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Dan McDevitt

Also known as Corporal Punishment, Comet, Ultimate Comet

29.07.2006 - xx.08.2006EWA Heavyweight Champion?Matches
xx.08.2006 - 26.08.2006EWA Heavyweight Champion (2x) (as Corporal Punishment)?Matches
12.04.2003 - 26.04.2003NWL Heavyweight Champion (as Corporal Punishment)14 daysMatches
17.07.1997 - 10.08.1997MEWF Tag Team Champion (3x) (as Corporal Punishment; with Mark Shrader)24 daysMatches
16.08.1996 - 13.09.1996MEWF Tag Team Champion (2x) (as Corporal Punishment; with Axl Rotten)28 daysMatches
30.06.1996 - 30.06.1996MEWF Heavyweight Champion (3x) (as Corporal Punishment)<1 dayMatches
25.02.1996 - 02.06.1996MEWF Mid-Atlantic Champion (3x) (as Corporal Punishment)98 daysMatches
12.11.1995 - xx.12.1995MEWF Mid-Atlantic Champion (2x) (as Corporal Punishment)?Matches
10.11.1995 - 03.12.1995MEWF Heavyweight Champion (2x) (as Corporal Punishment)23 daysMatches
26.03.1995 - 01.10.1995MEWF Heavyweight Champion (as Corporal Punishment)189 daysMatches
12.11.1994 - 23.04.1995MEWF Mid-Atlantic Champion (as The Comet)162 daysMatches
11.11.1994 - xx.12.1994MEWF Tag Team Champion (as Ultimate Comet; with Road Warrior Hawk)?Matches