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"We're gonna make you hate being in this business"


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"We're gonna make you hate being in this business"
Kevin Nash: "This is gonna be completely foreign to me, because somebody didn't hand me a script before I walked through the curtain. [lacht] So I guess I get to say whatever I want to. I got my eyes on you, young lady [zeigt auf eine Frau, die nicht im Bild zu sehen ist]. Gonna give you guys a lil history story, a lil history lesson. I'm gonna go way before Jeff Hardy was born, okay? 1993! [Fans rufen nach Hardy] Ey, I'm talking over here. 1993 I got a phone call from Shawn Michaels, asked me if I wanted to come up the WWF and be his bodyguard. Thus Diesel was born. Two years prior to that I - uh - was running up and down the road with Scott Hall drinking beers in the WCW. Couple of jabronis, opening match guys. You'll probably remember The Great Oz, yeah. Well, that phone call let to the Clique. And that Clique was Shawn Michaels, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Triple H and X-Pac.

That group of guys was probably the most hated five guys in the history of the business. We had all the belts, we held all the power and most importantly we made all the money. Go forward, 1996. I was the World Champion, Scott Hall was fighting for the IC belt. Sold out Madison Square Garden and that was our last night, because we went down a little federation called WCW. And on June 12th Scott Hall and I were reunited to become the NWO. At this point Jeff Jarrett, one of our running mates, compadre, and a hell of a drinker in his own right. So we became friends. We went down, we went down to Atlanta, wheeled at all the power, hell I think even one of us was booking for a while. We had more heat than you could check a stake at. We were old school. We had all the money, all the power. Everybody hated us.

Went back to New York. Same thing. NWO with Hogan. They hated us. [Zwischenruf eines Fans] Son, if you are telling me to wrestle you haven't watched much of my career. I told ya, I just take the money and let somebody else wrestle in the first match. So now, you're looking at new unit. This unit's name is: The Kings of Wrestling.

To all you guys in the back that spent half your childhood sleeping with our dolls. I know it's gonna be hard, but we're coming after you. We're taking over this place. Without Scott and I, there wouldn't be guaranteed money. So whatever little bit of money you're making, you can thank us. You got a good attitude? You won't soon. We're gonna bring it down. We're gonna tear this place down. We're gonna make you hate being in this business. We're gonna run you out of here. And guess what, that's right. We'll own TNA."
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