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1100% Lucha Championship100% Lucha Puerto Ricoinaktiv  
2100% Lucha Championship100% Luchainaktiv  
3123 Lutte Grand Championship123 Lutteaktiv Open Rules ChampionshipCanadian Wrestling's Eliteinaktiv  
51Fall Openweight Championship1Fall Entertainmentinaktiv  
61Fall Tag Team Championship1Fall Entertainmentinaktiv  
71PW Openweight ChampionshipOne Pro Wrestlinginaktiv  
81PW Tag Team ChampionshipOne Pro Wrestlinginaktiv  
91PW Women's World ChampionshipOne Pro Wrestlinginaktiv  
101PW World ChampionshipOne Pro Wrestlinginaktiv  
111PW World Heavyweight ChampionshipOne Pro Wrestlinginaktiv  
121WS Undisputed National ChampionshipFirst Wrestling Societyinaktiv  
131WS World ChampionshipFirst Wrestling Societyinaktiv  
1424/7 365 Open Challenge ChampionshipStay True WrestlingThe Wrestling IrelandBEST Wrestling Liveaktiv  
152AW Braveheart ChampionshipAll-Around Wrestlinginaktiv  
162AW Heavyweight ChampionshipAll-Around Wrestlinginaktiv  
172AW Openweight ChampionshipActive Advance Pro Wrestlingaktiv  
182AW Tag Team ChampionshipAll-Around Wrestlinginaktiv  
192AW Tag Team ChampionshipActive Advance Pro Wrestlingaktiv  
202CW Heavyweight ChampionshipSquared Circle Wrestlinginaktiv  
212CW Tag Team ChampionshipSquared Circle Wrestlinginaktiv  
222econd Wrestling Championship2econd Wrestlingaktiv  
232FC ChampionshipForce Francophone de Catchinaktiv  
242PW Anarchy ChampionshipProspect Pro Wrestlingaktiv  
252PW Heavyweight ChampionshipPure Pro Wrestlinginaktiv  
262PW Heavyweight ChampionshipProspect Pro Wrestlingaktiv  
272PW Middleweight ChampionshipPure Pro Wrestlinginaktiv  
282PW Tag Team ChampionshipProspect Pro Wrestlingaktiv  
293-2-1 BATTLE! Pacific Middleweight Championship3-2-1 BATTLE!inaktiv  
303-2-1 BATTLE! Seattle Underground Championship3-2-1 BATTLE!inaktiv  
313-2-1 BATTLE! Solid Steel Championship3-2-1 BATTLE!inaktiv  
323-2-1 BATTLE! Tag Team Championship3-2-1 BATTLE!inaktiv  
33302 Heavyweight ChampionshipInfinite Pro Wrestlinginaktiv  
34302 Tag Team ChampionshipInfinite Pro Wrestlinginaktiv  
35365 Combat Championship365 Pro Wrestlingaktiv  
36365 Global Championship365 Pro Wrestlingaktiv  
37365 Global Women's Championship365 Pro Wrestlingaktiv  
38365 Grand Championship365 Pro Wrestlingaktiv  
39365 Pro Wrestling Championship365 Pro Wrestlingaktiv  
40365 Pro Wrestling Title Championship365 Pro Wrestlingaktiv  
41365 Tag Team Championship365 Pro Wrestlingaktiv  
423CW Championship3 Count Wrestlinginaktiv  
433CW Heavyweight Championship3 Count Wrestlinginaktiv  
443CW North East Championship3 Count Wrestlinginaktiv  
453CW Tag Team Championship3 Count Wrestlinginaktiv  
463CW Triple Crown Championship3 Count Wrestlinginaktiv  
473CW Women's Championship3 Count Wrestlinginaktiv  
483CW Young Lions Championship3 Count Wrestlinginaktiv  
493DW Dual Kombat Championship inaktiv  
503DW Femme Fatale Championship inaktiv  
513DW Heavyweight Championship inaktiv  
523DW Texhoma Championship inaktiv  
533DW Violent Division Championship inaktiv  
543FALLS Championship3Falls Lucha Libre Crucenaaktiv  
553FALLS National Championship3Falls Lucha Libre Crucenaaktiv  
563FALLS Tag Team Championship3Falls Lucha Libre Crucenaaktiv  
573FALLS World Championship3Falls Lucha Libre Crucenaaktiv  
583KWrestling Heavyweight ChampionshipDREAMS Project3K Wrestling Fighting Athletesinaktiv  
593KWrestling Openweight Championship3K Wrestling Fighting Athletesinaktiv  
603KWrestling World Openweight Championship3K Wrestling Fighting Athletesinaktiv  
613LW Heavyweight ChampionshipThree Legacies Wrestlingaktiv  
623LW Tag Team ChampionshipThree Legacies Wrestlingaktiv  
633PW Heavyweight ChampionshipPro Pain Pro Wrestlinginaktiv  
643PW Tag Team ChampionshipPro Pain Pro Wrestlinginaktiv  
653XW Cruiserweight Championship3XWrestlinginaktiv  
663XW Heavyweight Championship3XWrestlingaktiv  
673XW North American Championship3XWrestlinginaktiv  
683XW Pure Wrestling Championship3XWrestlingaktiv  
693XW Tag Team Championship3XWrestlingaktiv  
70412PE Championship inaktiv  
71412PE Tag Team Championship inaktiv  
724FW Heavyweight ChampionshipBritish Kingdom Pro-Wrestlinginaktiv  
734FW Junior Heavyweight ChampionshipBritish Kingdom Pro-WrestlingWrestling Societyaktiv  
744FW South East ChampionshipSouth East Professional Wrestlingaktiv  
754FW Tag Team ChampionshipBritish Kingdom Pro-WrestlingWrestling Societyaktiv  
764GW Airborne Championship4th Generation Wrestlinginaktiv  
774WW Heavyweight Championship4th Wall Wrestlingaktiv  
784WW Tag Team Championship4th Wall Wrestlingaktiv  
795 Star Championship inaktiv  
805 Star Tag Team Championship inaktiv  
815 Star Wrestling Championship inaktiv  
825 Star Wrestling Tap Or Snap Championship inaktiv  
835CC Tag Team Championship5CC Wrestlinginaktiv  
845CC Wrestling Championship5CC Wrestlinginaktiv  
855DW Heavyweight Championship$5 Wrestlingaktiv  
86666 Chaos Undecided Freedom Championship666aktiv  
87666 Locomotive Class Championship666aktiv  
88880 Championship880 Wrestlingaktiv  
89880 Tag Team Championship880 Wrestlingaktiv  
90A Matter Of Pride ChampionshipA Matter Of Pride Wrestlingaktiv  
91A1 Alpha Male ChampionshipAlpha-1 Wrestlingaktiv  
92A1 Outer Limits ChampionshipAlpha-1 Wrestlingaktiv  
93A1 Tag Team ChampionshipAlpha-1 Wrestlingaktiv  
94A1 Zero Gravity ChampionshipAlpha-1 Wrestlingaktiv  
95AAA Americas ChampionshipLucha Libre AAA World Wideinaktiv  
96AAA Americas Trios ChampionshipLucha Libre AAA World Wideinaktiv  
97AAA Campeon de Campeones ChampionshipLucha Libre AAA World Wideinaktiv  
98AAA Fusion ChampionshipLucha Libre AAA World Wideinaktiv  
99AAA Latin American ChampionshipLucha Libre AAA World Wideaktiv  
100AAA Leyenda Azul Blue Demon ChampionshipLucha Libre AAA World Wideaktiv