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Also known as Isaac Yankem DDS, Diesel, Unabomb, Glen Jacobs, Christmas Creature, Doomsday, Spartacus, Angus King, Bruiser Mastino, Sid Powers

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301.07.2022Ofir6.0A solid worker, i mever watched him live at his prime and hes not really my style but still enjoyable
626.06.2022HugLikeABossA good hand who always played whatever role was asked of him. My favourite Kane moments were in Team Hell No. Unfortunately, he was saddled with a lot of crap storylines too. As for his current political views, I don't agree with them either but the main thing I wanted to get across was this: anyone who hated Nia Jax for being an "anti-vaxxer" isn't allowed to hate Kane for being anti-abortion because it's the exact same thing. "Her body, her choice". If you now dislike Kane, you're entitled to do so, but only if you respected the decision of the unvaccinated.
824.06.2022Matt Macks
1020.06.2022el camino3.0Kane had a great gimmick and mystique in the Attitude Eram but as times changed he became such a wet blanket on everything he interacted with. Unfortunately, that makes up the vast majority of his career.
1213.06.2022Ice7.0Somehow compared to the same legacy as Undertaker... yet without any of the workrate and mostly taking up a hefty amount of space in the second half of his career on the roster. It's a shame, because Attitude Era Kane could potentially be a 10 but he spent his post-ruthless aggression career being a 5. I'll go 7 for being a safe worker.
2216.05.2022mikeyisgoatedIt's pretty fair to say that Kane has had a successful career in the WWE. It is difficult to grade him because his highs are high and his lows are low, but the genuine summary I think is that he is a decent big-man wrestler who knows how to tell a story and he is an excellent actor. Some people don't speak highly of Kane because he isn't the best in-ring worker. Kane always did well when he got good opponents like Angle or HBK , but when he got someone, say Great Khali, Big Show, Undertaker, god it just didn't mesh well. It's not his fault, it's just big man vs big man is hard to pull off. To put it shortly, as a wrestler, he was extremely average. Kane has never wrestled a classic, or had that one "great" match that a lot of legends can identify with. He just never wrestled anything that would blow you away. He has always been very average. However, Kane absolutely deserves praise for putting countless talent over and he is an excellent actor. Kane has always been great in his role especially when he was a pyschopath in late mid-late 2003. That deserves a lot of credit. Anyway, I would rate Glenn Jacobs a 7. He never worked outside of WWE (to my knowledge) after debuting as Kane, so I'll never really know how good he truly can be.
2410.05.2022Reinhard Lohengramm7.0
2507.05.2022Badker23Rating wwe hall of famer kane career : Gimmick / persona ( including attires , entrances , Themes , charisma ...) : 10/10 ( the best in wwe history shares it with the undertaker) In the mic : 7.5/10 , he is good , cut some really good promos( like in 2010 ) but at the same time he is not steve austin or jericho ( maybe if he started at least one good catchphrase i would rate him higher ) and we all prefer him as a silent monster anyway . In the ring : 6.5/10 , few "very good" singles no stipulation match like him vs rey or vs kurt angle in wretlemania 18 ... ( the rest is not garbage , it ranges from good to average and usually get's worse when they put him with another big guy ) he needs a stipulation to get a very good or excellent match , the best example of this is his match with orton wrestlemania 28 ( no stipulation singles match) vs the one they had about one month later at extreme rules ( falls count anywhere) huuuuuge diffrence ! And he is also very very good in 3+ matches and does an excellent job at portraying " the dominant monster " in the ring (that's why he participated in a lot of royale rumbles / money in the banks / elemination chambers / survivor series tagteam elemination ...) . Fueds and storylines : 4/10 only two excellent storylines in his career , vs the undertaker ( 1997~2001) ( summer 2010 ) and vs daniel bryan as part of the authority (and i think the unmasking and team hell no was good too) , the rest ranges from above average like his fued with seth rollins in 2015 or x-pac 1999 to garbage horrible unwatchbale things like the katie vick, lita pregnancy , embrace the hate , paul bearer kidnapping , may19th... storylines That's average it to about 7/10 ( Very good ) ! I wish if he returns one last time for a final run or a retirement match , wwe doesn't screw it up ( and i have a very good storyline so contact me wwe ! ) Sorry for the mistakes , english is not my first language .
2601.05.2022Khalid Ace
2728.04.2022Rodycaz II9.0The Kane gimmick is one of the best ever created. Greatest debut in WWE history. Solid big man worker and great talker; he has some legit acting skills.
3213.04.2022Sweet Fighter V8.0
3731.03.2022WrestlingFan8928.0His gimmick has always been spectacular, one of the scariest and most skilled wrestlers despite his height. He has done very well with both Face and Heel throughout his career, in tag team he has always worked well and on the mic he has always been decent.
3821.03.2022rishabh8.0It's a bit tough to rate Kane. His early Attitude Era work is absolutely phenomenal and I think his character could have been greater than the Undertaker had he been booked better. However over the years he was given a lot of shitty stuff by the writers which ruined his character and lowers the rating for me. Still despite all the bullshit booking Kane managed to have a pretty good career and was actually a solid in-ring worker for his size.
4001.03.2022Lukasny8.0Er gehört zur WWE. Kane war damals einfach krass. Das was ich von damals gesehen habe, war sehr geil. Allein das Debut. THAT'S GONNA BE KANE. Als er die Maske abgelegt hat, ist auch seine Aura verloren gegangen. In der Neuzeit hat er mir dann auch nicht mehr viel gegeben.
4624.01.2022WhatIsLooveee10.0The man with the best debut in the history of professional wrestling. Glenn started out as a dentist, a clone and a Christmas creature, but in the late nineties he repackaged and was able to become a truly legendary wrestler, who, although usually was in the shadow of his plot brother, was still impressive. Glenn was always a workhorse, devoted to the company for which he was rewarded.
4818.01.2022benny5bellys5.0His career peaked at fake diesel and it has been all down hill since then. I have not been excited to see him since about 2000
5108.01.2022Sloppy Sammy2.0Kane probably had the talent to be much better than he was but i guess he was just satisfied just doing the same old shit week after week and year after year and who can blame him' There is one thing you can say, which is that Kane had a very long career. Was is a great one filled with classic matchs and great feuds' Not particularly, but he was very good at filling 10 to 15 minutes of tv time on Raw every week and you cant really ask for more than that.
5325.12.2021Black Liger9.0
5424.12.2021OnlyHalfTheEffinShow9.0One of the very best working big men in the history of wrestling, with one of the very best gimmicks.
5523.12.2021Die hard fan9.0One of the last true powerhouses wrestlers and he was that good that he turned a secondary character into an independent one with its own depth, despite having many achievements Kane was underrated and often misused but he always finds a way to maintain his aura.
5721.12.2021Scott Bailey10.0
5819.12.2021CaptainCharisma19979.0One of the most consistently entertaining characters in wrestling who made every show he was on way better for like 13 years. Was he the best wrestler' Probably not, though his match with Taker at Mania 14 is extremely underrated. But as a general presence on the show he was extremely valuable and was also shockingly good on the mic during his title reign in 2010. You also have to factor in that no one was ever saddled with more stupid storylines than he was and it lowered his stock dramatically. People tend to forget that he was a fucking *star* back in the day; he was second only to Austin in 1998 when it comes to crowd reactions.
5910.12.2021King of Strong Style10.0Kane war sicher nicht der Beste im Ring, aber ein sehr guter Big Men. Am Mic war er sehr gut und auch Charisma hatte er. Zudem hatte er mit dem Kane Gimmick eines der besten Gimmicks und das perfekte Gimmick für einen Horrorfilm. Was ich Kane außerdem hoch anreche ist das er der WWE so lange treu geblieben ist und sich nie für eine Sache oder Fehde zu schade war. Alles in allem bekommt Kane die vollen 10 Punkte.
6009.12.2021FACEElmo2959.0The unsung hero of the Attitude Era. Kane from 1997 until 2002 was near perfection with how well they developed his character, and Glenn Jacobs made everything work. Sadly his later career involved questionable storylines like Katie Vick, the Fake Kane, Kane Unmasks, and also Corporate Kane alongside Jacobs' declining ability due to his age. It's a testament to Jacobs with how professional he has been throughout his career and the dude is one of my all time favourite wrestlers. I put him as my 11th favourite just behind his brother The Undertaker. For a big man Kane could work really well, and always had a great look and presence to him as well as being a solid hand on the mic. Shame he never got more opportunities to hold the WWE Championship, but with that said Kane is the man.
6108.12.2021HavocKingSlayer9215.0I loved Kane's run in the Attitude Era, I just feel he fell off around the 2000s, and hasn't been redeemed since then. So it's hard for me to give him a higher rating than this, but those first few years in the WWF are legendary.
6427.10.2021Wrestleking10.0Kane is one of the greatest of all time. Kane played the gimmick very well, has great promo ability and great in ring skills. He overcame a lot of bad gimmicks during his early career. He was also great in tag teams.
6705.10.2021Pete Gallows7.0Great gimmick and look when he first came as Kane. With so many wwf s misses, this was a hit, although it was a supernatural one, which I am not a fan of in wrestling in general. Kane could somehow get away with it, he just looked believable as a weird monster. He was built like a mofo and the mask and attire looked really good to me. When they took his mask away, he got bald and pudgy, that took away his mystery. As a masked gimmick alone, I would probably rate his first incarnation with a 10, but as a worker, thats a whole another thing. What I am not a fan of when it comes to Kane - he just does not take finishers - if the finisher means his head is supposed to hit the floor, he just does not do it. Look at him taking a pedigree, or a ddt etc, his head is half a foot above the mat when he takes the bump and its very obvious. He just slams his hands on the mat, with his head up and he then lays down. His long hair used to cover some of this up every now and then, but most of the time he does not even look like hes trying. I think he might be the worst finisher-taker I have ever seen. It just kills the whole idea of a match for me, especially if he gets pinned after that. Well, maybe he just shouldnt have been taking them pedigrees and should have just beat hhh each time instead.
7019.09.2021No One7.0
7418.08.2021SmartForceOne7.0A lot of people say that the Undertaker is the greatest gimmick of all time, but I would argue that Kane has benefited from his gimmick far more, compared to his actual level of talent. While Undertaker has had countless classic matches, Kane is mostly remembered for angles and moments, rather than his actual matches. For every great moment or feud, Kane has had two to three times as many bad ones, and he's brought down many world title reigns by being the obligatory boring challenger. One of the best role players in wrestling history, but not a great wrestler in his own right.
8011.07.2021faithOfWrestling7.0Kane in his peak is one of my favorite wrestling characters of all time, he was very creepy in the 90s and 00s. Afterwards he became so much weaker unfortunately, which permanently affects my rating along with his ring work. For his character his moveset made sense, but he was still not exactly all that great in the ring. Kane was great on the mic in my opinion and he had charisma, I loved how Kane presented himself and his voice during his promos given what his demon character was supposed to be.
8128.06.2021Kung9.0While he was a part of some of WWE's worst storylines over the past 20 years, Kane was always one of my favorite wrestlers. He had a phenomenal look, especially early on, and his move set always impressed me. For my money, Kane has the greatest chokeslam in history.
8319.06.2021Daigotsu6.0Kane was a very good big man who was decently athletic, and could pull out a good match with a lot of people despite the limitations of his "monster" character. His character never really changed over the years, and the angles that he was booked in felt fairly repetitive. But in the end, Kane played that character well and was reliably entertaining.
8623.05.2021mjs221210.0I adore Kane, who I consider to be a great wrestler, a great person, and (in my opinion) the best big man in wrestling. I love his attire, his very first easily being his most iconic. He had so much potential in 2001, when he nearly won the Royal Rumble and set a record that took years to break. Even though he never won the World Title that year, 2001 Kane is my absolute favorite version of him. He was jacked, had several great segments (some of his funniest come from 2001), and was so fun to watch perform. I'd also like to note his run just after he unmasked, which was also an awesome run for very different reasons. During this time, he was legitimately scary, more-so than when he had his mask on. His rivalries with Shane O'Mac and RVD were intense, his character was more sinister than ever, and him setting JR on fire was so hectic and crazy. His later years were not quite as strong, but considering he was (and is) one of my favorite wrestlers and the fact he has left a lasting impact on the industry, that doesn't effect my rating much. Much love for the Big Red Machine.
8720.05.2021Timhausen9.0Easily one of my favourite wrestlers growing up, one of the best gimmicks ever and always brought a smile to my face when the flames went up. Some of the booking was questionable at times but he's certainly had a varied career in WWE, both as a singles and tag wrestler. Special shout outs for the X-7 golf carts, the anger management classes and the 2001 Royal Rumble.
8918.05.2021Excellence of Execution8.0Kaum auszumalen, dass Glenn Jacobs als wrestelnder Zahnarzt des Grauens durchaus nur eine kuriose Fußnote in der WWE hätte werden können. Doch zum Glück wurde ihm die Rolle von Kane zuteil, einem der phasenweise besten Monster in der WWE Geschichte. Vor allem aber war er als Widerpart und Bruder des Undertakers immer sehr glaubwürdig. Die WWE hat ja schön öfter mit diversen Monster Gimmicks versucht, die Wirkung des Undertakers zu reproduzieren. So richtig gelingen wollte das jedoch so gut wie nie. Bei Kane funktionierte dies jedoch durchaus. Insbesondere weil dieser es, getragen von sehr starkem Booking, verstand, allein über die Körpersprache wie das maskierte Grauen aus einem Slasher Movie rüber zu kommen. Da hätte eben so gut auch Jason Vorhees in den Ring treten können. Es kommt nicht von ungefähr, dass Jacobs tatsächlich später für entsprechende Filmrollen eingesetzt wurde. Allerdings bin auch ich der Meinung, dass sein Nimbus etwas litt, als er die Maske abzog - aber andererseits war zu diesem Zeitpunkt auch schon alles aus dem Masken Gimmick herausgeholt gewesen. Wirklich redundant wurde Kane danach nie, erreichte aber auch nie die Höhen seines Gimmick Bruders. Dennoch war er so lange Bestandteil der WWE, mit unregelmäßigen Vorstößen in den Main Event, dass er als prägende Figur definitiv in Erinnerung bleiben wird. Vollkommen zu Recht.
9525.04.2021Hail The Fallen Angel8.0
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