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125.05.2019All Elite Wrestling"Let's talk about horsies for a second"6.1322
210.09.2012World Wrestling Entertainment"For 300 days you have been WWE Champion, for 300 days that championship has been irrelevant"8.8329
309.08.2010World Wrestling Entertainment"This is your chance to do right"5.675
414.06.2010World Wrestling Entertainment"If you fail to comply with even one of our demands then last week was just the beginning"7.0910
524.05.2010World Wrestling Entertainment"This place is nothing without me! It'll go bankrupt within a week!"9.3233
612.04.2010World Wrestling Entertainment"I'd put a Sharpshooter on you faster than you could put a pair of cheap sunglasses on an ugly kid"7.5713
729.03.2010World Wrestling Entertainment"Get out of my ring before my fist gives your face closure"7.409
822.03.2010World Wrestling Entertainment"That WrestleMania 26 is gonna be the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be"6.788
915.03.2010World Wrestling Entertainment"You know what I say tonight: 'Vince screwed Vince'"9.6024
1001.03.2010World Wrestling Entertainment"I've wanted to fight you for 13 years!"8.008
1115.02.2010World Wrestling Entertainment"Victory will last a lifetime, but excellence will last forever"7.005
1201.02.2010World Wrestling Entertainment"This chewing gum has got just enough flavor in it to kick your ass"9.4244
1304.01.2010World Wrestling Entertainment"If you wanna bury the hatchet, let's bury it right now"8.7743
1404.01.2010World Wrestling Entertainment"I really do believe that you screwed you"8.2222
1529.03.1999World Championship Wrestling"I came to the WCW to earn a reputation, not to lose it"9.1118
1611.05.1998World Championship Wrestling"It's not easy being a hero"  
1705.01.1998World Championship Wrestling"I am the best that there is, was and ever will be, and if you got a problem with it, too bad"  
1806.10.1997World Wrestling Entertainment"The Clique OWNS this business!"9.6742
1931.03.1997World Wrestling Entertainment"I'm asking you for your help"9.6830
2017.03.1997World Wrestling Entertainment"This is bullshit! You screwed me!"8.6717
2116.12.1996World Wrestling Entertainment"The problem with the World Wrestling Federation right now is there ARE NO RULES!"7.898
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