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[7.0] "A great idea that really fell flat when NWA wasn't really doing that well. I would love to see a revival of this sometime in the near future."
[5.0] "Decent promotion that is improving, however I feel like production value could potentially go up if they get a better budget."
[] "Let's hope this'll be better than Control Your Narrative? I have high hopes for this extension to NWA"
[4.0] "The scheduling stuff and president being fired and the injuries show how off the rails STARDOM went this year after being the best booked company for the past two."
[5.0] "Diana kinda lost a bit in the last little while. No Nozaki anymore, Madeline is going, no particular standouts other than Haruka Umesaki; good at a baseline level, but certainly not special right now."
[2.0] "It's the same old, same old. What amazes me is their most loyal fans not realizing how manipulated and screwed over they've been. The continuing expansion to a rich, terrorist country for the sake of financial gain. The hyperpredicability of their events. How boring each episode has become- I dropped off when Jinder Mahal of all people became world champion. Seriously, how can people hype up Orton after that? How can people parade Punk after being such a hypocrite his entire career? The top dog of the company's been caught in sex scandals, their current leader's a politicker who's made it with the boss' daughter- their greatest wrestler in history is known to be a massive diva backstage- the steroids, lack of care for their stars (Punk nearly dying, but wants to nearly die again it seems), the company literally selling out, does anyone really deserve anything here? Just terrible booking decisions- everywhere. Attitude Era was the only TV worth watching from this company, everything else is just completely embarrassing. Like, I recently sat through Survivor Series- I didn't want to, but I was at my cousins, and that looked like it was produced for a 5 year old. And he's 19! But, like many of WWE fans, he decides to stick with them for whatever reason. It's this ignorance to defend such a bad product that makes me ashamed to've ever gone into this community. I feel with each passing episode, the company just insults the fans' intelligence just putting out low-effort production week by week. It's like Electronic Arts now runs WWE or something, just squeezing out every penny of its mindless fanbase while shining all the sparkly-colours on a poorly-produced game that their fans, brainwashed, won't care to recognize anyway and will just enjoy as is. It is an embarrassment to the pro-wrestling industry today, and, the biggest joke of all was probably the merger, when I'm pretty sure E (I call them that now, WWE just doesn't deserve all three letters) is an inch away from being bought out by Disney and having prince and princesses wrestle on their show each week. Just, flat out embarrassing production. Makes me ashamed to be a pro-wrestling fan. NOWHERE near the Attitude Era, and no matter how many people want to lie to themselves and say, "Oh- Triple H is bringing it back! " He can't. Not only because he probably wouldn't be allowed to, but because I KNOW he doesn't have it in him to go his own route and pave his own destiny to make something great. He's always needed leverage from elsewhere to get from where he wants to go, and will continue to do the same for the next... 5 decades, like Vince's tenure. At least they'll have that in common- longevity. Have fun, E fans. ANYONE that has an OUNCE of self-respect and dignity for themselves will know NOT TO WATCH THIS "PRODUCT". I guess this is what happens when you change the F from Federation to E, dare I say, "entertainment"."
MickieV wrote about Wrestling GO!:
[] "Wrestling GO is the place to be for independent workers in Sydney, Australia. Welcoming & friendly locker room, with a very solid core group who stick together & push each other to be the best they can be. Thank you Wrestling GO for having me be a part of the locker room."
[] "APC rents the same small room for two decades with no intention of evolving their production values. Their students are the most skillful in modern wrestling (including Aigle Blanc, A-Buck, Kuro, etc) and feature a partnership with CMLL among others. In short : a great school, and crappy production around their shows."
[] "CACC started awfully, with abysmal visuals and production, yet promote a more traditional approach of the sport and feature psychology, which is a welcome addition to the business. Now, we will not talk about their owner's physique, and instead emphasize on the building of talented Léon Vigoureux and TLB, as well as the level of their students. They rose to respectability, but started down the gutter. Let's see how they carry on."
HC7 wrote about IWA Deep South:
[2.0] "I think giving IWA Deep South anything over a 3 is crazy. The stereotypes of deathmatch wrestling and even backyard wrestling are pretty true for IWADS. Theyve even brought in some bigger American deathmatch names over the years but it hasnt really helped. If IWADS did the same kinds of shows but the people on the shows could put on a decent match before being allowed to use weapons theyd probably have a better rep. But often they take guys who cant even prove deathmatch critics wrong as well as the occasional trashy shitty gimmick."
[6.0] "The best way to describe Impact nowadays in my opinion is as an "OK" show. You definitely going to see a fun show with mosly good matches and solid booking if you start following this promotions, but at the same time there's nothing worth going out of your way to see here that you wouldn't see in other promotions."
[8.0] "As of right now, it's not the worst but I don't have complete understanding for in terms of the ICW and CM Punk fans. Can't wrap my I understand though that it did have a hot start that is deemed an "alternative" promotion to WWE back in 2019. It produced some great and solid matches, especially to this very day. I will agree that there is some issues in aew backstage and booking wise that needs to be fixed. However, it needs to be fixed and refocus my attention on. Also, they need to cut on some well-needed loose ends."
[8.0] "If I were a pro wrestler and ask where do some of my influences come from, it would be this promotion. Their history of making stars, stand-out matches, and storytelling is what makes ROH makes it's mark on the professional wrestling scene in the modern era. I'm only giving this 8/10 rating but not the full score is because of it's dry runs during the last decade and TK taking over. TK's version of ROH isn't bad since some quality matches and PPV events are solid, just not enough right now to make me feel very invested. I'll still watch their PPVs however. I'd give it time, but right now it's just AEW Dark with extra flavoring."
[10.0] "this is the best wrestling company to ever exist in history it had the best wrestlers of all time in history and I hope World Wrestling Entertainment never dies and hope it keeps growing and get wrestling evens everywhere some day and i hope they make new talent improve and some make NXT an official wrestling brand and not just a small wrestling brand for rookies who never fought bigger names like john cena the rock stone cold or Batista and i truly do i hope WWE continues with all the events and get no hate at all"
[10.0] "AJPW is by no means the biggest company in Japan or even anywhere close to that level. But they've been the smartest at making do with what they have in 2023. Consistent wrestling and stories, and two years of building up younger wrestlers has paid off in 2023 where they have a fantastic set of young wrestlers and experienced wrestlers who all have become viable for top spots in the company. This company has moved on from being stuck with only Kento, Lee and Suwama as their top wrestlers, which has made every matchup a lot more interesting."
[9.0] "Tyris Wrestling is the biggest promoter in Valencia, in just 2 years they have managed to do great things and for sure they will work to make it much better, I just wish that this promoter can reach what it is proposed and remain as a quality alternative to future wrestling in the Valencian Community, or even better, in all of Spain."
[9.0] "Jim Lynam, the founder of AAW had a simple vision for wrestling: we all come to this thing we love to escape the day and to believe. With short and fast paced yet grounded bouts, promos and vignettes, and longer story heavy matches, it has a unique footprint in modern indie wrestling. This is not a show where youre likely to see a 25 minute singles banger unless its been built for a while. But Im a big wrestling is genres guy, and I dont think wrestling has to be that(I like my 5 star bangers too). But I do love that style and AAW delivers a heck of a pro wrestling show."
[] "AEW in my mind is the closest thing to the summation of everything great about pro wrestling. On any given AEW show, you can have super entertaining bits of story as well as intense, high quality wrestling matches. Best of both worlds."
[] ""Revenge Pro Wrestling puts on a great entertaining show for the whole family. The talent here at Revenge are great athletes and it shows in the ring. In conclusion I highly recommend this promotion to anyone looking to be entertained" I rate Revenge a 10 out of 10."
[10.0] "My absolute favourite promotion at the moment. a tremendous mix of phenomenal workrate and storytelling, with little details that people like me really appreciate. The main event level talent are fantastic with a truly great undercard. I started watching stardom at the beginning of the year when i was in japan and was able to see the first 2 shows of the year live and i really enjoyed it, Ive been watching ever since. Stardom (and joshi in general) is several light years above American women's wrestling, in America women's wrestling has a tendency to be sloppy, have bad to horrendous booking and most companies dont seem to care all to much. now there are of course some great women wrestlers in America but i can count the truly great ones on one hand and dont even get me started on booking, i cant understand why American companies have such difficulty with booking women's wrestling it shouldnt be any more than booking mens wrestling. Stardom has some of my favourite wrestlers tam nakano, suzu suzuki, giulia, and of course mayu iwatani. Stardom does a great job at making wrestlers feel like stars (another problem American women's wrestling has) they also have the best roster of young wrestlers Ive ever seen. A truly great promotion."
subsoniccc wrote about CHIKARA:
[9.0] "Annoying that the owners shut Chikara down at the first sign of a problem. One of the best promotions to come out of the Pennsylvania indie wrestling scene in the mid-2000s. Helped produce stars like Drew Gulak, Eddie Kingston, and Claudio Castignoli, among others. Known most for its fast-paced lucha inspired style."
Kash wrote about Rixe Catch:
[] "A slowly but surely rising french promotion trying to make its base in the chaotic jungle that is European Pro Wrestling at this point in time. They publically display their shows online, both on youTube and Twitch, and drew attention in early 2023 (Rixe, Episode XII) when they packed the large sports hall at Dreux, France, by booking Will Ospreay in a 4 and a quarter Stars match against Tristan Archer, also available online. Small but humble beginnings to what could be the next main promotion in France in the upcoming years."
[8.0] "A strong promotion starting to gain some momentum based off their good matchmaking. It plays to the strengths of their roster well."
[3.0] "The roster is awesome, but they need to improve the booking. There are a lot of wrestlers like Momo Watanabe, Konami and AZM that deserve to win the Red Belt but they are there doing nothing from years. Actually Stardom is a 3, in 2018/19 was a 10!"
[] "Overall I prefer to watch AEW of the current American promotions. Generally speaking, the focus is on the wrestling and the run-of-the-mill AEW show gets straight into the action without any fluff which I appreciate. The commentary is pretty good and when they are in the mood they are able to treat what's happening in the ring like a real sport which personally I really like (Taz and Nigel McGuiness in particular). The cons with AEW from my perspective are when they over-indulge themselves, for instance with shambolic matches like Anarchy in the Arena or with the no-selling of devastating moves, or when Tony Khan starts obsessing over beating WWE and gets distracted from focusing on what made AEW different and good in the first place. On the one hand its cool that AEW recognises a world outside of itself and where everything is canon, but equally they could do with not mentioning WWE as often because its a one way street and the fact WWE doesn't acknowledge AEW in any way, shape or form makes AEW look stupid, as well as fuelling the online trolls. I'd also prefer less of the comedy stuff (Adam Cole MJF) and more of the intensely personal feuds (Hangman Swerve). The Continental Classic was a great idea and resets the tone a little bit, although the prize on offer (3x belts) is a bit bizarre - why not make this an annual competition with the prize of a title shot at Revolution or something. On the whole, a good wrestling promotion which attracts far more criticism than I think it is deserving of."
[] "I first got interested in wrestling in the early 90s through WWF trading cards and books before I'd even seen a wrestling match. I remember being fascinated by characters like Brutus The Barber, Rick Martel, The Mountie, Bret Hart and The Big Boss Man in my books / sticker albums. I have huge nostalgia for that period and ultimately, WWF is the reason I found out about wrestling in the first place. It wasn't until I stumbled upon Smackdown! and Raw on Sky in the late 90s when I finally started watching it properly and became instantly hooked. Having gone back and watched the Attitude Era TV and PPVs, its obvious that the period had far more filler and dross than I remembered but it had clear advantages over today in that it felt raw and unpredictable compared to today's shows which feel safe, bloated and easy to predict. While the standard of the wrestling is a lot better on the whole in today's WWE and NXT than it was 20-25 years ago, I tend to find that today's WWE shows feels largely soulless and boring to me. I will pick and choose what WWE matches I watch - for instance those involving Gunther, Rhea Ripley or Ilja Dragunov - but in general I find myself gravitating towards promotions where the presentation is a bit less flashy and more sports-like (e.g., old AJPW matches) as I just enjoy that more. All in all, WWF/E is the most important promotion in wrestling history, but I can take it or leave today's shows."
Jon999 wrote about Ring Of Honor:
[3.0] "On its current state, this promotion is not worthy of anything above a 3. If Tony Khan loves Ring of Honor so much, why was he so quick to effectively murder it as soon as he got his hand on it? This is essentially AEW: DARK with a different name, with a couple of lackluster 5-minute championship matches thrown in every once in a while. When anything interesting happens that is related to ROH talent, it usually happens outside of ROH, whereas that is Dynamite, Rampage, or Collision, what's the point of having a show then? Either get rid of it entirely or put someone else in charge."
[10.0] "I am biased as UWA is my favorite promotion of all times, at least until they started falling apart in the late 80s. The trios division alone would warrant a very high vote as it reached heights that has not been regularly touched ever since: the Villanos/Misioneros de la Muerte feud is still mind-boggling for the incredible quality of the matches and storyline. Yes, UWA may not have pushed the boundaries as AWWA (aka Pavillion Azteca) was doing in those years with family-friendly gimmicks and angles that had the purists up in arms but in retrospect Francisco Flores's idea to give a fair chance to good workers who were deemed too small by CMLL and promoters in Monterrey to be stars was groundbreaking and we are still reaping the harvest to this day."
[4.0] "I gave AEW 6* a couple of months ago, but have to update the rating to 4*. I like to give every company the benefit of the doubt, and that was no different with AEW. It's pretty clear that this company is nowhere near, where it was when it started. The shows used to feel exciting, unpredictable and cool. But ever since somewhere around early-mid 2022, the product has fallen off quite a bit, and lost it's magic and identity. At the beginning, they used to be a true alternative to what WWE was presenting, and described themselves as a more sports-based product. While AEW still offers some great matches, they pretty much moved on from their original identity and what made them special, and focus more on booking matches with shockingly lackluster build-ups, silly skits that the fanbase used to criticize WWE for, and bad character development. During these two or so years, AEW has failed to listen to their audience, and failed to pull the trigger on a lot of talents, who used to be white-hot. Not only that, but a lot of them just dissapeared for months, without any explanation as to why. It feels like so many talents have been stuck for years and can't excel. The booking has been absolutely shocking. There's a severe lack of builds to matches. It's just not enough anymore to just announce matches on short notice, without any story or build to them. It often times just feels like hotshot booking that is so random, and doesn't make any sense. Like, why do people get title-shots who clearly don't deserve them? And why not build towards these matches and create interest first? When it comes to titles, it has been pretty obvious for me, that there are way too many titles. Not only that, but also titles from other promotions or sister promotions like ROH get presented and defended on AEW TV. Why? It just waters down the titles and confuses the audience. People watch AEW to watch AEW, and not to see championships from other promotions, that don't even have a TV-Deal. The in-ring action is pretty good, although there are performers who are really limited and live off highspots with no psychology and no-sells. There also have been too many instances, were talents worked reckless and injured their opponents. That has to stop! That is also something Ref's should be more aware of and have to improve to act accordingly if someone gets injured. The women's division is in a sad state and should have a bigger focus, instead of just having one match per show. I think the product is at times too customized for the most "Hardcore" audience, and it isn't explained well enough, who these guys who come from Japan or Mexico are, and why people should care about them. I feels that it's unnecessary to book these guys and girls, when you already have such a deep roster. Production should be improved, because they still have issues, and the shows color patterns and lighting makes the product feel kinda cheap. Having two A-shows and one B-show has oversaturated the product quite a bit. But that makes the bad booking more alarming to me, because I don't feel like I have to watch any of these shows. The only way to fix this, is to have better storytelling, build-ups and feuds. At this point, it has been a lot of skipping for me and lost the interest in the product. I truly wish they go back to what made this show so special. I hope they start to only focus on their shows, and not the competition. And I hope that the constant infighting has an end, and that the company is being led properly."
[9.0] "Let me put this into perspective: WWE has absolutely demolished any super indy that has hoped to compete with them. They have the money, the talent, and as of recently, the booking to tear apart any up-and-coming fed that dares to go nationwide. They've kept the status quo, that being the top promotions will stay the top promotions, AAA and CMLL will be the big two in Mexico, NJPW rules Japan, and WWE is at the top of the food chain. Of course, for a long time they struggled, and we saw the rise of big-budget American promotions post-WCW such as ROH, TNA, and AEW. But now they've merged with the UFC, which gives them an even bigger budget, and not only that, but they've also cut out the bad influences in the locker room as well, Vince McMahon included. After over 50 years, WWE has finally found its place as a big corporation that just gets what it means to be a wrestling promotion in the 21st century."
[4.0] "Middle of the road (at best) lucha brought to you by Alberto El Patron. This just isn't good enough to draw many people, as seen in their last tapings in 2022, where the arena was practically empty. It was sad seeing Carlito cut a typical heel promo in front of so few people, with a bad echo on the microphone. Another one of the big draws here was, at one point, supposed to be Travis Banks. Post 2020, Travis Banks and Alberto el Patron trying to draw in Mexico, and failing. The joke writes itself."
[5.0] "The hyperfixation on everything being squeaky clean, LED covered and micromanaged has made modern WWE feel like nothing unexpected or shocking ever happens, which is what made the company must watch television from 97 to 04. It's identity completely died and was reborn with the most corporate stale image you can imagine and that decision is reflected heavily in the mindnumbing stories, superhero characters, play it safe matches, copy pasted sets and literally nauseating visual and audio production. It's not about the product being kid friendly or not having enough tits and blood on screen, it's just impossible to take them seriously anymore when they overstimulate the viewer with everything but good pro wrestling. There's a reason they haven't made any modern talents a house hold name or brought wrestling back into the mainstream."
[8.0] "Much like its contemporary CZW, IWA-MS was a breeding ground for future stars. However, bad management and problematic booking would be its eventual downfall. Notable for being CM Punk's home promotion before ROH was formed. Other notable alumni include AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Chris Hero, Alex Shelley, and many more."
[10.0] "Tied for the UK's most popular promotion, and has been for years. Their titles have prestige comparable to those of PWG and ROH, with many former champions now signed to major promotions. Progress is also a star-making factory, turning unknowns into cult favorites. One downside is that a bunch of asshole workers came in to the company in its early days and significantly brought the quality of the shows down with them later down the line. Recently they've got their shit together after losing quite a few top stars to the big-budget companies, making do with what they have quite well."
[8.0] "Hard to rate as a promotion but I enjoy it as a streaming service. Constantly has great shows from promotions like Beyond and I have enjoyed when they do their own stuff like the masked wrestler. IWTV world and tag team championship are some of the best indy wrestlers as champions."
[10.0] "Currently, AEW is the best wrestling company in the world. There are mistakes that any company can make, but they are not that serious. On social networks there is a lot of hate against the company and without justification, but the company at the in-ring level is exceptional, especially on PPV. My congratulations to Tony Khan."
[5.0] "AEW was very much seen as the babyface promotion in the lead up to their inception. Fans of western professional wrestling didn't like what they were seeing at the time, but knowing that a new alternative promotion was on the horizon gave people a lot of hope. Wins and losses mattered. Tag team wrestling mattered. Joshi wrestlers were going to be predominantly featured. Kenny Omega putting pen to paper was what ultimately sold me on the promotion, as he had established himself as one of the greatest of all time over in New Japan Pro Wrestling. AEW has looked different with every passing year, to the point where you could reasonably label each year of their existence as eras within themselves. I truly hope that 2024 will be the year that AEW hits their stride and regains some of their lost identity. Make wins and losses matter again. Make tag team wrestling matter again by crowning The Golden Lovers (Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi) AEW World Tag Team Champions. Put Riho and Yuka Sakazaki back on TV. Put the world title on Will Ospreay. Restore the feeling."
[] "With only a year in the business they have become the best Wrestling Promotion in Costa Rica! check their new site at"
[3.0] "An ambitious wrestling company located in New South Wales which aims to provide an alternative to the other promotions in their territory by focusing on character work of their wrestlers to various degrees of success. That being said with the company perhaps named after the "Strong Style" of Japanese wrestling upon reviewing the uploaded shows and matches on their YouTube channel it seems that they do not hit the mark and are more of a sports entertainment company whom on occasion speed up the matches to make it more appealing to potential new fans. They have a consistent roster of wrestlers whom on first glance aren't in the best of shape but some of the greats aren't either however this isn't made up for with a good quality of in-ring work in which it could be said that some of these wrestlers need more time to train before being presented on shows. Following their online activity the storylines presented are not of a good quality and there seems to be a consistent change of championships if you were to follow the history on the cagematch profile. A company that seems to be in two minds about what it wishes to present to wrestling fans, I would say watch their shows on the YouTube channel before deciding whether it is a product you wish to invest your time and money into at a live show."
[3.0] "During the late 90's till the late 00's this was the greatest Australian wrestling promotion which had major success with their International Assault tours which brought American independent wrestling stars to Australia as well as a training school which has produced at one time the most tenured and respected wrestling currently on the scene. Over time this federation attempted to do interstate tours and it worked for some parts however the '10s were not kind to AWF with them losing their foothold in their home territory to companies such as PWA which eventually to this current day they are producing shows of subpar quality to minimal attendees."
[5.0] "AEW currently as a company is doing well and has a large roster of talent that will always provide a decent in-ring product which will entertain mostly anyone who watches it. AEW however has a "bloated" feeling where its just way too much, too many wrestlers, too many championships, too many shows, too much to care about at all to be honest. This coupled in by the fact on their weekly show they showcase their sister company ROH championships leads to a disoriented feeling whenever you try and watch it with a casual viewer as you need a LOT of context to be able to enjoy the show. Even as an avid viewer I find it difficult to keep up with it all and the feeling is that if you miss one show you are already behind and no have zero time to catch up before they throw something else in front of you which is a barrier of entry to new potential fans. I really want to love AEW like I did in the past but their current product (2023) isn't up to the standards of their first two years which in itself is a barrier for previous fans who want to jump back into watching it weekly."
[] "I really enjoyed going to Border Town shows. Always a good time with pretty solid cards and a great roster."
[3.0] "One of the most promising starts for a promotion in history with that great Dustin vs Cody match. The biggest mistake they ever did was firing Punk and they have made MJF a babyface now and putting him in every other segment of the show, thus overexposing him. They have been having avg to great ppvs for the longest time but they have bee having bad televison for months. Ratings are at an all-time low, attendances are also at an all-time low and Tony Khan is not a good promoter. He's a fan with money. He's not a good booker at all and doesn't listen to his critics at all and acts like a child on social media. ALSO IF YOU CAN'T BOOK YOUR WOMEN'S DIVISON IN 4 YEARS OF THIS PROMOTION, JUST DON'T HAVE A WOMEN'S DIVISION AT ALL FROM THE START."
[6.0] "A good in-ring product and one of the best developed promotions Australia has ever seen with a storied history and proven results with many alumina reaching the upper echelons of Professional Wrestling. In recent years they have stuck to long championship reigns protecting the champions and having great to excellent in-ring matches however it is adapted for modern wrestling fans who prefer to have a suspension of disbelief seeing wrestlers half the size of their opponents win matches and even changing their heavyweight championship in an Intergender match. It's a promotion that prefers to sell itself on in-ring performances as the storylines they present are basic and don't lend themselves to be fully developed even though they have quite a high levels of production (for an Australian promotion that is). If you're looking for a classic style promotion this may not be for you but do not be discouraged as the quality of the matches will always be average at worst and excellent at best but they rarely do have a few stinkers."
[10.0] "The biggest sports entertainment company in the world and for a good reason. Vince Mcmahon had a vision and made sure it was completed."
[] "AEW saved pro wrestling for me. I took 10 year break after WWE shenigans, after I heard the news about the major competitor I had not other choise but check it out. At first it was hard but goddammit my passion has restored for this sport. Only problem I have is underutilizing women, but it's getting better. It doesn't have flashy and artificial like other company, I love this with all their flawes. Hopefully TK gets some help at some point to restore their early days."
[4.0] "The state of the National Wrestling Alliance currently is a heartbreaker and it's all thanks to Billy Corgan. They were building something great until the pandemic hit and Corgan got more hands on. Shows became worse and their biggest star Nick Aldis left the promotion due to creative issues. Their audience barely seem to care about anything going on and the wrestlers are not that good and they make some of the most bizzare decisions in wrestling today."
[8.0] "Big Japan Pro Wrestling is a great deathmatch wrestling promotion which is shocking since usually it doesn't end well for any promotion like that. BJPW has had some great matches with great storytelling while using deathmatch rules and introducing crazy spots and some crazy weapons. If you want to see deathmatches go watch the #1 deathmatch promotion in the world right now."
[8.0] "TJPW is currently the number 2 biggest Joshi wrestling promotion in Japan. They have great matches and great shows espacially on the BIGGER shows they have. They are very expirementive with their wrestlers but they somehow make it work and they make for some compelling gimmicks. Has a great mix of comedy & wrestling into one."
[8.0] "This year so far, WWE has been at it's highest in terms of storytelling or matches since 2016. More stars are being made and now there are more likeable babyfaces with better stories and factions have been given care and more love like Judgment Day. RAW has been good, NXT has been amazing and SmackDown has been good as well. They never really get horrible at all. A fire year from WWE and I'm excited to see what happens next!"
[9.0] "CMLL in my opinion is WAY BETTER in terms of wrestling and story then AAA. Currently the #2 promotion in Mexico according to everyone. CMLL is the oldest active wrestling promotion in history and theirs a reason for that. Great matches and great shows you can count on CMLL to give you banger after banger in professional wrestling."
[5.0] "AAA this year has been rough to watch. They can have some great matches and they have great talent but man they really LOVE to rely on the older guys and it's a huge issue in AAA and another thing is the awful booking. A four way hair vs. mask match. A 9-way steel cage? ! What the hell is going on? It's like they have their booking mode simulated on Journey of Wrestling."
[6.0] "MLW was once on the mountain of relevancy when it came to indie promotions being a great promotion that could tell good stories and have good matches but since the pandemic hit MLW has been on this downward spiral where they haven't been putting on anything that amazing recently and the booking direction they are going is just so basic."
[8.0] "GATOH Move is a great women's wrestling promotion ran by Emi Sakura. One of the lesser known promotions by casual fans, a watch of Gatoh can make you a fan if you give it a chance. They've had great matches to their name and I hope they get bigger so they can be in the same vein as STARDOM."
[6.0] "Ohio Valley Wrestling was once known as WWE's developmental territory and had some huge future stars like Batista, John Cena, Brock Lesnar & Randy Orton. OVW also had some great TV back in the day but now OVW has fallen in this weird hole of irrelevancy being run by Al Snow and having some not so good booking decisions here and there."
[8.0] "Over the Top Wrestling has proven time and time again they can give some good wrestling. It's not as popular as it used to be back in 2018 but it's still having good matches with local talent and other wrestler for other promotions all around the globe. Has had some big instant classics in the past. I hope for 2024 they get some more attention."
[7.0] "North is a really solid promotion. Its highlights are it near pro level wrestling and expert level camera work amd announce team The lighting and production quality were also on par with far larger promotions. They had an excellent crowd turnout for the size of their venue and the crowd was into the product. I myself found a few moments were I was getting emotionally invested in the storyline of the match and was even on the edge of my seat a few times and to be able to deliver that to someone whose watching passivley deserves recognition. The ring was a little on the smaller side but is right on the edge of being the standard safety size. The ring announcing equipment could be a little louder but it was still fairly audible. All in all this promotion is right on the edge of being one of the better ones ive seem for the entire UK. If they continue improving on their current product they could easily rival the major promotions."
[8.0] "This is an actually good Indy promotion. The wrestlers here actually wrestle and dont just mindlessly hit each other with weapons, and theres nothing wrong with Hardcore matches, but these wrestlers arent shortening their lives for a hotdog and a handshake, theyre actually wrestling."
[] "WWE is the most popular wrestling company in the world. WWE has a large roster of talented and charismatic wrestlers, who represent different styles, personalities and nationalities. WWE has brought more popularity and worldwide recognition to pro wrestling, but it also has a negative impact, such as cases of drug abuse, domestic violence, serious injuries, premature deaths, labor exploitation, discrimination, censorship and scandals involving its employees and executives. Aside from the generic, silly stories and predictable matches. It's so predictable, that you can tell what kind of move set the wrestlers will use in their matches. Overall, it still brought us countless memorable moments, although it is the biggest and best-known wrestling company in the world, it is not even close to the best"
[6.0] "AEW has been on a creative slump and show slump so far in 2023. People have been turning away because it just doesn't feel like AEW anymore. AEW is now focusing on older stars to try and bring in numbers and it's not working. If you are advertising yourself as an alternative book yourself like it. It just feels lackluster and not attention is being made storyline wise and the injury train has been heading a steam. The women's & tag division is at a low right now and it just doesn't feel as good as it did in 2021. The interest of AEW is also at an all-time low from wrestling fans alike."
[6.0] "BodyZoi is a good promotion but still needs something to prove. They've had some good matches and events and they are relatively new but they still need that something to really throw them into the limelight of professional wrestling and show what BodyZoi is."
[7.0] "Marvelous That's Women Pro Wrestling is a small-time promotion in Japan being under women's wrestling promotions or Joshi's like Stardom & TJPW. This one has some good matches and overall good shows. Still need to prove themselves in terms of popularity & promotion wise."
[7.0] "The Wrestling Revolver is a pretty new promotion that started back in 2016 and started getting more noriety much recently. They've proven time and time again they can hang in the indies and has given us some good shows & good events as well. They've had some lows here and then but they usually have some good shows."
[7.0] "As of 2023, wXw isn't as popular as it was back in the early 2010's but it can still give out great quality wrestling & memorable matches and a mainstay for wrestling in Germany. 14 Carat Gold is one of the most anticipated events for wXw because of the sheer amount of instant classics and I'm excited for what wXw can bring in the future."
[10.0] "have been looking at WAW for a while and say what you want about it in the past but right now its 10/10, British wrestling is very inter connected with crossovers and title being exchanged between promotions and waw feels like the hub of it all, sence of community with regulars, managment and the wrestlers all knowing eachother which does break kayfabe a little does make seeing a fan favourite make it feel ten times better when you know them more personally"
[6.0] "Been to 3 shows and each one has been pretty fun but range in quality of the product. It has a great roster with sprinkles of bigger names from ex WWE to current Impact stars. They have multiple storylines too, showing giving its status as a small indy. James Ellsworth seems to know what he's doing and I'd say it's pretty successful with its regular touring schedule."
[9.0] "This company changed indie wrestling forever and has some all-time greats. So many legends have worked here as well. Like El Generico, Kevin Steen/Owens, and Adam Cole Baybay. I know that PWG has died down these last few years and is nowhere near its prime anymore. But this company dang sure had the best wrestling for well over 10 years. Plus the PWG crowds are absolutely the most ruckus and legendary ever. Their reactions in matches are amazing and we won't forget it. (9 out of 10*)"
[] "AEW has since its inception been incredible , even tho they do have some misses. Nowadays tho , the company is struggling through injuries , confused booking , and decreased fan support due to the honeymoon phase fading away. i think aew have it in them to get back to their best form , however they really need to start working on their weaker spots , for example , what made aew so cool to me in the beginning was the quality of their weekly storytelling with feeling like everyone has something to do , to their longterm incredible storylines with character development, while over the last month they are starting to try to get back on track with that , we will see how it will go they need to give their womens division more time , they have some incredible talents there that aren't getting their time to shine. they need to cut ROH from their weekly tv shows as it is harming both aew and roh."
[4.0] "Kenoh is amazing ..... and that's about it for current NOAH. An excellent roster is consistently undermined by a lack of care in booking, and for the juniors, I would say a lack of booking at all. No wonder stalwarts like Nakajima and Yoshioka leave when there's absolutely no care put in to the treatment of the characters. The in-ring is usually good to great due to the roster, but it's hard to get invested when the booking is quite possibly the worst booking in all of Japanese major promotions."
[] "in decline for 2 years, few new names and less exciting storylines than before. It's a shame they have a lot of good wrestlers ready to emerge and already established stars. there are really better things to do"
[] "the best in France. their regular shows have crazy star power with Cara Noir, Tristan Archer, Will Ospray, Aigle Blanc and their shows dedicated to young people allow us to discover new talents like Aiden Black, Atem, Ricky Sosa and the Breiz Buvett Club. there is no better in France and I think we can talk about a European Top 10"
[] "a very recent promotion which gives itself the means to grow and evolve. very good cards at each show and very dynamic matches. the promoter is a wrestling fan and you can feel the passion he puts into his shows. the future of Brawl Spirit is golden"
[] "in my opinion the best federation in France with Brawl. regular talents like Antonio Adamo, Tom La Ruffa, White Storm, Mareck, Eddy Marston and Jack Spayne who give great credibility to the product and very promising young wrestlers like Chris Baviera, Adam Frost, Stanislas Cartier, Lucas Menil and Shawn Olsen who are the future faces of the promotion. there is nothing to say, since 2018 TPW has known how to attract talent and promising young people to offer us entertaining matches and different posters at each show."
[] "this promotion shames the profession. Wrestlers are often students put on shows too early. the storylines are sloppy, poorly executed and poorly developed. Apparently a lot of guys are not paid as agreed after the show and the wrong people are put forward. there must be 4 or 5 guys who are good wrestlers and who should leave because they really aren't helped by the structure and boring storylines offered by AYA."
[7.0] "great fundamentally sound wrestling with a few high flyers added in the mix (some of them still active, E.G. hip hop man has become a staple in the mexican indie scene), awful storylines, very phony characters to a funny point, imagine the mid 90s obsession with occupational gimmicks and triple it, every major star, midcarder, and jobber having something else going on in their life and the closest we got to wrestler that just wrestled was Shooto the martial master and argentinean legend and kayfabe GM Ruben Peucelle, you had bikers, bodybuilders rappers, a guy raised by tigers who looked like tiger mask, a guy raised by monkeys, a guy raised by lions, a snake man, a pharaoh, an evil cherookee, a delivery boy, a scottish man, a hockey player, a... you get the point. even with that bufoonery i still think the high level wrestling and somewhat intriguing and revolutionary match types (such as a tag team match where all 4 participants were randomized, which was the main event to every show but the playoffs) the NBA style playoffs, and overall entretainment of the show outwheighs the negatives, although it's still not world class by any stretch"
[] "personally i think wwe is the best its been in a long while, many people dropped off and moved over to aew around 2020 when it was on a slow decline but now with triple h in control it has risen backup in the last year, shame so many people still have a negative opinion despite not having watched it in 6 years"
[7.0] "WWE is a hard one to rank. As someone who has only watched from the PG Era onward, I'm a huge fan. But if we're talking like Attitude or Ruthless Aggression Era, I only know a handful of it. I mean, overall I love WWE and always will. But they haven't been that good recently. It's just something about it that's throwing me off a bit. I don't know. But it'll always have a special place in my heart so idk."
[3.0] "As a younger wrestling fan, I didn't watch WCW at all. It ended 7 years before I was born. However, I have watched some replays on Peacock. And uh, it was pretty bad. The storylines didn't really make sense to me and the wrestling was horrible. Sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings there. The only substantial thing I really know about from WCW was the NWO which actually killed WCW. Maybe if I was around to watch it back then I would give it a higher ranking. Or maybe I wouldn't. Who knows. Overall WCW is mid and doesn't deserve the hype it gets."
[8.0] "I used to watch ROH religiously back in the day. I was only born in 2008, so I saw like 2010-2016. ROH made me fall in love with the likes of The Briscoes, Adam Cole, Dalton Castle, etc. Like I think at one point I watched it more than WWE. It was just that good. Do I think it fell off a bit? Absolutely. First, it's not on CW Baltimore anymore so I can't watch it on free TV which sucks, and most of the OG wrestlers aren't there anymore (they're mostly in AEW but a few are in WWE). ROH will always have a special place in my heart. It defined my childhood, along with WWE and Impact."
[] "I've been catching up on some indies, and I binged all of NEW on Youtube because I heard they're on hiatus and rebranding in 2024, so I feel like I can judge their initial two-year run as a whole. It's a mixed bag early on while they find their feet, but the production values are better than most indies, especially toward the end. They get some big international guest stars, but tbh they don't need to be a super-indie with the roster they have. Almost everyone is trained by Artemis Spencer & Shimmer's Nicole Matthews, so if you know how good they are, you know what you're getting. If they come back in 2024 and make more of their hot young stars into must-see champions, and still look as good as their last couple shows, they'd easily hit a 10 in my book."
[7.0] "aew can be very good. for the most part their pay per views are really good, but as of this last year or so they just havent felt like themselves. some of it might be the newness wearing off but they just dont feel like themselves. maybe its some of the backstage issues coming to light that just makes it feel like a mess, but i find myself not as interested in majority of tv. i still like aew, theyve got a very good roster, tend to put on great matches (though some can go overboard for sure) and they typically deliver when they need to. but like i said, they just done feel like who they were."
[9.0] "Has certainly been hotter, but whatever is going on either in or out of Ganbare never changes the fact that they are all there for each other, so much so that the entire roster often comes out for championship matched. The second you hear Bad Communication, you know you're in for a fun time."
[7.0] "I think a lot of CZW is pretty bad... But there are some some good years worth watching. Let's start with 2005, maybe the best year long run any American indie had outside of ROH. It really was the perfect storm, CHIKARA had lost their school building so CZW took them in, which meant not only did CZW have more access to book top CHIKARA guys, but it also meant their students were getting a more well rounded training. This also coincides with them bringing in PWG guys from California and Canadian talent like El Generico and Kevin Steen. A true super indie year, for a promotion that never gets talked about as anything more than death matches. And then, while maybe not great, from 2009-2011 they really find their footing. No relying out flying guys in like they were in 2005, they developed a strong unique roster that consisted of guys like Drake Younger (before he went nuts), Danny Havoc, Sami Calihan, and Jon Moxley. I highly recommend Cage of Death 2009, it's book ended by two solid death matches, a barbed wire match between Nick Gage and Thumbtack Jack, the titular cage of death between Sami Callihan and Danny Havoc. A lot of CoD matches have too many wrestlers in them, or have some weird rule that the wrestlers don't even follow, but 2009's avoids all of that, great heat between the wrestlers and all the over the top spots such a match demands. In between those matches, you have DJ Hyde and Nate Hatred probably having the best match of their careers, it's just a standard arena brawl but it's way more entertaining than a match booked just so they could put back up the ring ropes should be. Two four ways, a singles and tag, the singles featuring Moxley, B-boy, Eddie Kingston and probably their most underrated talent Robert Anthony. After that I lost interest in American indies as a whole, so I won't judge them on anything after 2011, but one of the best years for an American indie, and then another 3 years of being a solid indie when most promotions were loosing steam get them a 7 from me."
[8.0] "Used to be a 10 but its not looking so hot at the moment, AEW seems to have really lost its way in the past couple of months with storylines not really adding up and the godawful handling of the womens division. They seem to get way too caught up in trying to do WWE better than WWE and they seem to have forgotten why they were so popular before, they served as a different style of product not seen on tv before and thats what made them great. All is not lost however, Im sure its just a dry spell which will fix itself soon like it has in the past and it will come back to its former glory."
[] "The best pro wrestling company ever. It has seen better times and nowadays it is not as good as it was until 2018, but it continues to be the best company in the world today, along with Stardom. They build great narratives, promos, tension, psychology and of course, great matches too."
[7.0] "AEW's singles division has gotten a lot better since 2019, however its tag division took a step back, the women's division has also gotten slightly better but considering the talent, its a far cry from what it could be, The Trios is a huge mess. Another problem AEW has is it's ever growing roster and how to properly balance the new and old; Unfortunately, only a few are consistently booked at the top level spot and the rest are rotated in favor of new faces that are mostly ex-WWE employees. In recent times however, AEW has begun focusing more on homegrown talents like Ricky Starks, Hook, Jungle Boy, Acclaimed, Jamie Hayter which I think is great. Even though they are the clear no. 2 in the bussiness, AEW is already too big to fail and they consistently produce high quality shows and lots of quality matches including multiple MOTYCs. Another aspect I liked about AEW is that it capitalises on the existing storylines from the independent scene instead of rebranding/creating a new persona and gives more freedom to the wrestlers creatively. But their biggest issue is long term storytelling, which WWE and New Japan does far better imo; Other than MJF, there is no young under 35 wrestler that is actually booked to be a pillar despite the fact that they keep bringing up the Four pillars Schtick."
[5.0] "A bad ending to a formerly great company. It had a lot of talents but they were too indulging in their own egos that WWE destroyed them by bringing in the Attitude Era. WWE pushed new stars, brought new storylines but WCW only ever repeated the same stuff. The storytelling got incredibly messy and they lost their narrative. Only the NWO remained hot. The company was bought. WWF won."
Okaro143 wrote about Ring Of Honor:
[6.0] "It was The best wrestling promotion during the mid 2000s. Overall quality has since gone down; The wrestling has become very uninspiring since the late 2010s, some bookings Don't make a lot of sense, the storylines are stale and the level of competition has decreased a lot. With Tony Khan's acquisition, things got a little better but its more like a second rate AEW's production. however, the Championships have gotten a little more recognition due to them being defended on AEW's premier shows like Dynamite but I hope that ROH remains its own thing."
[8.0] "Since 2020, WWE has started pushing new faces, new stars and are trying to tell better storytelling and the improvements has been very noticeable. The 2010s were Messy and incoherent, they were boring and it was a bunch of old recycled stuffs and that includes many of the wrestlers but 2020s are more well structured, Stars are finally getting the push that they deserve. In 2023, RAW has been great: Rollins has been a fighting Champion, the crowd loves him, he has challengers on all sides; The midcard scene has also improved a lot with Gunther booked like the monster Champ he is, there are also familiar faces like Gable, Otis, Miz etc.; Also, Judgement Day has truly broke out as the dominant faction. RAW has seen a huge rise in acclaim, the booking has been better and the rise of new stars is welcomed. In contrary, SmackDown has fallen, LA Knight and Iyo Sky are the only breakout stars and even Iyo isn't booked that hot but her ring work has added much credibility, everything else is barely average; Roman is scarcely around, he has defended his Title only 4 times in 2023 at the time of writing this comment, he will defend it a 5th time at Crown Jewel which is probably gonna be his last defense for 2023, Of his 5 defenses, 3 were during WrestleMania so, he has defended his Title only twice after WM season, but he has competed in two huge tag team bouts so it kinda evens out a tiny bit but we should expect more of the Universal Champion; US Championship hasn't been good despite Rey Mysterio being the Champion. On the other hand, NXT like RAW has seen a huge improvement, new faces are being pushed, the matches are better, main roster stars comes to promote the development show once every while but the roster always shines. Bumping up a point for overall improvement, wish SmackDown was as good as 2022 like the Bloodline Sami story, hopefully things do get better."
[2.0] "So much potential, so much wasted talent. Pretty much sums up All Elite Wrestling, while they can absolutely deliver on PPV with amazing matches, their stories are basically nothing. Despite being a fan since day 1, and trying my best to enjoy the shows weekly, it seems that everything has gone downhill in 2023. Ratings dropping, tickets slumping, negativity at an all-time high... It just seems like the honeymoon phase is now over with AEW, and fans are not sticking through with Tony Khans product like I'm sure he has hoped. Maybe they should give their amazing Women roster a chance to shine more? Maybe they need to stop focusing on old-timers like Adam Copeland, Sting, Jeff Jarrett, the Hardys, Ric Flair, and Christian and focus more of their younger talent more besides just MJF (who might be the best homegrown talent they have). Wardlow has been misused, Athena missused and relegated to ROH, Miro misused, etc etc. I want the best and hope for the best for AEW, and I want them to succeed, but not if this is the product they're producing on Weekly TV."
[6.0] "I really enjoy some of the gimmicks in WOW but half the time the matches seem rough and quickly finished. Yes, it's probably not for everyone but they do tend to put on decent matches sometimes. Hopefully, they garner their fanbase more. Also, AJ on commentary is very nice."
[8.0] "EDIT/Preface: This review is for the Mid South wrestling territory which can be found on The WWE Network/Peacock, I will review The UWF that can be found on youtube additionally so, yes. This will soon be a two part review but for the time being: This review is about Mid South Wrestling: Bill Watts leaves me constantly upset at his commentary and politics. I completely loathe his incessant misspelling and/or mispronunciation of names over the years - it all becomes so overwhelmingly nauseating that I can't get past it. If you like racism and football you would give this territory a 10 but I am in neither of those camps. That being said: the in ring action was mostly unparalleled and consistently so. The stories were usually hot, the angles usually fun. The talent that passed through or helped anchor the ship lists as a true who's who of 80's talent and in many ways: MidSouth was the WWF before the WWF was the WWF. Bucket list wrestling is the Mid South careers of Junkyard Dog, Butch Reed, Ted DiBiase, Hercules Hernandez and others - lest we forget the rise of Jim Duggan and Magnum TA, the birth (& rise) of the Eaton/Condrey Midnight Express. Mid South brought us the peak of Buddy Landell, gave the wrestling world Barry Darsow, contained some superb stuff via Mr. Olympia and there was always another new star around the corner. But when he's on commentary; I want to punch Bill Watts in the testicles, brain and throat simultaneously. Also, you need to watch this stuff if just to see what Boyd Pierce is wearing. 7.75 (shows with no Bill Watts on commentary are always the better shows)."
[8.0] "If I'm being completely honest, AEW is the BEST wrestling promotion right now. Don't get me wrong WWE is decent and Impact seems to be doing better but there's just something about AEW that feels different from other wrestling companies. Maybe it's the talents or the atmosphere. I only started watching 21 months ago (at the time of this rating) so I didn't see the "golden days" of AEW but I've seen amazing things. To be honest, the company fell off once CM Punk won the AEW World Title. The match qualities started going down, you could tell there was a shift in the atmosphere, and it overall wasn't that great. Plus, everyone started getting injured. And don't even get me started on the Sammy Guevara/Scorpio Sky...I can't even call it a storyline. But I LOVE AEW and I can't wait to see them continue to grow."
[8.0] "World Wrestling Federation of MARKS! . This is undoubttly the best wrestling company of all time, but theyve FELL OFF as of the last 10 years. Sure its still good, they have great Pay per. I mean Premium Live Events. But Smackdown and Raw are kind of a joke and Kids entertainment. Promos are basically the exact same thing every week and the whole show gets carried by if Roman is there. Stories are just not very captivating outside of the main event picture and AT TIMES Seth Rollins."
[6.0] "Santino Bros checks alot of boxes. Solid Wrestling, pretty great sound quality, passionate commentators, and adequate ring size. But there is still a lot to ne desired. Its watchable in most instances but the venue is way to small and begins to become a liability to the crowd which for the venue size was a pretty okay turnout. The lighting is a little wonky. Talent is still visible when performing but there is no direct focal light its sort of a variety of lights halphazardly skewed throughout the ring. The wrestling in some matches leaves a lot to be desired. In a deathmatch I witnessed some of the obstacles or weapons malfunctioned or didnt really go over. There was also a chair shot where we had to wait a minute in the half for the wrestler to hide his face under the ring to blade. Dissapointingly he was also the champion. I understand in ring skill and microphone talent are usually who gets the titles but to be even the temporary main carder of your promotion they should either A. Not blade at all and just take the damage naturally, or B be a little better at blading. The camera work was amateur super shakey and sometimes there was a angle transition delay. All in all Santino Bros is perfectly stomachable but it needs to grow signifcantly before it can be taken as a serious promotion."
[9.0] "Tres bonne promotion, bonne gestion et relationnel avec les different catcheurs et membre du stag, communication facile et efficace. Les cartes sont toujours qualitatives et les projets sont nombreux comme le plus recent dentre eux « TPW Strong Style ». À suivre absolument"
[10.0] "Great promotion. Worker selection is fantastic, and the boys are willing to work with basically any kind of style as long as you can bring it in the ring. Very polished for having only done a half-dozen or so live events. Crowd is super-hot at every one of these shows. Good stuff."
[10.0] "If NJPW is Japan's WWE, then AJPW is Japan's WCW. So many classics over the years, and they're still putting out memorable matches even today. While it may not have as big of a roster as NJPW right now, guys like Suwama and Miyahara set the gold standard of the very best wrestlers the Japanese scene has to offer. Oh, by the way, they attract freelancers from all over the world, so their recent shows have absurd variety."
[2.0] "I just dont get it, I understand its supposed to be like Lucha Underground, SUKEBAN, CHIKARA, Party Hard (Genre-adjacent since some of the roster does that), etc. Its just not the same though, why put a new gimmick on someone like Heidi Howitzer and call her wrecking ball? Thats why I like those other promotions I listed, at the most the wrestling just get a new gimmick & not a new name. (Ex: Konami was a surprise wrestler for SUKEBAN & they didnt change her name since she was known worldwide). I wanted to like this promotion, but I could barely get through a single episode without turning off the device I was using, and the only reason I liked it was because AJ Mendez/Lee was on commentary, but now thats even gone."
[10.0] "Good promotion with some good stories and wrestlers sometimes the matches are predictable but they bring it in a fun or creative way. Maybe some female matches. Love to see the new tag team championships are active again. The venue is good at the moment and there shows are always packed with good talent or well known wrestlers."