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424.05.2024Dntbamark6.0In terms of longevity, Bob "Hardcore" Holly is one of the underrated greats. He was never a guy that was gonna draw you any money or win a singles title but as a guy on the card, you can't deny Holly his flowers. Holly was a decent in-ring wrestler, he was at his best when WWF had a hardcore division and he was able to carve out a niche in that area. He was also a competent tag team competitor, where he was able to form entertaining duos with his "cousins" Crash and Molly Holly. Theres alot to be said about Bob, his backstage reputation as a backstage enforcer/locker-room stooge is well documented, he assaulted Matt Cappotelli on live TV and theres a few other infamous instances with guys where Bob comes across as a bully. Theres also the infamous 2005 Royal Rumble where Holly, Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit beat the piss out of Daniel Puder, obviously as some sort of retaliation for Puder nearly breaking Kurt Angle's arm a few months prior. I wasn't there but I'm lead to believe they were probably instructed by Vince to teach Puder a lesson. So obviously that stuffs apart of Bob's legacy but in ring, i'll say this that Bob was a tough, no nonsense competitor.
1101.04.2024Dirty Diego5.0He hung in their in the attitude era, had some good matches and a decent gimmick, a mid carder in that era is not bad , the stuff he did with his cousin crash was entertaining, his gimmicks before sucked, after the attitude era he didnt really do much, him saying he would hang with fighters in the ufc is fuckin delusional the guy thinks he tougher than he actually is
1309.03.2024EthanBloodborne Bob was there to see alot of changes in the WWF. After initially starting off as a destined to fail Nascar racer gimmick as well as a terrible reboot of a great tag-team he finally found success in being "Hardcore". His matches were never technical marvels but I always found the hardcore bouts to be entertaining. Especially when they would take it outside of the arena. He was a solid lower mid-carder and seemed to be no real slouch, I don't think he was ever out of shape.
2217.11.2023JediSaiyanMaster12035.0Bob Holly's truest strength is being a good wrestler who had a nice Alabama Slam and dropkick, that was it. Putting aside his backstage issues and how he viewed himself, he never gave me the feeling that he should have been a main eventer or even an upper mid card act.
2309.11.2023benny5bellys6.0Who here does not love Thurman Sparky Plugg? Good lord, in a way it is a miracle he managed to have any sort of career coming out of the "everyone needs a job" period of WWF. He was a perfectly acceptable lower card guy and did some fun stuff with Crash back in the day.
3526.06.2023Jersey Jimmy5.0 
3605.06.2023Draculamura2.0Wrestlerisch außerhalb der Hardcore Division nicht zu gebrauchen. Am Mikrofon und hinsichtlich Charisma einfach ein Vakuum. Darüber hinaus mehrmals die Gesundheit Anderer unnötig und bewusst gefährdet - sehr unsympathisch.
3723.05.2023Giantfan19805.0Perfectly acceptable lower mid carder with an outstanding drop kick, but another guy who overvalued himself and treated new meat like shit. Basically another Bill Demott.
3823.05.2023Mister Cute Face5.0 
4407.03.2023Conquistador377.0Outside of the ring the dude WAS a total arse. that being said he didn't murder anyone nor was a he a pedophile - so I can rewatch his material and feel mostly guilt free. One of the WWF/E's most "solid hands" for a good chunk of time. Had "jumps off the screen" chemistry with Al Snow regardless of the situation. Notably great tag worker and one of the last at that. Underrated mic guy with some good one liners scattered through the years. Great body and good on anyone who puts the time in to stay *that* consistent. Sometimes his personality outside of the ring bleeds into his on camera work and he broke his own neck when facing Brock Lesnar one fateful night, so there's a flaw I'll underscore. Also, that Thurman "Sparky" Plugg gimmick? Bwahahaha... that WWF had so many stupid ideas, Vince McMahon is a genius! There's alotta "very good" stuff over the years that I can usually just roll with, it all outweighs the "ugh" that *IS* there I assure you. 7 solid points.
4507.03.2023HammertonWay2.0While his wrestling ability was adequate at best, his attitude behind was notorious as a locker room bully, leaving everyone that had ever worked with him loathing him. He let his years of experience in the ring made him believe he was above everyone else, would talk down the greener guys, even physical at times. Few people have anything good to say about him, less even think fondly of him, and he himself is to blame for how his career ended.
4720.01.2023benh24.0Never interesting in any aspect. Solid in the ring but never capable of a great match, no charisma or mic skills. His one redeeming quality was in his Hardcore Holly days when he was on the gas big time, he did have a great body. But being a good wrestler takes more than that.
5222.07.2022Leth997.0He wasn't that amazing in his early years, but he's one of the best examples of getting better with age. On his 40s he was on his peak which is amazing for a wrestler. He was in WWE for a long time and even had a last run as a tag team champion in his last year. He was more than fine with the microphone and he even got over when they let him talk. His best angle is probably the Hollys one, mainly thanks to Crash. He was also a nice enhancement talent in the 2000s
5310.07.2022Reinhard Lohengramm6.0 
5404.07.2022Badger1238.0A good worker who was always capable and had a good dropkick and finisher. He's not really known for his verbal skills but he doesn't need to be he's just an ass kicker and a very physical performer.
5511.06.2022Rodycaz II6.0 
5813.04.2022Sweet Fighter V6.0 
6120.03.2022Mudshow Idol7.0 
6421.12.2021Ruthless Attitude5.0 
6527.10.2021OnlyHalfTheEffinShow6.0A dependably good worker who stuck by WWE for a long time despite his status as an undercard guy. A mainstay in its Attitude Era hardcore division, Bob to me always deserved at least one run with the IC or US title, for no other reason than as a reward for his years of work for the company.
6620.10.2021IBladeDaily6.0Holly was a decent worker and capable midcard gatekeeper when used that way. He did not possess a lot of charisma and I can't remember a single promo he ever cut. I felt his best run was with Crash Holly, who had a lot of charisma and gave Bob more to work with. When he main evented a Royal Rumble against Lesnar, it was one of he weakest WWE PPV-era title fights I can remember. A capable hand but not much more.
6720.10.2021wrestlingisgross8.0A rating that is definitely too low, Bob Holly was one of the best hands in the WWF/WWE for nearly 15 years and proved himself adept at pretty much everything.
7130.07.2021hirsty978.0pretty damn good all-round in-ring talent, who is very underrated here. Had great selling, moveset, and physique. Pretty good on mic two as his duo with crash holly showed a lot of charisma, it's a shame he never got an ic title reign
7219.06.2021Daigotsu5.0Holly took a while to catch on, but his Hardcore Holly gimmick wasn't bad. He did some good work for a while as that character. At the end of the day, Holly wasn't a supremely talented wrestler, nor was he especially charismatic. You could put him in against most guys and he'd be respectable, but he'd rarely be the best match on a card.
7407.05.2021AnB7.0Hardcore Holly had his fair share of awful gimmicks, but he was pretty intesne when he got in the ring, and it was a blast to watch him at his best.
8018.01.2021Chiqui Lecca7.0 
8109.01.2021CodyHawk9.0I love Hardcore Holly. He is a non-nonsense, tough as nails roughneck. His moves are snug and believable. The energy is consistently vicious and serious. The chops and dropkicks are some of the best the business has to offer. Could he be a son of a bitch? Sure, but that was also part of his job description it would seem. Was he bland on the mic? A little, but his talking was done between the ropes. Whether main eventing with Brock Lesnar or curtain jerking with Al Snow, Holly brought the intensity. Perhaps never was it more on display than in his matches with Rob Van Dam on WWE's rebranded ECW product. That show was not good, but their matches together certainly were. The one where Bob gashes his back open then works another fifteen minutes is etched into my mind forever. You'll never think of Sparkplug again after that one. Holly made his home predominantly in the tag division with grapplers like late "cousin" Crash Holly and a young rookie Cody Rhodes, as well as the hardcore division from which he derived his name. Perhaps deserving of more decoration, Holly may have to settle with being remembered for being a tough midcard mainstay. Here is hoping he has a few more Alabama Slams left in the chamber.
8317.12.2020Strong Zero Machine5.0 
8412.12.2020Cody Cody Rutland10.0One of the best wrestlers to come out of Alabama. Double Plus tough. And way better on the mic than he gets credit for. This long time WWF/WWE vet was the best part of many WWF/WWE events for over 10 years.
8820.09.2020Ma Stump Puller5.0Stiff as a plank and a charisma vacuum. Even in his best years you could at best get a decent match out of the guy, and even then it wouldn't exactly be anywhere close to actually memorable, usually having to rely on being stiff as shit in the ring to try and induce a response out of the crowd. Bob would get pushes now and then due to his impressive (read: steroid induced) physical stature, but none of them really turned out well for him and he failed to capitalise on chance after chance to get over as a proper contender. Had a few nice moves (his Alabama Slam and dropkick in particular were pretty great) but most of the time there wasn't really anything there to warrant him being beyond a low mid carder.
8901.07.2020Khalid Ace4.0 
9019.05.2020Shoot Headbutt Lover9.0The Big Shot Bob Holly is one of those talents who's a good worker, he can chop like axe and has one of the best dropkicks of all time.
9417.01.2020Bpt Screwjob7.0I think Bob Holly is a very underrated wrestler. He was never used properly in wwe and i think he could have belong in a upper midcard role. He was a legit tough guy and maybe he would have been more appreciated in Japan, where non flashy guy can make a career taking an giving stiff shot.
9628.12.2019Brutish Dandy4.0 
9716.12.2019biva49777.0I never understood why Bob Holly was never a main event Star he had the look, the body and skills set (minus the mic work) but I loved Hardcore Holly (not Sparkplug)
9805.12.2019Same Old Same Old6.0 
10025.09.2019zephyr5.0One of the most bog standard boring wrestlers with a bog standard boring look. Absolutely nothing unique about this guy.