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[3.0] "Two encouragement points because it takes guts to start a pro-wrestling promotion in China and another point because they always manage to have a few real big names in their shows, but that's about it. The Chinese talent has not really worked the way it was supposed to and the company seems solely to exist to give something to do to Dragon Gate and AEW people between their main companies' tours. This is basically a very nice nothing of a promotion."
[9.0] "This promotion was so much fun, I'm sad it got canned after one season, lots of good wrestling too with not just the hardcore stuff."
[9.0] "Taking the ultraviolence to the literal extreme IWA Deep south holds the most bloodiest matches in wrestling history most are entertaining but others are just omg moment after omg moment. It is entertaining but god it can get hard to watch."
[1.0] "One of the worst and most embarrassing companies currently running in Australia. Jackson Spade the owner and promoter should have stayed retired. This is a poorly run company with really bad wrestling. Embarrassing"
[5.0] "After watching four shows I got to admit I'm disappointed, half way through the fourth show I stopped watching and fell asleep when I woke up I noticed my phone was playing CZW and it was much better"
[10.0] "Diamond Ring was fucking awesome and it's sad that it died which doesn't make sense how does a good well liked company go out of business"
[1.0] "The owner of this company should be ashamed for what his brought into professional wrestling that stupid idoit"
[7.0] "Though I agree GFW was a scam there was actually potential for this to be a good company and alot of their shows were good especially the tournament to crown the first GFW champion."
[5.0] "When it started I loved this company but around 2007 it started dropping in quality and I just couldn't watch it anymore what happened."
[7.0] "The first version sucked but now WOW has comeback with awesome competition for the most part and showing us Women are awesome wrestlers and you don't need men on the card to have a good show."
[3.0] "Jim Cornette is mad because ECW lasted longer than his SMW that literally had some of the same talent, the reason this company failed wasn't because of recession but because of bad booking and stupid things like wrestling a Ninja turtle"
[9.0] "CZW isn't wasn't what it used to be we all know that but their not giving up on trying to give the best content they can afford at this point, sometimes it's good sometimes (mostly) it's bad or lackluster but they don't give up and that's what's respectable about them."
[5.0] "Maybe over time my opinion will change but right now AEW is quite meh. It is literally PWG with a bigger budget and a handful of well-known wrestlers where it is only intended to satisfy a very specific type of fans. The women's division is really bad, the tag teams division only serves to sink hot acts (Lucha Brothers, LAX, even Jurassic Express) and in general they have a very limited roster to do something interesting beyond what involves Cody, Jericho or Moxley; most of its storylines are forgettable, although in terms of ring quality there are things that can be enjoyed despite the repetitiveness. It is definitely not that "revolution" they said it was going to be, it's just another company with a huge overhype."
[10.0] "In my opinion, no other wrestling promotion has captured storytelling in wrestling to the extent that Lucha Underground did. Fully embracing it's kayfabe, it went above and beyond the call of duty to create a fleshed out world and mythology that was entirely immersive and believable. Only held back due to being on a smaller network, Lucha Underground's quality and creativity is unmatched even to this day. It really says something when even their "worst" season was still above average."
[10.0] "In my opinion, one of (if not THE) most under-rated and overlooked promotions in the UK. # Based out of what from the outset looks like a derelict factory but with incredible atmosphere, Tidal is classed as the "undergraps" ie. Its not one of the main promotions in the UK, kind of Champions League instead of Premier League, however I believe it is up there with the best of them. Being from Leeds, it has a lot of the Northern scene wrestlers who you dont often see on the big promotions and whilsts this may sound like a negative, its actually a plus as there are some absolute gems working this circuit in the North. The big boys are missing out by not utilising them. But this works to Tidal's advantage as it means the wrestling and booking is far better than what companies like Progress are putting out. They have their own VOD or you can wait a bit longer and the shows get uploaded to Highspots Wrestling Network. Go check them out and it could become your new favourite promotion (it is mine)"
[6.0] "A couple of years ago, I would have given Progress a 9 or 10. Their product was on fire and couldn't be beaten in the UK. However, since then NXTUK came along, and snapped up the Progress owners as Producers. It seems to have nosedived since then. I dont know if the owners just simply dont have as much time to run it, or what, but it has certainly gone into a tailspin. The wrestlers are still mostly giving 100% but something is lacking lately to the point of I have cancelled the VOD (which I have had since Chapter 19). Don't get me wrong - the shows arent "bad" - they are just nothing special, and when you compare this to a couple of years back, the difference is night and day. A case in point - Do Not Resuscitate Spike Trivet is genuine money. Talented wrestler and magic on the mic, however he has been put in a stable with William Eaver (in a new gimmick that I still dont know what he is meant to be - Street Preacher? Cultish? ), Danny Duggan, Lewis Howley and Sam Stoker. It comes across as Trivet carrying the other four members who in my mind are just bland and forgettable. I dont fault them for taking WWE's money - anyone with a business brain would, however don't market your promotion as Punk Rock when you are getting in bed with the biggest company in your field. Time will tell if it picks up having Matt Richards involved following founder member Jim Smallman's departure (to NXTUK). I hope it does and is able to regain its footing as it is probably one of the most important promotions in British wrestling history."
[4.0] "Ran by Brit Wrestling legend Chris Brooks along with Lykos, Mark Davis & Kyle Fletcher, this is a small promotion in the Manchester area that grew from a stable formed in Wolverhampton's Fight Club Pro and took over the Lucha Forever/IPW Tuesday Night Graps. This promotion for me relies too heavily on inflatable dolls and gimmicky matches like 20 Cumulative Count matches etc. I like humour in promotions when it doesnt overpower the in-ring work however it all comes across as kind of having to be "in the club" to understand it. Their refusal to operate a VOD service (despite admittintg recording each show) also deters new people from going I feel as its the sort of show that you need to know what is going on. If you love it then fair enough (and it seems those who go do as it sells out within minutes), but it's just not my kind of graps. Each to their own."
[9.0] "One of the best promotions in the UK. Great atmosphere. By far, the most well filmed and produced on demand service. Only negative is the length of time to get events up on the on demand. At date of writing (17 Feb) Combat Panto from 6 Dec still isn't up. This isn't really acceptable as you stand no chance of avoiding spoilers. Deducted a point for this fact."
[1.0] "WXO didn't exactly pick an opportune time to come along - it debuted when the wrestling world was still ruled by the "big three" of WWF, WCW and ECW, and there wasn't a whole lot of top-flight talent left for an upstart like this to take advantage of, leaving WXO to pick from former WWF and WCW undercarders like Barry Darsow, Erik Watts and Al Green to push as their top draws, with some still-largely-unproven talents from the independent scene (including future notables like Adam Pearce, Ace Steel and John Zandig) to fill out the ranks. To make matters worse, its TV shows were broadcast in a period of intrigue among the bigger promotions, as the Radicalz abruptly left WCW for the WWF, insuring no one paying attention to WXO. In and of itself WXO had no real direction - a weak roster, no title belts introduced, no major (or interesting) storylines begun past some rudimentary attempts at starting a tag division... hell, they never even got around to explaining what the letters "WXO" stood for! The company held a single TV taping, divided into three episodes, while a second scheduled taping never happened, thus robbing us of the promised upcoming debut of Johnny Ace. Ultimately the company was a minor anomaly that barely existed, and disappeared as quickly as it came without much of anyone noticing."
[7.0] "Much can be said about GLOW - that it was pure camp, much of the comedy was cringeworthy, much of the talent was minimally-trained, an even on its best day the actual wrestling wasn't all that good - and it's all true. But some aspects of it were truly innovative for its time that it deserves credit for. It proved that a women's wrestling product was indeed viable for an American audience (a full three decades before WWE got the memo), and in its presentation of wrestling as a seasonal TV show with out-of-the-ring, character-building skits rather than as a year-round pseudo-sports league, it set the stage for modern-day products like Lucha Underground and the Hardys' Broken Universe, which themselves are seen as innovating what exactly wrestling can be. GLOW also achieved something that perhaps no other American promotion other than WWE (and for a few years WCW) has, in that it became an icon of mainstream popular culture outside of just the dedicated wrestling fandom, as demonstrated by the continuing interest in GLOW represented by the fictionalized Netflix series based on it."
[6.0] "I watch Fusion regularly, and it's an okay show. Nothing remarkable, but solid and with some pretty good talent. I feel like "Major League Wrestling" is a counter-productive name for the company, though. Let's be honest ? it ain't the major leagues. Obvious it ranks behind WWE and AEW, but also Impact, ROH, and, at least based on weekly Youtube views, NWA Power as well. Calling the company "Major League Wrestling" just emphasizes how minor league it is."
[10.0] "Just the best women's promotion in the world. Three or four years ago, it goes to stagnation, when it was all around Shirai and Hojo, but now, with a support by Bushiroad, and raising a new superstars like Tamu-chan, Kashima, Kimura, Azumi, Kido-san and else, it grow up more. And of course it has a wonderful advantage - English subtitles, when we can understand pre-match promos, and all that girls say after that."
[5.0] "WSX was a fun experiment but one that was doomed from the start. The musical acts were the draw (even if they're edited out of the DVD that MTV released) and the matches that had some great setups were far too short to deliver. Worth watching for the talented roster and the fact it'll only take you a few hours to watch everything that was ever filmed!"
[7.0] "I've enjoyed what I've seen from the dozen or so shows I've seen on freesports but not enough to watch weekly. A decent roster and good production values mean it's one of the better indies out there even if the booking isn't great."
[7.0] "If you're not into deathmatch or ultra violent matches then this company is not for you. There maybe more to them than just blood and guts but it's not something that a casual WWE fan is going to enjoy. TOD or COD are always must watch shows for the sheer brutality, there is no other company that comes close when it comes to REAL hardcore violence. EDIT: Down from 8 to 7. Definitely toned down over the years and more of a focus on regular wrestling, over the years they've had some great grapplers and high fliers but the draw is still the ultra violent matches, which usually comprise of the same faces."
[7.0] "Watched a lot of PWG back in the 00's but at random, never felt like something to watch on a monthly basis, in ring wise it was always great but production always kept it from being must see."
[7.0] "The best wrestling promotion in the UK today constantly putting on great shows and offering a diverse range of matches, featuring the best talent Europe and the world has to offer. Having a working agreement with WWE they've been able to use talent that are under WWE contract and even had a WWE title defended in their ring. The production values are not the greatest and the fact the company doesn't live stream their shows is probably the only negative I can think of. The fan base are so passionate and loyal that the atmosphere at every show is outstanding. In the last year they've started touring outside the UK and in 2018 will host the UK's largest indy wrestling show at Wembley Arena. EDIT: From 9/10 - 7/10. Since the launch of NXT UK most of the roster has been lost and even though the top end of the cards remain really solid the undercard is the weakest it's ever been. I've cancelled Progress On Demand which I'd had for 3+ years. It's hard to invest in anyone if they're going to get snapped up by WWE. Then there's the catch 22 situation that once someone's signed with WWE it's nice to see them come back to Progress but surely it's counter productive to. Progress got me back into wrestling after WWE almost made me quit watching and now WWE have made me quit watching Progress! Maybe once it's on the network (if ever) then I might watch it again but I don't feel like I'm missing out."
[7.0] "After a few PPVs and a dozen or so weeks of TV I think it's now a fair time to rate AEW 7/10. I like the fact that wins and losses are the backbone of the company yet the small roster is quite evident. As a fan of WCW I enjoy some of the nostalgia, but the company needs to focus more on innovating than looking back. In ring wise it's solid without being must see. Omega certainly isn't going to trouble Meltzer's rating system on current showings. I'd much rather watch AEW than WWE but for a company built on indie stars and ex WWE guys it can't match NXT/NJPW for in ring quality..."
[7.0] "A young promotion that has come on in leaps and bounds since it began as an offshoot of What Culture. It's YouTube business model has helped it look more professional than a lot of other indy promotions and that will only help it to grow. It's a company that's still to have a stand out match or moment but at least it's consistently solid. EDIT: YouTube killed Defiant"
[10.0] "I must confess that I've not being keeping up with All Japan in recent years, so I'm only rating the legendary promotion of the 80s and 90s which is probably still the best wrestling promotion ever"
[3.0] "A promotion for people who like real wrestling as opposed to the sport-entertainment of WWE.. except they end up doing the exact same things people criticize WWE for doing (sometimes worst). A glorified indie promotion with a few great workers (Jericho, PAC, Page... ) surrounded by mediocrity.. What a waste of potential.."
[7.0] "Too much comedy, too many quick matches that have no history at all. This is just a good federation and nothing more."
[5.0] "Good workers but sadly I do not think they have control over there own booking witch is a huge issue for me. And this and thus make it hard for me to rate the promotion in any way as good."
[7.0] "I have been to three live show of the promotion and based on my knowledge live is the only way to see this promotion and i enjoyed every second if the show the main event of the 26. 10. 2019 show was one of the top three matches of last year. also one of the best-booked promotions n the world akin to Gabe era ROH ."
[5.0] "I admit i need to watch more of this promotion I have only watch around three shows in full but the fact that has drawn a 5 from me shows this rating will only go up in time."
[6.0] "it is sad to me how far Roh match quilty has fallen it truly is from the Golden age Nigel and Bryan or The wolves vs SteenRico Steen vs ROH ROH vs CZW etc it now when I cannot get engaged in modern ROH."
[7.0] "The sad thing about this promotion is unless you were there live you will never get unedited matches even stuff that is highly rated may not be the full match. The edited matches are good but leave you how wondering how good the full matches would have been."
[10.0] "An underrated promotion that while not drawing in the level of all japan women's he put out matches at that level for 25 years and also Sato's JWP that precursor to this promotion was also very good that lasted 1988-1992 and mention this hear cause it is not in the promotions database."
[8.0] "Underrated promotion with a very solid last few years and can only develop further some of the competent workers are very good I would put then on the level of upper mid-card golden era All Japan Women's talent. this in fact very high praise from me, yes very few stardom girls undoubtedly get that level of praise from me or stardom as a whole does not get that optimal level of praise from me."
[6.0] "HOW ARE YOU STILL ALIVE? ! Jokes aside, TNA/IMPACT has been through a lot and came out on the other side with a decent product that is watchable, besides making Tessa champion after everything came out about here, they are improving in terms of booking and match quality from earlier this decade."
[10.0] "BJW is able to mix some of the best deathmatches wrestling on the planet with some excellent mat classics, and it blends all too well. You can watch the Strong Division and watch some 30 Minute Classics, such as Nomura vs Okabayashi last year, or some of best deathmatches of all time, such as Miyamoto vs Sasaki. It's just an overall fun promotion with some excellent wrestling."
[10.0] "NOAH is a promotion that in it's current state and it's legacy is worthy of a 10, but if it was during the NJPW partnership, NOAH would be rated much lower as that period almost killed NOAH, but now they are back with Kaito, Kenoh, Go, Nakajima, Sugi, and so much more excellent talent and an underrated junior division. NOAH was at one point the best promotion in Japan, and now it's a solid top 5, with Go vs Kaito being one of my favorite matches of the year so far."
[10.0] "AJPW even at it's worst could still pull out some great matches (during the Pro Wrestling Love era in particular) and in these past few years, since the rise of Kento, it has become one of the best promotions to watch in Japan, housing some excellent in-house talent to this day, such as Jake Lee, Naoya Nomura, and many others, AJPW is always a fun watch."
[4.0] "Progress at one point was an excellent indy promotion that made Jimmy Havoc look like a fucking killer. The best period of Progress is from the start of Havoc's reign, til about after Scurll's reign, then it all but been downhill, and now their a WWE sellout that has nothing left to it."
[5.0] "A company that sold its soul and identity. There was a time where PROGRESS had been my favorite company in the world, but that was nearly 4 years ago. I foolishly thought that WWE lending a hand to PROGRESS wasn't an ominous sign, but alas it was. They brand themselves as alternative in the same way NXT does. Baffling creative decisions like randomly turning British Strong Style face, a painfully dull Travis Banks title reign, wasting a hot act in the South Pacific Power Trio, and actively ignoring their women's division for years. Occasionally PROGRESS can still do some good, but it's all pretty hallow, isn't it? Any goodwill they build is bound to come to an end whenever NXT UK comes calling to take someone away. I don't fault the PROGRESS creative hydra for taking the money, but it's very disingenuous to act like they're punk-rock wrestling still. The history of PROGRESS should be about how they helped breathe new life into the UK wrestling scene and instead it'll be about how they bent the knee to the almighty WWE empire."
[6.0] "A small, local promotion that never fails to entertain. I have never been disappointed with the quality of any of their events. Nothing extraordinary, but they always put on a good show."
[4.0] ""Better than WWE" shouldn't be the benchmark this company aims for. They've had great matches in their earlier stages but a lot of their stuff is falling flat now. Opportunities for solid, slow-burner storylines get rushed through and garbage storylines that should be trashed ASAP are getting too much airtime week after week. The production is okay, but it seems like they have audio issues every show. Wish they would stop cutting to "reaction face video" guys in the stands (plants? ) so often. If JR says "the safety of the athletes is paramount" during a ref check spot one more time I'm going to vomit. My real feelings on the show are a bit higher, but since there are so many 10 ratings for what's clearly a less than perfect show, I'll give it a 4. TOPE SUICIDA!"
[5.0] "they've always been the biggest company from a commercial point of view but i don't really care about that. what they do is not pro wrestling and it never was. it shows when you think of some of their all time top guys (Hogan, The Rock... ) and how fucking boring they were in the ring. of course they had big matches and big moments, having had a lot of great wrestlers through the years, but most of their content is just trash. weekly shows in the last couple years especially are painful to watch. i would rate it lower but nxt has been producing possibly the best wrestling in North America since the golden age of ROH and i gotta respect that"
[8.0] "Even if some storylines leave something to be desired (like Lana and Bobby Lashley's wedding, the storyline between Otis and Mandy Rose is a thousand times better), the WWE still manages to surprise me, and sometimes proposes excellent things (like The Fiend or Edge's return to the Royal Rumble). And I think that if they listened more to their fans and Mr. McMahon gave a chance to some jobbers to at least get up in the middle of the map (like EC3 for example), they could do great things."
[6.0] "Such a promising and exciting new promotion has proven to be quite disappointing. It's still far better than the promotion it's set up to be the 'counter' to, but there are still many issues. The women's roster is plain bad. There are a few good workers in the division, but their strengths aren't appropriately accentuated, and more often than not, the women's matches are just awkward and uncoordinated. I'm all for featuring female wrestlers, but only if they're actually good. Brandi, Leva, Allie, and Britt have all been rather bad, and then Riho, Shida, Statlander, Nyla have all been painfully average. Another issue is that, despite trying to be "real (tm) wrestling", they still rely on ref bumps, distraction finishes, and run-ins. It'd be fine if this was rare, but it's overused at this point. There are also some really bad stables in the promotion, like the Nightmare Collective and the Dark Order, who are just mega goofy and unconvincing. Heck, I'll also say that basically every 'goth' character in the promotion is too goofy to take seriously. I also really dislike how Omega and the Bucks have been relatively under-utilized. I would have been fine if they booked themselves as top guys, since they're good enough to deserve those positions and far more interesting as top guys instead of just upper mid-carders. There are a few other issues I have, but they're more nit-picky, like with how pointless the win-loss records feel, the heavy focus on comedy wrestlers, and the lack of focus on wrestlers like the Strong Hearts. Luckily, there's more I like about AEW than I dislike. Jericho, Cody, Moxley, and Pac have all been well established as outright stars, and other wrestlers like Darby, Fenix, Pentagon, Page, Guevara, Kassidy, Quen, Jungle Boy, Luchasaurus, and MJF have all shown great potential as future stars. The wrestling itself is usually good or at least decent, and there have been many good promos, angles, and video packages."
[5.0] "Well, 1 year pass by and my opinion totally changed. First of all, the best wrestlers of the company in terms of ring skill are Kenny Omega, PAC and Fénix(top 3). In terms of draw power, Moxley, The Elite, Jericho. This company started great on DoN, great matches, cool angles and a great debut of Moxley. And the time pass by, until All Out, I was very sure that the company was going to be really a "Western NJPW", because they had some similarities. Dynamite happened and everything got a little bit worse. Non-sense angles (Nightmare Collective, glad they made a excuse for the end of the angle), Riho's run(She has charisma, but she doesn't have the look and the skill and I would easily give the title to Shida because she is the best of the roster), Elite's booking(They put themselves a lot over and their friends too, like SCU. SCU as the first Tag champs was the worse thing I saw of them. Makes no sense at all. You kill the buzz of Lucha Bros that were so hot in the tournament and made a upset like that. The Elite side is sad, because Cody thinks he is Triple H and gets a special entrance and the rest of the roster doesn't get(exception for Mox), Kenny lost himself because he can't do his good matches anymore because the roster is limited, The Bucks and Page maybe are the best in momentum of the Elite. The good side is MJF, a very good cocky heel and Lucha Bros. , that should win the belt from the start. Daniels/Pentagon feud is cringe and AEW is just a NXT mixed with some indy flippy shit. Jericho as world champion is saving the company, and the rest of the veterans are trying to help the young boys to work with the camera. Brandi was one of the reasons that the booking was ridiculous, Statlander/Riho was a shithole of botches and ridiculous angles that made me turn off the TV and do other things instead. If Cody didn't destroy this angle, Brandi would kill the buzz of AEW and many people would turn on them"
[4.0] "While the company started strong with fun PPVs and weekly tv the show has quickly devolved into a mediocre product. A huge lack of star power, a horrible women's division and the fact that all the matches feel the same. A majority of the matches booked to be a big deal usually disappoint me. Being an alternative to a shitty company like WWE doesn't make the show good."
[9.0] "Places like GCW, Beyond and PWG are keeping independent wrestling alive in the US at the moment. With ROH slowly becoming a major promotion, EVOLVE being affiliated with WWE, former powerhouses like IWA:MS, CZW or CHIKARA losing steam - it feels like the rise of GCW came at the right time. With the majority of big names on the independent scene being signed by major companies in the past couple of years, GCW is solely responsible for creating new stars like Alex Zayne, Tony Deppen or Blake Christian (just to name a few). It is not the perfect promotion, but a damn great one, a place which encapsulates the direction in which pro wrestling seems to be heading. I would go as far as to say in 10 years GCW will be seen as having a similar influence on the wrestling scene as ECW once had."
[2.0] "I just find their shows to be completely unwatchable tbh. They have the greatest, biggest collection of talent any wrestling promotions maybe ever had and they somehow manage consistently produce absolute garbage across the board. The PPVs actually used to be good a year or so ago, but now it's usually one good match, almost never the main event, buried underneath a pile of shit. Awful awful promotion, which is a bummer given their market share and the nostalgia I have for watching their shows years ago, but yeah now its just the shits which sucks."
[9.0] "A fun Promotion with solid matches and very good rivalities. This guys inovate all shows with crazy matches and stroylines. Progress is one of the best indies in UK right now."
Genking48 wrote about Dragon Gate:
[10.0] "Been watching Dragon Gate since around 2012 and it is without doubt in my mind the greatest promotion out there. There are times when promotions take themselves too seriously, Dragon Gate absolutely doesn't do that. Amazing matches combined with comedy when the time is right makes for shows that just pass by and are over before you know it because you have so much fun. The undercard is something that can sometimes feel lacking and a bit boring but Dragon Gate makes even the matches that doesn't feel like they mean anything very fun to watch."
[10.0] "BODYSLAM! Pro Wrestling has risen to become the uncrowned king of the Danish wrestling scene. The promos and videos used to hype the shows are of high quality and always entertaining to watch. And the shows themselves are great fun with an enthusiastic crowd and wrestlers always performing at their best no matter if they are BODYSLAM! veterans, that have been with the promotion since the beginning, or guys making their debut in the BODYSLAM! ring. English subtitles for the promos and English announcing makes it nice and easy for non-Danes to get into this promotion as well."
[5.0] "The WWE is currently really average, The booking is really shitty! Storylines are boring! The in ring is very bad! I? m not talking about NXT that makes me put a 5 instead of a 3! I? m not excited at all by the main roster!"
[8.0] "even after all the great talents migrated to big companies, PWG remains one of the best companies in the USA"
[10.0] "the best and funniest promotion in the uk, brookes is an awesome booker and the shows are awesome my rating is 10"
[1.0] "How far Progress have fallen. I was never that into the Progress style as much as some others but they once put on some pretty good matches and had some nice overarching stories, now Progress is absolutely abysmal. The booking is absolutely awful, they give their top belts to people who are not properly built up (Eddie Dennis) and ruin most of the amazing matchups they make with their atrocious overbooking. I struggle to make it through any Progress show I watch because of the awful structuring and the matches are just much of the same overbooked bullshit, they do not allow their talent to perform to the best of their abilities. Ever since Progress sold out to WWE, they have continued to deteriorate in quality to the point where I actively attempt to avoid anything progress no matter how good a matchup or story may seem, knowing I will only be disappointed. I will never watch this promotion again."
[10.0] "Impact! has evolved into one of the most fun promotions in America with a very easy-to-watch show, solid PPVs, and crazy WWE-like storylines that actually have beginnings and ends to them. WWE's method is nowhere near perfect, but if you want to do it, do it like this."
[9.0] "An excellent promotion. It not only has plenty of amazing wrestlers and matches but also a roster stacked with very likeable characters and personal stories. No other wrestling company has made me feel so invested in the stories of so many people at the same time, I think that's their biggest strenght, even above the in ring work. Hopefully they'll be able to keep the quality steady if not improve it in the coming years now that they're under the Bushiroad banner."
[7.0] "AC is becoming this last two-three years the best french pro-wrestling promotion. The crew of young talent here are incredible and many of them (especially Aigle Blanc and Christianium) are the next thing in French pro-wrestling, love them so much."
[7.0] "I want to like AEW and I want them to succeed and to force WWE to not be absolute fucking garbage, but it feels very schizophrenic up until now. Where's the sports presentation we were promised? Sure, every now and then there's a banger of a match, but then they send Brandi out there to literally be Stephanie McMahon. Why are they falling for these pitfalls? WWE has been setting these bad precedents for years, and we've all seen them. AEW has the obligation to be better than this."
[10.0] "My favorite wrestling company in the world. Just about everything they do, even when it seems dumb or with no foresight, ends up being awesome."
[10.0] "Premier Pro Wrestling in San Antonio, Texas giving the fans what they want, non-stop action in a family-like atmosphere! Great shows, Awesome people, and a heck of a lot fun! They give the fans what they want! The best of local San Antonio talent blended in nicely with a sprinkle of former WWE ROH TNA AEW and other big company Superstars!"
[8.0] "Having seen most of the shows so far on a weekly basis, I see a lot of promise and a lot of really good stuff in AEW. There are some awesome current and future star wrestlers and many of the supporting roles are filled with quality personnel, from the announcers to referees and the commentary team. The booking is overall trying to establish long-term storylines, however the presentation so far has been a mixture of good and bad, sometimes relying too much on viewers remembering details or watching additional programmes (like BTE on YouTube). The wrestling, which is still my personal most important aspect, can be absolutely amazing (no wonder given the wrestlers), but given some TV or storyline limitations can also sometimes disappoint (again, given the expectations). Overall, we are still looking at a young, upstart company with a major upside and a strong rookie year. It is important that they build on that, continue to learn from their mistakes and have some real rocket booster feuds in the upcoming year, so that they top stars of the promotion are not mostly known for their work elsewhere, regardless of whether it is WWE, NJPW or Mexico."
[2.0] "RevPro is a bad promotion that has attached itself to a great promotion and leeches for all it's worth. They have no homegrown talent to speak of, relying instead on constructing import supercards, primarily with NJPW talent, to draw crowds. The production quality is a joke, the commentary sucks, the booking is non-existant and when it is it's terrible and the quality of shows is directly proportional to how many NJPW talent are on the card, where and who they're facing. For being able to book interesting talent I won't give them 0, but I will close by saying that RevPro embodies the worst of BritWres carny promotion, and should not be celebrated just because they can book Suzuki in a title run"
[10.0] "Awesome promotion. I think DDT is the best promotion what mixing Wrestling and Comedy. (My English is bad I think sometimes i use wrong expression i'm sorry)"
[6.0] "I was clearly late the party on this one. I did initially dabble with this promotion a few years ago, where is was an exciting prospect of a company. Coming back now, it's a strange feeling. There is such a deep pool of talent and the odd great match but something doesn't currently click or is missing something, like it's been neutered. I honestly didn't know at the time just how much WWE had their fingers in but when I did it hit me, they're essentially trying to maintain half an indie British punk vibe while also half trying to become more palatable in a sport entertainment manner, which it turns out neither half fully works and the presence of NXT UK makes this all the more glaring. In short, consistency is desperately needed."
[0.0] "Mr. Cornette talks about outlaw mudshows, if that isn't the pot calling the kettle black. It is a reason why this company was a failure when you have the likes of Tim Hoerner and Brian Lee as your main stars. The ONLY brightspot to this promotion was that it gave Chris Candido a place to work before he got called up to the big leagues. Good riddance to a company that couldnt draw flies to a shit factory."
[4.0] "The idea of it was great and the roster truly was a whose who of professional wrestling but the execution of this was absolutely terrible. I highly recommend on YouTube for anyone curious about this promotion, look up the Wrestling with Wregret episode that Brian Zane did on the UWF, trust me, you will not regret it."
[7.0] "A-lot of great talent either went through this territory like Mean Gene, Hogan, Ventura or guys were students of the AWA ways of training like Ric Flair, Steamboat, etc. The AWA gave us The Midnight Rockers and was the first place were Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty truly cut their teeth in the wrestling business. Lets not forget Mad-dog Vachon, Da' Crusher, Dick the Bruiser..... Vern and Billy Robinson stretching guys into pretzels and gave us the beauty that is The Iron Sheik."
[10.0] "My love for WCCW did not start until the release of the Triumph and Tragedy of WCCW DVD that the WWE put out as the company was dead by the time I was born. They had such a mystique about them and were truly pioneers and way ahead of their time as a company. You had Brody and Butcher having blood-baths. You had Gary Hart bringing in any foreign menace he could to take out the Von Erichs. The Freebird and Von Erich rivalry which was the greatest rivalry in wrestling history next to the 4 Horsemen and Dusty Rhodes feud. Lets not forget the entrance music being played for guys like the Von Erichs and The Freebirds that boomed through their PA System. Once WCCW changed to WCWA, it was truly over for the company and such a shame."
[7.0] "It was revolutionary for its time, there is no question but when you look back at it, truthfully, the men put themselves through the meat grinder and not in a good way. Sandman always came to the ring drunk, New Jack was a lose cannon in the ring, usually high on cocaine, you have RVD who would get so stoned backstage that he would have no idea it was time for his match until his music was already on the 2nd loop. ECW was great for what it was but the fans who look at this promotion like it was JCP and holds it in high honors are absolutely mental."
[7.0] "Match quality is generally good, booking is still very much work in progress but they have only been around for a few months now. I hope they'll have more interesting long-running angles in the future since the talent is just there and with a weekly show the possibilities for promos and vignettes are endless. It remains to be seen if they'll be able to build more main event stars to carry the company into the future as the WWE hiring spree shows no signs of slowing down, something that troubles me to no end as an old time wrestling fan. Finally they should sit down around a table a work out a solid co-operation deal with NJPW or Dragon Gate in Japan and an European promotion to expand their reach worldwide. These guys are basically the last chance to build a WWE alternative after TNA imploded and ROH went out with a whimper, so we'd better hope they succeed."
[7.0] "Just few years ago, PWG was still very hot, but then after 2018, the company has declined a lot. Not 100% their fault as their top stars left for big promotions, but after they moved their old venue in Reseda to the new one. The aura, the magic that used to make PWG what it was were faded away. The show was still pretty decent at best, but no longer must-watch. Feel like many matches now are the exact the same and uncreative. Used to enjoy this a lot, now I don't do really much."
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