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Average rating based on the displayed comments: 5.93
Shoot Headbutt Lover wrote on 19.09.2023:
[1.0] "Look I don't know how he is a singles guy, I know he had his own memorial tournament which is nice and all. But man I never liked watching him and Grunge wrestle at all, the Public Enemy were super boring even as hardcore wrestlers. Here Comes the Hotstepper is a top tier track and really shows anyone could've gotten over using that theme."
Giantfan1980 wrote on 26.05.2023:
[4.0] "I rate him about the same as Grunge. Both were at home doing the spotty weaponized brawling street fights."
Lukasny wrote on 02.02.2023:
[5.0] "Wie sein Team-Partner kann ich ihn auch nur im Team bei Public Enemy bewerten. Da hat er abgeliefert und war unterhaltsam."
AnB wrote on 03.05.2021:
[5.0] "Marginally better than his tag team partner Johnny Grunge, but main selling points are still the same, ability to take a beating. WIthout the team and a certain brilliant manager, there's not much here."
JEK 1991 wrote on 02.03.2019:
[6.0] "Not the greatest. Best peak was with Johnny Grunge as the Public Enemy. He was not bad as the Cheetah Kid who wrestled as a crusierweight back in the day. You could say he was a pioneer of the high flyers and crusierweights."
RatingsMachine wrote on 18.11.2018:
[4.0] "Ted looked a lot better than he actually was because he was tagged up with a really bad wrestler in Johnny Grunge. Not that Petty was bad, because he wasn't. But once he died, people started talking like he was one of the greats, which he wasn't."
DaWizWithAD wrote on 08.07.2018:
[6.0] "The worker of Public Enemy, he was the one usually taking the big bumps and doing the big moves. I used to think he has the greater potential to break out between the 2 but having learned he was actually in his 40s at Public Enemy's peak I've backtracked on that."
DanTalksRasslin wrote on 04.07.2016:
[7.0] "Somewhat of a late-bloomer, "Flyboy" Rocco Rock competed for well over a decade in both the US and Japan before gaining notable recognition as half of the popular ECW tag team Public Enemy. The smaller and faster of the duo, he was perfect for the role as face-in-peril when his team was on the defensive, and wowing the crowd with his high spots when on the offensive. While he could perhaps have been successful in a cruiserweight division as a single, his age at the time he really hit ensured he would remain primarily in the tag team ranks - and that wasn't a bad thing, as it earned him a plethora of tag team championships, including four reigns in ECW as well as short runs with the WCW and NWA tag straps."
Y2J316 wrote on 10.05.2016:
[6.0] "Als Team mit Johnny Grunge als Public Enemy echt gut. Schade das er genauso wie Grunge schon Tot ist. Im Ring und am mic ganz solide aber hier hat einfach das ganze drum und dran den Ausschlag gegeben."
Leone wrote on 06.10.2012:
[8.0] "An underrated wrestler who spent a majority of his physical prime working in Japan as the Cheetah Kid, Rocco Rock didn't gain much recognition as a wrestler until Paul Heyman decided to do something completely different with him. He was paired up with Johnny Grunge, and given a hip hop gimmick. Something that you would not expect a 40 year old (and white) wrestler to be doing at that point in his career, and in that point in time, and yet, he managed to pull it off very effectively, and they went on to become 1 of the most popular tag teams of the mid 1990s. Rocco was easily the more agile of the 2 wrestlers, and also took more risks, such as rolling sentons through tables or a moonsault off the top of a cage through 2 tables. When other 40+ year olds were adjusting their style to suit their age/injury-based limitations, Rocco Rock was still pulling out lucha libre moves and mixing them with the hardcore style of the time. Overall, a good wrestler, fun to watch, and is missed."
Witchfinder wrote on 20.08.2012:
[7.0] "Rocco Rock was a very good wrestler, but in 2002 he had his last match and in the same year he died."
The-Game91 wrote on 20.05.2009:
[6.0] "Ist nur als Tag Team Wrestler zu bewerten Public Enemy war genial!"
ecw forever wrote on 22.06.2008:
[8.0] "Der CW schlechthin bei UWF! Er zeigte viel Action und so einiges was heute normal war, aber damals noch total neu, war einer der wenigen Leichtgewichte, setzte sich aber durch."
LexLuger4ever wrote on 01.12.2007:
[6.0] "Stiffer Brawler genau wie sein ebenfalls leider viel zu früh verstorbener Tag Team Partner! Zusammen legendär als Public Enemy, vor allem in der ECW! War aber dann doch zu einfältig, um mehr als 6 Punkte zu bekommen."
Masterpiece wrote on 08.11.2007:
[10.0] "Für mich eines der besten Hardcore Tag Team Wrestler ... R. I. P"