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115.01.2021Makoto9210.0Together with HARASHIMA and Sanshiro, Danshoku Dino is heart and soul of DDT. Being an extraordinary comic character, he often wrestles without his 'tricks', showing 'real Dino', which is incredible for his physics and age. He is also a very creative worker - watch some of DDT shows, where he participates, to understand that.
231.12.2020Khalid Ace6.0My previous rating of Danshoku Dino was actually a 7 not so long ago but I feel like it's been a while since I've seen a good match he was part of.
416.12.2020Black Liger7.0
903.05.2020FredericPigeon5.0Danshoku Dino is a good wrestler. But, it is not a good comedic wrestler. Instead of being funny to watch. It is very cringe to watch. The only thing I don't like about ddt
1030.04.2020Black Mass With Love10.0
1823.07.2019BadAssTranslateTrading5.0Of all the comments about Dino 1 of them is a complete lie and the rest seem ironic. Dino is a played out comedy wrestler and all of his matches are usually the same. Get beat up, come back, rape opponent or ref then do the crotch piledriver. Besides that I? ve seen him have maybe 9 serious matches in his whole career and he was only ever carried in every single match to maybe decent territory. Dont find him funny and he doesnt entertain me in the slightest i just get uncomfortable watching him
2425.03.2018Makai Club 10.0Amazing comedy wrestler as well as a legitimately great serious wrestler. He mixes the two styles really well and can make me enjoy his matches, comedy or serious. No matter what, if you are watching Dino, you are having a great time. Very few can deliver that these days.
2510.03.2017Glover10.0Dino is a legitimately fantastic wrestler that incorporates an outlandish gimmick into his work perfectly and can tone it down or dial it up to 11 depending on the match flawlessly. He's managed to go for over a decade with this one gimmick and keep it fresh and entertaining that entire time, being able to work anywhere from comedy opening tags to 1v1 main events and stay totally consistent. One of the best workers in Japan, despite on the surface seeming like a one-note gay joke. Dino is one of those guys that makes DDT, well, DDT, and unlike guys like Ibushi and Omega that have come and gone, Dino is entrenched squarely in the wonderful & wacky world of wrestling that DDT creates.
2801.11.2016Zeocrymer9.0A true legend and innovator of butt and crotch based offense. Every match I have seen of his always elicits at least a chuckle out of me. I have never seen this guy not go 100% in with his character, and that's something I can't really say about a lot of people
3009.08.2016Indyguy2210.0HE basically Molest His Opponents In the Ring and one time he brought Rich Swann In A Rumble ish Match.. And It was horrifying But Entertaining and Disturbing
3106.08.2016Luv all wrestling8.0Danshoku Dino is someone who can have both amazing matches and befunny at the same time, and bar Joe Hendry I can not think of anyone else who can do that.
3217.01.2016HeadCheese9.0Danshoku Dino is very much, really fun to watch wrestle. He really works towards his gimmick with his kiss and butt based offense and defense maneuvers.
3328.06.2015Crippler Crossface8.0
3403.04.2013Kenshin Uesugi8.0Ein Mann mit einer lebenslangen Aufgabe, man muss schon sagen Obsession, allen Männer ihre wahre Natur zu entlocken. ^^ Der blaue Kreuzritter der Schwulenbewegung ist nicht jedermanns Geschmack und es liegt immer die Gefahr in Luft bei seinen Matches, das man sich zu sehr in den Comedyeinlagen versteift und das eigentliche Wrestling auf der Strecke bleibt. Daher hat er eben so gut und unterhaltsame Kämpfe wie einige die wirklich zäh sind und ein wenig langweilen sind. Dino ist ein perfekter Gimick Wrestler und sogar von den Fähigkeiten ein wirklich Guter mit einem gutem Timing, wobei ich mich nach der ganzen Zeit frage wie viel Gimick ist das wirklich? Auf jeden Fall ein Wunder das er noch nie verklagt wurde von einem aus dem Publikum. Man mag von dem Humor halten was man will, aber der Wrestler an sich ist eine Bereichung.
3526.08.2011Milos10.0Although he's mostly known for his over the top gay gimmick (that he plays great), he is also a classy worker with ability to make memorable pure-wrestling matches (for egzample against Shuji Ishikawa for KO-D Openweight Title).
3627.05.2010Fountain of Misinformation7.0
3709.05.2010RickRoll10.0Guter Wrestler der "dank" seines Gimmicks wirklich extrem unterrated ist. Wenn man an Dino denkt denkt man an Humor, nicht an einen guten Wrestler. Mein größter Traum wäre es ja mal wenn Dino für ein Match sein Gimmick beiseitige liegt und allen zeigt was in ihm steckt. Wie ich bereits sagte: Ob es jetzt um die Unterhaltsamkeit geht oder die wrestlerischen Fähigkeiten. Dino hat einfach alles. In diesem Sinne: DANSHOKU SPIDER~
3801.01.2010Blue Meanie8.0
3928.12.2009hatebreeder9.0Wahnsinnig unterhaltsam, dieser Typ. Auf jeden Fall eines der Highlights von DDT. Neben seinen ganzen Comedy-Einlagen übersieht man aber oft, dass Danshoku Dino auch im Ring sehr stark ist. Sehr underrated.
4318.04.2008LexLuger4ever8.0Muss meinen Vorrednern zustimmen, leider sehr underrated.
4424.03.2008Kaffoe 6668.0Gut im Ring und mit einer Comedy die einfach awesome ist. Einer DER Leute bei DDT!
4519.02.2008Tas8.0Wahnsinnig underrated. Die Comedy kennt jeder, doch für das sehr starke Wrestling gebührt ihm Credit.
4719.08.2007Baszdmeg8.0Ohne das Gimmick recht verloren, aber was er macht weiß zu überzeugen. Extrem kultiges Gimmick!
4817.08.2007Rob Van Duesenschrauber8.0
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