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On this page you can read all the comments which have been written by you and other inmates of the cage. Please note that this list is somewhat unfiltered and may contain comments that have already been removed again by the system or the CAGEMATCH team for violations of the ratings system rules.
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SickPup2 wrote about Don Callis:
[10.0] "Very good, done a fantastic job with Impact along with Scott D'Amore, now managed to get an agreement with AEW, Don Callis is low key one of the most influential people in wrestling right now."
[7.0] "Great performer before the injuries. Good charisma. Once he got on top he always felt stale and repetitive to me."
[10.0] "My all-time favorite wrestler. From when I started watching wrestling around 96 to today. Currently rewatching all of WWF 1997 for his epic heel run."
Suzukigun wrote about El Desperado:
[9.0] "Look: 8/10. Wrestling ability: 8/10. Entrance theme: 10/10, one of the best in the entire business. Let's go with a 9/10 overall."
[8.0] "She has been wrestling only for 6 months but has all the signs of a top player in years to come. Her match against Hikari Noa was amazing stuff. She is slowly adding new moves into her moveset, her selling is good and she is improving constantly. I am expecting big things from her. Other wrestler Mei Suruga noted Sena has a "Strong heart" and you can clearly see Sena's passion for wrestling and desire to improve."
Leth99 wrote about Marc Mero:
[10.0] "This was a hidden gem. Watching him in the WWF, I didn't like one single bit by him. But in WCW, he was probably one of the best wrestlers in the roster. His gimmick, his style, his mic skills. He had everything a top star needed. Then why wasn't he a top star? I have no idea. Wrestling is strange sometimes. Also, PS. I legit thought that Marc Mero and Johnny B Badd were 2 different people before looking it up. What the hell happened to him? !"
Leth99 wrote about Kevin Nash:
[5.0] "I don't like him, but he had some talent in his blood. And he also seems like a nice person (at least, that's my impression of him lol), but.... 7? No, it's sad to say this, but his injuries really took a toll on him and except his early years, I can't think of some good match by him. He's a good talker tho"
Leth99 wrote about Buff Bagwell:
[7.0] "I always liked him. Instead of the other guys politicking around, he at least could make a decent match and with the right partner could even get a good-to-great match. You should watch the Judy Bagwell on a Forklift match. Am I trolling? Absolutely no, that match was pretty solid despite the stupid stipulation."
[6.0] "If your strongest attribute is your in ring work & you haven't performed well recently then yeah a 6."
[9.0] "I remember when Page was facing Jericho to see who would be the first AEW World Champion, I wasn't really a fan or see the hype. However, the long term story-telling that has followed on from that combined with Page's performances in the last year have really taking him up into that higher level. I think he has the potential to have an enormous future ahead of him. Currently one of the favourite performers to follow in all of wrestling."
Khalid Ace wrote about WALTER:
[7.0] "I can't believe I am giving WALTER only a 7 but apart from one match he wasn't that impressive this year."
Khalid Ace wrote about Tony Deppen:
[6.0] "My previous rating was actually an 8 from Last year where he had a great year but he's been poor since."
Khalid Ace wrote about Jake Lee:
[7.0] "This is the lowest rating I've ever gave him. He's still good but he only has one great match this year which isn't good "for his standards"."
[7.0] "I do find Black Taurus entertaining & my previous rating of his was actually an 8 last year but even though he didn't have alot of matches this year but I didn't like any of it."
[7.0] "Masashi Takeda is very good at what he does, the only problem is he hasn't showed it for almost 2 years now."
[7.0] "There's no secret Kento is one of the best wrestlers EVER. I only dropped his rating because I think AJPW were the promotion of the year to me but he wasn't one of the main reasons why. He had a decent year but I know he can do much better."
[7.0] "My previous rating was actually an 8 but the more I watch him the more I lose interest in him. He's a good wrestler but he hasn't had a great match for a long period of time."
Khalid Ace wrote about Shuji Kondo:
[7.0] "Shuji Kondo is a very good wrestler who can go with pretty much everyone but he hasn't done that lately."
[7.0] "It's hard for me to drop Daisuke Sekimoto's rating because I did have him higher & I do think he deserves better but this year he wasn't as impressive."
Khalid Ace wrote about Aja Kong:
[6.0] "Aja Kong is a legend. Just last year I've rated her a 8 even at an old age but I didn't like any match she had this year."
[10.0] "Tamura has proved to be a real prodigy, simply a genius, with only one year of wrestling he has brought together all the necessary characteristics to have a more than brilliant future, simply perfect, he has all the skills that wrestlers kill themselves to have and of course, he is very young, he will go much further, you look at him and see a big star, for me he is the future of puroresu and the rare jewel that TAKA discovered, flawless, I hope I can see how far it will go."
[8.0] "A really fun wrestler with strong power and surprising agility, with good mic chops on top. I'm surprised WWE didn't pick up on Lee sooner considering he's probably one of the few indie guys whom I would say could actually get over on the main stage without needing to change much. Do I think he's perfect? Not at all. Lee isn't the carrying type of wrestler, the rare main man whom can take almost anyone and wrestle them to a decent to even good match: he struggles with lower card wrestlers or more scrappy guys and doesn't adapt well to that style. He also has a knack for perhaps doing too much as a big man: his sensational high flying spots are reduced less and less the more he does them regularly, and as such his main attraction sorta disappears over time. He plays a better strongman and should lean in to that sort of style more, pulling out the moonsaults and like only on rare (and big) occasions. I guess age isn't on his side either: he's only really got a few years before he'll have to start drastically cutting down on what he can or can't do, so the bar for him is pretty shaky to say the least. We'll see if he can properly adapt to being on the roster. Could go either way at this point, but I'm hoping for the best."
[10.0] "The one that has evolved the most this year, she has gone from a random to a NXT top star. She's the new Chyna and I love everything she has to offer, she deserves a much better rating."
cakemuf wrote about Roman Reigns:
[10.0] "Currently he has the best Universal title reign in history, though I recognize that isn't a high bar to claim. Nevertheless, he is killing it and he's only in the beginning stages. Sky is the limit."
[10.0] "I'm starting to think old puro fans were jaded as hell when talking about Kaz Fujita & Inoki-ism because he's an amazing talent. I have always been entertained by a Kaz Fujita whether I see him punt see him punt someone's skull or star at Go Shiozaki for a half hour and then put hand sanitizer in his mouth, he's the puro equivalent to PCO of being a crazy guy who can still get it done."
TheDijon wrote about Roman Reigns:
[10.0] "At the moment, I think he is fantastic and largely the reason why I tune into SD every week. Heel Roman is just on another level than the majority of WWE's roster."
[10.0] "The "Big Dog" Roman Reigns is hands down the biggest wrestling star on this planet right now. It shows WWE was always right to pick him as the guy to lead the way post-John Cena, but now Roman is in a role that truly accentuates his strengths as a performer. The biggest shame is that it's happening during a period with no fans in attendance. Roman would be leading the way in terms of crowd reaction, so much so that I'm wondering if it will turn him back to being face eventually as people finally start to appreciate him. We'll have to wait and find out."
[3.0] "Has the size and athletic ability to be a star in the business however it seems to me that in the ring he doesn't quite seem to know who he is in the ring and he has a history of attitude issues that has burned many bridges in the industry."
[0.0] "Goofy character and awful wrestling mind, he doesn't understand how wrestling works, very annoying and useless, all his impact has been negative and one reason that WWE is as terrible as it is, he's really bad"
[5.0] "This is really hard to rank, sure she's one of the most influential female wrestlers of all time, but it could be argued that her influence just led to female wrestlers who were trained in the slap and hairpulling style that was common place in the golden era. Watching her matches.... yeah there might be a lot of truth to that statement. She might have been the worst backstage politician and that's not including all the accusations after her death."
[10.0] "I am making my rating 5his hogh due in part to offset some of the really low ratings. I think the claims that she just isn't the worker everyone makes her out to be is a case of people annoyed with how she's booked rather than a testament to her actual skill. Yes she is pushed ridiculously hard harder then she should be but she is genuinely one of the best performers on the planet and her importance as one of the four horse women and her role in the women's evolution should not be understated. Yes, I get it she's pushed to the detriment of other stars at time but there is a reason why she us pushed that hard."
[10.0] "The best the Italian wrestling scene has to offer. Big man, does alot of power fighting, very acrobatic, almost cat-like reflexes. He's very slept on. His body splash is very strong looking, it could break the ring. His promos would make you cry. He's a modern day Shockmaster!"
[10.0] "this man is one of the finest professional wrestlers I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing, he is agile and gracious, one of the best big man wrestlers today maybe even one of the best of all time."
[5.0] "Maybe I'm missing something, but I've never understood all the love this guy gets. He's decent enough in the ring (if you ignore his terrible finisher! ) but I can't stand the way he talks on the mic."
RhYnoECfnW wrote about R-Truth:
[4.0] "Just don't get R-Truth at all. Not great in the ring, and I've always thought he was very annoying on the mic."
1911owl wrote about Sting:
[10.0] "The Icon! Sting will always be one of the most underrated performers in wrestling history, as the two main narrators of our time (WWE and Meltzer) both never gave him the credit he deserved. Sting always had the audience in the palm of his hand, and his matches were exciting even if they weren't highly technical. Moreover, he was the franchise of WCW and the man who put TNA on the map (it was after Sting's arrival that PWI finally took the world title in TNA seriously, for example). His memorable feuds with Flair, Rude, Vader, Cactus Jack, the nWo, and more are some of my favorite memories in wrestling."
[0.0] "Genuinely the worst 'wrestler' I've ever seen. He was so overweight that he could barely walk. I don't get why anyone would want to see this, let alone pay to do so."
Killerk7 wrote about Jeff Hardy:
[10.0] "One of my all time favourites in my top 10 of best wrestlers of all time, in number 8 is Jeff Hardy."
[10.0] "In the ring, he is legit one of the best in the world and technically, he is one of the best ever. That man is incredible, he does whatever he wants, he carries whoever he wants and he even carried Naito or Tanahashi in singles matches. His selling is one of the best in the world. Excellent babyface, great heel. He has the total package."
pierreMinne wrote about Eita:
[10.0] "Fabulous heel, for me the best heel in the world. That man is the damn future and he is gonna be the best wrestler in Dragon Gate for the next years. I have to see him as a big babyface to see if he can handle Yoshino's role. Incredible charisma. In the ring, he is a master and his heelwork is fabulous, he is an incredible storyteller, his best performance in that domain being at the 2020's Dangerous Gate Steel Cage Match."
[7.0] "She is like a 6-man in basketball she not the woman that you want to be the "ace" of your women's division, however because of her intelligence, and talking skill she is most often the most important woman in any promotion she is in. She not the person who you can build around however she needs to be on the team."
[10.0] "Without a doubt in the 10 if not 5 best female wrestlers of all time. Created both the Tiger Driver and the Jackhammer, trained some of the best wrestlers and was a huge draw in the 80s."
[10.0] "One of the best female wrestlers ever, very underrated in the west compared to other names. Very charismatic, great both as single wrestler and as tag team wrestler with Kyoko and can play both face and heel."
Resident wrote about Shane Taylor:
[3.0] "Very boring wrestler in Ring of Honor. He is a powerhouse and had gotten a little better in ROH but he has no charisma, no mic skills, and no personality. He is decent in the ring, but he's just not fun to watch. He was ROH TV Champion and gotten a push there, but I just don't care for him. I remember when he was in a team with Keith Lee, but Keith become so much fun to watch and got great on the mic, but it's just the same old boring Shane Taylor."
[10.0] "One Of The Best Wrestlers This Year If Not The Best, He Uses The Elbows Like Misawa, He's The Future Of The DeathMatch, I Can't Wait For His Match Vs Takeda, I Will Not Be Shocked If This Match Become My MOTY"
[9.0] "Deonna in NXT was just a generic babyface with a character that wasn't defined. Deonna in Impact is a different animal altogether, she's a Virtuosa, who uses long words in promos and beats you in so many different ways. She's now the top heel in Impact and redefining herself. She made the right move leaving WWE."
[7.0] "He is a very talented young man but WWE does not use him or does not know what to do with him, but outside of that he has a lot of talent and can easily be the new Latin face of the company."
texasyosh wrote about R-Truth:
[8.0] "A mainstay in WWE's lower midcard, R-Truth has carved out a solid career. He was a US Champion two times, A Tag Team Champion once, and most prominently, a two time NWA Champ! R-Truth has made the 24/7 Championship interesting, which is something I'd never think would happen. A reliable worker and a great comedy wrestler."
[9.0] "Not hard to see how Taue was so low, to be honest. He was always the odd one out of the Four Pillars and the least successful by far in terms of accolades outside of his tag work. Taue also never got to work with Jumbo Tsuruta in any real capacity beyond some tag runs, which might explain why he's not really regarded as the rest in terms of singles work as well. First off, the downsides: Taue was the least dynamic of the four and compared to Kobashi's legendary babyface fire, Misawa's stoic nature, or Kawada's fiery offence, he really had nothing to stand out beyond his height. Taue wasn't exactly bursting with charisma as well and struggled to get over initially, hence why he was a clear cut heel for most of his starting ring work. However, as a big man, he undoubtedly revolutionised the role with the crazy amount of agility he had on top of his naturally occurring strength, making him capable of moving in ways that guys his size just shouldn't do. It should be mentioned as well that Taue DID have really good singles matches throughout the years, and even if he was a bit awkward at times his ring psychology and surprisingly quick counters were always a great quality of them. Ofc his tag material is by far his best quality, with dozens of four star+ matches, namely because Taue knew the role he played (the big bully) and operated it to perfection alongside Kawada. His later years were a lot more inconsistent, and despite his experience and skill the guy just couldn't work the level of quality needed for the main event: he WAS over, but he was by far the worst in terms of post AJPW work. That being said, Taue in his best years was a world class performer who really took the "big man that can move" gimmick and took it arguably the best possible way (probably only surpassed by Jumbo himself)"
Supacat15 wrote about Taichi:
[10.0] "Taichi is great in-ring, has a great gimmick, great entrance, is brilliant on the mic, he is the complete wrestler."
[10.0] "Too little comments and too few ratings for such a brilliant and hardworking performer. She is hands down the best women's technical wrestler of all times and she had only improved throughout the years. She was also an amazing allrounder and I will always love myself a molly go round pin. Molly was criminally underrated, she should of won a belt before her heel turn in 2003. I'm sad to think that she had gotten treated like crap by the WWE creatives, it's criminal that they didn't have any better plans for her than making her play the role of a psychotic, prude heel. The highest point in her career was imo when she teamed with Hurricane Helms and became his superhero sidekick. It should've lasted longer and she should had won the Women's championship by then."
terriegrapples wrote about Lita:
[2.0] "Why does Lita have such a high rating, I will never understand. She didn't suck in an era in which most women sucked, props to her, but it doesn't necessarily imply being good. I always disliked how hard she was trying to be a clone of the Hardy Boyz, it just didn't stick properly. She thought she had charisma, but she had the exact amount of charisma of a sponge. She couldn't cut a promo and she had the worst mic skills. She could sometimes pull off a decent hurricanrana and a half-decent moonsault (the very few times she didn't brutally botch it though) but it didn't make her a legit and solid wrestler. The highlight in her career was, in my opinion, managing Edge during the R-Rated Superstar stint. That's it. Criminally overrated."
[1.0] "Sorry, never really liked her inside and outside the ring. Way too overrated, uncreative, pretentious and overall really boring. Even though I'm sorry she's being treated like crap by the WWE lately. If they believed so much in her back in the day, to the point of letting her win so many championships, why in the world are they burying her 'legacy' now? It's just meaningless and very unfair."
[10.0] "Changing it to a 10, the most interesting and relatable character in AEW who also had some of the best matches in company history teaming with Kenny as the tag champs. The inevitable day in which he finally becomes the World Champion will be massive and I hope crowds will be back by then because it's going to be a joyous explosion all around."
[8.0] "This man is a wrestling genius, how come he has such a low average rating? Matt Hardy is a solid technical wrestler, who always took some risk to make it more entertaining for us. On top of having the best diving leg drop in the business, he also has unmatched creativity and his gimmicks have always been brilliant and on point. I remember looking forward to his matches in the mid 00s because I loved Matt Hardy V1 and the Matt Facts, they were damn hilarious and he was great at playing such a delusional heel. Not to mention that his feud with Edge was fire, and it was in my opinion one of the best things to have ever happened in wrestling history. A pity that Matt has never been given a proper push & that the WWE creative team never really saw any major potential in him... quite delusional to think that the highest point in his career was winning the ECW championship, when he was cut for way more than just that. In my opinion, when it comes to in ring skills, Matt is the superior Hardy. Jeff was better at catalysing attention with his high-risk moves but Matt was always the most solid team member and he carried most of the Hardy Boyz matches."
[4.0] "Some of the comments I'm reading down below about Jeff are very rude and unreasonable. Even though his performances are no longer super high quality, he will always be responsible for a handful of cheap thrills of my childhood, with his crazy stunts and gravity defying moves, but he always looked like he was missing something more solid when in the ring. He always was super entertaining and fun to watch, but he had the worst mic skills, no wonder why they never handed him a microphone until 2008/2009 thank goodness. He has gotten a bit better throughout the years but he still lacks it. And, more shockingly, he lacked technical efficience and preparation. He botched (and still botches) his very own signature moves more often than he should, and he always had to be carried by his opponents throughout the match to make it look credible. Again he has improved throughout the years but he still lacks techincal solidity and it's often cringeworthy to see him perform. As of 2020... well, the man looks like he's aching most of the time, to the point that it's painful to see him get beaten and attempting to fly here and here. I am glad he is in a better mental state now (not gonna say a word about his drug issues because it's none of our business and this is a wrestling thread, not a private bash one) , but he should of consider his physical state as well before he gets seriously, even more damaged."
[10.0] "In my very honest and humble opinion, Jericho is the best wrestler ever. I loved each and every single one of his characters, but the Attitude Era Jericho will forever be my favourite. The man had real attitude and some real talent to back it up & he was always funny, on point and entertaining. I also loved his WCW days, even though they treated him rather poorly. As of 2020, Jericho is 50 and still rocking - what else can I say? You either love him or hate him, but he's a legend!"
SickPup2 wrote about Bunny :
[2.0] "She was arguably the biggest babyface in wrestling when she won the Knockouts title and during her feud with Maria in Impact Wrestling. Not great in the ring tbh but she made up with it with great character work and great creative from Impact. But she has been so badly used since moving to AEW. No direction, nobody cares. Just a typical valet, very disappointing how far she's fallen sadly."
[8.0] "Maybe not the best wrestler in terms of move-set or in ring ability which is to be expected as she has only been wrestling for a year. However she is one of my favourites to watch due to her character work and antics. I would rather watch an OK wrestler (ability-wise) than an average one with no character/gimmick. She is also the most adorable wrestler ever!"
[8.0] "Regal was always a amazingly simple, but very impressive technical wrestler that could wrestle a number of styles and was quite versatile, despite some of his generic gimmicks. Quite understated on the mic and how he could showcase not only a brutal and underhanded heel, but also a surprisingly sympathetic figure in his later years, a battered old vet with barely anything left in the tank, but enough experience to get around even the younger guys. That being said, he was infamously unreliable for most of his career long term due to his own self admitted substance abuse issues: those demons also costing him quite a sizable push in the mid 2000's, where he probably would have finally had a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship. Regardless, Regal was nuanced both in and out of the ring, knowing how to make the best of his rather slow and methodical wrestling and how to work a crowd perfectly into despising him regardless of him being in with fan favourites or even fellow heels. A real well rounded performer who could pull off any role, and was best suited to fighting other technically gifted wrestlers like himself. I never considered him a real main event talent, however. His style is ultimately too slow and clunky to work at a major capacity, and faster wrestlers like Jericho didn't mesh well with him. This isn't to say he's bad at all, but he certainly wouldn't have worked as a major champion unless in the era of territories."
[0.0] "Honestly, he is a really poor commentator who actively put a lot of people off various products when he worked on them. He seems to have conned his way into making people think he is some kind of industry grandee, being a bigwig in WresteTalk probably helps. By all accounts he was boring wrestler that was part of the British scene when it was at it's weakest, and still wasn't a big star. And on top of all of that he has been accused of being involved in some very dubious behaviours in the past. The kind of person who needs to get out the industry."
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