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214.11.2022eltetechori10.0He has earned this rating on merit throughout his career. But today, truth be told, his handling has been pretty bad, but I always liked him.
931.10.2022The Sick Lebowski9.0Der größte Fan des französischen Fußball-Weltmeisters Kingsley "Cammaaaaaaannn! " ist bei mir ein zweischneidiges Schwert. Die Offensive des King of Strong Style ist sehr viel auf Kicks ausgelegt, was eigentlich gar nicht meinen Geschmack trifft. Aber als ich die großen Auftritte von ihm gesehen hatte, in denen er z.B. als Light-Version von Michael Jackson zum Ring kam, war ich direkt fasziniert. Der Typ hat eine unheimliche Ausstrahlung und Charisma von hier bis nach Kyoto. Auch im Ring verhält er sich so unheimlich gut, dass mir sein eigentlich ungeliebter Stil nur wenig auffällt. Bei New Japan absolut top, bei WWE darf er sein Können leider nicht voll ausspielen. Ein Run mit einem Heavyweight Title muss allemal drin sein. Er bekommt von mir nicht die Höchstnote, aber gute 9 Punkte.
1329.10.2022xnvius9.0NJPW Nakamura was god-tier. his work in WWE though has been lackluster. he was a star in NXT but mostly a mid-carder on the main roster. he won the Royal Rumble in 2018 but that did nothing for him. the match with AJ Styles was disappointing, considering their previous work. the match should've been a lot better and this should've been Nakamura's moment. he was extremely over with the crowd during this run but Vince didn't capitalize. after this loss, he just gradually fell lower and lower down the card. he had a few IC title runs but they were terrible. now he's just there. they have no idea how to use him. still a legend in Japan nonetheless.
1804.10.2022MCSPICY8.0His IC reign is preventing me from scoring him higher. That really ruined his recent memory. Sad tbh, he is a great wrestler.
2222.09.2022aoPSI7.0Shinsuke Nakamura is simply unsuitable for WWE. He manages to have good matches, but he sees very lazy, it would be great if he went back to NJPW, at least there he can be something. Here in WWE, it would only work if he fought harder, maybe this is the fault of the creative team, I don't know. But he does make a good name for the mid-card.
2322.09.2022GM56 Champion8.0 
2616.09.2022AlDente018.0I would like to say that "The King of Strong Style" - Shinsuke Nakamura is a perfect wrestler. He is good in the ring, he can keep in touch with the audience and has a ring charisma - each of his actions catches the eye and is part of his character. But unfortunately Shinsuke also has disadvantages, he is very average on the microphone. He's been weak as a champion since he moved to the main roster - I know he was good at NXT, I don't know what it was outside of WWE, but he's bad right now. Especially his reign with the IC title was bad, the titles were rarely defended and his prestige dropped greatly.
2811.09.2022Leo Terra7.0Good in ring, carismatic, but his hability fell a lot when he went to the WWE. If you compare the matches between Nakamura x Styles in NJPW and WWE you will see the difference. May not be his fault, but the fact is a fact
3226.08.2022LegendePele5.0Ich habe ihn nie bei NJPW gesehen aber bei WWE finde ich ihn naja.....Seine Anfänge bei NXT waren mega geil und auch alles bis Wrestlemania 34 war mega cool. Aber danach war er eine echt schlimm. Seine schlechten Englisch Künste ziehen ihn ziemlich runter. Seine Midcard Titel Runs waren unfassbar schlimm. Als Ic Champ war der Titel unwichtig und wurde kaum verteidigt. Klar im Ring ist er ganz gut aber bei wwe in den letzten Jahren war da leider nicht viel gutes dabei.
3817.08.2022turk5.0He's good in the ring, but also charismatic. But there is no more. He's not a character that amuses me, he's carried all the WWE titles he's won in a very boring way. I appreciate what he's done in NJPW, but sadly he hasn't had any flavor since coming to the WWE main roster.
4205.08.2022YagameTheRealKingpin In meinen Augen ist Nakamura einer der besten der Welt. In Japan feierte man ihn einst wie einen Rockstar. Die Offiziellen waren durch und durch zufrieden mit ihm. Was er bereits als Erfolge hat ist beinahe unvergleichlich. Jetzt aber zum traurigen Punkt die WWE nutzt nicht sein Können. Klar jetzt kann man argumentieren das die das bei niemandem machen, aber sei? s drum. Ich bete einfach das er seine Karriere in Japan beendet am besten um dabei einen evtl zukünftigen Megastar Over zu bringen.
4327.07.2022jablens Amazing wrestler, even if he hasn't had much of a chance to show it. Whenever he is given a chance he knocks it out of the park
4423.07.2022Karibox10.0One of the most amazing, unique and talented wrestler on the planet. 20 years of an amazing career (even in WWE yep). Everything he does is amazing because he dedicated his whole life for his passion. As long as his legacy is not tarnished by a few stupid ignorants (like the one who made the comment below mine for example) who can't make the difference between booking and talent and never bothered looking at the man career and life, Shinsuke Nakamura will remain one of the greatest performers ever and he will be deeply missed after his retirement. Edit: I sad to see how stupid people can be. Yes he cares and yes he tries. If you can't see that Shinsuke isn't given a single opportunity to show who he is and that is the reason why he is not the same than his NJPW days, you just need to shut up and educate yourself. Shinsuke does gold with anything he is given but somehow people on this website are ignorants and blind....
4621.07.2022Combo Broker6.0I'm sorry but let's be real here, the man doesn't try or seem to care anymore and hasn't for awhile. Nakamura of NJPW was borderline God-tier, a mesmerising combination of skill, toughness and charisma and no one, myself included could deny that or take his prior status away from him. The bitter truth however is if I were rating him purely on his WWE run, 5 AT BEST. Since coming to WWE he has maybe 2 memorable matches: his Rumble win and his NXT match with Sami Zayne... his first match I should add. Since then it's be going through motions, generic no thrills house show affair one after another. The obvious thing to do would be to blame WWE for mishandling him and while even I would make that argument to a degree, when you consider the likes of previous indie darlings Daniel Bryan, Sami Zayne, AJ Styles, Kevin Owens and hell, even Finn Balor and Samoa Joe, they have gone one to have many great and fondly remembered matches or at least moments, even when not booked in a main event spot, especially Styles who joined the same time. Is it a Japanese thing? As much as I could argue at WWE and their handling of her, sorry but Asuka still kills that argument dead. History will more than likely fondly remember the likes of Tajiri more than Shin in the Fed. It brings me no pleasure in writing any of this because hot damn, he was once out of the world, now he's just buried under it.
4817.07.2022JamesAzucena9247.0I am so disappointed on the career of Shinsuke these days. In NJPW, he was treated like a king there. He was one of the three musketeers, along with Hiroshi Tanahashi and Katsuyori Shibata. He had amazing matches with Kota Ibushi and Hiroshi Tanahashi. Man is responsible on creating the longest running factions in Japan, CHAOS. His legacy in NJPW can never ever be topped. In NXT, although toned down, still we witnessed the awesomeness of Nakamura. He had an amazing debut match with Sami Zayn in Dallas and became the champion months later rightfully so. His emotion is rhythmic on the way he moved, provided an alternative way to tell the story due to his language barrier. Great charisma as well. He is an artist in terms of pro-wrestling. Until all of his momentum ended when he went to the WWE main roster. He became an afterthought, he became the shadow of his former self. Not a single molecule of Nakamura from NJPW is shown in WWE. I don't know if language barrier is a big factor why his push was derailed to rock bottom but I think he made the biggest mistake of him joining WWE. I just hope after his contract in WWE expire, and also hope it expires soon, he will go back to NJPW to reclaim his credibility but it will be a long and hard way for me to rate him as a 10, as the last 4 years were tarnished thanks to WWE. For now it's a 7, but I hope he goes back to NJPW and up this rating a little bit. He doesn't deserve that rating but I based him due to his current state. He is just currently a victim of WWE's bad creative and politics.
4909.07.2022Rodycaz II9.0 
5811.06.2022mjp283.0I don't get the fascination with Nakamura. The guy has an average look, mundane moveset (unless weak and/or contrived looking kicks do it for you), and nothing he does makes up for the fact he can't work the mic (of those limited on the mic due to a language barrier, the best make up for it through strongly conveying their emotion clearly and organically in the ring e.g., Hikaru Shida and Kairi Sane). I'm also still trying to figure out what is meant by his moniker "The King of Strong Style"? His male stripper-like attire? SIlly dance? Spastic looking facials? Mixture of mundane knees and kicks? 'Cause otherwise I'm at a loss.
6706.05.2022Reinhard Lohengramm9.0 
7113.04.2022Sweet Fighter V9.0 
7307.04.2022wewantpunk8.0Shinsuke Nakamura hat eine absolut einzigartige Ausstrahlung und weiß genau was er im Ring tut. Er wäre für mich auch ein glatter 10/10 Kandidat, aber seinen WWE Run kann ich nicht ausblenden. Sicherlich ist er ein Royal Rumble Sieger und hatte eine World Title Fehde, aber die Matches mit AJ Styles blieben den Erwartungen zurück und das Booking danach war einfach nur schade. Wieder einer der es kann, aber von der WWE nicht den Run bekommt, den er verdient hat.
7504.04.2022gabv7.0Shinsuke Nakamura has an excellent charisma but his In-Ring has gone down a lot since his signing with WWE. There were some good matches in Nxt but in the main-roster there weren't really any.
8003.04.2022sxltsnxffxdae7.0it was interesting to watch him in 2016, but now it is absolutely uninteresting to watch him, his reign intercontinental title is absolute squalor. The same gimmick for many years has already gotten so fed up with the order, but for previous merits I will put 7
8321.03.2022AEWInspector4.0It's very funny that just for being Japanese any wrestler gets several points in the final grade, and that's the only explanation for Nakamura to have such a high grade because for me he's the most overrated wrestler in history, he's been in WWE for more than 5 years and you can count on your fingers the great fights he fought
8419.03.2022rigb111highlights Shinsuke is so good. He always interests me with the way he acts in ring and his skills are just phenomena. Great wrestler.
8510.03.2022skillgull while I will admit that Shinsuke is my favourite wrestler of all time, I don't understand why people don't like him either. I originally saw him in WWE and then went to NJPW. While I think that his in ring style only really works with certain wrestlers, It doesn't mean its necessarily bad. I think that those who only saw him in WWE as his watered down self is why he has a few negative reviews. I love Shinsuke because of his overall demeanour, his slightly more realistic style and his Michael Jackson like swagger. Overall I think his perceived lack of charisma comes from those who've only seen him watered down, considering he managed to get over in WWE without every really talking much, that kind of helps. I think that his style may not be for everyone but it sure is for me. He's one of the best in NJPW's history for a reason. He's great period, just not everyones cup of tea, though a lot peoples. 10.0
8607.03.2022Mastersword254.0Nakamura has a mixed legacy for me. Early Nakamura was pretty good especially from 2005-2009 where he was mostly a silent bad ass who let his actions do the talking and was almost the opposite of Hiroshi Tanahashi. From 2011 onward, he's been insufferable as the "King of Strong Style". People bring up how unique and charismatic he is but all I see is Nakamura acting drunk and obnoxious which is neither unique or charismatic. His matches are largely lousy as his upper body is shot so he just spans knee attacks.
8704.03.2022No One10.0 
8922.02.2022Okaro1439.0Nakamura was one of my favourite wrestler in the world along with Okada, Punk, Cesaro, Triple H, etc. When he first signed with WWE, I went ballistic. At his debut match against Takeover, everone went nuts and gave one of the biggest pop in Wrestling history; The match itself was acclaimed by many critics and is one of my favourite matches in NXT. But after that, things slowly went in a downwards spiral and his run with WWE has been a letdown, He was pushed to the main card as soon as he debuted and even won the Royal Rumble but hasn't been able to win a top World Championship yet; To make matters worse, He constantly fails to deliver in ring even against other outstanding performers like AJ Styles, Seth Rollins, Sami Zayn, etc.
9705.02.2022Suzukigun10.0For years, Shinsuke Nakamura was an all-time great caliber wrestler who had amazing matches all the time and was a god of charisma. He was a pillar for New Japan and an absolute frontline star for them. In NXT, he was still really good, had several really good/great matches, and his match with Sami Zayn will always be viewed as one of the best matches in NXT history, if not the best. I know his tenure in the main roster has been less than stellar, but I'm fine giving him a pass for that. The booking isn't his fault, he and he was a 37-year-old with 1, 500 matches in his career by the time he got there. He had tons of tread on his tires, and he still has some good matches here and there despite being in his 40s. Anyone who gives him below a 9 doesn't realize what a legend he was in New Japan and NXT, or doesn't care. He deserves all the props he gets for an amazing career.
9902.02.2022vinnyv9110.0NJPW Nakamura is one of the best of all time, too bad WWE ruined him in the eyes of WWE fans. Should go back to NJPW when he gets the chance
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