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[10.0] "The most underrated promotion ever. She set up the stars of today, especially The Shield, Cesaro, Big E and so many others. I would like to see WWE upload all the episodes on the Network."
[3.0] "GCW has been very hit or miss for me. Some of their shows, like Bloodsport, have been enjoyable. But the product relies too heavily on death match styles for me, and their tendency to book a bunch of death matches on the same card really undercuts the brutality and mystique of them."
[0.0] "Years ago I would have never rated WWE this low, but there's one thing they do that is completely unforgivable: camera shaking. I literally cannot watch their programming without serious feelings of nausea. There was one scene where the camera man literally lifted and lowered the camera with every mounted punch over and over and over in such a way that I had to turn it off and barely watch again. I try to catch some clips here and there, but I have to pray I don't get sick. I know I am likely more sensitive to this than the average person, but physically being unable to watch their product has been greatly disappointing. The easiest to watch is NJPW by far... that's how all pro wrestling should be shot. AEW has a few moments where I'm uncomfortable, but it's not as bad or for as long (although I wish they'd cut down on the number of camera cuts as well). Pro wrestling is not an action movie."
[10.0] "Amazing promotion in all possible aspects. Even if it has become a little repetitive in recent years, its history and all the legends that were born there in the past make CMLL one of the greatest promotions of all time."
[9.0] "WSX was too ambitious a product, with big projects but without the necessary support. With only 30 minutes of show they could not fulfill all the plans that a project of this magnitude entails. At the time, it seemed like a fairly entertaining and action-packed alternative, but I fully understand why it failed."
[7.0] "I think it is a good promotionbjust not one of the absolute best in the world, and it doesn't have a long enough history or a big enough impact to rate it higher."
[3.0] "I really don't understand how this promotion is so highly rated, their roster is thin af and they can't put on a show without heavily relying on freelancers or collaborations with other small joshi promotions."
[5.0] "The biggest company in the world with international deals, but weighed down by all the sponsors it has. Some stuff can be amazing and some could be abysmal. That? s all I can really say it? s hit or miss. Want great stuff, watch 2018 NXT. Want terrible stuff, watch 2018 Raw."
[8.0] "UWF-I had some classic bouts and produced some great wrestlers, giving Tamura, the best wrestler to Shoot-Style wrestler, a solid foundation that'll be capitalized on in RINGS, showcasing Takada as a mega star and would help create one of the best MMA promotions of all time (or the funnest, at least) and had some of the best hybrid shoot v pro matches out of the shoot style system. If you want to get into shoot style, UWF-I is a great promotion to watch. I don't think it holds up overall as much as RINGS or UWF does but it's was still a super solid promotion that drew big crowds, had good matches and created quite a few lasting legacies along the way."
[8.0] "One of the most underrated promotions ever. Masters of Pain was always on point and the rest of the shows are most of the times very nice."
[9.0] "I love CFW. I think I'm a little fanboy, but it was part of my childhood when they were in the yard, and now that they are really professionals, evolution is obvious. Anyway, I love them, great content."
[6.0] "It's not bad, but it's overrated. I will give 6 for the effort and be a small company, it also has some good Matches, however, more of the same."
[] "I give IWS 10/10 because ever since they have been on RDS and Fight Network the show is well produced, the storylines are simple but fun, and I always have fun watching this 21 year old company."
[2.0] "Yeah they used to be great & at some point they were my favourite promotion but right now Impact is by far the worst promotion I've ever watched. The last great match they've had was 2 years ago Callihan vs Penta! What a joke of a promotion."
[5.0] "A decade ago I would never dare to rate ROH this low but currently I would rather watch +20 wrestling promotion over this cr**.."
[5.0] "Yeah I did enjoy Stardom at some point but for wrestlers like Hazuki, Arisa Hoshiki, Shirai, Hojo .. etc. But right now the majority of the wrestlers on the roster are untalented & I find Stardom the worst women promotion currently. Way behind Ice Ribbon, Sendai Girls, TJPW & even Gatoh Move."
[6.0] "It's the promotion that got most of us into pro wrestling but right now it's painful to watch most of it's product "aside from NXT"."
Khalid Ace wrote about Dragon Gate:
[6.0] "It's tough to watch a promotion that you used to like get to this low quality of events. Anyway, if it wasn't for Ben-K, Naruki Doi & Eita I would've stopped watching."
[6.0] "I used to enjoy Freedoms way more than now but currently it's the worst Japanese "men" wrestling promotion that I know of."
[6.0] "I am not gonna lie, I got excited when I first read that there's a new promotion that will debut with my favourite wrestler of all time "Chris Jericho" & some other good wrestlers but the end product up to date is disappointing."
[6.0] "At some point I used to watch very very few events a year but I enjoyed it more than now while watching it constantly."
[6.0] "Big Japan is a good promotion with solid wrestlers but it's no where near as good as it used to be ."
[6.0] "I truly have no clue what is about this promotion that grant it this high rating. Even though they have a deep roster they still don't produce matches as good as smaller promotions like Ice Ribbon or Sendai."
[6.0] "If that was 4-5 years ago they would be 9 or higher but I feel like there's a drop in the quality of events & matches. However, watching Tetsuya Endo would be enough to get me back every show just because he's one of the best in the world currently."
[6.0] "My previous rating for NJPW was actually a 10 but that was a few years back. I don't enjoy the shows as much as I used to. Even the style of wrestling & events is slowly shifting to copy North American promotions which lost them their identity."
[7.0] "Sendai Girls isn't as solid as it used to be but I still enjoy pretty much everything I watch here. My only complaint is the limited roster."
[8.0] "AEW is the most must-see wrestling promotion in years. It breaks the restrictive western barriers put up by the WWE and has been a brilliant platform for independent stars to finally get their deserved attention. Despite fluctuating quality ever since the pandemic hit, AEW doesn't fail to produce entertaining shows with intertwining and long-term storytelling, as well as remarkable athleticism seen by the likes of PAC and The Young Bucks, modern wrestling showcases by Kenny Omega and FTR, and phenomenal mic-work by Eddie Kingston, MJF, and Jon Moxley, as well as acts who revel in their originality such as Orange Cassidy and Darby Allin. The comedy will either hit or miss, and the women's division still needs depth, but AEW is absolutely worth your time if you desire professional wrestling that may sometimes be overindulgent, but is unafraid to bask in its goofiness. ~ Wrestlers to watch: Kenny Omega. The Young Bucks. Eddie Kingston, Adam Page, Darby Allin, Orange Cassidy, Jon Moxley, MJF, PAC, FTR, Cody, Chris Jericho."
[8.0] "Some of the best matches and feuds have happened in NOAH, some of the best stars have been made or have further expanded their legend, however NOAH's prime didn't last too long, it's not bad today, but it's not on the level of its prime"
[5.0] "Honestly very overrated, although I suppose it's better than WCW and WWE, it had some talent, it had some great matches but not too many, it was more gimmicky wrestling than actual wrestling, and yeah it was hardcore but not even the most hardcore you'll see"
[3.0] "WCW had some classic matches, sure, some incredible stars, sure, more than that it has awful booking and some awful stars, also a lot of times in WCW the commentators seemed bored by side stories and just talked about feuds that didn't have anything to do with what was going on in the ring"
[8.0] "There are two phases in BWF that I like to highlight: the post-Ace & Victor Boer era and the pre-Ace & Victor era. a rivalry that left the company still captivating. I believe that, like many in Brazil, the Brazilian Wrestling Federation NEEDS improvements in its product, training and, of course, in visibility, but, with shows that get to be very solid at the level they have, I think BWF is a company good that deserves note 8 for the effort and talent."
[7.0] "It should, but it is not the best in Brazil. In fact, with the advancement of wrestling in the country, BWF ended up going backwards. But it is still the biggest and has merits for it."
[6.0] "From what I saw, it has a lot to improve, but it is still a good company, it just needs basic improvements."
[10.0] "I only started watching TJPW at the end of March 2020 & it immediately struck me how much FUN the promotion is. You want all the wrestlers to do well because they drag you in emotionally & by how hard they are trying. From the UP UP Girls opening the show with their latest song, to the top wrestlers like Miyu Yamashita & Yuka Sakazaki the shows fly by. Come on Raku, let's get that first singles win!"
[4.0] "Welp, Hep C enthusiast Ian Rotten's promotion is mediocre at the absolute best. through 2002-2005ish They had ok workers like Pondo and Butcher and they had great workers like Punk, Hero, Steel, Cabana, Samoa Joe, and even Eddie Guerrero when he wasn't working for WWE. But there was also multiple things that killed this promotion, PWG, TNA, ROH and most importantly the Mike Levy incident also IWA-MS gets clowned every episode of Botchamania because the one dude that decided it was a good idea to climb up the foundation to the building and did a elbow drop only to miss the entire table and land on the concrete. They had a short stint of success but since then I never heard of the company being any ood."
[10.0] "I started following CFW during its "backyard days" when the company was not officially a company. since then, I could see their desire to grow in wrestling. The content is worldwide, even with some errors and even though the company is small. Every week they evolve and this is very good. Fortunately, the best option we have in Brazil today. 10."
[7.0] "the company is good, but urgently needs some better disclosure and structure. It is one of the best options in Brazil, but it needs to improve."
[10.0] "Its incredible the way that they work, and all their efforts. Awesome Company, the shows are very very very solid and the gimmicks is very well worked."
[0.0] "Roster is amazing, but that's all I can say that's good here, and yes NXT is incredible, but WWE overall is the worst wrestling company I've ever seen, for all its stars and high bydget, it's run by people that don't love or understand wrestling, it's company that stands for bad booking and storytelling and there are much much much more bad things and awful things than there are good, WWE is all about reaching into your wallets"
[4.0] "Lots of legendary matches and stars made here, also a lot of bad booking and bad years here, TNA could of been something incredible, and sometimes it was, but overall it's a flop"
[10.0] "A promotion that knows nothing about the word 'Quit' CCW is the best promotion in the south east of Florida. The wrestlers they have are stars in the making. The ref's are one of the nicest and best people with so much heart and are the soul of CCW. Pablo Marquez is teaching the future of the business and the future for CCW looks bright."
[8.0] "I think this promotion is extremely underrated. If more eyes were on them, could be something special."
[7.0] "New Japan is usually a 9 or a 10 easily. In 2020, however they may be my worst promotion of the year. This year has been plagued by bad atmosphere, awful booking and some absolute stinkers of matches. The year started hot with an excellent double Tokyo Dome show and it's been downhill since. Will revise my rating in due time, but on merit of this year a 7 is generous."
[7.0] "Great territory and in the 70's they generally were above the average technical level of the top promotions of the time. However Verne Gagne really struggled to adapt as pro-wrestling started to change and fans demanded more than 20 minutes of mat wrestling: while AWA remained a success story in Minnesota, when Harley Race and the Funk's were at their peaks Verne was already losing touch with reality. As the Crockett's and the McMahon's started to dominate the pro-wrestling scene thanks to their ability to strike good TV contracts, AWA was already slipping behind the curve. It was generally still a good promotion but it was ultimately unappealing both to fans of Southern wrestling and those coming to appreciate the particular brand of entertainment produced by the McMahon's. I think AWA could have held out indefinetely at local level had Verne Gagne non done so many mistakes during the 80's which ultimately drove away even local fans who could have kept the promotion afloat (one above all: the monster push "Mr. Electricity" Steve Regal got). With better opportunities available, those who could have helped him turn the boat around abandoned ship and left old Verne to stew in his own juice until he finally had to raise the white flag. Good promotion overall until 1980 or so, albeit by then it was already evident they were remaining behind the curve."
[7.0] "So, I have a soft spot for wrestle 1, it was the second puro I ever saw after new Japan and I kind of watched it from the start with the whole TNA partnership they had for a bit. W1 was never a fantastic promotion but it was always passable IMO. Especially in the final years when they started letting younger guys like Ashino, Doi, Kuma, Kodama and Inaba (etc) put on some great stuff with strong hearts. But I think by that time, the rose was on its last petal already. W1 very much started as mutoh vanity promotion. You can see that in how a bunch of random vets were given long reigns over establish new stars. And let? s not forget the really.... REALLY weird run of the failed Ace KAI. The booking was bad... So much so that he booked it for DDT and is now kicking ass in Dragon Gate. The best way to describe W1 is a missed opportunity to establish a new long term non-Indy puro that we really haven? t seen since companies like DG and DDT. I def recommend checking out some of the stuff from the ? W1 originals? , but imo, honestly it had to go. I? m really glad a lot of the top guys young guys are getting chances in All japan, Noah, Zero1 etc and I hope GLEAT is a good successor. please Mutoh... stay in Noah and away from any new companies."
[4.0] "While the company has a great history the state its in right now while not terrible is far from its golden age."
[9.0] "NJPW has just been declining in quality for about a year now, with questionable booking decisions and an overall decline in match quality."
[5.0] "AEW consistently fails to impress me. Most shows have a handful of great matches but they just water things down with continued mediocrity which makes it nearly impossible for me to actually enjoy their product."
[10.0] "Of course they do not have the wrestling quality that other joshi promotions such as Stardom or Seaddling have, but they always manage to entertain you. It is very cool because you see that the wrestlers may not be that good but you see that they have fun doing what they do and that is what matters most. If you want to have a good time, watch a TJPW show, you will not regret it. P. S They have the coolest ring canvas design in all af wrestling IMO"
[2.0] "Too much comedy stuff for a serious alternative sports based Pro Wrestling company. This is the biggest disappoint in recent years. AEW can make a good cards, but they can't deliver. Right know, they are too exposed, without the fans is impossible to watch all the long matches, and the spotfest doens't get the same impact without crowd noise or when you could see it on every match. The booking is another thing i heavily deslikes, it makes no sense most of times and a lot of storylines are linked with a youtube show, bad bad take. I really hope Tony Khan gets he's not a genius and starts hire people who can write a proper show and storylines, he doens't need to be another out of the touch guy, seriously."
[8.0] "One of the few promotions where it feels inclusive and accessible to everyone, both talent and fans. The atmosphere at live shows is one of the best I've experienced and different to your usual affair but if you're not at the shows its difficult to find their content on demand which is a shame because they are very good. More regular shows and more available content would bring them closer to what other promotions are currently offering."
[1.0] "It's the biggest company in the world and it has a lot of the best fighters in the world, but do they use them the right way? Is the treatment given to them correct? If you are not a big name (Roman, Seth, Becky, Charlotte, Sasha etc ... ) the most likely thing is that your boss (Vince) does not even find out that you are working for his company, plus they have the most boring rivalries in the business, stupid stipulations, stupid results, lousy reservations, boring gimmicks, they don't look to the long term, part-time champs, events in Arabia..."
[0.0] "The only positive here is the tag team division. Besides all that, the rest is dogshit. This wacky promotion is full of ex-WWE wrestlers, a garbage women's division and a bunch of indy niggas, just to describe a few of them. Stop dissing WWE, you neckbeards. They don't really care. And you have Kenny Omega, who used to be one of the top wrestlers in the world and now he's just another top babyface. This is a joke and I hope WWE buys this out."
[10.0] "It's far better than any company in the world right now, and even smarks will agree. RAW and SmackDown have done a good job, and NXT has proved to be a decent developmental show."
[8.0] "I'd rate the WWE a solid 5 right now, because even though they do have some great talent and the occasional entertaining storylines, they ruined far too much talent and had way too many embarrassing moments in recent history to even think about considering them as being more than a 5. HOWEVER, this is THE promotion in terms of professional wrestling, even in their current uncertain stage. They're the ones who opened our eyes towards professional wrestling, gave us countless of memories and all in all made us fall in love with the pro wrestling phenomenon. For that, they'd get an undisputed 10. All in all, I think an 8 would be suitable, but for God's sake I hope they'll be back to their old ways, jot to this "PG era" sort of stuff."
[10.0] "All companies have ups and downs, and even though TNA/Impact Wrestling seemingly had more such bumps than the rest, I always believed they could eventually dethrone WWE as the top wrestling promotion in the WWE. I'll bring up some speculation right now: if a serious investitor acquired this promotion and signed some of the talent WWE ditched due to COVID-19, they could definitely become the best of the best. And I'm not even talking about signings like Lesnar here. All in all, great promotion with one roller-coaster of a history, but always delivered"
[7.0] "CZW is basically the ultraviolent version of ECW, and yes I do know what I'm saying. The stunts and tremendous punishment the deathmatch wrestlers take is incredible, sometimes you might say that it's far too much. Still, the company did manage to put up some great shows and has forever managed to forge tomorrow's future stars. The company now seems to be a distant shadow of its former glory, but with some careful booking, returns of some former wrestlers and luxury signings they should be able to become relevant again."
[8.0] "If I were to rate WWE in the 90s to 2008 then I would give it a ten, but there has been a drop of quality in storylines and how they treat their wrestlers. It feels like Vince McMahon is out of touch with the audience and causes more trouble than good in some areas such as making a deal with Saudi Arabia that most wrestlers are uncomfortable with and having strict rules on the wrestlers' social media accounts such as Twitch and Cameo. However, WWE have some positives such as NXT, great PPV matches even if the storylines are bad, and a great roster. Its a juggernaut of the wrestling industry and recently there's been more negatives than positives. However, I don't think its the worst company in the world and I am optimistic that it can become better but for now, its a good company that is way too far from perfect."
[6.0] "Like with every company, AEW has its pros and cons. Its pros are better storylines and amazing matches. However, I feel like there are more cons such as AEW promising a "realistic sports entertainment" style while comedy segments are happening and some gimmicks are outlandish like the Dark Order and Broken Matt Hardy. Most of the time, they bash on WWE which I get there has been more negatives than positives in WWE but I want AEW to focus on its own product than to repeatedly call out WWE for their failures every show. Plus, Cody tries to make himself the top babyface despite saying he wants to put talent over. Hopefully, AEW will learn from their mistakes or their future might be dim if they repeat them."
[9.0] "A really fun promotion doesn? t have the highest level of wrestling but it makes up for it with fun characters and some pretty entertaining comedy to there matches. The other positive for the promotion is a the amount of good young rookies that come through in the last year and if they develop them correctly will have a great future main eventers . I look forward To the future of this promotion but the current top starts are great as well and worth watching"
[7.0] "TNA wrestling had gone downhill around 2015 or 2016. It had gotten bad, but they have improved again the last few years. At one point they even stopped having X-division matches, but thankfully that has come back and the X-division matches of the last few years have been really good. Impact wrestling has really improved since TNA when it was on Pop. I am enjoying Impact now on AXS TV and Twitch."
[6.0] "The story of WCW is very sad to follow. It was a great company that had amazing talents such as Sting, Ric Flair, Vader, Lex Luger, etc. but, there was the decline in quality in the late 90s when Vince Russo jumped ship and ruined every aspect of the company such as the wrestler's careers, and the prestige of the championships. Of course you have a lot of talent that well known for backstage politics *Cough* Hulk Hogan *Cough* and Eric Bischoff's ego didn't help with things either. Plus, you have workers like Sonny Onoo being targets of racial discrimination makes things worse. Even Ted Turner was a douchebag. Its a shame that these issues ruined a great company."
[2.0] "So, ok, this is the company that is supposed to represent pro wrestling to the world. But, should they? I have not watched WWE programming for a while now, but isn? t this the company that refers to pro wresting as sports entertainment? Isn? t this the company that has wrestlers who have been accused of sexual misconduct under contract? Isn? t this the company that is booked by a senile 75 year-old man who does not watch other wrestling than his own product and re-writes his content while its on-air? So yeah, this company is the biggest in the world, and you may think that is because of wrestlers like Ricochet, Nakamura, Castagnoli, Steen, Generico, Tommy End, Keith Lee, War Raiders, Samoa Joe, KUSHIDA, Riddle, Hojo and many more, but not, its led by world-class wrestler such as Braun Strowman, Bray Wyatt, Nia Jax and Bobby Lashley. The company that pushes the same wrestlers over and over and over again Orton, Cena, Goldberg, Lesnar, Reigns, Rollins, Charlotte and others have sustained the core of this company for the past 20 years. How are they going to advance into the future if your current stars are the same that the ones you had well over a decade ago, if the talent that you do not even have under contract doesn? t wrestle for 6 months and if your storylines are always the same with different wrestlers. A promotion that blatantly ignores wrestlers past in other companies, that makes world-class talent to train in the Performance Center so they can wrestle the (not so) critically acclaimed WWE style of wrestling, so they can have almost 50 matches a month. And if you still are not convinced that WWE is not the company that should represent pro wrestling in the world here are some other reasons: most of the wrestlers who either have been fired or demanded their release have explained stories that will make you not want to work for them, they do not let wrestlers evolve on their characters, cut their own promos and they have JBL under contract, someone who harassed a working partner of his. So yeah, I could still go on but I do not have enough space in 3000 characters to detail why they are not the apropiate promotion to represent this beautiful sport. I will give them this two points because they got me in pro wrestling but nothing more."
[9.0] "For me, BLP is the best US independant promotion currently. A lot of dream matches booked and so much quality in the ring. The Erick Steven's show is maybe the best independant show of the year. I always love to see BLP shows live on IWTV and they deserves this exposure."
[8.0] "Assets: Is the oldest continually operating wrestling promotion in the world. Has the size to occupy its own arenas in Mexico City and Puebla (with a developmental territory in Guadalajara. ). Is regarded as one of the two major wrestling promotions in Mexico. - - - Flaws: Is not as oriented to modern tastes (or international expansion) as its chief rival. Has seen some of their "strong-arm" tactics backfire on them in regards to talent relations. Will most likely rely on international partnerships to expand its visibility instead of striking it out on their own as a major promotion - - - Promotion Potential: National league wrestling promotion."
[5.0] "Assets: The promotion's shows feature a mixture of lucha libre, comedy, and burlesque dancing; making it one of the more unique experiences as a wrestling fan. Attracts a variety of top talent from both Mexico and the American Southwest. It's progressive view on wrestling attracts a wide variety of fans from all genders and orientations. - - - Flaws: The promotion treats the in-ring action more as a sideshow instead of as a wrestling promotion. Many of the adult antics both in-ring and outside would be unsuitable for younger audiences. Would benefit from increasing the frequency of its promotion to attract more fans. - - - Promotion Potential: Double-A independent circuit wrestling promotion."
[6.0] "Assets: Has a knack for attracting the innovative type of talent that's pushing for "what's next. " Can host cards that boast a variety of different styles. Has managed to hold shows in a variety of markets without possessing the same visibility as leagues. - - - Flaws: The promotion's penchant for hardcore/deathmatch matches turns off casual fans. Consequently, they do not have the broadcast visibility required of a league-sized promotion. Is ultimately too overreliant on independent talent to be considered anything other than an independent promotion. - - - Promotion Potential: Triple-A independent circuit wrestling promotion"
[7.0] "Assets: Was, at one point, the largest and most important wrestling promotion in the world. Has managed to stage a comeback thanks to innovative leadership that displays a reverence for tradition. Knows when to engage other promotions for assistance and is capable of keeping their talent occupied. - - - Flaws: The promotion's inability to innovate itself in the 20th Century saw it devolve from major league to independent promotion. Has been too reliant on other promotions to keep itself afloat. The promotion's return has been hindered by incidents relating to inappropriate behavior and pandemics. - - - Promotion Potential: Minor league wrestling promotion with national league upside."
[7.0] "Assets: Has enough broadcast presence through multiple mediums to get its promotion's shows out to a wider audience. Has shrewdly put together a solid collection of veterans and newcomers alike. Seems to fit a role for fans who want the best of both athletic and traditional style wrestling (that isn't absent of good segments, either. ). - - - Flaws: Their broadcast presence is still hard to access for the casual fan. Doesn't have the corporate support that some of its competitors have, which has seen talent defect as a consequence. Would benefit from adding a women's division. - - - Promotion Potential: Minor league wrestling promotion with national league upside."
[7.0] "Assets: Was, at one point, the second-largest wrestling promotion in North America. Innovated the way that women's and cruiserweight wrestling was promoted thanks to their Knockout and X Divisions (respectively. ) Has the power to draw in big name talent and benefits from its relationship with a broadcaster to remain on television. - - - Flaws: A sustained decline in their creative and business practices devolved the previous value of the brand - Only now is it genuinely building back up again. Their current domestic broadcast doesn't have the same audience reach as of some of its competitors. Need to develop their own homegrown talent (as they did in the past) instead of being overly reliant on talent from other promotions (as they often do today. ) - - - Promotion Potential: Minor league wrestling promotion with national league upside."
[7.0] "Assets: Possesses a roster that is relatively loyal and is now fortified with top talent (either through talent exchanges or via free agency. ) Is expanding its broadcast presence thanks to its relationship with SBG. Have previously demonstrated the ability to be a national league. - - - Flaws: Doesn't have the broadcast presence that can draw casual fans in (which can hurt their attendance. ) Have made some frustrating booking decisions that may have harmed its growth when it needed it worst. Hasn't been absent of the occasional scandal despite its namesake. - - - Promotion Potential: Minor league wrestling promotion with national league upside."
[8.0] "Assets: Has managed to quickly accumulate the right amount of talent at all ends of the operation to catapult itself into becoming North America's second-largest wrestling promotion before their second anniversary. Serves a wrestling market that has felt neglected (or perhaps taken advantage of) by other promotions. Boasts a wide array of talent from across the globe. - - - Flaws: Needs to successfully operate outside of their home market (North America) to genuinely earn major league status. Claim to be anti-sports entertainment before featuring musical skits, comedy sketches, and a wrestling dinosaur of its own. Needs to settle down on its creative decisions instead of abruptly aborting storylines. - - - Promotion Potential: National league wrestling promotion with major league upside."
[9.0] "Assets: Boasts an awesome (and often times loyal) collection of wrestlers who can appeal to any wrestling fan. Has taken the appropriate action to grow their promotion beyond Japan (as evidenced by their presence in the United States, United Kingdom, and Oceania. ) Possesses a sports-oriented style of wrestling that can appeal to those who do not like "sports entertainment. " - - - Flaws: Does not possess the financial power of its main competitor. May be too reserved in tradition to ever establish their own women's division. Their creative process can be somewhat predictable a times. - - - Promotion Potential: International major league wrestling promotion with global-sized upside."
[10.0] "Assets: Their brand name is synonymous with professional wrestling by any and all metrics. Has the awesome financial power to tour anywhere in the world while airing a myriad of original programming weekly. Their WrestleMania events greatly benefit local economies (in addition to other piggybacking wrestling promotions. ) - - - Flaws: Has been accused of hoarding talent solely to deprive other promotions of them (whilst not providing any relevant push for them. ) Creative decisions are adversely affected by both corporate interests and a dysfunctional creative process. Has not been without scandals here and there regarding the actions (or backstage treatment) of their talents. - - - Promotion Potential: Global major league wrestling organization (Ed. note: For evaluation purposes, RAW and SmackDown's titles will be evaluated as major league titles, NXT and 205 Live's titles will be evaluated as national league titles, and NXT UK's titles will be evaluated as minor league titles until further notice. )"
[7.0] "All Ex WWE. Leaving the joke on the one hand I am made to do their job well, but they have to give birth to new talent, not bring WWE wrestlers or wrestlers who triumphed in AAA or NJPW"
[9.0] "Consistently the top promotion in Australia going back to 2016. Will be entering a transitional phase in 2021 but there are some great talents in Melbourne ready to take on the load of the next generation."
[2.0] "it's overhyped to an inexplicable point. the disaster of a women's division and the handling of the big men speak volumes of the inadequate nature. they've got a brutal character like miro and letting him be a gamer who gets angry because best friends broke their arcade game? uh, where is the sports based presentation that was promised? i'm not saying wrestling is not allowed to be fun. but it must depends on the character. my life would be a lot better if i didn't have to see two top wrestler of the company do a musical. hey, if private party did this? alright. not ok by someone like MJF. the weekly wrestling is good. but they already have a hard time topping that in a ppv. apparent by their last one which was pretty bad. the trick is to tone it down in the weeklies, lure your viewers in so they buy the damn ppvs."
[9.0] "My second favorite promotion in the world. They never fail to deliver, and never insult your intelligence. The best wrestling in the world, ALMOST perfect."
[9.0] "I love New Japan, but I also love the skits and segments too much to rank NJPW my undisputed #1. I guess you could say I'm more a fan of "American pro wrestling. " Therefore, AEW is where it's at for me. I love how open-ended it is. Great wrestling, not taking themselves too seriously, and probably the best creative process in the U. S. right now. However, stating the obvious here, but they really need to polish their Women's division... hopefully they're doing that behind Britt Baker."
[10.0] "Unfortunately the only thing a lot of people know about DDT wrestling is that comedy place where they wrestle blow up dolls , but in reality there is so much more to DDT Then that. What I love about DDT is the amount of variety on very show there will be some comedy matches but there is plenty more quality wrestling with a bunch of guys who are very much underrated in the wrestling world . My advice just give it a chance before judging it because I believe it is some of the best wrestling around"
[6.0] "Ring of Honor still have the feeling of the 2010's (in a good way). They had a small, but a really athletic roster and they really know how to work with them, despite the fact they put too much outsiders over their homegrown talents. In 2020, you can't really look down at ROH, yes they had 3 bad years in a row, but this is in the past, right now they are trying to do their best and the ROH Pure Title Tournament is a proof."
[5.0] "Half of my 5 points for this promotion are for their historical success as a company. They've built guys like Cena, Austin, Taker, Hogan, Bret, Rock and Triple H. Their financial banking was worth billions, as most of their shows used to be successful. The other 0 is for their shitty booking. Not going to lie, Triple H did a fine job on booking the NXT roster but the booking in the main roster is atrocious. I don't know, RAW is the must-see show but they've produced shitty storylines and making terrible decisions while Smackdown is the weaker show but has been doing good. Their creative team is a mess. Their product continues to get worse every year that fans started to engage more on AEW, Impact and started prioritizing NXT over main roster. This was a hard one to rate but I chose 5 because I'd love to separate current era from the other more successful eras."
[2.0] "I'm sick of this promotion! nothing's going on in 2020, cr*ppy ideas, they mainly push the old, muscular guys. I consider it no longer as wrestling, they don't care about us, between disappointments between Zayn vs Bryan for example. they have almost no main eventers except Mcintyre (but he will return to the midcard after his reign) Randy Orton (are we in 2010? ) Braun Strowman (he's a sh*tty wrestler) The Fiend and Roman Reigns. their idea barely lasted 2 months before pretending nothing had happened. they no longer develop any stars because Goldberg is more important. the big problem is the creative direction which is just awful. Their Storylines are busted most of the time. Vince McMahon destroying WWE. oh yes the "womens revolution" I have the impression of still seeing divas. Billie Kay. Mandy Rose. Dana Brooke. Lana. Alexa Bliss etc are divas. Also big problem, they sign just to sign without having projects behind, hello Drew Gulak. Kairi Sane (especially the main roster) and soon Sareee. to be a main eventer you have to be a child of a wrestler. come from MMA. be muscular like Braun Strowman. or 10% chance for talent like Styles. Bryan. Rollins. unfortunately it is very rare. consistency is non-existent. forgot to point out that even NXT is so boring and empty since the covid era (I hope at the end of this shit, NXT will be great again) she introduced me to wrestling but WWE is not longer "Pro Wrestling" just really bad entertainment. the roster is fantastic but most of it is wasted ... WWE has become a big joke"
[10.0] "Pretty consistently ahead of their time and boasting a history filled with historic classics, All Japan Women's Pro Wrestling is likely the best joshi league and a definite inclusion in my top 3 promotions of all time."
[8.0] "World Class is THE Ancient Greek Tragedy in the world of wrestling. It should be watched from the end of 1982 tot he end of 1984 to experience it's most important highs and lows."
[3.0] "rating low to bump TJPW (rightfully) up in the rankings the only promotion where you can watch a match in the back room at a house with a sliding glass door the only promotion where its is essentially a quest to get to their home venue Ichigaya Chocolate Square - you get off of Ichigaya Station walk across the street, and it is 100 feet up this very obscure narrow alleyway free tea for attendees afterwards so +1 cagematch points"
[10.0] "1000000000000X TIMES BETTER THAN RAW --- characters / matches / storylines / pop idol performances, all over the top ridiculous, equates to a can't miss promotion ^^"
[3.0] "I give them a 3 rating and I think I am being more than fair. This company used to be on top of the world, delivering big shows week after week, but it's been a couple of years now that it's nothing but a joke for the sport. The wrestlers who work for that company do not deserve the treatment they are given and it is sad to see that talent is simply wasted."
[9.0] "Almost perfect company. Their show are always good, their match are always good... except the women's."
[10.0] "The absolte best. In an age when everyone is a critic and everyone wants to out star their friends, sometimes we forget that Wretling is supposed to be fun. AAA is everything. Every show is great, you never know what you are going to get, but you will always leave happy. The world needs more lucha libre."
[8.0] "All elite is the best promotion of the world right now in terms of wrestling and entertainment , but New japan is number one if its only about Wrestling . The first year of AEW was pretty good and i think the next years are going to be way better if they are going to add some more talented superstars on the roster because the roster its still too small . The storylines are pretty good even though they could have been better , the matches especially on pay per views are awesome , but the booking is so average they have to imporve on this ."
[7.0] "WWE used to be the best promotion 10 and 20 years before but right now All elite wrestling and New japan are way better . RAW and Smackdown are awful . i dont understand why raw and smackdown matches only last 3 till 6 minutes ? Thats why ratings are so low in 5 years from now i doubt if Raw is going to average more than 1 million viewers . i am tired of squash matches , the storylines are so boring . if it was about now i would rate WWE 3/10 but i rate it 7/10 because of the past WWE . Even the pay per views are so mediocre , they look like house shows ."
[5.0] "I was introduced to pro wrestling because of WWE. Nothing of what i've loved back then is here now, just some nostalgia from back then et that's it. There is no more the feeling of great matches and great PPV, wich is funny because WWE has actually yhe best roster in the world and maybe one of the best in History"
[10.0] "Mid-Atlantic (JCP) is just as much WCW as TNA is iMPACT Wrestling. WCW could not have existed without it. Great TV great wrestling, always better than WWF. The ideal version of wrestling as it was meant to be."
[10.0] "Still my favourite promotion of all time. CZW saved my life and it's a shame the state of the company now, but reminder it's not CZW fault!"
[9.0] "Started watching in May of this year; they're now one of my favourite promotions. Every openweight title match has more than delivered (having Okabayashi as the 2nd champion was a great move), strong tag division and the current crop of rookies have potential to do big things. It's a fun combo of entertainment-style wrestling and pure athletic competition. A strong product."
[10.0] "When someone asks me what my favourite independent promotion is, ICA No Holds Barred is ALWAYS the first company to pop into my head. The company went from good to great when Danny Demanto took over and the blood and hardcore ultraviolence is now second to none. The fact this company has dug out gems like Alex Ocean and Akira and brought them to the forefront of the deathmatch scene is proof that Danny has a keen eye for talent. Also have to give a shoutout to the Pit Fighter shows they put on before the main Volume shows, they have some great bouts in The Blood Shed. Long Live ICW NHB."
[6.0] "AEW started very strong delivering fantastic PPVs in 2019, but since they started TV it just went tragically awful. I enjoyed only a few Dynamite shows. I had bigger expectations about this company."
[9.0] "Even if some storylines leave something to be desired (like Lana and Bobby Lashley's wedding, the storyline between Otis and Mandy Rose is a thousand times better), the WWE still manages to surprise me, and sometimes proposes excellent things (like The Fiend, The Firefly Fun House Match or The Hurt Business). And I think that if they listened more to their fans and Mr. McMahon gave a chance to some jobbers to at least get up in the middle of the map (like Ricochet for example), they could do great things."
[9.0] "WAC is great! Great use of local talent (Both Canadian and American), always bringing in exciting guests. Their video production and general media presence is excellent. Looking forward to seeing lots of Without A Cause in the future"
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