Gods is finished, as the tag division should be focusing on existing Tag Teams now that most are healthy again."
[7.0] "A decent X Division opener to start the show. At first it was sloppy and botchy, but then improved. The heel team impressed me a lot, specially Davind Young with his powermoves and his moonsault and Jimmy Yang, a great high flyer. Shark Boy was fine. On the bayface team, Red is the best, one of the crowd favourites. The match was fun, a spotfest to get the crowd hot to start the show. After Red wins with a Code Red, Konnan attacks some of the men in the ring."
[2.0] "What a fucking embarrasment for Tony Khan, AEW management, wrestlers, trainers, agents and referees. Not only do they let a guy clearly fucked up in the beginning of the match go for 11 minutes, he gets dropped on his head on the horribly botched finish. Why couldn't the match end with that Paradigm Shift? Why do you have to do your spotfest match with a guy who's concussed or god knows what, maybe paralyzed in the future. I can accept that AEW allows piledrivers but do we need 5 fucking piledrivers in one fucking match? Don't get me started on the retarded referee who doesn't count to three and lets a guy take another piledriver who's already been spiked on his neck (if you watch it in slow motion, it makes you cringe really bad.) Hopefully Jon Moxley doesn't end up like Jason Jordan or Big E."
[10.0] "This is flawless tag team wrestling. The Fantastics are even better with their mind games here than they were in the first match. They have an answer to absolutely everything that The Midnight Express attempt. They are firmly established as the more skilled team in the first segment of the match, in addition to having strong moments of personality as they consistently manage to make the Midnight Express look like fools (which, of course, the heels sell wonderfully). It isn't until the second half of the match that The Midnight's finally find an opening and take control. They have a great heat period working over Tommy Rogers, and eventually he makes the hot tag... Only for it to almost immediately be thwarted as the Midnight Express have a terrific double team spot that ends with Fulton getting dumped on the guard rail. Sweet Stan is excellent in control here, as his increasing level of frustration becomes evidence. He aggressively yanks Fulton around the ring by his hair and fired away with a series of precision strikes that come from all directions. He really turns in a magnificent performance and looks like an absolute machine in the later portion of the match. This is both a very classic feeling tag team encounter, but also one that isn't afraid to play with the formula in little ways (like the hot tag not working out, or the second heat not leading to a hot tag at all for the comeback). It's a masterpiece, and I wish we had a version that didn't have commercial break interruptions."
[9.0] "Agree with others here that this was the Match of the Night. Both wrestlers weren't afraid to use stiff strikes, and Claudio looked really great in defeat. The callbacks to past pinfall scenarios worked very well, and I'm happy that they found a way to give Eddie the win without using the backfist as the finisher. Claudio worked a great match, and made all of Eddie's offense look credible. As an aside - I'd actually say I liked their "Death Before Dishonor" match slightly more from an in-ring perspective, but the pacing/crowd work in this match was far stronger."
[6.0] "This three-on-three matchup between Oedo Tai and STARS had a bit of everything, encapsulating the essence of STARDOM's product. There were moments of comedy, sprinkles of high-speed action, and a healthy dose of physicality. Tora's ongoing animosity towards Mayu continues to be a compelling storyline, and they have managed to craft a solid and engaging narrative through their matches. Overall, it was a good contest that showcased the diversity of styles and stories that STARDOM brings to the table."
[9.0] "Eddie Kingston is the kick-off king, any time he's in an opening bout he kills it. This perfectly drew the heat in a rivalry that is more for wrestling nerds than the average fan. Got a little bit same-y in its strong style approach, with both men inviting strikes from the other. But the big moves were electric, and the strikes were mostly thrown in hard. One of the Dynamite matches of the year."
[8.0] "A great story led by the all-time great who is Samoa Joe and the future legend who is MJF. Samoa Joe did not seem to care about the title. He just wanted to walk into the ring and prove that he was a man among boys. And for a vast majority of the match, he did exactly that. Brutal displays of offense that showed how little respect Joe had for MJF, as well as how ruthless he is in this environment. It was really an essential match for the story of the AEW World Champion, as this would make or break the reputation he is attempting to develop as a wrestler who can truly stand and trade. There may not have been a lot of trading, and we certainly saw MJF resort to the tactics that built the love/hate relationship he has with people, but it was a genuinely great story. I think we all hesitated a little after seeing someone take a Piledriver on the exposed floor, as even the commentators uncomfortably rationalized that it was not concrete but a plastic layer over the court. That said, the one spot does not ruin the entire match for me, as I was genuinely captivated from start to finish. 4 stars, 8 out of 10. A genuinely great main event for what I found to be a genuinely great show."
[6.0] "This is Buddy Landel's SMW debut. He knows how to throw a punch. Also he is a nice heel seller and has some great moves. Reno Riggins looked fine, as he did a cool cartwheel elbow on the corner, which in 1992 was not that common. So it was a fine match. Nature Boy Buddy Landel wins with the Figure Four Leglock."
[5.0] "Unfortunately, it seems like there was an injury early on that knocked the pacing out of whack and impacted everything else moving forward. Even still, these two top-tier wrestlers managed to deliver a match that was far better than it had any business being under the circumstances. Ref misfire aside, this was really fun at times and an impressive, albeit ill-advised, display of toughness under the circumstances. A more than commendable 5 out of 10."
[6.0] "This was a tough one for me to rate. There were high points where I felt like Sammy Guevara was really coming into his own. Then there were moments where it seemed like all the work Chris Jericho did on the leg or the back became meaningless, as selling no longer mattered. Weird imbalance that made the suspension of disbelief tough, and I hate to ever write words like that on match ratings but here we are. Also, the finish was not as clean as one might hope, but the creativity deserves recognition. Either way, this was a cool homage to HBK-Jericho and an enjoyable bout overall. 3.25 stars, 6.5 out of 10."
[8.0] "This was the Match of the Night and one of the best stories to a TV match that I have seen in 2023. Eddie Kingston had the crowd in the palms of his hands and these two long-time rivals channeled some all-timers to build this into yet another incredible chapter in their feud. The Kobashi-Misawa tributes were clear, as were the Kawada-Misawa elements. Plus, seeing this version of Claudio Castagnoli is always incredible. Taking offense, but using the fact that he has been called the pound-for-pound strongest wrestler in the business by the super heavyweights of wrestling and turning it into devastating offense instead of just a Swing here and there is superb. Every single time it seemed like Kingston was mounting offense, a quick shot from Castagnoli would even the odds. The story had me on the edge of my seat throughout and the near falls were as convincing as they come. In the end, an incredible moment that should live on in AEW and Ring of Honor history. 4.25 stars, 8.5 out of 10. An outstanding match!"
[9.0] "This was such a perfect way for The Fantastics to make a first impression. They have The Midnight's number at every turn. I love all the little things they do to mess with them and get in their hands, whether it's the dancing taunts or the way they shake the top rope from the apron to make Lane take a spill. My biggest gripe here is just the constant commercial break interruption unfortunately really killed the flow and momentum of the contest, but that aside this is a really great match that achieved everything that it needed to."
[1.0] "I don't know how else to say this and it is not some kind of revelation. Saraya is a bad wrestler. Nothing she does has any physicality to it. Everything looks so soft or outright botched like her finisher to end the match. By the grace of all that is holy Toni Storm is a good wrestler with a good character so any redeeming points was what Toni Storm was able to do well. Finish was terrible with the turnbuckle miss, typical outcast finish. This division remains terrible."
[7.0] "Maybe my rating is different because I watched without commercials, but this was pretty damn close to being a genuinely great match. The Butterfly DDT spots were INSANE and the pacing of this match was great. Plus, the crowd went absolutely wild when the character elements were at play. Just an explosive environment for a damn good match that seems to have been robbed of a better rating by the commercial break. Cannot possibly bring myself to hold that against the wrestlers. 3.5 stars, 7 out of 10."
[6.0] "Overall, it was a pleasant match without anything particularly exceptional. Both teams continue to work on their chemistry to become more effective together. There were some enjoyable moments between Syuri and Natsupoi that stood out a bit, while Yuna and Saki delivered a match similar to their usual performances."
[7.0] "This was a good match between the two. They started out with some nice ground work with the submissions. Also this is one of the few times I was annoyed by the WWE camera work because the action was distracted with the constant focus on the commentators. Bryan hit probably the best top rope front drop kick which I have ever seen. He blasted Swagger with that. The finishing stretch with Bryan countering Swagger's gutwrench powerbombs twice and delivering a sick high kick ruled. 7/10"
[6.0] "Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff is a great wrestler. His promo and confrontation with Bob Armstrong before the match is really good, he is great on the mic. The match is good, Davey Rich is really over with the crowd. Orndorff selling is really good and is a good heel. He wins with a powerful lariot."
[7.0] "That's how you work a big interpromotional match. Lot of heated moment between the two biggest star in Shinya & Misawa and the "young" boys in Ogawa & Otsuka shows they are ready to fight and not going to let anything down with each others or with Misawa & Shinya. ***3/4"
[5.0] "This was mostly fine and even had some good moments. Toni Storm was really the highlight of this match and I'm so disappointed that she didnt win, she's probably the most interesting shes in AEW. The ending was rough which seems a common theme for the night."
[8.0] "Keita was still pretty green and his vision of what he wants pro wresting to be was not there yet. The bits in pieces of "professional wrestling" we saw from him just didn't gel with the match we were seeing. In a way, that added to the match. Watching Fujita Hayato beat the shit out of other wrestlers is never not fun. This was great."
[2.0] "Absolutely brutal match. If I never have to see the power of friendship in a wrestling match again it will be too soon. The finish with the exposed turnbuckle ruining the hip attack looked stupid. Time to move on from this angle, unfortunately they are just getting started."