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[10.0] "One of India's most promising wrestlers and one of Japan's most promising joshi wrestlers. Why not bring them together? It officially happened on May 30, 2020, their birthdays. Since then, Akki and Mei have already produced dozens of amazing matches that you'll want to re-watch more than once. Winning the titles against Reset, defending titles against TropiCalamari, defending titles against Egg Tarts... It's safe to say that this pair is already becoming legendary - their interaction is at the highest level, they understand each other half-heartedly. They're Asia Tag Team champions at the moment, and hopefully they will be for a long time to come."
Makoto92 wrote about BestBros:
[9.0] "Akki and Suruga is a very fun team. They perfectly complement each other in tag matches - that makes them the MVPs of Choco Pro and, of course, that's a cause, why they are Gatoh Move tag champions right now."
RYVNAYouTube wrote about Acclaimed:
[7.0] "Great association by AEW there. Max Caster is a great promo guy but have a lack of in ring abilities, Anthony Bowens is the exact opposite, so put them in the same team is a great idea. But I think that it's not gonna long an eternity, and in 2 or 3 years, they gonna break up and became huge solo stars. But in AEW, guys like them progressed sooooo fast because they are put with guys like Jericho, Hardy, Omega, Young Bucks... who are just wrestling legends."
[8.0] "I think I'm one of the only ones who really appreciate this association between Chad Gable and Otis. I know that Otis is not appreciated with the fans and that's normal but now he's far from the main event scene and he's becoming really enjoyable to watch as he used to be. Not as much as in his babyface days, but nice anyway. And Gable is just excellent, you can team him up with anyone, he will always make his teammate shine. On top of that, this duo makes sense, Gable is trying to convert Otis into someone more serious, who takes some ridiculous moves out of his arsenal and acquires a more aggressive personality. I didn't think that Otis heel could work, and this duo proved me wrong. I find them really fun together. If it were up to me, Heavy Machinery would still exist and Gable would be a solo star, but until then WWE offers us this duo and I find him very enjoyable. It's an important step in the rebuilding of Otis' career and it gives a lot of TV time to Gable who deserves it more than anyone else, so it's all positive. Given the momentum they've gained recently, I think it's a great opportunity for them to win the titles and have a big run as heels in the SmackDown tag division, there's a lot of potential match-ups as well. I would like to add that the two are best friends in private life so it's a nice touch, they must love working together so I'm happy for them."
RYVNAYouTube wrote about End :
[8.0] "One of the most underated team in the world but to be honest, even if Parrow is pretty good, Odinson is the MVP of this team. But their tagwork is pretty impressive, and I asked myself since 3 years now, how can these two guys are not already sign in a major promotion ? !"
[7.0] "They have great chemistry between them and they were selected the best tag team of the year, deservingly so in my opinion."
[6.0] "Saw them compete in both tag and singles matches at my local promotion - Basix Pro Wrestling, when they were very young lads. It was obvious even then they had real talent. Gladdens me to see become big names in UK wrestling - although now they've gone their separate ways."
[10.0] "My favorite joshi act of all time. LCO always brought the action and ran fades in the freshest fits. Amazing as a tag team or when they were paired up with Hokuto."
[9.0] "My favourite tag team from any promotion around currently. Dunne & Santos jr form a great dynamic team, combining speed (Dunne) & power (Santos jr). Love their gimmick and their matches, their just... fun."
texasyosh wrote about Rusev Day:
[6.0] "Rusev Day was the most over act at one time in WWE, but they refused to capitalize off of it and capture lightning in a bottle. Aiden English is a good manager and Rusev was the powerhouse."
[7.0] "I feel like it was another attempt to remake the magic of The Bar by putting two foreign heels together. The champions lounge was an interesting concept but there wasn't enough time given to develop these two as a formattable tag team. Aside from that they had some good matches."
XXDoubleHHXX wrote about Gangstas:
[7.0] "They had awesome tag team brawls that always left me entertained. This team had ways of keeping you interested by race based actions and funny to serious promos and hype videos, the one for the undertaker was halarious."
[9.0] "This team is surprisingly incredible, the female version of Michaels of Diesel. I'm not comparing the workers of course, but the dynamic of the duo. If I said "surprisingly", it's because I was very sceptical at the beginning of their association. Raquel Gonzalez's debut to help Dakota at TakeOver Portland was a fail with the famous table spot and even then, I couldn't see how this duo could work. A year later, I don't even know how I could have doubted it. Dakota Kai has always been one of my favourite female talents but I didn't think she needed someone to be there for her after her heel turn, and to my surprise I love how this duo works. The big powerhouse with the little girl, simple but effective. They have a lot of great matches and finally a reward with the first Women's Dusty Cup, and it's well deserved. They really deserve to have the titles and I want them to stay together for a long time to come."
[9.0] "Extremely underrated when it comes to great tag teams. Both Funks had great chemistry, drew like crazy, and were probably one of the few foreign guys to actively get over in AJPW as faces, so much so that even people like Stan Hansen got cross at them for overshadowing the native talent. They sadly wouldn't get much of a look in the WWF but their other work has aged remarkably well, through I would say the latter part of their career together is mostly unremarkable if only because Dory's decline in what he could and couldn't do became quite drastic in a few years. Extra point for training some of the biggest stars of the 80's like Jumbo and Tenryu: they really set the foundation for their astounding work as well as many others."
[9.0] "Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez started off as an odd relationship after Raquel slammed Tegan Nox through a table during Kai v Nox TakeOver match which gave the impression that Dakota Kai was gonna have a bodyguard however that started to build towards them both becoming a tag team - fast forwarding towards recent as they broke history by winning the first ever Women's Dusty Rhodes Classic which is an absolute amazing achievement in both of their NXT careers. I'd love to see them win the tag titles and bring more prestige towards there team but also the NXT brand. Absolutely fantastic team, good chemistry together and very unexpected alliance however knowing the past in WWE, tag teams which are unusual tend to have great chemistry such as 'Team Hell No' and 'The Bar' as an example."
[6.0] "Their wrestling isnt really that good but if you put a mic in their hand they can do 3 things, rap, deliver amazing promos, or have halarously good commentary."
Vanstyler wrote about Bear Country:
[10.0] "Future AEW Tag Team champions! For men of their size they are extremely interesting and innovative, they are overqualified to be big stars in AEW"
[8.0] "Great old school heel team, wasn't a fan before Gibson found James Drake, but since, he's became a great promo guy, perfect heel, and the team works perfectly well."
Kung wrote about MSK:
[9.0] "Easily one of my favorite tag teams on the planet right now. They have it all; the look, the charisma, and the ability in the ring. Can't wait to see how they continue to improve in NXT."
joshjackal wrote about Von Erichs :
[4.0] "The Von Erichs are an example of wrestlers who don't have that much going for them other than a famous name. They're solid in the ring, but don't stand out in any way. But the real issue is that they have little to no charisma. Their promos for MLW, with or without their father, are almost always completely bland."
[0.0] "Everything connected with them irritates me. They aren't like some completely incompetent dudes who don't know how to do anything and interfere with any match, no. They have an understanding of how wrestling works, they have a structure that they follow, but they don't change, they don't improve, they have reached a specific level and just stopped there. Tama and Tanga are two idiot brothers who have fun all the time, don't take anything seriously, and sometimes make fun combinations, diluting the matches and making them look good when viewed in highlights. But this is not the kind of personality that I would like to observe. They don't grow up as wrestlers, but when they face other heavyweights, we see an extremely disgusting "equal" battle, when Tama's cheap tricks allow him to deceive really smart and experienced guys, and the disgusting Loa acts as a machine that can seriously arrange a tank battle with the conditional Ishii and defeat him in it. The cherry on the cake is a nasty choreography that kills all the seriousness that can be in a match. You'd have to be real wrestling geniuses, like Zack and Taichi, for me to have a little fun with these two clowns. Why they get all the privileges is the main mystery of the New Japan. But looking at how bad the tag team division is, you know whose fault it is."
DCJ2003 wrote about Acclaimed:
[8.0] "Their gimmick is very interesting and cool. I love to hear their diss raps towards all the other teams. They have lots of charisma and great chemistry between themselves. In-ring they are good. As heels they are perfect, in just 2 months they managed to piss people off."
JTI wrote about AOP:
[7.0] "Solid big-man team that, like most WWE talent, were booked perfectly in NXT but floundered into oblivion once they were called up to the main roster. Unfortunately by the time Drake Maverick became their manager-slash-mini-me they lost all credibility, with Drake's pee-pee incident being the final nail. After that they had 1 (one) match on TV in 2019 leading into being Seth Rollins' heavies, which would've been a perfect spot for them, but WWE is simply incapable of booking the vast majority of their talent correctly. I hope these two finally land somewhere soon and continue teaming, because despite how good of a team they are I don't know how well they could manage as respective solo acts."
Leth99 wrote about Outsiders:
[3.0] "Terrible guys to be around, but they were over as hell back in the day. But you have to admit that even their first match as a team was boring and uninteresting. I was not able to find a good tag team match with the two. They certainly made great matches as singles guy, but as a team, not that much."
XXDoubleHHXX wrote about Bad Crew:
[0.0] "I hated watching these guys going through the old ECW and CZW stuff. Their matches are straight car wrecks where nothing exciting happens and the fans cheer only when the match is over, how do you make a hardcore match boring?"
texasyosh wrote about Young Bucks:
[4.0] "I don't like super spot heavy wrestling without purpose. In my eyes, that is what I see in the Young Bucks. The definition of spot monkeys. In Bullet Club they were pretty cool, but their breakoff into the Elite is cringeworthy. You can say they "changed the business" until the sun dies, but if anything it's for the worse. Hell. they have a move called the Meltzer Driver. (Edit) Listen man, I've really tried to get into them but I just can't."
[7.0] "Serviceable tag team, capable of having good matches with any team. That's a plus. Despite that, they are far from excellence."
[10.0] "The current NXT Tag Team champions are one of the most consistent tag teams in WWE. Would like to see them compete against teams on Raw and Smackdown."
[10.0] "An insanely gifted tag team, producing some of the best tag matches ever seen, since 2009. Nick Jackson is one of the best hot tags in history, and an incredibly athletic high flyer. Matt Jackson is an extremely underrated seller and story teller. The tag team of the last decade by a country mile, and amongst the best tag teams of all time."
jchiofal wrote about Chaos Project:
[6.0] "Fun tag team. No genuine bad matches (aside from the Jericho/Hager match). Fun gimmick of Serpwntico being a the bigger, older Luther's projectile too"
EleceRock wrote about SAT:
[10.0] "I don't think they deserve a 10 but this rating is so low that I think it's unfair, they were very innovative tag team wrestlers in the decade of 2000's and a lot of indie tag teams nowadays owes a lot to them, they sure deserve a better rating than just a 5 or 6."
steviecw wrote about Head Bangers:
[8.0] "Underrated team who peaked early due to a gimmick that was too over not to run with and too over to abandon when it became dated. WWF and NWA champions, both good workers, great finish, memorable gimmick at a peak era. Lots of love for Mosh and Thrasher."
[10.0] "The best tag team in the world today, and I find it amusing how people give them a low rating because they are Cornett marks and Cornett brainwashed them thinking it is still 1988. Great tag combinations, they are great on the mic as well. Cornett has a completely biased opinion. He only craps on the bucks because they arent his cup of tea. Not because they are bad, but because he obviously has a personal vandetta against them. News flash Jim it? s 2021, not 1988, wrestling has evolved."
jajt1989 wrote about MSK:
[7.0] "They're good but they're not as good as the rating suggests, but i do think that they will be deserving of that rating eventually"
[8.0] "I stopped watching Grim's Toy Show a long time ago however when I did Grim & Duhop was always an effective team whilst being on different live/house shows or on the sillysuperpop YouTube channel by always being the fan favourites towards the audience watching despite sometimes using heelish ways to pick a victory considering they're faces. I purely have to give them an 8 for the fact they always know how to entertain the crowd for the children and had great chemistry alongside each other."
GhastlySupression wrote about MSK:
[10.0] "MSK or formally known as the Rascalz. These two are extremely unique wrestlers with a perfect chemistry between the pair and not even just that they also have a perfect combination of agility to be one of the best high-flying tag teams in the world. They had an impactful debut against Jake Atlas and Isiah 'Swerve' Scott on NXT by showing how good they are by doing unique moves, good in-ring ethic and seem like two humble lads (inside and outside the ring) and this solidifies a perfect team to win the tag team gold in NXT at some stage."
[7.0] "Goid as Badd Company and the better version of the Orient Express. The best enhancement talent in the WWF between 1991 and 92."
[2.0] "Just thrown together instead of one Honky Tonk Man you get two. Greg Valentine with dyed black hair was not good in the role."
[9.0] "One of the best tag teams of all time. Just two tough guys in facepaint that are going to kill you. The amount of teams that tried to copy them afterwards shows how successful they were."
Brett1980 wrote about Demolition :
[2.0] "This was the worst version of Demolition and by 1991 they had absolutely zero credibility. In 1990 the way the announcers would act like they couldn't tell the three apart was also stupid."
[6.0] "Were not bad as a team. Just thrown together and sort of worked. Finisher was good for it's time. Hercules Superplex followed by Romas splash."
Brett1980 wrote about Bushwhackers:
[5.0] "As the Sheepherders there were good at times but were just Brawler. As the Bushwackers they were a pretty awful comedy act."
[3.0] "One of the most ridiculous gimmicks ever. They were not great in the ring either and just came across as jobbers in masks."
[10.0] "One of the best Technical tag teams of all time. Their ability to not necessarily cheat but to bend the rules to the absolute limit where you can get away with it was tremendous."
Brett1980 wrote about Rockers:
[9.0] "One of the best tag teams of the late 80s. Excellent double team moves and could have good matches with the dullest tag teams."
Brett1980 wrote about Mega Powers:
[8.0] "For a short term team they left a pretty big impression. Was more to set up a feud and Savage played the jealous partner to perfection."
[6.0] "This tag team was underrated and still is, you had 2 badass workers dressed as evil sorcerer ninja's during the biggest story's in WCW, I couldn't get enough of their work."
[4.0] "Just a road Warriors rip off. Feud with Demolition seemed never ending. Nothing remarkable to say. Just two muscled guys with face paint."
Brett1980 wrote about Bolsheviks:
[1.0] "One the worst teams of all time. The out of date Gimmick was pathetic enough but they were awful in the ring too."
Brett1980 wrote about Strike Force:
[6.0] "Just two guys put together and told to smile and wave. There was much better tag teams around at the time and they had the belts for some time. They were not bad it just seemed forced."
[7.0] "Were not too bad. Pretty underrated and never really pushed in the WWF. They were mainly an opening match act there."
[6.0] "Were not a bad tag team and were not together long enough to leave a lasting impression. I prefer this team to Strike Force."
Brett1980 wrote about Demolition:
[6.0] "Were only as good as the opponents they were facing. Quite boring to watch and just one of many Road Warriors rip offs."
[6.0] "Basically jobbers but when given a chance to show what they can do they can usually tear the house down, Metalik is one of the best cruiserweights going around"
[7.0] "Was not bad but I feel the team held back Bret Hart for years. Were able to turn from heel to face without changing much."
[10.0] "One of the greatest brother tag teams of all time. Both were different and both were outstanding on their own but as a tag team in AJPW in the 70s early 80s were amongst the best teams in the World."
[8.0] "Were better before they got to the WWF. Not good mic skills but innovative double team skills. They got worse with time though."
Brett1980 wrote about Dream Team:
[6.0] "They were good enough. There the tag team that you forget were champions. This was the peak of Beefcakes career."
GhastlySupression wrote about Bar:
[10.0] "Sheamus and Cesaro started off as enemies being in matches for a best of seven series which then they managed to get along showing a brilliant friendship and chemistry together as a tag team by managing to outsmart The New Day and becoming new tag team champions - which for the audience was highly interesting considering Cesaro was a face and Sheamus was a heel meaning that there would be an obvious clash however it managed to work smoothly and became one of the most innovative teams with great in-ring ethic collectively between the pair and had amazing chemistry with any opponent as an example The Shield, The Usos, The New Day, etc."
[6.0] "Only okay. Normally pretty exciting but also normally glorified jobbers. They are usually on the pre Show"
Brett1980 wrote about Hybrid2:
[7.0] "Good solid team. They normally have good matches but dont seem to ever pass the lower part of the mid card."
[4.0] "Absolutely nothing special. Just kind of there. Typical Dark tag team used as enhancement for up coming tag teams."
[0.0] "Was a terrible way for drew to debut, saddling him with mediocre talent like dolph. This team will forever be a stain in drew's career"
[7.0] "I think this team really has a lot of potential, they have a good chemistry together and they're two very good babyfaces in which I want to invest myself. I'm counting on NXT to put them in the spotlight this year because they deserve it and could be big stars in a women's tag team division that is in terrible need of them."
Brett1980 wrote about Von Erichs :
[6.0] "Lack the charisma of the original Von Erichs. I feel that they've been around long enough to have made it if they were going to."
Brett1980 wrote about Los Parks:
[5.0] "L. A Park on his own is a legend. This as a tag team just comes across as bring your Son to work day."
Brett1980 wrote about FTR:
[9.0] "Great tag team. Criminally overlooked in WWE main roster. Had some of the best tag matches in the World in 2016 vs DIY on NXT. Had a great 2020 in AEW have lost a lot of momentum since losing the titles however."
[6.0] "I feel they are sort of just alright. They were unbelievably underused in WWE but they were overused in NJPW."
[5.0] "Their gimmick is WALTER's right hand men. They're not bad wrestlers I guess. Marcel showed real good potential as Dieter back in Germany. Aichner has always just been forgettable."
[6.0] "They had like one really good match on a TakeOver and have had a forgettable career since then. Probably because they are forgettable wrestlers. Generic bald "serious wrestler" guys #82 and #64."
Nivv wrote about BroserWeights:
[7.0] "They were around for 3 months lol. Two clearly talented dudes on their own, but not much else to talk about."
Nivv wrote about CCK:
[8.0] "A real gem of a team back in the day. It's surprising none of the major promotions picked them up as a team because they clearly stood out as a team you could build around. Brookes is a creative genius, and Lykos.. is a good spot monkey. Unfortunately the latter has bones made of glass which made this team end prematurely."
Nivv wrote about Dangerous Tekkers:
[7.0] "It's strange in a way. You wouldn't think a team consisting of these two specific wrestlers could match up as well as they do, but they do. They've clearly broken out as the possible saviors of the wasteland of the New Japan tag division, but who knows how long their shelf life will last with Gedo still booking."
[8.0] "Travis was always going to be the Michaels of this group as TK has never been someone special on his own. As a tag though they stood out with their hard hitting and fast paced style."
Nivv wrote about Violent Giants:
[9.0] "These big dudes always delivered in big matches. I mean it's the former Ace of All Japan and the big dog who dominated BJW and DDT for years teaming together. The negative is they were profusely the dominant team of the promotion even at the expense of other teams."
[10.0] "One of my favorite tag teams in the history of WCW. Meng and The Barbarian have a chemistry through beating the living hell out of their opponents. And they always leave an impression after their matches and that impression is Fear."
[7.0] "Fun if not underrated team that had a fun dynamic: much like with Misawa, Ogawa gets the best out of his protégé by being the reliable vet that can save the match with one of his quick roll ups or sneaky pins, and Zack played the cocky upstart that always got himself into trouble and needed Ogawa to drag him out of it. It's a dynamic done a ton but I think it really works here, especially considering Zack was actually trained a good part by the man himself and has spoken very highly of his experience. Decent matches and some really interesting work that would benefit Zack greatly in his later tag work."
[8.0] "Ogawa kinda dragged in terms of his status in the main event scene (not helped by the jr heavyweight divisions of AJPW and NOAH being treated basically like crap, with management actively trying to cut them off from getting spots on cards) but he was a great tag partner for Misawa. His stoicism combined with Ogawa's antics made for interesting dynamics in matches: sometimes the pair would bully on the younger guys and actually get proper heel heat for themselves, sometimes poor Ogawa would be the one bullied and need Misawa for the hot tag, sometimes Ogawa would be the cocky heel egging on the other team because he's got a ace for a partner and get shit-canned for his troubles. I wouldn't say all of their matches were exactly top classics but they were a very reliable set that could pull out pretty fun bouts with almost anyone. Good shit."
[10.0] "The best team in the world. They have great chemistry and double teams are always smooth and can tell a great story. Some people say they are just spot monkeys however matches such as them vs Hangman and Omega and FTR show they are more than that"
HC7 wrote about Top Flight :
[6.0] "Not really feeling them yet. They have potential as they are still very very young but so far they haven't stuck out to me at all"
EleceRock wrote about Black Pair:
[10.0] "I love this tag team so much, I could only made to watch a few matches of them but what a great pair of heels considering that they were from the 70's, a lot of bad blood, dirty tricks, cheap shots, they made you believe that they really were bad girls, and on top of that, they also know how to wrestle really well, too bad they didn't last too long, I would've loved to see them wrestle during the golden era of AJW."
Domrak wrote about Private Party:
[5.0] "An average highflyer team. Nothing special about them. They fly a lot, and they sometimes botch. Also their gimmick is so cheap. I don't like them."
[8.0] "In terms of charisma, 10 out of 10 without a doubt. A very entertaining team who were surprisingly good in-ring workers when you look at their physiques. When Martin was around, the matches were very much based on character work but could definitelty go when he needed to. They've held titles before as Thunder & Lightning but never as The Lads From The Flats. It would've been cool to give them a tag title run in OTT."
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