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WWE Royal Rumble 2008
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Stand Up For Rock 'N' Roll (Airbourne)

:::: Not eligible for the matchguide: dark matches cannot be recommended. ::::
Dark Tag Team Match
Ric Flair's Career On The Line Non Title Match
Royal Rumble Match
- The Undertaker eliminates Santino Marella
- The Undertaker eliminates The Great Khali
- Batista eliminates Tommy Dreamer
- Chuck Palumbo eliminates Jamie Noble
- CM Punk eliminates Chuck Palumbo
- Umaga eliminates Hardcore Holly
- Shawn Michaels eliminates Shelton Benjamin
- Kane eliminates Roddy Piper
- Kane eliminates Jimmy Snuka
- The Undertaker eliminates Snitsky
- Shawn Michaels eliminates The Undertaker
- Mr. Kennedy eliminates Shawn Michaels
- Hornswoggle eliminates The Miz
- Kane eliminates John Morrison
- Finlay wird für den Einsatz des Shillelagh disqualifiziert
- Chavo Guerrero eliminates CM Punk
- Triple H eliminates Cody Rhodes
- Triple H eliminates Big Daddy V
- Triple H eliminates Mick Foley
- Triple H eliminates Elijah Burke
- John Cena eliminates Carlito
- John Cena eliminates Chavo Guerrero
- John Cena eliminates Mark Henry
- Batista eliminates Mr. Kennedy
- Batista eliminates Umaga
- Batista & Triple H eliminate Kane
- Triple H eliminates Batista
- John Cena eliminates Triple H

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