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1100% Lucha Championship100% Lucha Puerto Ricoaktiv  
2100% Lucha Championship100% Luchainaktiv Open Rules ChampionshipCanadian Wrestling's Eliteinaktiv  
41Fall Openweight Championship1Fall Entertainmentinaktiv  
51Fall Tag Team Championship1Fall Entertainmentinaktiv  
61PW Openweight ChampionshipOne Pro Wrestlinginaktiv  
71PW Tag Team ChampionshipOne Pro Wrestlinginaktiv  
81PW World ChampionshipOne Pro Wrestlinginaktiv  
91PW World Heavyweight ChampionshipOne Pro Wrestlinginaktiv  
101WS Undisputed National ChampionshipFirst Wrestling Societyinaktiv  
111WS World ChampionshipFirst Wrestling Societyinaktiv  
1224/7 365 Open Challenge ChampionshipThe Wrestling IrelandBEST Wrestling Liveaktiv  
132AW Braveheart ChampionshipAll-Around Wrestlinginaktiv  
142AW Heavyweight ChampionshipAll-Around Wrestlinginaktiv  
152AW Openweight ChampionshipActive Advance Pro Wrestlingaktiv  
162AW Tag Team ChampionshipAll-Around Wrestlinginaktiv  
172AW Tag Team ChampionshipActive Advance Pro Wrestlingaktiv  
182CW Heavyweight ChampionshipSquared Circle Wrestlinginaktiv  
192CW Tag Team ChampionshipSquared Circle Wrestlinginaktiv  
202FC ChampionshipForce Francophone de Catchinaktiv  
212PW Heavyweight ChampionshipPure Pro Wrestlinginaktiv  
222PW Heavyweight ChampionshipProspect Pro Wrestlingaktiv  
232PW Middleweight ChampionshipPure Pro Wrestlinginaktiv  
242PW Tag Team ChampionshipProspect Pro Wrestlingaktiv  
253-2-1 BATTLE! Pacific Middleweight Championship3-2-1 BATTLE!aktiv  
263-2-1 BATTLE! Seattle Underground Championship3-2-1 BATTLE!aktiv  
273-2-1 BATTLE! Solid Steel Championship3-2-1 BATTLE!aktiv  
283-2-1 BATTLE! Tag Team Championship3-2-1 BATTLE!aktiv  
29302 Heavyweight ChampionshipInfinite Pro Wrestlinginaktiv  
30302 Tag Team ChampionshipInfinite Pro Wrestlinginaktiv  
313CW Championship3 Count Wrestlingaktiv  
323CW Heavyweight Championship3 Count Wrestlinginaktiv  
333CW North East Championship3 Count Wrestlingaktiv  
343CW Tag Team Championship3 Count Wrestlingaktiv  
353CW Triple Crown Championship3 Count Wrestlinginaktiv  
363CW Women's Championship3 Count Wrestlingaktiv  
373CW Young Lions Championship3 Count Wrestlingaktiv  
383DW Dual Kombat Championshipinaktiv  
393DW Femme Fatale Championshipinaktiv  
403DW Heavyweight Championshipinaktiv  
413DW Texhoma Championshipinaktiv  
423DW Violent Division Championshipinaktiv  
433KWrestling Heavyweight ChampionshipDREAMS Project3K Wrestling Fighting Athletesinaktiv  
443KWrestling Openweight Championship3K Wrestling Fighting Athletesinaktiv  
453KWrestling World Openweight Championship3K Wrestling Fighting Athletesinaktiv  
463PW Heavyweight ChampionshipPro Pain Pro Wrestlinginaktiv  
473PW Tag Team ChampionshipPro Pain Pro Wrestlinginaktiv  
483XW Cruiserweight Championship3XWrestlinginaktiv  
493XW Heavyweight Championship3XWrestlingaktiv  
503XW North American Championship3XWrestlinginaktiv  
513XW Pure Wrestling Championship3XWrestlingaktiv  
523XW Tag Team Championship3XWrestlingaktiv  
53412PE Championshipinaktiv  
54412PE Tag Team Championshipinaktiv  
554FW Heavyweight Championship4 Front Wrestlingaktiv  
564FW Junior Heavyweight Championship4 Front Wrestlingaktiv  
574FW South East ChampionshipSouth East Professional Wrestlingaktiv  
584FW Tag Team Championship4 Front Wrestlingaktiv  
594WW Heavyweight Championship4th Wall Wrestlingaktiv  
604WW Tag Team Championship4th Wall Wrestlingaktiv  
615 Star Championshipinaktiv  
625 Star Tag Team Championshipinaktiv  
635 Star Wrestling Championshipinaktiv  
645 Star Wrestling Tap Or Snap Championshipinaktiv  
65666 Chaos Undecided Freedom Championship666aktiv  
66A Matter Of Pride ChampionshipA Matter Of Pride Wrestlingaktiv  
67A1 Alpha Male ChampionshipAlpha-1 Wrestlingaktiv  
68A1 Outer Limits ChampionshipAlpha-1 Wrestlingaktiv  
69A1 Tag Team ChampionshipAlpha-1 Wrestlingaktiv  
70A1 Zero Gravity ChampionshipAlpha-1 Wrestlingaktiv  
71AAA Americas ChampionshipLucha Libre AAA World Wideinaktiv  
72AAA Americas Trios ChampionshipLucha Libre AAA World Wideinaktiv  
73AAA Campeon de Campeones ChampionshipLucha Libre AAA World Wideinaktiv  
74AAA Fusion ChampionshipLucha Libre AAA World Wideinaktiv  
75AAA Latin America ChampionshipLucha Libre AAA World Wideaktiv  
76AAA Mascota Tag Team ChampionshipLucha Libre AAA World Wideaktiv  
77AAA Mega ChampionshipLucha Libre AAA World Wideaktiv  
78AAA North Tag Team Championshipaktiv  
79AAA Parejas Increibles Tag Team ChampionshipLucha Libre AAA World Wideinaktiv  
80AAA Reina de Reinas ChampionshipLucha Libre AAA World Wideaktiv  
81AAA World Cruiserweight ChampionshipLucha Libre AAA World Wideaktiv  
82AAA World Heavyweight ChampionshipLucha Libre AAA World Wideinaktiv  
83AAA World Mini's ChampionshipLucha Libre AAA World Wideaktiv  
84AAA World Mixed Tag Team ChampionshipLucha Libre AAA World Wideaktiv  
85AAA World Tag Team ChampionshipLucha Libre AAA World Wideaktiv  
86AAA World Trios ChampionshipLucha Libre AAA World Wideaktiv  
87AAAW ChampionshipGAEA Japaninaktiv  
88AAAW Heavyweight ChampionshipGAEA Japaninaktiv  
89AAAW Junior Heavyweight Tag Team ChampionshipGAEA Japaninaktiv  
90AAAW Tag Team ChampionshipGAEA Japaninaktiv  
91AACW Championshipinaktiv  
92AACW Mid-American Light Heavyweight Championshipinaktiv  
93AACW Tag Team Championshipinaktiv  
94AAPW Heavyweight ChampionshipAll American Pro Wrestlinginaktiv  
95AAPW No Limits ChampionshipAll American Pro Wrestlinginaktiv  
96AAPW Tag Team ChampionshipAll American Pro Wrestlinginaktiv  
97AAW ChampionshipAll Action Wrestling inaktiv  
98AAW Australian ChampionshipNational Wrestling AllianceAll Action Wrestling Platinum Wrestling Worldwideinaktiv  
99AAW Cruiserweight ChampionshipAAW: Professional Wrestling Redefinedaktiv  
100AAW Heavyweight ChampionshipAAW: Professional Wrestling Redefinedaktiv  
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