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Colt Cabana


Also known as Colt Nevada, Officer Colt Cabana, Goon #1, Chris Guy, Masked Fipper #7, Matt Classic, Scott Colton, Scotty Goldman

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614.08.2020HardcoreSquaredB25.0Colt is a good solid talent / comedy wrestler. I mean he will ALWAYS be tied to the hip of CM Punk and usually when I think of Punk, I think of Cabana and when I think of Cabana, I think of Punk. Former NWA Champion which is hard to believe and happy to see him in AEW cause he finally deserved that big break cause his short WWE stint was not it.
730.07.2020Jasper Claret10.0
813.07.2020joshjackal7.0Colt Cabana has the tools. He's a good worker, can cut an excellent promo, has a lot of charisma, and outside of the ring he comes across as really personable, smart, and funny. Somehow, though, he's never seemed to be able to cut that all together to become a real star. He's still a solid midcarder, though.
1229.06.2020Khalid Ace7.0
1325.06.2020Resident5.0Decent wrestler in AEW who used to be in NWA, and previously in ROH. I liked him many years ago, late 90s teaming with CM Punk he was great. Saw him in IWF in Detroit back in the day and he was awesome as a teammate of Punk's and also as a single wrestler. He used to be great in IWA Mid South and used to work his ass off. But now he is mostly a comedy act that can get stale after a minute. He has gotten a bit slower in the ring and some of his matches are more comedy, but he can still wrestle. He seems to be getting more serious and focused in AEW and is seeming to get back on track to where he used to be. Maybe not quite as charismatic as he used to be, but he is still always good on the mic.
1423.06.2020Leo Evans9.0Ich kenne ihn nur von AEW, wo seine Auftritte bislang durchweg unterhaltsam sind. Charismatischer, sympathischer Kerl.
1930.05.2020jajt19896.0Overrated as hell, everything i've seen of his work isn't as good as all the indie marks make it out to be.
2328.03.2020Ma Stump Puller7.0His early stuff was promising as a singles and tag wrestler with CM Punk. Obviously he found that comedy wrestling meant less serious bumps/unique gimmick and went with that for the most part as well. That being said, he's so entrenched in that comedy wrestling now that he could never get out of it even if he tried, which he did by trying to be serious when he came back in ROH and then turned heel for a short time: none of this changed anything for him. That being said, he's a solid wrestler when he wants to be, which isn't very often. We'll need to wait and see if his AEW run actually means anything in the long run, or if he's just going to be the same old him there.
2924.12.2019Cow Man7.0
3017.11.2019Liam Willows7.0
3427.07.2019KyleEnjoysWrestling7.0One of the pioneers of the current "indies can be viable" mentality that is running strong in the industry. Also pioneered the podcasting market for wrestlers. He's still going with his recent run with the NWA National Championship. Sometimes he can border too close to goofy comedy for my taste, but he's usually not overt like Joey Ryan. His run in WWE was a bust, but not his fault & he proved he didn't need to be there.
3829.03.2019El Burrito8.0
3928.03.2019zephyr6.0I've never been super into Cabana's comedy stuff, maybe because it just reminds me that he could be a much better technical wrestler. Because he certainly has the ability to do so but just doesn't for some reason.
4013.12.2018JEK 19918.0Very funny and entertaining in the ring. he has traveled to many promotions in his career. His wrestling skills a great.
4424.09.2018The Intellectual Savior5.0Colt Cabana ist CM Punk's Marty Jannetty, im Tag Team gut, als Singles Wrestler mit seiner Comedy Nummer nicht zu ertragen. Im Ring reiner Durchschnitt, am Mic ist er jedoch gut gewesen. Ich gebe ihm mal gut gemeinte 5 Punkte!
4524.09.2018RatingsMachine6.0Colt Cabana is the personification of the term 'a good hand'. He's decent in the ring and on the mic.
5205.10.2017BigMike5.0Colt Cabana is a special wreslter. He can have great matches with the likes of Bryan Danielson and tag team with CM Punk was very good but his comedy is just bad'. The comedy stick really hurt his credibility as champion/challenger
5618.06.2017Micha17046.0Der "Comedy Catcher''wie manche ihn nennen. Ich finde ihn sehr sehr Charismatisch! Im Ring nicht der allerbeste aber im Tag Team mit Punk ganz groß. Hatte auch einige geniale fehden wie zb. gegen Homicide. Aber am Ende des Tages stand er IMMER im Schatten von Punk und ist "nicht besser als gut".
5724.04.2017Blood Pump5.0A promising prospect when he first broke into the business with Punk that decided to go a more comedic route. That's all fine and dandy the guy can work his craft however he wishes but its kinda sad because he had a good chunk of potential, and I'm not a fan of his comedy anyways. His feud with Homicide was insane and hes never had a bad match with Punk or Bryan (then again its Punk and Bryan), but hes content. Hes had a lot of shots at ROHs top title and yet has never won it, I suppose it wouldn't be a stretch to call him the Tommy Dreamer (except instead of being insufferably boring w/o Raven hes insufferably unfunny w/o Punk), though we all know hes going to get a 'thank you' run with it before all is said and done (unless ROH is bought out before then).
5905.03.2017TheWrestlingFan9.0Enjoyable in the ring as he can pull out some unique moves. He can be serious or comedic depends on situation. His recent heel turn in ROH is also interesting as he portrays an annoying heel who throws fake smiles everywhere/
6207.02.2017JubileuFish10.0What an absolute legend. He is, in my opinion, the greatest comedy gimmick of all time, great charisma, great mic and ring-skills. He can just be summed up by two words: FUCKING LEGEND
6408.01.2017Rasslin Rules5.0Also ich hab echt kein Problem mit Comedy-Wrestling, solange es kreativ und durchdacht ist. Aber der Comedy-Stil von Cabana ist einfach nicht lustig, voraussehbar und unterhält vielleicht einen Achtjährigen, aber mich leider nicht.
6504.12.2016skranser4.0A comedy act. Great talker but i´ve never saw in him a good wrestler. Maybe his career would be longer working these kind of matches that are made for indies, but not for tv or any promotion that wants to be taken seriously.
6903.10.2016brodywilliams0.0This Man is a shame to the wrestling community. I mean your in the ring to wrestle not to be funny. If you were in there to be funny this Man would still be horrible. I just can't understand why so many companies want him cause He is just trash. Even back when He was a serious competitor he was ridiculous. Overall one of the worst wrestlers in the history of time.
7115.08.2016Vacant 2110.0
7614.07.2016The Chosen One0.0Colt Cabana is another perfect example of why comedy wrestling isnt good in wrestling unless its in small doses. Cabana tries to be funny in all of his matches and it just doesnt work. He is just to overrated for a guy that tries to make people laugh but miserably fails. Overall their is no reason to wonder why WWE fired him so quickly.
7712.07.2016ShooterMcShoot10.0As far as his comedy, it's a matter of taste (I personally enjoy it), but in the ring, Colt was always enjoyable.
8027.06.2016Wrestling Forever 9.0Scott ist ein so Wrestler wo die Mischung aus Comedy und Wrestling absolut passt. Er ist sehr sympathisch und charismatisch. Das er auch harte Matches zeigen kann hat er mehrfach gezeigt. Seine Comedy nervt mich nie es unterhält den er zeigt ja auch immer wieder das er auch ein guter Allrounder ist. Sein Podcast wo er immer wieder Wrestler interviewt ist auch absolut unterhaltsam so wie sein YouTube Kanal beides kann ich empfehlen.
8326.05.2016KO FanGirl10.0
8422.05.2016The Sick Lebowski9.0Guter Wrestler und ein grandioser Showmensch. Wenn jemand wissen will, wie Wrestling gepaart mit Comedy im Ring funktioniert, soll er sich Cabana anschauen. Es macht unheimlich Spaß, ihm zuzusehen. Ganz starke neun Punkte.
8607.05.2016Mizzle Assault Ant8.0I like Colt Cabana. He is not the most skilled wrestler ever but he's very charismatic in his way, and can also surprise you athletically or with surprising technique when he wants to. He is perhaps a little too enamored with his own shtick at times but all in all I enjoy watching Colt do his thing in many versatile situations.
9018.04.2016Mean Smark Callous5.0I cannot believe how overrated this Jabroni is. seriously people? If he's so damn good, why hasn't even TNA bothered to sign him by now? Colt Cabana is the equivalent of a career minor leaguer in baseball. good enough to be pro, but not good enough to get to the majors. This guy is so average and has no personality.
9206.04.2016SteveTheBeast9.0Colt Cabana ist meiner Meinung nach einer der besten Indie-Wrestler. Er unterhält mich richtig gut und wrestlen kann er auch.
9421.03.2016Dandy10.0Ein richtig guter Wrestler und sein Gimmick ist der Hammer. Kann mich noch an die Promotion mit Big Van Walter und Ihm bei der ROH erinnern. Das war so witzig ich empfehle jedem sich es anzuschauen.
9905.01.2016Mike Johnson10.0Colt Cabana is by far the most unique wrestler ther is today. He brings an element to the sport like none other. He uses a comic style of wrestling to appeal to the fans. When he is in the ring you can feel how much he loves pro wrestling and he puts a twist to the old school thought of pro wrestling. He truly makes wrestling a show. Instead of watching 2 people fight. He makes is wrestling comical where fans can sit back laugh and have an amazing time. He is truly an amazing performer!
10030.12.2015PWC5.0I was never a fan of this guy. He always seems to be a bit full of himself. A bit self righteous perhaps? Like hearing him nag and nag and advertising his podcast week and week out, gets annoying after awhile. I've seen him wrestle a few times and I wasn't the least bit impressed. BFF's with CM Punk. To me, I'm not fond of this guy but, I won't deny the fact that the guy can wrestle. I just he was more entertaining and lively that's all.
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