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07.05.2019 - 14.07.2019WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champion (with Rowan)68 daysMatches
13.11.2018 - 07.04.2019WWE Champion (4x)145 daysMatches
29.03.2015 - 11.05.2015WWE Intercontinental Champion43 daysMatches
06.04.2014 - 09.06.2014WWE World Heavyweight Champion (3x)64 daysMatches
15.09.2013 - 16.09.2013WWE Heavyweight Champion (2x)1 dayMatches
18.08.2013 - 18.08.2013WWE Heavyweight Champion<1 dayMatches
16.09.2012 - 19.05.2013WWE Tag Team Champion (with Kane as Team Hell No)245 daysMatches
18.12.2011 - 01.04.2012World Heavyweight Champion105 daysMatches
19.09.2010 - 14.03.2011WWE United States Champion176 daysMatches
17.07.2010 - 10.09.2010IWA Puerto Rico Champion (as Bryan Danielson)55 daysMatches
12.09.2009 - 12.09.2009CTWE Heavyweight Champion (as Bryan Danielson)<1 dayMatches
04.09.2009 - 04.09.2009PWG World Champion (2x) (as Bryan Danielson)<1 dayMatches
07.03.2009 - 02.05.2009wXw World Heavyweight Champion (as Bryan Danielson)56 daysMatches
14.09.2008 - 13.10.2008GHC Junior Heavyweight Champion (as Bryan Danielson)29 daysMatches
29.07.2007 - 05.01.2008PWG World Champion (as Bryan Danielson)160 daysMatches
01.06.2007 - 03.06.2007WSW Heavyweight Champion (as Bryan Danielson)2 daysMatches
17.09.2005 - 23.12.2006ROH World Champion (as Bryan Danielson)462 daysMatches
14.01.2006 - 10.11.2006FIP Heavyweight Champion (as Bryan Danielson)300 daysMatches
12.08.2006 - 12.08.2006ROH Pure Champion (as Bryan Danielson)<1 dayMatches
12.03.2004 - 05.06.2004IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champion (as American Dragon; with Curry Man)85 daysMatches
06.05.2003 - 07.10.2003World Mid-Heavyweight Champion (as The American Dragon)154 daysMatches
16.06.2002 - 09.08.2002APW Worldwide Internet Champion (as American Dragon)54 daysMatches
07.04.2001 - 06.04.2002ECWA Tag Team Champion (as American Dragon; with Low Ki)364 daysMatches
12.10.2001 - 26.12.2001NWA Canadian Junior Heavyweight Champion (as Bryan Danielson)75 daysMatches
01.12.2000 - 13.01.2001MCW Southern Tag Team Champion (as American Dragon; with Spanky)43 daysMatches
12.08.2000 - 22.09.2000MCW Southern Light Heavyweight Champion (as American Dragon)41 daysMatches
01.09.2000 - 17.09.2000NWA Southern Junior Heavyweight Champion (as American Dragon)16 daysMatches
21.03.2000 - 04.04.2000TWA Tag Team Champion (as American Dragon; with Spanky)14 daysMatches
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