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830.10.2023Retro Ricky9.0A real legend of the sport. So good at playing the babyface in peril part of a tag bout that it came to be known as "playing Ricky Morton". Very athletic in his prime and one of the most durable performers in wrestling, he remains spry enough to have good (not great) matches in his 60s. Once sported a teen heartthrob look that further enhanced his outstanding selling before middle age made him less obviously endearing, though as a proud old man he is once again a naturally sympathetic character. Firey, believable promo. Only falls short of a 10/10 because his accomplishments as a single competitor are somewhat limited - obviously his legendary partnership with Robert Gibson gets full marks.
1018.09.2023Cowboy9.0Ricky Morton is one of the greats in my opinion. His selling and ability to get sympathy from the crowd was like no other. Great mind for tag team wrestling. Matches of the Express still hold up today. I am very proud that I got to see him wrestle on his prime. Mr.Morton is mainly known from his tag team legacy but I would highly recommend to watch his singles competition too. Specially the matches he had with Ric Flair. Ricky Morton was a main eventer on both singles and tag team division.
1130.05.2023Giantfan19807.0This guy is the reason they invented the "playing Ricky Morton" phrase when it comes to tag team matches. This guy perfected the "get the ever loving crap beat out of you for minutes on end, then make the hot tag" Morton had a hand in helping to create the best tags matches of the 80's! Only thing going against Morton is his look and attire was becoming incredibly dated by the early 90's, except in the minor league indy shows where time kinda stood still. Morton went to work for Cornettes Smokey Mountain Wrestling for a little while and even got a spot in a few WWF matches in a sort of cross promotion. In 1995 and 1996 the RNR had some matches in WCW but nobody in the audience really cared anymore. Their era had passed by.
1223.05.2023Shoot Headbutt Lover9.0Probably my favorite Rock n' Roll Express member, Ricky Morton was athletic and energetic. One of the best babyfaces in the NWA in the 80s, that fact he's still going at 66 and is still a good worker is amazing to me.
1730.01.2023Wrestling Forever 9.0Absolute Legende. Langsam sollte er sein Erbe an seinem Sohn weiter geben. Ricky wird man immer mehr mit Robert als Tag Team in Erinnerung halten. Witzig finde ich eine Anekdote die er mal in einem Interview erzählte. Er und Robert haben damals mehr Zeit zusammen auf Reisen verbracht als mit den Ehefrauen. Irgendwann war es so nervig das sie nur noch getrennt reisten. Edit 30.01.2023 ich habe so viel Respekt von ihm. 66 Jahre alt immer noch fit, holte sich mit seinem Sohn Tag Team Gold. Ist einer der wenigen Wrestler der in allen 50 US Bundesstaaten Matches hatte. Mir sind die anderen nicht bekannt aber das muss man auch schaffen. Er ist ja auch schon ewig im Ring 46 Jahre. Ich sehe bei Ricky kein Ringrost nur das er halt älter ist.
2122.09.2022face painted legend10.0What is up with the rating for Ricky? ! 6 point something are you kidding me? ! This guy was one of the best babyfaces of all time. He was over like rover (kids loved him, the females loved him, the adults loved him). 1/2 of arguably the best and most influential babyface tag team of all time. Also 1/2 of the tag team with the most longevity. Drew a ton of money back in the day. Headlined shows as both a tag team (RNR vs Midnights) and a singles (usually against Flair). No one sold like Ricky. He had the facials, he could get sympathy from the crowd, he could get the crowd behind him, and he was able to take such an ass kicking that every time he made that hot tag to robert the place went nuts! Always delivered and still does... him and robert both!
2613.03.2022Conquistador375.0My favorite RnR Express matches have everything to do with The Andersons, Doom & both of The Midnight Expresses. As a young lad I wanted to like The Rock n Rolls, as I was a fan of the faces and booed the heels but this is where things shifted for me. Ricky talked a big talk, but he looked like a wuss and was usually the one getting his butt kicked, for many it built sympathy but for me, i fealt he deserved the beatings. Here is also where things get sticky, not only am i not supposed to want the FACE to be pulverized, it's the fact that i didn't like it much when Robert was on the losing end - I realized I simply did not like Ricky! Then he turned heel to join The York Foundation, and man - everything was right there for him to take and what does he do? He dressed like he's one half of the Rock n Roll Express STILL, didn't even tie or slick his hair back, he kept it blonde and never grew facial hair - ZERO EFFORT. His work as a heel was dull and uninspired, clearly he could only wrestle as a babyface. To make matters worse his tag partner during this era was Tommy Rich, ugh. Overrated but good on him for being able to hang with the heavyweights, all of his points are earned solely on the backs of greater wrestlers and the fact the he and Robert did indeed revolutionize tag team wrestling in America.
2802.12.2021TigerDiver10.0Ridiculously low rating for this man. Say whatever you want about his singles run, but he was arguably the best tag team wrestler of all time. Pretty much MADE the "face-in-peril" role, and perfected it himself. Not to mention, was also one half of one of the greatest teams ever.
3407.08.2021krukster10.0Rickey was pure gold in the NWA. One of the best baby faces ever, and was beyond over. Was one of the best sellers along with Rick Flair. I know he was a great tag team specialist, but his short singles feud with Rick Flair was pretty great as well. Anyone who is rating him past the age of 45 is insane as his influence in the 80's stand the test of time
3529.07.2021Crippler Crossface7.0 
3726.12.2020Strong Zero Machine7.0 
3823.11.2020Kings Road To NWA10.0I give him a 10 based on his tag team work, and not on his singles work. That's where the majority of his work lies, in tag team matches. And the man was perfect at his role. One of the best sellers & babyface in peril ever. During the mid to late 1980's the Rock and Roll Express could do no wrong in the south. They were huge and very influential tag team that inspired many other similar teams of the decade.
3912.10.2020SkylerLovefist10.0How is Ricky's overall rating so low? Are we rating him overall or based on his career from the late 90s to the mid 10s? Ricky is and has always been a hell of a talented wrestler and was a pioneer in tag team wrestling in the 80s. Even now in his 60s, he can go, and is more than happy to put the new generation over.
4218.03.2019ElPolloLoco7.0Had Ricky Morton retired at the end of the 90's he would have been unquestioningly remembered as one of the all time greats. Sure, his matches have not aged well but how many pre-90's legends are in the same predictament and get high praise for their work and their innovation? There have been countless wrestlers who could take a brutal beating and sell it convincingly, but few had Morton's ability to get the public emotionally invested in it. That's what made the Rock 'n' Roll Express such a massive draw as they were and such an influence on babyface tag teams. As a solo wrestler he was forgettable if not barely adequate, chiefly because his offensive was too limited and weak to make for convincing comebacks: he just needed a tag team partner to perform his act. Unfortunately for Morton, the 90's changed wrestling forever, and he struggled to adapt. Also I understand personal "problems" forced him to keep on wrestling regularly at a time when most legends content themselves with occasional appearances, thus shaping the opinion of an entire generation of wrestling fans. Still I feel as a whole he's had a positive impact on wrestling so an above average rating is granted.
4311.02.2019ferrante2074.0Shit bod. No credibility. I kinda hate this brand of shitty southern graps so I do have a bias here. Dude gets his beat then tags the other guy... there ya go.
4411.12.2018JEK 19914.0Not so good a wrestler. Was great as the Rock N`Roll Express. As himself not so great, never interested me. As Richard Morton in WCW was the only time I saw him on his own.
4507.12.2018BertPrenticesBoyToy10.0One of the best and most influential babyfaces of all time. Had many classic tag matches with a plethora of opponents across many different companies. Personal life and never changing with the times made him a joke to many
4612.10.2018RatingsMachine8.0RIcky Morton was one of the best babyfaces of all time. Despite 'only' being a good worker and an average promo, Morton was able connect with the fans like few others could, generating some insane levels of heat at times.
4901.04.2017IsThisWrestling10.0One of the greatest babyfaces of all time. Made tag team wrestling one of the highlights of the 1980s. Continues to entertain. What more could you ever ask for in a wrestler?
5124.08.2016Vacant 218.0 
5213.06.2016mdkarl10.0best underdog face in peril seller of all time... morton sold hundreds and hundreds of tickets to female fans almost every night during his prime. not a good single wrestler though so you had to promote him right
5520.12.2015smark calaway6.0 
5719.03.2015Orkin9.0Half of one of the most influential tag teams in history, and one of the greatest sellers in the business. It's depressing to see how unappreciated he has become over the years.
5819.02.2015Ayatollah5.0Machte seine Sache immer ganz passabel und war nie tot zu kriegen. Aber diese Frisur.... diese Frisur
5911.09.2014Phenomenal917.0The more memorable half of the legendary Rock N Roll Express. He's still winning titles and working as hard as ever in his '50s. Plus he trained Chase Owens, one of the jewels of the NWA.
6020.07.2013Boris The Menace6.0 
6409.03.2011daria8.0Der Rock'n Roll Express gehörte lange Zeit zu meinen Liebling-Tag-Teams, wobei imo Ricky Morton der Charismatischere der Beiden war.
6619.06.2010Manu Adams7.0An der Seite von Robert Gibson im Rock 'n' Roll Express lieferte er über Jahre hinweg großartige Matches. Egal ob gegen den Midnight Express oder aber auch gegen die Four Horsemen zeigten sie Tag Team Moves die zuvor noch keiner kannte. Sind beide besser als sie von vielen hier gemacht werden.
6708.09.2009Blade Bourdeaux6.0 
6805.07.2009Fountain of Misinformation7.0 
6903.09.2008The Sick Lebowski6.0 
7124.02.2008LexLuger4ever6.0Steht meiner Meinung nach etwas über seinem Tag Team Partner, auch wenn das die identische Note nicht wiedergibt! Im Großen und Ganzen ist es mit ihm aber dasselbe!
7215.12.2007Asgaroth 3366992.0 
7524.09.2007Carlito Cena6.0Konnte mit dem Rock 'n' Roll Express glänzen, wrestlerisch ganz ok - sollte aber langsam seine In Ring-Karriere beenden.