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1Open The Triangle Gate #1 Contendership Tournament21.02.2021 - 23.02.2021Dia Inferno, Diamante & HipHop Kikuta  
2Open The Twin Gate Title #1 Contendership Tournament31.01.2021Masaaki Mochizuki & Takashi Yoshida  
3King Of Gate 202015.05.2020 - 07.06.2020Eita  
4Ashiyanikki Cup Six Man Tag Team Tournament25.01.2020 - 26.01.2020Ben-K, Dragon Dia & Strong Machine J  
5King Of Gate 201909.05.2019 - 08.06.2019Ben-K  
6Ashiyanikki Cup Six Man Tag Team Tournament26.01.2019 - 27.01.2019Kaito Ishida, Masato Yoshino & Naruki Doi  
7Rookie Ranking Tournament12.01.2019 - 16.01.2019Shun Skywalker  
8King Of Gate 201808.05.2018 - 09.06.2018Masato Yoshino  
9Open The Brave Gate Title Tournament01.04.2018 - 06.04.2018Dragon Kid  
10Early Christmas Tag Team Tournament01.12.2017 - 03.12.2017Eita & T-Hawk  
11Open The Triangle Gate Title #1 Contendership One Night Tournament23.07.2017Genki Horiguchi HAGeeMee, Jimmy Susumu & Ryo Jimmy Saito  
12King Of Gate 201709.05.2017 - 11.06.2017T-Hawk  
13Open The Brave Gate Title Tournament19.03.2017 - 20.03.2017Jimmy Kagetora  
14New Year Unit Six Man Tag Team Tournament18.01.2017El Lindaman, Shingo Takagi & T-Hawk  
15Summer Tag League 201606.08.2016 - 10.09.2016Dragon Kid & Eita  
16King Of Gate 201608.05.2016 - 12.06.2016YAMATO  
17Open The Triangle Gate Title Tournament22.11.2015 - 06.12.2015Akira Tozawa, Masato Yoshino & T-Hawk  
18Summer Adventure Tag League 201505.09.2015 - 27.09.2015Jimmy K-ness JKS & Jimmy Susumu  
19King Of Gate 201508.05.2015 - 30.05.2015Masato Yoshino  
20Open The Dream Gate Title #1 Contendership Tournament One Night Tournament16.01.2015Jimmy Susumu  
21Open The Brave Gate Title Tournament10.01.2015 - 12.01.2015Kzy  
22Summer Adventure Tag League 201406.09.2014 - 23.09.2014Jimmy Kagetora & Jimmy Susumu  
23Open The Triangle Gate Title #1 Contendership Torunament02.08.2014 - 03.08.2014BxB Hulk, Dragon Kid & Masaaki Mochizuki  
24King Of Gate 201409.05.2014 - 31.05.2014Jimmy Susumu  
25Open The Brave Gate Title Tournament 201328.09.2013 - 29.09.2013Genki Horiguchi HAGeeMee  
26Summer Adventure Tag League 201307.09.2013 - 28.09.2013Eita & T-Hawk  
27King Of Gate 201310.05.2013 - 25.05.2013Ricochet  
28Summer Adventure Tag League 201202.08.2012 - 19.08.2012Akira Tozawa, BxB Hulk & Naoki Tanisaki  
292nd King Of Chop Tournament09.06.2012 - 10.06.2012Jimmy Kagetora  
30King Of Gate 201210.05.2012 - 19.05.2012Genki Horiguchi HAGeeMee  
31King Of Chop 201219.04.2012Eita Kobayashi  
32Summer Adventure Tag Tournament 201103.08.2011 - 07.08.2011Akira Tozawa & BxB Hulk  
33King Of Gate 201112.05.2011 - 21.05.2011BxB Hulk  
34Open The Brave Gate Title #1 Contendership Tournament09.01.2011 - 10.01.2011Naoki Tanizaki  
35Open The Brave Gate Title Tournament 201029.08.2010PAC  
36Summer Adventure Tag League IV30.07.2010 - 24.08.2010Masato Yoshino & Naruki Doi  
37King Of Gate 201003.04.2010 - 14.04.2010Shingo Takagi  
38Battle Of Tokyo 201019.01.2010Takuya Sugawara  
39Open The Twin Gate Title Participation Team Tournament15.01.2010 - 17.01.2010Masato Yoshino & Naruki Doi  
40Summer Adventure Tag League III01.08.2009 - 26.08.2009Shingo Takagi & YAMATO  
41Open The Twin Gate Title #1 Contendership Tournament18.04.2009 - 19.04.2009Genki Horiguchi & Ryo Saito  
42Battle Of Tokyo 200925.01.2009KAGETORA  
43King Of Gate 200802.12.2008 - 19.12.2008Naruki Doi  
44Summer Adventure Tag League II09.08.2008 - 28.08.2008Masato Yoshino & Naruki Doi  
45Open The Brave Gate Title Tournament25.04.2008 - 27.04.2008Gamma  
46Planning Jumbo Six Man Scramble One Night Tag Tournament16.03.2008Cyber Kong, Shingo Takagi & YAMATO  
47NEX-1 Tournament 200821.01.2008 - 28.01.2008mcKZ  
48King Of Gate 200701.12.2007 - 09.12.2007Gamma  
49Summer Adventure Tag League05.08.2007 - 26.08.2007Masato Yoshino & Naruki Doi  
50Open The Dream Gate Title #1 Contendership Tournament10.07.2007Taku Iwasa  
51NEX-1 Tournament13.01.2007 - 14.01.2007Yamato Onodera  
52King Of Gate 200610.12.2006 - 22.12.2006Masaaki Mochizuki  
53Open The Triangle Gate Title League11.08.2006 - 20.08.2006BxB Hulk, CIMA & Jack Evans  
54WAR International Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Title Tournament06.08.2006Don Fujii & Masaaki Mochizuki  
55Open The Brave Gate Title League18.02.2006 - 19.03.2006Masato Yoshino  
56King Of Gate 200523.12.2005 - 27.12.2005Ryo Saito  
57Open The Brave Gate Title Tournament13.03.2005Naruki Doi  
58One Night Ten Man Tag Tournament25.12.2004K-ness, Kenichiro Arai, Masaaki Mochizuki, Second Doi & Susumu Yokosuka  
59Rey De Parejas Tournament03.10.2004 - 08.11.2004Anthony W. Mori, Milano Collection AT & YOSSINO  
60El Numero Uno 200406.03.2004 - 28.04.2004Dragon Kid  
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