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205.09.2020taabr210.0Bret Hart's run as the top guy in WWE is sandwiched between Hulk Hogan and Steve Austin which is a very tough spot to be in and yet Bret Hart did about as well as you could reasonably say. Bret Hart was a different kind of top guy in WWE, he wasn't overly charismatic or a brilliant talker but he was an amazing storyteller in that ring and that was enough to make him a solid draw and star. His legacy is definitely all the classic bouts he had in his career and it's underrated how Bret actually helped bring about the next big era in WWF even though he was never apart of it.
331.08.2020Criss Axton10.0
1229.06.2020Khalid Ace6.0I think what happened in Montreal turned out to be a good thing for him because he's now to most people one of the G. O. A. Ts when he wasn't. He's good but most of his matches look the same & I know to the Canadian people he was like a hero but I feel any other good Canadian wrestler would've fit that rule perfectly.
1613.06.2020Jesse Wolf8.0Bret war in den frühen bis Mitte 90er DAS Aushängeschild mit bei der WWE. Ich finde ihn etwas überbewertet aber seinen Status hat er sich absolut verdient. Seine Fehde mit Owen war genial und auch so war er ein klasse Wrestler. Ob der Montreal Screwjob echt war? Naja.....
2118.05.2020JuWFEAE10.0Bret Hart ist eine Legende. In Ring war er immer gut und seine Promos sind noch immer ginial. Durch sein Hart Gimmick hat er auch viel Ausstrahlung bekommen. Dieser Mann hat den Sharpshooter auserdem berühmt gemacht.
2202.05.2020Unknown Challenger7.0Bret Hart is one of the most key figures in wrestling industry of late 1980s and 1990s. When it comes to creating wrestling matches, he is definitely the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be. He had one of the best arsenal of moves and great understanding of in-ring psychology. When it comes to cutting promos he always delivered them decent enough to carry himself with his natural charisma and true feelings. However, if you compare him with several other top stars of that period, and including a state of the business in North America, he was never a drawing power of industry. After several main WWF stars with their large look and 'bigger-than-life' semi-cartoon characters left in early 1990s, he became the main star of the company. Unfortunately he couldn't bring just as much size of audience as they could due his non-roided look and his character being bland in comparison with the predecessors. When it comes to his gimmick, he was either a generic good guy or typical anti-USA heel with a pride for Canada. In addition, the refusal of Hulk Hogan to get him over in 1993 and being put in the shadow in WCW didn't make his situation better. Although his backstage rivals (Kevin Nash and Shawn Michaels) couldn't draw either. Despite of taking wrestling and kayfabe way too seriously sometimes, he was always considered a good family man and more humble guy in backstage compared to others with their ego power trip (for example, Kliq members in both promotions). In spite of his several dificulties, he is still recognized as one of the most influential, memorable and recognizable in-ring performers in pro wrestling history.
2301.05.2020qbort8.0My favorite underrated Bret match is the one he had with Jean Pierre Lafitte back in 1995. And the matches with Hakushi back then are just amazing to watch.
2526.04.2020Der Commander9.0Der Hitman ist und bleibt einer der besten aller Zeiten. Nur am Mic war er nie der beste. Trotzdem 9 Punkte!
2724.04.2020Oregano Jackson10.0
2823.04.2020TyNoelBahGod10.0Bret Hart was a ring perfectionist. When I think of the safest wrestlers to ever step foot in the ring Bret Hart always comes to mind. He never seemed to botch and his matches always seemed perfect great or not. It took him a while to get good on promos but he eventually came around and delivered good enough work. But it was his wrestling that made him so loved and that? s all Bret Hart truly cared about. He was done so dirty and I feel his career should have lasted longer than it did but unsafe WCW working conditions wouldn? t allow him to do that. His best matches were his battles against his brother Owen, his tainted rivalry with Shawn Michaels, and his classic five star match with Stone Cold Steve Austin. But Bret will always be known as ? The best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be. ?
2919.04.2020Fabi8910.0Wer möchte, kann bei Bret Hart definitiv Kritikpunkte finden. Zu nennen ist hier insbesondere das bestenfalls durchschnittliche Micwork. Trotzdem bleibt Bret für mich für immer einer der besten Wrestler, der einen WWE-Ring betreten hat. Technisch war er sowieso über jeden Zweifel erhaben. Das, was Bret für mich aber zu einer einzigartigen Erscheinung gemacht hat, war seine Fähigkeit, im Ring wunderbare Geschichten zu erzählen. Schmerz, Enttäuschung und Wut, aber dann immer wieder auch ganz große Comebacks - das konnte kaum jemand ohne Worte so gut und mitreißend darstellen wie Bret Hart. Dass sein Privatleben dann ebenfalls unzählige Schicksalsschläge für ihn bereithalten sollte, tut mir als Fan weh. Es ist Bret zu wünschen, dass er dauerhaft seinen Frieden mit allem schließen kann, was ihm wiederfahren ist. Und dass er noch so manchen Legendenauftritt feiern kann.
3625.03.2020Triple M910.0
3807.03.2020AAA30006.0Bret Hart ist meiner Meinung nach überbewertet. Er ist quasi wie Faarooq. Ganz gut im Ring aber mehr auch nicht. Wo Faarooq noch die guten Gimmicks hat und das meiste macht aber dann am Mic nicht gut ist das ist Bret Hart vielleicht nicht ganz so scheiße am Mic aber ansonsten fehlts halt umso mehr an Ausstrahlung.
4112.02.2020Mahmoud Elsayad10.0
4504.02.2020FrankSivero10.0Für mich ist Bret Hart der beste Techniker aller Zeiten. Er hat eine großartige Karriere hinter sich. Zu Beginn im Team mit dem Powerhouse Jim Neidhart grandios. Die beiden passten zusammen wie die Faust aufs Auge. Später als Einzelwrestler und Top Star der Liga das absolute Gesamtpaket. Lieferte sowohl im Tag Team als auch später im Singles Bereich unzählige zeitlose Klassiker die man sich immer wieder ansehen kann und nie langweilig werden. Im Bereich Micwork ebenfalls jemand der mit den besten mithalten konnte. Einer der absolut größten aller Zeiten. "The Best There Is, The Best There Was And The Best There Ever Will Be".
4609.01.2020Danil Czar9.0
4728.12.2019Brutish Dandy10.0
4828.12.2019Combo Broker10.0
5013.12.2019Jon Kings8.0
5317.11.2019Liam Willows10.0
5417.11.2019Briefcase 199210.0
6424.08.2019TomasCunha10.0Even though he wasn't very good on the mic (with the exception of his heel promos in 97), there has never been an in-ring storyteller like Bret Hart. Take his feud with Owen as an example, it had everything to fail. Owen was the younger brother "in the shadow" of his older brother. Had it been someone else in Bret's role, the fans could've easily sided with Owen. But it didn't happen, cause Bret knew how to tell a story in that ring like very few people EVER in the history of wrestling. Plus, he had a unique look and was one of the greatest technical wrestlers ever, with realistic selling and an endless list of really good (and even all time classic) matches. Truly one of the greatest wrestlers I've ever seen do it.
6524.08.2019Pm Frank9.0
6623.08.2019funster565.0Bret Hart is in my humble opinion, quite overrated. Of course, he is not bad. He is above average when we are speaking about in-ring abilities only. Still, he is not that great between the ropes. Also, I don't think he has great mic skills or great charisma, hence my rating.
6917.08.2019MuchoMundo10.0A crossover star and Canadian icon, truly. Still synonymous with other Canadian sports heroes despite the facet that wrestling had been looked at increasingly derisively and cartoonishly by the mainstream since his heyday. No matter how good Kenny Omega, Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, (and yes, they are so so good) or other Canadians are or become, they will never reach the same iconic status as Bret; yes, the times are different, but he was also pivotal in making Canada a wrestling player on the world stage, and somehow, he's still underrated. It's easy to chalk him up as a bitter vet now, but I'd be bitter too if even a quarter of the things that happened to him happened to me. Bret provided the high workrate and athletic performances to North America that much of the wrestling fanbase clamors for today, and he deserves to be mentioned in the top tier of wrestling stars for his innovation, ability, and influence, along with becoming a cultural and sporting icon in his home country and making Canada a bonafide wrestling market.
7325.07.2019KyleEnjoysWrestling10.0What more can really be said? The way he threw punches is forever burned in my brain -- amazing looking. Innovative, crisp, passionate... an inspiration to so many.
8120.05.2019Toothless Aggression10.0
8313.05.2019TheGoat125510.0Bret Hart should be on the top of any serious 'greatest of' list. One of the most gifted, versatile and dedicated workers ever. A master of ring psychology, Bret could make any match feel special. His matches against Steve Austin, Owen, and Bulldog are works of art. Bret's peak occurred during the 90's wrestling recession, which means he might be slightly overlooked, yet his impact and influence are unquestioned.
8510.05.2019AJStylopz10.0He is one of the best wrestler of all time. Whether you like it or not this man could do it all. One of the technicians, sellers, brawlers, he had a really unique intensity in the ring. Definetely WWF fucked up when they let this man go away because they chose to give a lazy Michaels on that time the title. Bret is the man!
9216.03.2019zephyr10.0Bret Hart is a classic example of someone who pushed mainstream wrestling into a completely new direction with his style. A true innovator and amazing performer.
10019.12.2018Wynnebag10.0Still the best there ever will be! Bret Hart made wrestling feel real even when most people knew it was just a scripted show. Watching his many memorable feuds and matches cement him as the best or among the best to ever enter the squared circle. Above all else, Bret is the best in ring story teller in the business. He was also the best at putting guys over yet making them still popular because of it. Watch his famous match with 1-2-3 Kid for an excellent example of this. Also, Bret is almost solely (indirectly) responsible for ushering the modern pro wrestling business. The Montreal Screwjob was upsetting, yet led to a industry wide change in the way PW is done. It's almost impossible to overestimate Bret's value in the business, and he is and remains the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be.
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