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109.10.2019All Elite Wrestling"We are the Inner Circle, baby!"9.3259
201.08.2016World Wrestling Entertainment"Jericho, listening to you speak, time passes like kidney stone"8.5830
301.09.2014World Wrestling Entertainment"Since WrestleMania you've had 4000 title matches and succeeded a grand total of never"7.8311
411.08.2014World Wrestling Entertainment"Iím gonna be the first man in WWE history to leave you speechless and shut you up for good"  
528.07.2014World Wrestling Entertainment"It's okay to be a jailbird nowadays, Steph"6.8210
614.07.2014World Wrestling Entertainment"I have never seen anything like Bray Wyatt"7.835
704.07.2014World Wrestling Entertainment"If you wanna get crazy, I'll get crazy with you but when I do you will never ever be the same again"7.866
830.06.2014World Wrestling Entertainment"You have any idea how important I am? I am the Marine, dammit!"5.716
927.05.2013World Wrestling Entertainment"Tell Punk after Payback he will never ever be the same again"8.6711
1009.04.2012World Wrestling Entertainment"I forced you to be CM Drunk"7.2710
1126.03.2012World Wrestling Entertainment"You're the legal definition of a bastard"5.0616
1219.03.2012World Wrestling Entertainment"You're going to end up just like them"9.0519
1312.03.2012World Wrestling Entertainment"You're straight edge because your father is an alcoholic"8.4014
1427.02.2012World Wrestling Entertainment"I'm here on top swimming with sharks while you're dancing with stars"8.8024
1506.02.2012World Wrestling Entertainment"Every man who appears in this ring is nothing more than a Chris Jericho wannabe"7.5316
1627.09.2010World Wrestling Entertainment"Randy Orton will join the list of great champions and Hall of Famers who have been defeated by Chris Jericho"9.0728
1709.08.2010World Wrestling Entertainment"This is your chance to do right"5.675
1826.07.2010World Wrestling Entertainment"Nexus isn't the only threat to this company"8.0010
1919.07.2010World Wrestling Entertainment"It has to end, right here, right now, tonight!"7.568
2020.06.2010World Wrestling Entertainment"Now I am on the top of the mountain and everyone is trying to knock me off"8.8317
2126.02.2010World Wrestling Entertainment"Spear, Spear, Spear, Spear, Spear. Spear"6.8024
2222.02.2010World Wrestling Entertainment"You're going to WrestleMania--Against me!"7.0520
2312.02.2010World Wrestling Entertainment"When I'm around you, bad things happen"6.675
2405.02.2010World Wrestling Entertainment"It's about the Elimination Chamber. It's about The Undertaker"8.2916
2531.01.2010World Wrestling Entertainment"Is fatback greasy?"5.005
2601.01.2010World Wrestling Entertainment"I will be the face of the entire company"7.0010
2707.12.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"Never underestimate Chris Jericho"8.008
2804.12.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"I've got the biggest and most lethal weapon of them all as my partner"  
2930.11.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"You forgot fact #32, the fact you are boring us to death!"6.909
3027.11.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"As long as I hold these titles, DX will never be the tag team champions"5.675
3123.11.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"I'm sick of your stupid catchphrases!"8.5316
3210.08.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"I am tired of you talking about what you're going to do"6.228
3331.07.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"What I'm looking at is Han Solo and Chewbacca"6.709
3426.06.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"I will set Mysterio free from the lies he's created"8.6912
3519.06.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"I'll put up my Intercontinental championship, if you put up... your mask"8.8014
3612.06.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"I have set Rey Mysterio free"8.7113
3705.06.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"I have to do to desecrate and demolish Rey Mysterio until he is begging for mercy"6.8613
3829.05.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"Why do you wear a mask, Rey?"9.1915
3915.05.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"SmackDown is MY show!"9.1717
4023.02.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"Do you know what a hypocrite is?"8.7918
4116.02.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"As long as these folks here say so, I will crawl down here on my hands and knees"9.5035
4219.01.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"You apologize to me or I'll terminate you right here on the spot!"9.7438
4312.01.2009World Wrestling Entertainment"Well maybe you give a damn about this"9.1729
4424.11.2008World Wrestling Entertainment"This proves that the Champ is Here"6.0521
4517.11.2008World Wrestling Entertainment"John Cena has never conquered me"6.8014
4610.11.2008World Wrestling Entertainment"Not every story has a happy ending"8.8120
4727.10.2008World Wrestling Entertainment"It took an entire army to beat me"7.898
4815.09.2008World Wrestling Entertainment"You have to learn to take care of your champion"6.3610
4915.09.2008World Wrestling Entertainment"Ladder Match!"7.8216
5008.09.2008World Wrestling Entertainment"I'm not Shawn Michaels - I am better"8.637
5108.09.2008World Wrestling Entertainment"I'm not a machine, I'm a human being"6.436
5201.09.2008World Wrestling Entertainment"All the pain and all the suffering is gonna rain down on you at Unforgiven"9.5722
5325.08.2008World Wrestling Entertainment"An eye for an eye"9.3115
5418.08.2008World Wrestling Entertainment"He had to do things the HBK way"8.2714
5517.08.2008World Wrestling Entertainment"Tell them that daddy will never ever be Shawn Michaels"9.5224
5621.07.2008World Wrestling Entertainment"I now consider myself... saved"9.6935
5707.07.2008World Wrestling Entertainment"You will never be me"9.2913
5830.06.2008World Wrestling Entertainment"I was double-teamed and burglarized and you're in rocketing glee on my misfortune"8.9518
5916.06.2008World Wrestling Entertainment"Once again you decide to boo an honest man"9.0426
6009.06.2008World Wrestling Entertainment"How does HBK turn into a pathetic little worm of a human being?"9.8254
6128.04.2008World Wrestling Entertainment"Nobody goes from pious preacher to backstabbing bastard faster than you"9.0519
6215.04.2008World Wrestling Entertainment"You wanted to retire Ric Flair yourself!"9.1117
6307.04.2008World Wrestling Entertainment"There's so much blood on these hands!"9.6137
6426.11.2007World Wrestling Entertainment"Me want title match"9.3865
6519.11.2007World Wrestling Entertainment"The sexy beast is back"8.3857
6629.03.2004World Wrestling Entertainment"Man, and they say that Kurt Angle sucks"9.2618
6707.06.2003World Wrestling Entertainment"You're the host? I'm the host."9.3519
6821.01.2002World Wrestling Entertainment"Clap your filthy hands together for the man who has beaten 'em all"7.835
6917.01.2002World Wrestling Entertainment"I am not a joke! I am serious!"9.5722
7010.12.2001World Wrestling Entertainment"I would like to thank myself"8.568
7118.10.2001World Wrestling Entertainment"You can't win the big one because you're not that good"8.568
7221.05.2001World Wrestling Entertainment"You've managed to become an even bigger slut than Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley!"8.7310
7330.10.2000World Wrestling Entertainment"The only thing that matters"9.7185
7424.08.2000World Wrestling Entertainment"Benoit, I'll fight you anywhere"9.2312
7514.02.2000World Wrestling Entertainment"I feel it's my duty to do the same for America as I have done for Europe"7.338
7616.08.1999World Wrestling Entertainment"RAW is SNORE is now dead and buried and long live RAW is JERICHO!"5.335
7709.08.1999World Wrestling Entertainment"Welcome to RAW is Jericho"9.3265
7829.03.1999World Championship Wrestling"Man, I'm glad I moved to the States, 'cause Canada sucks!"6.6410
7901.06.1998World Championship Wrestling"Excuse me, Sir, I'm America's role model, I need to see the chief"9.4426
8025.05.1998World Championship Wrestling"You octogenarian, tubby, fat, white-haired, moronic, imbecilic, pretentious goof"8.005
8121.05.1998World Championship Wrestling"I am here to inform you of a humongous, diabolical conspiracy"8.146
8217.05.1998World Championship Wrestling"If he wins twelve more matches he'll be upgraded to Golden King"9.5226
8330.03.1998World Championship Wrestling"I know 1004 and I wrote them all down"9.79130
8412.03.1998World Championship Wrestling"Get your mind out of the gutter, you dirty old man"8.109
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