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"The Intercontinental belt was always for a second-class citizen"


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"The Intercontinental belt was always for a second-class citizen"
[Killings bleibt am Entrance stehen und widmet sich einem afro-amerikanischen TNA-Girl.]

Ron Killings: "Cut the music off! Look at you, my sister! They got you out here, caged up like some kinda animal. They got you out here against your own free will, don't they? I know. They are all modern-day PT Barnum's, aren't they You can tell me. You want me to tell you the truth? Wanna know the truth? They are exposing you for their own benefit. They are exposing you for the almighty dollar. How does that make you feel about yourself? Feel good? You wanna know the truth? This ain't nothin' but a damn freak show.

The Truth has taken a stand, my sister. It's time for you to take your stand, and tell everybody the barbaric ways in which you was treated by them. [An das Publikum] Shut the hell up while I'm talking. [Äfft die Stimme der Tänzerin nach.] 'Oh, K-Krush, oh, Mr. Truth, oh, I told you last week, I don't know what you're talkin' about. I love the money they pay me, I make good money. This is not a cage - this is a platform. This is a stage. I'm a dancer! - Dancer, my ass. You are nothing more than a two dollar ho!

What? They done brainwashed you already? I guess they told you that you was gon' be like a big star or something like that. Let me get it - you gon' be the next Destiny's Child, huh? You know what? Your only destiny is a street corner in the damn hood

[Ohrfeige für The Truth]

The truth hurts, doesn't it? But you know what - you ain't felt nothin' yet."

[Killings öffnet seinen Gürtel und will auf die Tänzerin losgehen, doch Monty Brown erscheint in der Halle und geht dazwischen. Ein Brawl bricht aus, der Killings in den Backstagebereich drängt, während auch Rick Steamboat erscheint.]

Ricky Steamboat: "Ron or is it— or is it Ron 'The Truth'... or whatever you call yourself right now, it really doesn't even matter to me. But you've certainly got my attention. You can't handle the truth is what the fans are saying. You've certainly got my attention. What's that? If there's something that you want to say about them— and I've been listening to you talk here for the last couple of weeks. If there's something you want to say about them, well at least come down here and have the balls to say it to my face.

[Killings kehrt in die Halle zurück.]

Look son..."

Ron Killings: "I ain't nobodys son. If you talk to me, talk to me with some damn respect."

Ricky Steamboat: "Truth, Ron, whatever you call yourself. If you want me to give you respect, you're gonna have to earn it. I've been listening to you carry on here for the last couple of weeks And to tell you the truth, I don't know what card you've been dealing. If you're talkin' about them in an authoritative speaking, well you're talking about me when it comes to authority. Now if you're talking about them when it comes to the colour of skin - well then we've got another problem. Either way, I'm here to listen to you talk."

Ron Killings: "First of all, you consider yourself just like them. Look again - you're not. You mean just about as much to them as I do. You want me to give you proof? You want more proof to back that up? Let's talk about your own career, okay? As a matter of fact, let's talk about your WWF career, how about that. Now let's see, how can I start this off. The great Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat. I grew up a big fan of yours, Ricky. Huge fan. People as of right now, to this very day, is talkin' about Savage and Steamboat and WrestleMania III. And I doubt if it'll ever stop. But you know what? On that same very night that you reached your goals at a pinnacle time in your career, you became the Intercontinental Champion - am I right or am I wrong? Well then, why did it just stop? Why didn't you get an opportunity to become the WWF Champion? Go for the big gold - why did they stop you? Was it them holding you back? Like they hold me back? Rick—Dragon, look in my eyes and tell me I know what I'm talking about. The Intercontinental belt was always for a second-class citizen. Oh yes! Oh yes, Dragon, fifteen years later, they pulling the same shiznit on me. But you know what? I am tired, I'm mad as hell, and I'm not gonna take it. You know where I'm comin' from, Dragon - you've been there. You can change all of this. You can do it. You make the decisions. And for all of us - make the right one."

Ricky Steamboat: "As much as it hurts my feelings, I know where you're coming from. You're talking about them. I know where you're coming from. So this is what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna give you that opportunity of a lifetime. I'm gonna give you that shot. It's gonna be for the NWA Heavyweight Championship of the world. Ken Shamrock and Ron 'The Truth' Killings, it's gonna happen here next week, you got it."
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