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[5.0] "They are sitting on so much talent at the moment, but the lackluster direction (i.e. not much in terms of storylines), repetitive booking, and very, very obvious nepotism on display make it hard to care much for CMLL. There is something of a push with the women's division lately, but historically, this promotion hasn't cared much for women, and it's likely that they'll go back to not caring after the Aniversario. It's a sad state of affairs for a promotion that has so much history to it. Whenever AAA has a big event, there's a buzz on social media about it, even though legally, they cannot show their big events outside of Mexico. CMLL, on the other hand, doesn't care to sell their shows to a foreign audience. Truly amazing, this means that some of their better matches cannot be seen at all after they air, unless some kind soul records the events (which is not often)."
[10.0] "I don't think this company is perfect. I was planning on giving them an 8 or a 9. However, I went to my first AEW live show at Arthur Ashe for Grand Slam event, and I just can't overlook two main things: 1) That crowd had 20 thousand people and the AEW roster is full of people that either A) would have never had a chance to wrestle in front of a 20k crowd if AEW never existed or B) if they were in lucky enough to be in WWE, many of them would not have had the chance to showcase their talents with the same kind of spotlight AEW affords them. And to me that's just really cool. Number 2) EVERYONE WAS SO HAPPY. Wrestling is supposed to be fun right? Everyone, from the fans to the wrestlers themselves to the staff and the security; EVERYONE just seemed to genuinely happy to be there and be apart of this. So yeah, there are criticisms that can be made about AEW (some more valid than others), but in the age of wrestling we are currently in, nobody has as much going for them as AEW has right now and it's really something special. We (the internet wrestling community) love to over think things but does it really need to be that hard? AEW is fun and has something for everyone. It's that simple."
[8.0] "A good young promotion, except the promoter is inefficent and too big, but this promotion have potential in Guadalajara"
[9.0] "Hottest wrestling promotion in the world right now. When they fire on all cylinders, they're just unmatched in quality. Not 100% perfect and they have some definite issues, but AEW is an amazing promotion."
[9.0] "The best singles matches you'll ever see, I don't care what anyone else says. I want to emphasize: Their production style, even for a big company, makes the most sense for wrestling. Wrestling is more like theater, so you don't need like a dozen freakin' cameras to show how much money you got, and no cutting between them every freakin' second as if the audience has adhd."
[] "Great opening night of wrestling, high production values, strong branding, lots of talent in this Pacific Northwest region and it's been lacking a strong promotion for a while. Packed house, saw it live, had a great time."
[] "Great action and smart booking from start to finish. This is the PPV that really put AEW over in my opinion."
[0.0] "Previously a staple of Vancouver wrestling. Now, after not owning the sexual misconduct allegations towards former owner Jeff Duncan properly, they leave something to be desired. Sad to see, really. Recently tried to return under an new name, boasting their big draw as a 15 year old who has never been on a show. They need to let the dead lie."
[10.0] "NEWest kid on the block. Debut show was the perfect example of how to start a company. They take care of the fans and the wrestler by creating a safe environment and not standing for what other Vancouver companies boast"
[9.0] "A company on the rise. After only two shows they've already carved out a niche in the turbulent UK scene of 2020/21, they keep improving with every show and have fostered a great ethos and community in their interactions with fans and the welcoming nature of their shows. With the UK scene in a strange place, it is companies such as CATCH that will blaze a trail for the next generation, whilst also retaining what was great about the previous. Would definitely recommend watching their shows on YouTube (and now Powered4TV) if you can't make it in person and I'm certain they will continue to grow and keep being a bright spark in the wrestling world."
[9.0] "No company is perfect, and New Japan has definitely had its rough patches, the rise of Inokism, the over-exposure of the Elite, EVIL's run at the top, but when it comes to in-ring action, they still deliver some of, if not the best professional wrestling on the planet, featuring some of the best talent from across the globe, very capable in-ring storytellers and despite some missteps, overall good booking. Their competitors, even the jobbers who only get a win once every blue moon, are treated with respect, squash matches are barely a thing, and few men on the roster could really be considered 'bad' wrestlers. There's a good reason for why they call themselves "King of Sports"."
[8.0] "Is it mid-south? NJPW? PWG? It's sort of like a "meta" company, influenced by it all. AEW is said to give their talent some creative freedoms, leading to a variety-type show, which can be hit or miss (like snl). They offer a smorgasbord but still rely on TV ratings, so they are competing for that same shared audience. Therefore, it eerily resembles any other big american wrestling shows you may have seen: from production to structured shows with usual wrestling segment tropes (including psychologically bankrupt matches) that must adhere to the norms and limitations of television. You can't book in a vacuum, so 'real life shit' always gets in the way for american companies' booking, which explains some odd decisions, but it's mostly good. Standard women's wrestling for america, which is to quite frankly say, not good. The standard is quite low because those fans are easily worked, but the women are truly not great representations of an 'elite' league - it's slow-going getting anything interesting started with them. I can sometimes dig the tone of the show as "smarter than usual". However, it is still the same try-hard fickle fans that support this entertainment medium, so, many casuals or potential new fans will be turned off. The roster is faction based and have avoided doing repeat matches within such a short amount of time. They have star wrestlers that have gained their experience elsewhere, mixed in with some legends, and younger, but still quite talented, indie wrestlers. However, as a result, the roster has too many stars and not enough time with which to build matches around. They will feature some more frequently, but if your favorites are not serving AEW's goals at that time, you won't be seeing them much in anything substantive. The 3 hours on internet are mostly random short matches. With 3 tv hours, only a few ppvs and no house shows, you can only do so much with so little time. Plus, it is unlikely for the inexperienced wrestlers to develop elite in-ring skills solely in that environment. In the end, not much you haven't seen before. It's just wrestling for the modern masses."
[8.0] "Easily the best indie promotion right now. And that means acknowledging the "indie" aspect. The production is mid-tier, the venues are small, the crowds are unruly.... but the wrestling, characters and stories are are fantastic. I haven't felt this enamored with an indie wrestling company since discovering ROH in the mid-2000s. I admit it was Gage's DSOTR episode and the Cardona angle that drew me in, but they made a fan out of me and I'll be following from now on. How legendary a guy like Nick Gage has become despite not "fitting the mold" in literally anyway is a testament to the promotion. Dude is a legit star and it's difficult to argue that. Also Emil Jay rules."
[] "Simply the greatest modern wrestling company to exist. I was skeptical at first but they've really won me over with the best in ring product in North America. We haven't seen compelling wrestling like this since the height of WCW."
[9.0] "2021 Edit: At the start of the year, I was a bit skeptic about that this year will eventually be the downfall of AEW after it's first glorious year, but boy was I wrong, not only did it do that and pick itself for the amazing run it is currently having, but it quickly made way for competition, a competition that other promotions solely needed to improve their product as well. Most people have had AEW as an alternative to WWE since it's inception 2 years ago, and quickly moved it's way to the top that near ends their flagship program in the ratings, and somewhat in the quality as well. I do believe WWE has had better matches this year considerably while told better stories in their matches and the ones leading up to it, so what makes AEW better? The booking and how to handle a wrestler individually, how to make them fucking stars. WWE does that by abrupt cash-ins that feels rushed in, AEW is a slow burn that makes it work, Britt Baker being an example, can't wrestle for shit, but the way she's booked as a charismatic heel, is why she's at the top, it's amazing how they accomplished that, and for smart writers and helps it being a more mature programming work, they're expanding themselves in the realm of modern mainstream wrestling. So why not a perfect 10? A) The booking's not always perfect, and sometimes have piss poor booking decisions. B) The toxicity they reek of, in this site, on Twitter, on any other social media site, biased criticism even by the "holy gospel" of Journalists in Meltzer (How is Ilja Dragunov vs Walter a 5.25/the triple threat at Mania 37 a 4.5/Gargano vs Kushida a 4.75, when an indie spotfest that has always had the same feel to it 5+ stars), Dirt Sheet and Alvarez. Why can't they enjoy both when both of them are doing great currently and let others enjoy what they want to, that question is always beyond me. Hope that does change soon though. C) Can't seem not to make this about themselves, always have to drag WWE in any promo chance they get with the inferiority complex they have, Punk did it in his debut, Britt Baker did it recently, you get the point, I don't have much space to conclude. Well, I should rate lower for the criticisms I've had, but nah, the product is great as it is, that is if they manage to fuck up Full Gear which they won't, 2/3 PPVs have been a banger. 9/10."
[10.0] "I can't not give it a 10 just for what the X-Division did for modern wrestling and for what the Knockouts division was producing at a valley for North American women's wrestling"
[10.0] "I was out on wrestling. Or I thought I was out. Turns out? I was out on sports entertainment. Wrestling? Honest to god wrestling (with lucha and poresu)? I love that. Thank you AEW for bringing it back to US national tv."
Makoto92 wrote about HUSTLE:
[10.0] "Very underrated promotion. Run by Nobuhiko Takada, Hustle created a untransferable atmosphere of fun and great stories, like HG's or Tenryu's. Very sad, that they don't exist anymore, but if you want to watch something unusual - Hustle is your choice: their shows are free in the net."
[10.0] "2010's cult phenomenon of a wrestling show that reminded me of how ECW was the ultimate cult phenomenon of 1990's North American wrestling. Season 1-3 were incredible, just plain dope. Season 4 on the other hand, was kinda TRASH, ex-WWE wrestlers took over the scene (Jake Hager becomes the World Champion), new setting location that did not fit the theme of Lucha Underground at all, lost too many key wrestlers (such as the ACE of Lucha Underground, Prince Puma (Ricochet). The magic was completely gone by Season 4. But Seasons 1-3 were too special to ignore, and left super strong memories."
[] "Some of wrestling's highest highs and lowest lows have happened in this company. Ranking WWE among wrestling promotions is borderline impossible, because they treat and approach professional wrestling like no other company in the world. They have a roster to die for, one of the most absurdly stacked rosters in history, but are inconsistent at best in utilising them. Sometimes a match that would be merely good, or even just okay outside of WWE is elevated to MOTY-candidate status by their high production values and near-unmatched ability to generate an atmosphere. Other times, wrestlers who would be putting on MOTY candidates anywhere else in the world get pigeonholed into wrestling a paint-by-numbers WWE match template with their respective movesets plugged in, or fail to make it to TV entirely because they're expected to build a fanbase and make people care by cutting lukewarm, artificial scripted promos. Sometimes they create matches and moments that make them feel like the untouchable zenith of American pro wrestling, but far more often, they create matches and moments that leave the audience scratching their heads, or worse, frustrated and exasperated. I can't realistically give WWE a rating, because I could rate WWE literally anything from a 0 to a 10 and feel perfectly justified, so I'll let the fact that I haven't yet regretted cancelling my Network subscription recently act as substitute. A questionable company that more often than not output questionable content, but totally capable of creating magic when it suits them."
[10.0] "This promotion has literally the same insane ideas as deathmatch FMW before FMW became a stoner version of the WWE. The piranha deathmatch.. and all that shit, BJW is INSANE"
[10.0] "AEW has rebuilt my love for wrestling and they have an all-time great roster. Every weekly show feels special and they build up hype by announcing most of the matches a week in advance, and their PPVs are always a blast to watch."
[5.0] "It became one of the best promotions in the industry, but today it is in decline, its world champion does not even belong to its brand and you can see how the level of its shows and ratings go down."
[] "Proof that limitations encourage creativity if ever I saw it. After watching Gatoh Move, it seems like all my assumptions about what wrestling is "supposed to be" have been shown the door. I would have thought that an in-person, reacting audience at the very least is core to wrestling's appeal, but after watching ChocoPro I'm not so sure. It feels like all the unnecessary faff in wrestling has been removed, and only what's actually important remains. Having a laugh, it turns out. Great promotion"
[10.0] "Arguably my favourite wrestling company! They bring the best international talent from all over the world to come to Australia and wrestle. So many great names such as Brian Cage, Austin Aries, Ricochet, Zack Sabre Jr, Jimmy Havoc, Abyss, Mart Scurll, Flip Gordon, Bandido, Flamita, John Morrison, The Lucha Bros, The Young Bucks, Hangman Adam Page, Walter, Cody Rhodes, Brandi Rhodes, and so many more names! The list goes on and on and I am forever grateful for this company as without them, I would've never been able to meet my real life superheroes. Every match on each show always delivers with some insane moments and some great crowd interaction. There's something for everyone at these events: Comedy, hardcore, high-flying, hard-hitting, technical, etc... Hopefully this pandemic / lockdown will end soon so I can potentially meet Darby Allin, PAC, Alex Zayne, and hopefully many more!"
[10.0] "People often look at DDT in Japan for the wackiest in comedy wrestling, but after the death of IPW's Tuesday Night Graps, the boys from SCHADENFREUDE came in and decided to keep running it, which has led to (as of writing) 7 of the stupidiest and silliest shows to happen in the UK, and quite possibly the world. And of course, there's the "Obligatory Good Wrestling Match" which does what it says on the tin. Wrestling doesn't always need to be super serious, and schadengraps is proof that when comedy in wrestling is done well, it's done insanely well."
[] "Impact Wrestling has been really fun and enjoyable since Scott D'Amore and Don Callis era, with a lot of new talent from the main event scene to midcard with most of them had a good booking and can have a good future with them.. I also really like X-Division match, especially since Josh Alexander reign, he always put a great match every single time he defend the X-Division title and maybe someday he will be the next Impact World Champion.. If you wanna give a chance, you maybe gonna enjoy what the new Impact Wrestling give every single week.."
SZ1989 wrote about GLEAT:
[9.0] "At the moment, this is a fun and interesting promotion with a lot of upside. It has two divisions, "G Pro Wrestling" for more modern Puroresu, and "UWF Lidet" for shoot-style. The latter is a rarity these days, and is overseen by Kiyoshi Tamura. The events so far have been fairly enjoyable."
[10.0] "UWF Newborn was one of the best promotions ever despite its very short existence. Along with RINGS, UWFi, and Kingdom (all owing their existence to UWF) , it had a very clear vision of professional wrestling grounded in a very realistic and gritty form of shoot-style. When I think of wrestling as it should be in its purest form, one of the things I think of is this promotion. You had Maeda, Takada, Suzuki, Funaki, Nakano, Dirk Vrij, Maurice Smith, Fujiwara, Anjo, Yamazaki, and Tamura all under the same rooth more or less. Each one of them painted on the canvass of UWF Reborn that had a wide influence on the industry in Japan, not to mention having a role in the development of early MMA. At its peak, it had some of the hottest angles and crowds in Japan."
[7.0] "Honestly, when it comes to storylines, WWE is irrefutably better, but when it comes to matches, AEW is irrefutably better. Most of AEW's matches, especially on Rampage and Dynamite, are fast paced and exciting/fun to watch. While it mainly is highflying aerial dives (which I, myself, am a massive fan of) there is still something for everyone. I do wish they'd improve their storylines however and make it more tense and serious. While at first, I would've disagreed with the thought that AEW was a serious contender with WWE, but now that stars such as Malakai Black, Miro, Sting, Christian Cage, Bryan Danielson, Pac, Adam Cole, and last but most definitely NOT least, CM Punk have arrived, I do actually believe that they are a serious contender... All they have to do is develop their storylines into something tense and BIG."
SZ1989 wrote about U-STYLE:
[9.0] "U-Style was a very interesting promotion that came about in the wake of the collapse of Fighting Network RINGS. Kiyoshi Tamura was seeking to carry on the spirit of shoot-style wrestling in the 21st century. This was challenging in several aspects. The popularity of Japanese MMA at the time made it difficult, as fans were more interested in the real thing than worked matches. Fans were also exhausted from the drama and poor decision-making that plagued companies like UWF, UWFi, and RINGS. In any case, Tamura oversaw a very energetic promotion that focused on highly technical grappling, similar to RINGS. U-Style had some very interesting names, including Dokonjonosuke Mishima, Manabu Hara, Hiroyuki Ito, Hitamaru Sasaki, and Tamura himself. In terms of great matches, you have a lot of hidden gems in this promotion as well."
[9.0] "UWFi, like RINGS, and UWF Reborn before it, presented professional wrestling as it should be. They fell into some gimmicky traps at times, including their "feuds" with NJPW and WAR, but remained strong overall in terms of presentation. Their use of tag-team wrestling in shoot-style was innovative as well. The likes of Takada, Sakuraba, Tamura, Albright, Vader, and even "rare" names like James Stone (Little Guido) and Yoshihiro Takayama gave UWFi a very strong roster at their peak."
[10.0] "The only flaw about Pro Wrestling NOAH is it's coverage. NOAH's match quality was literally the best in the world during their prime, you got Kenta Kobashi, Mitsuharu Misawa, Jun Akiyama, KENTA, Naomichi Marufuji. There's a lot more of great wrestlers in NOAH"
[10.0] "2021 Edit: Sure people can shit over the product they want because of the misuse of the very broad talent involved in the industry. Having over 200 employed wrestlers, and 4 major brands and 2 minor ones, it's no surprise whatsoever to think that the booking of the product has become so redundantly obvious and predictable (and unpredictable but not in a good way). People can call me a loyalist for defending most of the booking decisions that has happened or the release of crazy amount of talent, but there's no denying the word "wrestling" itself has been synonymous to WWE, tell yourself that would other promotions, much notably AEW, WCW, TNA etc. would have been successful if it wasn't the popularity of a much polished promotion in those times? I do get frustrated by the product too (much of like a love-hate relationship) but when it does get it's shit together, it's inarguably one of the most iconic moments I have witnessed in my life, and I have watched a lot of wrestling to back that up, be it in Kofi winning the title, Bryan winning the title, Zayn winning the title, Gargano winning the title or even Drew. Moments like these is why I resonate with wrestling so much, moments like these is why I try to watch what other promotions have been doing for better or worse, sure an argument can be made if certain moments were done considerably better, but if they do, I'll always thank this company to have made me a fan in the first place. Plus the lack of toxicity in the community is why I'd always prefer over another (referring to the comments below). Fuck Vince though. As far as the year is concerned, I don't think they've missed in the PPV department, and that's what I always look forward to anyway mostly, and there has been at least one good-great weekly match per show, which is always a major plus. So why bother?"
[0.0] "It? s unbelievable that this is the same promotion that gave us Austin 3:16 and the Monday Night Wars and nowadays it? s no longer even consider themself to be a Pro Wrestling Promotion. They loathe the word ? Professional Wrestling? and everything it stands for. Burying one of the best rosters of talent in the entire world to get cheap pops for aging washed up old legends. Vincent Kennedy McMahon has killed the product the he himself created by hiring corporate Yes-Men like Bruce Prichard John Laurianaitis and Nick Khan (not related to Tony Khan aka the creator of the best wrestling promotion in the world All Elite Wrestling). Nobody wants ? Sports Entertainment? people want Pro Wrestling."
[7.0] "Maybe Canada's premiere indie before COVID? So much TV talent comes both from and through there. Psycho Mike needs to be on television yesterday."
[7.0] "The best women's strong-style in the world, and it's not even close. It's pretty much like an action shounen that is all fight scenes with uninspired "talking bits". It's always a battle of their fighting spirits, and as a result, many of the matches are just moves after moves; kind of like a video game where you just drain your opponent's energy bar by hitting them with everything you got. That means they overdue it with big moves and false finishes. Their in-ring psychology might be different from a westerner's perspective - you either get it or don't. My favorite matches are the simpler ones that just execute basic moves so realistically. There is a lack of creativity outside of the matches themselves. Most on the roster have no charisma whatsoever. It's sort of just a "good match" company. You can tell they train real hard tough and have great chemistry. What separates it from the rest is the selling. They always look like they doin' somethin'. Check it out for yourself."
[6.0] "A fun, wholesome company with plenty of colorful characters. Definitely not the no. 1 dominant kind of wrestling that most wrestling fans want to see, as they want you to die for their sins, I mean... entertainment. If you want to get your kids into wrestling, show them this; I don't know why more children aren't watching. Many of them are more "delicate entertainers" than traditional wrestlers. Some call it the "super-soft style of idol wrestling", but they are legit trained. Most of them have no previous martial arts experience and are not agile enough to look so smooth in the ring. They keep it safe and simple in there, which is actually part of the appeal - no dumb moves, less flashy, more psychology; one of the more sensible organizations in that regard. Lots of comedy and "cute japanese stuff". It is actually very japanese which some might find off-putting, and you miss out on the storytelling if you don't know the language. If you know what you're getting yourself into and don't take wrestling too seriously, you might have a fun time. They, however, do try a serious title picture, just don't expect those matches to resemble those of the most physically fit in the world."
[] "The ultimate "carny" promotion. Part of the legacy was a factory filled with vapid dolled-up women that can't wrestle and steroid freaks with no personality, just yelling. Any talented wrestlers they happened to promote is a credit to those individuals only. They have survived on the "dumbness" in humans, appealing to the lowest common denominator of entertainment. Smoke and mirrors is the name of the game (sometimes literally). Every subsequent year for the past 15 or so, you always hear fans say "it wasn't like it used to". Actually, it hasn't gone progressively worse over time, it just takes some people longer to be fed up with it. Because the company has been around forever, it's impossible for any interesting mainstream wrestling to exist in the country. Watching is like maintaining an abusive relationship."
[10.0] "Storytelling, starpower, booking, match quality... no matter what factor you look at, AEW is the best promotion around right now."
[3.0] "I have come to accept that GCW is probably just not for me. Like many given the recent buzz around the promotion I decided to check it out. Overall the company has put on some enjoyable matches, however that has little to do with GCW and more to do with the talent who are working their socks off despite the challenges put in their way. I personally think it is clear that GCW want to be the next ECW but the industry is different.....and you could actually hear the proms and interviews in ECW, unlike GCW"
[4.0] "A company that once had a great deal of potential and was the leading independent promotion in the region. However, due to mismanagement, talent issues and lack of creativity the buzz around WZW soon died down and their shows remained the bog standard family friendly shows with no real story. (Which are perfectly acceptable, but is not what the company had once aimed for)"
[10.0] "Impact Wrestling as a company has been on a journey worthy of its own movie trilogy or a whole series of novels. In 2021 the company is producing content and matches that surpasses their previous creative peak 2004-2006. Arguably Impact is the best booked major wrestling promotion in the world at time of writing, with consistent long term storytelling and clear logic. They have a young and hungry roster, sprinkled with a few older hands for balance. Unlike many rosters elsewhere everyone is used and is part of a story. Impact is still showing the industry how to book a women's division. Unfortunately for many older fans the historic mistakes of the promotion means they will always have poor reputation with them. The hope remains that newer fans give Impact a chance and enjoy the world class wrestling the company is putting out each and every week."
[0.0] "You lot can complain all you want about how bad modern-day WWE is but trust me, nothing will ever be as awful as this wrestling show. Not much else to say there other than every match sucked, especially the Bushwackers tag and the main event, where drunk Jake Roberts damaged not only his own career, but also the legacies of the other men in the match, Jim Neidhart, Yokozuna and King Kong Bundy. Dreadful show!"
[7.0] "NJPW at his best can be unbeatable and put 5 star match after 5 star match MOTYC, and at his worst (like it is right now) a decent promotion that still have a couple of MOTYC scattered throughout the year. If not for the fact that they have too damn many filler shows with nothing worth watching they'd have a higher rating."
[9.0] "This company innovated the more extreme version of hardcore wrestling, deathmatch wrestling. The exploding deathmatches were amazing, and Onita was the reason why FMW was literally a big thing back in Japan. It was a shame that Fuyuki had to make FMW a shitty hardcore WWF/E clone, it pretty much took FMW down the toilet."
[1.0] "I have a lot to say about WWE but I'm going to keep things simple, they built my love for pro wrestling but were the reason why I quit watching for a while. It's a combination of an overreliance on old stars that kills the hype over growing stars, repetitive and questionable booking, the release of many of the best wrestlers of the modern era, and lackluster matches. Every company has their bad moments but sadly as of recent WWE feels like it's only the bad moments."
[6.0] "GCW is a very hit or miss promotion, from time to time they put truly amazing shows and the Bloodsports is a very innovative a good concept, but most of the time their shows quality vary from average to meh, and even some incredibly horrible shows sometimes. On the other hand, the good thing about this promotion is that every show stands with its own concept and storylines, so you can just watch whatever show have high rating here and skip a lot of the garbage and still you won't miss anything important."
[0.0] "Ah.. a promotion with a promoter who uses the money for.. COCAINE! Yes.. Herb Abrams is a coke addict and most of wrestling fans may know that. This UWF was very bad, the booking, the events.. the useless championships they had between a four-year gap.. what the fuck.. BIG ASS DISLIKE"
[6.0] "AEW has its warts, but let me say this, their PPVs are normally good to great and the TV shows are watchable (usually better) and often a breeze to get through, while they sometimes struggle with repetitiveness in these, they very much try to emphasize variety (in wrestling style, at least, we will get to that) so it never gets too boring even though there is a very real danger of most shows falling to boredom because of the biggest flaw of the promotion: their neglect of angles. There are a lot of matches/shows I lose interest in because of the lack of reason to care, and that most of the time when they do invest TV time in storytelling it usually is the Elite doing their typical schtick, something related to Jericho and the inner-circle and he has actually harmed their product (#FatJericho, whenever his political views come to the forefront) or something with Cody and usually The Factory which most people can't bring themselves to care about. Everyone else does the bare minimum or as AEW likes to do, a tournament format, and while there is an audience for pure matches (ironically, there is a portion of this audience that feels like AEW is too silly because of some of these angles, to the point where they feel like AEW is WWE-lite or just the worst parts of WWE i. e. the overbooking with the elite) but high-flying matches with little story isn't for me, If we're doing matches with no story I prefer deathmatches. They also prefer to get the public excited with debuts rather than pay-offs/build-ups of their angles, which often are never built upon and waste the opportunity to grow their audience with, (Sting, Punk, who didn't even feel special after a week after being gone for 7 years, FTR and especially Andrade) which is something AEW does in general, after they debuted they had a decent audience for modern wrestling standards which they quickly shed. Also, there is a noticeable lack of diversity in both race and body type (believability in wrestling seems to have gone out the window by the way), while they have a decent amount of LGBT representation with Nyla and Omega, the roster is very samey: Under 6 foot white indie darlings, and until the Lucha Bros won the tag belts, Scorpio Sky holding the tag titles with SCU was the only nonwhite champion in AEW. This extends to the women's division barely getting television time, being poorly booked to the point where the previous women's champion held the title pretty much unopposed and the veterans of the division being stuffed on Dark or in a tournament bracket. I wouldn't even bring this up if they didn't tout themselves as a progressive, diverse company which segways to a larger point about AEW's promises, which they have not held themselves to: it being a sports-based program, Tony Khan not being an on-screen authority figure (he has appeared multiple times, and is mentioned as a booker constantly) and being an alternative to WWE despite taking whatever wrestlers they don't want."
[9.0] "Since I last rated SHIMMER, they've fallen into a funk with their DVD releases, still not got past 2016's shows at last check, and their online streaming service only goes as far as the DVDs they've released, so much of the last few years hasn't been seen other than by those who attended the shows. However, it's been an incredible gathering point for the world's best female wrestlers for over 15 years, initially bringing wrestlers from either side of the United States together, and then bringing in Joshi talent, European stars and even the best from Australia and New Zealand. The track record of those who have made national TV with WWE, Impact or AEW is remarkable, earmarking Dave Prazak and his team as among the world's best talent scouts."
[2.0] "The reason WWE is near intolerable nowadays is largely due to their tendency to rely on older stars for star power, alt he while neglecting the majority of their younger talent and failing to build up the possible stars of the future. It sucks to see so many talented guys get buried time and time again, and it doesn't look like the cycle is going to cease anytime soon. That being said, the WWE has existed for ages now and has undoubtedly produced some of the greatest moments in wrestling history and deserves acknowledgement for that, which makes the company somewhat difficult to rate as a whole. The Attitude Era and Ruthless Aggression Era are 10/10 for sure, and the brief resurgence the company saw back in 2016-17 is probably around 8/10 for me. That being said, the WWE has also endured some absolutely awful times as well, with the current year (2021) being one of the worst in a long time. The product has become unbelievably stale and has hardly anything going for it, talented guys are getting buried right and left, and the decisions made by management are becoming increasingly more moronic. It's sad to see a once great company get run into the mud, but I have to call it like it is. WWE today sucks."
[9.0] "I like what ICW:NHB is offering. Deathmatch wrestling, it's my taste. I hope to see ICW:NHB to thrive in the following years."
[10.0] "AEW is the shit baby, and i gotta hand it to the man himself, Tony Khan. My man is literally playing TEW in real life right now, and book the best show every week. God bless this company."
[9.0] "Living up to their name and absolutely redeeming the current state of pro-wrestling. This company does it all from comedy to technical masterclass demonstrations to exhibition bouts to straight up violence with an incredibly deep roster of both young and old talent. A great alternative to the disappointing stuff you see on television *cough* like Raw and Dynamite *Cough*."
[3.0] "Very much the vanity project it was doomed to be from day 1. Unfortunately has fallen into the same pitfalls that other so-called "alternatives" to WWE have tried and failed to do, but the main difference is that unlike the likes of WCW and TNA, there's a way less impressive roster and virtually no women's roster to speak of. AEW is very much a TNA-lite, but without the young stars like an AJ Styles or a Christopher Daniels. One thing they do just as good (If not better) as TNA are the a) Overly edgy image that caters to teens trying to disappoint their parents in their taste in television and b) Picking up WWE rejects and/or over-the-hill veterans and pushing them over young talent with the main event scene polluted by the ego-tripping of Cody, Jericho and the Elite. There's no hope for a wrestling company that works harder on their jabs at WWE than their own women's division. Avoid like the plague, and go check the alternatives to the alternative like GCW or AAW."
[8.0] "This is a fun promotion to watch. Hardcore wrestling is definitely my second favourite wrestling style."
[10.0] "This Promotion should've never died, I don't care that 2000 was a "bad" year in quality, that's just petty, this company died because AOL/Time Warner didn't want wrestling. This company died because Eric Bischoff got sued for insinuating that the WWF's Razor Ramon and Diesel were employed by WCW, and what happened? Oh nothing. Just Vince McMahon got to have first bid if WCW ever went out of business. WCW dying had zero to do with Hulk Hogan Shooting and then getting into a lawsuit with WCW and Vince Russo, It had zero to do with David Arquette winning the world title, I don't how WWE's propaganda on WCW dying is so effective that they've now just ingrained wrestling fans believing in complete and total B. S. WCW would've been sold anyway, even if 2000 was as Successful as 1997 AOL-Time Warner didn't care, they didn't want wrestling on TNT or TBS POINT BLANK. Now the company itself is not perfect like alot of other wrestling companies, they had their lows but when WCW was high it was must watch from 96-97, it was not just better than the WWF it was more popular than the WWF. WCW put on some of the greatest matches of all time, Rey vs. Eddie, Flair vs. Steamboat, Flair vs. Funk in the I Quit Match, and Vader vs. Cactus Jack in the Texas Deathmatch, all of these are classics in different ways. I'm not going to talk about their lows because they've talked to death, unfortunately just like WCW, WCW Forever."
[5.0] "Many people may remember her fondly, but her later years were grim. Maybe WCW was the first and the only one to make WWE real competition, but really if you analyze its last years or its last decade you can see its great decadence, it is known that this is the fault of the Backstage games and people like Hulk Hogan, but it does not justify the last few years of this promotion."
[6.0] "A good concept and a good execution of this, offers a product quite different from the usual in Mexico and really interesting, but in recent years it has been in decline, being increasingly irrelevant not to mention that there aA good concept and a good execution of this, offers a product quite different from the usual in Mexico and really interesting, but in recent years it has been in decline, being increasingly irrelevant not to mention that there are no more events. re no more events."
[5.0] "The World Wrestling Entertainment is historical but since 2018 it has been lost, the same old faces, bad bookings, more storylines and not pushing or helping young talent or people who are crushed by fans, I think only Main Event and SmackDown are worth it. worth it, because the other brands it offers are bad or meh."
gutsdozer wrote about GLEAT:
[9.0] "GLEAT is fast becoming one of my favorite promotions. I started watching for CIMA and StrongHearts, but the rest of the roster has really impressed me. Lots of young talent, and lots of guests from other promotions with an open door policy. I love the variety of puro & the UWF rules shoot-style matches, and I really like how some of the roster crosses over between both. I feel like the only thing missing now is a few title belts."
[0.0] "I really don't get this. I tried watching it a few times, but watching more than an hour of Gatoh Move/ChocoPro seems like torture to me. I still did it out of morbid curiosity as to why people are interested in this little YouTube Show. And I still don't get it, hell, I might get it even less than before. It's just women (and a few men) with ok-ish ring skills and terrible "comedy" gimmicks wrestling in an apartment with no ring and no fans. It's extremely weird and borders on non-wrestling IMO."
[10.0] "Stardom is the best women's wrestling in the world, and in my opinion, the leader in women's wrestling. Its like a big family over there. All of the women work super hard and honestly, they are the hardest working women in the world. I think every show they have small or big is worth the watch. They have a great production and big things are coming. I hope they get more eyes on them."
[5.0] "First off, the user known as "EleceRock", is dead on the money about WWE never being the best wrestling promotion in the world, it's just the most popular among casual fans, because that is their target audience. WWE has a lot of rich history and produced so many memories throughout so many decades, from the Buddy Rogers era to the Ruthless Aggression era. But since the start of the PG era, the WWE has been a downward spiral of nonsense that no one can figure out. The saving grace to WWE was NXT, spearheaded by Triple H, and this brand really came into it's own in 2013 and up until 2021, NXT was on fire, and had the world talking.. and now the word is that Vince McMahon has decided to step in and completely change everything that Triple H has built. That is a FAIL. NXT will now look similar to the TRASH known as RAW & SmackDown, if that is the case. This could also mean that NXT UK may just now be in fact the WWE's best brand, but it is only a 1 hour weekly show on the WWE Network. LOL. WWE's new hiring process is also an eye opener, which means that the future of the company might just be TRASH as well, because WWE's built from scratch wrestlers are usually TRASH for the most part. Rarely do you get a Brock Lesnar, John Cena, The Rock, Kurt Angle, Trish Stratus, Charlotte Flair, Bianca Belair, etc. That is VERY rare. A bunch of "wrestlers" who can't work a match, can't do promos, have no "IT" Factor, cannot get over with a crowd, only hired because of looks or family connections, etc.. Wow, this is pretty lame, and even downright pathetic."
EleceRock wrote about Ice Ribbon:
[10.0] "When it comes to the overall product (not just the matches, but also the storylines and the variety they can offer) Ice Ribbon is probably the best Joshi promotion, they have absolutely everything a good promotion must have, charismatic wrestlers that also can go in the ring and put a lot of classic matches (Suzu Suzuki, Rina Yamashita, Tsukushi Haruka, Tsukasa Fujimoto, Risa Sera, etc. ) they also don't just have the same normal type of match every single show, they're willing to put some other styles of matches like deathmatches and even in those type thei delivers big time, and of course, how can I not mention all the love, effort and passion these girls put behind every show and match, they truly loves pro wrestling and that reflects in every single show and match they have. Definitely a promotion that's worth watching and worth spending your money into."
EleceRock wrote about SEAdLINNNG:
[9.0] "Probably the best joshi promotion right now in the world from a purely in-ring perspective, it reminds a lot of the old AJW's style with very hard-hitting and fast-paced matches, not a 10 just because their highspeed matches with refferee's interferences are boring, but they only have one high-speed match per show and the rest of the matches usually delivers big time, so the bad is just a tiny portion of all the good stuff this promotion usually offers."
[9.0] "Outstanding matches on a regular basis. Wins & losses matter as it pertains to the ranking system. The ranking system is taken seriously. The championship belts are protected & rarely change hands. The feuds can be intense. Not afraid to be "edgy" with promos & bloody matches. Nothing feels watered down. The right wrestlers are protected. The future stars of the company are mapped out. Tag Team wrestling is extremely important & taken seriously. The Tag Team division in many ways may be the best division of the company. Great at signing useful additions to the promotion. Great at having wrestlers feud with each other, then separated, & brought full circle back to each other. Great at throwing tournaments into the fold (I love tournaments). Every show (Dynamite, Dark, Dark: Elevation, & Rampage) is important just for the sake of mapping out the division rankings. There is no authority figure coming out every week on TV, running their mouth and wasting the audiences' time. Wrestlers are NOT booked to lose Homecoming matches which is an actual smart move. There is always a clear cut winner & a loser to every match (We don't see Countouts & DQ finishes). The Women's division needs work, but is slowly growing. Putting Paul Wight (Big Show) in a match on PPV is not a good move, and they lose a point for booking something like that, as it is obviously just a cheap excuse to rake in casual WWE fans."
[1.0] "If you're into snaggletooth fatass ex-felons hitting each other with random objects and pretending they're having a wrestling match, this company is for you. If you're into self-indulgent, masturbatory comedy wrestling, this company is for you. If you're into great young indie wrestlers having incoherent matches that don't even try to have any semblance of psychology, this company is for you. If you're into Covid-19 super-spreader events, this company is for you. If you're stuck in 2002 and think swearing and drinking heavily and wearing cargo shorts and being "anti-establishment" are appropriate replacements for having an actual personality. this company is for you. Otherwise, maybe give this one a skip. If you do try to brave this desolate landscape, you're probably better off putting it on mute so you don't need to listen to Kevin Gill's obnoxious, pathetic attempts at being funny and calling "wrestling" matches."
wrote about All Elite Wrestling:
[9.0] "I love AEW So much, they made wrestling great again, AEW And NJPW Are on the same level IMO But AEW Are more Kurt watch than NJPW Imo, I think AEW Is going to be a major player in the future and hopefully grow even more in popularity."
[9.0] "All Japan Pro-Wrestling, one of the most legendary wrestling promotions ever existed. The Four Heavenly Pillars (Kobashi, Kawada, Misawa, Taue) are probably the most remarkable thing about AJPW because those four men produced one of the best wrestling matches of all time."
[8.0] "In my opinion, 8 points for AEW is good for me. AEW's matches are actually real fun to watch but AEW was so overhyped that it pretty much divided the whole fanbase."
[6.0] "I'll only give WWE a 6 only because they made professional wrestling popular but WWE's product today is getting real stale (imo)."
[8.0] "Currently, Triple A is the best Mexican product in terms of wrestling, being the most renewed it is and better knows how to handle rivalries, in addition to having great wrestlers such as Alberto el Patron, Garza Jr, Myzteziz and Rey Mysterio Jr, something else To highlight is its relationship with AEW because Kenny Omega is a world champion, a great company with a fairly decent product."
[7.0] "CMLL is the most historic wrestling company that exists in Mexico, but in recent years they have not known how to stay since they are not a competition for Triple A since the BOOM of the Mistico in 2004-2007, in addition to the fact that the product they offer lacks stories attractive, they have not known how to update themselves."
[0.0] "Truly horrible. I do not watch hardcore bullshit wrestling and nor do i respect it but that's not the reason i give this promotion a big ole ZERO. The owners were the most unprofessional douchebags ever who just thought 'oh, ECW did very well and it's a good idea to make this garbage more extreme and have people literally throw each other off of a 40 foot high scaffold. ' Although some talented wrestlers did the mistake of joining the promotion, the production and the booking was so awful that it didn't matter if they had any decent wrestlers in the company. The camerawork was so poor that half of the time you couldn't even see what was going on in the ring. Unfortunately had segments with awful sleazy pornstar humor. Also Rob Black is a horrible person who has been involved in numerous scandals and had his employee's finger cut off in order to give him a lesson for sleeping with his wife. How classy."
[5.0] "EleceRock stated it very nicely earlier: popularity is not the same as quality. I don't care about popularity if the product is bad. From excessive rematches to bad burials/booking to petty backstage politicking, WWE has gotten pretty bad and complacent in their show quality. After not watching for about 6 to 7 years, I wanted to get into it again, but I just can't anymore after the past few months. I'll give the Fed some points for their history and some of the good moments they've created (and I'll try to tune in for the good decisions they make in the future if this company doesn't completely fall off) but the bad outweighs the good."
[3.0] "Combat Zone Wrestling is currently the largest deathmatch promotion, i'm gonna tell you they were insane. Weed whackers, syringes, light tubes, glass panes, kenzans, and all that stuff, they were unwatchable but there's a positive side about CZW is their junior heavyweight division. CZW's junior heavyweight division was the only watchable thing about the company."
[3.0] "I don't like Xtreme Pro Wrestling but i'll give them credit, they were fun to watch. They were CZW before CZW became the largest deathmatch wrestling company today but they were infamous for one incident, the Heatwave 2000 incident"
[8.0] "It seems that RPP it is the future of wrestling in Mexico, having an otherworldly roster and world-class wrestlers such as Pentagon, Alberto and Cinta de Oro in addition to the good quality of the functions they have done and the sould outs they have achieved. ."
[5.0] "I've travelled to the US 5 times exclusively to see WWE shows and I've attended 57 of their events in total which is no easy feat for a non-American. My favourite moments that I saw live were Sasha winning the NXT title, Becky winning her first SmackDown title, the first Women's Rumble and the Elimination Chamber for the Women's Tag Team Championship. Very good times, and I cherish them, but my hatred of Vince consumes me. 95% of this company's problems are the fault of one man and one man alone. The product would be so much better if he just went away. Here's how my viewing habits of WWE have changed over the years: April 21 2005: I first began watching occasionally when I could. November 1 2006-WrestleMania 33: I was a super-fan and prided myself on watching everything. RAW, SD, ECW, NXT, Superstars, Main Event. I watched every match, every segment, every single week. Post-Mania 33: Due to the overabundance of programming that they produced, I cut Main Event, 205Live and anything involving Brock Lesnar. Post-Mania 34: I was absolutely disgusted with several aspects of WrestleMania 34, most of all was that a 10-year-old boy could become a tag team champion while the women still weren't able to because of the simple fact he was born male. I wasn't thrilled about another pointless men's belt on NXT (North American), so I chopped NXT altogether and decided to only watch my favourites of either gender on the main roster and cut the talent of mild or below interest. May 2019: VKM announced the Wild Card rule, and I much prefer the structure and balance that brands bring so I cut all men's division stuff to make it less stressful. Post-Mania 36: I began to watch NXT again as well as the NXT stuff I missed in the past 2 years. Post-MITB 2021: Sick of VKM's constant burial of NXT and all of his other asinine booking decisions, I vowed to quit watching new stuff until he passes away. August 2021: Guilty that my all-time favourite Sasha Banks returned and I was missing out, I had to try and be positive, because if I was giving up WWE because I hate VKM then I would have quit a long time ago. So I just caught up on the stuff I missed and realise I probably shouldn't have. To advertise that SummerSlam match to the very last second when he knew for a week it wasn't going to happen is a very low act. The fact he ruined Becky's return and destroyed all credibility he put into Bianca in one fell swoop is mind-numbingly stupid. The only reason Sasha sat-out the last four months was to save the WrestleMania rematch for SummerSlam and then it didn't even happen. The rematch can't truly happen now, he ruined the whole thing. It's scary that this wasn't Vince being malicious, he just honestly thought that was a smart booking decision. Combined with the world's refusal to simply live with COVID, and thinking about all the stupid things humanity has done in the past (wars, racial/gender segregation) I'm massively depressed."
[8.0] "WWE has a lot of horrible ideas and I mean a lot, but they're still one biggest companies with some of the best talent around, I said some."
[10.0] "For a lapsed WCW fan AEW is what I've been waiting 20 years for. Could never stomach WWE'S style too much, AEW is I feel going to slowly become the most popular wrestling company in America even the whole world eventually."
[10.0] "I'm only rating Impact's run of 2021. Impact has been doing awesome this year, delivering its best in-ring action of years, and making stars like Moose, Matt Cardona, Ace Austin, and the best one in my opinion: Josh Alexander. Hell of a company right there we have, it's time for fans to see what Impact is doing right now."
[10.0] "Thank you for giving us Dragunov vs WALTER II. All sins are forgiven no matter how uneasy it is to look at your product at times."
[5.0] "WWE is in nowadays is a dump with bad ideas. His booking is incomprehensible. NXT actually has not very good years. It's very sad"
[2.0] "They were a great company, however I feel as thought they have gotten worse in booking, they do have a good matches, but it feels like they have also gotten worse, if less so, the future can go either bad or good, if they continue down the path of rule breaking; constant interference, while filling the gap with lesser stars like SANADA, EVIL, O-Khan and Wato. On the other hand they could redeem themselves with less bullshit and hopefully the current crop of young lions and those on excursion make up for the the lapse in talent the newer wrestlers are."
[] "I don't want to rate AEW here. I just want to say how much I'm confused about a company that promoted herselve as progressive but when come the moment to designate the chosen one that will benefit from the opportunity of facing CM Punk, they give it to their only one employee who is accused of having abused and raped an independent wrestler.. In the same situation last year, Jimmy Havoc have been suspended then fired after "Speaking out" movement accusations but here nothing ? Just to say."
[7.0] "The IWE was a perpetually troubled promotion with both horrible luck (the failure to establish Great Kusatsu as an ace when Thesz gave him a legit, match-ending concussion on their televised debut; the liberties Ox Baker took on Rusher Kimura in a 1970 cage match that severely injured the native's right leg - which the company was in too precarious a position to give him enough time to heal from, so he never fully recovered) and self-inflicted injuries (Strong Kobayashi being driven away from the company by the harassment of embittered failed ace-turned-booker Kusatsu). Due to the relative instability of their television situation, as well as the lack of incentive (or perhaps resources) to preserve and rebroadcast their earlier matches relative to their peers, we have a woefully incomplete picture of the company product prior to its last three-or-so years, and even the matches we do have often only circulate in condensed forms. I've seen a lot of their surviving footage, and I won't like, it's often homework for me. *However*, despite all of this, I am giving them a 7 because I believe they were a genuinely innovative company deserving of more than the near-total marginalization they receive in most Western puroresu narratives. With absolutely no disparagement intended towards blood-and-guts wrestling, that wasn't all they were by any means. When Ichiro Hatta, the man who built amateur wrestling in Japan, connected the flailing company with Joint Promotions in 1968, the IWE broke ground as the first significant point of cross-pollination between Japan and the European wrestling scene. The IWE were the first in Japan to book the likes of Andre the Giant, Billy Robinson, and even the Dynamite Kid. In fact, Robinson's ace run, despite being almost totally lost to history outside of fragmentary silent footage, was an important step in the acceptance of gaijin performers as more than just heels even if it was out of necessity. On the other side, the brief 1976 Umanosuke Ueda run and 1980-1 Goro Tsurumi turn were pioneering examples of native Japanese wrestlers being utilized as heels. While they never produced a native wrestler on the level of a Baba or Inoki, or even a Jumbo, and the ace they settled on, Rusher Kimura, was too limited to fulfill that role as far as match quality went except in certain conditions, the likes of Mighty Inoue, Animal Hamaguchi, and Isamu Teranishi, while all just too small to be pushed as top draws in the market, were interesting performers whose noticeable European sensibilities, influenced by their trainers and the locales of their seasoning excursions, made Seventies puroresu a lot more interesting. With Mach Hayato, the IWE can even make a claim to having featured the first true Japanese luchador (while contemporaneous to Gran Hamada, oft-regarded as the first lucharesu performer, Hayato went so far as to adopt a masked persona)."
[8.0] "It's a great promotion and a fantastic alternative to the increasingly tired and repetitive WWE but it's not a perfect one. The lack of care or focus for the women's division where there is no effort put into storylines and people are built up to challenge for the women's title, have the match, lose and just disappear from TV for 3 months is just not ok, it's really bad actually."
[10.0] "A great compnay to have in new york and in phoenix arizona. Elite Wrestling Entertainment is a great company to lead new york wrestling on a whole level bringing in fans"
[7.0] "Besides all of its flaws, ECW had the most crazy loyal fanbase ever and that is a success in itself. ECW was revolutionary in many aspects, represented the 90's era very well, (later) had a grungy/underground atmosphere which was very unique for a wrestling promotion. In it's earlier years involved many great talents but later with the change in it's image had garbage wrestlers like Balls, New Jack. I don't like hardcore wrestling and the names that i just gave but i really liked the atmosphere in it's last years and the talent it had in it's earlier years."
math1823 wrote about Ice Ribbon:
[8.0] "It's a very good company if we only watch the quality of the product, some workers here like Suzu Suzuki, Maya Yukihi, Tsukasa Fujimoto or Tsukushi Haruka to name a few are incredible workers, there is good storylines and I think one of the biggest strenghts of this company is the diversity of match they propose, from comedy to deathmatch, all done well (Risa Sera and Rina Yamashita are just amazing). Now, it has a huge negative side, at least for me as a european fan : the accessibility to their shows. The quality of the images is also bad but I think it will easily improve with time. Nicopro is probably a good website, but in a period where joshi is growing very fast with promotions like Stardom and TJPW seeing their popularity worldwide completely explode, with their way of broadcasting their shows, IR will have a harder time growing internationally (if they are looking to do so, I don't really know how big they are in Japan, but from what I've seen they're doing more than good). They just need to launch their own streaming service, like a lot of companies, even small, have now, and upload their shows like one week after they happened. IR has the quality to become one of, if not the, biggest promotion in modern joshi, and it can attract every kind of fans, but with the problem I just mentioned, companies like Seadlinnng or Marvelous, who are currently way smaller, will take their place (once again, internationally, and once again, if they really care about it, it's a japanese promotion so what's important is their popularity in Japan). I sincerely hope it improves, because the shows are usually amazing."
[10.0] "Arguably the greatest wrestling company of all time. Some of the greatest wrestlers in history have worked for New Japan, and many others wish they could. Combining excellent matches with simple but effective storytelling, NJPW has put on possibly the greatest wrestling product ever."
[6.0] "I hate ROH now but the mid-2000's ROH was perhaps one of the best promotions in the world at the time. Sensational talent, rational and logical booking, paced matches with minimal goofy indie traits...... just a great sports presentation of wrestling. I don't need to list the many stars that would go on to greater things here as you can easily see how many they were simply by who held their top titles. The decline came from trashy booking/WWE and co nabbing talent aggressively. Like ECW, they had to consistently throw in lesser and lesser talent into the main event scene (Williams, Elgin, etc) and Jay Lethal's fucking reign of terror over the belt dulled down the scene significantly with his boring bouts and dull persona. They've now got a really bad undercard full of indistinguishable plain wrestlers and a overreliance on guys who just weren't over like Rush has hurt their chances of getting a proper revival. ROH's prime was fairly short by comparison to other companies but it was a glorious time, and one they should be aiming to focus on in future instead of whatever nonsense they have now."
[7.0] "Impact's just one of those things that could've been a fairly big deal but mismanagement and a failure of booking killed them stone dead. This doesn't mean they haven't had some great years and some legendary talent (in particular their work on cruiserweights in the X-Division was revolutionary for Western promotions) but they've never had what I'd say a lasting legacy, namely functioning these days as a revolving door for talent from other places to get their name out there. 2004-2008 or 2009 was their best years in terms of consistent quality but man, they've had some STINKERS even in those years, holy crap. I rate them as high as this due to legacy: they've been bad for a while and the AEW stuff and Omega stinking up the main event didn't help things whatsoever. I'd rate them now a lot lower."
[2.0] "I give them a two because of what the company has done in the past. If it was strictly about the rating they deserve now then it would be 0. As it is I think that the only reason wwe is the most financially successful promotion in the world is because of the great moments that they have had in the past which has allowed them to rest on their laurels. If they didn't have that and it was a new promotion starting up, but it kept booking itself in the same way the company would not last long."
[4.0] "It's interesting how WhatCulture endlessly complained about shitty booking in other companies, but almost immediately shit the bed when they set up their own promotion. Never forget how utterly wank their first few events were beyond the wrestlers trying to make the best of it. Sure, they'd pick up after a while (namely because they'd throw out the big money for top stars like Galloway, Angle, Lethal, Moose, Rampage, Ospreay, etc etc) and had some fairly strong matches, through it became obvious after a while that they were basically just shoving any major star they could get into the main event, overshadowing all of the native talent in the process, which I don't really blame them because they weren't very good for the most part. Lame booking and a tendency to over rely on "comedy" bouts to pad out their card didn't help matters. They basically died a death after they changed their name and became another bland, boring BritWres without any of the top notch wrestlers that defined that niche. Some positive notes: they helped the likes of Joe Hendry and Martin Kirby reach bigger heights, in particular giving Kirby a ton of space to work his magic as a dick heel and eventual face of the company, and the Wrestling World Cup was a fun idea, abet extremely difficult to pull off. All in all, a money pit that was really only used as a stepping stone by wrestlers to get wider exposure, which I have no issue with."
[7.0] "A really hard company to rate they have had some of the best wrestling and segments in history as well as some of the most dire sports entertainment tv. They have done some pretty bad stuff bussines wise (the saudi shows for example) but I think the amount of classic moments they had and the amount of talent signed keeps them good"
[10.0] "All you need to see is NEW-TRA in action and you'll agree with this score. I know joshi tags are a niche within a niche, but please please Takumi, take Rin across the world and show that joshi tags are the best wrestling"
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