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"I love you, Sister Abigail"


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"I love you, Sister Abigail"
Bray Wyatt: "[singt] Studying about those good old days and who shall wear the starry crown? Good Lord, show me the way...

She taught me... She taught me from the young age. She said 'You gotta get them before they get you'. 'A rattlesnake's skin is the same color as leaves', she said. And we all understood her. She led us with love, but she told us that the fires, well, they are our friends, too. 'The world is an evil place', she said. And we agreed. And I was there. I was there when she took her final breath. She pulled me in close, and she said 'You're the one'. She said 'They chose you, long before you were ever in existence'. And I understood what she meant. Her touch... could save the world, but her kiss burns it to the ground. I love you, Sister Abigail.

[singt] Down, brothers, let's go down. Down by the river to pray..."
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