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725.05.2020nima ib10.0
1221.05.2020Conor10.0One of the greatest of all time. Has evolved his gimmick more than anyone else in the business with exception of the Undertaker. His gimmicks have included Lionheart, Man of 1004 holds, Y2J, the List, the Alpha, and Le Champion. He was, and still is, one of the best ever with a microphone and his work in the ring is excellent. It? s little wonder that he is a 7 time World Champion and has been a main event wrestler for 20 years.
1714.05.2020joshjackal10.0Chris Jericho is one of the all-time greats. So many of his incarnations have been hugely entertaining, from his "Monday Night Jericho" phase in WCW just being a total buffoon with Ralphus to his Y2J heyday in WWF/E to his excellent current work as Le Champion in AEW. His character work is so great that he creates gold accidentally, from "I'm from Winnipeg you idiot" to "Pineapple Pete. "
2112.05.2020VillainClub2.0Seine Matches bei New Japan in den letzten Jahren fand ich alle schlecht. Viel zu lang und Zäh. Zudem macht er immer das gleiche. Im Grunde ist er nur noch ein alter Mann der versuch noch einmal cool zu sein und ist dabei nur noch Peinlich. Sobald der Name Jericho auftaucht am besten das Produkt abschalten, denn ab hier wird es schrecklich. Einer der wenigen die mir komplett die lust auf New Japan und Pro Wrestlin im Allgemeinen nehmen kann.
2311.05.2020Jatejackpott7.0War mal einer der besten Wrestler wie ich finde. Als er zu NJPW gegangen ist fand ich ihn sogar noch deuzlich stärker als bei der WWE. Alllerdings muss ich sagen, dass er mir bei AEW nicht wirklich gefällt. Das Match gegen Moxley war Hammer, aber sonst? Er hat bei AEW einfach fast keine Matches mehr und das finde ich schade. (Dazu muss ich sagen, dass ich das Match der letzten Dynamite-Ausgabe von Guevara/Jericho vs. Kenny Omega/Matt Hardy nicht gesehen habe)
2608.05.2020Cow Man10.0
2804.05.2020stvn246.0A few years ago, I would have given him 10 without hesitation. But since he left WWE, I'm not a fan of what he's become. I'm not that kind of pro-WWE fan that rejects everyone who leaves the company, far from it, it's just a personal opinion about Jericho. I don't like his character, his fights are too long and too slow.
3516.04.2020Jasper Claret10.0
3615.04.2020Geddie8410.0Auch wenn Jericho mittlerweile nicht mehr in der körperlichen Form seines Leben ist, ist er für mich mittlerweile der MVP im Wrestling Business der letzten Jahren. Er ist einer der Hauptstützen der AEW und einer der Gründe, warum ich diese Liga mittlerweile so aufsauge. Seine Interaktion mit anderen Menschen und auch Gegenständen (Vanguard-1 :D) sind einfach fast jedes Mal Moment of the Year würdig. Seine Promos und anderweitigen Leistungen am Mikro, z. B. Kommentator, sind einfach grandios! Seine Fähigkeit andere Talente zu pushen sind bemerkenswert, insbesondere wenn man seinen Status als Top-Star berücksichtigt. Das macht nicht jeder so. Damals zu Beginn seiner Zeit bei WWE konnte ich ihn noch nicht richtig schätzen, aber im Rückblick und im Laufe der Zeit ist er einfach zu einem meiner absoluten Favoriten mutiert. Auch wenn er jetzt nicht mehr im Ring so überzeugend ist, immerhin hat er aber abgenommen seit Start der AEW und wirkt trainiert, ist DER Wrestler weltweit momentan. Er kann alleine eine ganze Promotion tragen und das können im Gesamtpaket tatsächlich nur die Wenigsten! Dazu passt auch, dass er trotz seiner Heel-Rolle von den Fans geliebt wird (eigentlich ist er dann kein guter Heel, aber er hat sich einfach den Status und den Respekt verdient). Sein Entrance bei Revolution mit der Live-Musik war der Hammer!
3911.04.2020DCJ200310.0A genius in wrestling. A WWE legend with lots of championships who made a name by himself in Mexico. I thought that after quitting the E' in 2017 he was done for, but he showed his best performances in NJPW and AEW. He has everything, superb charisma as a face and as a heel, he could turn the "List of Jericho" gimmick into one of the best things RAW had during that time. He is an incredible wrestler and champion. A very solid 10.
4010.04.2020Alexis8.0He is very funny, I will give you that, and from time to time, he delivers in the ring, within his limits and what his age allows him. His longevity is surely admirable, and he has his well-deserved spot on Mount Rushmore from wrestling. I have never been very deep in his career, so I just give him an 8, but he is undoubtedly a man to be respected within the wrestling industry.
4110.04.2020Jaesus10.0I believe Chris Jericho is everything you could want in a professional wrestler. And the way he has reinvented himself over the years and remained relevant is incredible
4931.03.2020Jamarcus 10.0
5028.03.2020EthanWrestling10.0My favorite wrestler of all time. very charismatic. always very good in the ring despite his age. the king to reinvent himself. he's funny. J'aime Le Champion.
5224.03.2020Psychosis10.0What can we say about this fantastic wrestler, he can do everything, always he is entertaining in all his gimmick, great in-ring and charisma, easily one of the GOAT.
5707.03.2020TheFrenchDisaster9.0Chris Jericho is actually one of the best wrestlers in the world and an absolute genius. He never stopped reinventing himself throughout his career and always came back with gimmicks all more fun and entertaining than the others. Even if it is true that his prime is long over, he remains very entertaining in the ring for someone in his fifties. I wish him many more happy years in this business. Retirement is not ready to knock on his door
6301.03.2020Sabu3163.0Gehört in keinen Ring mehr, kein Charisma, keine Interviews die begeistern. Wenn ich Jericho lese dann lasse ich die Show eher aus als einzuschalten. Verstehe nicht wieso man ausgerechnet ihn als Titelträger präsentieren muss. Klar hat er einen großen Namen aber das war es auch schon und selbst der große Name ist nicht nachvollziebahr.
7012.02.2020Mahmoud Elsayad10.0
7208.02.2020Nerfair110.0Chris Jericho is my favorite wrestler of all time. An amazing worker, one the best talker the buisness ever had and he has the ability to re-invent himself time and time again. To me, Chris Jericho is the GOAT of wrestling.
7304.02.2020alexm910.0Le Champion, The Painmaker, Y2J, The Ayatollah of Rock 'n' Rollah - Chris Jericho, is undoubtedly one of the all time greats. With some of the best mic skills ever seen, and consistently brilliant in-ring performances, even as he approaches 50, the first ever AEW World Champion has certainly carved his spot on the Mount Rushmore of professional wrestling, and has cemented himself as one of the best ever.
7628.01.2020Okaro14310.0A living legend. The first AEW champion and one of the greatest wrestler of all time. At 45+ years old, he continues to reinvent himself again and again. The Painmaker, Le Champion, etc.
7724.01.2020Kai280110.0The G. O. A. T. Is "Le Champion" Chris Jericho, there's absolutly no denying that, I mean he is 49 years old and still wrestles some of the best matches I see.
7919.01.2020drazenolite4210.0The absolute GOAT. No other wrestler in history has been able to reinvent themselves as many times as Jericho has. The Man of 1, 004 holds, Y2J, No Country for Old Men Jericho, the List of Jericho and a Little Bit of the Bubbly are just a few examples of some of the gimmicks and objects that he got over. The man got a fucking plastic clipboard over. Aside from his amazing charisma and ability to make everything gold, he's also awesome in-ring, even today at the age of 49 he can do lionsaults. The man is like a machine. I'd like to see Jericho have a long run with the AEW title before the next up and coming star dethrones him. Whoever that will be remains to be seen, but it will be a guarantee that Jericho will make magic out of it.
8728.12.2019Brutish Dandy9.0
9013.12.2019Jon Kings9.0
9323.11.2019jackleone10.0I realized that it was natural for Chris Jericho to become one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. He started as a young lion in Japan, then he had an amazing career in WCW and an even better one in WWE as their world champion and a lot of times intercontinental champion. More than that, he can change his gimmick with creativity and he has a lot of great ideas. But I think he improved so much after his 40 years, developing into an impressive overall wrestler that can do everything. He proved it in NJPW and later in AEW, becoming AEW champion at 48 years old. He will always remembered as one of the greatest of all time. His feuds with Angle, Benoit, Stone Cold and The Rock are great, he's a true legend.
9817.11.2019Liam Willows10.0
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