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"Nobody comes into my backyard and pisses in it"


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"Nobody comes into my backyard and pisses in it"
Desmond Wolfe: "Ladies and Gentlemen—and I use that term loosely—let me formally introduce myself. My name is Desmond Wolfe. To my friends I'm just Wolfe, but to you wankers I am MISTER Wolfe. Now, I'm not gonna come out here and say, I'm the next big thing. Read my lips: I am the ONLY thing!

Because, since day one, when I was born in London, England, I was raised to be the world's greatest fighter. It's in my blood, it's in my genes, it's what I do. Everybody who has stepped in my way has gotten knocked on their arse. You see, they say some people are destined to become unfold. I say: Forget that! I was destined to be a champion. And that's why I'm here in TNA: To dominate a sport that I was built for, that I was designed for, that I was made for. Now, I don't need a gold medal to prove how tough I am. Let's be honest, Mr. Angle, you didn't really win that gold medal. You couldn't beat the guy on points, so they gave it to you 'cause they felt sorry for you. It's true.

Now, I know you got this tough guy image. Everybody thinks you are this tough guy, but I know, Mr. Angle, it's a facade. And you wanna know how I know? [Wolfe nimmt seine Sonnenbrille ab.] Because last week, when I came into your dressing room and I slapped the taste out of your mouth and left you lying on the floor. And then, how you came to the iMPACT Zone, calling me out, and I did it again. Mr. Angle, I could have broken your neck. But I didn't, because I made my mark. More than that, in one night only I became the greatest wrestler in the history of TNA.

[Kurt Angles Musik ertönt und dieser erscheint in der Halle.]

Kurt Angle: "Desmond Wolfe—I didn't know your name before, but I know it now. I don't know where you came from or who send you, but you overstate your welcome here and you will be leaving TNA tonight. You know, since last week, when I was applauding all the young talent here in TNA for their hard working and dedication—guys, who are willing to give their blood, sweat and tears to make a name for themselves in this business. Guys like AJ Styles, Hernandez, Matt Morgen, even Eric Young. Guys with the will of champions—they earn my respect. You have earned NOTHING.

I let you know a little secret: You messed with the wrong guy. If you think you're gonna make a name for yourself at the expense of Kurt Angle, you got your head up your ass. Nobody comes into my backyard and pisses in it. Nobody! So, tonight we're gonna do things a little differently. Tonight, it's gonna be you and me in that ring, eye to eye, no attacking each other from behind, no outside interference—just you and me in a good old-fashioned Street Fight. You want center-stage? You got it. But I'm gonna beat your ass like it's never been beaten before. Oh it's real, it's damn real!"

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