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1Osaka Pro WrestlingTennozan 201818.08.2018 - 24.11.2018eliminated before the semi finals  
2Dragongate Japan Pro-WrestlingOpen The Triangle Gate Title #1 Contendership One Night Tournament23.07.2017semi finals participant  
3Dragongate Japan Pro-WrestlingKing Of Gate 201709.05.2017 - 11.06.2017eliminated before the semi finals  
4Osaka Pro WrestlingOsaka Tag Festival 201721.01.2017 - 06.05.2017eliminated before the semi finals  
5Dragongate Japan Pro-WrestlingSummer Tag League 201606.08.2016 - 10.09.2016semi finals participant  
6Dragongate Japan Pro-WrestlingKing Of Gate 201608.05.2016 - 12.06.2016eliminated before the semi finals  
7Osaka Pro WrestlingTennozan 201521.09.2015 - 31.01.2016eliminated before the semi finals  
8Dragongate Japan Pro-WrestlingSummer Adventure Tag League 201505.09.2015 - 27.09.2015eliminated before the semi finals  
9Dragongate Japan Pro-WrestlingSummer Adventure Tag League 201406.09.2014 - 23.09.2014eliminated before the semi finals  
10Dragongate Japan Pro-WrestlingSummer Adventure Tag League 201307.09.2013 - 28.09.2013semi finals participant  
11Dragongate Japan Pro-WrestlingSummer Adventure Tag League 201202.08.2012 - 19.08.2012finals participant  
12Dragongate Japan Pro-Wrestling2nd King Of Chop Tournament09.06.2012 - 10.06.2012eliminated before the semi finals  
13Dragongate Japan Pro-WrestlingSummer Adventure Tag Tournament 201103.08.2011 - 07.08.2011eliminated before the semi finals  
14Dragongate Japan Pro-WrestlingKing Of Gate 201112.05.2011 - 21.05.2011eliminated before the semi finals  
15Dragongate Japan Pro-WrestlingOpen The Brave Gate Title Tournament 201029.08.2010eliminated before the semi finals  
16Dragongate Japan Pro-WrestlingSummer Adventure Tag League IV30.07.2010 - 24.08.2010eliminated before the semi finals  
17Dragongate Japan Pro-WrestlingKing Of Gate 201003.04.2010 - 14.04.2010eliminated before the semi finals  
18Dragongate Japan Pro-WrestlingSummer Adventure Tag League III01.08.2009 - 26.08.2009eliminated before the semi finals  
19Dragongate Japan Pro-WrestlingKing Of Gate 200802.12.2008 - 19.12.2008eliminated before the semi finals  
20Dragongate Japan Pro-WrestlingSummer Adventure Tag League II09.08.2008 - 28.08.2008eliminated before the semi finals  
21Dragongate Japan Pro-WrestlingOpen The Brave Gate Title Tournament25.04.2008 - 27.04.2008Winner  
22Dragongate Japan Pro-WrestlingPlanning Jumbo Six Man Scramble One Night Tag Tournament16.03.2008semi finals participant  
23Dragongate Japan Pro-WrestlingKing Of Gate 200701.12.2007 - 09.12.2007Winner  
24Dragongate Japan Pro-WrestlingSummer Adventure Tag League05.08.2007 - 26.08.2007eliminated before the semi finals  
25Dragongate Japan Pro-WrestlingKing Of Gate 200610.12.2006 - 22.12.2006semi finals participant  
26Dragongate Japan Pro-WrestlingOpen The Triangle Gate Title League11.08.2006 - 20.08.2006semi finals participant  
27Dragongate Japan Pro-WrestlingWAR International Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Title Tournament06.08.2006finals participant  
28Pro Wrestling ZERO1Tenka-Ichi Junior Tournament 200520.05.2005 - 29.05.2005semi finals participant  
29Osaka Pro WrestlingTenno-Zan 200416.10.2004 - 03.11.2004eliminated before the semi finals  
30Osaka Pro WrestlingOsaka Tag Festival 200412.06.2004eliminated before the semi finals  
31Osaka Pro WrestlingOPW Title Tournament07.06.2003 - 06.07.2003semi finals participant  
32Osaka Pro WrestlingOsaka Tag Festival 200313.04.2003 - 17.05.2003finals participant  
33Osaka Pro WrestlingTennozan 200209.11.2002semi finals participant  
34Osaka Pro WrestlingTenno-Zan 200115.09.2001 - 30.10.2001semi finals participant  
35Osaka Pro WrestlingOsaka Tag Festival 200108.04.2001 - 19.05.2001Winner  
36Osaka Pro WrestlingTenno-Zan 200016.09.2000 - 15.10.2000eliminated before the semi finals  
37Osaka Pro Wrestling1st Year Anniversary Celebration Tag Tournament30.04.2000 - 01.05.2000eliminated before the semi finals