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IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship

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223.10.2020ElPolloLoco4.0I think this belt was originally created to be put on foreign talent without the risks of having them jump to the competition at first occasion while carrying the belt. At some time they may have entertained the idea of only defending and promoting this belt in the US as part of the failed NJPW expansion plan into that market. Then as other commenters said things started going down the drain, and rapidly so I may add. Yes, AEW seems amenable to the idea of having their talent carry the belt, but they can put a stop to this at any moment. To make things worse the belt has been chiefly defended in Japan, something that makes little booking sense outside the big Tokyo Dome show. Epidemic or not, belt-worthy foreign talent is now in short supply: folks like Jay White and Will Ospreay have moved well above this belt and folks like Bad Luck Fale and David Finlay are not exactly championship material, at least not without very strong booking which with the present thin NJPW roster may cause tons of collateral damages. Oh well, they can always unify it with the NEVER Openweight title or use it as a prop for Master Wato and Great O-Kharn to feud on to the delight of no one.
301.10.2020laldila3.0Not a very good belt. Part of this is out of New Japan's control with sickness and shutdowns, but there's a lot that occurred beforehand that really was deeply uninteresting. In a way its kind of symbolic of New Japan's US expansion: a good idea but not something they put their full weight behind.
712.09.2020Ma Stump Puller6.0Outside of Omega's sensational run with the belt, it's been pretty much regarded as a C tier belt with no stakes behind it. Considering NJPW set up the belt in the first place to capitalise on the popularity of it in the US, it seemed like a good idea at the time: until AEW came along and took most if not all of their contenders away. Seriously, out of everyone who had the belt a some point, only Juice and Jay White remain, and Jay White is far into the main title picture now. Considering Moxley's the belt holder and currently can't defend it, he's basically been sitting on the belt for almost a year now, and he'll likely drop it. Hell, Cody a few months ago even openly mocked how useless the belt is in the long run during one of his promos. It was a good idea at the time, but unless they start finding some proper talent for Juice to fight for the belt, things don't look great. I really hope this belt doesn't become just another flop championship for the company: they have a few too many of those.
1323.12.2019VillainClub3.0Unnötiger und hässlicher Titel. Abgesehen von Omega gab es noch keinen guten Champion und selbst bei Omega war der Titel nur Beiwerk. Entweder hat Juice Robinson den Titel oder er fordert den Champion heraus.
1519.10.2019El Burrito7.0
1822.08.2019Pm Frank9.0Kenny Omega made this title awesome. I am going to say that this title is better than IWGP intercontinental championship
2204.07.2019PunchInTheNuts7.0This belt is still very recent so it's hard to judge, obviously they need more time but I think overall they did a good job. Kenny was the obvious choice as first champion and he had a good reign, his match against Jericho added prestige. Jay White did good in his first reign, he did especially great at putting over Juice Robinson and gave him a huge momentum... before Cody won the belt. This is the only thing they did wrong with the US Championship because Cody didn't need it, he was an absolute useless champion and put bad matches wich didn't gave Juice Robinson his momentum back when he regained the title. Juice did his best for his second reign, Chase Owens is a really weak challenger and Fale was okay but he ended up re-elevating the title with his match against Jon Moxley, wich despite the loss gave him some great momentum. I don't think Moxley will hold the title for a long time but he is a good addition to the list of champions and really proved he can help.
2512.05.2019PuroresuLover4.0Since when Juice Robinson lost to Cody on September, this Title has been a disgrace. Seriously, they're making Juice defeat guys like Bad Luck Fale and freakin' Chase Owens! Who's going to be next? Mikey Nicholls? ! I hope that stop treating this title like some piece of garbage, because this can be their championship that elevates the wrestlers, like Jay White and Kenny Omega.
2622.04.2019Jasper Claret7.0
2715.02.2019Kevin411824.0Since the title's inception, the booking for the US title has been booked rather poorly by New Japan. Of course, not all of this is New Japan's fault. Many of the workers that held the belt had other commitments. Cody, Omega, etc. I really hope that Juice can improve the title's reputation but the title has been MIA since Wrestle Kingdom.
3110.11.2018King DDP697.0i realy like that title...... i realy do but can we talk about the fact that the first 2 champion are not american?
3212.10.2018Nikito2225.0I'm sorry, but the guy under me is right. The title was created to give Kenny some historic achievement and that's it. After him, all went down, the reign of Jay White was disappointing and forgettable, the reign of Juice was full joke and Cody is being over pushed to the moon. I would not be surprised if at some time in the next year they unify it. Some points because of some great matches, but still.
3307.10.2018arrancar4.0Can we please just put this title in the trash? It doesn't need to exist. It was created just for the sake of giving Omega something that at least seemed prestigious while western fans waited for him to finally win the IWGP Heavyweight Title. I won't deny there have been some good, even great matches over this title, but that doesn't make up for how incredibly bloated it makes the rest of the NJPW roster, because it's just another pointless singles title. If it was ONLY competed for by gaijins, then I could maybe understand the point of it... but then WHY are the likes of Ishii and Yoshi-Hashi competing for it? And even ignoring that... WHY would gaijins want to fight for a gaijin-only title in the first place? The Heavyweight, IC, and even NEVER titles are all far more prestigious and competed for by both Japanese natives and gaijins alike. No one can take pride holding a title with such a limited pool of opponents. At least the IC title had established itself as a prestigious title that main-evented many legitimately big shows, and at least the NEVER title had the charm (for a small period of time, at least) of being the strong-style title which would crown the most rough and tough guy on the roster, but the US title has zero individual charm. I enjoyed Omega's reign with it, which great matches against Juice, Jericho, and Baretta, but Jay White's reign was totally pointless, facing total jokes like Finlay, and Page... and that brings us to Juice's reign, who had the BIG story of being unable to ever win a big title match, FINALLY winning the US title IN the US, and then having a terrible G1 and losing the title on his first defence. This is too extreme even for a redemption arc angle I think. Cody might bring some prestige to the belt, but he's still not a great wrestler, so I don't expect great matches. I'd love for the title to at least mean something again though. I'd much, much prefer the title is just thrown away though.
3407.10.2018zephyr5.0Kenny Omega was a good champion (if perhaps the wrong choice for what this title represents) but everyone since then has been booked strangely and the title seems almost meaningless now
3502.10.2018BulletClubSmark4.0Everytime I see this page, my rating will drop. As a said, in the past, Kenny made this title mean something and then lose to Jay White. White did absolutely nothing with this belt and had like 200 days as champion! When Juice won the title in San Francisco, I think the belt will regain some prestige but he was a joke during the G1 and lost in his first title defense against Cody, a guy who is very "normal" and didn't compete in G1 at all. Maybe NJPW realize that this title was a stupid idea and retire it in 2019-20. Give some more prestige to the Intercontinental or Openweight Titles. This US Title is a mess.
3913.07.2018hutchids6.0Since the title has been around for a year now, I feel it's fair to rate. Honestly, it has been a bit disappointing. The initial tournament to establish the champion was good even if nothing shocking happened during it. Kenny Omega was the most popular wrestler in the world, as well as a great performer, so he was a great choice to put the belt on. However, he didn't do anything of note during his 210 day rain. No notable rivals. He defended the belt against guys like Baretta, who are mid card at best which didn't do much for the belt. He ended up dropping the belt to Jay White, who also had no memorable rivals or title matches during his reign. However, no one really seemed to care about white in Japan or US during his reign, which did the title no favors. Now the belt rests on Juice, who like Omega's title opponents, is mid card at best in NJPW. Honestly, I feel 6 maybe a high rating for the belt but since the Juice and Kenny are talented, I'll leave it here for now.
4409.06.2018Wing of Puroresu9.0
4622.04.2018InactiveGuru8.0A very young title that shows a great potential. Very happy with the booking and title holders and challengers thus far.
4931.01.2018TheAlmighty10.0NJPW führte 2017 hier einen Titel ein, um sich in Übersee besser präsentieren zu können. Alleine das Austragungsturnier dafür war richtig stark mit dem perfekten Sieger. Wahrscheinlich wollte man zudem Omega einen Titel verleihen, aber dennoch wurde hier alles sauber aufgebaut und die Protagonisten in tollen Matches stark in Szene gesetzt. Auf Augenhöhe mit dem Intercontinental Championship (dem besten 2. Titel der Welt), stellte dieser Belt vom Namen her zwar nicht die "krassesten" Matches bis WK12, aber alle Matches waren durchgehend ansehnlich und hoben neue Leute ins Scheinwerfer Licht. Wenn man dies vergleicht mit der Einführung und den Regentschaften des Universal Titels (weil auch neu) liegen hier Galaxien zwischen den beiden in punkto Matchqualität, Booking und Repräsentation. Auch durch den Titelwechsel hat sich nichts verändert! Ein toller Titel der sich vor dem IWGP Heavyweight Titel wahrlich nicht verstecken muss. So baut man einen prestigereichen Titel auf! Danke NJPW!
5030.01.2018shosa949.0Oh maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan. This'll obviously need to be edited in the future, because this has existed for a single day, but a few things: 1. ) Belt looks GREAT. Whoever designed it is damn good at their job. 2. ) Kenny Omega, arguably the best wrestler on the planet right now, is its first and only holder. Not a bad start. 3. ) The final to determine the first champion was a full-blown classic. 4. ) It also serves as the marker for NJPW globalization, which is obviously a huge deal. The future looks really bright for it and in time I see it as being on par with the IWGP IC title, maybe even exceeding it. Update: Great booking for this so far, every defense has been good. Omega-Jericho was massive in making it feel like a big deal. Now that Jay White has it, things could maybe get shaky, but we'll see.
5213.01.2018user010010019.0I love this championship and its concept, and NJPW's plan for it is sound, and appears to be working well so far in my opinion. I want to see it defended at the upcoming 'Strong Style Evolved' show. Omega was the perfect choice for an inaugural champion, and the title defenses so far have been incredible (my personal favorite being vs. Juice @ Destruction in Kobe). His match against Y2J @ Wrestle Kingdom has only solidified my positive opinion on this championship and I'm looking forward to seeing more, in Omega's words, "legendary defenses". Funny how a championship that's less than a year old has been legitimized already and is being treated like a top-tier championship (looking at you WWE). The only reason I'm giving it a 9 is because it's still in its infancy, and there's always room for more. [TL;DR] Whoever takes this belt from Omega has a lot to live up to.
5305.01.2018IceIt's now like every other singles NJPW championship: Prestigeous and always defended in high-level matches and it was booked above the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleKingdom on the first one it was featured at and it was possibly the best match on the show. Case closed, another amazing title picture for New Japan Pro Wrestling.
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