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429.07.2023CMFunk0077.0I really enjoyed The Killer Bees as a team. Whenever they were in the ring with The Hart Foundation, they were a joy to watch. Their mask gimmick I didn't get because they were essentially cheating to win. They should have had a heel run with the titles, cheating to win them in a shocking heel turn. But this team was a joy to watch.
516.06.2023No One6.0 
824.08.2022Conquistador378.0A rather fun team to watch! Brunzell was always an enjoyable babyface and his natural charisma/energy gave Brian Blair the spark he needed to finally start excelling instead of being just another body (albeit one with a strong amateur based mat game). Neither really did much after the team and Blair for sure didn't do anything of note before so it's best to rank them here. The team didn't last long enough for me, but i always found myself very invested in their matches and they've aged rather well. The amateur based stylings of Blair meshed well with Brunzell's abundance of fiery babyface offense, their matches were quite fast paced for the era/territory. Check out their matches on Primetime Wrestling with The Hart Foundation (Oct 12 1987 is a good one) & Demolition (especially the 2 out of 3 falls match/Nov 05 87). Highlight of their career is certainly the Survivor Series 1987 win. Also, Jim Brunzell has GOT TO BE the best aging wrestler ever.
1007.01.2022TigerDiver7.0I enjoyed the Killer Bees a bit whenever they were on my screen, and I thought they were a pretty good team overall. I never cared for Blair and Brunzell as an individual in the slightest, but they complimented each other smoothly here to make a fun team. Their mask swap schtick was way ahead of its time more than you think too, as annoying as it was.
1526.12.2020Strong Zero Machine5.0 
1903.08.2018Fountain of Misinformation7.0 
2413.11.2015ShooterMcShoot8.0Neither of them was particularly charismatic, but they were great in the ring and I always thought that they at least deserved a short tag title run in the WWF. It just so happened that the tag team division at the time was overloaded with talent and the Bees were always good enough to be in the group, but not charismatic enough to be the champions.
2509.06.2015DanTalksRasslin7.0Team with good chemistry and a faster-paced style than you'd expect in their time. The putting-on-masks-to-switch-places thing added a bit to their act, and it's interesting that that kind of bending of the rules would get over for a babyface team in the mid-'80s.
2715.08.2013Boris The Menace5.0 
2817.12.2010Smi-487.0Lässt man mal den irrsinnigen Namen weg, so hat man hier ein überdurchschnittlich gutes Team mit zwei wirklich ansprechenden Technikern. Als man der WWF Tag-Szene noch Matchzeiten einräumte, gab es da einige absolut sehenswerte Partien unter Beteiligung der Bees. Eine höhere Wertung verbietet sich eigentlich nur aufgrund des fehlenden Impact-Erfolges und des für heutige Zeiten eher kitschigen Gimmicks. Absolut solide Worker.
3016.06.2010Obermacker6.0Solides Tagteam mit blödem Gimmick, aber irgendwie passten sie damals in die WWF.
3122.12.2009Manu Adams4.0Beide hatten zwar kein Charisma und konnten auch nicht wrestlen, aber wenigstens waren ihre Ring Skills ganz in Ordnung. Brian Blair halte ich dennoch für einen großartigen Techniker.
3228.10.2009Eddie4.0Die Killer Bees waren einfach da, ohne besonders zu wirken, aber schlecht waren die Kämpfe nicht, 4 Punkte.
3328.12.2008Brahma Bull5.0Drchschnittliches Team mit einem Gimmick, welches einem keine Angst und Schrecken einjagd. Trotzdem waren die irgentwie kultig. Für 5 Punkte solls reichen!
3420.02.2008The Sick Lebowski6.0 
3727.12.2007real american6.0 
3913.12.2007Asgaroth 3366996.0 
4003.12.2007Masterpiece6.0Nicht mein Fall, aber trotzdem ein solides Tag Team!
4102.12.2007LexLuger4ever6.0Totales Kultteam Mitte bis Ende der 80er Jahre! Hielten (leider) auch nie die Titel, aber hatten einige Hammerfehden!