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"I'm gonna rape, pillage and plunder this entire federation!"


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"I'm gonna rape, pillage and plunder this entire federation!"
Jim Ross: "Alright, Vince, thanks very much. Brian Pill..."

Brian Pillman: "How's my extended family doing, Jimmy?"

Jim Ross: "Fine."

Brian Pillman: "I forgot to tell ya'... I don't even give a damn about my own family! And I think even less of this sewer of human waste that sits before me. It's easy to see why Jeffrey Dahmer tried to consume this whole state from head to toe, ha ha ha..."

Jim Ross: "It's not really funny... I'm sure the fans are excited about the day you'll be able to step in the ring. Tell me, how do you think you'll measure up to this kind of competition?"

Brian Pillman: "Listen, you stupid son of a bitch! I'll get... (breaks off and laughs again) What I want to know is, how does it feel to be one of the members of the wretched refuse? Paralyzed with fear of Brian f'n Pillman. Does, says, whatever he wants. We'll find out real soon if any of your so-called WWF Superstars has the guts to stop me. Yeah, take a good look. I'm the brightest star to ever step foot on God's green earth! While you crown a King of the Ring, the leader of the new revolution ascends to his throne. I'm gonna rape, pillage and plunder this entire federation!"
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