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"Two belts, but there can only be one TNA World Heavyweight Champion"


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"Two belts, but there can only be one TNA World Heavyweight Champion"
[Der Ring ist mit rotem Teppich, einem Thron, sowie britischen Flaggen dekoriert.]

Rockstar Spud: "My Lord's Ladies and Gentlemen it is with great honor that tonight I serve as a spokesman for the entire Carter Kingdom. Tonight history will be made. The event that you are about to witness tonight is in much greater magnitude than even the wedding of Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge and William the Duke of Cambridge. Tonight we are here to honor real royalty and it starts with her majesty Madam Dixie Carter. This opportunity to be around the Queen herself is something that every lad growing up in my home country of the United Kingdom only dreams about.

[Die Crowd beginnt mit USA-Chants.]

No, no, not USA. Dixieland, Dixieland is a place, Ladies and Gentlemen, where dreams always come true. But tonight it's not just about Madam Dixie. It's about a man that is forever going to change the face of professional wrestling. A man, a man who is king in stature, a man who is YOUR world champion, Ladies and Gentlemen I am talking about a real man, a British man, your World Heavyweight Champion Magnus.

So in an effort to go on with the festivities. At this time, I'm going to present the master of ceremonies, the nephew to madam Dixie Carter: Ethan Carter — EC3."

Ethan Carter: "So, you little whippersnapper, you're across the pond okay, where you worship a King and a Queen. But here in America all the power lies with the one percent. Now ehm, I am undefeated and last week I triumphed over 'The Icon' Sting cleanly in the middle of this ring. But what is most important of all is that I'm a Carter. The world needs us. But the true man of the hour is Magnus, because two weeks ago he did more than a king could ever do ruling one meager country. Magnus became the Heavyweight Champion and now rules the world.
Now behind every great king is a woman and this woman is prestigious, magnificient, beautiful, compassionate, stupendous, unbelievable, caring, kind and loving. This woman is our Queen, this women is my auntie."

[Dixie's Musik wird eingespielt und diese kommt unter Buhen begleitet zum Ring.]

Dixie Carter: "Thank you guys, thank you so much for this warm reception. I love you too. Wow, you guys are so sweet to me, thank you so much. I am here to tell you a story, that I have told the journalists many, many, many times and it's one of my favourites. You see, I was on a flight to New York City and I was reading a magazine and there was an article about AJ Styles, but then, but then I turned the page and it literally took my breath away. I mean it was a 6 page feature, people, a 6 page feature on a man that is an inspiring wrestler, who was already a massive superstar on TV in the United Kingdom. No people, AJ Styles did not take my breath away in this article. This man took my breath away, because that face, that look, that perfectly chiseled body. I mean he didn't just have 'it', he had all of it and I knew by the time I landed I'm gonna sign him to my roster.
So, fast forward 5 years, he has overcome every challenge to become the true champion he is today and, people, most importantly, he has done it all on his own and without any help. Now i want all of you to stand up, please stand up people. I am being serious get off your lazy bums and stand up for me as we welcome true royalty and my new World Heavyweight Champion: Magnus."

[Magnus kommt unter seiner Musik in den Ring. Er wird von den drei Anwesenden begrüßt und nimmt dann auf seinem Thron Platz.]

Magnus: "Ladies and Gentlemen this is your champion speaking, please return your women to their full upright and locked positions, because now it's time for everybody to listen to me.
Rockstar Spud, EC3, thank you so much for those kind words, words I so richly deserve. Before we get on with my coronation I have one more person I have to thank. A very special person, a very special lady. I am of course referring to the one and only Miss Dixie Carter. Dixie you truly are the wind beneath my massive wings. As I stand before you today, your Heavyweight Champion of the world I have mixed emotions. I am honored and humbled at the same time. I can't shake the feeling, that you all thought it would probably be Bobby Roode, Kurt Angle, maybe you have even thought it might be Jeff Hardy standing before you today as your World Champion and it's not, it's me. You all doubted me. So when people asked me: Magnus, why did you turn your back on the fans? It's real simple: You turned your backs on me. So from here on in I will never again take a backseat to anybody in this business and I intend to be your World Heavyweight Champion for a very, very, very, very, very long time to come."

[Magnus wird durch Gunners Musik unterbrochen, welcher mit seinem Koffer und einem Mikrofon in den Ring geht.]

Gunner: "History hasn't been made, but tonight my history begins, you see I'm ready to fight my friend. Right here, right now, I'm cashing this in for my World Title match, somebody ring that bell."

Dixie Carter: "No, no, no, no, do not ring that bell. This is not going to happen."

Gunner: "Oh yes, it is."

Dixie Carter: "No, it's not gonna happen. Do not ring that — do not ring that bell.

[Dixie wird von Gunner eingeschüchtert und verlässt den Ring. Rockstar Spud und EC3 greifen ihn an und werden zunächst niedergeschlagen. Gunner und Magnus liefern sich anschließend ein kurzes Gefecht, doch als die anderen beiden wieder eingreifen ist Gunner chancenlos. Magnus will ihm zuletzt noch einen Schlag mit dem Gürtel verpassen, doch plötzlich taucht AJ Styles hinter ihm auf. Während Magnus noch geschockt ist, wirft AJ die anderen aus dem Ring.]

Get him out of my ring, get him out of my ring. Get him out of my ring — Magnus. Get him out of my ring, Magnus — now. AJ get outta here.

[AJ und Magnus liefern sich einen Staredown mit ihren Gürteln. AJ legt seinen auf den Boden und deutet Magnus ihn anzugreifen. Dieser zögert kurz, verlässt jedoch den Ring.]

You do not need this, this is not gonna happen, come on. Come on."

AJ Styles: "Dixie, you want your intellectual property? Well here it is — with me."

Dixie Carter: "How dare you? How dare you?"

AJ Styles: "Hey, so do me a favor, tell your lawyers stop chasing me all over the world, because I'm man enough to show up with this title right here, right now. But if you think I'm just gonna hand it over to you..."

Dixie Carter: "Yes I do. It is mine, hand it.

[Die Crowd beginnt mit NO!-Chants.]

Yes, yes!"

AJ Styles: "Well, if you think I'm gonna hand this over to you then you're dumber than you look, aren't you."

Dixie Carter: "That's real funny, real funny, coming from you."

AJ Styles: "Listen, I didn't come here, because you wanted me here or you made me — I came here because you screwed these people over. You screwed these people over, when you made your World Heavyweight Champion a farce.
And I needed to come back here. Did you catch that? Did you catch that Magnus? You're a farce. You know it. I know it. And more importantly these people know it. But here's the truth: I don't care if you wear that belt around your shoulder or around your waist. You're not a World Heavyweight Champion until you beat THE World Heavyweight Champion."

Magnus: "Are you, let me just make sure I'm getting this right. Are you challenging me? AJ?"

AJ Styles: "Two belts, but there can only be one TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

[Magnus geht Richtung Ring, Dixie versucht ihn vom Gegenteil zu überzeugen.]

Are you really gonna listen to her, are you gonna let her drag you by the nose like some little baby. Is that what you're gonna do? You're the World Champion. Well you know, when you're a heart Champ, then if you wanna prove that you are who you say you are then you're gonna have to accept now, aren't you."

Dixie Carter: "You don't have to accept."

AJ Styles: "Here's another fun fact, here's another fact. These people are gonna doubt you ever to be a World Heavyweight Champion anyway. I know what you're gonna say, no, no, no let me catch ya. I know exactly what you're gonna say: 'I dont care about these people.' — Sure you do. Sure you do.
Now, how about this: If you don't accept, you're gonna doubt yourself a World Heavyweight Champion. Hey the deal's on the table, but if I walk out those doors, the offer's coming with me, the choice is yours."

Dixie Carter: "No. No. No. This is not going to happen. No."

Magnus: "Let me make something crystal clear to you AJ. You're not better than me. Not anymore and you will never be better than me again and if you want me to prove it. Fine, I'll prove it. Next week, you and me 1on1, two belts, one champion. What do you say?"

Dixie Carter: "Are you kidding me? That is not gonna happen. It is not gonna happen."

Magnus: "Well if it doesn't happen, Boss, then I'm gone too, because nobody, nobody, nobody, nobody is going to doubt me or my Championship reign ever again."

Dixie Carter: "Are you insane? This man doesn't even have a contract here und you think I'm gonna risk this much liability over HIM? You or anybody else? Over my dead body."

Magnus: "No, no, no, you're right, he doesn't have a contract. That's exactly why you're gonna give him a contract, a one night only contract. [wendet sich an AJ] You and me — winner takes all."

Dixie Carter: "What are you talking about? What if you lose? I will have nothing, NOTHING."

Magnus: "Well if you don't go for it, you'll still have nothing and you know what, it's a gamble yeah, but I'm feeling lucky. I feel like rolling the dice. So what do you say AJ Styles. You and me, two belts — one true champion."

[Es gibt Yes!-Chants.]

Dixie Carter: "No!"

[AJ Styles reicht Magnus seine Hand und macht das Match offiziell.]
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