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106.04.2014World Wrestling Entertainment"So, whatcha gonna do when Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, WrestleMania XXX and the Superdome run wild on you, Brother?"8.8233
225.03.2013World Wrestling Entertainment"The Rock knows I am better than The Rock"6.757
307.01.2013World Wrestling Entertainment"When you step in the ring, your arms are just too short to box with God"8.7864
423.07.2012World Wrestling Entertainment"At the Royal Rumble, whoever the WWE champion is, they will go one-on-one with The Great One"9.146
502.04.2012World Wrestling Entertainment"The Rock's Vision"8.7418
626.03.2012World Wrestling Entertainment"I have to win this match more than anything in my entire life"8.5617
719.03.2012World Wrestling Entertainment"Philadelphia is the city of asskickers"6.7918
812.03.2012World Wrestling Entertainment"The Rock Concert"8.2828
905.03.2012World Wrestling Entertainment"The Rock's History Lessons"9.2721
1005.03.2012World Wrestling Entertainment"The Rock got shook up by a prep school thug"9.1717
1127.02.2012World Wrestling Entertainment"I don't need my notes for my promo on my wrist"7.0520
1214.11.2011World Wrestling Entertainment"Trending right now: Boots to Asses"6.507
1304.04.2011World Wrestling Entertainment"The Rock says we make the biggest matchup of all time"9.4826
1428.03.2011World Wrestling Entertainment"I've got news, Great One, I won't be judged by you"8.6212
1528.02.2011World Wrestling Entertainment"Enjoy your fruity pebbles, you yabba-dabba bitch!"8.8917
1614.02.2011World Wrestling Entertainment"Simply put, ladies and gentlemen, The Rock is back!"9.56123
1702.10.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"Hygienically the Great One's breath has never been fresher"8.4718
1830.03.2003World Wrestling Entertainment"The Rock is here to fulfill his destiny and beat Stone Cold Steve Austin"9.8329
1924.03.2003World Wrestling Entertainment"A song about Sacramento"9.79108
2003.03.2003World Wrestling Entertainment"The Scorpion King got a tiny ding-a-ling"9.7179
2124.02.2003World Wrestling Entertainment"It doesn't matter what you people think!"9.7876
2224.02.2003World Wrestling Entertainment"Oh, you're the Hamburglar!"9.7351
2319.08.2002World Wrestling Entertainment"We go way back"9.5823
2429.07.2002World Wrestling Entertainment"Oh, damn, look at that cow over there!"9.8424
2523.06.2002World Wrestling Entertainment"I've got more ammunition in my cannon than you ever realize"  
2617.06.2002World Wrestling Entertainment"As far as I'm concerned, this is home"9.1711
2728.03.2002World Wrestling Entertainment"Or 20.000 screaming Kane-o-nites..."9.65119
2818.03.2002World Wrestling Entertainment"Why don't you tell the nWo exactly how you feel as only Hulk Hogan can"9.5011
2917.03.2002World Wrestling Entertainment"Hulk Hogan, whatcha gonna do when The Rock runs wild on YOU?!"9.209
3018.02.2002World Wrestling Entertainment"How do you feel about headlining one more WrestleMania... with The Rock?"9.8050
3117.01.2002World Wrestling Entertainment"I am not a joke! I am serious!"9.7826
3203.01.2002World Wrestling Entertainment"Ladies, that's not the umbilical cord ... that's the People's Stroodle!"9.007
3318.12.2001World Wrestling Entertainment"...and an ass-kicking all over New Orleans!"8.7116
3419.11.2001World Wrestling Entertainment"You're no savior, Kurt Angle. You're an asshole!"  
3512.11.2001World Wrestling Entertainment"You wanna sing a duet with Stone Cold Steve Austin?"9.7438
3618.10.2001World Wrestling Entertainment"You can't win the big one because you're not that good"9.228
3727.08.2001World Wrestling Entertainment"What the WCW title has come to"7.3317
3814.12.2000World Wrestling Entertainment"Once upon a time there was a Little Angle... and a Little Regal"8.6117
3904.12.2000World Wrestling Entertainment"Hell in a Cell, Rage in a Cage, Painus in your Anus"9.5963
4030.10.2000World Wrestling Entertainment"The only thing that matters"9.7587
4115.05.2000World Wrestling Entertainment"As good as you are, The Rock is simply...better"9.507
4201.05.2000World Wrestling Entertainment"Tonight is gonna be the longest night in your candy-ass son's life"9.146
4317.04.2000World Wrestling Entertainment"What was once a great situation, just got ... better"9.7217
4417.02.2000World Wrestling Entertainment"And the Rock's partner tonight is... the People"9.5222
4524.01.2000World Wrestling Entertainment"It doesn't matter if the Rock's feet touched the ground first"9.7314
4620.01.2000World Wrestling Entertainment"I take the time to kiss your babies, and you boo me!"8.209
4713.01.2000World Wrestling Entertainment"They call you what?"8.8620
4810.01.2000World Wrestling Entertainment"All we're about is fairness"9.3815
4903.01.2000World Wrestling Entertainment"It doesn't matter who you had in mind!"9.4510
5030.11.1999World Wrestling Entertainment"Al Snow, you wanna jump The Rock from behind like a true candy ass?"  
5115.11.1999World Wrestling Entertainment"Do you like donuts?"9.5329
5206.09.1999World Wrestling Entertainment"The big red retard can finally speak!"8.8115
5309.08.1999World Wrestling Entertainment"Welcome to RAW is Jericho"9.4368
5402.08.1999World Wrestling Entertainment"The choice is yours, jabroni!"8.3820
5511.07.1999World Wrestling Entertainment"Dear God, my name is Billy"9.7155
5614.06.1999World Wrestling Entertainment"Take your entire 33 pound head"8.5720
5728.03.1999World Wrestling Entertainment"This ain't sing-a-long with the champ!"9.7515
5811.01.1999World Wrestling Entertainment"Until you say the two magic words, Rock, 'I quit!'"9.7927
5914.12.1998World Wrestling Entertainment"The most electrifying line in sports entertainment"9.7127
6016.11.1998World Wrestling Entertainment"The Rock did what The Rock had to do"9.1315
6115.11.1998World Wrestling Entertainment"Your new WWF Champion, the Corporate Champion, The Rock"9.4612
6208.11.1998World Wrestling Entertainment"You're nothing but the people's ass!"  
6327.09.1998World Wrestling Entertainment"The Rock is and will forever be the people's champ"7.9314
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