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1But I'm Chris Jericho!: [2x01] Star Crusaders, Ahoy!Chris Jericho2017
2But I'm Chris Jericho!: [2x02] Finders KeepersChris Jericho2017
3But I'm Chris Jericho!: [2x03] Peace OutChris Jericho2017
4But I'm Chris Jericho!: [2x04] Hey Wassip?!Chris Jericho2017
5But I'm Chris Jericho!: [2x05] The Legend of Randy McGloinChris Jericho2017
6But I'm Chris Jericho!: [2x06] Fiery CrashChris Jericho2017
7The Thundermans: [3x26]Harry2016
8Nothing to Report: Shootout [1x06]Chance Blackstreet2015
9Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!Bruce2015
10Nothing to Report: Partners [1x05]Chance Blackstreet2015
11Nothing to Report: Racism [1x04]Chance Blackstreet2015
12Nothing to Report: Emotional Scars [1x03]Chance Blackstreet2015
13Nothing to Report: Captain Ed [1x02]Chance Blackstreet2015
14Nothing to Report: Moses is Fat [1x01]Chance Blackstreet2015
15But I'm Chris Jericho!: [1x01] Sausage & EggsChris Jericho2013
16But I'm Chris Jericho!: [1x10] PSA'ed OffChris Jericho2013
17But I'm Chris Jericho!: [1x09] MiserablyChris Jericho2013
18But I'm Chris Jericho!: [1x08] Anytime MinutesChris Jericho2013
19But I'm Chris Jericho!: [1x07] Actor OffChris Jericho2013
20But I'm Chris Jericho!: [1x06] The KnockoutChris Jericho2013
21But I'm Chris Jericho!: [1x05] Who's That GirlChris Jericho2013
22But I'm Chris Jericho!: [1x04] Acting ClassChris Jericho2013
23But I'm Chris Jericho!: [1x03] Celebrity with the StarsChris Jericho2013
24But I'm Chris Jericho!: [1x02] PiratesChris Jericho2013
25MacGruberFrank Korver2010
26Albino FarmLevi2009
27Android ApocalypseTeeDee2006
28Immortal Combatn/a1994
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