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2Marriage RetreatSam2011
3Holyman UndercoverTony2010
4The RingerFrankie2005
5Friday Night LightsFan2004
6Active StealthMorgan2000
7Mom, Can I Keep Her?Jungle Ed1998
8Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction: The Wrestler [2x04]Dirk Simmons1998
9Thunder in Paradise: [1x13] Queen of HeartsAmarillo Doaks1994
10The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.: Pilot [1x01]Angeklagter1993
11Danger Theatre: Tropical Punch: Vengeance in the GrassGefängnissaufseher/ Fahrer1993
12Tequila and Bonetti: Reel Life [1x12]Sgt. Nuzo1992
13Tequila and Bonetti: Street Dogs [1x01]Sgt. Nuzo1992
14Tequila and Bonetti: Brooklyn and the Beast [1x09]Sgt. Nuzo1992
15Tequila and Bonetti: Mama [1x10]Sgt. Nuzo1992
16Tequila and Bonetti: Runt of the Litter [1x11]Sgt. Nuzo1992
17Tequila and Bonetti: Teach Your Children [1x02]Sgt. Nuzo1992
18Tequila and Bonetti: The Rose Cadillac [1x03]Sgt. Nuzo1992
19Tequila and Bonetti: Language of the Heart [1x04]Sgt. Nuzo1992
20Tequila and Bonetti: Tale of the Dragon [1x05]Sgt. Nuzo1992
21Tequila and Bonetti: A Perfect Match [1x06]Sgt. Nuzo1992
22Tequila and Bonetti: Wonderdog [1x08]Sgt. Nuzo1992
23Swamp Thing: The Prometheus Parabola [1x22]J. J. Dax1991
24Quantum Leap: Heart of a Champion - July 23, 1955 [3x20]Carl Shilo1991
25Rocky VStuntman1990
26Road HouseMorgan1989
27Rambo: First Blood Part IIIstunts1988
28Over the TopRuker1987
29TimestalkersBearded Cowboy1987
30I Like to Hurt Peoplesich selbst1985
31Wildside: Until the Fat Lady Sings [1x06]Prometheus Jones1985
32Wildside: Buffalo Who? [1x05]Prometheus Jones1985
33Wildside: Don't Keep the Home Fires Burning [1x04]Prometheus Jones1985
34Wildside: The Crimea of the Century [1x03]Prometheus Jones1985
35Wildside: Delinquency of a Miner [1x02]Prometheus Jones1985
36Wildside: Well Known Secret [1x01]Prometheus Jones1985
37Rocky IIIStunts1982
38Paradise AlleyFrankie The Thumper1978
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