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[7.0] "Kamikaze has been my home promotion for years. They? ve had some fantastic events and matches during this time. However sometimes it can feel a bit rained in and no reaching its full potential"
[5.0] "It's okay, my friend really overhyped this promotion by telling me things like it's underrated but really it really low brow Wrestling"
[8.0] "Very good stuff out of Italy and I can't wait who they crown the new women's champion, I would love to see more Americans and UK wrestlers appear in the promotion"
[4.0] "The booking is just awful especially on RAW where it is mostly shit, maybe if they listend to their fans It would probably be better but the writers and McMahon are so full of themselves that will never happen"
[10.0] "AEW has done some pretty cool shit compared to WWE, though I fear that they are slowly going to evolve into what they competing with I believe we're going to get a solid show every time."
[6.0] "ECW will always hold a special place in my heart but if I'm being honest, they didn't always have the best product infact alot of the pay per views were poorly booked and I hate thinking this, but it's true."
[10.0] "best wrestling promotion ever just finished watching the last episode and I'm absolutely heartbroken because I know I will never find something like ECWWWW"
[5.0] "I feel like I can't get inside AEW. On one side, they built themselves against WWE. Most of what they do is made as a reference to WWE, a critic to WWE, or a legit copy of what is done in WWE. They could win a lot by living by themselves as completely independent compare to everything around them. Especially when the great majority of their roster is composed of ex-WWE wrestlers or rejects from this federation. On the other side, I feel like all I can see about them is a great band of friends, who separated in two big groups, and they take all decisions about them, do their own match where they have fun between them, give themselves titles etc... I don't really know them, so I feel like I'm evicted outside of their band and just can watch them having fun."
[9.0] "It has the best tag division in the whole world. AEW also outshines WWE in everything except for the women's division as WWE's women division is really really great with Io Shirai, Asuka, Sasha Banks, Charlotte, etc. Although Shida is stepping up and on her way to become a great AEW Womens champion and raising the division as a whole. Their single's division is not their best but it definitely is really good and although WWE has more talented stars, AEW has better creativity and better structure in ring style. In terms of booking, I definitely feel that they are really great although I don't agree with some decisions. TAG TEAM : The best tag team division ever. Every single team is great and does everything so well."
[3.0] "I saw a few GFW events in 2015 and 2016 and the only word that could adequately describe them is "uninspiring". Jeff Jarrett's promotion didn't even have the decency of putting on memorably bad shows: at least people still talk about Heroes of Wrestling and Herb Abrams' UWF because they were truly and memorably bad. GFW wasn't even that. The matches were boredom incarnate, the kind of "arrive, do the absolute bare minimum, leave" exhibition that legends way past their prime put on for a quick buck... with the difference many workers in GFW were not only in good shape, but also pretty good in other settings. There was no real booking as everything looked like it had been cobbled together at the last minute and no reason to invest time and effort in following the promotion. Considering Double J comes from one of the most respected families of promoters in pro-wrestling and helped launch TNA it was a pretty embarrassing showing. At least the company did go out with a bang when the GFW brand was associated with some sort of dubious financial scheme: finally some good joke material instead of pure unadulterated boredom."
[9.0] "On the outside looking in this is a pretty good local promotion. Once you actually watch wXw, you realize this is an amazing company with a rich history, amazing local talent and book great international matches. ""
[10.0] "Ring of Honor is a very good promotion but it has a lot of flaws. My main problem with it is that I think it has relied too much of bigger promotions to make it look better, primarily its Japanese partnerships with NOAH and New Japan. That is especially true today with New Japan. They've fallen off in recent years and are kind of lacking. Look no further than their biggest show ever with the G1 Supercard where nobody was interested in the ROH side of the matches and ROH disappointing a lot. Another reason they have to rely on other companies is the fact that many of their biggest names have gone to WWE and made names there like Daniel Bryan, Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins, Samoa Joe, CM Punk and more. One final problem is that no matter how much they try, they still come off looking cheap and inferior to other companies. Now, I am a big fan of ROH from about 2002 to about 2013. Their early days of being purely about wrestling and competition were really good. I'm a big fan of their tag team wrestling. Whenever I think of ROH, my favorite things are all tag teams. The Briscoes, Generation Next, American Wolves, reDRagon, Young Bucks, etc. The singles wrestling was no joke either with having tons of great matches."
[8.0] "HOW ARE YOU STILL ALIVE? ! Jokes aside, TNA/IMPACT has been through a lot and came out on the other side with a decent product that is watchable, besides making Tessa champion after everything came out about here, they are improving in terms of booking and match quality from earlier this decade. ""
[10.0] "The absolute best pro-wrestling company. Big matches delivers 90% of the time, the rest 10% easily gets covered by matches having lower expectations doing good. The Heavyweight division is handled so good that the champion is always the best worker of the company at that time. Junior Division matches sometimes steals the show. The wrestlers are organically grown, the Dojo system that they have has created so many great stars over the year. The faction system and tournaments gives it a unique feel. The only thing that they need to work upon is their tag division, though 4 man tag matches do deliver at times but that's a rare, rare time. ""
[10.0] "The promotion that made professional wrestling famous they develop new talents so i'll give it a 10, why not"
[10.0] "10 points. Gatoh Move give emotions that no one can give. An ocean of ? fun, simple human happiness and nice people. I wish this organization a long and happy prosperity!"
[4.0] "Tries to sell to you the idea that their type of wrestling is revolutionary but does everything WWE does. Put the VP's on the top of the company, bury other wrestlers, non-sense storylines and shooting after shooting on their competition. Again, AEW has great talent, but, their booking is so cringe and bad so far."
[4.0] "CZW's best days are sadly behind it. This company used to be ECW if ECW had done 4 lines of cocaine and dressed up like a bee but alas those days of the early 2000s are gone. It's probably for the best as sadly, most of the original CZW roster are either dead or handicapped due to their time in deathmatch wrestling. Guys like Zandig and Nick Gage would use to take suplexes onto concrete floors and fiery baseball bats used to be smashed onto people's backs, this is now a rarety. CZW barely has itself a roster anymore and relies heavily now on bringing in other indy guys and the emphasis on the hardcore element of the promotion is less imperative. The only guy I can think of whos remained somewhat loyal to CZW is Matt Tremont, but even he is doing his better work in other promotions at the moment. CZW used to be on top of its game, now it's not even the top dog in the deathmatch business, guys like Nick Gage have found more success in promotions like Beyond and GCW who continue to outshow CZW. CZW also has an abhorrent production, their commentators sound like they have been taken hostage and they can barely sell out the high school gyms they book. CZW used to have ECW-like passionate crowds but now they just seem bored and wonder why7 they wasted their money. COD and TOD are simply shadows of their former selves and as the wrestling landscape becomes ever more promising and bigger fish make their way into the sea, CZW is becoming less and less relevant and, unless they have a serious revamp, I think the promotion is on borrowed time."
[8.0] "This promotion has delivered so many good matches since its beginning in 2019. A lot of promises they made they have kept, and a lot of them not. The roster is still in growth period but you can look at it and say that when the time will arrive, they can carry the company on their shoulders. The overall roster is a mess as they have a constant need of creating tag teams from their singles stars to avoid the top stars from wandering around non title feuds for far too long. Maybe one more title will help this out. One unique thing that this company has is it's focus on Tag Division. The big PPV matches always deliver. Weekly show Dynamite is satisfactory most of the time. Apart from a few storylines like pre-BrodyLee Dark Order, Nightmare Collective, Fall of Shawn Spears after first feud, etc, all storylines are good. They deliver comedy really good even in serious matches. Overall they connect well with the fans and that's very important."
[6.0] "Apart from the blast that NXT has been delivering since 2015-16. The whole company produces nothing but storylines that will embarrass you as a fan. The 3 PPV matches of heel vs face has been so overused. Matches are so repetitive despite having the best roster in all of prowrestling. A match that you saw on PPV, will eventually be repeated in RAW/SD. The PPV matches barely delivered. They dont develop talents (considering how much resources they have), but instead buy the top stars from other big promotions. They dont respect the business and thats clear from the fact that they consider themselves as a SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT company and the word 'pro-wrestling' is banned. The matches and storylines are worth watching only on RTWM and Summerslam."
[10.0] "The absolute best pro-wrestling company. Big matches delivers 90% of the time, the rest 10% easily gets covered by matches having lower expectations doing good. The Heavyweight division is handled so good that the champion is always the best worker of the company at that time. Junior Division matches sometimes steals the show. The wrestlers are organically grown, the Dojo system that they have has created so many great stars over the year. The faction system and tournaments gives it a unique feel. The only thing that they need to work upon is their tag division, though 4 man tag matches do deliver at times but that's a rare, rare time."
[9.0] "Synergy deserves all the love honestly. Since the Garden State Invintational in 2019 I have not missed a live show. They have the perfect combination of wrasslin, comedy wrestling & Hardcore. A family friendly promotion. Based in New Jersey, Please check out Synergy Pro Wrestling."
[5.0] "Aside from NXT, everything else in this company sucks. Creative, ownership, match quality, etc. They look more worrued with the brand exposure than wrestling by now. My grade isn't lower because of some great moments in its past, which by the way, the nostalgia is the only thing that still brings ratings for them, literally."
[6.0] "A very promising company marred by weak undercards and crony hiring practices. The original All In show was a near-perfect supercard featuring the best talents from across the world, and AEW's initial promise of a serious sports-based presentation were enough to get me excited. When the company came to fruition however, we got neither of those things. While the roster has some major talent in the main events, the midcard is often rounded out by green guys who are not there yet, and guys hired solely due to their friendship with the executives. We aren't getting the best and brightest on the wrestling scene, we're getting wrestlers who went to high school with the Young Bucks. I used to be a big PWG fan and remember workers like Peter Avalon and Brandon Cutler fizzling out over there because they weren't good enough. If they weren't good enough for a DVD-based California indie company, why are they now getting jobs for a major, nationally televised promotion? As for the serious UFC-style presentation, that quickly went out the window in favor of a more comedic, silly style that is equal parts PWG, equal parts 80's Crockett. Sometimes it works very well, sometimes it doesn't. So far, the PPVs have all been excellent and I don't think anyone has complained about not getting their money's worth. They truly feel special and deliver on AEW's original potential. Unfortunately, the weekly show leaves a lot to be desired, especially recently now that they're having an abundance of squash matches. Dynamite has turned into a skippable show for me, which is a shame considered I was so hyped for its debut, but ultimately I can still rely on AEW to pull out all the stops for their PPVs."
[2.0] "WWE is by far not what it was during their best days anymore. The WWE "Style" basically became synonymous with everything that is bad in wrestling. The stories are more miss than hit all the time, everything is so heavily scripted and "clean" that it feels like it lacks every emotion possible and nobody in WWE is even able to build a real character nowadays."
[9.0] "I just fell in love with Noah. Their history is fascinating and today's product is also compelling and exciting. The characters are consistent and you can see the workers' passion at every match. When talking about Noah, people will often insist on how good the promotion was, but today's roster is also excellent and is worth any puroresu fan's time. They became a lot easier to follow with Abema broadcasting the big events live for free worldwide and Wrestle Universe (and their small subscription fee) getting the rest and keeping their archive. Hop in!"
UserNameNY wrote about The Dynasty:
[0.0] "Recently came this sh*t show on YouTube. Don't get me wrong there WAS some good talent there but the booking was COMPLETELY AWFUL. IT WAS BY FAR THE WORST BOOKING I HAVE EVER SEEN I THINK A 3 YEAR OLD COULD BOOK A BETTER SHOW THAN WHOEVER IS THE WRITER OF THIS. And then there's the setup WHY THE F*CK ARE THERE FLOOD LIGHTS OUTSIDE THE RING? ! ? !"
[10.0] "Recently came across Immortal Championship Wrestling or ICW from suggested videos on YouTube and immediately subscribed and watched most of their videos. The talent on every one of their shows is stacked their roster is stacked. It is very well done, the posters are extremely well done especially for an independent wrestling promotion. Their belts might be the best looking belts in professional wrestling today. I'd take their Heavyweight title over any of WWEs titles easily. I just wish their matches on YouTube would include entrances and post-match celebrations. Look forward to seeing more of ICW when the pandemic is over."
[7.0] "WWE truly is the Hollywood of professional wrestling. Just as Hollywood produced both The Godfather and Transformers, WWE is capable of showcasing the best and worst that wrestling has to offer. Right now the main roster gets a 3 and NXT a 9."
[6.0] "Been a WWE sympathizer for too long, but promotions like NJPW, AEW, ROH and even PWG have shown that they are not the be-all end-all, and the way they treat their workers is disgusting. Constantly making bad and/or baffling booking decisions among the few great ones, it's just not enough. Most of the 6 points I'm giving them comes from the 80s-early 2000s. There was lots to love after that point (and a lot to hate even before it), but nowhere near the majority of their output is even "good". Current WWE has taken a real turn for the worst even compare to that. Good for some mindless entertainment to throw on in the background but when looking for actual wrestling, there are other promotions that scratch the itch far beteter."
[10.0] "I have a hard time rating AEW anything but a 10. That's not to say the promotion is perfect, that's impossible, but when it comes to American wrestling promotions, AEW highlights it all. Just about every genre of pro wrestling is featured from tag wrestling, to joshi wrestling, to deathmatch wrestling, to classic NWA style - it's all in AEW. Their production levels may not be WWE-level but they're only a half notch lower, and the simper the better in my opinion. The roster has worked its ass off in the first year to establish itself as a viable alternative to WWE and any other promotion. Their weekly shows are consistently good-to-great, mini cards that highlight great talent from all over the place. They've yet to have one stinker PPV. So like I said, they aren't perfect, but in the grand scheme of things, for this first full year, they're the best we got here in the states."
[8.0] "Man, I remember back in the day when I was really into Chikara. I loved their King of Trios tournament and Torneo Cibernetico match, I would anticipate it every year. Chikara has also introduced me to some of the finest wrestlers and characters such as Mike Quackenbush, Sara Del Rey, Cesaro/Claudio Castagnoli, CP MUNK, UltraMantis Black, Larry Sweeney, Jigsaw, 3. 0, Icarus, Chuck Taylor, Johnny Gargano, Hallowicked, Archibald Peck, Princess Kimber Lee, Jervis Cottonbelly, and THE ANTS! There're so too many ants but you can never have enough ants. If you think they lack in storyline just check out the BDK invasion storyline. One of my favorite storylines in wrestling ever."
[10.0] "Promotion that has best characters since ECW. I think their storylines more unusual and unique than any promotion in the business. Also fans are really loyal with them."
[10.0] "So good storylines, in ring and chemistry between all wrestlers, thats the best company in the world for me, because the product is very logical, compared to AEW what is for me a bad product. I love watching Impact every week, almost every weekly is great."
[7.0] "What has happened to my favorite promotion? Is it the amount of talent signing with bigger promotions? Did the wrestling quality decrease? Or do I just miss Reseda?"
[10.0] "Besides stardom, SEAdLinnng is most solid joshi promotion rn with a huge and great roster.. Nanae Takahashi ( a living legend ) is the owner and she put some old fashion joshi style on that promotion and mixed it with the new era of joshi wrestling... big fan of this promotion although i hate someone in that promotion I don't want to mention her name because i got some warnings for so many reasons lol"
[0.0] "Seeing WWE in its current state is depressing considering the brilliance it had. Currently it is a garbage wrestlig company with horrific business practices, a criminally misued roster, cringeworthy commentating, garbage camera work, stirylines that make little to no sense and an over reliance on old talent and a goal of having a monopoly on the entire business. They killed the european wrestling scene and they will attempt to do that all over the world. People who say the hatred tiwrds WWE is just a fad or "the cool thing to do" is ignorant. People hate WWE because the product is sad. ""
[10.0] ""It's my favorite promotion around the world, okay, it's not the better, but the booking, the storyline , the wrestlers (men and women) and the performance in the ring is so good."
[8.0] "AEW had a great start with their inaugural PPV Double or Nothing. From there I have to be honest that they have kinda dipped down but you can put a lot of factors into that including everything that's happening this year. They are still in their infancy and still have a lot of ways to go and fix like their underwhelming women's division and ok-ish mid-card but they have laid down their foundation and can only go up from here. I will always choose to watch Dynamite rather than Raw and Smackdown so I can give them that."
mjboyer wrote about CHIKARA:
[10.0] "Chikara, all things considered, had one of the best runs in pro wrestling history from 2007-2015. The current landscape of wrestling in part reflects their output in this auspicious era. Regardless of how you feel about him personally, Mike Quackenbush is a wrestling genius who, besides the shutdown, could do no wrong in these years. Ever since they moved largely to the Wrestle Factory, it doesn? t really feel like Chikara anymore, but they continue to produce incredible characters year after year, my favorite new wrestler being Still Life With Apricots and Pears."
[2.0] "The original incarnation of WOW sucked, no if's, and's or but's about it. And I pretty much feel the same way about it's modern-day revival, but it's a (very) slight improvement. Fair booking and the signing of women with actual talent has significantly improved the promotion, but that's not saying much. Cheesy gimmicks are a turn off for me, as is WOW's television coverage. Episodes are riddled with bad camera work and mediocre commentary. Nonetheless, with some work, WOW could improve. A 2."
[6.0] "The glory days of the early and mid 90s don? t really make up for the disaster the World Championship Wrestling became, the perfect example of how to not run a wrestling promotion."
[7.0] "Gatoh is a really fun promotion. Even though it's not on the level of Chikara or DDT it's still one really good promotion."
[1.0] "This was incredibly bad. I don't know what it is with Jeff Jarrett. He thought he could pull of a TNA like the old days. Except he only made a company and didn't know what to do with it."
pepe wrote about Tokyo Joshi Pro:
[10.0] "Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling is probably my favorite wrestling promotion for so many reasons. It's Wrestling as it should be, colorful, fun characters, decent to great wrestlers, and super engaging. I don't understand much Japanese, but in just the past few months watching Misao's story arc, or Raku chase her first win, the emotion of Yuka vs Shoko at DDT Ultimate Party, etc, they know how to build these awesome and fun stories that don't get lost in translation at all. Some of the wrestling is a little rough around the edges at times but overall the product and watching wrestlers like Hikari Noa grow make TJPW one of the most engaging promotions out there."
[10.0] "The best in the world without a doubt. Subscribing to NJPW World was the best thing I've ever done. All wrestlekingdoms are good, the titles have real prestige and the matches are absurdly good."
[7.0] "I watched a show that was released on YouTube and I liked it. It is not one of the best indies I have ever seen, however, it is cool to see. GREAT athletes and exciting matches"
[8.0] "WrestleQueendom was my First event from EVE. I love Kris Wolf since The First time i see. Also, the show was really good, good Wrestling and amazing wrestlers."
[10.0] "I never bothered to watch anything that was outside the standard of the big leagues (WWE, NJPW, etc ... ) but due to the unsatisfactory content of WWE I decided to look for companies on YouTube to watch. I found BWF in a video where the show was outdoors. I really liked the content, the audience all excited at all times. I noticed that they use the space they have very well and this is what I like best in small companies with limited spaces to work. I became a fan"
[6.0] "Geez this company has gone down the drain the past couple of years. I actually had high hopes for this company back in 2013-2016 because they were actually putting better storylines, matches, and signing better talent. What happened from 2017-Present is they bring back old legends like Taker and Goldberg. I mean I'm not trying to say they're terrible especially Taker but pls think about the amount of talent you've signed over the past 5 years and see that they are better to be pushed in the main event than let say Taker, Goldberg, Lesnar , Batista, Triple H and even Reigns. The talent WWE signs get clogged down in the mid-cards and even become jobbers at worse because of the hold up. In order for this company to get better they must look ahead and forward and see the amount of people they sign remove the ones they don't have plans for the foreseeable future and start pushing new talents and build better storylines. They have done this before and as of the result created the Attitude Era. I mean that's how it started. Big Stars and Main eventers started leaving and because of this became a leeway for a bunch of wrestlers to become big time stars like Austin, Foley, Rock, Triple H, Y2J, they don't necessarily need to recreate the Attitude Era but you get what I'm talking about. I mean as of the current status of the WWE it can only get better with McIntyre being the top guy Rollins potentially starting a great faction, Bryan and Styles currently running Smackdown while also having NXT and NXT UK. We shall see."
[8.0] "I watch just 1 match (Tessa Blanchard Vs Nick Gage) and i like it. Short Match but so Fun ICW look like a decent Company, want see more in the future"
[7.0] "WxW built several stars like Cesaro and Dragunov. I particularly love their style and the WxW Golden Carat is one of the things I like the most in wrestling history"
[9.0] "Good company. There are moments when they get lost in the midst of some rivalries that end up not being completed for various reasons, however, above all, they are conscious and know how to book their great stars well. It should improve, but it is a company with a lot of potential to haver note 10"
[8.0] "I really like OWE , someone said that they don't have big names... idk what do you want more than guys like CIMA and T-Hawk ! A different promotion, they give a different style ( and it worked )! nothing else i can say about them."
[8.0] "After a hot start, the booking has begun to become fairly predictable, with something like 75% of matches having a predictable winner (AEW Dark is almost all squashes). The Women's division is shallow and booked uncreatively so far, though I'm optimistic it will improve over time. The main event scene is similarly predictable, but it being a new company, I think this is a good thing, as it develops prestige for the AEW World Title. I start with the negative just in hopes that these issues are addressed; AEW has largely been very fun. Strong points include great promo work, especially at the main event level; a deep midcard with a lot of young guys on the verge of stardom; high quality wrestling, with every style represented (except British catch, so far); and by far the best tag team division I have ever seen."
[6.0] "Pretty solid wrestling in 1999. dosent really catch up by todays standards. My granddad watched this when it came out and thought it was good at its time. He also included that this just dosent live up by todays standards. Good for '99 but not for 2020."
[9.0] "Boa empresa. Está longe de ser a melhor do Brasil, mas é boa. Precisa melhorar em alguns aspectos como histórias e spots, mas representa bem nosso país."
[10.0] "A melhor do Brasil! Uma empresa sensacional, lutadores maravilhosos, geniais. Assistam o ''BWF na BAND'' para ver o que a BWF é capsz"
[10.0] "The largest in Chile. His YouTube shows are American and European level. Very good. Also Herco Whisky is a star, the GOAT of the companhia"
[10.0] "The South American scenario is one of the best in the world, which unfortunately has little visibility. BWF is only one of the best companies on the continent. Their matches are incredible and the stories trap you. Great future and a great passing too."
[9.0] "I see things here that can improve ... For example, some matches are confusing for those who do not know, even if they are technically good, the shows sin a lot in the explanations for the new audience. It is a good company, even with all the mistakes that must be fixed if they want international prominence"
[9.0] "Good company, decent organization and hardcore things z that's EWF. I din't expect that level of hardcore Wrestling in Brazil but, yeah, here we are."
[10.0] "A company that has partnered with Noah. has great stars and it was there that Cezar Bononi from NXT started. I like it, however, the product should improve in the arenas"
[1.0] "I confess that I was curious to see the company because of the ratings here. I didn't like what I saw. Bad matches and a very poorly made product. meh."
[10.0] "For me, one of biggest indies in the world. Good history. Good wrestlers and very good fans. BWF is fire."
[10.0] "One of the best companies in Brazil and south america. Love all the shows and all wrestlers Big Stars ready to take over the Wrestling Bussiness"
[5.0] "DDT is kinda the modern day equivalent of ECW. On one side you get great wrestling like Kenny Omega vs Kota Ibushi and on the other big heaps of complete garbage. Maybe it's a cultural thing but I just don't get their brand of comedy, kinda like I didn't get a lot of stuff in ECW."
[8.0] "The vast diversity of DDT makes this a can't miss for wrestling fans. From off the wall antics to kick your ass action and EVERYTHING in between, the minds behind DDT prove to be some of the brightest and cutting edge in the business."
[9.0] "One of my favorite indies ever. The absurdist booking style of IWA Mid-South, but with actual restraint shown to prevent shows from becoming 5 hour marathons. The first 4 Masters Of Pain tournaments are some of the best in death match wrestling. Nothing but love for this promotion."
[6.0] "Once the gold standard of North American wrestling, Ring of Honor has taken a sharp downturn in quality since the mid 2010's. Horrible booking decisions, boring storylines, and some downright insane signings such as Enzo and Cass, along with a decline in the actual wrestling itself have marred ROH for quite a while now. If they don't patch the holes now, things will get bad; just ask WCW."
[6.0] "Much like TNA in the early 2010's, WCW had a brilliant roster of wrestlers marred by ridiculously incompetent management. Unlike TNA, however, WCW's management was so bad that it killed the company."
[8.0] "Impact has dramatically improved since ditching the TNA name. They're currently one of the top North American promotions; the matches are largely great bar the occassional stinker from the older guys like Shamrock and Van Dam, the booking is logical but they're also willing to take risks."
[6.0] "AEW is most definitely an alright promotion. But they have flaws that some fans refuse to recognize. Some of their booking moves have been downright awful, examples being Riho cleanly pinning Nyla Rose for the inaugural women's title (which damaged Nyla's credibility) and, more recently, Cody going full Triple H and booking himself to win EVERYTHING, and hypocrisy on the part of management (e. g. constantly bringing in former WWE talent and pulling extremely WWE-esque moves such as the currently ongoing Mike Tyson storyline)."
[4.0] "Formerly a brilliant promotion, now largely lazy with long-standing issues of booking and production unresolved and issues with a largely apathetic crowd. Still book some good wrestlers at times but the promotion itself is very paint-by-numbers"
[6.0] "PWG has provided us, over the years, with some of the best technical wrestling in the world and some of the worst, stupid, childish, uninteresting, unrealistic spotfests that have contributed to transforming the whole world of pro wrestling into smarks' heaven. My rating is kind of an average then."
[0.0] "they sucks. they are awful... they are amazing in being awful.. they are overrated. No More. iwg> jwp"
[10.0] "They Are awwwwwweeeesome. I Hope they will prove them to everybody that wrestling is not WWE or NJPW."
[10.0] "This promotion is so underrated. they have talented wrestlers and quality of their competitions is very high"
[10.0] "Iran Wrestling Group ( IWG ) is the only wrestling promotion in Iran . Pro wrestling in iran has a lot of fans , maybe one of the most. Iranians are not able to have a show in television because of our problems in iran but this company with all problems, is the best wrestling promotion in asia without a doubt. They're in this work since 2009 and they've done best they can and they were really successful."
[10.0] "Iran Wrestling Group ( IWG ) is the only wrestling promotion in Iran . Pro wrestling in iran has a lot of fans , maybe one of the most. Iranians are not able to have a show in television because of our problems in iran but this company with all problems, is the best wrestling promotion in asia without a doubt. They're in this work since 2009 and they've done best they can and they were really successful."
[10.0] "Iran Wrestling Group ( IWG ) is the only wrestling promotion in Iran . Pro wrestling in iran has a lot of fans , maybe one of the most. Iranians are not able to have a show in television because of our problems in iran but this company with all problems, is the best wrestling promotion in asia without a doubt. They're in this work since 2009 and they've done best they can and they were really successful."
[10.0] "Iran Wrestling Group ( IWG ) is the only wrestling promotion in Iran . Pro wrestling in iran has a lot of fans , maybe one of the most. Iranians are not able to have a show in television because of our problems in iran but this company with all problems, is the best wrestling promotion in asia without a doubt. They're in this work since 2009 and they've done best they can and they were really successful."
[9.0] "Although it has had a few missteps, AEW is a great company that boasts great talent, intelligent storylines and a fine mix of all types of wrestling: technical, high-flying, brawling, hardcore, comedy, it's all there. Not quite at the point where it can be seen as a credible threat to WWE, but if it keeps building itself up at the rate it is going right now, it may surpass McMahon quite soon."
[10.0] "Iran Wrestling Group ( IWG ) is the only wrestling promotion in Iran . Pro wrestling in iran has a lot of fans , maybe one of the most. Iranians are not able to have a show in television because of our problems in iran but this company with all problems, is the best wrestling promotion in asia without a doubt. They're in this work since 2009 and they've done best they can and they were really successful."
[0.0] "Storylines are awful. quality of matches are awful. they have talented wrestlers but they dont use them in the way that they should. talented wrestlers like ricochet, aj styles, kevin owens, nakamura, cesaro, zayn and etc. They easily can make a 5star match but bookings are awful. compare aj styles vs nakamura in njpw with their match in wwe"
[10.0] "they are very good at wrestling and i hope they'll prove them to everybody in the World. Viva Wrestling Of Iran"
[10.0] "No jokes here 5 star got me into wrestling I saw it on 5 spike in the UK I said I'll watch nothing good on and I was amazed I thought it was just 7 foot men pretended to punch each other"
[5.0] "First thing I saw out of IWA Mid-South was Ian Rotten slicing Pondo's arm open with scissors. First full matches in 2002, which were Pondo/Butcher 200 Lighttubes (of course) and Punk/Hero/Steel/Cabana/Capri outings. First full show was prob the 2002 KOTDM. Anyhow, IWAMS had occasional great moments littered with garbage from the end of the 90s until around the year '03 when they started putting on bigger and better complete cards filled with loads of indy darlings from all around. The local amateur and garbage mixed with world-class athletes and deathmatch bloodshed made for some seriously unique shows, and with the rise of ROH and PWG and CZW also having great years, it was pretty much indy heaven during that time period. Towards the year 2011 nearly all of the prominent workers had moved on and Ian Rotten had to call it quits for a time. Now, the shows 2013 and beyond definitely do not belong with the previous decade. There are some enjoyable moments to be had. Got to hand it to Ian Rotten, even though he is a low-life, the guy is still kicking. Hard to give an overall rating, but let's break it down, something like this: '97-'00 - 2p '01-'02 - 5p '03-'07 - 7p '08-'11 - 6p '12-'20 - 4p"
[8.0] "An entertaining weekly show that is easily accessible on Youtube or FITE. They have put on some fantastic matches in the past and they have a varied roster. All styles of wrestling are on show. Lucha Libre, Brawling, Technical, Amateur wrestling and Hardcore."
[10.0] "Constant fun with infectious Tom and Jerry and family like tones. A good time. Vert enjoyable matches, one of my favorite promotions currently"
[10.0] "A really fun up an coming promotion one of favorites to watch currently. The look, production, characters (Such as Dr. Nephalim's creafions, Naked Ninja and Dynamite Dino Dude), and wrestling is great. Its so fun. The Office (a stable there) are probably the man reasonI listen to You Make My Dreams by Hall and Oates."
[0.0] "All Elite Wrestling is essentially a big fuc*ing circle jerk for Kenny Omega and the Bucks and their dumb, nerdy and boring act. This was supposed to be "real" pro wrestling, compared to Sports Entrertainment, but what we got instead is an indy garbage backyard promotion on a big budget. The talent is there but the booking has just been ridiculous so far, with the women's division being only the top of the iceberg. I hope they bring some creative who knows what he's doing as soon as possibile, otherwise this could be the end, not only for AEW, but for all of wrestling alternatives to WWE on american television."
[5.0] "A rather mixed bag. A forerunner to the modern British independents, and a valiant effort at establishing a real British promotion during the dark, dark days of Britwres in the late 1990s and the 2000s. Attracted some big name indy wrestlers and in its middle years boasted an impressive roster of British/European talent who went on to bigger and better things. However, it was not without its problems. The roster was often weighed down with wrestlers who were mediocre at best, it suffered from poor production and running bad venues and often came across as rather low-rent even in comparison to the American independents of the same era, and many of its shows have aged quite badly."
[10.0] "The only promotion that I keep up with regularly. They have easy to follow stories. Things make sense and have good builds. There have been more than a couple bumps on the road, but right before everyone was cancelling show, they were really hitting their grove."
[10.0] "Absolutely love ECW, they had a real good thing going. Lots if great matches and storylines. Just recently started watching the years I remember 97-99"
[9.0] "This is a rating based on 1948 to today not just in the present day. They are so imbreded in the history of wrestling it would be not right not to be given i high score just based on the New Generation, and the Attitude Era alone as well as being what North American wrestling was based on since 1999. I'm not a fan of todays product as a whole or some of their business practices but to say they are not among one of the best organizations of all time would be a lie."
[7.0] "Was a pretty good indie promotion, started with alot of star power in 2016 when it was called WCPW i say WCPW was better then Defiant and after there name change they began too book rookies or wrestlers that where not a big name."
[10.0] "This company brought me back to Wrestling a year ago. With their little mistakes, they are building something great, and with a great international roster, with fighters like Pentagon, Fenix, Cima or Pac, they deserve all the good things that are happening with them. Every week is an excitement to see Dynamite."
[0.0] "I highly doubt this will last, and do not believe it should. Hope KO goes back to wwe along with cima and pentagon."
[10.0] "They are awesome! Great matches, gimmicks, feuds. Everything is perfect about AEW. Expecting DON II to be a great event."
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