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"All we're about is fairness"


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The Rock: "Finally, the Rock HAS COME BACK to St. Louis! Now you are probably wondering why every single WWF superstar is surrounding the ring with the People's Champ in the middle. Well the Rock says they have all asked the Rock to be their spokesman... and as unaccustomed to public speaking as the Rock is, he has agreed, so the Rock says Triple H and Stephanie, bring your candyasses out here and face the Rock! [Nix passiert.]

The Rock says... we'll try this one more time. Maybe you didn't understand the Great One - maybe you'll understand this - The Rock says: Triple H, Stephanie, bring your ROODY POO CANDYASSES..."

[Triple H und Stephanie kommen in die Halle.]

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: "Now now now - gentlemen I don't know what you're up to... but - but I'm sure... ["Slut"] ...but I'm confident we can work something out."

[The Rock hebt die Hand und stoppt Stephanies Rede.]

The Rock: "Let the Rock give you something you have needed for a long time. The Rock says you should know your role and SHUT YOUR MOUTH! Now the Rock says we're gonna talk about a couple of things. The very first thing we're gonna talk about is Mick Foley. Now the Rock knows that Foley's out there in the parking lot right now, here in St. Louis - probably selling popcorn, hell he's probably eating popcorn, but the Rock says if you do not meet our demands, we've got every single WWF superstar ready to walk out on your candyasses and every single WWF superstar ready to join a new federation - the WRF - the World ROCK Federation. So the Rock says tonight you will reinstate Mick Foley - NOW!"

[Triple H und Stephanie flüstern angespannt, wobei Steph ein "Yes" haucht. Die Zuschauer skandieren "Foley! Foley!"]

Triple H: "All right, Rock, you want Foley reinstated? As of right now, Mick Foley is back in the World Wrestling Federation - but not - NOT because you say so - it was already in the works, as a matter of fact we were gonna reinstate him today anyway."

The Rock: "Secondly, the Rock says he's been all - he's been in all type of matches as of late - the pink slip on a pole match, the you're fired handicap match, and the Rock says that as of tonight, there is no way... and the Rock means NO WAY matches like that will ever happen again."


Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: "That - that seems fair - that seems fair." ["Slut!"]

The Rock: "It sounds to the Great One that there's fifteen thousand Rock fans calling you a slut!"

Triple H: "I thought they were talkin' to you, Rock!"

The Rock: "And thirdly, the Rock says this - you like to throw away - throw around your weight, like you're a big shot, like you're the Rock, well the Rock says as far as for anybody being fired, is that as of tonight, there is no one who will ever get fired again unless there is just due, jabronies."

Triple H: "That's fair, too. Hey, you guys gotta realise one thing - all we're about is fairness--"

[Mankinds Einzugsmusik stoppt ihn mitten im Satz. Mankind kommt durch die Zuschauer zum Ring.]

Mankind: "First off, I would like to acknowledge THE DOZENS... of Mankind fans who sent out their care, their cards and their letters. Second off, I'd like to thank the Great One - not only for the kind words he inscribed to me in his new book, but for sticking his neck on the line in support of me. But as it refers to the McMahon-Helmsley era, I wanna say I condemn you for ridiculing me, for making fun of me, for mocking my family, and I've got a coupla suggestions I'd like to make - in concern to the Royal Rumble.

You see, I think I've got a hell of a main event lined up and it concerns you and it concerns me in Madison Square Garden... before you think about it, I'd also like to add a couple of special stipulations at a later date - and with the knowledge that we've got about fifty wrestlers ready to walk on a moment's notice, I suggest you make up your mind... right about... NOW!"

Triple H: "You want me at the Garden, you want me at the Rumble?"

Mankind: "You're damn right I want your ass at the Rumble"

Triple H: "You got it!"

Mankind: "Cause you see, Triple H, the way I figure it is when I get my--"

The Rock: "Well, seeing as the WWF title match is set for the Royal Rumble, the Rock says he's gonna take it upon himself to include himself in ANOTHER match at the Royal Rumble. The Rock says, as the People's Champion, the Rock is gonna throw his name in the hat and be a participant in the thirty-man Royal Rumble... and the Rock says that night, at Madison Square Garden, New York City, the Rock says he is gonna take 29 other ... jabronies... one by one by damn one... over the top rope, the Rock, standin' in the middle of the ring, goin' to WrestleMania to face YOU... or YOU."

Mankind: "Rock, that sounds like a hell of a matchup - but let's not just waste all our energy on the Royal Rumble - it seems to me we've got about twenty thousand screaming fans right here in St. Louis, Missouri. So why don't we put our heads together and come up with a hell of a show...."

Triple H: "A hell of a show is not your job to come up with!"

Mankind: "Wait, wait, no, these are just suggestions, Triple H! Because you know I've been out on the road and doggone it, not a day goes by when someone doesn't come up to me and say 'Mick, who do you think the toughest of the two New Age Outlaws is?' Yeah, I think we deserve to find out... with your permission, I think we oughta book that match right here in St. Louis tonight."

Triple H: "And I suppose if we don't, everybody walks?"

Mankind: "Everybody walks."

Triple H: "Outlaw vs. Outlaw, sure, that oughta be a hell of a match, sure, that's great."

Mankind: "That is great, but you know while you were talking about that I had another idea - you see, it seems to me you told X-Pac that he was just as good as you were on SmackDown!, and I'm not sure everybody believes it, so I think we oughta find out, by golly! And hey, once again, Triple H, with your permission, I think we oughta see you and we oughta see X-Pac in this very ring tonight!"

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: "You got it, Mick! You got it!"

[Triple H und Stephanie wollen flüchten, um nicht noch mehr Zugeständnisse machen zu müssen.]

The Rock: "Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa - the Rock says we're not done. You see, as sure as the Rock is standing in this ring, and as sure as you two roody poos are standing on the stage, the Rock says that if your candyasses make it through the entire night, there's one more match. It's gonna be the entire DX facing the Acolytes."

Triple H: "Oh yeah, that's great - all four of us against the Acolytes - no sweat, you're on."

The Rock: "Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa... the Rock is not done. You see, the Acolytes won't be alone - they're gonna have a tag team with them, and that tag team is gonna be the Rock and Sock Connection. If ya smelllllllalalalalalow what the Rock is cookin'!"
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