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"We will no longer pay respects to these relics"


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"We will no longer pay respects to these relics"
Bray Wyatt: "Change isn't easy. But it is inevitable. It's part of life, man. And how you deal with change will ultimately tell you who you truly are. So I say, tonight, we celebrate change. Tonight, we celebrate the spirits of Kane and The Undertaker. For over two decades they have been the benchmark of power. The earth shook at their feet. And they, and they alone possess the power to control the light and the darkness. And they have reigned supreme. So what I'd like to do right now is for everyone in this building and everyone watching at home, I would like you to bow your heads and pay respect to the legends, to the icons that are Kane and The Undertaker. [senkt seinen Kopf und lacht]

Fools! You are all fools! We will no longer pay respects to these relics. Because their respect is now my respect. There was no passing of the torch. I took that torch! And I used it to burn Kane and to burn Undertaker straight into ashes! And it all belongs to me now. Everything belongs to me now! As their bodies rot, mine grows stronger. I own them! And right now, right now their power is pulsating ice-cold right through my veins. And now I summon the lightning. And now I summon the thunder. And the demons march to Bray Wyatt's command.

There is no more time for salvation. All you can do is look to the sky and take solace in knowing that this will all be over soon. The apocalypse is here. Follow— [Wyatt wird von einem Video auf dem Tron unterbrochen: Der Vortex der letzten Woche "entstrudelt" sich und der Hightclip-Clip von Undertaker und Kane wird gezeigt. Blitze über dem Ring lösen Feuerfontänen aus, schließlich ertönt der Gong und der Undertaker betritt flankiert von Kane den Ring. Der Rest der Wyatt Family erscheint, doch Undertaker und Kane behalten die Oberhand. Letzten Endes gibt es einen Double Choke Slam gegen Wyatt.]"
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