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"You need a damn miracle to get your ass out of that cage"


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"You need a damn miracle to get your ass out of that cage"
James Storm: "You know, Bobby, it seems for the last couple of weeks we been doing a lot of yelling at each other. What happened to the days when we were boys and we just talk? Remember that time when we were on the plane, fifteen hours over to Japan? We were sitting beside each other talking about how great it would be if one of us could wrestle for the World Heavyweight Championship. And then we just both laughed because we didn't think it would ever happen. And now here we are. Four times World Tag Team Champions. The longest reigning champions in the history of TNA Wrestling. Traveled the world. Two, four, five, six times. I can't even count no more. Entertained millions of people. Kicked a lot of butt. And drank a lot of beer."

Bobby Roode: "You know, I'm not going to come out here and pretend that Beer Money never existed. You know, we shared a lot of good times together. We had a lot of success. Beer Money was one of the greatest tag teams in the history of this business. Being a part of Beer Money was one of the proudest moments not only in my career, but in my life. But you see, there's another proud moment in my career and in my life that I remember. You may even remember as well. It was actually just last year. When we put our tag team aspirations to the side and we put our names into the Bound for Glory Series for an opportunity for a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship. And we did pretty good. I mean, we ended up in the final four, we wrestled in the semi-finals. You wrestled Bully Ray, I wrestled Gunner. I beat Gunner, went on to the finals, and you lost to Bully Ray. And on that very night I went on and faced Bully Ray and defeated the man that defeated you. Which send me to Bound for Glory, where I wrestled in the main event for the World Heavyweight Championship. Where you just sat in the back, twiddled your thumbs, drank your beer and did nothing. You remember that? Remember that?"

James Storm: "Did nothing, hu? No, actually I remember. I remember doing something. I was actually sitting there, drinking beer, watching the monitor, and I remember you got beat. Remember this. You remember the next week after that? I beat the guy in record time that beat you."

Bobby Roode: "Yeah, you know, I... it's slowly coming back to me. Now I vaguely remember that. I do. I do. Because your title reign was so short. As a matter of fact two weeks later I beat you for the world title! I remember it. I remember it like it was yesterday. Macon, Georgia, November 3rd, 2011. I know you remember it. That was the night that I not only beat you for the World Heavyweight Championship, but I became the It-Factor of Professional Wrestling. And became the leader of the Selfish Generation. You remember that?"

James Storm: "You know, actually I do remember that. I glad you brought that up because that's the night you hit me in the head with a beer bottle. That's the night that you destroyed the legacy of Beer Money. That's the night you destroyed a friendship!"

Bobby Roode: "Friendship? Friendship!? Cut the bullshit! The truth is we were never friends. Ten years ago when we met I hated you and you hated me. The only reason why Beer Money was so successful was because of our individual passion for this business. We hated each other. All those stories of traveling all over the world, drinking beer, having good times is a bunch of crap! And you know it! You despise me and I despise you! You made a living and you supported your family off of my talent. From day one you been jealous of me. You know it."

James Storm: "Jealous!? What am I to be jealous of? Let me tell you something, Bobby Roode. Where I come from family and friends still mean something. You don't sell your friends out for the love of money. And that's what you did! Because you're selfish! You did it for the money! I do this for the love of the sport! And I do this for all of these fans! Now my leg, my superkick leg is getting a little tired from going down this memory lane right here. So let's skip the history class! Because in three days, Bobby Roode, you and I, friends or not, we step in that cage and we beat the living shit out of each other. And we're gonna do it in Nashville, Tennessee. My town! In front of my friends, in front of my family!"

Bobby Roode: "I don't give a damn about Nashville, Tennessee! I don't give a damn about your friends! I as sure as hell don't give two shits about your hillbilly wife and your redneck kids! [beide Männer entledigen sich ihrer Jacketts] You want this to get real? Let's get real! You walk around like some big shot, like you're some big time star!"

James Storm: "Let me tell you something! You're not gonna need any damn luck, you're gonna need a damn miracle to get your ass out of that cage!"

Bobby Roode: "You love to say that, don't you? You love to walk around, saying 'Sorry about your damn luck', don't you? That's your favorite saying, I heard it a million times! And I'm sick of it! Because in three days... Look at me, you son of a bitch! In three days you're the one that's gonna need all the luck you can get! And considering your history with your two dead brothers and your dead father you have no luck!"
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