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1WWE 2K20Visual Concepts22.10.2019World Wrestling EntertainmentXboxOne, XboxOneX, PS4, PC1.3815
2WWE 2K19Yuke's09.10.2018World Wrestling EntertainmentXboxOne, XboxOneX, PS4, PC7.2523
3WWE 2K18Yuke's17.10.2017World Wrestling EntertainmentSwitch, XboxOne, PS4, PC6.7927
4WWE 2K17Yuke's11.10.2016World Wrestling EntertainmentXbox360, XboxOne, PS3, PS4, PC6.5331
5WWE 2K16Yuke's27.10.2015World Wrestling EntertainmentXbox360, XboxOne, PS3, PS4, PC7.6750
6WWE 2K14Yuke's29.10.2013World Wrestling EntertainmentXbox360, PS38.5140
7WWE '13Yuke's30.11.2012World Wrestling EntertainmentWii, Xbox360, PS37.9343
8WWE All-StarsTHQ San Diego01.04.2011World Wrestling EntertainmentWii, 3DS, Xbox360, PS2, PS3, PSP6.3230
9WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2011YUKE's Future Media Creators29.10.2010World Wrestling EntertainmentWii, Xbox360, PS2, PS3, PSP8.0964
10WWE Legends Of WrestleManiaYUKE's Future Media Creators 20.03.2009World Wrestling EntertainmentXbox360, PS36.2132
11WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2008YUKE's Future Media Creators13.11.2007World Wrestling EntertainmentWii, DS, Xbox360, PS2, PS3, PSP6.33134
12WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2007YUKE's Future Media Creators14.11.2006World Wrestling EntertainmentXbox, Xbox360, PS2, PSP7.8389
13WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2006YUKE's Future Media Creators15.11.2005World Wrestling EntertainmentPS2, PSP8.2083
14Fire Pro Wrestling ReturnsSpike15.09.2005PS29.6744
15WWE Day Of Reckoning 2YUKE's Future Media Creators29.08.2005World Wrestling EntertainmentGC8.5537
16WWE Wrestlemania 21Studio Gigante20.04.2005World Wrestling EntertainmentXbox3.4116
17WWE SmackDown! vs. RAWYUKE's Future Media Creators02.11.2004World Wrestling EntertainmentPS26.5342
18WWE Day Of ReckoningYUKE's Future Media Creator30.08.2004World Wrestling EntertainmentGC7.1631
19Showdown: Legends Of WrestlingAcclaim22.06.2004Xbox, PS25.2923
20Legends Of Wrestling IIAcclaim26.11.2002GC, Xbox, PS25.6717
21Fire Pro Wrestling 2Spike Co. Ltd19.07.2002GBA  
22Legends Of WrestlingAcclaim03.12.2001GC, Xbox, PS22.8816
23Fire Pro WrestlingSpike21.03.2001GB, GBA  
24WCW Backstage AssaultKodiak Interactive01.12.2000World Championship WrestlingN64, PS2.1322
25WCW MayhemKodiak Interactive31.08.1999World Championship WrestlingN64, GB, PS6.9627
26WCW NitroInland Productions..1999World Championship WrestlingN64, PC3.788
27WCW/nWo ThunderInland Productions31.12.1998World Championship WrestlingPS3.8311
28WCW/nWo RevengeAKI Corporation, Asmik Ace Entertainment26.10.1998World Championship WrestlingN648.7134
29WWF War ZoneAcclaim11.08.1998World Wrestling EntertainmentN64, PS5.5019
30WWF In Your HouseSculptured Software..1996World Wrestling EntertainmentPS, Saturn, PC4.109
31WWF WrestleMania: The Arcade GameMidway..1995World Wrestling EntertainmentNES, SNES, PS, Genesis, 32X, Saturn, PC5.7116
32WWF RAWSculptured Software, Realtime Associates01.12.1994World Wrestling EntertainmentNES, SNES, Genesis, 32X9.1038
33WWF RAWSculptured Software, Realtime Associates..1994World Wrestling EntertainmentGB3.866
34WWF Rage In The CageSculptured Software01.12.1993World Wrestling EntertainmentSCD7.257
35WWF King Of The RingLJN..1993World Wrestling EntertainmentNES, GB1.7519
36WWF Royal RumbleSculptured Software..1993World Wrestling EntertainmentNES, SNES8.1821
37WWF Royal RumbleSculptured Software..1993World Wrestling EntertainmentGenesis7.296
38WWF Wrestlemania: Steel Cage ChallengeSculptured Software..1992World Wrestling EntertainmentSMS  
39WWF European Rampage TourArc Developers..1992World Wrestling EntertainmentC643.335
40WWF Wrestlemania: Steel Cage ChallengeSculptured Software..1992World Wrestling EntertainmentNES5.505
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