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[10.0] "I've only started watching NOAH last month and am not yet familiar with all the talent but what I've seen so far is an easy 10 (and I say that despite giving NJPW a 9 despite being my favorite company). Why the high rating? Simply put, NOAH appears to be doing so much *right* at a time when everyone else seems a bit lost. The matches are highly compelling, as hard-hitting as you're going to find in the pro-wrestling world, and both well-paced and well booked. The in-ring talent is strong. The company has widened its reach by making an agreement to be on DDT Universe. Bigger shows have English commentary to increase accessibility. I will probably adjust my rating as I watch more of this product and come up with criticisms but I honestly don't have any so far -- I think NOAH is poised to do big things over the next five years if they stay on pace."
[7.0] "AJPW is tough to rate for me. On the one hand, this company is legendary for its work back in the 90s and it deserves credit for that. On the other hand, there is much in the current product that I find lacking. What frustrates me is that this company gets right a lot of things I feel other companies get wrong and gets a lot of things wrong that seem like no brainers as far as other companies are concerned. The matches themselves are light and fun-viewing, for the most part, which is great. What I love is that the ring work feels a lot more "organic" and less spot-based (most of the time), and any move can potentially end a match, even a particularly well-applied wristlock. Interference almost never happens even though everyone has friends along ringside. Moves are mostly grappling based with minimal high flying stuff. The problem is that, personally, I find the overall booking "boring" sometimes, and I hate to say that. The talent in the company is a bit uneven, the talents that are there are either still in development or have fallen into formulaic ways of doing things (looking at you, Kento), and there's not a whole lot that's "much watch" for me. I had big expectations for Total Eclipse and am a fan of Jake Lee but neither they nor he are particularly "wowing" me at the moment despite getting a major push, which I find disconcerting. A big part of the problem is factors I'm pretty sure are outside AJPW's control -- production values are no where near NJPW's. The company is only just now dipping its toes into English, which admittedly makes following along a major chore. One of the ways they cut costs is by cutting out music, commentary, and multiple cameras out of its smaller shows, which can be off-putting to a viewer not expecting that (and, again, I don't take away points on that and mostly mention it as a warning to new viewers - I think it's due to budget restraints more than anything else). I think my biggest complaint is that the overall booking feels like it has no larger "direction", and that a big part of that is due to the pieces just not quite being there at the moment. What I will say in its favor, however, is that it's a fun watch, a lot of its talent can be quite endearing (if not quite at the same level of talent as is found in NJPW), and that I desperately *want* to see this company succeed. I can recommend this to anyone who likes old school wrestling and is willing to put in a bit of extra effort to understand what's going on, with the caveat that it's more fun-viewing than must-see."
[9.0] "I'm giving New Japan a 9 right now, with the understanding that, if it weren't for the pandemic, its current product would probably be getting a 7 from me (and, pre-pandemic, it would have been an easy 10). I'll give them leeway for doing what they can given the ways in which restrictions have shaken things up. That said, I think NJPW still the best wrestling product in the world right now. Its biggest flaws at the moment boil down to poor booking decisions that were likely hastily made back when so much was unknown as to how COVID would play out coupled with overexposure of talent due to increasing the number of shows in order to keep up attendance quotas (it's my understanding that NJPW makes most of its revenues from in-person attendance at shows). I'm not convinced that NJPW could have dealt with the situation any better given the circumstances, which is why I'll give them a bit of leeway. Where I do think they deserve criticism, however, is in regards to the formulaic nature of many of their matches. There are often too many team and multi-man tag matches on the cards and not enough one-on-one matches. Matches are often too long and don't leave much room for breezy viewing. It often feels like *everyone* has to get some offense in. My biggest complaint is that matches, especially one-on-one matches, always seem to have to end on a finisher -- it would be nice to see more matches end on a well-executed regular submission or even hard-hitting impact move. In addition, too many matches end with interference, which is okay once in a while but shouldn't be part of someone's gimmick (looking at you here, EVIL). Overall booking has become a bit predictable, which I don't necessarily ding too much because I think it's is being kept simple and flexible until everyone gets over this COVID hump and things can go back to normal. I'm willing to forgive all of that for now because of the way NJPW tries to bend over backwards to accommodate foreign viewers, especially English speakers. While NJPWWorld. com is not perfect, the ways in which English is integrated into the overall product is light years beyond what is found in any other Japanese wrestling promotion and there's no contest (which is not to say that those other companies aren't trying). If you're a wrestling fan, however, NJPW is still the promotion to watch."
[4.0] "What has happened to this company over the past 10 years? Ever since WWE went PG, it all started to sucked. From horrible and lazy bookings, bad matches, even grooming the wrong superstar, same champion over and over again, also lot of championship titles which are poorly-designed and unimportant and how could you forget part-timers hogging the spotlight. The only saving grace WWE has is NXT and it is not even as good as before. Let Vince retire, rehab the company, probably there would be a chance to be good again. Lots of superstars have been in a waiting line like Samoa Joe, Ricochet, Cesaro, Sami Zayn. But pushes talent like Roman Reigns, King Corbin, Charlotte Flair, The Miz? Not the WWE we loved before. Lot of people lost interest on this product. As long as Vince is there, expect this would be downright awful."
[8.0] "Great alternative to an awful Western pro-wrestling. Amazing tag team matches, 5-star caliber. Despite Tony Khan is a novice in pro-wrestling business, he knows the way of the business and the art of it which makes it great. The only negative here is the treatment of women's matches and being the trash bin from the WWE, I mean you could pick guys in the indies though, why you chose someone who has been released from WWE. Great but overcrowded roster, great pick on who is champion, so far not playing hot potato. Great platform for rising stars as well. Also, the determinant on who's next in line for a championship is based on Win-Loss record, which is what the other company should do. Who would have thought that all of what WWE doesn't do, does AEW better than what WWE could do. A young promotion with an incredible promise. Hoping for a success as well in the future."
[10.0] "The Best Pro-wrestling today. There is no denying that. Home of the amazing matches. Okada, Omega, Tanahashi, Ishii, Naito, Ibushi, Ospreay, really put their best of abilities. You want to show greatness, you want to watch greatness, you want to enjoy greatness, then NJPW is for you. Everything is great from wrestlers, matches, storytelling, events, you named it. Also, the Young Lions system is an incredible showcase of young talents. How could you not amazed by the atmosphere. Also, respectful crowd and knows what to shout or not. Love everything on this promotion. The best ever!"
[1.0] "WWE might be the biggest wrestling company in the world, but that doesn't mean they're the best. Ever since the fall of WCW and ECW, WWE had'nt had competition to compare to, but since the rise of AEW, NJPW, MLW, etc. WWE has been dethroned as the best wrestling company. Aside from NXT, and maybe Smackdown, WWE television has been borderline unwatchable. Once they get their hands on a great wrestler, they have no idea what to do with them and let them sit in catering before releasing them. They break up tag teams for no reason and then give the former partners directionless storylines. At this point it's just a chore to watch."
[9.0] "Gatoh Move is filled with fun wrestlers, solid matches, and most importantly, good vibes. I'm so glad I started watching this promotion, and I can't wait to see all the wrestlers continue to improve over the years!"
[10.0] "I absolutely love this company, there is great wrestlers but it focuses on comedy and pretty light content, and that's exactly what I need. I watch a lot of serious wrestling, with personal feuds and high stakes matches with a lot of emotions going on, so*turning on a TJPW show and see some girls just going out, doing "stupid" (in the good way) things and having fun doing it is perfect. Of course, I wouldn't put a 10 if there wasn't wrestlers with amazing in-ring skills, like Miyu Yamashita (one of the best in the world imo), Yuka Sakazaki, Mizuki, Sakisama and Mei St-Michel (who are definitely not Saki Akai and Mei Suruga btw, fix it Cagematch). It's a company where you can find everything and that is always fun to watch."
[10.0] "I can't say that Stardom is the best joshi promotion in the world rn, as I like TJPW as much as I like Stardom and they are too different to be compared, but on the serious side of joshi I think it's really hard to top them. The booking may be a little awkward sometimes, but it always makes sense so I like it and the in-ring quality is always amazing."
[5.0] "Years ago it was the best on the planet. But for 1 year it is company rubbish. The bookeo is lousy, the divisions are in lost directions. The fighters most wrestles without enthusiasm. The only star that has remained is Tanahashi and Takagi. The rest to a greater or lesser extent have plummeted. 5/10"
[2.0] "A promotion that sprung up in hopes of being the next big hardcore promotion to fill the hole, left by ECW's closure. 3PW happened to book many former ECW stars who weren't signed to WWE or elsewhere, but they also copied/tributed? many of ECW's famous spots, and it just comes off rather tacky. Some none-ECW Indy stars also wrestled there for a time, most notably AJ Styles. But for the most part it was a continuation of former feuds from ECW, with the 3PW belt getting passed around quite often. The TV show and presentation itself was rather poor, and the owners made sure they got airtime aswell."
[10.0] "A really fun promotion doesn? t have the highest level of wrestling but it makes up for it with fun characters and some pretty entertaining comedy to there matches. The other positive for the promotion is a the amount of good young rookies that come through in the last year and if they develop them correctly will have a great future main eventers . I look forward To the future of this promotion but the current top starts are great as well and worth watching"
[7.0] "Superb concept and good production value. Ironically, this type of program would be perfect in this covid-plagued era."
[8.0] "Pretty crazy to think that a promotion operating from a tiny banquet hall in west Paris ended up being France's first "superindy". The shows are consistently good, the house is always packed and the crowd is crazy... That's good stuff right here."
[10.0] "What needs to be said that hasn't already been said? It's the best women's wrestling promotion in the world. Even with so many departures, it's still clicking and thriving. Other the eccentric booking, what's not to like?"
[6.0] "A very promising company marred by weak undercards and crony hiring practices. The original All In show was a near-perfect supercard featuring the best talents from across the world, and AEW's initial promise of a serious sports-based presentation was enough to get me excited. When the company came to fruition however, we got neither supercards or a sports-based presentation. While the roster has some major talent in the main events, the midcard is often rounded out by green guys who are not there yet, and guys hired solely due to their friendship with the executives. We aren't getting the best and brightest on the wrestling scene, we're getting wrestlers who went to high school with the Young Bucks. I used to be a big PWG fan and remember workers like Peter Avalon and Brandon Cutler fizzling out over there because they weren't good enough. If they weren't good enough for a DVD-based California indie company, why are they now getting jobs for a major, nationally televised promotion? As for the serious UFC-style presentation, that quickly went out the window in favor of a more comedic, silly style that is equal parts PWG, equal parts 80's Crockett. Sometimes it works very well, sometimes it doesn't. So far, the PPVs have all been excellent and I don't think anyone has complained about not getting their money's worth. They truly feel special and deliver on AEW's original potential. Unfortunately, the weekly show leaves a lot to be desired, especially recently now that they're having an abundance of squash matches. Dynamite has turned into a skippable show for me, which is a shame considered I was so hyped for its debut, but ultimately I can still rely on AEW to pull out all the stops for their PPVs."
[10.0] "Ah, mate fam. Dub, mate-mate. Ez dubs. Ez ez, fam, ong, fam. Ong, sir. As per dubs. Yessir ong. L for you, fam. :yawn: ong. yessir yessir mate fam greatest ppv ever in the history of ever mate mate. Very good mate Jake The Snake using Snake as PP epic mate fam yeah yeah Heroes of Wrestling GOAT 10/10 Forever yeah mate."
[10.0] "Such an absolute joy to watch but also truly artistic in the way it breaks down typical wrestling (not to sound too pretentious)."
[10.0] "THEE BEST wrestling promotion you will EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER see in your ENTIRE DAMN LIFE bro. If you think that any of those GARBAGE promotions like NEW JA-TRASH, WW-PEE, TNGAY, RING OF WHO ARE THESE WRESTLERS, THOSE WOMEN PROMOTIONS, and any other dookie promotions, you will get BLOCKED ON EVERY SINGLE SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM OF ALL TIME."
[6.0] "They're the biggest company in the world and have the most talented roster on the planet, yet they constantly do stuff to make their own product worse. When they allow there talent to be talented they achieve different levels of special. It's a shame we don't see that often. Video Packages & the Overall Production entertainment they're still the best in the world. Their weekly episodic TV is mostly bland."
[6.0] "Started out with an excellent run of shows, but quickly became unsustainable due to circumstances outside of Gabe Sapolsky's control. Because he had to work with the Dragon Gate home promotion, it felt like Sapolsky never had total control over the booking and there were times when his booking style was at odds with what DG Japan was doing. I think the biggest example of this was Akira Tozawa's excellent 2011 run where he was immensely popular in the U. S. and arguably the biggest babyface in the promotion, but DGUSA had to keep him as a secondary heel because that was his role in Japan. It never made sense that guys like BB Hulk and Yamato were Champions when the likes of Tozawa, Shingo, and CIMA were more well-known to U. S. fans. Another negative was the dwindling production values that seemed to get worse as they went along, including one show where the lighting was so bad that it looked like they were wrestling in the dark. Ultimately, I think DGUSA will be remembered for the rise of Johnny Gargano, who seemed to be one of the only guys Sapolsky had full creative control in booking and did an excellent job turning into a star."
[6.0] "PWG has hosted many talented wrestlers who have worked incredibly hard for the promotion, but Super Dragon is honestly just a terrible booker. He doesn't really come up with storylines other than 'go out and have good match', and he doesn't know how to best utilize talent. He brought in WALTER and had him lose in his very first match. He brought in Drew Galloway and had him lose in his very first match. It's kind of hard to buy into these guys as being big unstoppable monsters when they lose in their first match, don't you think? You can argue that wins and losses don't matter, but if wins don't matter, then what's the point? Wrestling is about more than workrate, it's also about wrestlers having personas and doing what you can to get those personas over, of which PWG fails. As for the matches, PWG has really shaped the modern indie style of excess: overloading finisher kickouts and false finishes in every match until they become meaningless. At PWG, it often feels like the inmates are running the asylum, with guys going out to have GIF-able matches rather than build towards a cohesive whole. The positive is that you do get many unrestrained dream matches between some of the best talents out there. The negative is that it gets old after a while as you quickly start to realize that nothing means anything. The goofy comedy stuff also makes it difficult to take the matches seriously, giving off more vibes that none of this really matters and it's all for play."
[6.0] "This is a tough rating for me to give. I've been a fan of AEW since the beginning and want the company to succeed. AEW caught an unfair break. The company had a very strong start, had a fantastic several months after debuting Dynamite, and then the pandemic hit. If not for these circumstances, my rating would be closer to a 4 or a 5. Although AEW started strong, after the pandemic started it began embracing its very worst impulses. What started out as a legitimate-feeling sports product with fun little winks and nods to the nature of the "business" devolved into an all-out smarkfest that has come to feel more like a televised indy show than a competitor to WWE. A prime example is Jericho's theme music. Before the pandemic broke out, fans began singing along to Jericho's "Judas" and it was fun for a short time. Over a year later, however, they're still doing the singalongs. Now, this wouldn't bother me so much if it were organic, but it's not. For a long part of that time, due to Covid, the "audience" was wrestlers at ringside and staff, meaning that the singalongs were happening at that point because the company wanted the singalongs to be happening. It's cringey when you think about it. The same goes for inorganic "this is awesome" chants - those are fun when a real crowd thinks something awesome is going on, not quite so much when it feels like it's the company telling us that we should feel something is awesome. AEW is full of stuff like this. The booking itself has been somewhat of a disappointment as well, both in terms of in-ring action as well as overarching stories. Matches are marred by too many obvious spots. The problem isn't necessarily that matches are spotfests, which I personally enjoy on occasion, but that the spots are often executed in a sloppy way that looks bad. Ring psychology is sorely lacking, which is perhaps what hurts the product most of all. Personally, what I find most irritating is the regular insistence on no-selling finishers, something which should be saved for big moments on big shows. This past Wednesday, Hangman Adam Page kicked out after being hit in the head with a chain and I was done for the evening. Some things shouldn't be kicked out of under any circumstances. As for bigger storylines, they've been predicable. It was obvious Kenny Omega would take the title off Jon Moxley ever since Moxley first won. Now that Kenny has been champion for 5 months, he's had four defenses -- one against Moxley (to whom he wasn't dropping the belt), one against Joey Janela (a lower-midcarder), one against Matt Sydal (another lower-midcarder), and one against Rey Fenix (upper-midcarder). Instead of delivering hard-hitting headline matches against main eventers, they have him dillying around in another promotion, chasing its belt. Not a compelling use of a once-in-a-generation talent like Kenny Omega. I can say a lot more but I don't want to bury AEW. That's why I gave it a 6 not a 4."
[7.0] "There's a lot to like about AEW. The show features a ton of my favorite wrestlers in the world right now, the tag team division is second to none, and the show's production is a breath of fresh air in their WWE-dominated world. However, I don't believe that the promotion has done enough to make me care about portions of its roster, particularly their women, for me to give this anything but a 7 for now. I look forward to watching more AEW for years to come."
[7.0] "Tokyo Joshi is the perfect pallet cleansing wrestling promotion, in my opinion. While there are Joshi companies that have better in-ring performers, like Stardom and SEAdLINNNG, I don't know if there's a more fun Joshi promotion going today. During my short time watching TJPW, I've grown to love and appreciate many of the wrestlers there, and I'm sure as the year progresses, I'll only appreciate it more."
[0.0] "Just terrible in everyday you could not pay me to sit though these shows some of the most offensive stuff that has ever been done in wrestling makes the worst thing you have ever seen look better in comparison just do not watch"
[10.0] "Consistently has delivered through the covid era much like it's partners over at NOAH. I understand why for some DDT can be so offputting. It's early card is comedic, weird, and just not traditional. But rest assured you look at the best of the best on that promotion that are taken very literally, you see that this promotion? This is it. It may not be for everyone, but if the issue is the comedy, then I highly recommend you look at the top half of the card. It's way better for a modern fan."
[3.0] "It's disheartening seeing Progress fall so far. I think the recent Cara Noir title defenses are promising but its not at the level of what it once was. Lots of its top stars have left, and now progress has to rebuild and recover with new and fresh faces. They can bounce back if they can build right, but it's looking real dreadful."
[8.0] "very creative and with so many talents that want show the world how hot is the australian scene. there are so many valuable wresteler and fantasy in this project and they deserve a chance"
[8.0] "I'm sure some "experts" will complain that ASCA was too much of a smart-mark oriented product but at the end of the day the shows were good and the crowd was into it."
[1.0] "WXO didn't exactly pick an opportune time to come along - it debuted when the wrestling world was still ruled by the "big three" of WWF, WCW and ECW, and there wasn't a whole lot of top-flight talent left for an upstart like this to take advantage of, leaving WXO to pick from former WWF/WCW/ECW undercarders like Barry Darsow, Erik Watts, Mike Enos, Hack Myers and Al Green to push as their top draws, with some still-largely-unknown talents from the independent scene (including a few future notables like Adam Pearce, Ace Steel and John Zandig) to fill out the ranks. To make matters worse, its TV shows were broadcast in a period of intrigue among the bigger promotions as the Radicalz abruptly left WCW for the WWF, thus ensuring no one was paying attention to WXO. The company had no real direction - a weak roster, no title belts introduced, no major (or interesting) storylines begun past some rudimentary attempts at starting a tag division... hell, they never even got around to telling us what the letters "WXO" actually stood for! The company held a single TV taping, divided into three episodes, while a second scheduled taping never happened, thus robbing us of the promised upcoming debut of Johnny Ace. Ultimately the company was an anomaly that barely existed, and disappeared as quickly as it came without much of anyone noticing."
[7.0] "It's so strange, I still think New Japan is putting on some of the best pro-wrestling matches of any promotion in the world, but at the same time the promotion has just lost the plot in terms of direction and good storytelling. I won't totally doom post and say it's entering another dark ages and will soon go bankrupt, but we have definitely entered the Russo-era since last year. The promotion will probably continue to succeed despite it's creative flaws because of its talented roster, but the golden age is definitely long gone by now."
[8.0] "Hit a rough patch during Covid but still features the best classic lucha libre style of pro wrestling"
[6.0] "The top earning promotion in the world by far with a roster full of most of the best talent from around the world. Unfortunately they hit a creative wall years ago and for the most part the show's have become very stale causing fans to leave in droves over the last decade. The situation is that the company is bringing in more money than ever despite the lame shows every week. Because the company is financially successful I doubt we'll see much change to better the product."
[9.0] "Despite growing pains AEW is currently the easiest North American wrestling promotion to watch. Long term and sometimes old school story telling mixed with the modern style of "sports entertainment" is what makes AEW stand out from the juggernaut that is WWE. Its a breath of fresh air not having to watch a show with Vince McMahon & Kevin Dunn creative to get my wrestling fix after all these years."
[10.0] "Hands down the very elite of women's pro wrestling in the modern era and the larger American promotions don't even come close. The last few years the company lost some of its top performers to WWE but somehow they just keep getting better."
[9.0] "Really refreshing promotion for those who like sports entertainment but get put off by alternative scripted, over-produced & sanitised products. ***Pros (In my opinion)*** Talent have a great deal of creative freedom, if nailed can reap high rewards (i. e Darby Allin, MJF, Inner Circle) The same can be said for matches themselves, there is a good dose of psychology mixed with flashy high spots which breeds it's own type of promotional product. More of an adult product (Blood, swearing/cursing, weapons ect) This is a subjective pro I know but for people like me who like to see colour like you would on the street, it's great. Also gives you a great feeling of 'Attitude Era Nostalgia' but with new talent which keeps you coming back, if thats your cup of tea. Great use of veteran talent (i. e Sting, Taz, Jake the Snake, Jericho are all being used as managers/mouth pieces to get younger stars over) Hotbed of young talent (i. e Sammy G, Darby, MJF, Private Party, Adam Page, John Silver are just a fraction to name) Greatest Tag Division in Wrestling (i. e Bucks, FTR, Lucha Bros, Proud & Powerful, SCU, TH2, Best Friends, Dark Order ect) ***Cons (In my opinion)*** Women's division is poor, Hikaru Shida, Britt Baker & Nyla Rose are a few standout names in what has proved to have been a lackluster women's product since AEW's inception. I am not a fan of women's wrestling personally but I must admit at the time of typing this, a few weeks ago, Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa had one of the best matches i've seen in a long time (any gender) so there is hope... Over the top wrestlers/Gimmicks. Jurassic express being a prime example, I LOVE Jungle Boy and Luchasauras' in-ring product but I feel that their gimmick might be seen as too silly to fresh eyes on Tony Khan's fledgling darling. Another example of this is Kris Statlander, who i need to say is an athelete with great potential, is currently walking around 'booping' people in their nose as an alien."
[6.0] "They wanted to change the industry and give people an alternative, but ended up becoming an expensive indy with spotfests overwhelmingly. In the main events, something is not clear, whether a parody of the NWA of the late 80s with a strange implementation, or WCW in its worst manifestations. Tag team division is overrated. The women's section has a perspective and is clearly better than people say, but Baker at the head doesn't bode well. The advantage of AEW is that they have a fairly strong mid-card and some creative freedom helps wrestlers, for example, I really like Darby Allin and this is a vivid example of how to use your hobby in this industry. The use of veterans here is also very good, Sting and Christian make me very happy. Shooting and camera angles are their main advantage over WWE, at least you can watch them without fear of getting seasick. But as it is, I'm disappointed, for the most part. Cody had a great chance to offer something new, but instead I just understand that it's useless to expect good and unique content from North America now."
[6.0] "WWE used to be the best promotion 10 and 20 years before but right now All elite wrestling and New japan are way better . RAW and Smackdown are awful . i dont understand why raw and smackdown matches only last 3 till 6 minutes ? Thats why ratings are so low in 5 years from now i doubt if Raw is going to average more than 1 million viewers . i am tired of squash matches , the storylines are so boring . if it was about now i would rate WWE 3/10 but i rate it 7/10 because of the past WWE . Even the pay per views are so mediocre , they look like house shows ."
[7.0] "The IWE was a perpetually troubled promotion with both horrible luck - such as when the experiment to make the Great Kusatsu their ace failed when, during a singles match against Lou Thesz, Kusatsu suffered a legitimate concussion and the referee stop the match - and self-inflicted injuries - such as when Strong Kobayashi, the closest they ever came to a competent ace, was driven away from the company by the harassment of embittered failed ace-turned-booker Kusatsu. Due to the relative instability of their television situation, as well as the lack of incentive to preserve and rebroadcast their earlier matches relative to their peers, we have a woefully incomplete picture of the company product prior to its last three-or-so years, and even the matches we do have often only circulate in condensed forms. Despite all of this, I am giving them a 7 because I believe they were a genuinely innovative company deserving of more than the near-total marginalization they receive in most Western puroresu narratives. With absolutely no disparagement intended towards blood-and-guts wrestling, that wasn't all they were by any means. When Ichiro Hatta, the man who built amateur wrestling in Japan, connected the flailing company with Joint Promotions in 1968, the IWE broke ground as the first significant point of cross-pollination between Japan and the European wrestling scene (not counting early cases like Gotch and the Great Antonio). The IWE were the first in Japan to book the likes of Andre the Giant, Billy Robinson, and even the Dynamite Kid. In fact, Robinson's ace run, despite being almost totally lost to history outside of some clips of silent footage, was an important if oft-overlooked step in the acceptance of gaijin performers as more than just heels. On the other side, the brief 1976 Umanosuke Ueda run and 1980-1 Goro Tsurumi turn were pioneering examples of native Japanese wrestlers being utilized as heels. While they never produced a native wrestler on the level of a Baba or Inoki, or even a Jumbo, and the ace they settled on, Rusher Kimura, was too limited to fulfill that role as far as match quality went except in certain conditions, the likes of Mighty Inoue, Animal Hamaguchi, and Isamu Teranishi were interesting performers whose noticeable European sensibilities, influenced by their trainers and the locales of their seasoning excursions, made Seventies puroresu a lot more interesting. With Mach Hayato, the IWE can even make a claim to having featured the first true Japanese luchador (while contemporaneous to Gran Hamada, oft-regarded as the first lucharesu performer, Hayato went so far as to adopt a masked persona)."
[5.0] "Honestly, as much as I would like AEW to succeed, it has failed to deliver on their promise, and is the very definition of overrated currently. Have to cut some slack due to the pandemic, and will revise accordingly if they reach the heights it looked like they may 18 months ago, but for every good thing they do, they do at least two as bad. Their 2021 so far has been poor, aside from the Brodie Lee tribute show. Hopefully things kick on after the Revolution PPV, but as it stands, it's extremely hit and miss, with most shows leaning towards the latter. Their pay per views, for the most part, have been good, occasionally very good, but the womens division, overused "comedy" segments, repetition, and booking hasn't been up to scratch, and match quality nowhere near the heights suggested, outside of a couple of excellent tag matches. *** AEW has lost it's charm, mostly through Tony Khan going against his word and becoming a weak on screen character and showing nothing of the sort "sports presentation", Kenny/Bucks/Cody social media antics (and their own loss of charm - Bucks were known as the best wrestling twitter accounts, deleting because of abuse was a poor decision, social media will always have that, execs should have the maturity to ignore), repetitive, weak booking, poor use of new talent, and being everything they said they wouldn't be. The world does not need a WWE lite, it needs an alternative. The ratings have gone down 25% for these reasons; get back on track before it's too late. Of course, the fanatics will give you 5* or 10/10 for every show, but those that actually care and can see through the trees, know what changes need to be made. The promotion seems split down the middle at the moment, WWE Lite, and PWG Lite. That leads to nowhere. Go one way or the other, or better yet, become what you set out to be. The alternative that brings fans and promotions together. At the moment, it appears a cult that cannot accept any criticism, and thinks "Everything Is Awesome! " while ratings decline. Changes are vital before it's too late. Get back to what it was in 2019 and revitalise the booking, utilise the talent at hand that know what works in 2021, and find the rewards. As it stands, this is a promotion going downhill, yet has tremendous potential if it can stop being the self congratulatory promotion that wants to pat itself on the back, rather than achieve something special. I hope they make the changes necessary before it becomes a sad product that could have been something great."
[10.0] "In the 90's this was the best wrestling promotions that ever existed, from 2000's until mid 2010's this promotions passed a hard period but even in this dark age they still managed to bring a couple of great matches every year, and now they're starting to reborn as a Fenyx from his ashes and with wrestlers like Zeus, Jake lee, Akira Franchesco, Kento Miayahara, Yoshitatsu, etc. (and also some wrestlers from other promotions like BJW and Freedoms appearing regularly) they still manage to put an overall great product with great classic-style matches. This promotion have a well deserved 10 in my opinion."
[10.0] "GCW is a great company, from around 2016 to early 2018 I took a break from watching wrestling because most of the promotions that I was watching were losing steam. Around early April of 2018 I decided to get back into watching wrestling to find out a promotion I haven't heard of was hosting a event later that April (JJSB2) and it had alot of hype around it. So I ordered it to see if it lived up to hype and it did! After that I watched alot of their shows from then on. They bring in popular workers, vets, and young workers looking to get their shot. GCW has great comedy and death matches on almost every show!"
[6.0] "If you told me 6 years ago that id rate WWE so low in the future then id call you crazy. They have a great roster but creative is ran by 10 monkeys who have the mental capacity of the tux penguin. Smackdown and Raw is absolute garbage, and all of the other side brands. The only show I enjoy watching is Main Event, that show is 2 hours and 30 minutes shorter then Raw and has a better product"
[7.0] "Gatoh is fun and very likeable but theres so many comedy promotions out there like it and I dont see what they do thats different. But what they are doing at the moment is very different/cool!"
Avery wrote about IWA Mid-South:
[3.0] "IWA Mid-South's peak was around '03-'06, with some incredible singles matches. Some of the deathmatches are good but most of them are not. On most of the shows then and now you have incredibly bad lowercards, this is just an example and not to discredit the wrestlers but a odd matchup like Josh Abercrombie Vs Juggulator isnt going to stack up to a match that has CM Punk in it. < This part is just talking about its peak (Which was good for the time) but after then it fell off a cliff. 2007 was the last mediocre year until 2008 was a dumpster fire with the Mike Levy incident. < Which wasnt a good look for the company considering that there was a police report filed on it. It doesnt help that the whole company is run by a carny as well. In current times IWA-MS could fill a card with young rookies looking for stardom, but its never going to return to what it once was."
[7.0] "MLW is really a tale of three promotions. Its first incarnation was a shameless ECW clone with the same and similar talent and storylines (i. e. old faces from ECW doing hardcore shit and also newer guys having good competitive matches in the vein of Guerrero, Malenko, and Benoit), complete with Joey Styles doing commentary solo and identical moments of static used to cut between segments. Pretty decent and on par with other smaller indie promotions in a post-WCW world. 6/10. Then it came back in 2017 with a similar mindset of hybrid wrestling, to the point where its show was called Fusion, and it truly did do a fantastic job of blending multiple different wrestling styles seamlessly. It benefitted at the time from having one of the greatest free agent pools possibly in wrestling history, with lots of great matchups and relatively simple yet compelling storylines with some truly brutal hardcore bouts thrown in as well. Truly the company's heyday and rivaled anything else that was on television at the time. 9/10. Then the whole world stopped in early 2020 and MLW was forced to go into hibernation. It returned with a new sports-style presentation, trying to present itself as something you might see on ESPN. Unfortunately its roster, while it still has some very good names, is a shadow of what it was a couple years ago due to a large percentage of its roster hopping to other companies. For whatever reason MLW still hasn't decided to have even a small handful of people in the arena to make at least some noise, instead opting for piped-in crowd noises that sound more like people milling around at a company barbeque than a wrestling audience, and it absolutely kills the atmosphere of every match. Honestly I'd rather just have silence at this point. The storytelling has also arguably dipped in quality, as every episode just feels like the promotion spinning its wheels having essentially the same programs with people rotating in and out, like they're playing for time until they can safely have live crowds. 5/10. The debut of AEW as well as the Covid-19 pandemic have really crippled MLW, and it's gone from a promising diamond in the rough to just another struggling indie fed. I really hope they can rebound from their overall dip in quality soon."
[8.0] "WWE, if we look at the entire story of the promotion, is the best wrestling compagny in the world, the most influential, the most watched. In the past and actual decade, the main rosters of RAW and SmackDown gain big and prestigious talent but loose a buch of quality in their booking. Since 2010, NXT and the complementary brands of the yellow one (UK, Indie, 205, soon Evolve) gain quality from talented superstar and those brands are the most interessting to watch in WWE if you are a wrestling fan. The two past years, WWE tryied new things and put in the main event of Raw and SmackDown new superstars who can bring back the WWE quality of booking. He seems like Vince don't take much decision anymore, and it's good. But, he is still here, and sometimes, we see it. This last period WWE proposed to us the worst and the better of the compagny. WWE is a 8/10 for me, maybe because I love it since my childhood."
[7.0] "To be honest, I'm only rating 8 because i just watch NXT, NXT UK and take overs and is an awesome product waching only those. If I were to rate based on main roster I probably rate this as 2 or 1."
[1.0] "Previously a staple of Vancouver wrestling. Now, after not owning the sexual misconduct allegations towards former owner Jeff Duncan properly, they leave something to be desired. Sad to see, really."
[6.0] "Few promotions have been as hurt by the pandemic as PWG, and not being able to run shows has hurt them almost as much as all the top indy talent getting snatched up by either the WWE or AEW."
[6.0] "Currently they are really deteriorating. The women's division is probably their biggest problem since it's still not very captivating and stable. Meanwhile their tag team division is the exact opposite, I would even go as far as saying that they have too much tag teams and don:t know how to really use them. However, they have a solid mid-card and the world title scene is mostly very good."
[5.0] "AEW has really lost a lot of its luster for me in the past couple of months. The company came in with a lot of hype and exceeded expectations early, but the new shiny promotion appeal has worn off, and the issues are starting to become transparent. Too many people on the roster who don't do much of anything, minimal focus on the women's division, and underutilization of great talent who tend to get relegated to background performers or full-time dark wrestlers. Dynamite's production and camera work can also use a lot of improvement, and I feel like not enough people touch upon this just because of how much worse the WWE Kevin Dunn production is."
[8.0] "Ice Ribbon may be the best all around Joshi pro wrestling promotion, they give you a bit of everything and do it extremely well."
[3.0] "AEW came onto the scene with hype and praise before the first bell even rang. Unfortunately, the company has not been able to live up to that praise. Whether it? s characters I don? t care about or those who feel forced, or characters I enjoyed as a kid that not only serve as fan service, AEW just can? t get much right. The matches often feel either too fast or too slow, often resembling a dress rehearsal instead of an opening night act. I watched the first show until the Stadium Stampede match where I checked out. I started up again in December but stopped after the Dynamite episode that followed the Revolution PPV. While I? ve given them more than a fair shot, AEW is just not for me."
[6.0] "Mid to late 2000s TNA has to be one of the more influential promotions in wrestling history, and was actually quite enjoyable with a strong X division, tag scene, and knockouts scene to compliment the big names they had brought in, but Impact has also definitely earned the stigma against it over the years."
[4.0] "A shell of its former self unfortunately. The Britwres scene has seen its reputation and its talent pool dwindle in the past couple of years as international companies have poached their biggest stars or established their own British promotions (e. g. NXT UK), and is now a far cry from its 2017-2018 peak."
[6.0] "Kind of difficult to develop any real investment or attachment to the WWE. It exists and is by far the biggest promotion around, but nothing really must see or special unless there's nothing else to watch. I don't really feel one way or another about it. They have a lot of wrestlers that I really like, but the booking and presentation makes it difficult to care about."
[2.0] "It's the promotion that got most of us into pro wrestling but right now it's painful to watch most of it's product "aside from NXT". It's the promotion that got most of us into pro wrestling but right now it's painful to watch most of it's product "aside from NXT". It's the promotion that got most of us into pro wrestling but right now it's painful to watch most of it's product "aside from NXT". It's the promotion that got most of us into pro wrestling but right now it's painful to watch most of it's product "aside from NXT"."
[4.0] "I've watched a couple of episodes and I just can't get into Dynamite. I know they can put on good matches but something about the show is just uninteresting to me. Plus AEW should be ashamed of themselves for treating their women's division so poorly in this day and age. It should not have taken Baker vs Rosa to open AEW's eyes to the abilities of their female performers. It truly is utterly disgraceful that they can pretend to care about their female wrestlers when they are hardly featured in meaningful storylines since the debut of Dynamite. Hopefully they will now see that the problem with the women's division isn't the wrestler's fault, rather it is their creative team's fault."
[10.0] "CCW is awesome mix of up and coming stars with a few legends sometimes to mix it up. A new episode of CCW Alive Wrestling debuts every Tuesday at 7pm on YouTube, def some great characters"
[9.0] "MCW is easily my favorite "discovery" during the pandemic. The wrestling, characters, storylines and booking are all excellent. What's especially impressive is how I felt "up to speed" on everything from the first show I watched. Unlike a lot of indies where matches entirely rely on workrate and high spots (not that I mind that at all), matches in MCW seem geared towards storytelling, enough so that by the end of my first show I knew exactly who all the top guys and girls were and what their deal was. I highly recommend checking out the two shows they've run since coming back from lockdown earlier this year."
[10.0] "My favorite wrestling company since Mid-Atlantic NWA on TBS in 1986, 87. Great characters, fantastic matches, promos, long term and short term storytelling, proper pushes, sometimes it feels like a love letter to professional wrestling. They had so much going against them. The company up North rushing the show against them on USA, the pandemic killing touring, and ratings on TV, no other wrestling company making a dent nationally, and the irrational hatred for the product exploited by the boutique "hate everything they do" talking heads. And yet, week after week, they deliver quality programming across all their platforms. 10 out 10 in every way imaginable."
[8.0] "Very enjoyable hardcore promotion that put on many thrilling and bloody encounters. Although it lacked a little on talent and distinction when compared to it's breakaway promotion - FMW."
[10.0] "I have watched a lot of matches of this company lately and that's incredible how excatly 0 important matches are not amazing matches. Their roster in the mid-90s was stacked like no other roster was, all of the matches with FMW, JWP or LLPW were amazing, the crowds were invested... I just regret that some girls like Megumi Kudo or Plum Mariko didn't wrestle more here, it would have given even more classic matches. Imo the best wrestling company of all time."
[9.0] "very enjoyable but have done some bad things in the past thats why it gets the hate it does today its one of the few us companies i enjoy at the moment they have some good matches and some decent segments"
[10.0] "The person below me said it all. This promotion gave us some of the best Shoot-Style and Technical matches of all times. Kiyoshi Tamura's run in 96-98 was amazing, the 4-match saga between Naruse and Volk Han is one of the greatest display of storytelling I have ever seen, and average workers like Mikhail Ilhyukin and the Bitsadze brothers have been in some wrestling masterpieces. 10/10 There will never be another promotion like RINGS."
[2.0] "There are many things I can say about WWE nowadays, it's insulting booking, it's inconsistent tone and pace, the fact that the talent are essentially caged animals that aren't allowed to think for themselves despite the roster in WWE being one of the most stacked rosters on the planet, with every one talent that gets pushed or appears on TV, about 5 are left backstage sitting in catering or are being wasted. "Hey umm NXT is good" they say, yet I find NXT in the same lengths as Raw and SmackDown nowadays, just plain boring (Luckily though, NXT has more redeeming qualities than the main roster). The only WWE product I seem to enjoy on a weekly basis nowadays is NXT UK, and even THAT has it's downsides. PPV's range from either being excellent to being shows where nothing happens and it just exists to have a filler event until the next big PPV. There was once upon a time that WWE was on top of the world and could do no wrong, even 5 years ago WWE was very fun to watch and entertaining as all hell. Enter 2021, where WWE has reached another low point in the company's legacy, in fact, I feel this low point even rivals the lowpoint from 1994 - 1996, yes, I said it. The era where Diesel was champion and we had characters like "The Goon" and "Mantaur" are BETTER than what the current product has to offer. And it's all because of Vince. The best thing for WWE to do to make their content watchable again is to get rid of Vince and put Triple H as head of creative, make Raw 2 hours and NXT 1 hour again, cut authority figures altogether, give more chances for the younger talent instead of throwing them to the way side for Part-timers that only want to collect a check, nix the Saudi deal for good, give an equal focus on storylines and in-ring action, and make the actual viewing experience watchable! It becomes hard to watch when there's 15 million camera cuts and 2 million zooms every minute."
[8.0] "AEW as a company is fantastic imo. A place where lesser-used talent and Indie freelancers can shine while being treated with respect and love. The product nowadays can at times be inconsistent, as usually when something good happens it's great, but when something bad happens, it's REALLY bad. The booking is overtly solid, and thankfully there's no authority figures nor primary focus on the main event scene while the rest of the card is overshadowed by the big stars (What WWE has been doing for years), no tired booking tropes, an actual ranking/progression system in place giving the statistics a more sports feel, matches are spotty, but fantastic, and the roster is a good mix of Well known former WWE stars (mostly ones not used right), Indie darlings, and up and comers. There are some negatives however, such as technical issues and some botches here and there, but the company as of now is only 2 years old, and the best thing to do is give the company a couple more years to find their full on footing before keeping on judging them for technical glitches."
[6.0] "A nice promotion with fun and charismatic wrestlers. They definitely have their entertaining moments, even if it can be a bit hard to understand what is happening at times (as someone who doesn't speak Japanese). Just not for me personally, I prefer Joshi promotions like Stardom with more of a focus on the wrestling aspect."
[10.0] "Top to bottom the best Dynamite ever. Enjoyed every second of it. A good balance of promos and segments to matches. And the mainevent was just amazing."
[3.0] "Don't be carried away by trolls comments. They really get tiresome to see Colega's shows. I don't eat it at all."
[8.0] "It must be extremely hard starting a wrestling promotion, let alone during Covid. At the very least their Youtube channel is worth the follow. Almost daily shows on there and the wrestling isn't too bad. Hibiscus Mii was the initial draw for me. I don't hate the fact that the streams are completely on hardcam, but it is handcuffing the product quite a bit. A lot of the story and performers skills are being lost at a distance. Encouraging to see the crowd and streams go from completely empty to a few faces, hopefully all aspects of the promotion continue to grow."
[2.0] "OVW has always been a great breeding ground for the next big stars. But their weekly TV show Overdrive does a poor job of showcasing it's talent, due to its ultra short matchups, overly long interview segments, poor editing, woeful camera work, technical slip ups, sound levelling and bland & often-confused announcers."
[8.0] "If you're looking for a promotion that seamlessly combines every style of pro wrestling including technical, hardcore, and comedy, then you can't do any better than DDT right now. If I keep enjoying this company as much as I have so far, this rating WILL go higher."
[6.0] "The whole of the WWE is very mixed. As of now, the shows are slowly improving but there is barley any change - SmackDown and NXT UK are probably the best shows right now. The workers are, for the most part, the best in the world but you'll rarely see them every week as the product changes so much it is sometimes hard to keep up, but that's the unfortunate booking of creative and Vince McMahon, who will often change the script half way through the show. The reason why SmackDown and NXT UK are so good right now is because of the people who write and direct it, and the wrestlers are amazing too. SmackDown has the best main roster feuds right now, pulling off pretty good shows every week. NXT UK is practically NXT before it moved to live TV, with smart and well thought out story booking. The WWE PPV's can range from amazing to god awful but it's very rare a PPV will reach above a 6/10, unless it's a TakeOver event."
[6.0] "My first introduction to pro wrestling in Ireland was this company, when it was on TWC. It was one of my favourites on that channel, a very good promotion with great matches featuring Ireland's home grown talent, and a nice mix of overseas talent. I remember IWW being a big name at the time, but may have fallen behind some of today's other Irish promotions."
[6.0] "New Japan is fun to watch but when you watch a lot of it you start seeing how formulaic it is I really want more variety from wrestling and there just is not enough there are too many pointless 6 man tag matches and too many skipable shows where nothing happens"
[7.0] "A lot of what I liked about stardom is gone now the new wrestlers are good but a step down from the old add In the fact they still don? t do live streams on the subscription service is unacceptable in this day and age"
[6.0] "Solid company with good weekly shows but is a little overrated (in my opinion. ) They act and do a lot of things TNA did when they started up - jaded wrestler(s) pushing themselves, having their women's division be a major part of the company, bringing in legends for star power, and attacking their competition on promos. And everyone hated TNA for those things, and yet everyone loves AEW? . Nothing new or spectacular here folks, don't kid yourselves. [Edit] Dropped down a point because I'm getting a little fed up of all these "new" (ex WWE) talent. Please create some new stars AEW, you can do that... can't you? ."
[6.0] "As we approach a year and a half of AEW TV I think it's worth giving an initial appraisal. While absolutely beloved in the west, the reality is that AEW for many of the original fans of the core group of wrestlers was false advertising. It was purported to be something akin to a western take on New Japan featuring all those great work rate guys from the indies and the elite. It was going to take back wrestling for the fan and the wrestler. To some extent it did accomplish this. It's clear that working in the environment is better for the wrestlers, but it failed on a sports presentation front. AEW is essentially a Super Indy on TV. A mixture of old school 90s wrestling with modern work rate guys and a tongue in cheek modern Indy-like feel. For simplicity sake WCW crossed with PWG. Or Perhaps even more simply a better WWE that is more meta. I did not really want to see American TV Wrestling, I wanted to see a true evolution. Maybe the true evolution is not a revert to it's more sports flavored origin, but doing WWE's style better with twists wasn't exactly what I was clamoring for. AEW as whole is incredibly hit or miss. Miro and Kip doing some weird twitch gamer hype beast gimmick is a miss, but paired the Trent and Chuckie T I enjoyed. They have had moments of true brilliance like the Hangman and Omega feud, or the first Moxley vs. Omega, but then they had stuff like the original Dark Order presentation. I know precisely what I want from a wrestling company thanks to watching AEW. It's compelling stories featuring convincing characters that pay off with great matches, and championships that mean something. And AEW can achieve this on a rare occasions, but not as consistently as I would like. One of my major complaints is the failure of AEW to deliver a truly great overall PPV. They have not hit that for me yet, which is probably not the case for most people. The closest they came for me was DoN 2019, but the only truly great match was Dustin vs. Cody. Revolution 2020 had an amazing run on TV up to the PPV, but the PPV itself was quite weak. They sometimes wait far too long to build up meaningful feuds in time for the PPVs this has been a major issue. All Out 2020 is a prime example of this. The women's division is also a mess. The roster itself has improved a lot with additions like Leyla Hirsch, Thunder Rosa, and Serena Deeb, but has some major problems. Most of them just aren't good enough especially compared to their contemporaries in NXT which arguably has the best women's roster in the world and this coming from someone who watches a ton of Joshi. AEW has good aspects, but it is plagued with problems mostly stemming from issues with consistently delivering a good product."
[6.0] "NXT product gets a 10/10 while the rest of WWE gets a 2/10. For every star that deservedly gets a push, there are 2-3 getting wasted on the "main roster. ""
[4.0] "Good concept, bad execution. Having a bunch of wrestlers of varying levels of fame, fight in a ladder ranking style tournament is fresh and interesting. The promos before the matches were solid. The problems were: there were no actual feuds, sometimes we had face vs face matches so it didn't really matter who won, the matches in general were not that good from an in-ring standpoint and finally, the biggest problem by far was Aaron Solow. Solow is a decent tag and midcard singles competitor. But as the stand out and winner of the tournament? He doesn't really work. It's a shame that people like MJF, James Storm, Ricky Storm didn't go to the final with Cobb, nor did they even cross paths. Instead we had Janela destroying the middle part of the tournament and Solow dragging down the final part."
Kung wrote about Lucha Underground:
[9.0] "For a brief period of time, Lucha Underground wasn't just my favorite promotion on the planet, it was the only one I watched. While you can say that the show ended with a whimper during season 4, the first three years of LU featured some of the most memorable characters and had some of the best moments of the 2010s."
[5.0] "Interesting almost-precursor to TNA - especially in terms of setup and style. Saw their 'Lost episodes' DVD, and it's not too bad honestly, still fun to watch and look back on. The matches are mostly quick matches and squashes, featuring ex WCW wrestlers and a few Indy wrestlers, competing in front of an obviously comped crowd. The biggest match XWF ever put out was Hulk Hogan vs Curt Hennig (you can probably guess who won that encounter. ) They seemed to want to push Hail and Josh Matthews (yes, that Josh Matthews) as their big stars, but no TV stations picked them up and their talent left."
[8.0] "I feel like I haven't watched Stardom long enough to give it a 9 or a 10, but I can safely say that as of the Budokan show on 3/3 that it is currently my favorite wrestling company right now. If you want to see Joshi at its best, there's no better place to find it than at Stardom."
[9.0] "I can safely say that if it wasn't for discovering New Japan back in 2015, I wouldn't be a wrestling fan today."
[5.0] "It's been a major disappointment. The meta sensibility of indie promotions does not work on a larger stage and comes off as gratutitous and tacky. On top of that, they've shown that wrestler safety is not a priority for them, the women's division is a complete bust, and Omega (the main draw of this promotion for me) has been hugely disappointing as a singles guy compared to his work in Japan. Grateful for their deep, exciting tag team division though."
[7.0] "By far the better promotion by the Knight family. Saw a few episodes in 2014, when they were on an obscure SKY channel in the UK, before it got pulled unexpectedly from the channel. Had tremendous female workers from the UK and overseas, but didn't make too many names of their own. The matches themselves are great to watch with the crowd into everything (always a plus for a women's promotion. ) The setup was okay too, as they just use WAW's. Still alot of involvement by the Knight family on screen and in matches, but nowhere near as much as with WAW itself. Very decent UK women's wrestling promotion, but not sure how high it ranks among others in the UK/World."
[5.0] "Brought my rating down to a point because this company is overrated. Yes, AEW started out great in 2019, but the magic soon worn off as it became Monday Night RAW 2. 0. First, this company doesn't keep any promises such as Tony Khan not becoming an on-screen character, the presentation being focused on pro wrestling, and better opportunities for workers. Tony Khan has now become a prominent character in the Impact invasion angle, the presentation is almost similar to WWE's (The Dinner Musical with MJF and Chris Jericho, Broken Matt Hardy teleporting everywhere, and inconsistent storylines), and most workers are currently in the same position as they were before. This company is also reckless when it comes to injuries, Alex Reynolds and Matt Hardy's concussions were left untreated. I want AEW to succeed, but they keep making the same mistakes WWE does on their programming and calling them out is not gonna work."
[6.0] "Honestly, what happened to the good ol' Progress days? Here are a few reasons why PROGRESS has declined from their peak years in 2014-2018. First, a majority of their top wrestlers that made PROGRESS legit are either gone or signed with NXT UK, a WWE brand that pretty much ruined British Wrestling once they decided to partner up with PROGRESS. Second, they killed all the hype they had with some terrible decisions and adequately-produced storylines. It used to have the best stories in its time, like the Havoc vs Ospreay rivalry, Mark Haskins' path to the World Title, and Marty Scurll's heel run. In the recent times however, they've pretty much decided to rebuild as the years go by. Third and final thing, both Smallman and Glen Joseph, two prominent names and men who hold the most power in PROGRESS have left the company. Now, ever since they've recently returned to doing shows, it started to turn around with new staff members and a passionate champion in Cara Noir, but the company is still far from being in its glory punk rock wrestling days that ruled UK Wrestling in the mid-2010s. Sadly enough, their handling of the Speaking Out movement have not done favors to keep themselves relevant. Probably one of the major companies in the European wrestling scene that abruptly declined. Let's just hope they don't follow the same road as Defiant in the future."
[1.0] "Watched them in 2014, when they were briefly on SKY TV in the UK. Awful promotion, with many gimmicks blatantly ripped off from current WWE gimmicks at the time. Also the Knight family (and their extended families) are always the center of attention and/or one of WAW's many champions. Anyone who even gets an ounce of enjoyment out of this promotion is a better person than I."
[10.0] "Quite simply this is the very best wrestling promotion of all time! The best matches, amazing long term storytelling, amazing stables and teams, amazing titles, everything is just amazing!"
[1.0] "Amazingly below average promotion. They rely too much on talent from elsewhere and "borrow" too many popular stipulation match types and have no ideas of their own. Poor TV show also, always badly filmed, lit & mic'd. I feel I'm being generous with 1pt honestly."
[10.0] "First of all, I think it? s sad that the milk man guy that gave this is 2 is only mad because they are pushing bea. They have no other reason to give this a 2 except they are a hater. Stardom didn? t go from hero to zero. It went from hero to freaking phenomenal wrestling. Stardom isn? t the best women? s wrestling promotion out there. I love everything about stardom. Great great matches and I saw the bodukan show live which was amazing by the way! Nothing disappointed at all! And I? m so happy for bea challenging utami for the red belt. One thing though I? d like to point out isn? t I don? t think that milkman guy realizes that stardom can handle their situations however they? d like to. It? s sad to think that they believe stardom shouldn? t be protecting their wrestlers. But hey let the haters hate. Anyway stardom deserves a 10 for their unbelievably hard work! I see production has updated in the last couple of months which is great! I see great things for stardom in the upcoming months and years, and I? ll be by their side the whole time. #TeamBea!"
[7.0] "Watched them a lot in 2018. Very decent promotion with a pleasing setup and semi-permanent studio. Their crowds look a little too familiar week to week, so maybe admission is free? - regardless their clearly enthusiastic about the product and action, which is all that matters and it comes across well on TV. CWFH had a working relationship with the NWA, their wrestlers and titles making appearances and defenses on the shows. Had great talent of its own too, many have now left and have gone to Impact Wrestling and the NWA itself."
[10.0] "GCW is an awesome company! There is excellent hardcore wrestling, some really good young talents, nice events, like Acid Cup, Big Gay Brunch, Nick Gage Invitational, Bloodsport and of course, Joey Janela's Spring Break! If you are looking for a good independent wrestling company, you should watch GCW!"
[0.0] "A poor promotion with a horrible owner, given everything past wrestlers & trainees have had to say about the abuse the promoter put them through, I am incredibly glad this company has gone under."
[9.0] "The in ring is always pretty good (despite some exceptions of course but like everywhere), but the main point for SHW are their storylines who're always good with a little roster (and I like that they have their own roster and that their isn't too much guest), and a ENORMOUS up for the package videos who're absolutely great and have the AEW vibe. I think that there is a "secret" partnership between them, and SHW is like the "development promotion" for AEW, because we've seen a lot of Dark wrestlers coming from SHW (and of course Georgia, like Alan Angels, Shawn Dean, Lee Johnson, Corey Hollis... )."
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