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23.05.1983 - xx.08.1983Canadian International Tag Team Champion (with Pierre Lefebvre)?Matches
12.01.1983 - 07.03.1983International Heavyweight Champion (2x)54 daysMatches
16.08.1982 - 10.11.1982International Heavyweight Champion86 daysMatches
14.11.1980 - xx.xx.1981CWA World Heavyweight Champion (4x)?Matches
27.10.1980 - xx.xx.1980CWA World Heavyweight Champion (3x)?Matches
11.08.1980 - 06.10.1980CWA World Heavyweight Champion (2x)56 daysMatches
28.04.1980 - 04.08.1980CWA World Heavyweight Champion98 daysMatches
02.03.1980 - 11.03.1980AWA Southern Tag Team Champion (2x) (with Ken Lucas)9 daysMatches
17.02.1980 - 25.02.1980AWA Southern Tag Team Champion (with Ken Lucas)8 daysMatches
12.11.1979 - xx.xx.1979AWA British Empire Heavyweight Champion (3x)?Matches
18.05.1978 - 25.10.1979AWA British Empire Heavyweight Champion (2x)525 daysMatches
12.06.1978 - 18.10.1978PWF Heavyweight Champion128 daysMatches
xx.xx.xxxx - 16.03.1978AWA British Empire Heavyweight Champion?Matches
05.03.1977 - 23.03.1977NWA United National Champion (as Bill Robinson)18 daysMatches
xx.xx.1976 - xx.01.1977NWA United States Tag Team Champion (with Bill Watts)?Matches
16.12.1975 - 13.04.1976NWA Florida Southern Heavyweight Champion119 daysMatches
21.07.1974 - 24.10.1974AWA World Tag Team Champion (2x) (with The Crusher)95 daysMatches
03.06.1974 - 16.08.1974IWA World Heavyweight Champion (2x) (as Bill Robinson)74 daysMatches
06.06.1973 - xx.xx.1973NWA Hawaii North American Heavyweight Champion (2x)?Matches
30.12.1972 - 06.01.1973AWA World Tag Team Champion (with Verne Gagne)7 daysMatches
28.10.1970 - 12.01.1971NWA Hawaii Tag Team Champion (2x) (with Ed Francis)76 daysMatches
16.12.1970 - 09.01.1971NWA Hawaii North American Heavyweight Champion24 daysMatches
01.07.1970 - xx.xx.1970NWA Hawaii Tag Team Champion (with Johnny Barend)?Matches
20.02.1970 - xx.xx.1970NWA Calgary Canadian Heavyweight Champion (as Bill Robinson)?Matches
18.01.1967 - xx.02.1970British Heavyweight Champion?Matches
20.02.1970 - 27.02.1970Stampede North American Heavyweight Champion (2x)7 daysMatches
26.06.1969 - 06.02.1970Stampede North American Heavyweight Champion225 daysMatches
19.11.1969 - 17.12.1969IWA World Heavyweight Champion (2x)28 daysMatches
31.10.1969 - 10.11.1969IWA World Heavyweight Champion10 daysMatches
19.12.1968 - 19.05.1969IWA World Heavyweight Champion (as Bill Robinson)151 daysMatches
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