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1411.02.2021RickyHendo10.0Absolutely blessed on the mic and between the ropes, the longevity of his career is a testament to how great he truly is. Looks to be having a blast doing something different in AEW, loving his story with MJF
1705.02.2021StrongStyle20209.0Jericho has had one of the greatest careers of all time. A success in more promotions than all but very few. Re-invented himself repeatedly, most recognisably with his character, but his finishers also (his Judas Effect he times perfectly, a move that looks simple but is anything but, and he times and executes perfectly). The past few years, people have tried body shaming and bringing politics into it, but Jericho continues to be a hit with all he does, and his past few years have in fact included many of his greatest successes, including two of his greatest matches against Omega and Naito in NJPW, and a consistent ratings winner for AEW.
1803.02.2021Burninghammercritic10.0My favourite wrestler of all time, did he have loads of 5 star matches? no. But he is the most consistently entertaining wrestler to enter the squared circle. I have never been bored in a Jericho match, its impossible, a true great legend. The undeniable GOAT.
1928.01.2021Uweuwesen10.0Chris Jericho war in jungen Jahren und in seiner Prime ein extrem guter In-Ring Performer. Selbst im hohen Alter ist er noch okay. Seine Mic Skills sind absolute Elite! Chris Jericho erfindet sich alle paar Jahre neu und das macht in absolut einzigartig!
2127.01.2021Undisputed Kieran10.0
2325.01.2021WAILDO PEGASASU8.0
2424.01.2021Oregano Jackson9.0
2621.01.2021Brett198010.0One of the greatest personalities of all time. He is one of the funniest promos ever. Stood out as a star in WCW despite limitations. Was amongst the most consistent performers in WWE for over 15 years. Then just as you think his career is starting to wind down he goes to NJPW and has a classic match with Omega. Then became AEWs top star.
2916.01.2021Kid Rock5.0Der Lack ist ab..... Chris Jericho hat aus meiner Sicht im vergangenen Jahr viel von seinem einst tadellosen Vermächtnis verspielt und verstärkt mittlerweile jedes Mal wenn ich ihn sehe bei mir den Wunsch, er möge doch nun endgültig abtreten.... sieht man sogar von mindestens als kontrovers zu betrachtenden Aktionen seinerseits (wie sein Fozzy-Auftritt bei der Biker-Rally in Sturgis letzten Sommer, seine Wahlkampfspenden an Donald Trump oder seine kindischen Twitter-Botschaften an Leuten wie Sebastian Bach oder AEW-Kritiker wie Jim Cornette), so bleibt festzuhalten, dass Chris nun wirklich nichts mehr in einem Wrestling-Ring verloren hat. Auch wenn er an guten Tagen und mit dem richtigen Gegner ab und zu noch ein akzeptables Match worken kann, ein aufgeblähter und unfitter Jericho, dem während seiner Matches die Hose aufplatzt ist wahrlich kein schöner Anblick und auch sonst, kann ich ihm abgesehen von der einen oder anderen Promo nichts mehr abgewinnen. Jericho hat als Top-Heel bei New Japan und speziell AEW sich ein schönes und mitreißendes Alterswerk mit seiner starken Neuerfindung als Alpha/Painmaker/LeChampion schaffen können, seit den Ausbruch der Pandemie, trägt er jedoch nicht nur, sondern ist auch oft eine zentrale Figur in der TNA-mäßigen Ausrichtung AEWs in Richtung schlechter Comedy, schwachsinnigem Booking und Arschkriecherei in Richtung der extremen Indy-Smart-Marks. Seinen Fehden gegen Leuten wie Broken Matt Hardy oder Orange Cassidy konnte ich ebenso wenig abgewinnen, wie seiner derzeitigen Albernheiten-Revue mit dem Inner Circle und MJF (den ich sehr mag). Jericho hat für mich gezeigt, dass er nicht nur keineswegs das kreative Wrestling-Genie besitzt, welches ihn Fans (und er sich selbst) immer wieder andichten, sondern, dass er mittlerweile das ist, was ihn zu WCW-Zeiten angeblich unten gehalten hat: Ein (buchstäblich) aufgeblasener Alt-Star, der es nicht mehr bringt, alle Privilegien des Geschäfts genießt, aber selber an dieses nicht mehr zurückgeben kann (oder will), in dem Maße wie es ein Star seines Kalibers sollte. Sorry, Chris, aber es wird wirklich an der Zeit aufzuhören....
3729.12.2020Chiqui Lecca8.0
3822.12.2020cosmik debris8.0
3918.12.2020Old ride long line10.0Definite jerichoholic right here. All time great ring technician, all time great on the mic, just an all time great allrounder. The only knock on Jericho was his size but to me he found ways to make you believe he could beat the giants. There are to many classic matches to list and I highly recommend going back and watching his whole career from wcw on. He? s in my personal top 10, and probably top 20 all time reguardless of my personal feelings. And if somebody wants to tell me he? s the GOAT I can? t find much to argue against it other than the conversation itself is hard to break down over eras but he belongs in conversation.
4115.12.2020Black Liger10.0
4309.12.2020Moose Nugget9.0Jericho at his peak was fantastic with great matches and killer promos. I really wish he would adopt a different style now that he's older but he's still a step above many as a in ring worker.
4601.12.2020terriegrapples10.0In my very honest and humble opinion, Jericho is the best wrestler ever. I loved each and every single one of his characters, but the Attitude Era Jericho will forever be my favourite. The man had real attitude and some real talent to back it up & he was always funny, on point and entertaining. I also loved his WCW days, even though they treated him rather poorly. As of 2020, Jericho is 50 and still rocking - what else can I say? You either love him or hate him, but he's a legend!
4922.11.2020Dorset Wrestling fan10.0The GOAT ! ... the best all round wrestler of all time ... ring work , gimmick(s) , charisma, selling he honestly has it all , an amazing face who is just so much better at being a heel ... his 50th birthday just passed & he? s still a top tier guy , IMO ( & it? s just an opinion ) hes a better version of Shawn Michaels
5209.11.2020medouse9.0For the last 30 years he had ups and downs and my final rating is based on his career overall. On the very beginning I loved his wrestling style and his personality. However, from years circa 2008-2017 I didn't enjoy anything about him. His style, looks, personality, storylines, everything. I used to think I will never like him ever again. However after his NJPW appearance something changed. I have tons of respect for him, for doing all these crazy matches at his current age. Great wrestler, living legend and a great musician.
5408.11.2020Jasper Claret8.0
5507.11.2020rainmakerpunk10.0The best character in wrestling history, best heel ever, best on the mic ever, best at reinventing himself, one of the best storytellers ever and damn good in the ring too
5730.10.2020YINCHAN9.02019 was his best year, which is mind-boggling and amazing. I think his average rating is a bit high at the moment. He's not close to the GOAT, but has had a Nolan Ryan type of career.
5829.10.2020WrestlingStats19.0Assets: Continues to find ways to stay fresh after 30 years of in-ring competition. Has stellar promo abilities and has gotten all of his catchphrases over. Has crossover appeal due to his success as a musician. - - - Flaws: Perhaps could've accomplished more as a wrestler if he wasn't preoccupied with other interests outside of the ring. Didn't have the top-level size that would've gotten him over faster earlier on in his career. Needs to keep an eye on his conditioning now that he's an in-ring veteran. - - - Career Potential: Elite national league main eventer and any major league promotion's Number 2 wrestler.
5928.10.2020Pizzek8.0One of the reasons why AEW is the thing, the guy never disappointed me, always elevating to a bigger role or more interesting character.
6028.10.2020eleddie29149.0"Living legend" "King of the world" "Best of the world" "Y2J" Chris Jericho is a legend he is one of the greatest. Jericho was the first ever Undisputed champion although he was a transitional champion he did not disappoint being champion for 3 months and won the title by beating Rock and Austin on the same night. Chris Jericho did not hold world title gold until 2008 and he did not disappoint either Jericho is just great.
6619.10.2020Shooter8.0Mit Jericho bin ich zu keinem Zeitpunkt seiner Karriere warm geworden. War für mich immer ein glorifizierter Upper Midcarder, der nie mit den tatsächlichen Stars mithalten konnte.
6819.10.2020cielol10.0Without this man, I don't think I'd watch pro-wrestling again so Thank You, Jericho! You're one of the most unselfish and giving legend that keeps on building Young stars. Keep on mentoring and changing the pro-wrestling world! Greatest of ALL TIME!
7018.10.2020ilovewrestling19958.0One of the best wrestlers on the mic ever and especially the last years he has improved so much . His ring work is very good but its not top . sometimes he is slow in the ring and his moveset has remained exactly the same over the years . but even though he is 50 years old his matches are still over 3. 5 stars and thats very hard to achieve it especially at this age . i hope he is going to wrestle 5 more years he still got it
7115.10.2020Narfmonster10.030 years of Jericho. 30 years of classic feud after classic feud. He's reinvented himself more times than anyone can count, and each of his incarnations are iconic. From the Lionheart in Mexico, to the submission specialist of WCW. From Y2J to the List of Jericho. From his edgy NJPW character to Le Champion & Le Demo God, Jericho is absolutely iconic. He's had so many classic feuds: The Rock, Chris Benoit, William Regal, Christian, AJ Styles, Kevin Owens, Orange Cassidy, The Elite, etc. Jericho is the BEST wrestler of all time in my opinion.
7214.10.2020Belka 01710.0
7701.10.2020Okaro14310.0A living legend. The first AEW champion and one of the greatest wrestler of all time. At 45+ years old, he continues to reinvent himself again and again. The Painmaker, Le Champion, etc.
8018.09.2020texasyosh8.0I have to give Jericho props for the longevity of his career and how he has been able to keep changing himself. A capable and innovative worker and great at generating reactions from the crowd from the 90s until the early 2010s. His best work was decently his heel run in the late 2000s. However, his stint recently in AEW started off strong but more recently it has deteriorated his legacy. His body and age have been affecting his matches. The Inner Circle isn't really a dominant force like they're supposed to be and cringeworthy nicknames like "the Demo God" is boring. I hope he retires soon so that we remember his prime rather to what the future could bring. Who knows, covidmania could run wild with his negligence with concerts with Fozzy.
8115.09.2020Gathawk10.0The actual 'the best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be'. Jericho reinventend himself more times than I can remember and in recent years, each and every one of his 'reincarnations' was absolutely spot on. Great storyteller, one of the best mic skills in the industry ever and even if sometimes a little (or very) cheesy, his promos and catchphrases always work. Dude is 49 years old and still able to put great matches, just slower and less flashy than even couple of years ago, which is pretty normal considering his experience, number of matches and age. I hope he'll become a full time commentator after he hangs his boots.
8312.09.2020The Prodigy10.0
8607.09.2020Khalid Ace7.0Chris Jericho actually has been my favourite pro wrestler for like 19 years or so but He's not the wrestler he used to be & that's why I am dropping down my rating for him. He does make up for it with his mic skills & charisma though.
8803.09.2020JuWFEAE9.0Er kann eigentlich alles. Er kann mit 50 noch immer so gut wrestlen wie immer, sein micwork ist nahezu makellos, er hat Ausstrahlungund trotzdem: ich weis nicht was aber irgendwas fehlt mir bei ihm.
8901.09.2020Tyler Durden10.0
9031.08.2020Criss Axton10.0
9130.08.2020S0L1D SNA3K310.0
9715.08.2020Fayzal9.0While not Consistently great, Jericho's ability to constantly reinvent himself is something everyone knows about and is amazing as it is able to keep his character fresh and have the fans feel like they are starting to like someone entirely new while for Jericho himself probably feels like he is getting "trying to get OVER again". Great technical worker too, though he may be old now he has shown he can still go in matches with Naito, Omega & Cody to name a few. He has brought alot of Exposure to NJPW which is well deserved for the promotion and great for himself as he was able to become the Painmaker, which is a gimmick i really enjoyed. AEW making him their first world champion was the right choice, Seeing fans cheer to his theme song on the cruise gives me goosebumps and the whole Le Champion character is just a blast to watch. I say he is a Top 15 all time for me.
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