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Masahiro Takanashi

Also known as King Pocota, Masa Takanashi, Masako Takanashi, Pocomoto, Louie Takanashi 14th, Ganbee Takanashi, Martha, Poco Takanashi, Ribbon Takanashi

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311.12.2008AndyTNA6.0Geht IMO bei DDT unter würde ihn gerne öfters bei Noah sehen.
518.09.2022Black Mass With Love7.0 
829.01.2022Crippler Crossface7.0 
1106.04.2018Dreamboat10.0A multi-time champion across several promotions, Masahiro Takanashi has made an admirable career out of being Emi Sakura's bitch, and I believe she couldn't have picked anyone better to fill the role.
1205.12.2020ElPolloLoco5.0Fine wrestler for DDT: not bad, not great just fine. But Masahiro Takanashi is mostly memorable for being Emi Sakura's sidekick/servant/whipping boy in Ice Ribbon and GTMV, and he built a honest career on it.
1527.01.2022GriffinX8.0A very solid veteran wrestler who has been a great part of DDT and a real foundation piece for Choco Pro. Seems to have rebounded very well from that long knee injury that kept him out of the ring. Also a great tag wrestler
1702.09.2020Jetlag8.0Gute Technische Skills + sehr intelligente Matchführung + Underdog-Faktor + kann auch mindertalentierte Wrestler zu ansehbaren Matches ziehen = einer der beste Japan-Indy-Wrestler der 2000er.
1905.07.2023Khalid Ace7.0 
2330.05.2021Kung7.0There is an undeniable charm to the man known simply as Masa. The man is most known as Emi Sakura's... protege? But he's also the King of Janken over at Gatoh Move and steals all the candy from Mei Suruga. So he's a total king in my book. I hope to see him more in the ring, though.
2422.01.2021KyleWellwood6.0Another comment mentioned unusual charm and that is a good way to explain Takanashi. Would like to see him somewhere other then DDT but that is not likely.
2506.07.2019Makai Club 6.0I like DDT very much. I enjoy most of the roster, comedy-to-serious. But Takanashi just doesn't do it for me. He is very unique offensively. Pretty charismatic. I can't point it out what is missing with him tbh. I don't hate his big matches, I enjoy them but they never reach the level where I think they are great. I think he overdoes himself in trying to be different and sometimes lacks the simple things to hold them together.
2627.03.2022Makoto927.0Maybe I don't undersand many aspects of DDT, but Masa Takanashi's wrestling style is not for me. I think, he is very decent member of Dramatic Dream Team, despite his unusual charm. But, quite honestly, being in important matches, he manages not to get lost among the others participants.
3423.03.2023Reinhard Lohengramm7.0 
3629.06.2023Shoot Headbutt Lover6.0 
3822.05.2010STRIGGA6.0Schnell und wenig. Wenn er weiter an sich arbeitet, kann er sicher noch einiges aus sich heraus holen.
3901.11.2021Strong Zero Machine8.0 
4019.02.2008Tas4.0Solider Wrestler mit kultigem Hut, wird 2008 in DDT seinen Weg gehen
4214.06.2022tresgrumpy8.0Takanashi is such an interesting wrestler to me. I think his technical wrestling is so smooth and beautiful, like, really lovely to watch. His catch wrestling is just gorgeous to me. His recent matches with MAO in particular have been great. That being said, Takanashi is also a huge ham. He sells the smallest bumps like he is absolutely dying, just bumping all over the ring. It? s such a funny contrast. Takanashi can have a really great match with almost anybody, but yeah, he pulls a lot of weird faces at the camera. I absolutely love watching him transition between holds though.
4302.01.2023Wrestling Forever 9.0Ja ich bewerte mehr den heutigen Masahiro der ja auch schon sehr lange im Wrestling aktiv ist. Er ist auch schon lange sehr viel bei ChocoPro zusehen und da einfach eins der Highlights aber auch bei anderen Ligen. Dazu harmoniert er mit Chris Brookes perfekt.