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"It's all about winning!"


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"It's all about winning!"
Lauren: "Booker, Sting, Jim Cornette's officially lost it. And the two of you seem to be caught in a crossfire. Now tonight, as a team, you face James Storm and Robert Roode, but from there, you're entered in the Deuces Wild Tag Tournament at Sacrifice, where you could be facing each other on opposing teams. What are your thoughts?"

Booker T: "What are our thoughts? Our thoughts are to win, as always. Sting and I, it's all about winnin', in 1996 Road Warrior, that night it was all about winning, that's what we did, tonight, it ain't gonna be NO DIFFERENT. It's all about winning."

Storm, Roode, you're in for a rude awakening, you're in the ring with two living legends: the Stinger and Booker T, and tonight, like I said, is all about winning, it's gonna get ugly, it's gonna get real ugly, dog! I'm out."

[Booker T will den Schauplatz verlassen, aber Sting halt ihn noch kurz zurück.]

Sting: "Hey, Booker, hold on a second. When you say winning on assuming, you mean whether we're on the same team, or opposite teams?"

Booker T: "Man, I'm not talkin' about Sacrifice, I'm talkin' about tonight, man, I'm talkin''s all about winnin', man, you're well and grown up, now, it's all about winnin', dog. Now can you handle THAT?"

[Booker T geht.]

Sting: "Oh, I can handle it, I can handle it, alright?"
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